Angelina Jolie will do a ‘In Conversation With’ talk at the Toronto Film Festival

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Angelina Jolie is due to premiere First They Killed My Father at the Toronto International Film Festival next month. The TIFF swing has been on her schedule for months, and many people believe Jolie is waiting to get to Toronto so she can do some much-needed PR clean-up on her Vanity Fair interview and everything that happened around it. So… this is probably where it will happen: Jolie has signed on to do an “In Conversation With” discussion at the film festival.

Javier Bardem, Gael García Bernal, Angelina Jolie and Helen Mirren will headline a series of public conversations about their careers as part of this year’s Toronto Film Festival. Many of these actors and filmmakers aren’t just trekking to Canada to take a jaunt down memory lane. They’re also on hand to launch new films. Jolie is bringing “First They Killed My Father,” a drama about the Cambodian genocide that she made for Netflix, to the gathering.

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Generally, these “In Conversation With” talks are basically like an episode of Inside the Actor’s Studio – it’s a career retrospective where the actor or director can expect to answer questions about anything and everything involving their filmography. Considering how little Angelina has worked in the past decade (in comparison with other actresses around the same age), I would imagine that most of the conversation probably will be about First They Killed My Father. Fingers crossed that she has better answers and explanations at TIFF than she did during her VF interview!

Also: today is Brad and Angelina’s third wedding anniversary. Sad.


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  1. MostlyMegan says:

    I wonder if she will talk freely to the press or submit to journalists a contract including a list questions they are not allowed to ask, like she did during the junkets for A Mighty Heart.

    • Jen says:

      This isn’t uncommon for celebrities (especially ones going through high profile divorces) at all-I would imagine she will have a list to avoid questions about Brad. The only thing I would side-eye her for is if questions on the casting process or Vanity Fair article are included, which very well could be.

    • nemera34 says:

      actually she didn’t do that at A Mighty Heart. Her rep did that and she answered all questions freely. The questions should be about the work. Not her personal life. I for one would rather that be the course from now on. For her and Brad.

      • Fa says:

        No her lawyer did that since she did not had rep, said he was protecting her and he the one also went after the FV article, she need fired the guy.

      • MostlyMegan says:

        She was the one who made the statement about the VF article being incorrect – then VF came back with the receipts. She seems to be very good at passing the buck to assistants, reps, lawyers etc when the press is negative.

    • Fa says:

      She will never do that she is more open than Brad who did not do press conference or junket for his 2 movies. She will openly clarify that FV article and don’t expect her to hide and she also promoting an animate movie she executive produce so not hiding.

    • UmYeah says:

      I have been to the “in coversation with” at Tiff before and near the end audiences are allowed to ask qusstions so not sure she can limit the questions in that scenario.

    • cara says:

      The guy who is going to interview her said “no restrictions have been put on their conversation”.
      It’s really cute how excited this guy is to be the one to be talking with Angie.

  2. tracking says:

    This is a smart move, to get focus back on her professional life. I hope her answers will be more substantive than her participation in the directors’ roundtable and that she will address the serious concerns about her process.

  3. JackieJormpJomp says:

    Good. I’ve I’ways liked her but she has some explaining to do with this new movie. I am so put off by the “villagers were terrified” comments that I cannot get past them if I am to take her seriously anymore. And I can’t be the only one.

    • Doc says:

      I too am mortified by the villagers’ comments.

      • cara says:

        HOW many “villagers’ ” were terrified, two or twenty? That was never disclosed.

        We do know from the transcripts from the interview the reporter did NOT give all the details Angie gave her. The reporter sensationalized the whole article, from not reporting the whole truth to bringing up the ex.

  4. Artemis says:

    I hope they are going to do a retrospective of all her eras. Her 1st era of acting (starting with Hackers up to Girl Interrupted) is by far the most interesting and diverse and it would be nice to hear her thoughts about what drove her to pick those roles. She has talked about it before but now that she’s older she might have other thoughts about it and it would be more interesting than her 2nd, 3rd and Directing era. In particular Legs Sadovsky, Gia and Lisa were so impactful and complex how she portrayed them. I remember watching Charlize Theron in ‘Young Adult’ and thinking it would be cool if Jolie could play a role like that as it looks like one of her earlier characters all grown up… talented and capable but still messed up and unfocused.

    Curious to hear if she’s got anything new on her plate, I remember ‘Africa’ being scrapped with nothing new about future projects. Would be interesting to get a sense of what direction she wants to go in.

    • lucy2 says:

      Overall I don’t care for her as an actor, but I agree her earliest stuff was most interesting too. Once she got to be a big name and got big studio movies, the quality of the work changed. Happens to a lot of actors, but she’s yet to come out of it, IMO.

    • The Original G says:

      Maleficent excepted, I don’t she’s done a substantial performance in a major film for a decade. Her performance in BTS was excruciatingly bad. I’m not sure that bodes well for her future acting prospects. It’s too bad, because I think her early performances were complex and insightful. After that she seems to have descended into a parody of the “female James Bond” thing.

    • Artemis says:

      I do enjoy her action movies but they’re not groundbreaking. She tends to conform to the male gaze in action films whereas Sarah Connor and Ripley did not have that and they were 1000x more interesting and from a past decade. I wonder if that’s a conversation Jolie is willing to have…that would be a question I would pose if I was in the audience. Especially since Atomic Blonde came out which had quite gritty fight scenes which wiped away Theron’s beauty.

      Her drama films are corny to me. Even with a good performance.

      Maleficent was a good follow-up to the Tourist and in keeping with the tradition of suddenly becoming a hammy actor, she did the same thing in BTS. Luckily being hammy was appropriate for Maleficent but for me her filmography does not warrant her a A++ status In Hollywood. That face can get away with a lot.

      • The Original G says:

        Yes, I think her tabloid status and her actually film accomplishments are quite disconnected at the moment. I’m not sure she has a large audience at all. I don’t think she can open a film?

      • cara says:

        @Artemis: BTS was watchable, especially for those of us that like art house films. As for Angie being an A++ Star, she has more than earned that title, a title Charlize has yet to earn and probably never will.

        Charlize has had nothing but flops when she has tried to open a film on her name alone, something Angie can and has done many times.

      • The Original G says:

        I cut my teeth on esoteric art house films. There’s no “there” there with BTS. Some nice cinematography and some stabilizing acting from Brad. At this point she seems to also need some acting coaching. She’s undeniably talented, but she’s lost her way creatively. I say this as someone who has loved her.

      • cara says:

        @ Catherine

        Black Swan was one of the WORST films in the history of films, Ang Lee can do no wrong.

  5. Maya says:

    Very good – this will give her and the crew a chance to put the whole casting issue to rest with their explanation.

    Plus make sure to emphasise that no real soldiers were used, they were all actors and the villagers all knew this was a shooting. Even though the villagers knew it was acting they still for a minute thought back to the real horror they suffered.

    Hopefully she will talk about Maleficent 2 and Shoot like a girl roles as I really miss her on screen.

    And please – only focus on her career and humanitarian causes and leave personal stuff as this is regarding her professional life.

    • LadyT says:

      Just to clarify, factually, from VF article—Cambodia provided “them with 500 officials from their actual army to play the Khmer Rouge army.”
      Another quote from VF—
      Jolie has indicated that, for the sake of the kids, she doesn’t want to talk about the breakup. And yet it seems she wants to get her point across “… They were very brave.” “We’re all just healing from the events that led to the filing . . . They’re not healing from divorce.”
      SHE chose to address the break up. And her message was to cryptically throw some more darts at Brad.

      • cara says:

        I’d have thrown more than a few darts if I had been in her situation. Brad has wanted NO bad publicity, NO talk of his tantrum on the plane, and I give credit to Angie for not going there.

        If my children had been as traumatized by their father as Angie’s, I can understand her anger and hurt.

    • DiamondGirl says:

      Her humanitarian causes are not part of her movie career.

      • cara says:

        That’s not exactly true, The Breadwinner, another film she’s going to talk about, directly relates to her humanitarian roots.

    • Doc says:

      Yes, because talking about something will just make it all go away. When people hear her live version of the story (I presume cleaned up on account of the backlash), it will all be fine. Smh

      • O.o says:

        No, it will never be fine for some people. They know better than Angelina, Loung Ung and Rithy Panh the other producers, that something horrible happened to the children at the casting. No explanation will change their minds, because it just feels so good to think AJ is the villain, fake humanitarian and activist who finally had been caught red-handed.

      • LadyT says:

        I for one don’t consider her a villain or fake humanitarian at all. I do think her VF interview was terrible. This was not some spur of the moment thing- it was her first big interview post split that she herself planned to promote her movie. Not only were there numerous questionable anecdotes, but she seemed oddly clueless as to how to positively present herself and her movie. She certainly has the knowledge and experience to do better but that interview was a disaster. The cherry on top was try to stick it to the journalist and magazine as if it were their fault somehow.

      • Dana says:

        I agree. Whatever she says will not have people change their minds if they already have a certain perception of her. I can understand not liking the casting method. I didn’t like it. It is a horrible situation all around. Yet, you have a point. Look at the comments I’ve read here today. She’s over, she will embarrass herself, her career is dead, and she’s a Hollywood bimbo lunatic. Some people are having a good old time. I’m happy to see her sitting down to talk. I’ve always preferred her sit down interviews over magazine ones. She’s an interesting person and expressive.

  6. yyu says:

    A fantastic opportunity for this lunatic to further embarrass herself. Cannot wait to NOT watch her ‘conversation’.

    • Fa says:

      100% sure you will watch.

      • yyu says:

        I do not watch things that embarrass people.

        I hate seeing the downfall of a public figure in a public way, especially if they are doing it to themselves and not fully deserve it. I hate cringe moments, even in movies and TV shows I cannot bear to watch them. I also hate seeing depressing things nowadays, life is so horrible as is.

        I reside in Turkey, and the pro-islamist government completely wiped the once secular education system clean. As of Sept., the elementary schools will start teaching Koran and the tenets of jihad as fundamental education to 5 year olds.

        Life is horrible and I cannot sit through a movie about some genocide only because this Hollywood bimbo wants to feel better about herself. I am also not interested in its promotional junket that will only further degrade her.

      • bluhare says:

        yyu, I agree about watching things that embarrass people! I can’t do it either.

      • Lady D says:

        yyu, I wish you luck and I wish I could think of a way to help you. It’s getting scary how many countries are being run by psychopaths, Trump, Erdogan, Putin, Duterte, Mugabe, Kim Jong Un… It’s starting to feel like the bad guys are winning.

    • Noelle says:

      And after not watching or reading about her conversation at TIFF you can comment how terrible and awful it is. Angelina does get the lunatics from both the haters and fan side (the haters are more looney mind)

    • Luna says:

      I find it hard to believe you won’t be watching this “bimbo lunatic.” or watching her degrade herself as you put it. Jeez did Angelina run over your pet.

    • Carmen says:

      You’re licking your chops in anticipation. Who are you kidding? If there’s anything I loathe it’s a hypocrite.

      • yyu says:

        @ carmen

        That was very insightful. Thank you for your input. It was profound. I love being called a hypocrite by some faceless and nameless voice online. It will truly change the direction of my life, for I have now seen the light. Thank you, carmen.

        Bizet did not do you justice.

      • Carmen says:

        Snark is not your long suit. Try harder.

    • cara says:

      You’ll be all over the web trying to get as much info on her at TIFF as possible. Those that claim she does not intrigue them are always the ones’ that are obsessed with her. lol

    • magnoliarose says:

      For some reason, your snark is making me laugh. I can feel your grumpiness emanating from the screen. I find absurdity hilarious. lol
      Seriously though I can’t blame you since we have a loon as our president and it can wear your patience out. It is not nearly as bad as what you are going through.

  7. Nicole says:

    Can’t wait for her to dig this hole even further

  8. Fa says:

    Forget the statement I am talking after that if you can read FV statement the lawyer wrote the letter to FV that’s one I am talking. Just state you hate the woman.

  9. Amanduh says:

    Superficial observation: she looks otherworldly beautiful in that header. Luminous….

    • Sullivan says:

      She is an ethereal beauty.

      • cara says:

        She is beautiful and those that say she isn’t are just in denial. I may not be Charlize Theron’s biggest fan, except for a couple films, but her beauty is undeniable.

  10. Adorable says:

    Fantastic idea!When Jolie speaks for her self(On television)she is clear & consice.Cant wait for the promo for this movie to begin!

  11. Freddy Spaghetti says:

    It will either go really well or really badly. After the Vanity Fair reveals and ensuing debacle, hoping it’s well. She needs this professionally pretty badly at this point.

    • Joannie says:

      I think she does too. Apparently nothing is off limits during the interview. She reminds me of a saying. The higher you go the farther you fall. I think Angie is on the downward.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Her slide is because she hasn’t done any quality work in such a long time. In truth her filmography isn’t very good. Compared to actresses like Nicole Kidman, Naomi Watts, Sandra Bullock, Charlize, Amy Adams and others she comes up short. She has wasted time trying to be a director and she has no aptitude for it.
        She needs to make some solid choices in the next year or two.

      • cara says:

        @ magnoliarose

        Since has ANYONE gone to see a film with Nicole Kidman in the cast, her films are always bombs. If she gets paid by how much BO she brings in, she must be paying producers to hire her.

    • I am bored says:

      The movie was never going to be a big sell so while I’m sure the most exposure for it is needed- she personally doesn’t need it. People are still going to hate her no matter what and they always will. Even did before Pitt.

      “I’ll always be the evil queen” – 2003 quote

    • pwal says:

      I am hoping for the following:

      1. The kids don’t attend, unless it’s just about the kids enjoying a film festival (assuming it has kid-friendly content) and coming won’t disrupt their routines. And if they do come, they are not placed in the position to promote the film or serve as a shield if the talk takes a turn regarding the casting controversy.

      2. She acknowledges how tone deaf her approach to casting was.

      3. She focuses on her professional career and hopefully, she won’t come across as tone deaf about her position in HW.

      • I am bored says:

        1. The kids will likely atteend because they were part of creating this art

        2. She will get the chance to explain the casting situation

        3. She will talk about her movie

        Re: 3 A later interview might call for her to talk about her loser ex. Which will then show him/ pr team /image fixer screaming at et, gossips cop, in touch, is weekly and the likes.

        *Gif*deal with it *gif*

  12. I am bored says:

    From the beginning Netflix said they would hit the festivals for this movie.

    Good for Angelina cause then she can explain everything live and not through a terrible interviewer.

    I mean, you have Angelina in front of you , you have a tape recorder but instead of using her own words you think so highly of yourself to TRY to write a profile piece .

    Like let Angelina speak for herself. Thats what I didn’t like about that Vf interview and still wish they would release the full audio. Redbook (before they were bought out) did that with one of Angelina interviews and it was one of her best interviews ever. I remember she said her and Brad’s relationship wasn’t as romantic as people thought and they had not even said I LOVE YOU to each other- this was after Shiloh was already born. I’m just guessing but after that Redbook audio interview took place that’s when Angelina went overboard with her fake ass love for Brad… I think his Pr team got to her.

    I think Pitts biggest fear is Angelina talking to the media in interviews.

    His team jumped fast after that VF INTERVIEW was released. “What does she mean the kids were brave” & “I’m shocked that she talked about the kids” bullshat- they are scared because they can’t control her anymore.

  13. I am bored says:

    ***pretect Angelina at all costs **

    I don’t trust Pitt or his team.,

  14. Jessica says:

    Angelina has admitted she doesn’t know her limits; directing isn’t her forte so she’ll take another good book and do a poor adaptation. This will prove that she’s just not good at directing. I remember Sandra Bullock trying to direct and write a screenplay and knew immediately it wasn’t her forte so she switched to executive producing her own films and has been a lot more successful. Angelina could do the same.