Taylor Swift’s album drops on the 10th anniversary of Donda West’s passing


We’re just hours away from the debut of Taylor Swift’s first music video from her new album, Blonde Lemonade. The video will be for her first single “Look What You Made Me Do,” an anthem for bullies, abusers and a–holes around the world. It’s increasingly clear that LWYMMD is mostly about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, as opposed to her last album, which was mostly about Katy Perry and Harry Styles. Apparently, Taylor is pretty much “over” the feud with Katy – sources tell TMZ that Taylor will likely appear at the VMAs tonight and do something (a stunt) to let people know that she’s fine with Katy now. Now she’s focusing all of her rage at Kimye, and sources also tell TMZ that “Taylor feels she was backstabbed by the couple and there will be more not-so-subtle hints in the official music video.” But just how far will she take her grudge? She’s already alluding to the Kimye beef lyrically and stylistically (as many have noted, the fonts for Reputation recall Kanye’s Life of Pablo fonts). Would she go so far as to release her album on the 10th anniversary of Donda West’s death ON PURPOSE?

After the song’s release, certain listeners questioned the timing of the album, as Taylor Swift’s November 10th release date lands on the same day as the 10th anniversary of the death of Kanye West’s mother Donda. A source at Big Machine Records, Swift’s record label, however, denies any correlation to Rolling Stone. “It is standard practice that releases come out on Fridays and we locked in this release date based on other Universal Music Group releases,” the source says. “There is no correlation.”

[From Rolling Stone]

I keep going back and forth about this – we know Taylor is petty, obviously. We know that no one carries a grudge harder than Taylor. We know that no one carries a grudge longer than Tay. We know she’s detail-oriented to the point of obsession. I tend to think she’s capable of being exactly this petty, but I still haven’t decided if she actually did this on purpose in this case.

What else? Let’s see… Kim and Kanye will not be at the VMAs tonight. TMZ says they’re in town right now but they have no interest in coming out this year. I don’t think Jay-Z and Beyonce will be there either – they’re not nominated for anything, so why would they show up? Besides, if they did show up, I feel like that could end up being another beef for Taylor to nurture, because she’s pretty clearly jacking/homaging Beyonce and Original Lemonade. I am obsessed with this, by the way. Beyonce’s Lemonade was the exploration of a husband’s betrayal through the scope of black womanhood writ large, a journey through self-acceptance and peace in the face of cultural, sexual, racial and political inequities. Taylor’s Blonde Lemonade is about how Kim and Kanye correctly called her a lying snake. I don’t know, you guys. I feel like Tay’s lost the thread.



Photos courtesy of Taylor Swift’s social media, GMA.

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  1. Jessi says:

    Please. Fearless her second album was released very close to this date back in 2008. Now it’s simply that albums are released on Fridays.

    I swear some people are so dramatic as they accuse Taylor of being

    • Goldie says:

      Are most albums released on Fridays? I seem to recall Tuesdays being a common day to release albums, but I admit that I don’t follow the music industry that closely.

      I’m not claiming Taylor chose this date because of Kanye btw.

      • ELX says:

        The release date is correlated with how Bilboard counts single/album sales for the Hot 100. Tay wants the song to go to #1 in the first week of release.

      • Arpeggi says:

        Released days used to be on different days in Europe and North America (which in the days of torrents was a terrible idea). So about 3 years ago, it was decided that Fridays would be the worldwide record release day (for majors that is, nothing stops a musician to drop its record on any given day)

    • Anatha says:

      Couldn’t she have chosen November 4th then? Or October 28th? Or basically any other date in late October/early November?

      • Honey says:

        Why should she have to?

      • msw says:

        Ha ha, no. She didn’t pick this date. Her label did. No matter how famous the artist, they do not control when their album is released. This is really silly thing to pick on Taylor about. There’s tons of stuff she actually does to complain about. Like jacking the Lemonade concept altogether.

      • bettyrose says:

        I’m sure that’s true, and I’m willing to believe this isn’t Swift’s fault, but someone at some point learned the significance of this date and knew that going forward would make TS look like a class-a jackass. Someone needs to answer for it, honestly. It’s really callous.

    • Sabrine says:

      Ridiculous, not worth commenting on. The album doesn’t have to be great. It has to have catchy, dumb songs that people like and want to hear again.

    • msw says:

      IA. This is ridiculous. Artists don’t control when they drop albums, not even Taylor Swift. Record companies do.

      J.R. Tolkein and Steven King also had/have no control over how and when their books were released. People underestimate how much control a house or a label have over their an artist’s work.

      • Scotchy says:

        Actually artists at her level do get to decide when their album drops.
        You see her label is actually her label so ultimately she would have a say in when this album got released.

        I know this because even as a non famous artist, when it came time for an album I worked to be released via a major label, Universal in fact they cleared the date with me…Soo…
        I am just saying, did she know this was his mothers death anniversary, maybe maybe not, but she did get to decide whether that date suited her or not.

    • AnneC says:

      Don’t really care about this feud, but Kanye created a disgusting sexist image of her that would have had most women scared and humiliated. He’s a misygonist and I don’t care how mentally ill he was, that’s no excuse. And this headline is beyond ridiculous and I understand about click bait/advertising dollars, but come on.

      • Erica_V says:

        Everyone seems to forget about that Anne so thank you for mentioning it! As far as I’m concerned nothing Taylor has done is as bad as what he did to her. He put her naked likeness next to an accused rapist while Kim stood over it and laughed. They are awful people. She can write all the revenge songs she wants.

  2. SBS says:

    It’ll be interesting to see which article inspires the most vitirol. This one or the one about Trump. It has been educational the last few days to get it confirmed, and not just here, that a woman have to be 1/1000th as horrible as a man to get about the same amount of hate.

    • Des says:

      Well, in the case of Taytay it’s interesting because a lot of people have pointed out that she hasn’t said boo about Trump or his policies. In fact, the alt right thinks of her as a symbol of white woman superiority and take her silence as a signal.

      A woman so image conscious that she called out some random piece of gossip foolery about her moving around in luggage has said nothing about any of this. Sure makes you think.

    • magnoliarose says:

      That is a stretch around the world. One has the power to ruin the world and the other is some petty immature chick with minimal talent.

    • Iso says:

      This is a gossip site. Unless you insist that we all think about trump 24/7, just let people talk about Swifty.

      • Iso says:

        I’m just pointing out that I hate Trump and have a lot more vitriol-like thoughts toward him than I do towards Swift – but I’m here for gossip so on this site I click on the Swift articles and rarely click on Trump articles. This is not an indication I’m sexist or that I hate Trump and Swift equally, as magnoliarose implies.

        Maybe I phrased my original comment poorly, so I’m trying to clarify now.

    • Shannon says:


    • Shannon says:

      She’s just a pop star, Lord people. Why would she even know the date of his mother’s death? I’m sure it’s important to him, but it’s not like it’s a national holiday. I think that’s really reaching. And I don’t get the Beyoncé comparisons. The song doesn’t sound anything like Beyoncé to me. But sure, let’s keep pitting women against one another

    • Megan says:

      She is poking a stick at a man who recently had a mental breakdown. Maybe she try to be a little less petty and a little more compassionate. Just saying …

      • anon1 says:

        why is it taylor swifts responsibility to take care of feelings of her emotional abuser? that’s how kanye has treated her, intruding without bejng asked. Why don’t you hold jay-z and beyoncé accountable? they turned their backs on their friend! or is it open season on taylor swift because she’s a white female who might be conservative??

      • littlemissnaughty says:

        anon, you need a reality check. The poor possibly conservative white female. Are you kidding me? She’s a petty mean girl and Kanye is an ass but he did not abuse her!!!

    • Valois says:

      There are about two-three threads per day about Trump and a lot of them have had more comments than this one I believe.

  3. Miles says:

    No. She always releases Q4 and albums are released on Friday’s. Her label mate is releasing on November 3rd. Releasing on the 17th is not logical because that’s right before Black Friday. Her release date is to maximize the sales of her album. The 10th allows for a big opening followed by the boost from Black Friday. The response to Taylor this era has really been over the top. Everyone is really reaching and grasping at thin air over every little thing she’s done. Between this and the Beyoncé thing….Beyoncé doesn’t own the dancers standing behind her. That’s literally been done by every pop star.

  4. LucyHoneychurch says:

    I highly doubt Kanye or Kim cares or have given Taylor as much as a second thought since hearing the song. I imaging they went “pffft” when they heard it was about them then went about their business. The song is not even that good so it doesn’t have staying power. Ya’ll in the media are giving this one girl waaaay too much power.

    • Merritt says:

      Did they? Because all three seem pretty willing to continue with the stupidity of this feud. Kardashians are just as petty as Taylor.

      • Betsy says:

        I agree. I don’t think they’re any less petty than Taylor.

      • AnnaKist says:

        Well, I’m expecting Ms Kardashian to have a lot of edgy, sexy photo shoots, which the Daily Mail will regale us with, come November…

    • Iris westallen says:

      You really don’t think kimson isn’t going to mention Taylor on her low rated show.

    • Nic919 says:

      I doubt anyone on the Taylor side even thought of this date as something to consider. However, TMZ is tied to the K clan and they have spread this coincidence far and wide.

      • Honey says:

        I also doubt that Taylor’s side thought about this. I’m sure they don’t have the date of the death of Kanyes mother marked on a calendar. TMZ is as Kardashian obsessed as the Daily Mail

    • Moon Beam says:

      The K klan are pretty obsessed with how they are perceived. Almost every time another celeb or public figure mentions them, one of them comments (usually Khloe acting a fool). Kanye used to go on all caps rants about anyone mentioning him, and wrote a lyric about SNL when they made fun of the whole stupid VMA thing.
      The best thing for them to do would to not comment on this. We shall see.

    • magnoliarose says:

      The K krew are not going to let this go. Mama K is better at the PR thing than Tay. She took absolutely nothing and turned into a dynasty, and she is vengeful. So yeah they are capable.

      • AnneC says:

        Does anyone really care about the kardashians at this point? God I hope they disappear into the same dark void that Paris Hilton inhabits very soon.

  5. Birdie says:

    I am glad that I’m lost in Kpop, I don’t care about her new music anyway.

    • A.Key says:

      LOL, same. I’ve lost almost all interest in American cultural products since discovering K-pop and K-drama. The only thing that I still love to watch is Game of Thrones and that’s it.
      Thank you Korea!

      • ira says:

        OMG, I thought not many like us! Now, I feel like an alien reading sites like celebitchy and dlisted. I spend most of my internet time on dramabeans and onehallyu. I found Korean entertainment more interesting. In the recent years, can you find any entertainers from US/UK who can sing and dance like EXO, Big Bang, Red Velvet or Super Junior? Their actors are great too. I think Kim Go-eun is better than Jennifer Lawrence.
        I’m so DONE with hollywood.

    • MellyMel says:

      Yep same here! I got into K-pop last year and have slowly started to not even listen to ‘western’ pop music anymore. I can’t even tell you what the top 5 songs are right now and I used to know.

    • Tryannosarahs says:

      This. I am still heartbroken 2NE1 broke up, but do like Minzy’s solo album. I lovveee my dramas but haven’t watched many lately. Any good new ones you’d recommend?

    • Ayra. says:

      Eh, I can’t bring it in my to support Kpop with the deep rooted antiblackness and racist ideas many Koreans have.
      That and some bands or songs are like a bad Korean version of American rap.

    • Erica_V says:

      Now see I keep hearing that KPop artists are all basically like abused stage kids controlled by record labels. That one girl in one changed her hair color, was kicked out of the band and was so distressed she killed herself. Is that not true?

  6. HelloSunshine says:

    Y’all.. come on. This is standard for her release date wise and I’m pretty sure the release date is ultimately decided by the label.
    As for the Lemonade comparisons, I’ll wait to see the actual video. Black leotards and people standing in a line isn’t exactly a new thing and, as much as I love me some Bey, she didn’t invent it.

  7. Merritt says:

    Taylor is petty and completely incapable of learning how to be a better person. Her stans will love this album even though it is crap.

    • Jessi says:

      Taste and opinions are something subjective, so maybe what for some people is trash, for others is a great song.
      I mean, I think Adele’s Hello is a boring piece of **** , but that’s just my opinion. I don’t think those who love the song are wrong. It’s personal taste

      • Merritt says:

        Um ok. Reality is that Taylor is unlikely to come out with a masterpiece. There is no Jagged Little Pill, Little Earthquakes, or The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, that is going to happen for Taylor.

    • magnoliarose says:

      Agreed. In 20 years there will be no 20 year olds who know the words to her songs like I did at 20 for Blondie, Diana Ross, Stevie Nicks, Madonna, Whitney (against my will I know lyrics), Pat Benatar, Donna Summer, Heart, Joni Mitchell, Carly Simon, Carole King, Chaka Kahn, Sade and on but I don’t think Taylor Swift will have the same legacy.

  8. EOA says:

    I sense that the backlash to the Taylor Swift backlash is just beginning.

    • Miles says:

      What backlash? This site has never liked Taylor Swift. The people who are ranting about Taylor on twitter now didn’t like her before either. There isn’t backlash. Which is evident by how huge her new song already is. Like why exactly would the general public turn on her? She’s not a rapist, not a child molester, she didnt hit/kill anyone, she didn’t cheat, she’s not mean to her fans….I could go on and on. The people who do not like Taylor are just a loud minority and have always disliked her. None of this is new.

      • rachel says:

        When The Hollywood Reporter can write “Spare a thought for the Taylor Swift superfans that have to defiantly pretend this new song is amazing.” it means the backlash has already started. It’s not about the people who didn’t like her, it’s about those who didnt’ pay attention to her.

      • Miles says:

        Umm the THR is more than welcome to write whatever they please and they’re more than welcome to hate the song BUT the sales, streams and views of her lyric video show that it’s not just super fans who like the song. This isn’t a Katy Perry or lady gaga situation where the general public stopped paying attention to them and their fan base is keeping them afloat. She’s debuting with 500,000+ in sales alone and that’s not including the streams. Like I said, there is no backlash. It’s just a figment of the imaginations of those who dislike her.

      • Jegede says:


        The song completely sucks, but it’ll do very well in real world I’m sure.

      • Sparkle says:

        Sorry but that new song is not “huge” for any reason other than money. She can buy her way to the top of the charts just like anyone else.

      • Miles says:

        Lol you can’t just buy your way up the charts. You can buy radio play but that’s a small contribution to where you land on the charts. Like you can’t force people to buy your song or stream your song. The song is huge. It broke Spotify’s streaming record, while breaking the YouTube view review record AND is going to sell over half a million copies in a week. You can’t buy any of that. If it were as easy as throwing money the other pop girls wouldn’t be flopping on the charts.

        People don’t want to hear this but there are two female artists today that sell: Adele and Taylor. Beyoncé would be included but she’s stuck to that awful Tidal nonsense which lowers her numbers.

        Which goes back to my original comment. There is no backlash. Her new single is going to sell as much as if not more than Shake It Off did in its first week and Shake It Off wasn’t available on Spotify like her new song is. To put it into perspective, Ed Sheehan sold 270,000 copies in his first week. Taylor is going to double that. While breaking streaming records. This isn’t me saying the song is good or anything. But me saying that you’re very delusional if you think the public has turned on Taylor or that she’s lost her power.

      • Tanguerita says:

        @miles I guess it shows again and again that general audience is too stupid to recognize what a pile of talentless s..it was just dumped on their heads and ears.

      • Enough Already says:

        CBers are hardly her target demo and like it or not people who matter to Taylor’s concerns can’t get enough of this song. My teen nieces and their teen godsister have it on repeat and it is a constant on their social media feeds. They give it an A and Kat’s Swish Swish a B+ and that’s only because they say Minaj elevated the song. These girls are not brainless twits. If the song didn’t strike the right pop hit bone in their body they would have just shrugged and gone back to their group chat. They love it.

      • jetlagged says:

        @Miles, I’d really like to know how many unique listeners and viewers actually contributed to the Spotify and YouTube records. Taylor’s fans have probably had the song on 24-hour repeat since it was released, especially since the more they listen the more points they earn toward access to a priority queue to purchase future concert tickets. I’ll give you the iTunes sales, that is a monster number, although again helped by fans trying to buy their way to the front of the ticket line.

    • Merritt says:

      Then I guess she has material for her album that will come out two years from now.

      • SM says:

        That song will be huge because the interest i Taytay’s antics and her catfights goes well beyond anyone donloading the song for it’s quality. She really is all image and surface and petty narrative that sells well not requiring to actually do somethong meaningful or interesting musicaly. I am sure Tommy Hiddles and his people will be listening as well to see how much she rides the wave of that PR romance. I am sure Tommy thankes the Gods for Kim and Kanye at this point.

      • Tanguerita says:

        @SM so much this.

      • SM says:

        @shawna No one is calling anyone stupid becuse of their taste in music- to each their own. I never jidge anyone’s taste in film or music. However it would be silly to think that her music is so successfull because so many ppl like it. Rather because she created a reputation for her self which attracts much more attention that her music. That, needless to say is also a matter of choice among those who decide to make a career in music

      • Erica_V says:

        @SM – up Tanguerita literally says three comments up at Swift fans are stupid…

  9. Shambles says:

    These comments? What? No one is nitpicking Taylor Swift. She just dropped a new single that was clearly about Kanye West. She is publicly re-igniting a year-old beef that stemmed from her own lying. While I don’t think she is releasing her album on the anniversary of Donda West’s passing on purpose, it certainly is not nitpicking to ask the question. She wants us talking about this, so we’re talking about it. But I see her perma-victim narrative still works on quite a few people, unless paying for bots is part of Taylor’s album promotion.

    ETA: some of the comments I was originally referencing seem to be gone, but my point still stands. She wants us talking about this. I’m not entirely convinced she did this on purpose, but it still comes off as pretty damn gross to me.

    • Iris westallen says:

      Nitpicking over crumbs. Where’s the Story? Also this is Taylor what do you expect her to write About?

      • Maybe she could show some growth as an artist instead of her usual “I’m a victim and everyone is mean to me” lyrics? Only now it’s the “I’m a mean girl who’s still a victim, because you made me a slithering snake.”

        This is the same pop crap she’s been delivering for years.

      • Sparkle says:

        She uses Kanye for her own PR stunts for years so yeah of course people will find the timing of this album release suspicious.

    • OhDear says:

      +1! Though I would not be surprised if she was at least aware of it.

      Swift’s success is primarily from maintaining an image that white people personally relate to and keeping people interested by constantly having drama (exbfs and “exbfs”, petty feuds). Her defenders aren’t just talking about her, they’re talking about themselves.

      • Surely Wolfbeak says:

        I wouldn’t put it past her to have been aiming for the anniversary of his breakdown, which coincided with the anniversary of his mother’s death.

    • rachel says:

      Taylor’s apologists are something else. That being said her personna is not as powerfull as it used to be. Her sells are gonna be fine but in terms of media reception it has been less than stellar.

      • Iris westallen says:

        I’m just bored. Plus I like to think for myself and not follow the narrative that Taylor is either the biggest monster or nicest person. Like most people she falls in the middle.

    • manda says:

      Agree so much with your first point! She created this beef, as well as the Katy one, from all of the evidence I’ve heard. But they’re over such trivial things, I just can’t take it seriously, and, to me at least, it really makes her come across as immature.

      Which, whatever, if the song is good, right? I think bad blood is catchy. But this new one? I was just as embarrassed for her while listening to it as I was for Katy’s awful swish swish.

      Also agree that she wants us talking about her, and here we are! Hope everyone’s weekend has been good so far! :)

    • Nicole says:

      Exactly people think Taylor Ian the victim of misogyny (which is rich considering she used feminism as a prop) which is why people don’t like her. I haven’t liked her ever with a brief pause for 1989. But in today’s climate a lot of us have no time for someone who is almost 30 play the innocent skinny white Girl victim narrative. She brought this on herself and got dragged appropriately.
      And this video has lemonade lite all over it’s so expect twitter to drag her even harder tonight

    • pascha says:

      What’s interesting is that she just released the music video for this new single, and there’s an extended shot of her singing about how she doesn’t ‘like your perfect crime’ (actually the whole verse in the song seems directed towards Kanye/Kim) while in a bathtub covered in diamond jewellery. Considering what happened to Kim earlier this year…

      “Thieves wearing ski masks and clothes with police markings burst into the luxury property where Kardashian… the gang tied up Kardashian at gunpoint in a bathroom, and left with jewellery including a diamond ring worth $6 million… it was an anniversary gift from her husband.”

      …I mean… I hope this is also an unfortunate coincidence, but…

      • senna says:

        it’s infuriating because she “wins” either way. Either she gets to cry further about how she’s forever being misinterpreted and seen in the worst possible light by the media, or she really did intend it and she’s an evil genius. Regardless it’s grist for the mill.

        I think I would enjoy this at all if I had some sense that Taylor really was some calculating evil genius beyond the facade with a plan to do anything artistically interesting or worthy with this concept album. Instead, it all strikes me as empty and sad. If her point is that this is how she’s misinterpreted and all these personas are a media creation, how is it so freeing and redemptive to parade around her discarded masks? If the point is that we’ve all got her wrong, why is she running with the “you made me bad” narrative? I don’t see the cleverness behind her parading around these caricatures of herself. I think she’s confused image with substance and parody for originality.

  10. rachel says:

    Poor little white woman. It’s great of Taylor to fully embraced herself. Oh right, she just doing what she always did. Anyway it’s great to see her getting dragged by black twitter.

    • Iris westallen says:

      But black twittering is fine but theyou are not her target market. Make fun of her then you have main stream media running poor victim Taylor stories. Just ignoring her would work.

      • rachel says:

        I don’t think any of those stories are going to impact her sells. One thing is sure, the era of unanimous support from the media is over.

      • Electric Tuba says:

        Iris. You mentioned you were just bored and that is the reason you’ve been replying to so many comments about this post. May I suggest going outside to play or perhaps some mindful meditation instead of what you’re presently doing?

      • Tryannosarahs says:

        Rachel, I hate being that person, but:
        Her sales will not be impacted.
        One sells a record. Media coverage impacts one’s sales.

        Not trying to be an a$$hole.

      • Tanguerita says:

        @Electric Tuba – how about you heed your own advice and go play with other Taylor stans.

    • Surely Wolfbeak says:

      Embracing the snake has turned out to be more of an ouroborus, in that she’s ultimately just biting herself. Come to think of it an ouroborus would have been a way better symbol to run with, but she’s not that smart.

      • Horse Marine says:

        Ouroboros is in the lyric video. Sorta. There’s a red snake opening its mouth and biting its tail during the chorus.

        Not a Swift fan, but I kind of like the black and red video. That should have been the official video. No need to jack Formation’s aesthetic.

  11. diana says:

    I loathe everything about her but we’re reaching to the stars with this.

    • Shirurusu says:

      I agree, I don’t hate T.S at all but I dislike her music and her public persona, and I very much doubt she picked this date on purpose. She wouldn’t want the negative publicity associated with doing something so vindictive. Going after Kanye – fine. Going after him on the anniversary of his moms death on purpose – I don’t think so. She’s petty but she’s not an idiot.

    • Courtney says:

      Agreed. That date isn’t exactly a national holiday.

  12. ORIGINAL T.C. says:

    Nay. She doesn’t go after family members, since her fans would have no idea who Kanye’s Mom was. Tay-tay drops her music at the time to get her the most PR. Timed more with VMA’s, her trial and the fact that no one else is releasing at the same time. Kimye already dropped their receipts and moved on, there is no reason for them to be at the VMA’s. That would only help Taylor get more drama.

    Her song is all about admitting that yeah she *is* a backstabbing snake, so what? I think Kanye was legitimately hurt by her lying and throwing him under the bus. From the recording he actually thinks they were friends and that they were in on this together. Just like he thinks Jayz is more than just a business friend. It makes him look like a delusional fool but at least staying home makes him look classier. Taylor as usual is a marketing genius and going to make a trillion dollars from trashing another guy/enemy. This is who she is.

    • Babs says:

      I think it makes Kanye look cute. He lacks self esteem despite all his bragging and he needs love. He genuinely loves people. And after all Jay earned a lot of money and popularity thanks to him, and Taylor too, they advertized at a time their friendship with him, why shouldn’t he think they were friendly for real?

      • Fiorucci says:

        Babs it’s hard to know since Kim never released the whole unedited video. He also said he had to take many showers for kim because (assumably) of amber rose being unclean. Sometimes he thinks things are cool to say when they really are not. No matter what Taylor said to him about releasing the music (playing him as a fool to make herself look like a victim perhaps) we can probably assume she didn’t write that music and he did. Kind or sweet as Kanye may be, best case scenario he has a big blind spot about what is not ok to say about a woman. The “bigger person” thing to do would be to not write lyrics you have to put someone on the spot to ask permission to release.

      • SBS says:

        Yup, those wax figures of women he had made and put in bed with known rapists were really cute. ;)

      • Babs says:

        Yes, those lyrics were pretty dumb but they made sense in the Famous concept. Still, I get your point and Taylor could have say just that instead of lying for her victim shtick purposes. What he said about Amber Rose was also very out of line but she burned him perfectly. My point being he is genuine and trustful and if it sometimes makes him act foolish it doesn’t make him a fool.

        Sbs: You obviously didn’t get at all the Famous vidéo. But I’m sure you did get the known rapist was also a wax figure and That rape wasn’t depicted at all in the vidéo.

      • SBS says:

        And I think making wax figures of real women and putting them in a bed with figures of known rapists is so far beyond “foolish” that “foolish” is a little dot in the far off distance.

      • Tryannosarahs says:

        I don’t think he’s “sweet” and his behavior isn’t “cute”; we shouldn’t infantalize him and rewrite his personality just because his mental illness was triggered. Does he deserve our compassion and patience? Yes. Absolutely. Does it suddenly erase all of the things he’s done like his art piece of women with rapists? No. Unacceptable behavior is unacceptable behavior. He isn’t struggling because he’s “too nice and loves too much”. He has a legitimate mental illness that causes him to struggle.

        Am I a Taylor fan? No. This whole situation is tired, to be frank. I don’t like the infantalizing of people with mental illness. It adds to the stigma and misinformation surrounding mental illness. Mental illness strikes regardless of overall amiability, it doesn’t suddenly mean he is a saint. I don’t think he’s an a$$hole overall, he’s just a regular person who struggles with mental illness.

      • Babs says:

        Tryannosarahs: That’s not what I’m doing at all. I called cute him thinking Jay and Taylor and him were actual friends. I admit not taking seriously at all the outrage over the Famous vidéo. It was provocative with a deep meaning which makes it a quality vidéo.

      • Hikaru says:

        @SBS no more cute than the hanging dead bodies of women that he called art and his fans defended as ~bitc3s too dumb to understand the aesthetic~.

      • Erica_V says:

        Was it cute when he make a video using her naked likeness without her consent and put her next to an accused rapist?

  13. Rae says:

    I care equally as little for Tay Tay, Kanye and Katy for that matter, but I have to say this feels like a bit of a stretch as far as conspiracy theories go.

  14. Electric Tuba says:

    This chick is Tracy Flick level psycho. She’s got Glenn Close hair style from Fatal Attraction. I’m surprised there is no boiled bunny imagery lifted from the movie. The only rich people “beef” I’m concerned with are political in nature. Wake me up when they find her in someone’s bushes with night vision goggles and yelling, “I won’t be ignored, Dan”

    • Moon Beam says:

      She’s got Glenn Close hair style from Fatal Attration…..

      I AM CACKLING. My best friend’s mom had the same hair in the early 90s.

      • LolaB says:

        I keep seeing Dee Snider. It’s something about the curly blond hair, dark lips, and blue eyeshadow.

    • poorlittlerichgirl says:

      Tracy Flick is the perfect example! All I can picture is her looking out the school bus window with the loud screaming in the background. Hilarious!

  15. Babs says:

    I knew Taylor because of Kanye and didn’t take much interest about her antics not Kanye-related. But the buzzfeed article linked here in the comments about her neverending victim stance and bullying ways is simply appalling. She was at least aware of the anniversary of Donda passing. She think she’s slick reingniting a feud which was her entire fault taking advantage of a mentally ill black man in American society, the day of his mother’s passing. It doesn’t make her tough or edgy. It makes her nothing but a total bitch. Which was the initial point.

    • iris west-allen says:

      Sorry but Donda’s death shouldn’t stop Taylor from releasing her album.

      Kanye has been mentally ill for years and cheered on by his wife and her family.

      Let’s keep it real there are no victims here.

      • Babs says:

        There are not thanks to de Day of Receipts. Because if it wasn’t for it your girl would have successfully trashed Kanye and damaged his career. Even his fan believed Taylor at first and were ready to boycott. Even I. Because I couldn’t imagine a professional would lie so boldly about a peer, nor why.
        And yes, Donda’s death should stop her to air an album dissing Kanye, if she wasn’t a bitch incapable of owning her wrongs.

      • lightpurple says:

        Hello! If you’re trying to stop damage to your career, you do it immediately, not five months later. There was no damage to that man’s career in that five months time. Well, maybe some damage to his “career” as a fashion designer but that would have been due to his own decision to send out models in footwear that made it impossible to walk while treating the fashion industry like his own personal puppets, not to anything anyone in the music industry did.

        I was unaware the Donda West’s death had become a national day of mourning.

      • Babs says:

        Kanye could not air those tapes himself. And yes, his career was damaged, when you lose fan’s support it’s always the case. If you don’t think it’s cruel to air a diss on This very day on top of everything else, I don’t know what to tell you.

      • lightpurple says:

        He waited five months. With damages, there is a requirement to mitigate, he waited five months. He didn’t mitigate. Why not have Rick Rubin, who has a lot more credibility than any of the other three people involved, come forward immediately? And Rick Rubin has said NOTHING.

        Now, tell me when that woman’s death became a national day of mourning? How are we supposed to observe it? Are we supposed to rent our garments? A national moment of silence? Not listen to any music by any artist that day?

      • Babs says:

        So, Kanye didn’t behave like you think he should have. Well he’s been wronged all the same.
        And had he pulled the same kind of stunt Taylor did and double down under the belt like she is right now and you and others would be all over the place calling him out. As you should.

  16. NewKay says:

    Can we talk about the segregated dancers. That just says everything I need to know about her and the people around her right there. And yes, blatant lemonade ‘inspiration’

  17. iris west-allen says:


    I’m heading to the CNE then a party.

    Thanks for the advice but I’m good.

  18. detritus says:

    Honestly, I imagine her exec came and asked her, do you want to release this Friday or next. Showed her the dates, and she cackled and picked this one.
    I doubt it machinated from the beginning, but I also don’t doubt she would take an opportunity to needle Ye. So in this case, porque no los dos?

  19. Nancy says:

    She’s trying so hard to be a badass and she’s wearing grannie pants…lol, she looks like Urkel! Don’t mess with Kanye’s mother’s memory child, don’t forget one day your mom will be gone as well. However, this is just a coincidence, she isn’t that stupid to correlate the two…I hope.

  20. Carrie1 says:

    I agree with Kaiser. She’s lost the thread.

    On earlier post I said she seems to be in a bad place mentally, but I meant seriously – she’s off the rails. If we can assume The Weeknd writes truthfully about his experiences and viewpoints, can’t we assume TS is fully unhinged? As in, she always was but something tipped her over to being in need of mental health help.

    ETA: no opinion on timing of album release… if true, that’s horrible but I don’t know. That seems beyond cruel which is possible from TS but I don’t know!

    • OhDear says:

      IMO she’s entitled, immature, and cosseted, not unwell. Last year was probably the first time she is ever had to face consequences for her actions. Given how she’s always been protected and coddled, of course she’s going to take it badly and not take responsibility.

      • Tanguerita says:

        @ohdear – exactly. she is throwing a public tantrum.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Taylor is a spoiled self centered girl who was handed a career and lives in a world that she thinks she can manipulate at all times and get her way at all times. She should write songs with substance and stop with the songs about people.

  21. Serene Wolf says:

    How nice of everyone giving this try hard, buck toothed nerd the benefit of doubt. Bish did it. The release date is deliberate. And karma’s also a bish.

    • Lady D says:

      She was cold, calculating and cruel. Her fans may think it’s funny, but they will be the only ones. People with mothers won’t forget her attempt to traumatize him or her willingness to capitalize on it.

  22. JenB says:

    I don’t think Swift intentionally released on the 10 year anniversary of the death of Kanye’s mom.
    LOL @ Blonde Lemonade!

  23. MI6 says:

    How does someone with a song entitled “Look What You Made Me Do” claim to stand up for abused women everywhere?
    #hypocricy #insensitive 🐍🐍

  24. QueenB says:

    I dont think she did that on purporse. The problem is that everyone knows that she is the pettiest Patty in all of Pettygonia. Thats why its not too far fatched for a lot of people.

  25. Marianne says:

    Its not like Beyonce created that look.

  26. jammypants says:

    For someone obsessed with snakes and “karma”, she sure knows how to bite herself in the ass. First she releases a song called “Look What You Made Me Do” right after a successful sexual assault trial. Then whether intentionally or not, her revenge album preaching most likely about karma (girl you need to learn what it means), sees its own karmic justice when people discover its on the death date of her #1 enemy’s mother. Already, that’s two PR misfires.

  27. Bettyrose says:

    Before a rehashing of yesterday’s brutal hair comments, let’s all try to remember that naturlly curly haired girls need love too.
    (though cropped bangs and blue eye shadow are lifestyle choices that may need reconsidering).

    • lightpurple says:

      Let your curls fly in their glorious curly-ness! Or cling! Or whatever your curls are wont to do. I would add the I Dream of Jeannie wardrobe to the list of things to reconsider.

      • bettyrose says:

        Oh yeah, they fly, big, frizzy curls. I love them, honestly. Hated it as a kid, but my personality grew into them. Can’t do bangs, though. Best I can get are some wispy tendrils framing my face, allowing me to go ponytail or bun without being too severe. I’ve never done a chemical treatment, but I have had my hair blown straight a couple of times, and it just doesn’t suit me.

    • MellyMel says:

      As a curly-haired girl, I agree with you. However, the way we cut and style our hair is very important and can go from being really cute to a hot poodle mess. Tay’s hair is a hot mess.

    • QueenB says:

      Women can look spectacular with curled hair. Its just that Taylor looks like a drowned rat and if she was a single mom of four struggling to make a living I would have a lot of sympathy.

    • Moon Beam says:

      I have the same kind of curly hair and I would not try those bangs. My friend’s mom had that same hair when we were growing up. It always looked like she had just showered. It’s not very flattering.

      • minx says:

        I agree. The bangs are not flattering with her face shape. I think that’s a problem more than the curls.

  28. Monsy says:

    Could she be “this” petty? Well, I hope she isn’t because that would be so low and insane.
    Wouldn’t be easier for her, a 27 year old woman, to say: you know what? I lied, I got caught and I made a mistake, I didn’t think things through, I’m sorry?
    Is that so hard? , admitting you made a mistake? Instead making all this just because a wife exposed that Taylor lied about her husband?
    This new era of her declaring war on someone for calling her out for something she actually did is making me uncomfortable tbh. It shows a worrying lack of self awareness.

    • Bettyrose says:

      If she did this on purpose it goes way beyond petty. But if it’s an unfortunate coincidence, where the hell are her brilliant handlers?

      • Moon Beam says:

        That’s not petty, that’s downright nasty. But she usually releases in November and the explanation about an album mate releasing the previous week and the next week being close to Black Friday do make sense. I’m honestly sure that wasn’t even on her handler’s radar. That’s something a sadistic person would do purposely. Taylor is petty and immature, but I don’t think she’s malicious and cruel.

      • bettyrose says:

        Moon Beam,
        Yeah, I don’t think she’s this malicious and cruel just because no emotionally stable person is this malicious and cruel. It’s probably not her doing, but I’m guessing someone on her label knew about it and let it forward for the publicity.

    • Dippit says:

      Whether the date is deliberate or not I’m disgusted she’s reignited a feud, unnecessarily (and hypocritically – as she was the one proven in the wrong initially), with a man who has a recent and well documented issue with his mental health.

      The whole ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ is troubling me also for the reasons many are stating re: the abusers’ coda for shifting blame and not taking responsibility for their own actions. Very troubling all round.

  29. Fleur says:

    First: the song is so bad—harmonically, the tune just sucks. It simply doesn’t sound like what’s new and innovative right now. It sounds like something that might have been popular in a slow week five years ago. Second: As a 28 years old with the world at her feet, I can’t believe she doesn’t have more to say then THIS. I think that’s what disappoints and shocks me most. Where is the emotional progression? My gosh, is she going to be making videos like this with cryptic liner notes about pumpkin cappuccinos (or whatever) at 35? Okay, she suffered embarrassment last summer, and Kayne’s naked video was a total asshole move, but girl, at this stage and at this level of power (you have SO much more power and influence than Kayne), it is time to move on. People don’t want to think about this stupid, petty shit. You are lowering yourself by fixating. You are demeaning the real suffering of others by equating Kimye’s idiotic “recording” drop with an anger truly worthy of this apparent vitriol. I can’t believe she DOESN’T have more to say about the world or her interior space–or about love or frustration or anything– than this!! She should have been moving towards Fiona Apple introspection—not devolving. This makes Selena Gomez’s recent thoughtful videos (which I actually love, quite), look all the more mature and avant garde. How did anyone, anywhere, think “This is what you *made* me do?” was a good idea? Examine that phrase directed towards an ethnically “other” couple, especially toward a man with noted mental health issues, stated by the world’s most rich and powerful white, blonde, beautiful, blue eyed American. Talk about myopic privilege. It could be the comment of every oppressor. It could be Donald Freaking Trump’s theme song. Who in the record label thought this was a good idea? UGH.

    • Chem says:

      Completely agree. This is why I never liked Taylor and why this doesn’t surprise me, she could do so much more and she decides to lower all her potential. Honestly, at this point her mental health worries me.

  30. A says:

    Kim/Kanye have been quite about this,no? which means they are planning their next move

  31. jetlagged says:

    Yeah sure, coincidence. Why not. Whatever.

    There is one question I had from last year that has been answered. Joseph Kahn said some appalling things during Snapchatgate – I’m thinking of this tweet in particular – https://twitter.com/josephkahn/status/755145643832713216?lang=en
    and I wondered if Taylor would ever work with him again. Guess who the director of this new video is?

  32. minx says:

    I don’t follow her or care about her one way or another, but some of these comments…she’s a pop singer, not Trump for god’s sake.

    • Miles says:

      THANK YOU!

    • Tanguerita says:

      so what? it’s a gossip site so why discriminate? I, for my part, can’t stand either of both – albeit, obviously, for completely different reasons.

      • minx says:

        Is Taylor Swift affecting your healthcare, 401K, civil rights, the nuclear codes, voting rights, taxes? Of course it’s a gossip site and I love to dish with the best of them, but some people give her too much power.

      • Tanguerita says:

        I live in Europe. That being said, by no means am I trying to trivialize the danger of Trump. However, Swift has power. Lots of it. This spoiled brat could have used it wisely, but she choses – again and again – to abuse it. So yes, I loathe her.

      • A says:

        @minx, no she doesn’t. But she has a vote. And her fans have a vote. And if she is content to behave in a petty, narcissistic and lying way, and she is content to constantly deflect the blame for the problems that are of her own making on to others, and she’s displaying that behaviour in an incredibly visible, high profile way…what do you think that will inevitably lead to? She doesn’t have as much power as Trump, sure, but she has power in a different way, and that is going to affect how people think and what they expect from others. Including their president.

    • Babs says:

      Trump was also just a celeb before he became…well you know. Power is power.

    • Ksenia says:

      Thank you!!! The way people are vilifying her here is inane. Disliking a petty, entitled, untalented girl is one thing, but declaring her “evil” and remorseless and dangerous to society–basically sociopathic—is a bizarre and twisted stretch of the truth. Obviously, though, factual reason is nowhere NEAR as much fun as being outraged at a virtual Trump-in the-making. LOL… Your accusations and distortions and suspicions reflect far more on you, at this point, than on Taylor Swift.

  33. Literally everyday of the year someone died that day in history. Maybe they were famous maybe not but someone out in the world will think “today of all days? My mom died today 25 years ago.” I highly doubt she even thought of Kanye’s mother when she (probably not even her decision entirely) picked the date. She didn’t choose the VMA date, we going to blame her for that too? Seriously I feel like people are just trying to find a reason to shame her at this point. Oh and I completely forgot Kanye’s mom had died until I saw this post. It’s not necessarily something that I think about on a daily basis and I dislike him and Kim very much.

  34. Mary says:

    I don’t believe she did this on purpose. I think that’s reaching and looking for anything.

  35. Tess says:

    I’m in Texas and we’re still in the middle of a little think known as the most devastating hurricane since Katrina. I am not here for Taylo’s shenanigans, and I think it’s sickening that she would release this type of bullying and abusive themed record given the current political climate. That is the last thing anyone needs. The gig is up, we know who Taylor voted for.

    • melanieWHAT says:


      Breitbart all yesterday was tweeting the lyrics to her new song. I am not even joking. So, she has time to deny she is sneaking out her home via suitcase, but not enough time to denounce her nazi and alt-right fans. Got it.
      Good to know keeping racist fans by staying silent on important issues/hate is more important than a moral compass. But who are we kidding? A moral compass doesn’t sell albums. Maybe in 2007 this would be entertaining but in 2017, it’s not. She is supposed to be PR savvy but she doesnt know how to read the climate we’re in. Oh, and she’s two years shy of 30.

  36. Littlestar says:

    Blonde Lemonade…Lmfao. Lord help us.

  37. Veronica says:

    It’s really gross and unfortunate timing, but that’s a little too coldly calculated even for her. I’d be more likely to believe it if she didn’t have a history of releasing albums around the same time.

  38. M.A.F. says:

    This is not the death date of John Lennon, which the majority of music listeners know. So why are people trying to make this bigger than it is?

    And Blonde Lemonade is perfect.

  39. Cat says:

    I find all three (Swift, KarTrashians and Kayne) exceptionally annoying.

  40. The Original G says:

    The Joan Baez of our time.

    Yeah, whenever a label releases the work of an artist that sold a million albums in week three times, they give no thought at all to the date or it’s relationship to album’s subject.

  41. A says:

    Taylor Swift is a combination of that awful schoolmate you had in the 3rd grade and everyone’s nightmare passive aggressive HR lady. She’s the girl who takes your lunch box and “hides” it in the garbage can for the giggles, gets angry when you (rightfully) shove her down onto the ground, before crying and alerting the teacher to give you a detention while she gets away scot free. She’s the HR lady who sends you snide e-mails on Friday morning asking you to complete the time sheet that you did on Thursday night, who “loses” the e-mail you sent RSVPing to a work lunch and then blames you for never sending it, and then when you get the slightest bit snippy, “alerts” the management to your “behavioural issues.” She’s the white mom who shows up at the Starbucks with her mom friends and their kids for their weekly meetings, then comes to your table “asking” you to clear out because, “Excuse me sweetie, but this is where we have our weekly meetings soooo….” even though you got there hours before they did AND this is the only table with access to an outlet for your laptop, and then when you refuse to clear out, asks to speak to the Starbucks manager.

    Like, on their own, they’re harmless, probably, in the grand scheme of things. But they’re dishonest, and not even for a legit reason, for a completely petty reason. I can even understand someone lying for something big, but Taylor Swift lied for no reason EXCEPT to make herself look good and other people look foolish, and then when she got caught, couldn’t even apologize for it. And yeah, sure, she’s not anywhere near the sort of position that Trump is in, where she has to make decisions that affect the lives of millions of millions of people. But, honestly speaking, where do you think she, Trump, or those other white ladies, or even the Kardashians for that matter, get their behaviour from? It doesn’t come from nowhere, it comes from a culture that sustains and rewards such selfish, narcissistic behaviour, and it comes from people who naturally gravitate towards and support those who act and think and behave as they do.

    • The Original G says:

      I think you’ve got an album there.

    • Ksenia says:

      A: Your overwhelming prejudice and unjust, sweeping generalizations against white women is duly (and disgustedly) noted. As for: “people who naturally gravitate towards and support those who act and think and behave as they do,” that would be *everyone*, actually, on earth. I have friends of multiple races and many ethnic backgrounds, but yes, I do indeed naturally gravitate towards *other* open minded, interested, considerate, accepting, gentle, unprejudiced, and empathetic people. ALL humans are attracted to people with like values and beliefs; for instance, none of my friends or I care for close minded, judgmental, ignorant people—whereas from what you write, I suspect that is the type YOU are attracted to. An atheist myself, almost all my friends are atheist and agnostic, as well, no matter their race or ethnicity. What I find both amusing and appalling about your post is that you clearly have no clue just how judgmental and insipid and prejudiced you sound: you clearly condemn only “white women” for being the exact same things that you are guilty of being yourself.

  42. magnoliarose says:

    I don’t think it is on purpose. I think maybe it was brought up but afterward and they decided to stick with the schedule. The VMAs are far more important. She is cold but her life doesn’t revolve around Kanye nor is the record label interested in Donda West. But the real problem for her is that people even thought it was possible.

  43. Mariv says:

    I can’t stand the Beyhive. There was music before Beyonce. Just sayin’

    • angie0717 says:

      Mariv ur comment is everything. Settle down Beyhive. And btw, Madonna owned the market on fishnets, diamonds and dramatic play back in her day. I just don’t get TS shiteous hair game. Outright shiteous.

  44. OhDear says:

    Beyonce did not invent dancing in a body suit and fishnet tights – Cyd Charisse, Ann Miller and Gwen Verdon owned it long before Bey was even born.

    • SALIKA says:

      Beyonce’s military jacket looks very similar to the one Michael Jackson wore during the 1993 Superbowl performance. Her fans need to stop acting as if she’s some sort of game changing artist. Talented? Yes. Elite legend? Absolutely not.

    • LA Elle says:

      For that matter, Janet Jackson circa Rhythm Nation. Janet doesn’t get nearly enough credit for forging a path that Beyonce followed.

      I could never get into Madonna – I couldn’t explain it as a teen, but her sexuality always seemed like a performance for men – but Janet? To me, Janet owned her sexuality.

  45. Bee says:

    As petty and pathetic as I believe Taylor Swift is, I would rather believe this date is an unfortunate coincidence. Because the alternative is peak evilness. The media will grab onto anything at this point. Taylor Swift sells in many ways; a victim, a villain; a desperate lovelorn. Any will do.

    • Keaton says:

      I completely agree. If she did that on purpose she’s a straight up evil person and I just don’t buy that.

  46. Dragonlove says:

    Ya’ll, I’m a 46 yo woman & I love Taylor’s songs! Don’t hate me!

  47. Noop says:

    KInda of gross to even suggest that.

    Also Beyoncé did not invent standing in formation with dancers in black. The comparisons are ridiculous.

  48. LA Elle says:

    Geez. Ladies, if you want to get that angry about something, go the Trump thread. Yes, Taylor is image obsessed and likes playing the victim. She’s also a pop singer.

    If nothing else, Taylor wouldn’t pick the anniversary of Donda West’s death because there’s no way she can play the victim – it makes someone else the victim, and Taylor is exceptional at being manipulative in a way that allows her to still claim victim. She doesn’t want to give Kanye attention – her pattern is to use people only so much as it allows her to get attention for herself and her career.

    My gut says Taylor is pissed no one on her team noticed the connection. That’s why she pays people: to notice stuff like that in service to her public image. My guess is 11-10 sounds good – it’s a memorable date – and that’s probably why it was chosen.

  49. Lilith says:

    Taylor is the queen of approproation. It’s vile. She knows putting a white, blonde haired face on a Black womans artistic concept will sell.

    Nobody wants her stale-ass, flavorless lemonade.

  50. Jess says:

    I don’t care for Taylor either way, but people seem to forget that when she was 19/20 years old and on stage gracefully accepting an award a grown ass man jumped up and snatched the mic from her yelling about how someone else deserved to win and had the best video of all time, come on. None of this crap would be happening if Kanye would get his mental health issues under control, and stop singing about her. She WAS the victim, at that point, period. Now, both of them need to let it go FFS. This is the dumbest feud of all time, lol.

  51. Jamieee says:

    I don’t think she chose the date for this reason, but there’s just no chance she didn’t become aware of it along the way.

    Swift sends messages through choices like this, she always has. Part of that means she has to check she isnt sending a different message than she means to. She (or her people) will have fully researched the date and any connections it might have to anyone she’s connected to. Kanye would have been top of that list since her lead single is about him. This will have come up, and she will have considered how it looks and decided she’s fine with this messaging.

  52. Bee says:

    If you want to experience the ultimate in secondhand embarrassment, just watch her new video.

  53. GD says:

    I absolutely love her new video

  54. Livealot says:

    Sorry not sorry but Taylor IS this petty & vengeful and it sounds like the same people who gave her this innocent-victim complex are creating excuses for her. Won’t make it a race issue because thats too easy , so just look at her CHARACTER. And the writings on the wall (I.e “reputation”). She has to protect this “damsel in distress” Schtick, even at fkn 50 years old I bet.

  55. Corrine says:

    Idk y’all, that video was prettttty good. Especially the end with all the taylors. I was ready to not like the vid at all since I felt lukewarm about the lyrics vid. She kind of brought it tho.

  56. Abby says:

    I came over here to say that I hated the song at first, and I still don’t like the “look what you made me do” line but… the video is classic Taylor Swift. It’s great. Especially the very end. Way more playful than the lyric video.

  57. I Choose Me says:

    Just saw the official Taylor vid and gulp, you guys, I didn’t hate it. I still think the chorus is a let down but the video was kinda fun and the ending actually made lol. *Considers turning in my hater badge.* Nah.

  58. Jordan says:

    Music Video was missing Kim’s infamous tape playing in the background. Would have sealed the deal on the petty business.
    I’m totally here for it and I normally hate Swift. But my hatred for the sperm dumpster is far greater.

  59. rinserepeat89 says:

    I couldn’t even wait for tomorrow’s article to be posted about the new taylor swift video. Breitbart was tweeting the lyrics of her new song “Look What You Made Me Do” all day and as the Daily Beast put it, “in 2017 this is normal and Im just so tired”. The VMAs had excellent messages interwoven in the ceremony from the suicide hotline performance to speaking out against nazis and hate. You know what Taylor Swift does? She doesn’t show up but drops her video. Her video is mocking her playing the victim but….she continues to play the victim in it? Hell, it’s an ODE to people wronging her. Some of it was just way too much. The car crash w/the Grammy, the bathtub full of diamonds alluding to Kardashian robbery of her jewelry/diamonds and then tying her up in the bathtub. it was a MUSEUM of pettiness. Meanwhile, I’m seeing a crap load of white 14yos crying ITS NOT ALWAYS ABOUT RACISM, BEYONCE FANS SOOOOO DELUSIONAL, HAHA SEE THAT HATERS TAYTAY IS JUST RECLAIMING HER NARRATIVE. Gawd, it all looks so bad. Taylor IS very good at marketing and publicity but she totally is not reading the scene of the times. The politics, the hate….and she’s still with this. She’s 28 years old. It’s always the same people that defend her too – surrogates of her. Young white women or teenagers. She is white feminism incarnate. Full disclosure: I am a white woman that is taylor’s same age.

  60. coffeeisgood says:

    Damn she is one petty bitch. Do not piss tay tay off. I would have respected her if she was humble and just apologized about being a snake and kept making songs about breakups.

  61. Elisa the I. says:

    I just saw the full video and she is clearly mocking herself in this song, including I love TS shirt etc. (watch it until the end).

  62. melanieWHAT says:

    I found the bathtub part of the video to be disturbing and a very obvious mocking of kardashian robbery w/the diamonds and the gun hand motion. At certain point, you can’t ‘take control of the narrative’ if you are continuing to perpetuate as who you are. how can you JUST finish a trial showing you wouldnt be a victim and then in the next minute, mock a victim of a violent robbery. She’s so riddled with contradictions, I just can’t. All her young fans to me she’s just showing them revenge is ok if you feel it’s totally justified.

    Also…the scariest defense I saw of this video when people were talking about racism & swift was a teenage girl on twitter who said ‘OMG NOT EVERYTHING IS ABOUT RACE. GET OVER YOURSELVES, BEYONCE & CO.”

    I forget sometimes how trump, breitbart & fans love taylor, but then I remember why.

    • OhDear says:

      It actually references when she said ‘everyone just thinks I cry alone in my bathtub’ a few years back about her ‘heartbroken’ persona.

  63. Mari says:

    The video made the song thousand times better
    So many details and hidden messages. I love it.

  64. Sparkly says:

    I can’t believe she actually named it Blonde Lemonade. I just can’t with this chick. There goes what little respect I had gained for her for a brief second.

  65. Inkblotter says:

    Which BoA video did he direct?

  66. jetlagged says:

    How many of those artists have worked with him since he tweeted that? I don’t know the answer to that question, but I’d feel the same way about anyone hiring him after that, not just Taylor.

    Taylor is free to hire whomever she chooses, and I’m free to judge her for it. Kahn’s statements last year went far beyond him being a dumbass, they were stomach-turning (at least for me). If I had the money and profile Taylor does, he would never see another dime from me. Apparently Taylor doesn’t have a problem with what he said, and just gave him further validation and approval by hiring him for the prestigious job of directing the lead-off video.

  67. I Choose Me says:

    Ok, so it’s not just me then.

  68. jammypants says:

    Same, twas funny. It’s silly pop nonsense. No point in taking it so seriously.

  69. magnoliarose says:

    I thought it was better than I expected. The song is not good. The video is somewhat unoriginal but her presentation was more adult and the last part was humorous. She has also put on a few pounds and it looks good on her. I am sure it is on purpose and it gives her sexy moments more believability.