Beyonce is reportedly in contention to sing the latest James Bond theme song

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The last two James Bond-film theme songs have been sung by British artists, Adele and Sam Smith. Both Adele and Sam won Oscars for Best Song for their Bond songs, “Skyfall” and “Writing’s On the Wall.” I liked both songs, honestly – I thought “Skyfall” was the best Bond-theme in decades, and I thought Sam’s song was okay… perhaps not Oscar-worthy, but okay. Now that the speculation is over about Daniel Craig returning to the franchise – he is, for at least one more film – the time has come to speculate about who will do the next song. Considering the recent track record of artists-winning-Oscars for Bond songs, the speculation feels more weighted – like, whoever does the next song has a good shot at winning an Oscar, even if the song isn’t amazing. I’ve read speculation that Daniel and Bond producers were interested in getting Adele back, but here’s another idea: why not hire Beyonce?

Multi-award winning megastar Beyonce is being hotly tipped to perform on the next James Bond theme song after producers demanded a fresh boost to the franchise. The past two themes (Skyfall and Spectre) have been sung by British singers Sam Smith and Adele to much critical acclaim and now bosses have decided only a hit from Queen B can match the recent record.

The Bond 25 project is set for release in November 2019 and is said to come at an ideal time for the mother-of-three who who recently released the album Lemonade to a rapturous reception.

A Daily Star source close to Beyoncé, 35, revealed: ‘This is the only project she is remotely interested in right now. The two spoke before Bey’s first meeting with film bosses and Adele told her how co-writing and performing a Bond theme gave her an amazing career hike. Not many of the themes have been as successful – but there are tens of millions of Beyoncé fans out there.’

Beyonce – who is married to Jay Z – welcomed twins Sir and Rumi in June and is also mother to five-year-old Blue Ivy. MailOnline have contacted Beyonce for comment.

[From The Daily Mail]

I think this idea is awesome…? I would love to hear Bey’s take on a Bond theme. I could also see Adele recommending Beyonce for the job too – Adele is likely taking off for another extended hiatus, and Adele loves Beyonce and wants Beyonce to have everything. Plus, I’d love to see what Beyonce could do with a big, splashy performance at the Oscars. Please! People would be crying. Oscar winners would be falling to their knees.

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  1. Nicole says:


  2. Originaltessa says:

    I have never liked a single Beyoncé song. I hope someone helps her write it, as I do like her voice.

  3. Mumbles says:

    None of her songs (except for Irreplaceable) have a melody.

  4. KatieBo says:

    I just do not get the Beyonce hype… I feel like I’m missing some modern gene.

    • Sojaschnitzel says:

      I’m right there with you.

    • anon1 says:

      me too ! and even if i like her songs, i don’t get the fawning. it’s so over the top and undignified. Really, it’s ok for adele to like beyoncé so much, her purpose is to help her succeed? and that’s ok? how bizarre?

  5. hey-ya says:

    …that would be nice…but unlikely since most likely shes waay too pricey for them…maybe Solange tho…

  6. Joss RED says:

    Please… DON’T!!!

  7. cherrypie says:

    Not a bad idea I guess

  8. SALIKA says:


  9. Harryg says:

    No – please no!!! It will be mumbling and yelling. Can’t stand her singing.

  10. Ari says:

    I have danced my ass off to many a Beyonce song and I love her and can’t wait to see what she can do with a Bond song – to be honest I think it will be a walk in the park for her and give her residual income for days on end lol

  11. Rae says:

    No. Please no.

    I enjoyed some of previous songs (looking at you single ladies and Halo to name a couple), but I couldn’t be doing with the ego involved if she took on a Bond song.

    I couldn’t stomach it.