TMZ: Kim Kardashian & Kanye West DGAF about Taylor Swift these days

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It’s pretty clear that of all the “cuts” Taylor Swift had to endure last year, the ones from Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were the worst. I’m sure when Reputation drops, there will be further references to Calvin Harris and Tom Hiddleston, but for now, those ex-boyfriends must be breathing a sigh of relief that they’re not in Tay’s crosshairs at the moment. This moment is mostly about Kim and Kanye. I won’t say that Kim hasn’t breathed a word about Taylor in a year (that would be untrue), but Kim did show a great deal of restraint in the long-term – she dropped the receipts and walked away. Kim completely changed Taylor’s narrative in a few Snapchats. So, obviously, Taylor wants to “punish” Kim and Kanye now, more than a year later. It’s safe to say that Kim and Kanye are pretty much over it at this point.

Taylor Swift is in a one-way feud with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Taylor has put Kim and Kanye in her crosshairs in her new single, “Look What You Made Me Do,” comparing them in the music video to Brutus who backstabbed Julius Caesar. Our Kim and Kanye sources say their well-publicized feud — triggered by Kanye’s song “Famous” in which he referenced Taylor with the lyric, “I made that bitch famous” — is old and buried.

As for Kanye, our sources say there are certain feuds he deeply cares about … like the one in which he’s embroiled with Jay-Z and Tidal. As one well-connected source put it, “They’re like brothers who fight but feel bad about it and always end up coming together.” Taylor, on the other hand, isn’t even on his radar. As for Kim, we’re told the way she sees it, the whole feud ended over a year ago. However, if Swift wants her album to resonate, what better way to do it than pick a fight with one of the most famous duos in the world. Advantage West.

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Here’s what I hope Taylor realizes: Kim Kardashian is not Katy Perry. Kim Kardashian is not Harry Styles or Joe Jonas or Jake Gyllenhaal. Kim is not going to sit back and not say anything as Taylor’s 2017 Narrative takes hold. Kim is in the business of beefs, drama, reality stardom and stoking petty feuds. In some way, Taylor and Kim deserve each other – they are perfect enemies, in a way that Taylor and Katy never were. So, no, I don’t think Kim and Kanye will STAY quiet. They’ll be quiet for a bit and then Kim will do something. I’m absolutely positive about that. As for Kanye… I honestly believe he doesn’t care much. Remember, Kanye didn’t want Kim to drop the receipts. He’d been burned by Taylor’s Victim Narrative before and he was prepared to just let her play the victim and be done with it.

Ivanka Trump steps out wearing all black in Washington D.C.

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  1. Sweet Dee says:

    I think I disagree with “Kim is in the business of beefs” – who has she ever publicly beefed with? People insult her constantly and they have been for the past decade and when has she ever really responded? She dropped the tapes on Taylor to defend her husband but other than that I really can’t recall any time she’s called someone out publicly. If anyone can give me an example I would be more than happy to change my opinion.

    • dr mantis toboggan says:

      She generally gets that Jonathan cheban creature and her sister Khloe to do the instagram fighting for her.
      Also, bird!

      • Sweet Dee says:

        Very true! She doesn’t like to get her hands dirty. I wonder if we’ll see them respond. I think Taylor is just trying too damn hard with this video. I understand wanting to own the snake persona but the way she’s doing it just seems extra.

        And yeah.. I checked and there’s no “Dr Tobaggan” in Philadelphia

      • Karla says:

        It’s weird to think that KIM KARDASHIAN is actually an example of class, at least when you compare her to Taylor or Katy Perry, who are petty 15 year olds in their souls.

  2. Tominsia says:

    How long are we going to milk this? I guess as long as her non fans and lovers (l’m a non fan) stop caring. Which seems to be never, because whenever this bland artist (who made a funny video and a okay song, I’ll admit) does anything everyone flocks to it like flies on shit, to either complain or woo over.

    • poorlittlerichgirl says:

      Well, the video just came out last night so I think this beef will be around for awhile. People eat this stuff up.

  3. Merritt says:

    I doubt Kanye will stay silent. He was the one who took credit for Taylor’s fame, made a gross song and video with her likeness in it years after he interrupted Taylor at the VMAs. So he won’t stay quiet because he along with Taylor and Kim can’t let anything go. They will go around on this drama carousel until it stops making them money.

  4. UmYeah says:

    If Kim and Kanye really didnt give a f#ck why bother releasing a statement to Tmz???

    • Shijel says:

      I don’t know. When someone picks a fight with me in real life I tend to also broadcast once and clearly: I wash my hands of this. Just so everybody would be on the same page.

      That said, I honestly doubt this is the case here. They have so much publicity to earn from continuing this beef.

    • Nicole says:

      I mean I bet it was Kris because she always goes to TMZ. And no jay Z won’t do a song because rap is about loyalty and while he’s made at Ye he’s not about to side with swift. Ever.

  5. Erin says:

    I’m willing to bet a few fingers this ends up in one of the KUWK episodes. No way – NO WAY – they don’t bring this up. The whole Klan lives for this kind of thing. They are writing the episode and getting the DGAF makeup ready.

    • Erica_V says:

      Exactly. Just like KK claimed filming KUWTK was shut down after her robbery and then in the first episode they show footage filmed literally two days after. MMM HUM OK KIM. And Taylor is the liar?

      • noway says:

        Neither one are what I would call liars, because this isn’t real. This is all a show and people keep buying it hook line and sinker. Now Kanye, and his mental issues may not be as involved in the whole make lemonade out of lemons branding but KK is for sure. She’s the queen of it with her momager. Someone who takes their sex tape and makes a career out of it, that isn’t entirely porn is going to milk anything that the public is interested in to their advantage. I wouldn’t be surprised if this whole thing wasn’t concocted by all of them together including Taylor. Taylor, Kim and Kanye do share something in common. They all know how to market an image for maximum effect.

  6. Munchkins mom says:

    Kim has called Katie Couric out as a “fake friend”, Chloe Grace Moretz for questioning her photos mocked Taylor Swift on Snapchat, so yes she is in the business of “beefs”

    • Sweet Dee says:

      Did you mean to reply to me? If so, thanks! I had forgotten about those and that’s why I posted my comment so y’all could educate me lol

      • Munchkins mom says:

        Yes sorry for sounding short. Not my intention. The Kardashians, like Swift are notorious for playing the victim. It’s old and frankly ridiculous. All parties need to be knocked off their pedestals

  7. QueenB says:

    I agree picking another fight with them is not smart. Usually Taylor only attacks people who she knows wont fight back. How many of her ex boyfriends have talked bad about her? She is the one bringing the stuff up.
    Kim will not only welcome the opportunity she has no reputation to ruin. Thats a fight that Taylor can only lose.

  8. Nancy says:

    Swift is the type that can’t let go. Kim called her out, had her moment and moved on….whilst Taylor made what I’m sure in her mind is the best vid of all time. Kim watches and sees everything, but has proven with that tape, she has patience. It would be a smart move on their part to let Taylor dance around in the past while they are living in the now. Never thought I’d be on Kim’s side, but Taylor Swift is the worse!!

    • Munchkins mom says:

      I’m sorry to disagree Kim did not move on. She snap chatted herself singing to famous and participated in the video.. I’m ashamed I know this lol

  9. Anilehcim says:

    To be honest, regardless of how I feel about Taylor Swift, these 2 are a little too old to be beefing with her… especially since Taylor is so damn immature. I’m glad to see that they have better things to do with their time.

  10. minx says:

    Yeesh, I had forgotten about that sh** colored laceup dress Kim wore..terrible.

  11. Roxy says:

    Team NO ONE! Seriously–I understand they all want to make some money off of this and stay relevant, but this is so childish!! If I had to choose–and that’s a big IF, then I would choose Taylor. Only because I think she’s a brilliant mastermind, and she’s banking it off all this. Other than that–leave this shit in high school.

    Also, I’m a fan of Tom Hiddleston all way…so Taylor, please don’t make a song dissing him in all of this. Although, I think she’ll burn him, too….which is a shame, because he always had nice things to say about her post-break up.

  12. Rapunzel says:

    If Kim thinks the bathtub part of the video is about her Paris robbery, I’ll bet she’ll respond. Especially since said scene seems to be subtly accusing Kimye of faking the robbery (“perfect crime”).

  13. ValM99 says:

    I rather Kanye stay quiet. Don’t give that leech anymore attention. Taylor thrives off of press and media coverage. I rather Kanye not give her anything and stay to himself. I saw pics of him and Kid Cudi leaving the studio. I rather him drop some bomb ass old Kanye music. As for Kim, she can totally drag Taylor for filth. People tolerate Kim way more than Taylor so she wouldn’t even her dragged either.

  14. Moxie Remon says:

    All I really, from the bottom of my heart, was that Kanye had never interrupted her in that fatidical day 8 years ago. Maybe she would’ve never become so big and we wouldn’t have to collectively endure in this petty attempts to prove she’s a badass. It’s tiring and ugly; I know some of you like that she is like that and I did have fun last summer, but it’s ridiculous and for me, she’s peaking.

    • UmYeah says:

      Ughhh i hate the implication that TS owes her fame to Kanye, she was a popular artist long before that in her area.

      • Moxie Remon says:

        I’m sorry my comment comment came out ambiguous, I too, don’t believe he’s responsible for her fame, but I think it received a huge boost from it.

    • UmYeah says:

      Cool, i just hate people implying that Kanye made her famous not bc im a TS fan but bc i have had many men take credit for my hardwork in the past.

      • Moxie Remon says:

        Exactly, I absolutely hate that we live in a patriarchal society and although I personally am not a fan of Taylor, she is talented and smart, plays the game and is successful. Not a lot of people can say they have a career like hers and is good to see a woman succeeding in this sexist world.

      • Erica_V says:

        Same ! I also have that people say Kim proved Taylor consented to the lyric with that tape despite all the cries she did. You never hear the lyrics Kanye actually said in his song. If the video showed him reading the line “I feel like Taylor and I might have sex. Why? Because I made that bitch famous” and her saying OK THEN ok Kim proved it. But a spliced together video that never actually plays the exact lyrics or has Taylor giving any sort of approval of that lyric is not proof and I wish everyone would stop acting like it is.

        The one thing I will give people is that at first Taylor said they never talked which they obviously did. However, Taylor put out a second statement before the video was released and said they had one conversation on the phone but again, she never approved him saying “that bitch”. Those are the facts and the timeline. But who cares about facts right?

  15. lyla says:

    did she drop the receipts and walk away? what about the whole the whole snake emoji thing? was that during or after? i really don’t remember, so someone please help me out.

    • Mar_time says:

      The snakes were the day of the receipts/day after, I used to like Taylor but after all of this, I will never defend her…she crossed the line with this video and album release date, nothing she does is a coincidence. She’s just THAT vindictive

  16. Coconut says:

    Kanye looks so much better in that shirtless jacket than one of his baggy beefy tshirts.

  17. Radley says:

    Kanye should drop a song the Tuesday before Reputation drops mercilessly roasting Tay Tay like Remy Ma did to Nicki Minaj. Manage to get Jay-Z and Beyonce to help and her album release will be in ruins. You’re welcome.

    P.S. Make sure to call out all her fauxmances. Scorch the earth. Salt it. End her. Thanks. LOL

  18. Freddy Spaghetti says:

    Don’t they have a baby coming? And Kin usually sends Khloe or her mother on the attack. I think that between the baby and all the mess with Jay-Z, they kind of have their hands full.

  19. TeresaMaria says:

    It must sell like crazy to be associated with such a petty high-school drama.
    Taylor is not 18 any more, nor is she a struggling artist etc.
    If this stuff is her artistic limit – well … I feel sorry for the woman/girl

  20. cherrypie says:

    So petty….and Taylor’s red lipstick is so tiring.

  21. Lua says:

    Why would they? They have their failing marriage to worry about *eye roll*

  22. Mike says:

    Well, the new song is terrible. The 4 minutes I wasted listening to it I can never get back but I will never let it bore my eardrums again. No good beat or hook or anything, just a song for the sake of making an album. Never thought I would say this but….., Team Kim!!!

  23. OhDear says:

    Oh b. please. People say it’s has been too long since Kanye interrupted Taylor’s speech he’s not like that no more let’s move on… only that he did the same thing with Beck two years ago. Kanye learned nothing and never will. The guy is off.

  24. hey-ya says:

    …I feel like saying “get a life” to all these $$ obsessed ppl…everyone helping with Harvey is 1000 times better than them…

  25. Nev says:

    Kim was on Kelly and Ryan this morning and didn’t say a peep. Yawn.

  26. Keys girl says:

    Ok, I can’t anymore. Does no one remember the fact that Kanye’s video “famous” features a nude Taylor Swift (among many others)? Next to a naked Cosby? That there was even a lifelike “art” exhibit, the whole purpose of which was apparently to further humiliate unwilling participants? And less than a year ago, Kanye led one of his crowds in a “f*#k Taylor Swift” chant?

    And this tying TS to Trump, no one remembers that Kanye actually met with then Pres-elect Trump at Trump tower, where he bigly stroked his ego and dissed Clinton.
    No? Just me then? I’ll see myself out.

    • Erica_V says:

      Come sit with me Keys and we’ll discuss the facts that everyone wants to ignore so they can justify their bias better together.

      As I said above and on other threads. IMO nothing Taylor has done is anywhere close to as mean or petty or awful as what Kanye did to her with that naked likeness.

    • SALIKA says:

      and he almost interrupted Beck two years ago in his grammy acceptance speech – and than Kanye went on saying that if Beck respected art he should to give his award to Beyonce
      I just can’t with Kanye and the Kardashians, they are horrible people

    • Radley says:

      It’s not a competition where people are obligated to support whoever is arbitrarily deemed less odious. I don’t like Taylor not even a little bit. That’s it for me. Idc who she’s beefing with. Just go away little girl.

  27. Nedsdag says:

    For those who want to hear from Kanye, try to remember that this man came out and said he would have voted for Trump and even met with him in person. It may be the medication, but actions speak louder than words.

  28. llc says:

    They SO DON’T CARE that their publicists keep planting stories about how they don’t care. This sort of thing is all they have.

  29. SALIKA says:

    Yeah they are so much better than Taylor that one day after she drops her video Kim is releasing those horrendous Jackie pictures of herself to get attention

  30. tw says:

    The only person I find more annoying than Taylor Swift is Goop. And it’s a close call.

  31. PMNichols says:

    Well aren’t they having another baby right now? No disrespect to TS but who cares? They have bigger worries. Kim seems to reel Kanye in when it comes to this nonsense. I’m not a hater or a fan but she rarely “has beef” with someone like Kanye does.

  32. Amanda Eisenstein says:

    I’d say that Tom and Calvin are giving as much of a fuck as Kim, Kanye, and I…which is as you said, none, Seriously, TayTay is going to whine about how someone “done her wrong”, whinge about it, and then suck around until this boyfriend dumps her and she gets enough material to whinge on another CD.

    Seriously, yonder is the field in which I plant my fucks; feast your eyes upon it and thou shalt see that it is barren.

  33. Jag says:

    Oh wow. Look at Kim’s old version of her face in the gold outfit! It’s wild seeing which version she’s wearing these days, and how much she changed over the years.

  34. A says:

    Hmm. I’m in two minds about this. On the one hand, I think Kim and Kanye saw the merits of lkeeping a low profile and minimalism last year on two fronts (the robbery and the receipts). The point isn’t if Kim said anything after, the point is that even if she DID say something we don’t remember it. We only remember Taylor’s response and her silence. If what Kim said or did post the receipts isn’t memorable, that’s the whole point.

    Personally, I do think Kimye will find it tiring to respond to her. They’ve got a ton on their plate already, I don’t think they’re in the mood for this. Plus, I guess they’ve figured that Taylor would respond eventually in this way. My guess is that they can do as well as she does and be a b*tch right back in a way that would hurt, so.

  35. why? says:

    Sure. Because the first thing that one does when they don’t care is to run to 2 major blogs to brag about how much they don’t care? If Kim and Kanye are too busy focusing on their family t worry about what Taylor is doing, then why have they released 2 articles about Taylor in 2 days? How many times did Kim watch Taylor’s video?

  36. Jen says:

    Yawn. K&K started the feud (well, Kanye did. That was pre-Kim), revived it on two separate occasions, but now they want to claim they are over it. Sure.

  37. Tigrette says:

    Ahh thank you for pointing this out. There was a thread on one of the other TS stories talking about how she must be a Trump supporter that really irked me. How on earth has everyone forgotten that Kanye met with Trump and ENDORSED him unambiguously! In too much of a hurry to tar and feather the woman for not speaking out, that they give the man a pass for his explicit support of Trump,