Kevin Hart’s ex remains classy about his new wife admitting they cheated

Last week, Kevin Hart’s current wife, Eniko Parrish, and his ex wife, Torrei Hart, got into it on Instagram. Eniko had put up a gushing post about how she’s been with Kevin for eight years, however his divorce went through with Torrei in 2011 so there was definitely overlap. Torrei Commenters pointed that out on Eniko’s post, to which Eniko responded that Kevin and Torrei were already over when she got with him and claimed that Torrei was lying because she wanted to play the victim. I’m just going to include Torrei’s response here because it was so pointed and well written. She wrote “We have made successful strides to become a loving co parenting family, but you have now left it open for my character to be questioned. You, Kevin, and I know the truth.” Bam.

Well In Touch caught up with Torrei and she gave them some good quotes about how Eniko’s post and her follow-up comments set their family back.

“We’ve just been moving forward, getting the blended family in a good place and co-parenting. This just takes us a step back.”

“I feel like if you’re going to respond to something like [social media comments], let’s just be honest and truthful. And that’s that,” Torrei told us regarding the incident. “Right now, me and Eniko are not speaking, but me and Kevin, we’re still speaking,” said Torrei, 39, an actress who’s also appeared on the reality show Atlanta Exes.

But she says she and Kevin haven’t discussed her Instagram spat with Eniko. “He’s no longer my husband. I don’t concern myself with that,” Torrei explains to In Touch. “I’m only concerned with whatever goes on between me and him for [our] children [Heaven, 12, and Hendrix, 9]. Everything else, it’s none of my business. I don’t see where Kevin has said anything publicly about it.”

[From In Touch]

In her last quote, that she didn’t “see where Kevin has said anything publicly,” she’s probably referring to his weird vague video after this laughing about it. I’m pretty sure he’s since deleted this response or it was one of those Instagram stories, but he said, in part “I’m at a point where I can’t even be shocked anymore. All I do is laugh, man. I had a person tell me what they felt was factual information about me while they were talking to me.” So Torrei’s comment about how she didn’t see he commented about it may be directed at the fact you couldn’t even tell what he was referring to. She knows him very well and may be calling him out for not addressing it directly. That seems to be how he deals with things.

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27 Responses to “Kevin Hart’s ex remains classy about his new wife admitting they cheated”

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  1. Runcmc says:

    This was really elegantly handled by Torrei. Brandy Granville should take lessons from her about how to react with dignity and class.

    • Mariposa97 says:

      I’m sure dealing w/Leann takes away the desire to react with dignity and class. I haven’t heard that Kevin’s new wife stalked him and his family until he had no choice but to be with her and I haven’t read that the new wife is obsessed with the ex wife.

      • Des says:

        “no choice but to be with her”

        LOL, Eddie got with her coz he likes the cash. He had plenty of choice.

  2. Alissa says:

    just a quick correction: it wasn’t Torrei who wrote the original Instagram comment, it was just some random person. she responded after Enniko went on her rant.

    I find it odd that their marriage was already so “over” that they had a 4 and 1 year old when he and his current wife started officially dating? hmm.

    • Celebitchy says:

      Ok I’ll fix this! Thanks for being nice when pointing it out.

    • OriginallyBlue says:

      Eniko is a mess and should have let the comments slide. Stating that Kevin cheated on Torrei with other women, but she’s the one that stuck around and wasn’t a secret isn’t exactly a glowing endorsement of either of a their characters. From what I understand they started in 2009, divorce wasn’t filed until 2010 and wasn’t final until 2011. So now Eniko looks like a fool, caused a rift in the family dynamic, and probably caused some distress to the kids who are old enough to see and understand what’s going on.

      • Radley says:

        Trophy wives aren’t typically chosen for their grace, tact and class. Just ask Mrs. Mnuchin (I can’t even remember her name). Why do men do this? SMH

        I hope Kevin at least had a private conversation with his new wife about needlessly and thoughtlessly airing him out on social media (not to mention the impact on the ex and kids) . Her job apparently is to be seen and not heard. LOL

  3. Squiggisbig says:

    It’s remarkable to me to see how Eniko does not get that all this makes her look so incredibly stupid. Her whole relationship with Kevin is so performative. He’s not a good dude and her time would be better spent building a career of her own for when this goes south.

  4. Enough Already says:

    She has been classy but it’s hard to imagine the private torment she must be going through. This is the very reason I roll my eyes when people bitch about alimony/spousal support when a celeb divorces a non-celeb.

    • Fiorucci says:

      Maybe ! Who knows what her heart wants. Maybe she upgraded to a nicer (taller?) guy and has never been heart broken over KH.

  5. HelloSunshine says:

    So how long before he’s busted with his side chick? All she did was create a job vacancy and the rumors are already out that he’s cheating.
    I don’t understand why people get married when all they want to do is be with different people. Is it a power play or something? There are plenty of people in the world that are okay being polyamorous and stuff, so why be with someone who wants monogamy?

    • Zapp Brannigan says:

      It’s a “cake and eat it” situation. They want all the comfort of a regular partner and home life, that care and consistency, of having someone put them first, the image of being a proud, family man, then to rebel against that by having side chicks. Some just get their kicks off of getting away with it, the thrill of a hidden second life. Of course these same people would not tolerate their partner being unfaithful to them.

      • HelloSunshine says:

        Very good points there. I can only imagine the awful things he and his fans would be saying if Eniko had a side piece.
        His poor kids though. Lucky for them, they have a very classy mom who recognizes they come first in the situation.

      • Lady D says:

        A mom who worked very hard because she loves her children, creating a blended family. In about two years, she’s going to have to start all over creating another blended family for her children, not to mention keeping a relationship going with K&E’s newest baby, all because daddy can’t keep it in his pants. Fifty bucks says that when Heaven is about 21-22, daddy will still be providing her with half-siblings.

      • Avery says:

        This! All of this.

    • HelloSunshine says:

      Lady D- no doubt. I’ve been through a similar situation. My dad had a secret second family and I’m mid 20′s with a half sister who is in early elementary school. Thankfully they’ll have money for therapy because the kids will need it. It really messes with your perception of relationships

  6. JA says:

    Can’t wait for when Eniko loses it when Kevins cheating becomes public and messy! Not rooting for someone’s misery BUT this side piece forgot where she started and had the nerve to come for the ex wife who kept it classy. Mrs. Sidepiece is not gonna take the high road when it happens to her [please see her Instagram about blaming the wife]….DRAMA up ahead!!

  7. Erinn says:

    Freaking round of applause to Torrei – THAT is the way it’s done. She used the whole thing to drive home that she’s only concerned about co-parenting, and will continue to do so. She could be incredibly bitter and play the victim card to the full extent- but she’s not. I’m impressed with the way she handled this.

    Kids are first, and she doesn’t care what he’s doing in his personal time as long as it’s not hindering raising the kids and keeping them happy.

  8. Malificent says:

    If you cheated or made the choice to become involved with a cheater, at least have the decency to be ashamed of yourself and keep your trap shut in public.

    • Lucytunes says:

      That’s what gets me! All these declarations about how your love persevered through hardship…girl YOU were the hardship. You helped to brake up a home with kids. Don’t act like this is some great romance.

      • Avery says:

        Oh….Eniko…just keep living. It is not a matter of if but when Kevin does to her what he did to Torrei. Side chicks always think they’re special. They are the exception. I am sure he talked all kinds of sh!t about Torrei to Eniko thus making her feel she’s better than Torrei. Kevin will prove to Eniko how wrong she is…just give it time.

  9. Jane says:

    Watch and learn Brandi Glanville… watch and learn

  10. Luci Lu says:

    I remember some years back, when Kevin was performing in one of his live stand up shows, he was talking about the end of his marriage, and he said, “I ain’t gon’ lie, ya’ll, I cheated”. I laughed, and so did the audience. And, as always, there’s much truth said in jest.