Dean McDermott, Tori Spelling’s husband, could go to jail for unpaid child support

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Dean McDermott and Tori Spelling are somewhat shameless. They’re deep in debt to credit card companies, the US government and the state of California. They regularly post on open social media about their lifestyle and are currently on vacation at the Four Seasons in Punta Mita, Mexico. (It’s possible that their vacation was comped in exchange for Tori promoting it on Instagram. It’s just as possible that it wasn’t and that Tori is trying to give that impression.) Also Dean owes thousands in back child support to his ex wife, Mary Jo Eustace, whom he abruptly left for Tori, after a ten year relationship, right after their adopted baby daughter arrived. Dean had worked out a payment plan with Mary Jo which included $1,500 a month and some lump sum payments to pay back child support for their now 18 year-old son. Of course he didn’t follow through on that at all and is now potentially facing jail time.

Tori Spelling’s husband narrowly avoided jail in March after his ex-wife agreed to allow him to pay overdue child support and alimony in small monthly installments — rather than see him locked up by an LA judge.

But now McDermott has missed multiple payments on their $1,500-a-month agreement, according to sources. And his furious ex, Mary Jo Eustace, is hauling him back to court — which once again means he’s looking at a stay in the slammer.

In March, McDermott was almost arraigned for criminal contempt of court for not keeping up with child-support payments. When he appeared to face the charge, McDermott told the judge that he had “fallen on hard times,” according to reports. He was read his rights and asked if he needed a public defender, but the judge allowed McDermott a reprieve if he and Eustace could reach an agreement.

Said an insider, “It’s crazy that all this is over $1,500. He could get a job at the Gap and pay that off every month.”

A source close to McDermott told us that Eustace had been warned that the August payment would be late.

“It’s not like it came out of left field,” said the insider. “It was late because Dean was paying their son Jack’s first-month rent, security deposit and several other college expenses, which Mary Jo would not contribute to.”

The source says that a payment was made to Eustace on Friday.

Meanwhile, we’re told that it was not lost on Eustace that, after skipping the payments, Spelling and McDermott took their kids on a luxurious vacation to the Four Seasons in Punta Mita, Mexico.

[From Page Six]

I think Page Six is pushing the “narrowly avoided jail” angle for headlines. Dean will probably skirt on this because you rarely hear about deadbeat dads getting jail time, but it’s possible. Plus he sort-of tried to pay Mary Jo. It’s likely he’ll tell the judge some sob story about why he can’t pay and that will be it. Don’t get me wrong I would like it if he went to jail but I doubt it will happen. Nothing ever happens to these two they’re like teflon that money slides off of.

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  1. LA Native says:

    Vacay in Puerto Rico? Not a smart move but nobody ever said they were smart.
    ETA Punta Mita is in Mexico, not Puerto Rico CB

  2. Mermaid says:

    One of the posters on DListed did Dean write ups from his point of view and omg they were hilarious!!! I think it was Allison not Micheal K.

  3. Goats on the Roof says:

    This man needs jail. It’s the only way I see him learning his lesson.

  4. Lotusgoat says:

    The part about him “paying for Jack’s living expenses for college cracks me up.

    If Mary Jo really isn’t assisting, it could maybe possibly be because Dean hasn’t been keeping up with child support.

    And 45 has taught me that talk is cheap. You can say you’re going to help (45’s hurricane claim) or that you’re spending money (Dean’s college claim) but that doesn’t mean anything at all without proof.

    • swak says:

      Also, on the college expenses, it depends on what is in the divorce agreement. My ex had to pay half the college expenses through the date she was suppose to graduate. Maybe the agreement was that he was suppose to pay for college.

      • JaneDoesWork says:

        Right, but if Dean is this far behind in child support, how are we supposed to believe that he paid college expenses for Jack? It doesn’t make sense.

    • Charlie says:

      Can I just say, to that condescending ‘insider’ that after taxes the job at the Gap (even at LA’s $15/hr minimum) probably won’t cover the $1500 a month.

      Of course she can’t contribute to her son’s expenses! Think of all the things she hasn’t been able to do for her children over the years. Even if they agreed in court to work something out, that something would have to be filed as an order with the court. So he is in contempt of court (again) and most judges do not take kindly to that … here’s hoping!

  5. Enough Already says:

    DACA is abolished and this idiot won’t take care of his kids. Gross.

  6. Babs says:

    Tori is doing the most in that chick pic. I’m dead at her feeling herself as some sort of lifestyle icon. You just look like a giant chicken in a yellow dress honey.

  7. Jewbitch says:

    As a horse person, all I have to say is, she’s a moron for letting her kid on that horse w/o a helmet AND the horse eating hay. No one holding it, not tied. Asshole dad not close enough in case it spooks and dumps the daughter. 🙄

    • Laur says:

      Came here to say the same thing! I don’t care how calm the horse is, you don’t stick a 5yo on one with no saddle, reins, no way of hanging on if the thing gets spooked… Ay ay ay… This guy is such a loser. So is Tori come to think of it. I wish he would go to jail but it won’t happen.

    • Wren says:

      Yes! I was thinking exactly that! I used to teach kids riding lessons and just tossing a young child up there with no control over the horse and no safety equipment is just asking for trouble. The horse doesn’t even have to spook. What if the other horse decided it wanted to eat there and shoved it over? Or what if a bug landed on the horse and he swung his head around to bite at it?

      The uncapped t-posts are also making my eye twitch.

  8. Bobby says:

    Poor kids

  9. Alix says:

    Seems to me the Deaner’s ex should easily be able to prove that his “hard times” include an awful lot of luxuries, and that he should be able to afford $1500/month…

    What’s up with his red nose in that top pic — rosacea?

    • lucy2 says:

      Exactly. These two are so dumb, they’re constantly crying poor to his ex and the IRS, but then posting evidence of their lavish lifestyle all over social media.

      Is the Four Seasons so hard up for customers they’d comp Tori Spelling for free publicity? Are that many potential Four Seasons customers following Tori Spelling on social media???

  10. Minnieder says:

    I love Tori posts, and MeAnne posts. Their ridiculous behavior is highly entertaining!

  11. Mia4s says:

    “… and is now potentially facing jail time.”


    I mean, it’s not like he supports his family, so they’ll be fine.

    Could be the best thing that happened to them. Tori can go on Entertainment Tonight and give a weepy interview (for a small fee of course!) and maybe an exclusive in OK! I do feel badly for the oldest boy and girl especially. They’re old enough that I’m sure their classmates have started to read about/hear these stories. How embarrassing.

  12. Tate says:

    What a couple of f@ck ups

  13. grabbyhands says:

    Let’s be real, he’s not going to jail. He deserves to, but he won’t. He’s a white man married to a white woman who is at least related to a very wealthy family. He’s not going anywhere but to whatever tabloid will still give him money to whine about how hard his life is.

  14. Jewbitch says:

    Also, does he have coke nose?

    • detritus says:

      I thought it was booze nose? I don’t know what coke nose looks like tho

    • Mabs A'Mabbin says:

      That’s all I’m seeing too. He’s on something and is a bloated mess. Hell, they’re all a bloated mess. I don’t know why this pisses me off but if I can’t believe Tori has money problems to begin with. Shame on her mother… Just get it over with already and divide it up beetch… greedy, stupid, oblivious people with too much money.

      • Sarah says:

        Why do you say “shame on her mother?” Her mother already pays for their house, the nannies for the kids, school for the kids, and food and clothing. Which she shouldn’t even have to pay for in the first place because Tori is 44 years old and should be paying for her own lifestyle. Why should her Mom have to do more? And why would you think it would help for her Mother to give her money. If her Mom gave her 50 million, Tori would blow through the money in 5 years and be right back in this same mess again. Giving money to a person who is as irresponsible with money as Tori and Dean are is like giving drugs to an addict.

      • Olive says:

        shame on her mother for even supporting her at ALL, which just enables Tori and Dean to refuse to get jobs, since why bother? Candy will pay for their kids. And that’s not helping their children either, since they have no examples of work ethic and will grow up expecting hand outs from rich relatives too.

      • Originaltessa says:

        @Sarah, ehhhh…

        Aaron and Candy raised her in such a way that Tori had no marketable skills or chance at survival in the real world. They stuck her on a teen soap when she like 15 and basically catered to her every want or need. The fact that Tori is such a mess and can’t get a real job is as much her parent’s fault as it is her own.

      • Sarah says:

        @Originaltess: No, it’s really not Tori’s parent’s fault. They sent her to the best schools and gave her every opportunity to succeed and she squandered every bit of it. And even if they hadn’t given her opportunities to succeed, it would still be her fault that she’s in this mess because she’s is 44 years old. She’s been a legal adult for 26 years now. That’s plenty of time for her to have acquired some marketable skills. It’s absolutely pathetic for a person in their mid-40s to blame their parents for their problems. Her brother was raised in the exact same environment and he now has a stable life where he supports himself. Tori’s problems are 100% her fault. I’m just curious, how old does Tori have to get before you’re going to stop making excuses for her behavior. 50? 60? 70? Are you ever going to expect Tori to act like an adult?

        It’s amazing (and not in a good way) to see people claiming that Tori is not responsible for her messed up life because her parents weren’t perfect. Lots of people arrive at adulthood feeling like they weren’t given everything they needed to succeed in life. And guess what. They have to act like adults and fix their own lives. Since when does having a less than perfect childhood give someone a free pass to act like a selfish, irresponsible child for the rest of their lives.

      • Originaltessa says:

        All I’m saying is that is Candy really wanted Tori to thrive in the real world, she should have prepared her differently. Getting her an acting coach at 6 years old, and creating a television show just so that your daughter could have a role isn’t exactly putting her through the hard knocks of reality. It’s not surprising that Tori expects things from her parents, and her parents have a role in that, big time.

  15. Zapp Brannigan says:

    “It was late because Dean was paying their son Jack’s first-month rent, security deposit and several other college expenses, which Mary Jo would not contribute to.”<<<< The usual dead beat dad storyline of how he has bought the kid stuff but cannot cut the ex a cheque because she will just spend it.

    • Olive says:

      unbelievable stupidity in that quote. Like maybe she couldn’t contribute because she’s had to shoulder the entire burden of supporting the kid in the past, like to the tune of the hundreds of thousands he owes her?

  16. Nicole says:

    Gross. He’s gross and so is Tori

  17. Grandjen says:

    Whaddya wanna bet they are working on baby #6? Surrounding themselves with innocence like a kind of camouflage….

  18. Beth says:

    He shouldn’t be having all these children he can’t afford

  19. RBC says:

    Has it ever been explained why Dean left as host of “Chopped Canada? Was he fired or quit? Because that must have paid decently and did not look that difficult

    • H says:

      I’ll admit it I watched their reality shows. I used to like Tori. Dean left Chopped because of the “affair.” Tori wanted him home and away from the woman he slept with (and on camera in marriage counseling).

      • RBC says:

        Yes the “affair” with “Emily Goodhand”. I still side eye that story. I still think Tori and Dean made up a cheating story for their reality show.

  20. Aims says:

    I have a HUGE problem with people not paying their child support , and it’s more often than not men. This is extremely personal to me. My “dad” was so angry about my parents divorce that he refused to pay, thinking that the money was mad money for mom to do whatever she wanted with it. He even quit jobs because the state was garnishing his pay to give back the unpaid support he was insanely behind in. In total he owed my brother and I over 25,000 dollars . My mother had to work two jobs just to make sure we had the basics . Like Dean, my father remarried and had four children with her. Never once did he ever feel guilty or apologize for the lack of support . He did buy school clothes one year and you would’ve had thought he was father of the year !

    So I have a problem with all of this and anyone who is a deadbeat then starts a new life, not honoring their responsibilities .

    • Lucky Charm says:

      My ex once took me to court to reduce his child support payments, because he was “sole support” of his girlfriend’s two kids, since their dad wasn’t paying child support. The judge told him it was his responsibility to support his kids, and the girlfriend and her ex’s responsibility to support their kids. Judge then asked how often he saw our two, and he said he didn’t, it had been a couple of years. Judge said nope and denied his request.

    • 5thHouse says:

      God, Aimes, that must’ve been horrible. I’m sorry you had to endure that.

  21. poorlittlerichgirl says:

    Their whole relationship and baby-making for money is really gross but what really stands out to me is this-not only did he leave his wife for Tori but they had *just* adopted a baby! Wtf! I wonder what the arrangement was with their adopted daughter. Does he pay support for her as well or did he get out just in time? I remember Tori completely glossed over that part in her book acting like she was being respectful by not discussing this issue with Dean’s ex. Tori knew he had just adopted that child with Mary Jo and she STILL carried on the relationship. If I were Mary Jo, I would have beat the ever loving sh*t out of Tori. It would have been worth every minute of jail time.

  22. Leah says:

    Little off topic but any other Due South fans sad to see Trumbull is such a douche?

    And I think he quit Chopped because of his “affair.”

  23. Aerohead21 says:

    My ex went to jail once for unpaid child support. They found a hidden bank account with over 10k in it so they garnished it and let him out the next day. I don’t have sympathy for people who make children and then don’t take care of them.

  24. Neelyo says:

    If Dean goes to jail, how will Tori keep procreating for cash?

    Back to Benihana to fall in another grill, I guess.

    • Christin says:

      The grill incident!

      Sheltered rich girl-woman may not realize that the tax collector will get theirs. Even if it means auction of her giant storage building contents…

  25. TheOtherOne says:

    I know this is redundant, but I always just feel sorry for the kids. They don’t deserve this.

  26. PMNichols says:

    I’m curious to know if Candy Spelling “helps” them? I don’t understand why she wasn’t left any money when her father passed. I’m guessing her mother helps the kids at least. They probably have trust funds. These two would have burned through her inheritance by now, I’m just curious.

    • TQB says:

      As it turns out, it’s pure genius. Candy is CLEARLY footing all manner of bills and expenses (not limited to “my grandchildren’s school”) but because the assets aren’t Tori’s, they don’t count when Deaner goes and cries to the judge about how he can’t pay a lousy $1500 a month. $1500 a month!!! My daycare in Maine costs almost that much. Poor Mary Jo.

    • lucy2 says:

      Tori was left over $800,000 when her father passed away. Most people would use that to purchase a home, save for college, pay off any debt, etc. Apparently these two idiots blew through it in no time, and whatever they earned back when they worked more.

      Candy apparently pays rent, school tuition, and other necessities for the kids. While I understand her desire to provide for the kids, she’s created such a safety net for T&D, neither of them makes any effort to earn a living. Either one of them could find something that paid $1500/month.

      I doubt he’ll get jail time for this, but they’re also messing with the IRS…

      • Christin says:

        And, she has a sibling who can apparently manage his finances. Should their mother repeatedly bail out one child (shortchanging the responsible son)? These two seem a bottomless pit of spending ability.

    • lisa says:

      she had an entire tv show with merchandise as a safety net

      if that isn’t enough of an advance on her inheritance, i dont know what is

  27. OTHER RENEE says:

    My best friend’s ex husband went to jail for owing her over $100,000 in back child support for her multiple kids, who she’d been raising for years. He actually disappeared for years but somehow they found him in another state and nailed him. Then he convinced the judge that he could only pay if he were released for work, and while out lo and behold he disappeared again and hasn’t been seen since. BTW her kids are all grown now and amazing people.

  28. poorlittlerichgirl says:

    My Aunt went to prison for back owed child support. She went for over a year until every penny was paid back. On a prisoner’s salary. It can definitely happen.

  29. Ruyana says:

    Back in 2013 Tori was reported to have 127 rented storage units full of stuff. 127. In 2016 it was reported that she had three massive storage units full of stuff and the rent was/is $1,000 to $3,000 per month for each. I don’t know what her storage situation is now, but this clangs ALL the alarms for me in regard to some type of mental illness. I’m wondering if she’s just too stupid to grasp the level of trouble she’s in or if she’s playing some mad game of “let’s dig the hole deeper” – playing chicken with her mother in an attempt to force mom to pay everything off. The trouble is that all indications say she would continue her reckless spending and recreate the same hole if she *were* bailed out. Nuts.

    • PMNichols says:

      Really?! Gosh of what? I know nothing about her. Five kids, broken up marriages, no careers in sight. Does she have a following of fans? I wonder what happens to all of Candys money when she passes. That’s going to be interesting.

  30. Chetta B. says:

    “Somewhat shameless”?? Huge understatement there, HUGE. These two turn my stomach.

  31. Olive says:

    GOOD. Stop having children if you can’t afford your eldest kid. These two are so entitled and need a dose of reality.

  32. Anastasia says:

    “Stay tuned for her Unicorn Swag Bag.”


  33. WhatThe says:

    This situation is laughable. Dean dumped his wife and children like a rock for cash cow Tori. Didn’t work out quite the way he had planned. His cash cow turned out to be a hoarder with a huge spending problem. What she pays in storage fees alone for all her crap is more than most people’s mortgage, not that she’s responsible to pay his child support.

  34. K says:

    He can’t afford child support, but they can throw a party complete with cake that would cost more than most wedding cakes do? That unicorn thing is high end bakery, ugly as it may be. Buttercream shading with endless hand piped roses in several tiers… that cake will cost as much as a month’s rent for most college students.

  35. Shannon says:

    *shrug* I literally remember visiting my dad in jail for falling behind on his child support payments. So it’s definitely possible to do some time for child support. Probably rare (more likely to have wages garnished or something similar) but certainly possible.

  36. Cirque28 says:

    Chaos addicts. T&D could probably have a perfectly lovely lifestyle without debt if they could get a grip on their spending.

  37. nicegirl says:

    My eldest son’s bio dad owes us almost 40K in back support. We have petitioned the court for ‘further enforcement’ (arrest, jail time), but the court takes his excuses every time, even when he skips the hearings and payments. He moves back and forth between 3 states. We do not have the appropriate federal laws for child support enforcement support once an evader crosses state lines – it can take 18 months for states to register the case from another state, and the payor can cross to another state during that time, making it difficult to enforce child support judgments. California is one of the states I work with, and they generally do not jail support evaders, if an agreement can be made . . .