Dwayne Johnson meets the ten year-old fan who saved his brother’s life

We all knew this story was coming. The minute Dwayne Johnson said he wanted to meet ten-year old Jacob O’Connor, who saved his drowning brother by administering CPR that he’d learned from DJ in his film San Andreas, we knew we’d get this story. Because DJ delivers dreams. And it couldn’t have come at a better time in this garbage pail of a week.

Quick refresher, last week, DJ gave a shout out to O’Connor after learning on social media how he rescued his brother. DJ was so inspired by the kid, he invited the kid and his family to Vancouver, where he was filming. As we know by now, DJ always keeps his words to fans. Yesterday, this popped up on his Instagram

And then, he gave credit to Jacob’s mom:

Remember in DJ’s video invitation, he told Jacob to bring his sweet tooth, well, he obliged:

Gawd, I could use a buffet of candy right now. I’d even settle for year-old Halloween candy, if only I could find where my stupid kids are hiding it.

Not one to share only a few photos, DJ also posted a video of Jacob and by his (?) trailer. I guess Jacob was a little nervous coming to the set, which I would be too. So this is a really cute moment with a more relaxed Jacob and ever-affable DJ. Apparently Jacob had a custom shirt made with DJ’s brahma bull (RIP) on the front and a picture of DJ from when he saved his two pups from the pool on the back.

Jacob was super nervous and shy the whole time we hung out, so it was fun getting him to laugh and talk. He threw me for an unexpected spin when he showed up on set wearing a shirt that he proudly made with my bull insignia on the front and on the back was the picture of me holding our two puppies, Brutus and Hobbs, after I rescued them from our pool. Seeing that picture on this boy's shirt, got me in the gut. Eventually, we would lose Brutus to heaven, but it wasn't the picture of Brutus that made me tear up, it was the fact that this 10yr old kid, had a heart big enough to put our puppies on his shirt after he saved his little 2yr old brother's life. What a special day. What a special kid. Thanks Jacob for being awesome and for being the kind of person we all aspire to be. ~ DJ

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I completely forgot about the puppy saving in my last post – I’m so sorry. It closes the circle on this story with Jacob doesn’t it? I don’t have much to add here, I’m letting DJ do all the heavy lifting today (because he looks so good doing it.) Basically, I’ll just finish by saying that when it comes to choosing a hero, Jacob made a good choice in DJ just as DJ did in choosing Jacob.



Photo credit: WENN Photos and Instagram

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  1. Danielle says:

    Does Duane Johnson go by DJ? I’ve never heard that before so it makes the post a little confusing.

  2. Crowdhood says:

    He is actual perfection. Just seems to really live every day in a positive way that I admire. I just love seeing his posts.

    • David says:

      Good guy!

    • different day says:

      That’s true- this kid has HEART, which is so beautifully emphasized by DJ. It’s so important to foster compassion in boys, this is a survival imperative, to cultivate empathy in this next generation of boys. Tears- good ones!!

    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

      But he plugged Floyd Mayweather, a nasty, violently abusive misogynist. Ugh.

  3. Liberty says:

    I love this. :-). He’s awesome. As is the young hero!

  4. Originaltessa says:

    OMG, that’s my worst nightmare. Children are so helpless around water. Glad there was a happy outcome! Fence in those pools, people!

  5. Beth says:

    The Rock is such a nice, sweet, cool guy. I wish there were more like him. This is such a lovable story

  6. JustJen says:

    Thank you. I needed this.

  7. Spikey says:

    When I’m out for a run and things don’t go well I fantasize about how awesome a musical by Taika Waititi starring the Rock would be. Just picture it, a constantly singing, dancing Dwayne who’s weirding people out because he’s also a furry. That always and realiably carries me through my rough patch. The Rock is the best!!*

    *bestest, with this salt & pepper beard

  8. nicegirl says:

    I so needed this today. Thank you.

    Yay, Jacob! Best big brother award goes to you!

  9. SolitaryAngel says:

    Thanks so much for this post; I cried *happy* tears for once. DJ is a man I admire so much and I am always touched by his humility and compassion for others.

    I am bipolar and have been in a deep downswing of despair since the election. It is stories like these that give me hope for the human race. Thank you again.

  10. Chaine says:

    He always seems like a genuinely nice, caring person, and I love how enthusiastic he is about his fans.

  11. MissMarierose says:

    I’m not crying; it’s just really dusty in here.

  12. Brasileira says:

    Gosh…. when will I stop loving this man more? What an example of actor/celebrity. One who seeks the fame and, later, doesn’t try to hide in trash cans so that fans won’t bother them. I am in love. There, you won, Rock!