Jon Voight wants to ‘bring an end to this false prophet Obama’

Monday night, the Republican party held its first major fundraiser since Obama took office. Before the fundraiser, most of the media was concentrating on the back-and-forth of whether Newt Gingrich or Sarah Palin were going to give the keynote speech (Palin first cancelled, then tried to reassert her speaking privileges, only to be denied). Even the initial post-fundraiser reports just focused on the Gingrich-Palin aspect of the night, and what exactly did the $14.5 million raised mean for the party. After that media cycle died out, people started focusing one of the men who hosted the fundraiser – none other than Jon Voight.

Voight got a certain degree of added fame during last year’s primary and general election. First, he whole-heartedly supported Rudy Giuliani. When Giuliani crashed and burned, Voight quickly came out for John McCain (“an amazing guy”) and later, Sarah Palin (“a beautiful choice”). He also wrote a particularly… interesting Washington Times editorial last summer called “My Concerns for America” in which he basically claimed that Obama was winning because he was brainwashing all of the young people.

So, skip ahead a few months into the Obama presidency, and what have we got? Jon Voight, hosting one of the most important Republican events of the year. His speech was a doozy too! He managed to hit all of the hot button issues – Marxism, Israel, and ‘the false prophet’ Barack Obama:

…Democrats fulfilled their mission to paint President Bush as a warmonger and once they were able to reach all the youth, in the colleges and on the internet, with this lie, painting him as the evil one, never giving him credit for keeping our country safe. Once they established that, it would be easy to bring in The One, as Oprah Winfrey crowned him.

…It’s no wonder that the Russian newspaper Pravda, the former house organ for the former Soviet Communist regime, has said the American descent into Marxism is happening with breath-taking speed.

…I think Obama has no idea that Israel was built on the blood and sweat of the Jewish people… He could not possibly understand this or he would know that the Jewish people are tried time and time again to give the Palestinians land and bring a peaceful solution. But every attempt, every attempt, was returned with violence. As far as I’m concerned, their only agenda is to wipe Israel off the Earth. And he reprimands the Israeli people, Obama. Like he’s a professor and they’re the school children….(Snip)..So how worried [about Iran] are we supposed to be now? Was I hearing things when he said that Iran might have the right to nuclear power? Are we supposed to be sitting and waiting, watching for the possibility of a new Holocaust? Who’s going to take the responsibility to keep Ameri — Israel safe?

…We and we alone are the right frame of mind to free this nation from this Obama oppression,” said Voight. “And let’s give thanks to all the great people like Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, Laura Ingraham, Mark Levin, William Bennett, Glenn Beck, Hugh Hewitt, Dennis Prager, Michael Medved, Dennis Miller, Dick Morris, Ann …Coulter, John Kasich, Michael Steele, Karl Rove, Newt Gingrich, Thomas Sowell, Victor Davis Hanson, Shelby Steele, Charles Krauthammer, Michelle Malkin, Fred Barnes and so many others.”

…Let’s give thanks to them for not giving up and staying the course, to bring an end to this false prophet Obama.”

[From Jon Voight’s Republican fundraiser speech]

As you can imagine, people on both sides of the aisle sat up and took notice. Conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart fell all over himself praising Voight as “a great patriot and wonderful friend.” Meanwhile, a blogger on DailyKos is claiming that Voight’s words of “bring an end to this false prophet” equal a call for assassination. Meh – I don’t really think either is true, but there you go. What I find interesting about Voight’s politics today is that he really adheres to this image I have of the aging, ex-hippie boomer who now subscribes to a terrifying, apocalyptic vision of the world. It makes me wonder if this is all really about politics, or if it’s all one bad flashback.

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  1. Barb Simons says:

    NOW Angie will talk to you ….

  2. Sunnyjyl says:

    I wish it was a bad flashback.

  3. Kayleigh says:

    Any one who considers Rush Limbaugh a “great person” isn’t all there IMO.

  4. michelle says:

    I can’t say Obama is doing a great job. Let’s wait and see how all of this National Healthcare goes. Wait and see how happy you are when the government gets to decide what procedures you do and don’t need. “No this life saving procedure is too expensive.” I don’t know if that is a gate I want opened. Wait and see.

  5. Tess says:

    Comparing his concerns to a “bad flashback” is a way of belittling, neutralizing, or obscuring his points.

    Many, many people are worried that Obama’s agenda for a bigger, more powerful government will destroy the energy and creativity that drives progress and opportunity.

  6. the original kate says:

    wow – looks like someone was hit with the crazy stick.

  7. Ross says:

    NO wonder Angelina doesn’t have anything to do with her bio father!

  8. Sunnyjyl says:

    Exactly Kayleigh. In what parallel universe are any of those guys great? Divisive, cruel, hate mongering . . .

    “…We and we alone are the right frame of mind to free this nation from this Obama oppression,” WHAT?! and REALLY?! It does sound like a crazy person calling for some kind of crazy action to be taken.

  9. inthex says:

    Uh huh, the way for Republicans to bring themselves back into the mainstream is to continue to give guys like this a voice, using hateful and completely inflammatory language to attack what remains a popular president.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that the GOP is completely clueless.

  10. Kayleigh says:

    Sounds like a mutiny to me Sunny!
    Yeah Obama does have a lot to pick up for considering the mess he was left after the last guy that was elected in. But Obama has done WAY more in the first few months then the last president. Didn’t the last one take like the first 3 months off to go play golf?

  11. SolitaryAngel says:

    He’s ridonkulus.

  12. Sunnyjyl says:

    Uh Michelle,
    most people don’t have any choice about their own healthcare now because they can’t afford insurance. I have insurance, and the HMO makes the decisions about what procedures I can and cannot have. Open your eyes, and look at your neighbors. They deserve health care too.

    Kayleigh, I know, right? It would just be creepy if it weren’t so inciting.

  13. michelle says:

    inthex, and what democrats are the voice of our nation? Obama may be popular, but that really doesn’t mean he has done a great job. I am not saying I dislike him. I like the hope he has brought. Although some of his ideas and visions for America are scary. Did you know he has been considering a easy pass like system that tracts every mile driven (and will also indicate where you are) so he can tax us at the end of the year on all the miles we drive? Tell me thats not big brother watching! I think a lot of people want to see government grow to atronomical proportions (as it currently is) and control everything we do, so we depend on it for everything, all the while becoming a weak nation (Iran having nuclear weapons, although the leader doesn’t recognize the Holocaust…laughable) and get to the point where it doesn’t defend itself. Oh yeah, in his recent speech in Egypt he was veryquick to bring up his Muslim father and his family history including it, but it was treasonous to bring that up during his campaign, or say his middle name. I bring up all of these points because all of these comments seem so uneducated and clearly republican bashing, but please justify what makes the liberals, I mean democrats, so much better. What are they doing to make this country great like it was and like it is supposed to be?

  14. Thayer says:

    Excuse me…this man’s own flesh and blood won’t speak to him because he was too busy being a self absorbed movie star and abandoned two children and cheated on his wife, Angelina Jolie’s mother. He has no relationship with his six grandchildren. Jon Voight has so many communication issues in his own family and now he is telling the country that we’re screwed up because of Obama??? Obama is a brilliant father, husband and communicator. Jon Voight praises SARAH PALIN AND RUSH (addict) LIMBAUGH???? YIKES!! The Republican party left us with a country that’s falling apart…this did not happen in just over 100 days people!
    Jon Voight is a scary delusional sad actor who has lost his family and is trying to gain power in a very twisted way, spewing hatred for our President instead of support. Kiss your relationship goodbye with your daughter forever now…way to go Jon!! Find a way to fix yourself and your family first before you go screwing with other people’s minds. INSANE!!

  15. michelle says:


    I have insurance as well and if my HMO rejects a procedure I have to have a doctor respond to the insurance company that it is medically neccessary. My eyes are open and with people like you, soon enough the government will be in control of everything. But at least then, when sh!t starts going bad, you will have no one else to blame but your wonderful democrats. Have you ever been on medicaid? My niece is, and she is disabled, and she cannot get anything done without a fight. You think taxes are high now? See what happens. In Canada they have national healthcare and also high taxes. I think there are some canadians who visit this site. What is the percentage of tax you pay? Isn’t it somewhere in the ballpark of 40%? We will see what happens. All of you liberals will get what you want.

  16. Maddie says:

    I wonder what you”ll all post when we’re owned by China.
    Even Putin sees where we are heading and says it’s the wrong direction.

    As for health care yeah every one needs it and there should be major changes made but not at the expense of all.

    Waiting months for care and what do you think is going to happen with the other end of this “rainbow” with the doctors?

    Obama seems to think he can speak the speak and all the other leads with fall in line with his thinking. Reminds me of the X-Files with the genie and the wish for world peace, the whole population disappeared.

  17. wow says:

    Work on your own estranged family, Voight. THE PRESIDENT is doing fine.

  18. Orangejulius says:

    WOW!!!I’m rendered speechless. This man is completely delusional. And so are some of you posters on here.

  19. michelle says:

    Maddie I like you.

  20. lena says:

    Can we give President Obama a little more time before stating things like he doing a horrible job etc… he hasn’t even been in office for 1 yr people! Things don’t change overnight! It tooks yrs to get into the mess we are in and it will take yrs to get out it.

    As far as AJ is concerned, she already gave an interview not to long ago that she is in contact with her dad again and that they are working on their relationship

  21. AynRandFan says:

    Read Atlas Shrugged for a look at what happens when a welfare state is established so working is punished by looters and losers that want to do nothing, but have all the benefits of the diligent and prudent.

    Obama’s dream sounds great, but the reality of the expenses is going to eventually crush the economy and the will of working people.

    Give me my religion, guns and money – you keep the Change!

  22. Gena says:

    @michelle and other people against a public healthcare OPTION:

    I am American. I live in the United Kingdom. I worked in hospitals and dealt with insurance companies in the United States. I work for the NHS (National Healthcare System) in the UK. Is there a difference? Yes. In what way? The UK is so many steps ahead when it comes to PREVENTATIVE CARE. A lot of people in the US cannot “afford” preventative care.

    Does the government dictate what you can and cannot have here (in the UK)? No. You get the care that you require. You get what you need, when you need it. They are more open to treatments that the insurance companies in the US may deem too “experimental”.

    My eyes were opened when I moved here, and I am a fierce supporter of the NHS and even bigger supporter of seeing an OPTION (not a takeover) of the same quality in the US. Medicare is NOT comparable to things like the NHS. Medicare is a joke in comparison.

    There is still private insurance companies in the UK. However, those that do NOT have the funds to pay for private insurance (which is no better than the NHS) have no worries, because of the NHS. The NHS cares for them. They are there when they need them. Prescriptions they need, tests, scans, hospital stays, surgical procedures, doctor appointments, giving birth… no man in an insurance company to dictate what procedures they will pay for. Because it already IS paid for. Because it is the NHS.

    The government is constantly having to deliver to its citizens here, or else it will be failing them. The insurance companies run around without having to answer to anyone and make decisions that can make or break someone’s health and/or life.

    In the US, we have forgotten how to take care of our own citizens.

    I LOVE hearing people talk out against something they know nothing about from first-hand experience.


  23. TaylorB says:


    To blast either Deomcrats or Republicans, or as so many call them evil ‘liberals’ or vile ‘neocons’ as the specific source of all of our issues as a country is the approach of uneducated, feeble minds, and you do not strike me as either of those. Blaming a person for the ill fortunes of tens of millions seems silly…. As one of the most brilliant people of our time once said…

    “Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people.”

    Eleanor Roosevelt

  24. AynRandFan says:

    Who pays for it, Gena?

  25. Renee says:

    Stick to celebrity gossip; leave politics alone.

  26. michelle says:

    Please go to the link above and read more about Gena’s beloved NHS! I find you laughable Gena.

  27. Trillion says:

    Praised Bush for “keeping us safe”?
    Who does he think was president on 9/11? This is just one of those “repeat until it’s truth” lines we keep hearing over and over. How stupid do they think we are?
    By the way, I used to live in France and let me tell you first hand, the healthcare system they have is probably the best on the planet or damn close. Leaves ours in the dust.
    Why is the amount of money in our bank account the measure of “success” in this country? How about the education, health, stability of the general population as a measure? Wouldn’t that be more “Christian” anyway? I don’t mind paying more taxes if it makes our society more equal. Maybe we should step back and look at where rampant greed has gotten us.

  28. cio says:

    As a canadian, I have to say our taxes are pretty low and our health care is pretty damn good. It could always be better, but it’s constantly improving. Don’t people realize the strain it puts on the system, when people can’t afford basic healthcare? The problem gets worse and the price becomes exceedingly expensive. People have to take medical leaves, and it affects businesses etc… People like Jon Voight who are rich enough to pay for it anyway, really shouldn’t be the ones putting down someone that wants to make health care available to everyone.

  29. hmm says:

    I always find it laughable when Republicans post about how Obama wants to grow government. Anyone who does a cursory study of American history will realize that the government has grown at alarming rates under Republican Presidents from Eisenhower to GW Bush. The same people who vilify the role of goverment are the same people who supported an administration that okayed illegal wiretapping of American citizens. I didn’t see the Ayn Rand brigade speaking out about the Patriot Act, FISA, or the bailouts under Bush. Yet now under Obama, it’s open season. The rhetoric coming from the right is ridiculous and it’s dangerous. Every day one of these idiots calls Obama “dangerous” or a threat to America in some way, and Voight’s use of biblical terms is meant to incite the fringe elements of the right. Democrats were upset about what Bush did and even they supported him after 9/11, but Republicans have been on Obama since he won the election and are now simply angry that their dire predictions have not come true. If they’re honest, their lives have not changed one bit since Obama became President and none of us have lost any rights. I wish some of them would just fess up that it doesn’t matter what he does, good or bad, they have a problem because he won and we know why.

  30. Tess says:

    Greed is one of mankind’s nastier qualities.

    But giving government more power will not eliminate greed or corruption.

    Maintaining a balance between a free marketplace and the government is flawed, messy, and chaotic. But it is a much better alternative than an all-powerful government, where the greedy will continue to exist—-and will ultimately corrupt.

    No system on earth is perfect. But good people, who try to create perfection forget basic human nature and open the door for the truly heiness.

  31. Codzilla says:

    Renee: I agree. But unfortunately, Kaiser’s far too self-important to do anything sensible like that.

  32. tp77 says:

    Gena, I completely agree with you.

    I’m an American in the UK too, and I cannot believe how much people fight against a national health system in the States. Sure, you pay more taxes, but if some medical issue pops up, you can rest assured that you will be helped. And, everyone has the OPTION of having private health care.

    Michelle- you should probably post a link from a website that isn’t so obviously right wing. Here’s a helpful one for actual information.

  33. Elle says:

    Excuse me but obama hasn’t been in office a full 5months yet and he’s taken QUITE a few days off using tax payer money to fund his dates. He has reneged on numerous campaign promises, completely ignored his promises to the gay community and hasn’t done anything to improve our image abroad. Europe still hates us. Middle East was not impressed. Obama filled the country with hope and he is failing so far. So to call him a false prophet isn’t so far fetched.

    Also while I am no bush fan, out money problems have been building up since the 80s way before bush. People need to take responsibility for their over spending, their bad budgeting. Thats not bushes fault, thats the american publics fault. When even the jones are trying to keep up with the jones.

    Preventive healthcare is expensive and frankly the longer people live using preventive methods the harder it will be to support the health care system.

  34. DJ Tennessee nYc says:

    Yeah, Jonny all these people are just peachy when you are a multi millionaire ,getting mega tax breaks ..ugh.. where has this fool been for the last 8 yrs ?

    Obama hasnt even been in office for barely 6months and isnt even being given the chance, he is being railroaded by the pro-war, pro-Zionist, fascist , racist, right wing media & their agenda of war, death, & mind control..

    The Day like idiot anti woman beauty queens like Sarah Palin run this country is the day I leave it…

    The Republican party (with the help of the Democrats & their complacency) DESTROYED this country much in the same way they did with Nixon , Reagan , Bush I & then Cheney Inc..
    Then to quote Roseanne Barr “And then, in the most psychopathically arrogant coup de gras ever heard of, the people themselves are made to foot the bill for the whole royal fucking they were forced to bear.

    Wake Up America , yer dreaming…

  35. Linda says:

    And the Republicans wonder why so many people are running away from the party like rats on a sinking ship! Between this, Palin, and Gingrich – I’m not sure who is more out of touch.

    BTW – Michelle, people who have insurance now cannot get proper medical procedures. I have a friend who had back surgery and has had complications since and the insurance company keeps denying her the right to have an MRI!!

    I lost my job in November – therefore I lost my insurance – I couldn’t afford Cobra at over $600/month – I cannot afford my monthly bills on unemployment, let alone $600+ for medical insurance! Try living in the real world.

  36. michelle says:


    Thank you for not thinking me uneducated or feeble minded. I do appreciate that. I do believe you are right for the most part, although liberals, not to name names, do scare the sh!t out of me. As I said, I do not dislike Obama. I think he has brought a lot of good things to the table, a lot of hope, and maybe a background that is more imicable to bringing muslim nations to the negotiation table, which has to be done. I think I honestly have more of a problem with Congress than anyone at this point. Pelossi (to name a name) and her band of thieves in my opinion have not done anything good for us. I like balance and a dem pres and a dem congress don’t have much balance. I much preferred having a rep pres and dem congress or alternatively a dem pres (Obama) with rep congress, to restore the balance.

  37. Dan says:

    Let’s all take a breath and get a drink… If only it were is easy is Bush is evil and Obama is George Washington/Bob Dylan/Jesus. Jon Voight, good for him and his wheels off opinions….Rush Limbaugh sucks tho

  38. Gena says:

    @AynRandFan: We all pay for it. An example, about £30-40 each month deducted from our wages (still less than what I had deducted from my paychecks when I had employer-based insurance.)

    So, in essence, it is not FREE, but free from the point of view that you are not billed and/or expected to pay before or after. You don’t have copayments (except for a flat-rate of £7.20 for prescriptions, which are free to those under 16, pregnant women, people over 60, young people in full-time education, etcetera.)

    @michelle: Nice link you got there. Shame its “alarmist” description of what the healthcare is like reads like a conservative tabloid. Talk about a bias article! For example, all that stuff about the ambulance service… there are vehicles dedicated to transporting the elderly to hospital appointments and so on, whereas there are different ambulances dedicated to emergency services via “999” (911, effectively.)
    I order transport for patients that cannot get to the hospital every once in a while (i.e. 81 year old, who lives on her/his own). There is a form you must fill in and you select the sort of transport required, and then forwarded to the transport department. It is a TRANSPORT service! It is not just flat-out ambulance service that gets stretched as far as it can be stretched, for all cases and circumstances involved.

    Since there is no point arguing with someone who doesn’t even live in the UK and only reads (conservative-bias) US websites warning you of the UK NHS, the point is: I’m glad you are happy and can afford your health insurance and your healthcare. The unfortunate truth of it all is that most cannot. If you want to deny them the same access to adequate healthcare as you have merely because they are unable to afford it, or you are so dead-set against something you fear because people like to throw that “SOCIALISM” word (care to define it, by the way, Jon Voight?) word around, or you simply cannot fathom having to have a portion of taxes go towards their healthcare because “Gosh darn it, I work hard for my money! I don’t want my taxes going to those below middle class folks who can’t afford typical medical treatment!” (despite the fact you yourself may be needing to use it at some point in your life), then I seriously question your sense of humanity. That’s fine if you are happy to exist knowing so many people do not have healthcare access. That is your thing. I, on the other hand, strongly believe that everyone should be able to have healthcare. If they want to pay for it, fine. If they cannot, then don’t deny them.

    I am completely content. People pay taxes, I pay taxes. I take care of them, they take care of me. My experience with the NHS as an employer and as a patient has been exceptional. I will stand by them and all of their hard work for caring for others always.

  39. Geebz says:


    you hit the nail on the head in calling out posters like michelle, maddie and aryan. we know what the REAL problem is and it isn’t as stealthily hidden as they think it is.

    you three know what you are.

  40. Bienen says:

    @Gena- I totally agree. I wish people would leave the country more. If you’ve ever visited any country in Europe, you’d know that universal health care will neither make nor break a country. Almost every country in Europe has some form of universal health care, yet the citizens of these countries aren’t enslaved by their governments. Actually, it’s quite the opposite. I find that Europeans are more apt to think critically about their politicians. . .meaning, just because he or she happens to be a member of a certain party does not prevent him or her from agreeing with ideals of an opposing party. Here in the United States, we tend to doggedly follow the leaders of our respective parties. Even if something would benefit the citizens of our country, we’ll vote it down or lobby against it if it is endorsed by an opposing party.

    Anyway, back to the gossip.

  41. Howie says:

    Jon Voight scares me, and so do a lot of people on this board….

    “Give me my religion, guns and money – you keep the Change!”

    Get er done! Go watch some NASCAR.

  42. Mary says:

    Oh, boo hoo, high taxes for nationalized health care. Yea, because a few more bucks in your pocket is more important that people’s LIVES. Tons of Americans die because they don’t have health insurance! The system works fine in Canada and Europe. You don’t see them complaining. I hate this “me having so much money is more important than people’s lives” crap. I will glady pay more taxes to make sure that noone gets turned away for health care because they don’t have the money.

  43. duchess says:

    why are sum people on Kaiser’s case?? isnt it newsworthy that Voight the blueprint funnybusdriver and his siblings from the same bus seem to spew their vitriol around as if we are all waiting to drink up their “gospel”???

    its time for the Voights to understand we are not interested in what they have to say. instead i would caution them to take heed of those they are trying to harm. evil walks around in packs and attack in packs.

  44. MeowMeow says:

    Nice cheap shot there, Howie. Really original and dripping with snotty elitism. I bet you’re a lot of fun to hang out with.

  45. michelle says:

    Hey bienen, maybe if the rest of us were so elitist as you are we could afford to go to other countries. Oh wait that takes money. That’s it, we can next raise taxes so everyone can take a nice little european trip to find out what others are doing so we can emulate it!

    Oh and Mary, why don’t you take out an add and help someone who responds pay for some of their healthcare of you are so concerned.

    You liberals are exactly what I am talking about. As Taylor B said, it is not one sided. It isn’t one side better than the rest. And I certainly am not saying healthcare is great where it is, but I will be damned if I want beurocratic jackasses deciding what medical procedures I do or do not get. I am sure they will get some sort of bonus for *ahem* “keeping costs down.”

  46. Emma G says:

    Wow, I don’t know whats scarier, Jon Voight or the psycho, uneducated Republican FREAKS commenting on here! I’m Australian and we have socialized medicine and although the system is FAR from perfect, EVERYONE gets treatment and has the right to be well, unlike here where the insurance companies treat people like dollar signs. I’m sick to death of you idiotic Republicans regurgitating what you hear on FOX FAKE NEWS. Do we pay higher taxes? Yes, but we get paid MORE you idiots! A server doesnt have to work 3 jobs to feed their kids or pay their rent, we get a fair days pay for a fair days work – crazy huh? The utter selfishness of conservatives in this country is mind boggling, and the irony is you all claim to be christians! Yeah right, you’re Christians when it suits you ie to spread hate against homosexuals but conveniently forget the parts telling you to take care of your fellow man. Can’t you get past your conservative upbringing and think outside the square? Your GOVERNMENT will take care of you MUCH MORE than an insurance company will ok? Currently a company decides your treatment with little to no accountability. 55000 people die every year because of poor healthcare, let’s stop punishing the poor and help each other out ok? You will still have loads of money for your gold plated guns, leather bound bibles and Ann Coulter books, your quality of life WILL NOT CHANGE with universal healthcare, you can KEEP your over priced insurance ok?


  47. DUH! says:

    NASCAR was invented from bootleggers like the famous John F Kennedy’s FATHER running illegal moonshine. To insult NASCAR is to insult the Kennedys.

  48. DUH! says:

    Obama is a wolf in sheeps clothing-specifically white and black clothing, depending on which ever skin color suits you. He’s a typical white politician, only interested in power. To say he’s not white is to deny half of his breeding-his own mother who raised him and his white grandparents. Obama is a white man in black skin. Frankly I’m surprised that so many non-whites think of him a black-he was raised by whites in Hawaii where there are not very many black people to even compare himself with. Talk about segregation!

  49. Dingles says:

    Well if that isn’t a ringing endorsement for the Republican Party, I don’t know what is. Except maybe a call for witch burning and the return of chastity belts.

  50. Lion of Judah says:

    Jon acts like he cares about the Jews, then turns around and calls out Obama’s Jewish supporters/advisers (Axelrod, Soros) and praises well-documented racists like the FOX News bunch.

    Are we supposed to believe that Sean Hannity cares more about Israel than Rahm Emanuel?

  51. Candace says:


    TRUE. Kaiser was just a lose r poster on here 24/7 (i was home forever with a pin in my leg so i was home recuiperating and on here a lot, so i know) and she now writes columns that are political. Please. Get REAL credentials and write for a political blog if that is what you want. Daisy very good points, all of them!
    Hilarious your link from the NYP wasn’t deemed appropriate.

    And posted ‘Geebz’: Save it. Insinuating racism for anyone who DARES speak out against the Holy One, Obama?
    I’m rolling my eyes right now. He’s the only one who used a teleprompter when making speeches alongside Sarkozy and Brown and yeah, makes great speeches.
    I love how when in the middle east he claimed Islam has ‘always ‘ been an important part of America. REALLY? Holy % # # # . You sheep are so dim. He’s gunning for more government control than any of us have ever dreamed about. Oh.. besides taxing on mileage there is talk of national ID cards (Big brother!) and mandatory RFID chipping probably won’t be far from that. Chipped like animals..tracked like them, too. Wake the hell up.

  52. TaylorB says:

    Elle wrote: “Excuse me but obama hasn’t been in office a full 5months yet and he’s taken QUITE a few days off using tax payer money to fund his dates.”

    Wait one second, I do not intend to be rude here, but ‘QUITE’ a few days off? Really? And as to the ‘on taxpayers dollars comment’ I will say the same thing to righty republicans and I did to the lefty libs about the POTUS using AF1 and Marine 1 for transport… STOP being such a tool!! Like him or not, he is the POTUS, should he or any POTUS use public transport? Let’s be honest here, pleanty of people would like to do him and his family harm to make a ‘point’ are you actually suggesting that the POTUS (regardless of your political affiliation) open himself and his family up to assasination/kidnapping which would create an international melee of epic proportions by taking public transportation? This is not partisan, no POTUS should do so, period. And people who suggest so, because they don’t like dems or repubs, are being terribly small minded. This is the POTUS, like him or not, he represents the USA and we may not agree with him but we should be smart enough to put that aside and want safety for the POTUS and his/her family regardless. Much to your chagrin, he can not jump on the next bus/train etc. to take his wife out for a date, he must take AF1 or something along those lines just as Bush, Clinton, Bush, Reagan, etc did, by law he must be protected, and sadly because of a lot of inbred, toothless, racist rubes he has been threatened more than prior POTUS’s.

    Maybe I am being ‘silly’, but personally I feel that regardless of political affiliation I do not want the POTUS removed from office be anyone other than the voters. If you don’t like him, then vote against him and toss his ass out, but while he is in office please show a modicum of respect for your president.

  53. ashley says:

    i agree with terrifing to think b/c the end times are nearing and he doesnt seem right…not sure if hes the anti christ but he is deffinatly brainwashing people…its terrible

  54. georgiagrl says:

    Watch Fox News much? Girl you sure have the GOP talking points down! Get your facts straight and then post.

  55. Annie says:

    Wow. That article is nothing compared to all these comments. So many accusations are being thrown around and frankly, I find it to be a real eye opener on why our country will fail.

    More than ever, there seems to be this great divide and really, the only people making this country weaker are the debbie downers and negative nancies. How can we be one strong UNITED states when we’re fighting amongst ourselves like rabid dogs with this insane hypocrisy? When democrats were upset about the re-election of Bush, we were deemed “Unpatriotic! UnAmerican!” but the Republicans are spewing this awful hatred towards Obama and all of a sudden it’s “That’s so American! To dissent! To object! It’s what we’re built on.”

    “Oh how dare Obama issue bailouts, or expand governmental control! THAT FASCIST!!”

    But before it was “How great of Bush to pass the Patriot Act! We need to have the government watching over us. We can’t be trusted to keep ourselves safe. More oversight.”

    Also, it’s interesting to me that other countries have public healthcare and they’re doing just fine. In fact, Switzerland, for example, has the second highest quality of life. Yea, man the government is really f*cking things up for them…*sarcasm*

    And it’s also interesting that so many people complain about higher taxes and in the same breath complain about our school system and the lack of fixed roads and bridges. I mean really, where do you think that money comes from? Money for road work doesn’t just fart out from the ground…

  56. Mairead says:

    It’s a neverending source of befuddlement, amusement and sometimes annoyance that some of the people who last October ranted and raved about Obama bringing in Socialism are the same ones invading every Slumdog Millionaire article, demanding that Capitalism be abandoned in that one case to give the profits to support the entire families of two children who were already paid for the work they did on the film. No talk about helping the parents get work or an education, just throw somebody else’s money at them.

    But suggest that it might be beneficial for society as a whole that everyone pay what they can afford to provide for essential services… Oh my God, the New World Order is about to eat our babies!!! The NHS is far from perfect, very expensive treatments ARE denied to many patients dependant on where they live. Private health insurance is generally used for increased comfort (singe rooms over wards) or for queue jumping. But there there are still strict targets of care set to help everyone.

    Regardless of whether John Voight is a Republican or a Democrat, his grasp on history and world affairs isn’t good. It was Britain and France, then later America, interfering in the Middle East to try and skew things to their own ends that caused the clusterf*ck in the first place. And while Israel isn’t the ultimate bogeyman that many in Europe are trying to paint it as – it’s still a nuclear power in it’s own right and it’s policy of “giving land over to the Palistinians” (i.e. removing illegal settlers) isn’t half as altruistic as Voight is making out.

    But hey I’m just brainwashed – I was full sure that it was invading Afghanistan and deliberately making up a connection between Saddam Hussein and Bin Laden as an excuse to invade Iraq that made G-Dubya a war-monger. Thank God Voight is there to correct me.

  57. Wif says:

    michelle, to answer your healthcare concern, I’m Canadian. My family’s joint income is around $85,000 a year. We pay around 27% in taxes.

    What happens here is that you go to a doctor (free) they send you for tests (free) make a diagnosis, then start whatever procedures necessary to help with your condition (free). The births of my babies, the treatment of my mother’s cancer (bone reconstruction surgery, chemo, radiation) and year-long hospital stay), my children’s trips to emergency (asthma), my yearly physicals, my light therapy to heal chronic eczema, all FREE FREE FREE. The way I see it, you have nothing to lose.

  58. Dani says:

    I do tend to find this blog biased and not neutral at all. If you’re going to blast the Republicans, you need to be fair and blast the Democrats too. After all, I hear all this preaching about equality and tolerance but NO ONE seems to practice it. But then again I guess this land is just full of full blown self-righteous hypocrisy.

    When politics lean more to one side than another, it’s no longer a democracy. Intolerance to intolerance but nothing being done to change anything.

    *shrug.* But I don’t really care and I know for a fact my opinions don’t matter. It’s just a celebrity blog.

  59. RAN says:

    I have to agree with many of the posters… I thought this was a celebrity site not a political site. Despite my obvious dislike for Kaiser’s hypocritical commentary, I think I’d have to be fair and point out that he/she may want to stick to celebrity gossip/AJ hero worship.

    Politics…without an in-depth, somewhat educational knowledge of the entire picture, is better left to those who know what they’re talking about.

  60. Leigh says:

    Elle, I have to disagree with you on preventative health care.
    Things like pap smears, mammograms, colonoscopys, prostate exams, etc are all forms on preventative health care that can lower health care costs by catching a disease early.
    Exercise and eating healthy are also forms of preventive health care which can reduce your chances of getting certain diseases, also lowing health care expenses.

  61. annie says:

    All’s I can say is that I worked for a dentist in Michigan for 10 years and there were many,many Canadians who said they sought employment in the US because they wanted the co. payed for health and dental insurance because they said it was much better here. I have’nt experienced uk or canadian health care so I don’t have first hand knowledge, I’m just saying what they told me.

  62. annie says:

    And RAN, I totally agree with

  63. LondonParis says:

    michelle… you’re the perfect example of someone who might have a legitimate argument, but whose right-wing vitriol can’t even let you establish your own case well before knocking down someone else’s.
    Your opinion speaks to a very sheltered worldview.

  64. Annie says:

    Maybe I am being ’silly’, but personally I feel that regardless of political affiliation I do not want the POTUS removed from office be anyone other than the voters.

    I guess I’m silly too in that regard.

    It’s just a celebrity blog.

    Exactly. And more to the point, if you find it leaning towards the left, there are plenty of celebrity blogs that lean towards the right. is one of them.

    I mean, everyone is biased. It’s just a fact. Even the “Fair and Balanced” (ROFLMAO) Fox News.

  65. annie says:

    And even “No Bias” Campbell Brown

  66. people says:

    While I am moderately conservative, I’m not a huge Bush supporter. However, I absolutely can’t stand it when liberals just point the finger and blame all of our current problems on one president. This issue has been building up for decades and was slightly rearing its head during Clinton. This “war” against terrorism could have been prevented. You all quickly forget how our government is suppose to be ran. Our precious Congress (which is mostly Democrat, mind you) approves and denies the agenda of the president. The American people have the access to research different loans, etc. So our excessive spending and not keeping up with card payments have put us in the shitter too. In essence, everyone needs to takes equal blame.

    As for universal healthcare, I think the idea is great but it’s not the best time for it to just be implimented in the US. Why? We simply don’t have the man power to provide it. I live in California and we have an extreme deficit of nurses and doctors per citzen. I know that European and Canadian systems had to work this issue out, but lets face it, the US is more reactive than proactive. We don’t have the same mindset and culture and it hinders the ability to make universal healthcare to work in such a time. While I’m not saying we need to make everyone doctors and nurses, there needs to be something done about it. We have so enough surgeons, but not enough primary care and specialist. I think a lot of the apprehension comes from the idea that doctors are suppose to make buko bucks here in the US.

  67. barneslr says:

    “Celebitchy aims to be a friendly, welcoming site where people can discuss entertainment stories and current events in a lighthearted, safe environment”

    Why has CB stopped living up to its own stated mission? Stop with the political stories; this is not the place for them. All it does is stir people up and create a lot of arguments and invective. That is NOT the stated purpose of this page, and it does not promote a friendly, lighthearted environment. Enough already!

  68. Renee says:

    Thank you, barneslr. I was going to make that point, but you beat me to it.

  69. KansasRefugee says:

    I would just like to note for the women on here who like Jon Voight that a man like him and the litany of men plus 2 women (Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham) he names show little if any interest in (a) valuable and traditional female concerns like nurturing & relating to others, (b) they devalue and exclude older women altogether and (c) only include young women as sex objects or who provide services to them. The emotional and spiritual needs of women EVEN in functioning as effective mothers are not recognized by them. It will be very interesting to see what happens to Coulter and Ingraham as they age (they are both in their early 40s) and whether they fade from having any voice.

  70. Bienen says:


    Elitist? My mom is a clerk at a hospital and my dad is a truck driver.

    I worked my @ss off and got into a top university. I worked my @ss off(two jobs) to study abroad. Don’t give me your “elitist” bullcrap. If people want to travel and they have no money, then they can work their @sses off like I did.

    I love how people throw these terms around without knowing who is typing in front of a computer screen. And I love how “elitist” is now a derogatory word used by rabid conservatives when the fact is that most of the leaders/puppet masters of the party are, in fact, part of the true “elite”.

  71. ?????? says:

    “… reassert her speaking privileges”

    What does this phrase mean? One is invited to be a keynote speaker, and one doesn’t “assert” a “privilege”, speaking or otherwise (“speaking privileges” sounds like a made-up phrase, anyway).
    Perhaps you meant she tried to get them to re-extend their offer?
    Either way, it seems political news should be left to sites with writers who can better convey the facts, forget about offering commentary.

  72. TaylorB says:


    Ms Coulter is an embarassment to educated, well rounded, proud, Republican (or Democrat/Indepedant for that matter) women everywhere.

  73. Wif says:

    annie, I’ve never heard a Canadian speak of going to the states for better co. funded health or dental. (I am a Canadian, from Ontario.) Most of the people that I know of that have gone to the States is because the wages there are higher.

    What they must have been talking about is that dental, pharmaceutical and eyecare aren’t paid for by the health-care system. That’s handled independently or through insurance providers.

  74. dorita says:

    whoa… some of yall really need to investigate before you report… ahem… MICHELLE…ahem…

    #64- <3 u

  75. ?????? says:

    Wif– they might also have been/had dependents who were over 55 years old and on dialysis.

  76. Tess says:

    @ TaylorB

    I’m not embarrassed by her. I don’t always agree with her style of argument.

    But hey, going up against the left is not for the feint of heart.

  77. Isabel says:

    I’m so happy to be a European citizen…

  78. Bienen says:


    You should be since another thing I noticed about Europe is that your narrow-minded fanatics are truly pushed to the fringes of society while people who employ reason, no matter what party they are affiliated with (whether that party is conservative, liberal, or socialist), dominate.

  79. Annie says:

    But hey, going up against the left is not for the feint of heart.

    Uh….”against the left”? That woman is pure hate. It’s not healthy discourse that she encourages, she spouts hatred and lies. I mean really? Single mothers are to blame for the world’s crimes? Jews need to be “perfected”? SERIOUSLY?

  80. Trillion says:

    I like it that CB has political stories as well as gossip. There are TONS of “gossip only” sites online. Instead wanting CB to be yet another, why not just skip over the stories that don’t interest you? Also, I don’t mind the bias. (esp. since I’m a lefty. I’d go elsewhere for right-tinged lightweight reading) I don’t come here for hard journalism. Why would anyone?

  81. Tess says:

    but the left’s jabs have lost all creativity.

    We on the right are always stupid, racist, homophobic.

    Examine the hate speech coming from the left.

    If I heard how Bush is like Hitler once, I heard it a thousand times. The left can dish insults just fine but they have a hard time with the concept of give and take.

  82. michelle says:

    No one seems to be able to read so to reiterate and respond here goes:
    Don’t hate Obama, although he is not all he was cracked up to be. Like every president he said one thing to get in office and has sometimes done other things. I personally do not want National healthcare, but am going to look into information some more because some good links were posted. I agree something needs to be done and I wish everyone did have a way to get care. Again, as I originally asked, WHAT DEMOCRATS ARE THE VOICE OF OUR NATION? I don’t like liberals. I want balance between the parties, although yes I am republican it doesn’t mean I want all things republican.

    tp I will take a look at your link. Mine was one of the first I found on the subject.
    Emma-Nice FREAKS comment-show us your education why don’t you.
    Georgiagrl-I don’t watch Fox news, or any news for that matter, I read the paper and am intelligent enough to form my own opinion.
    Thanks wif for the information. For some reason I thought taxes were more like 40%.
    London Paris believe it or not I am not right wing, I do try to look at all points.
    Bienen when you suggest that you wish people would travel outside the US in a poster discussing people who can’t afford health insurance you do sound elitist. If you are from humble backgrounds then good for you to get yourself in a position to travel, but I said you seemed elitist because that is how you came off to me.
    Dorita??????? Good one!
    Ok, glad we could have this discussion everyone. Thanks for the information and have a good day!

  83. josh says:


    ‘Examine the hate speech coming from the left.’

    Examine how idiotic your statements are.

    You affiliate yourself with an entire political wing, and engage in childish partisian rubbish.

    The definition of ‘left’ and ‘right’ have changed so dramatically over the past decades, your whole routine becomes redundant. Strip away the substance and you see a person who tries to hide behind a team banner, a label, and fling mud, and make accusations against an opposition that you can barely define properly.

    It’s people like you on ALL sides of political discourse that need to be sidelined and ignored. Your kind of partisian rubbish should stay in the schoolyard.

    @ michelle:

    It is NOT elitist to tell someone who is so utterly ignorant of something to actually find out the truth for themselves before they start spouting the time tired old rubbish.

    I live in the UK, am not exactly rolling in cash, and as soon as I read your incredibly presumptuous comments about universal healthcare, I laughed, then realised very quickly you were serious.

    There are people who can’t afford health insurance. What do you propose they do when something happens? Rot? You think that they won’t affect you at all? You think that it’s as simple as you keep more money, they can drop dead, end of story?

    Not to mention that you have no idea how important preventative medicine and checkups are in taking the pressure off a country’s healthcare.

    The truth is, America’s health system is a mess, and one of the worst in first-world countries. It’s held back by people like yourself, who use the word ‘socialism’ as a derogatory word, and who forget that everyone in your country is in the same boat as you, and eventually, their problems WILL become yours if left unattended.

    If you are well off enough to afford your own private insurance, you are well off enough to help the rest of the country stay healthy. If you can’t afford private health insurance, you should have the right to proper medical treatment. And the money has to come from somewhere.

  84. Trillion says:

    Tess, for the “creativity” you’re looking for, try Jon Stewart. He skewers both sides and hosts guests from all parts of the political spectrum on his show.
    (Colbert too – hilarious, subtle, intelligent)

  85. pleby says:

    Very good reponses josh. I’m also from Europe, where partially socialised healthcare is enjoyed in my country. And I love how it is demonized by Republicans because of their ignorance of how effective it actually is. And while they spend time slagging it off, look at how notoriously crap their own health ‘system’ is!

  86. Bienen says:


    I find it bizarre that you were the only poster who found what I said “elitist”.

    To me the word “elitist” is just a silly little catch phrase invented by people who seek a quick and easy way to shut down someone who has a different opinion than their own.

    Since when did we as Americans become anti-education, anti-culture, anti-travel, anti-EVERYTHING. If someone travels the world and then speaks on it, they are “elitist”. If someone attends a great college or university, they are “elitist”. If someone takes pleasure in fine arts, they are “elitist”.

    The fact remains, that people were in this thread speaking about how universal health care will ruin this country when the the reality points to a different outcome. If people WHO CAN TRAVEL, would do it more often, they would, again, see that this is not the case. Heck, if people opened a darned book and READ about the social structures of other countries, they would see that this is not the case.

    It is annoying to me when people blindly follow talking heads, celebrities, and politicians just because they may be of the same party. I absolutely despise when people use these silly buzz words like “socialist”, “elitist”, etc when they really don’t know what the heck they are talking about. I hate when people in “the greatest country in the world” refuse to think or investigate things themselves. We are satisfied with regurgitating what we hear from talking heads and shock jocks. We are satisfied to take their opinions as the absolute truth. I think it’s a dangerous and pathetic trend that we are witnessing more and more in this country.

  87. karen says:

    I really detest the hatred from the die-hard republicans/democrats. Seriously, you are not helping your side, or proving you are good Christians, or good human beings, or intelligent, or anything by demonizing the other side. It just doesn’t solve anything.

    As for my personal experiences, I have
    lived in Canada and in the US. I think the Canadians have a much better deal of it.

    I went to the emergency room in Vancouver for a heart palpitation and received excellent care from very caring professionals. I received multiple tests, a diagnosis and medication. It was a minor condition, and nothing major–thank god. I was not a citizen, but paid $715 dollars as a non-citizen. The prices of all procedures were listed ON THE WALL. Imagine that–knowing what you will pay beforehand.

    I also went to the emergency room in the US a few years ago for a severe cut. I need a few stitches and spent 45 minutes in the emergency room and they treated me like I was a burden.
    I had good insurance from my job, or so I thought. Two weeks later the bill came–$4,500.00! My insurance said it was too much and wouldn’t cover it, because they said it was “elective.” How a big gash is elective I don’t know, but that’s what they said. The hospital came after me for the bill, and I couldn’t afford it. The hospital refused to negotiate and now the bill is in collections and it has ruined my credit score. I can’t imagine what they would have charged me for something serious like a heart palpitation.

    My experiences show me that the US health care is driven by greed and profits. It benefits the well-off, those with very good jobs, or those who are lucky to never get ill. If I could
    get a job and move to Canada, I would. In the long run, it’s so important to have accessible health care and not worry about going bankrupt or denied care because you are not wealthy or lucky.

    I agree with many and think that health care is a moral matter. Letting people die because they are poor is just wrong. It should be a nation’s top priority to make sure all its citizens have access to reasonably-priced, health care.

  88. Annie says:

    I absolutely despise when people use these silly buzz words like “socialist”, “elitist”, etc when they really don’t know what the heck they are talking about. I hate when people in “the greatest country in the world” refuse to think or investigate things themselves. We are satisfied with regurgitating what we hear from talking heads and shock jocks


    Edit: Random side note to lighten the mood? I can’t wait to find time/money to visit Europe and Asia and any other place that will let me go!

  89. karen says:

    I really detest the hatred from the die-hard republicans/democrats. Seriously, you are not helping your side, or proving you are good Christians, or good human beings, or intelligent, or anything by demonizing the other side. It just doesn’t solve anything.

    As for my personal experiences, I have
    lived in Canada and in the US. I think the Canadians have a much better deal of it.

    I went to the emergency room in Vancouver for a heart palpitation and received excellent care from very caring professionals. I received multiple tests, a diagnosis and medication. It was a minor condition, and nothing major–thank god. I was not a citizen, but paid $715 dollars as a non-citizen. The prices of all procedures were listed ON THE WALL. Imagine that–knowing what you will pay before you PAY IT. Such a good deal.

    I also went to the emergency room in the US a few years ago for a severe cut. I need a few stitches and spent 45 minutes in the emergency room and they treated me like I was a burden.
    I had good insurance from my job, or so I thought. Two weeks later the bill came–$4,500.00! My insurance said it was too much and wouldn’t cover it, because they said it was “elective.” How a big gash is elective I don’t know, but that’s what they said. The hospital came after me for the bill, and I couldn’t afford it. The hospital refused to negotiate and now the bill is in collections and it has ruined my credit score. I can’t imagine what they would have charged me for something serious like a heart palpitation.

    My experiences show me that the US health care is driven by greed and profits. It benefits the well-off,those with very good jobs,or those who are lucky to never get ill. If I could get a job and move to Canada, I would. In the long run, it’s so important to have accessible health
    care and not worry about going bankrupt or denied care because you are not wealthy or lucky.

    I agree with many and think that health care is a moral matter. Letting people die because they are poor is just wrong. It should be a nation’s top priority to make sure all its citizens have access to reasonably-priced, health care.

  90. NY Seedy says:

    Dear Jon Voight,


    Brainwashed Youth.

  91. stellapurdy says:

    Love it Celebitchy! What a great debate and isn’t that what it should be about? Good debate brings change and I find the people without intelligent ideas resort to name calling to back up their lack of knowledge. Please don’t stop the occasional political column, I think it’s a gas!

  92. nashnash says:

    I watched Michael Moore’s “Sicko” one time when I was in class. I thought that being Canadian and having free healthcare, it was awesome. But I saw the health care system in England and guess what, they even give you money in the hospital so you can pay for a cab! My Dad told me before that he wanted to go to America, but decided on Canada. I am so glad he changed his mind. We won’t ever have to worry about going bankrupt paying medical bills. Our political parties in Canada are not “crazy” either. I voted Conservative last October, although I am fairly Liberal. I voted Conservative because I liked their platforms more. That’s one more think I like about Canadian politics, it is not as “dirty” as the US’. We are not required to be loyal to one party, and the parties are not like high school girls fighting all the time. We don’t have a party fighting among itself.

    Socialism – Canada is a democratic socialist country. Are we in danger of breaking down and losing our “freedoms”, opportunities, and the ability to progress? No. We have the same rights to freedoms of speech, expression, and religion. We pay higher taxes, but I rather like the notion of “You watch my back, and I watch yours” when it comes to healthcare. The idea of taking care of each other is not socialist at all.

    European countries have some of the highest taxes in the world. But, a report came out that the people in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and the Netherlands are the happiest people on Earth. I wonder why? These countries also have constitutional monarchies and socialistic policies. Norway is the richest country in the world, Netherlands has the highest literacy rate in the world. These countries also have some of the lowest crime rates in the world.

    In Norway, children go to school for free from elementary to College. The Norweigian government would even give you money to help you pay for expenses in school.

    The best part is, religion doesn’t play a big role in European countries. Many people identify with a religion, but it’s not a big part of their lives. They don’t spew religious speeches to justify their actions. They don’t preach about the “dangers” of homosexuality. They have a “live and let live” notion that lets them live in PEACE.

    I found many Americans like to throw the word socialism and fascism around. Do they even know what the two terms mean? I personally love the clip in one of the tea parties when a man said Obama is fascist. The reporter asked him why he thinks Obama is fascist, and he said: “Well, because he is.” Marvellous. A person is fascist “just because”. Now many people are accusing Obama of leading America into socialism. I, for one, hope he would. Just to show the Americans how better off they’ll be when they finally have free healthcare and free education. Don’t let the FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN (Socialism) prevent you and others from getting better healthcare. It’s a basic human right.

    Just because a country has socialistic policies doesn’t mean the people’s “fortune” is given to everybody else and the government dictates what you can or cannot do, and everyone is “equal”. That is communism.

  93. Snoopchew says:

    Anyone see “Midnight Cowboy”? Dustin Hoffman was great!

  94. lrm says:

    okay,i only read about half of the posts-so maybe noone will read mine…but,honestly,I wish each side would think a little broader-instead of chasing around the same variables in the same box.
    What we NEED for any form of healthcare to work,is an actual healthcare system,not a DISEASE care system,which is what we have now.
    Honestly,people can make fun,but preventative medicine is where it’s at.
    Of course,we’ll need the government running that show,too,after spending millions on ‘studies’ that show that kids will get fat after consuming fake food and playing video games.
    Hey,let’s do a university researched study on the benefits of,I don’t know,moving your a*s once in awhile?

    Anyway,beyond the obvious nutrition and excercise,people need to embrace preventative measures,hard core.
    herbs,chinese medicine,etc.

    How ridiculous is it that the heart surgery dept of a hosptial makes the MOST PROFIT? c’mon….
    how many of these medical procedures people are so worried about,are given to individuals who could have prevented the situation through other means,BEFORE it developed into said chronic,dire situation disease?
    I know everyone will have a story about a child they know with cancer…but truthfully,most of the sh*t that ails people,can be prevented,or handled with far less expensive,but more effective measures like homeopathy,etc.

    Look at other countries-no,no country has a perfect system-but China,China!!!! which is still 3rd world by most accounts,until recently had one of the highest life expectancies in the world.
    Qi Gong,tai chi,herbs,acupuncture. It certainly wasn’t b/c of expensive surgical procedures.
    However,when a person does need radiation or chemo,national healthcare provides this,and can afford to do so,b/c the majority of the people take responsibility for their health,day in and day out,and do not run to the pharmacy for something to ‘get rid of it’ right away,all the while ignoring the fact that something is WRONG with them-
    waiting until it’s so severe that they need surgery or some other invasive measure that has huge side effects.
    BTW,please look up the # of individuals per year who die in the USA b/c of hospital related procedures! Not the actual disease,but b/c of their hospital stay. Hospitals are not the safest place to be long term. Car accident,get me in there,but routine maintenance of my body? No way.

    Seriously,do the research,and while you’re at it,check out the statistics for side-effect related medical conditions,from taking pharmaceuticals.

    ooooh…and then let’s all keep denying the problem by arguing who’s going to get the best access to these high end medical procedures and at whose cost??? yea,that’s the issue. sure.

  95. Yae says:

    They all just work for the same people.
    Obama has at his right hand Rahm Emanuel (dual citizen of Israel-Jewish-former Israeli soldier).
    And here is the focus of concern in this speech for Israel on BOTH parties, while both parties blame the other for not protecting Israel.
    Can the pledge to Israel on BOTH sides become anymore staged and obvious? Why is Israel the focus of ANYTHING? America should be the focus.
    But it won’t be………for a very long time I’m afraid.

  96. stellapurdy says:

    What people don’t get is we’re going to pay for the healthcare one way or another. The cost now for private insurance is astronomical. Why do you think wages have been stagnant? Because your employer is giving all of that extra money to the insurance company. And why are insurance rates so high? To cover the cost of the medical care for all of the people that seek treatment that don’t have insurance. If an emergency room doctor sees 5 people and 3 have insurance, those 3 are going to pay for the other 2 one way or another.

    Geez, it’s simple. Why not have a healthy, happy country instead of trying to pinch every single penny? What we’re doing now ain’t working. It’s time to make the change.

  97. ellebelle says:

    Ann Coulter=Great person? I think not!

  98. Tess says:

    and you know what?

    Jon Voight was great in Midnight Cowboy, too.

  99. gg says:

    All I can say is I really hope taxes in the US don’t become 40% like some other countries that have “free” (but not really) healthcare systems.

  100. You know says:

    My ideal would be that people should have to take an IQ test in order to vote. I know it sound discriminating because in the beginning only white male property owners could vote, and in the south, before African-Americans could vote they had to take a test. But what most people seem to forget is that intelligence and stupidity knows no color.

    And since we’re all concerned about taxes, sigh, if only the “Socialist” president could make a tax scale based on one’s intellect. Unfortunately, most of the people who post on gossip blogs and read tabloids would have extremely small paychecks.

    TaylorB, the people who frequent these types of blogs are the “small minds who talk about people.” Best if you guys just talk about what some Starlet du Jour is wearing.

  101. blind item reader says:

    nashnash, not so swift on the vote for Harper.

  102. blind item reader says:

    Second, who the hell pays 40% in taxes? Certainly not this Canadian.

  103. Ursula says:

    Now we know that the crazy runs in the family. The apple never falls far from the tree. No wonder his daughter is mental like him.

  104. Cheyenne says:

    To set the record straight, Ann Coulter was the one who said Muslims should be converted to Christianity at gunpoint, and the widows of 9/11 were a bunch of harpies who were getting ready to dump their husbands anyway and just wanted to grab the money and run.

    Still think she is a “great person”?

  105. Amelia says:

    who said 40% tax?

    im australian, we have universal healthcare i don’t pay 40% tax.

  106. barneslr says:

    ” really detest the hatred from the die-hard republicans/democrats.”

    But the hatred from the libbies is okay with you? Don’t pretend that the left is full of fair minded saints, because they are every bit as bad, and probably worse, about slinging dirt than any republican I’ve ever seen.

  107. Bienen says:


    READING IS FUNDAMENTAL. You need to go back and look at what you quoted. She didn’t single out Republicans/Conservatives.

  108. Annie says:

    Barnes, I wouldn’t say worse considering some of the most prominent Conservatives have incited violence towards those who do not agree with them…..

    I think there are extremists on either side, unfortunately though, the Conservative extremists tend to have more access to media and the globe.

  109. Chuck says:

    Sounds like he’s taken his role on “24” to heart. Pretty soon he’ll be starting up his own private army and staging terrorist attacks on the country to make the President look weak! Oh, and then someone will blow him up. YAY!

  110. scotchy says:

    harper is a loser and he is a greedy ridiculous man who now wants to sell canada to columbia.
    this canadian also does not pay 40% tax and has healthcare. our planet is dying we are going to become extinct really we should focus on saving this planet and our species. vote wisely and then get active in working to better your community. all politicians are corrupt, doesn’t matter which side you sit on.

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