Angelina Jolie: ‘We’ve all been a bit in lockdown and going through some things’

42nd Toronto International Film Festival - Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down The White House - Premiere

Angelina Jolie covers this week’s issue of People Magazine, and she actually gave them an exclusive, just like old times. It’s been a crazy year and I can’t even remember where People Mag came down, editorially, on the Pitt vs. Jolie drama in every twist and turn. Going from memory, it seemed like People Mag was keeping their options open and getting leaks from both sides, especially in the first days, weeks and months after Angelina left Brad. Now that we’re one year removed from that craziness and now that Angelina is promoting a movie, she’ll talk to People directly. Some highlights from the cover interview:

Reflecting on the past year: “I have had my ups and downs. I guess I am a little bit stronger. We all have our difficult times, but as a mother you also have a responsibility first and foremost towards the kids. They are going through their formative years and everything else comes second to that.”

Her plans for the future: Jolie confirmed she plans on taking on more acting roles in the future, including Maleficent 2, but says her priority remains her children and their well-being. “Everything will be around the children. I haven’t worked for over a year now because they needed me home. Everything was just stopped. I’m really sitting and talking with them because everything affects them. Every location, every type of project, I’m going to have to adjust it to however much they can handle.”

Missing her mother: In the interview, an emotional Jolie also talks about how she misses her mother, Marcheline Bertrand, who died of cancer 10 years ago, more than ever —and says her own health is good “so far” after her preventative surgeries to lessen the risk of breast and ovarian cancer.

The kids aren’t in lockdown mode anymore: Though they are still healing from the last year, the star says her family is out of “lockdown” and ready for new adventures. “I think they’re itching to get out in the world again,” says Jolie. “We’ve all been a bit in lockdown and going through some things. I think it would be good to get out there and play together.”

[From People]

The whole “lockdown” thing is interesting to me – she said something similar to Vanity Fair, only that got lost in the myriad controversies within that cover profile. The truth is that Angelina wants to travel, and she’s sick of being in LA after a year. She knows why it was important for her to shut everything down and focus on the kids, but she’s basically telling the world that she’s ready to keep moving, keep working and that the kids are coming with her.

Of all the sh-t Angelina has gotten in the past year, one of the criticisms that I thought was completely off-side was that she was somehow “using the kids against Brad” or weaponizing custody of the children. What she’s always said and what she’s still saying is pretty simple and pretty telling: “as a mother you also have a responsibility first and foremost towards the kids.” The kids were her priority throughout, not saving her marriage or protecting Brad’s image. That’s why she left: because the kids were her first priority.

42nd Toronto International Film Festival - 'First They Killed my Father' - Premiere

42nd Toronto International Film Festival - 'First They Killed my Father' - Premiere

Photos courtesy of WENN, cover courtesy of People.

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  1. Talie says:

    The agreement they have probably keeps them in one location…now that they are split, traveling so often is most likely off the table. I mean, this family used to live on a private jet.

    • Kate says:

      Yeah, unless Brad actually loses physical custody once and for all, or they do a 180 and become amicable enough to follow each other around, their lifestyle is going to have to change massively. That won’t mean no travelling, but it will mean they can’t just go from place to place like they used to.

      Angelina knows that. She wouldn’t have splashed out 25 million on a house if she only thought they’d be there a couple of months in the year.

      • Annabelle Bronstein says:

        She must’ve thought that she WOULD get primary custody of the children based on Brad’s actions on the plane. Otherwise I could not see her making the moves she did.

    • cara says:

      Angie and the kids all look beautiful. Missy Viv didn’t look in the best of moods, maybe she was missing her sparkly shoes.

    • Louise177 says:

      Brad and Angelina travel for work. People act like they travel for the sake of it. When they aren’t working usually they stay in LA or France. I also don’t understand the “Angelina can’t stay in one place” narrative. Hasn’t Brad worked the most the last few years? I think that if they filmed more movies in the US they, specifically Angelina, wouldn’t be so criticized.

  2. Bxhal says:

    I love her, I love her, I love her, I’m more than a Stan, I’m a believer and an apologist. Really and truly, this woman has won my heart. And I’m a Brad diehard. I really don’t care for people’s opinions on this, thank you very much. I’m glad someone’s living out loud despite life throwing them a few punches. I’m plus size, I struggle with my weight and I’m aware of how I look. Do I enjoy people pointing it out to me? Hell no. So I’m sure Angie is self aware enough abt her weight. Maybe she struggles with it too and like me, wishes a) the past didn’t play into it b) there was a switch to make her “of normal weight”. But this is life. You can’t have it all and not everything is black and white. Her boys are the cutest !

    • Malak says:

      I’m a fan too. I like her, with all her imperfections. I hope she and the father of her children will be good friends, because they need to be. They share half a dozen kids!

    • cara says:

      I respect and think very highly of her, as for being a “stan”, not quite sure what that is, but we could certainly use more celebrities like Angie who care for others the way she does.

      • Malak says:

        So many celebs seem like me me me, selfie taking, shallow people. I’m sure some of them donate money. It’s just that Angelina gives time and money. She’s not perfect, like everybody else. I support all her humanitarian activities. Some say they don’t believe she’s genuine until she gives up her wealth. That’s ridiculous. Do they want Bill Gates, Warren Buffet to give up their wealth too to be considered good people?

  3. lucy2 says:

    Kind of surprised to see her do this article.
    I hope their family finds a good balance, stability for the kids, work opportunities for her when she wants them, and some time with their dad too. Hopefully he really is working on staying healthy and repairing those relationships.

    Side note: I like her hair and makeup in the red carpet photos.

  4. slowsnow says:

    It still irritates me to read that “the children are my priority”, “it’s all about the children” for several reasons:
    – fathers seldom say this and, PR savvy as most of these actors are, it is a conscious PR move to say it, which means that women are still shilling the wholesome mother strategy (and AJ of all people)
    – most people (mothers) do not have the luxury of taking time (a year no less) to tone it down and be with the kids after a painful divorce – it feels out of touch and sanctimonious
    – children need their parents to be accomplished professionals/individuals and that includes SAHM, who of course also work in the home, a lot.
    – is this good, to stop everything because something bad has happened? What kind of message is this? It’s terrible to ignore problems but this is the exact reverse and does not seem right either.

    • Ytbtet says:

      I agree I find her using her kids as a constant shield and excuse really upsetting. Having kids in your life is a joy but she almost makes it sound like a burden just so she appears as a good mother but the truth is she took this downtime for herself just as much. She has nannies, chefs, and can get insane pampering with stops to get fillers and such. And what normal person can have the luxury of taking a year off and buy a 25 million dollar house?! Plus I still think she is distracting from the disturbing audition story

      • Clare says:

        Irritating? Annoying? Cloying? Sure. But ‘really upsetting’?

        She isn’t a ‘normal’ parent, given she is far wealthier than most of us – and she isn’t pretending to be – so I don’t really see why you find her talking about her children (with enormous affection and care, actually) ‘really upsetting’. IMO if you find ANYONE talking about their family with affection and care ‘really upsetting’, then I think the problem may be with you and not the person in question. I mean, if she was saying inappropriate things or harming her children in some way, then find, triggering, exploitative etc…but in this instance I think you may be either over reacting or projecting.

        Personally, if I had the option to take a year off work to look after my imaginary children (and myself) after a painful divorce, I would, too. Don’t see the problem with it. Don’t see the problem with talking about it. She is a public figure who has ALWAYS been open about her personal life – ranging from vials of blood, to pictures of her babies etc, so I don’t really get why people are clutching their pearls over her talking about her divorce and its impact on her personal life and children?

        I mean, the audition story – not that is upsetting and offensive and just urrggghhh. Talking about her kids, not so much.

      • Peeking in says:

        I wish people would stop saying she’s using her children as a shield. I read all the vitriol yesterday about how miserable Vic and Shiloh were at the premiere. It’s nonsense. I was there. The kids were happy, smiling and giving little waves. They were interacting with each other, and so animated. Don’t base assumptions on a pic that’s taken in a split second. I’m not even sure out of all the pics where they all looked happy, that – that was the one used for the story, anyway.

      • Clare says:

        Peeking – the funny thing is, the EXACT same poster who was vilifying her for ‘using’ her children on a post yesterday, was defending George Clooney for the way he talked about HIS children. I’m fascinated by how people (including me, I admit) will defend one celebrity and vilify another for doing very similar things…

      • LadyT says:

        Joie has been in some hot water lately. Whether or not it was intentional or just a happy bonus of being surrounded by her children, if you look at the news and postings of the last few days the focus has been on her lovely family and not the VF interview. The result has clearly been beneficial.

      • Peeking In says:

        *Viv, not Vic. Dumb autocorrect.
        Clare- it’s amazing, isn’t it? Also, those same people are always on every Jolie post saying how sick they are of her, no matter the topic, never a positive word. It’s just odd. I usually just lurk these posts, because it’s often the same thing with the same voice.

      • Malak says:

        Why do people blame Angelina for the audition? Local adults were present, probably parents or relatives of the children. If they didn’t like it, it wouldn’t have happened. It was probably found to be the best way to find the right child actors.
        Enough already! Now those two children must be enjoying themselves.

        I hope FTKMF and The Breadwinner will do well. I want to see them both.

    • Flipper says:

      I wholeheartedly agree with you.

    • Savasana Lotus says:

      My thoughts go to … do we get brownie points for putting our children first? and do we need to announce it over and over to the world. I’m a mom of two. It was my instinct to put my children first and I’ve been through divorce and we put our kids first by nature. It comes naturally to do so. I’ve said before here. She doesn’t need to explain why she hasn’t worked for a while as an actress. It’s clear that she’s raising kids. It’s clear that she’s close with her kids. Yes, being a single parent can cause a closing of ranks and a special closeness. I get it, but you still have to go to work. It’s important not to use the kids as a security blanket. They need to learn independence and be able to take care of themselves by the time they are young adults in case something happens and you are no longer there. I’m not saying there is an unhealthy level of codependency here, but it can happen. They will emulate strength and independence and we must model that for their sake

      • LadyT says:

        Haha. Brownie points? She got the front page of the New York Times! The adulation this woman gets for the exact same things that everyone else goes through every day without the means to soften the blow is insane to me. I mean crappy genes, loss of a parent, divorce and loving your children are just called life to most of us.
        Also, her disastrous VF interview was referred to as a “mischaracterization.” That’s it. The End

      • ElleC says:

        @Savasana & LadyT Jolie aside, it sounds like both of you guys have both gone through some tough times without much recognition/compassion from others for what you shouldered without grumbling. That’s worthy of respect (even brownie points!) and shouldn’t be taken for granted, even if it comes naturally and you do it gladly.

      • magnoliarose says:

        I have to agree with you. If others get slammed for trying to act like normal mothering is hard, then she should too. Every interview seems a bit much and dramatic.

      • Shirleygail says:

        If I’m gonna get snitty, I’m gonna take it out on those who refer to her as a “single” mother. She’s not. She’s a divorced mum. She’s not a widowed mum, she’s not a single mum, she’s a divorced mum. Each situation comes with its own specific trials and tribulations, above and beyond and affects our kids differently, forever. Clarity in one’s language seems particularly desirable to me these days, what with fake news and the like. Surely if we can have golf widows (specificality), and be hockey moms, we can get the basic descriptive accurate as well? A single parent is a never married person who has full 100% responsibility and custody for their children. I’ve reworked my language to relflect this as an “only” parent, as in “my kid only has one parent, thus I chose not to date when he was young, because single parent has come to mean….nothing. When my brother-in-law started a new branch inCalgary, he was away for up to two weeks at a time. My sister would refer to herself as a single parent and I would think..yeah, NOT. Am I the only one who gets my stockings in a twist for these kinds of generalizations?

    • ElleC says:

      @slowsnow That’s a lot of heat about a woman saying she took time off during a divorce so she could focus on her kids. You’re right not everyone gets to do that, but it doesn’t mean it’s wrong that she did or that she should hide it to seem relateable (wouldn’t that be worse?)

      Maybe fathers don’t have to go to the same lengths to make it clear that their kids are their priority because they are less likely to be labeled negligent parents if they work/party/travel/date following a divorce? Certainly some people have criticized Jolie for working/travelling too much even before the divorce.

      Is there really a “right way” to deal with big life changes? If I had the time and money and career flexibility, would I stop and focus on my kids and myself during a really painful/difficult time? Might not be for right for everyone, but I’d jump at the chance!

      • slowsnow says:

        My daughter has been victim of a crime (I dare say a situation much worse than a divorce from a somewhat troubled father) and I purposelly have not stopped working, nor my husband, albeit giving her a lot of special attention and clinical following. To instill an idea of balance and being opened to life, out there.
        I am not saying this to get praise of any kind. One doesn’t want praise in these situations, just that things go back to normal.

        No, there is no ideal way of dealing with pain but there is such a thing, for me, as over-emphasizing stuff that is part of life. And believe me, it is even harder to accept very bad things as “part of life” but my feeling is that you have to in order to survive. The feeling I get from AJ is of a time suspended in trauma (not saying she does it cynically though).

        The rest is about celeb female narrative that I thought she would never yield to. Stopping for a year to regroup, ok fine. That’s not a problem per se. It’s the wholesome mother narrative that goes with it that I have a problem with. It’s like she feels that to be accepted by fans she needs to be The Mother. No need for that for any male actor which I find terrible, worrisome and claustrophobic as a society.

      • A says:

        @slowsnow, I’m glad you found a way to help your daughter. It’s clear that this works for you, and I think if I were in such a position, I would make similar decisions to try and carry on while still doing my best to work through trauma. But we don’t know the details of AJ’s life. She is a celebrity. The things she says and does are fairly overexposed, and for all we know, her talking about having to take some time off to focus on her family could be a situation that’s very similar to yours, where she’s still doing work but just making a conscious effort to be present and visible and available for her children as they need them.

        I think it’s a big stretch to say that she is “suspended in trauma.” And in all fairness, not everyone deals with trauma in the exact same way. Compartmentalizing some things is effective. But not for everyone. Some people might need a period of overexposure to their pain, as it were, until they can move on. We all deal with things differently. I’m sure she’s no different.

      • Sarah says:

        Slowsnow, I agree with you. I have taught preteens and teens for 26 years, and generally speaking, the best thing to do in a situation in which there is a bad event is to try to keep life as normal as possible. AJ’s kids not going to school, holing up in a house as a family, all of those things are, in my view, kind of bizarre and not healthy for the kids at all. Getting out, doing what they normally do, with love and support from both parents, is much healthier. These kids seem like they are treated like they are fragile little helpless beings, and if you treat people like they are fragile, they will often be that way.
        But hey, what do I know? 🙂
        And peace and blessings to you and your daughter.

      • Dana says:

        The kids are home schooled and Brad and Angie won’t change that. The children continue to live in the same area just a mile apart. I’ve seen photos of them with friends. They travel but Los Feliz is their home.

    • argonaut says:

      ” most people (mothers) do not have the luxury of taking time (a year no less) to tone it down and be with the kids after a painful divorce – it feels out of touch and sanctimonious”

      I don’t see where she recommended this for others? Angelina lives an extraordinary life, we all know that it’s nothing like ours – so regular folks should not look at what she describes for her own life and compare it their life. She’s allowed to describe her experience and her feelings; I would certainly rather celebs own who they are and NOT pretend to be “normal.”

  5. MaryJo says:

    I’m not much of a celebrity follower, but I really like this woman and believe her kids will grow up to be interesting and well formed adults.

  6. Jenny says:

    Drama Queen

    • Jaded says:

      Clearly you’ve never been through an acrimonious break-up of your marriage where your partner has a drinking problem and got physically aggressive with his kid(s).

  7. Sophie says:

    Truly hope they are coming out the other side of this. Any divorce or split is painful. When you have kids it’s ten times worse. Hope they get to a healthy & amicable place very soon & get back to doing family things all together. They get a lot of criticism, but i generally think they are good people & wish them well!

  8. Annabelle Bronstein says:

    AJ has a very restless streak that she has to nurture to feel normal. You can tell she did not plan on separating, at least not within the timeline that occurred.. without a custody agreement in place she will likely never be able to travel freely until the twins are teenagers.

  9. Ramy says:

    Such a woman .she got all the shit from the media trying to take her dawn last year . And here she’s all over the Internet / magazine covers / interviews , taking the word by storm stronger than before.
    The The New York Times interview is quite amazing as well

  10. Louise says:

    She is referencing Brad’s behaviour and the “health of the family” in every interview. I really do think that Brad’s stardom won’t be affected as much as hers for whatever reasons that may be. He has kept quiet (probably with good reason).

    But she has to be careful of the crazy Angie narrative whose kids dont go to school (home schooled), get dragged around the world on various trips blah blah and her kids being her “friends”. She clearly loves being a mum and the family have been through it but sometimes you can over explain. She left him, we get it. He was a douche, we get it. She has a film to sell etc. but for me, it would be lovely to see her without the kids so much and see them in regular school making friends etc. They dont HAVE to be “different” to other celebrity kids. I know everyone will shout abuse at me but there you go.

    • Adorable says:

      Beautiful cover,beautiful woman…

    • Adorable says:

      Her stardom wont be affected either..She still commands a crowd(Telluride,tiff)..People will still watch her movies..Yes even the ”Haters”Just to judge her,.Fact is without or without Pitt,Jolie ”Still has it”(Not that you were specifically alluding to that,just saying).Also home schooling isn’t as ”Solitary”as some might imagine,these kids seem well adjusted,balanced and happy,you have a right to your opinion and I respectfully disagree..

    • Lady D says:

      You can google pictures of Shiloh and Zahara in school soccer uniforms playing the game.

    • magnoliarose says:

      Her stans can’t accept different points of view and jump on every single comment. They want every thread to be a fan page. Not a gossip site.

  11. Adorable says:

    Beautiful cover,beautiful woman…

    • Carmen says:

      It should be against the law for any woman to be that beautiful. And my God, Pax is going to be a hunk! He’s only 13 and he’s already got cheekbones.

  12. Pam_L says:

    All I got from this interview is “The kids are mine, I want full physical custody, the kids are mine.” I don’t know but to me it kinda reads like she alone is the parent and Brad has no connection whatsoever to the kids. Like she wants to shut him out completely.

    P.S. This is not a crazy Angie rant. Just an observation.

    • Peeking in says:

      Why are people trying to make “crazy Angie” happen?

      • Pam_L says:

        I’m not sure, but I certainly am not. People just don’t seem able to separate things Angelina did in her youth to the incredible woman she is now. Can’t explain it.

        I just think that if Angelina and Brad have ended things for good, they should just move on without trying to do damage to each other. They are both too wonderful for that. I had hoped they would remain friends but that is looking less likely every day.

      • pleaseicu says:

        It would be lovely if they could remain friends for the sake of their children and co-parenting. I know Angelina’s cultivated and maintained friendships with all of her previous exes. But I feel like that’s not really Brad’s M.O. Is he friends with any of his exes? Maybe it’s just the Gwyneth and Jennifer and Angelina break-ups that are making me think that and I’m blanking and he’s had amicable break-ups with other exes who he’s remained friends with after.

        Maybe once the divorce and custody arrangements are settled and finalized things will improve between them? I hope so since they share children together and will have to coordinate and co-parent for years to come.

      • Dana says:

        Well Angelina is still on good terms with her exes. They may have been rocky after the split but she gets along with Billy Bob and Johnny Lee. Brad, he has never had to look back. He had nothing connecting him to the person so I will assume he didn’t feel the need to be civil. Well that changes now. Kids are involved.

      • Pam_L says:

        Dana, yet all of Brad’s exes speak well of him. I’m hoping Angelina and Brad will regain friendship once custody of the kids has been settled. And you’re right because I don’t see Brad walking away from his kids or giving in to Angelina’s demand for sole physical custody.

  13. truth hurts says:

    Just plain beautiful and an very wonderful woman. I for one am sick and tired of all these people still slapping her around about Pitt’s faults. Yes, the woman does have most of the responsibilities of their family and most kids do migrate to the mom. There is nothing like a mother’s love. BRAD PITT SAT IN GQ AND TOLD YOU THE SAME THINGS ANGELINA KEEPS REPEATING. He was no there for his family and had drinking and smoking issues. He has had them and really needed help that somehow according to him he never wanted and didn’t think he needed until his family was gone. Are we really gonna keep playing his sad song. Even he knew once Jolie was out the door she wasn’t looking back.
    And yes, she is till talking about this because you all keep talking about it. At what point does she not have a spread of a “coming to Jesus moment.” It is just bits and pieces when asked a question or two here and there.
    Brad didn’t lock her down, the divorce and her willingness to show the judge that she is the “head of this household” now. So that it is now over she can travel and work again. He surely hasn’t stopped but she had to. What does that tell any sane person.
    According to her in the NY times he didn’t stand by her. BINGO. I have been saying this since 2005. HE NEVER HAS STOOD UP FOR HER, NOT ONCE, NEVER. And when she says her children has stood up for her more than anyone in her life is “VERY” telling. I can agree with that because her dad nor brother has ever publicly defended her, maybe once by Jon V against Rosanne Barr but any other time he has trashed her.
    My mom has always said. Even a dog gets tired of being hit. She also said she knows she will never be completely liked and is fine with it because she knows who she is.
    She also knows there are millions of people who find her amazing and I am one.

    • Annabelle Bronstein says:

      Just a couple of points: they haven’t settled their custody arrangement as far as I know. It is likely that NEITHER parent are currently allowed to travel with the children without the other parents consent.
      And I’m only a casual observer and even I remember how supportive she said Brad was during her health issues.

    • I am bored says:

      She’s telling her truth. Just like Brad did in his cry baby Gq interview. Did people even read that hot garbage? He even talked about his kids therapy sessions – saying something like more things came up that they didn’t address before. But Brad can cry in photo shoots and look like Bambi but Angelina can’t tell her truth?

      They do the same to Hilary Clinton. Expect her to shut up and take abuse. 🖕🏻

      • Peeking in says:

        I am bored- exactly. Some women are the worst misogynists.

      • Kiko says:

        I agree. Brad did the crybaby interview with the oh-so humble details like handmaking his matcha tea and his outlet of pouring his pain into art, complete with the melodramatic forever-alone pics. Angie doing some interviews coinciding with the release of her passion project isn’t surprising. All actors do interviews while promoting a project. These are good glimpses into where she’s at. I can’t believe how many people are coding out that her kids are miserable being with her at these events. They’ve been doing this stuff their whole lives. Being homeschooled to experience the world and see their mom working as a UN ambassador or directing and producing a film cannot be a completely bad thing for them, plus I’m sure they have very qualified teacher that accompany the kids to much of this to keep their school routine. How do people like Jennifer Garner get so much sympathy when she knowingly married a fairly compulsive guy, yet she’s out pap strolling those kids to church and parades? The comments about her are “she’s so good at the publicity game.” Does anyone ever question Jennifer Lopez’s, Anna Farris’ (who just brought her son to the red carpet post breakup) or Kate Hudson’s parenting when these women have gone through breakups and are working all over the country (the reality of single moms working) or even trailing along with their boyfriends, usually sans kids? Which there’s nothing wrong with any of that, but why the hate for Ang? Mind you, there’s something so damaging that Brad did that requires these kids to have supervised visits per reccomendation of either a social worker or child psych. I can’t understand why some people are labeling her as the bad parent for a red carpet or a fairly benign People interview. Since there’s a lot of therapists and therapy going on in this family to heal, wouldn’t at some point a therapist say taking them to the red carpets, or speaking vaguely to a magazine would be damaging, if they felt it was? They’d be under obligation to, and obviously the mental health professionals involved haven’t given that reccomendation to her.

      • Sarah says:

        Come on!! Hillary has not really whined about things, or blamed Bill or tried to escape fault. She is tough as nails and after watching her ignore that hulking jackass lurking behind her in the debates, she won my admiration for life.

      • Peeking In says:

        Sarah – stop with the revisionist history. As much as I love HRC, she has done plenty of whining and blaming. Pick up her new book, for example.

    • Erinn says:

      “And when she says her children has stood up for her more than anyone in her life is “VERY” telling.”

      Yes, and no. Often children don’t see their parents as ‘regular people’. There’s a certain kind of worship that most kids have for their parents – at least when they’re young. To them, their parents know everything, and are invincible. I think it’s natural that if they have even a moderately decent relationship with their parents that they’d stick up for them. Often times it’s not until someone is an adult, or something big happens that they realize their parents didn’t know everything, aren’t invincible, and aren’t without any faults.

    • Pam_L says:

      Angelina has said through the years that Brad has always been there for her. He was at the bedside in the hospital with Angelina and her brother when their mother passed away. He was with her and supported her through both of her preventive surgeries. And since the beginning they traveled together when one was filming and the other one wasn’t so one of them was always with the kids, who traveled with them. Being a loyal fan in pushing that aside in support of Angelina, and you have a perfect right to do so, doesn’t erase Brad’s support.

  14. BJ says:

    The family went to see Lion King in NY yesterday.
    I rarely watch E News but they showed video of the RC at TIFF and they showed AJ leave the RC interviews several times to check on her kids.At one point she said my daughter (Viv ) needs to talk to me.She left an interview when the kids arrived at the premiere to meet them at the car.I forgot how many times they said she excused to check on the kids,I think they said 10+times.
    Outside when she noticed Viv was upset she zeroed in on her to check on her and comfort her and Viv start smiling.She also mentioned Viv is best friends with the young actress in the film now.

    So IMO anyone who says her kids are not her main priority or she isn’t an attentive, protective mother can have several seats.
    Also on ET I heard Pax’s voice for the first time.He teased Maddox,saying something like “Answer some questions Mr.Producer.” Angie and Maddox laughed.

    BTW I did not read any comments before I posted in case this info has already been posted.I just scrolled down and posted my comment so I am not replying or responding to anything already posted.

    • I am bored says:

      Look up old photos of Angelina with her kids. Vivienne seems to be the one who needs comforting and her hand held more than the other kids. There are pix of Brad Pitt (the last photos of him out with Vivienne) and he is ignoring her … She’s walking far behind him with her arms around herself and head down. it’s sad to see. You just know had Angelina been there she would be holding Vivienne hand and comforting her at that moment.

  15. Originaltessa says:

    IMO, she sounds a little out of touch. Like the celebs that act like they’re the only women in history that have ever been pregnant. Lots of women have kids and are going through a divorce. Lots of women don’t have the resources or flexibility to shut down life and go into deep reflexion and therapy. Some just have to keep going. It all seems so ott and extra to me.

    • Shijel says:

      I have very little empathy for rich white women who suddenly discover ‘life’. The same life the vast majority of us are living every day, except without the safety net and extra set of hands (or several sets, all hired) gives.

      I am not impressed, I don’t need to hear about how hard family, health, love can be from someone who could not just afford to visit a doctor but get a preemptive surgery done to prevent the likelihood of cancer while my f-cking mom has a lump in her breast that she literally cannot afford to go and get checked out, let alone have anything more resolute be done about it, or how harsh a divorce can be on the kids. Been there, lady.

  16. I am bored says:

    Yes, exactly. The kids are her world- everything revolves around them. For the lame tabloids and their readers that say she’s ready to take him back 🙄 Oh please, Maddox and Pax wouldn’t allow that. I believe she gives her kids a little too much control over her life, tbh but hey it’s her choice to do that.

    People magazine initially took Brad Pitt’s side as his team was feeding them “exclusives”…

    Angelina must really not read these publications because they’ve been shady as hell to her but I guess her movie is more important than being petty and saying 🖕🏻 to their interviews.

  17. I am bored says:

    it sure seems like she has full custody. Is Brad Pitt a dead beat daddy?

    • Sage says:

      Maybe. He or his source said that he was going to fight like hell for his kids but something appears off.

      It will be 3 weeks straight that she had the kids and Brad had to have given the ok.

    • magnoliarose says:

      No. Sorry to ruin your glee over a broken family, but he sees them. For the thousandth time, he sees his kids, and he is very involved. Just not on film.

    • tracking says:

      Why would they have settled one mile away from each other if he was dead beat daddy? That makes no sense. He clearly made the decision to work on his relationship them without cameras present (better late than never!) whereas the kids are currently supporting mom’s movie PR tour (and seem mostly to do so!)

    • Pam_L says:

      I am bored, I think someone else said this upstream. The divorce isn’t final and no decision has been reached on the matter of custody of the kids. Angelina wants sole physical custody and Brad wants joint physical custody. The judge may have to make the final ruling in this.

  18. Whatever Gurl says:

    Is it healthy for the kids to be traveling all over the world still?

    I get Angelina loves being on the move.

    But how is she putting the stability of her family first by jetting off place to place?

    Yes, they children have each other but don’t they need structure and school friends?

    I know plenty of families successfully homeschool but those families are also very involved with their community, know their neighbors and sleep in the same bed most nights.

    • I am bored says:

      Angelina knows what’s best for her family and obviously a judge agrees. The more she travels the more obvious it is that she has full custody. That’s gotta really burn the butts of Pitts fans aka Brangelina fans 😂

      • Sage says:

        It doesn’t burn my butt as a pitt fan but I really want to know wtf he did to his kids.

      • I am bored says:

        Well, it’s burning the butts of brangelina fans on other sites. Lmao they are so hurt that she’s allowed to talk about HER life. How dare she not kiss their precious idols feet. I always knew they would turn on her as soon as she dumped his sorry assss. They hate all of his exes.

        You know, Pitt spent damn near a decade giving interviews about his ex wife and trying to explain away why he dumped her, but if she ever dared to utter a word about her divorce the Brad/brangelina fans would have a fit. Lol

        As for what he did to the kids? He admitted to at least pushing Maddox – I think it was probably more about a hateful verbal attack & and that’s why they had months and months of therapy. He’s trash, but people keep kissing his feet. Yuck.

    • Sage says:

      It’s not routine or stable imo, but home school is their normal. Going to school 5 days a week would probably seem weird to them. Brad doesn’t seem to have a problem with home schooling his kids either…so.

  19. Jenna says:

    It’s funny. My father has always had a nasty temper and was quite horrible to us as children. For some reason I thought he had mellowed quite a bit and had thus far been a wonderful grandfather. Well, the other day he was in a horrible mood and started yelling at me in front of my baby. I asked him to please not yell in front of the baby and he got all up in my face and sneered ‘you think your the only one who has ever been a mother’.

    Reminds me of the comment above. No, nobody thinks they are the only person to ever be a mother, but I bet AJ (same as me) realizes they she is the only person on earth who is mother to her children. She obviously adores them, puts their welfare first, and appears to be doing a bang up job. And to whomever complains about her taking a year off, you do realize she is a single mom with SIX children of school age. Not one, six. And she just had magor surgery. Get off her back.

    I’ve always found her candid interviews to be honest and refreshing. You go momma Jolie!

  20. Paige says:

    If particular individuals find her insufferable and are tired of her, why do the same individuals continue to read every interview or look at every red carpet photo? I don’t get it.

  21. Paisley says:

    I think buying the house, staying put in LA was suggested by the therapist to give the children a more stable environment. It does sound like she’s ready to resume her nomadic lifestyle. Not sure how that will work with Brad.

  22. Frosty says:

    Not sure I believe either her or Brad when they say they are all about the kids. So far what I see is two highly self-involved stars cosplaying “all about the kids” while working the PR sh!te out of the situation. Both are acting like poor wounded little sparrows in front of the world. And all in that new age-y, hollywood faux therapy-speak. LOL. Stawp!

  23. Sophie says:

    For the people complaining about her talking about her life & children & basically everyway she lives her life, there is a solution? Don’t read about her or watch or respond. She is not doing anything that is affecting you personally so why all the criticism?

  24. Joannie says:

    I read her kids are her best friends. Nope your children are not your friends they are your children. There’s a difference! Ive always thought your spouse/children’s other parent should be your priority. You want to make sure your relationship is strong and stable for the children. Angie needs a girlfriend or a friend to lean on not her children. They know something is going on but kids need to be kids not your friend when things go south. On another note I think she’s looked really pretty throughout Tiff. I hope her film does well.

    • I am bored says:

      Over the last few days she’s been with her girlfriend luong ung who she is obviously very close to.

      If Angelina put her partner first above her kids they would still be getting verbally/slightly physically abused. Who knows the physical abuse might’ve got worse.

      A mother should ALWAYS put her kids above the men/women in their lives.

      • Joannie says:

        I dont agree with you at all. Children need their parents to get along for the stability of the family. Children want their parents together. Brad and Angie should have made each other the priority for the sake of their children. We have no idea what went on in that marriage and I’m not about to pass blame or take a side. But your kids are not your friends. Angie herself said her children are her best friends. The other woman is a working partner in a film not a close personal friend that you share marriage problems with. That’s between the man and the wife. If they made each other the priority perhaps they’d still be together.

      • Dana says:

        Loung Ung is a close friend. She’s known her a very long time and so have the kids. Pictures of Angie and Loung go back to the early 2000’s.

      • A says:

        @Joannie “that’s between the man and the wife” Well, that says a lot about your view on the subject matter, don’t you think?

        I think it’s a shame if a woman has to confine herself to sharing her problems solely with her partner if they are having issues in a relationship. I share things with my friends, within reason, because I like their perspective, as does my partner. Your friends are there to help you. And Loung Ung, as Dana pointed out, has been friends with Angie for somewhere around 16 years or so.

        As for whether “children want their parents together” out of all my friends who have parents who have had troublesome marriages, they have all said that the tension was palpable and that they would have much preferred to have had happier parents even if they weren’t together. The unhappy marriages my friends saw impacted their own views on what a relationship should be enormously. Your parents are your first teachers about a great many things. Suffering unhappiness for the sake of the children only teaches your children that they should never ask for better from the people they love and choose to be with.

      • Joannie says:

        Ok I get your point however Im not going to agree that your best friend (whoever it is) should be your children. And I agree that one shouldnt stay with an abusive partner. My argument, for lack of a better word, is that you should put your spouse before your children to ensure the stability of your family. How many marriages have you seen where the woman or man put their focus on the kids and takes the spouse for granted. The kids become less dependant and the spouses find out they have drifted too far apart and divorce? Divorce creates angry children and a broken home. It’s not up to the kids to be the rock for their parent. Example: Diana and William.

  25. Ramy says:

    The guardian give ftkmf 4 stars . Her movie is doing really well keeps getting very good reviews

  26. NYCgal says:

    She has always been candid about herself and her children. She’s not going to change who she is now. Do you get mad at your friends for posting endless pictures of their kids on Facebook or sharing the latest anectodes as if their kid is the only smart kid on earth to say something funny? Well, Angelina is like that, celebrity version. She probably has a few more people interested in hearing stories about her kids than your annoying FB friends who you probably hide from your feed so you can ignore them.

    We still don’t know what happened and we still don’t know the custody arrangement. Maybe post divorce Brad does not want to be seen with kids as much? I know that they both brought the kids everywhere they went and to premieres and made them part of the image but who’s to say they both liked doing it. Maybe he’s still not allowed to see them on their own, or be seen in public with them like she is? Maybe the kids don’t want to see him but do so because they’re told by therapists? Who knows what the situation really is. We all know the kids adore their mother but none of us know how they feel towards the father. Something bad happened on that plane and I think Brad is still working to earn their forgiveness and trust. He just doesn’t want us to know about it and that’s understandable.

    One other thing. I hope they still have each other backs profesionally. They both are big stars but fame is fleeting in Hollywood and you’re as good as your last project. If Angie has any Oscar hopes I do hope he can pull his weight to help her as well. He said her movie was good. They are done and I for once hope to see them move on with other people but I doubt either one will find an equal superstar in their next relationship. I see them moving on with low key people. Brad maybe having another kid though with 6 I think he’s done.

    • I am bored says:

      Umm, have you not been paying attention. His Pr team constantly still attacks her. He definitely does not have her back. If anything he would love for her to be banished from Hollywood because he fears what she will say about him. Of course he doesn’t want us to know what he did on that plane but he told us all about his therapy in his crybaby Gq interview. Talked about the children’s therapy and threw his own daddy under the bus.
      He cried about not being there for the kids and how he put work above them , how he needs to be there for them more… and he’s already working on his next flop. He probably never wanted joint custody because then he wouldn’t be able to work as much. He’d have to take their feelings into consideration the way Angelina says she’s doing when she picks her next projects.

      Maddox gave people magazine a mini interview. Another thing Brad Pitt probably fears is his kids becoming famous enough to give interviews – they might not be so kind towards him and the truth might be revealed.

      • NYCgal says:

        His attacks according to you may be his way of explaining his side of the story according to someone else. It seems to me you are projecting way too much on this story. None of us know what happened and you don’t have some magic interpretative skills than no one else does. Banishing her from HW? Who talks like that? Only deranged fans who must take sides in the misguided belief that the wealthy superstar needs protection. In reality, taking sides is never good for the children and they need to have a healthy relationship with BOTH parents which I hope they are doing.

      • Savasana Lotus says:

        I don’t get the taking sides thing either. Some folks have to hate Brad to like Angie. I like both of their films. Not all, but many. I also don’t agree with everything they do and choose to voice my opinion here. I can’t hate either one. Both seem like flawed but decent people to me. They’re on their journey and get to walk it their way.

      • I am bored says:

        Nycgal, we know enough. The child was at the least pushed (his team admitted that) and was verbally abused by Brad Pitt. Someone called Cps. Angelina filed for divorce. The entire family was in therapy for almost a year. We know because of Brad Pitt’s cry baby Gq interview that other issues came out from the children’s therapy sessions. Angelina and her children are finally allowed to travel. Angelina plans on filming a movie in London and the kids will be with her. If you’re going to comment make sure you’ve paid attention to what they’ve said and what their “sources” have said. 🙄

        Brad is trash. He knowingly allowed his Pr team to attack Angelina when he was in the wrong. His team continues to spread the lies through gossip cop, tmz, in touch magazine and all the rest. I’m surprised we haven’t heard from “a source close to Brad” yet. 😂😂

      • NYCgal says:

        I am bored, don’t forget that Angie had 6 kids with that trash. He didnt become trash overnight. Was she also trash for staying with him then or did she not care when she wasnt the subject of this trashiness? In his GQ interview he talked about his issues being there a long time, probably predating Angie. So which is it?

        I am not denying that we know something happened. Something bad that required therapy and was triggered by something Brad did. I said so in my first post. But we dont know their custody arrangements so all you posturing about that she has 100% custody of the children and that he didnt care about having joint custody are based on nothing. If she is dropping hints aboit what he did he is allowed to say his side through sources. Neither is a class act here for sure.

  27. Aang says:

    🙄 tired of all the illusions to whatever happened. Parents have messy divorces all the time. And the kids cope. Having parents constantly making it public, or using it to creat a narrative of victim hood, will only make it that much harder.

  28. Shannon says:

    I get that. When my relationship of four years ended with basically the only ‘father figure’ my young son had even known, I went and stayed with my parents in their basement apartment. I had already started homeschooling him so for a year I just focused on us healing and learning. I met some other people gradually, took him to the library a lot, I guess I was on lockdown. Then I got antsy and since journalism (what my background is in) isn’t really a “thing” here in this rural country town, I got my real estate license and got our own place. Angelina I know is a Gemini too (yeah, I kinda put a little bit of stock into astrology lol don’t judge
    me!) But from my own experience, that seems like a legit way to handle a breakup. I’m nowhere near as pretty or accomplished as she is, but the gist is the same LOL

  29. Jayna says:

    A year later and it sounds like Brad has been wiped from their lives in every pointed interview she gives. Sad.

    And for sad sack me, we have no electric for at least another week, no cell service, no internet, no cable. Trees down everywhere.

    I have to come to our office, which now has electric and cable, to get some work done and find out what is happening in the world.

    Poor me.

    • rere says:

      I don’t get it. WHY should she mention Bradley when he never mentioned her in his interviews while promoting WM.
      Do people want her to pine over him and give some sad speech? That isn’t her style. She did say she was in pain.

  30. bobblehead says:

    Pax is such a handsome kid I feel almost pervy considering he is only 13 yo. He looks much older in that suit.

  31. meh says:

    Wow, she sure does talk about her kids a lot.

  32. themummy says:

    She has the most beautiful face I have ever seen in my life.

    And that is all I came here to say.

    • Casey says:

      She does.

      At the end of the day that’s what all this clawing and screeching in her threads is about, that and the fact that she’s a humanitarian on top of being beautiful.

      It’s like some women in order to puff themselves up need her to be only one thing or the other- be a beautiful face and not charitable ala the Kardashians, or be an unattractive humanitarian – she can’t be both.

      • mayamae says:

        Let me ask you this – Celebrity women you dislike, are you jealous of them? When people mildly criticize you, do you immediately assume it’s because of your beauty? I hate to tell you this, but being beautiful is not a detriment, especially in Hollywood. It’s been proven over and over again that good looks always gets the job, all things equal and often when the “beauty” has the weaker resume. Many love Angie because of her beauty, at least that’s what you can assume from their only comment is praising her beauty.

        You’re also wrong in your assumption that all great female humanitarians are unattractive. First off, it’s simply an insulting thing to say, but secondly, have you heard of a woman named Audrey Hepburn?

        And just to be clear, I am an Angie fan. I’ve been posting here for at least five years. Go find one negative comment I’ve made about her. And I’ve never disliked a woman for her appearance, positive or negative. What a way to reduce women.

  33. Jennifer says:

    she should have had a quiet divorce, that is what is in the best interest of the kids. Instead she put her family on the front page.