Jehovah’s Witness Prince needs hip replacements but won’t get one

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Sometimes because of his little kid-like body, I forget how old Prince really is. A whopping 50-years-old. Okay 50 is not that old, but whenever I hear “hip replacement” I tend to think of someone in their seventies. And you could tell me Prince was really 72 and I’d probably believe it. Of course you could say he’s really 32 and I might go for that too. It’s just insanely hard to tell with him.

Prince has long been plagued by rumors that he needs hip surgery, and now it’s gotten so bad that he needs a double hip replacement. As a devout Jehovah’s Witness, Prince cannot have the surgery because he might need a blood transfusion at some point during the procedure.

Prince was on the prowl again last night, making an unscheduled appearance at the Apollo Theater’s 75th anniversary celebration to toast Patti LaBelle. But the real buzz on Prince is that his much reported hip problems of the past have now turned into need for a double hip replacement.

Unfortunately, thanks to his practice as a Jehovah’s Witness, Prince still refuses surgery. JW’s don’t believe in blood transfusions. “He’s in a lot of pain,” said a source who was backstage with him last night at the Apollo. “He’s popping pain killers and hoping it will all go away.”

But it won’t. Back in 2005 reports surfaced that Prince needed one hip replaced. He declined. Then again in 2007 and 2008 came more reports that he’d finally agreed to “secret surgery.”

Now the diminutive R&B star is walking with a diamond-studded stick to keep him upright. It’s the same stick I saw him with two nights ago at a post-Tony Awards bash. I’m sure he’d rather have a Raspberry beret or a little red Corvette, but for now Prince is stuck with the stick.

[From Showbiz411]

Obviously everyone’s medical issues are different, and Prince’s interpretation of his religion is solely up to him. However when I looked it up, several sources said Jehovah’s Witnesses can generally have artificial hip replacement surgery. There’s medication they can take that can help them build up “blood stock” and several surgical techniques that can be used to salvage a person’s own blood. The Witnesses beliefs about blood transfusion come from four parts in the Bible that are generally interpreted as having to do with eating blood by other Christians and Jews. However they interpret “consuming” in a different way.

I assume there must be a good reason Prince hasn’t had bloodless surgery – and maybe he will. Reading up on Wikipedia about it, it seems like a reasonable possibility. Perhaps there’s a technical or spiritual issue standing in his way. I really doubt popping a ton of pain killers is going to be a decent long-term solution. Bu it sounds like he’s in a lot of pain; it’s reasonable to think he’s done/doing everything he can. I wish I could tell Prince to get on Wikipedia, because it seems like there’s a way to work around this. But I’m guessing his doctors know what they’re doing…

Here’s Prince with Mariah Carey at the Apollo Theater 75th anniversary gala in New York on Monday. Images thanks to .

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  1. kiki says:

    oh my he does look like a fancy lesbian ( read that on another site )
    has he always been this weird?
    I just didnt see it till now

  2. Annie says:

    Oh, I was reading up on the JW’s and frankly, I’m equating them to that of the Scieontoligists.

    The whole blood transfusion business seems silly to me and a damn shame. It’s killed a LOT of kids (I believe it was either 60 minutes or Dateline that did a whole piece on it) and frankly, JW’s are scarily cult-like. I mean short of a planned mass suicide ala Jonestown or Haley Bop Comet freaks….

  3. Bub says:

    You can bank your own blood prior to surgery so you don’t have to take blood from a stranger. There’s no reason he can’t have hip replacement, or any other type of surgery.

  4. manda says:

    He could have some of his own blood on reserve, I think.

    And it’s not that he “can’t” have the surgery, he “won’t” have the surgery. There’s a huge difference there

  5. tasteT says:

    For the record Prince made 51 on Sunday.

  6. ugh says:

    His religion is NOT the reason he hasn’t moved forward on this, he has never stated that. Also, it’s only one hip that still is a problem.

  7. RobN says:

    So you can pop all the pain pills you want but can’t store your own blood for surgery. Seems reasonable.

  8. barneslr says:

    I’m currently reading a book about JW’s. They are a weird, strange, scary group. Did you know they consider SMURFS to be demonic? Seriously, they do!

  9. Embee says:

    Hip replacements are generally only “good” for 15 years or so, and then they must be re-done. He may be delaying the initial surgery in hopes of having fewer over the course of his lifetime. Also, the field is making amazing progress in the realm of regenerative cartilage, so he may be holding off for a more modern and effective treatment. Whatever the case I wish him the best; this is a painful, debilitating condition that strikes not only the old, but those who have been very active. I think he’s a brilliant artist and I look forward to seeing him shake it on the stage in the future!

  10. nony says:


    Someone told me that if you put gargoyles in front of your house they won’t go near it– I of course thought he was just being an ass, but maybe it goes along the same lines as Papa Smurf?

    What book are you reading, if you don’t mind my asking, and what are the author’s ties to the religion?

    you’ve intrigued me. 🙂

    • ladybugkarin says:

      I find the comments here to be so hilarious, and some are the dumbest thingsI have ever Heard. I am a witness I have no Idea where you guys get your info. It is so laughable. Your numerology idea, and garden gnomes etc… We are a normal religion. We want others to learn about the true GOD and we do as Jesus taught us thru his example which is to go door to door and teach others as he did. We dont believe smurfs are he devil, or if some one has a gargoyle at the door we dont stay away. They dont scare us….If you want to know what we believe why dont you ask. instead of believe hearsay and stories from others.

  11. Annie says:

    And no girl scout cookies!!!

    I had no idea they were this controlling.

    • ladybugkarin says:

      We love girl scout cookies. Mint ones are the best. Get your story straight. Dont believe all you hear.

  12. hatsumomogirly says:

    Hey, the singer Selena and her entire family are known JWs. I think its just select ppl who make it seem bad. Also, there was a reasonable chance she would have survived her wounds had she received a blood transfusion, but her family was strongly against it because of their beliefs.

  13. leuce7 says:

    During the trial of Selena’s murder, the cardiac surgeon who operated on Selena when she was taken to the hospital testified that she was indeed given a blood transfusion. The doctor also said he was not aware of any request made by the Quintanilla family to stop transfusions, although he wouldn’t have since the patient hadn’t requested it; but she’d been dead on arrival to the hospital anyway (although they managed to re-establish an erratic heartbeat).

    I followed the trial closely at the time; I was a fan. And the transcript of the trial was (is?) available through the Houston Chronicle.

    So, no, she wouldn’t have survived by the time she reached the hospital, although if they’d been able to get to her sooner she might have, as it was reported she bled to death.

  14. Lizzie says:

    I used to have a boss that was a JW and he wouldn’t let us have Christmas office parties, because they don’t celebrate Xmas. We had to organize them outside the office. So yeah they are a bit strange.

  15. AlaskaJoey says:

    “You can bank your own blood prior to surgery so you don’t have to take blood from a stranger”

    Yes, you can bank your own blood – but depending on what happens during the surgery, you may need more. I had two spinal fusions years ago. Banked my blood, but they still needed donations. My dad and uncle gave what he could, but then they had to grab it from the blood bank.

    Leading to me getting my first AIDS test at age 14, because it turns out the blood banks in the 80s didn’t do such a good job of checking their stock. Good times!

  16. Sunnyjyl says:

    My aunt had a knee replacement last spring, and she is a JW. She has always been pretty strict about her religious beliefs. I’m thinking Prince has other reasons for not having surgery.

  17. Jano says:

    how could you just be getting a clue about Prince? Been missing the last 30 years or so? I think you should watch “purple rain”.

    I go with the waiting idea, no one wants to have a knee or hip replaced do they? You only get it done when you can’t take it anymore.

  18. voodoobetty says:

    Raised as a child in a JW home i can confirm that Smurfs are considered demonic and its not that they cannot eat girl scout cookies its that that cannot support the girls scout organisation because the scouts have to make a pledge to their country. They also do not vote, don’t take in much media such as news), don’t pledge allegiance to the flag, do not celebrate any holidays, believe all elves, sprites,gnomes, fairies etc to be demonic. The Smurf thing comes from a story in the JW magazine which claimed that a childs smurf doll came alive during a church service and ran amok in the church hall. This supposedly took place in South America. Never in the US of course.

  19. Bub says:

    AlaskaJoey: wow, you must have lost a ton of blood – they wouldn’t have anticipated that much blood loss. Things do happen though, so nothing is for sure.

    Yes, the good old 80’s – amazing we made it through unscathed!

  20. kiki says:

    it was is so obvious .. Prince is a freaky little man hes kind of a little richard type

  21. Annie says:

    Voodoobetty, that’s insane.

    Do you mind if I ask you whether or not you are still JW?

    I’m inclined to say no, only because from what I’ve read today (and of course, it could be wrong so I’m not saying its an authority) they don’t allow access to anything that could potentially say anything negative about JWs and all places/sites/whatever HAVE to be JW approved.

  22. Genevieve says:

    Annie Your information , like many other reports about JW’s is not accurate. I’m a JW and have been since I was a kid and I read whatever I want , including this site. Misinformation sucks! (Also the comment that said we don’t follow the news is complete bunk.)

  23. Annie says:

    Interesting! Thanks for that.

  24. MGS says:

    I agree with Genevieve completely! Look to the official JW website if you have questions.

  25. Ex-JW says:

    I can’t believe Prince is JW.
    I was raised as JW when I was kid, and
    I had no fun memories what so ever!
    This religion is really strict and I can’t believe Prince follows the rules.JW are not allowed to celebrate Chrismas, birthday, Thanksgiving,,, etc.
    Oh well,lot of religious people don’t celebrate those holidays either, but they have something to party, right?
    But not JW.
    This religion sucks.
    I am so glad I left this mind control
    crazy ass religion.
    Good Luck, Prince.

  26. Ex-JW says:

    Oh there are few more things what JW can’t do.
    1. You can’t say ” Cheers”
    2. You can’t sing national anthem( I mean who cares, if you can’t ,right?)
    3.You will be expelled from congregation if you had sex before marriage
    ( some religions are also like that)
    4.They discourage people from going college.
    5.You can’t smoke weed( too bad)
    6. You can’t say ” Jesus Christ”
    ” Oh My God” or ” Gee” as admiration words.
    I will think more if I remember any, but
    I don’t think Prince as “brain” to remember all these small rules.

  27. Shay says:

    JW’s would be strange to most of us because..most of us aren’t JW’s. I haven’t yet found a religion that everyone likes everything about.

    Although I don’t agree with most of their beliefs I wouldn’t put them on the same level as Scientologists.

    Unlike $cientologists the JW’s will teach you about their religion for free. They won’t sue you for posting JW information on a website for others to read. Giving you a better opportunity to decide if it’s for you or not.

  28. SixxKitty says:

    JW’s are not like Scientologists! The blood transfusions come from Acts 15:28-29, where its sid to ‘abstain’ from blood. When combined with Lev 17:11. where Jehovah says that the soul of the flesh is in the blood, and is therefore his. While you can eat meat, it must be drained of the blood.
    As for the children dying comment of Annie, be realistic people, the children in question had everything medically done for them, given fluids etc, children die folks, plain and simole, while thats a tragedy, the cause is not the failure to have a blood transfusion.

  29. PrinceSuperFan says:

    I am a huge fan of Prince. I just hope he gets better so he can shake he money makers on stage again.Hip Surgery is a sign of the times but hopefully he will be getting down on alphabet street.

  30. barneslr says:

    Nony, the name of the book is “I’m Perfect, You’re Doomed” by Kyria Abrahams. She was raised as a JW and the book is about her childhood. I recommend it; it’s a very interesting and humorous read!

  31. ditzee says:

    He’ll deal with it if or when the pain forces him to…

  32. nony says:

    Thanks barneslr– I’ll check it out!

    I like personal accounts and experiences with religion, especially from a childhood perspective, it’s pure because they literally knew no other way of thinking– and in turn, a very interesting process of coming into their own personal knowledge of the world that surrounds them; unfiltered.

  33. *sUpEr*StAr* says:

    You people are too funny… I am a JW and you guys have some pretty strange Ideas about us. to EX-JW…. Obviously the way that you speak about them, you do not completely understand the reasoning behind why they stay away from these things you mention…

    To Each Their Own, but everyone needs to have faith in something.

  34. *sUpEr*StAr* says:

    I would also like to Direct you all to the Official and ONLY website of the Jehovah’s Witness’s. Who better to ask your questions about them, then them?

  35. lynne says:

    People who make comments about JW’s in a derogatory way are usually misinformed or misguided and don’t have a clue what the Bible really teaches. If you are uncertain about issues pertaining to the JW’s you should keep your opinions to yourself because really that is what they are “opinions” I was personally raised a JW. I left the organization for about 17 yrs. I can look back and now see what a mistake I made while not doing the will of Jehovah God the creator. Get a clue as to what is real worship and what isn’t because the end of this system is coming and when it does those who don’t make it through armageddon and die, there is no resurrection! You owe it to your creator to learn about him and his purpose for the human race. God is love and he doesn’t change his original purpose for creating the human race, heavens and earth. study the Bible and get the real meaning and leave the false teachings behind. the traditions that started from pagan. JW’s go door to door not because they have nothing better to do , but because the Bible states to Preach the goodnews of the kingdom. Jesus did! he died for all human kind to have a chance to be free from sin! one day the earth will be a paradise and those who did Jehovah’s will unselfishly will enjoy it. It is in the Bible , people read it and get a grip before it is too late. Just as in the days of Noah, they were eating and drinking and men were marrying and women being given in marriage, and no one took note until the day the flood came and swept them all away!!! only Noah and his family survived. Jehovah will cleans the earth again. It isn’t too far off according to Bible prophacie being fulfilled.. Psalms 37:19 .. there are many many other scriptures to back this. Jehovah is searching hearts that are truly humble and open to learning and getting to know him on a personal level.

  36. axesguy says:

    I am a 70 yr old male , I spent my life growing up as a catholic, I was a supposed ” CHRISTIAN “, I was also a pracicing thief but that is OK so my priest said “GOD FORGIVES ME” LET me shorten this story I AM N)W AND HAVE BEEN FOR THE LAST 22 YRS ONE OF JEHOVAHS WITTNESSES> I can tell you from day one of my learning the truth I was never told I COULD NOT DO A CERTAIN THING you may do what ever you wish, BUT remember that THE BIBLE is your GUIDE to life TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT ITS UP TO YOU! Thanks for listening

  37. bk says:

    anyone ever notice how these jw’s mostly are in business for themselves?….they are so dishonest they cant work for anyone else…then they import people from south america to work for half what regular people make…and they have this policy where they are ordered to watch each other and tell if the other does something considered out of line…had this one who was not allowed to speak to his own brother because he smoked..11 years he did not talk to his own blood …then they have this thing they call befriend and betray where they suck some old person into the cult and take everything they own..the watchtower loans them money to build the hall and then retains the deed to the building,they even rip each other off…you all will surely burn in hell

  38. TrubluU says:

    I have looked into the theology & history of the Watchtower & am thoroughly convinced without a doubt it’s a counterfeit Christian cult.

    1. Bases many beliefs on numerology
    2. corrupt translation of the bible (NWT)
    3. Founders were into demonic occult teachings
    4. Doctrines have changed over time
    5.1914 Jesus *invisible* return
    6. only 144,000 go to heaven
    7. two classes of saved Christians
    8. *whole* blood and autologous transfusions a sin,but okay to use fractions donated by Red Cross blood donors
    9. genocide of 6 billion plus men women children at Watchtower Armageddon

  39. Lifelong Jehovah’s Witnesses dissident speaks out on JW belief system .

    A) They are at your door to recruit you for their watchtower society corporation,they will say that “we are just here to share a message from the Bible” this is deception right off.

    B) Their ‘message’ creed is a false Gospel that Jesus had his second coming in 1914.The problem with this is it’s not just a cute fairy tale,Jesus warned of the false prophets who would claim “..look he is here in the wilderness,or see here he is at the temple.”

    C) Their anti-blood transfusion ban against *whole blood* has killed thousands.

    D) once they recruit you they will “love bomb” you in cult fashion to also recruit your family & friends or cut them off.
    Danny Haszard Jehovah’s Witness X 33 years

  40. lauren says:

    JWs are not a cult.. i dunno where you lot are getting some of your information, but much is wrong or misunderstood. im only 16 and have been brought up as a JW and dont really have a problem with it, its not all as strict or harsh as you make it out to be, the whole thing with blood transfusions is because once blood has left the body it shouldnt be put back into your own or someone else, some JW are stricter on certain issues. althought my mum is one my dad isnt, he was but he was disfellowshiped- he was kinda kicked out because of the way he treated my mum, cheating on her and never suported her, he also smoked. and because of this, yes you arent suposed to speak to them, but your family is your family they cant physicaly stop you,and theyre against smoking, drugs because its harming the body and the body and life is seen as sacred, and many people who arnt religious have the same view, i wish people would stop making it out to be scary and weird because its reall not, JWs arent any different to people who arnt religious or have different religions they just have different views, people are allowed them, right??
    some of your comments because its clear you dont know what your talking about, gives other people wrong infomation and just causes problems, alot of my friends have misundestood certain issues with my religion and question me about it, you know like christmas and stuff, i try and answer them and its kinda nice that they are really interested and have an open view of it, sme people mishear things about them and make theyre judgment on that, when you shouldnt judge something you know so little about?

  41. bonnie says:

    i am a former jw and like the jw’s who have replied here i once was too naive and thought the sun rose and shined on my faith. yes wordly people were out to get us because they were directed by satan to deceive the whole world away from the truth. jw’s take whatever the watchtower society publish as accurate and true so they feel they don’t have to research their claims because they have the hot line to god and are above reproach. my challenge to jw’s is to start looking up the sources of information they quote in their publications to support their beliefs such as in their evolution book for that matter any of their literature. if they have the courage to look they will find so much deliberate deception, quotes from quacks who are not respected in their field of so called expertise and the list goes on. for the most part jw’s are child like in this respect believing like children do that their parents don’t lie and are honorable. those who have written to say they can read anything are not being honest especially when it comes to putting their beliefs to the fire. they are told they would be opening themselves up to the demons and would be in danger of shipwrecking their faith. this keeps the masses from fact checking, if you have the truth you should be fearless in examining what you are being told as you instruct others to do with their faith.

  42. Pete says:

    The disenfranchised are not the best place to go for information judging by the venom coming from Bonnie. I remember Prince from the 80’s into the 90’s. He was a great singer but he was also sleazy and a dirt bag/womanizer. I wondered how long it would take him to get Aids. His music talked about immoral sex mostly. And his dancing on stage looked like having sex at times. He sure has cleaned up his act since becoming a Witness. That speaks pretty loud about what it means him becoming a Witness. I hope he keeps up the good work. On the other hand I also remember MJ from the 70’s- to last year at his death. He was raised a Witness if I remember. He started out pretty good but started going down hill at one point. He eventually left the religion around the time he made his Album “Bad” It was down hill fast from there. He barely looked human at his death. This all seems to be the opposite of Prince. I think If people look with their OWN Eyes and do what someone else said and go to the source you will get a better idea of the facts about JW’s. Fired employees are dicey places to get information from, just like X members of a religion since you don’t ever know what their motive might be. But my eyes don’t lie and they tell me Prince’s religion is a change for the better for him.


  43. Craig says:

    I doubt money is the problem here. haha most likely religion being a factor.

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