Gerard Butler, walking to ‘Bounty Hunter’ set; denies dating Jennifer Aniston

Gerard Butler

Isn’t my boy Gerard Butler looking sexy? He should only wear tight shirts like this. He’s in New York right now, where he has already started filming Bounty Hunter, with Jennifer Aniston. Some are claiming that Bounty Hunter is just a variation on Mr. and Mrs. Smith, but we’ll see. Allegedly, it’s supposed to be more of a comedy.

Gerry’s got The Awful Truth (with Katherine Heigl) coming out next month, and he’s started to do some press for it. This interview, from Scotland’s Daily Record, is really long and quite charming, but I still edited out some parts. If you love Gerard, check out the whole interview though. He’s so lovely. Here he is, talking about when he first started getting famous in America, in 2003, when he was promoting Lara Croft, Tomb Raider: Cradle of Life. He also totally denies dating Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz!

FILM giant Paramount made Gerard Butler go on a media course after he made a joke about Angelina Jolie. The big-mouthed 39-year-old Scot starred with the Oscar-winning actress on 2003 film Lara Croft: Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life.

Cracking up, the Glaswegian laughed: “I sat down and said, “Hey, you know, she may have won the Oscar, but I think I really had to bring my acting down to do these scenes with her.’”

“It was a complete joke. You read it in print and you think it sounds terrible. Angelina was cool. She said she knew I was joking, but Paramount said I was going on a media training course.”

So did the media training work? Not exactly, Gerard still likes to tell it like it is. For new rom-com film The Ugly Truth, in which he plays a chauvinistic character, Gerard, who flexed his muscles in 300 admits: “I think every man has a bit of a sexist and a chauvinist in him if he’s being honest.”

And what about Jennifer Aniston who he has been linked with and who he will be starring with in new film Bounty Hunter.

“I’m working with Jennifer so obviously I’m having a thing with her,” he said.

Leaning forward in the American hotel room where he is doing the rounds for The Ugly Truth, he claims the long list of women he’s supposedly dated, including Cameron Diaz, are not true.

“None of them are true. I’ve managed to have a decent long-term relationship that nobody ever found out about.

“But meanwhile, apparently, I’m dating Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz, anybody that I’ve ever been spotted talking to or becoming friends with. None of those are true.”

Certainly Gerard bristles if you suggest he’s best known for his macho roles.

“I don’t think I am,” he said. “I think if you watch Nim’s Island, I’m exceptionally geeky. I think that I try and play roles that are vulnerable, lost or crazy. It’s just maybe the macho ones I’ve played have been more memorable movies. I think there’s many different sides to me. I try to embrace all of them. So there is a macho element to me, but I also have my feminine side and my vulnerable side. I’m just like everybody. I’m not just one thing.”

Along with Amy Winehouse’s producer Mark Ronson and The Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas, Gerard has opened up his own restaurant in Los Angeles called Shin, which serves Korean barbecues.

He said: “It’s a bunch of my buddies. They also are involved in Geisha House and another and they asked if I wanted to be a part of it. It was a fun idea and Simon Chin who owns it actually cooked me a Korean barbecue at a party about eight years ago when I first arrived in Hollywood and I never forgot it.”

The Ugly Truth is released on August 14. Gamer is out on September 4.

[From The Daily Record]

Oh my God, Gerard Butler is a silent partner in a restaurant? Must. Stalk. Korean. Barbecue. Also, I really like when he talks about his “feminine side”. I would do filthy things to that feminine side. I have a fantasy where Gerard comes up to me and starts telling me how vulnerable he is. And, yes, in that fantasy, he’s wearing a tight white shirt. I have totally mixed feelings about The Awful Truth, though. I will literally watch anything with Gerard in it (thus, I’ve seen Dracula 2000 about a dozen times), but Katherine Heigl leaves me cold. I’m torn between my stalking instinct (mmm… Korean barbecue) and my gag reflex whenever I hear Heigl’s voice. Decisions, decisions.

Here’s Gerard walking to the set of ‘The Bounty Hunter’ in New York City yesterday. Images thanks to INF Photo.

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  1. kiki says:

    He should hook up with Kate Hudson if he hasnt already.
    they go together like peanut butter and jelly
    Kate is like peanut butter , she spread for anyone

  2. meow says:

    That is the scariest picture-Yuck! The hair is too dark and his face looks like he has hit the party scene too often. What happened to him? He used to be a big piece of hunky man meat. He needs to find another hair stylist, stop drinking/partying at bars at all hours and get some sleep.

  3. sarcra says:

    Crazy Days and Nights had a report about him flirting with one of the Real Housewives. How lame! I don’t know why he pretends to be upset about the relationship rumors, since he gets around so much anyway!

  4. Jo says:

    I wonder if that thread on his wrist has something to do with Priyanka Chopra. She’s a Hindu and from what I know, Hindus wear these sort of threads after religious ceremonies.

  5. Cheyenne says:

    It’s interesting that these guys like Orlando Bloom and Gerard Butler who have been rumored to be hooked up with Aniston have gone out of their way to deny it. Do they think dating a serial dumpee would somehow diminish their hunk status or what?

  6. HUH? says:

    cheyenne, you batshit crazy brangeloonie, did you ever think that maybe they’re quick to deny it because IT’S NOT TRUE?

    you know, maybe for the same reason that both Pitt and Aniston deny they’re seeing each other secretly?

    why must you take a swipe at Aniston at EVERY opportunity? oh, that’s right, you’re a batshit crazy brangeloonie.

  7. Elena says:

    his hair has probably been coloured for the movie (because he is naturally going grey) and he DOESN’T drink. he hasn’t had a drink in 10 years.

  8. Give it a rest Brangeloonies says:

    Poor cheyenne. Always throwing out the claws.Is your life really that bad and do you think it reflects well on you to be a Brad and Angie fan full nastiness? Get a life. If you hate Jen so much stop reading about her. It’s so simple and rational. Rational. Is that the part that trips you up?

  9. sarcra says:

    Gerard didn’t go out of his way to deny this, he was obviously asked about it, and answered truthfully. I think he could do a LOT worse than a Jennifer Aniston related rumor. He also mentioned Cameron Diaz, which was left out of the headline.

  10. andy says:

    nobody want to dating her ? lol

  11. Lili says:

    I love him…….. So Fu…ing gorgeous!!!

  12. whatever says:

    Oh like these Jennifer Aniston nuts never say anything bad about Brangelina. What victims! Give it a rest, you crazy jen hens. Cluck cluck cluck away!

  13. Snoopchew says:

    I loved him in “Phantom of the Opera” as the Phantom. But haven’t seen him in these other roles. Even with his face so scarred and hideous, he was gorgeous not to mention his voice and acting talent.

  14. Judy says:

    That is one ugly man lol

  15. Beth says:

    It’s weird that Gerard became a star for a violent action movie (300) but has done mostly romantic comedies since then. I wonder why he’s taking this route? Gerard has stated several times he isn’t dating Jennifer Anniston not just this interview. I’m sorry but I have to laugh that tabloids say that every man within 1000 miles of Jennifer wants her. Yet the only ones she had a relationship with is John Mayer, Vince Vaughn, and a few random guys. These guys are not exactly Hollywood’s most eligible bachelors.

  16. UrbanRube says:

    Kaiser: But did you love him enough to sit through every frame of “Beowulf and Grendel?” That’s real love. (And I had it until the man-whoring became widely reported upon.)

  17. Amy Nomous says:

    Cheyenne isn’t capable of making a post without taking a shot at Aniston. She has some bizarre fascination with her. Pretty obsessive, but there’s lots of crazies out there, so we should thank her for reminding us.

  18. Cheyenne says:

    Oh dear, did I upset a couple of Loonifers? Absolutely makes my day.

    Sorry if I hit a raw nerve, but you gotta admit, your gal seems to have a problem holding a man. They all keep dumping her.

  19. sarcra says:

    It’s amazing to me how many women disparage Jennifer for her lack of a boyfriend or getting dumped. Are we back in the old days where a woman’s worth is measured by her man?

    What a shallow thing to criticize.

  20. AllegraFox says:

    I used to love Gerard especially in 300 he used to be HAWT however, he is looking really rough lately. What is going on with his face…is it too many late nights and too many shots. In his present condition he should be begging Jennifer Aniston to date him and stop being so arrogant he is still a B/C list Actor. Also, heard some interesting gossip about Orlando Bloom and his beard

  21. HUH? says:

    upset? more like amused (and a little disturbed) at how f*cking crazy you are.

    here’s a tip for you…as has been stated on here numerous times, just because someone doesn’t like Brad and Angelina, it does not mean they are a Jen fan. In fact, one of the things that REALLY turns people off about this couple is their nuttier-than-a-fruitcake fans.

    but clearly, you have something against Aniston because you feel obligated to mention her in EVERY Brad/Angie post. nay, not just mention her, take a swipe at her. you are the DEFINITION of a Brangeloonie.

    go back to your St. Angie shrine and pray for enlightenment.

  22. Chicamorena says:

    To Huh: It’s interesting how you bash somebody as “f*cking crazy” and then go off on a rant of your own.

    Here’s a tip for you as well: before you bash the “Brangeloonies”, you’d better take a look at the J-P haters who post nasty messages making nasty coments about their children. How low can you possibly get?

  23. HUH? says:

    chicamorena/cheyenne, I thought you were leaving this site?

    why are you still here?

    on topic…how is THAT a “rant”? if that’s a rant, then your posts are absolute balls-out apoplectic lunacy.

    the people that bash the children are low, to be sure…but I’ve not seen any posts like that on here. actually, it’s the opposite. most of the folks on here who seem to dislike the Brange have also commented on how cute the kids are. as in “I hate them, but their kids sure are cute”.

  24. tasteT says:

    I used to think he was so fine, but it seems like his face is weathered and getting old fast..maybe too much sun or cigarettes???

    I wonder what happened??

    his eyes are crunchy like..

    still think he’s a mans-man but..
    sure he is not drinking??

  25. morgs says:

    All he’d have to do is whisper dirty nothings in my ear and I’d hit it without a question. Rawr.

  26. sherry says:

    Oh look, Jen the-coatail-rider is trying to hitch her gigantic chin to the latest hot thing to resurrect her dying film career. How long before her PR man, Huvane, puts out the rumors that they are dating, getting married, having babies??? Any day now, I suppose.
    Poor Gerard Butler–he deserves better.