Nicole Kidman in red Calvin Klein at the Emmys: stunning or twee?

The 69th Emmy Awards - Press Room

Big Little Lies won big Emmys last night – the show picked up the Outstanding Limited Series Emmy, Nicole Kidman won Best Actress, Laura Dern won supporting actress and Alexander Skarsgard won Best Supporting (he thanked all of his lovers and friends, and his mom). I expected BLL to sweep those categories and it did, deservedly so. Many were excited to see Nicole Kidman win her first Emmy, and we were happy that she did. It was predictable, but enjoyable nonetheless.

The fashion choices were unexpected though. At this point, I just expect Nicole to look like ten kind of goth-bridal hell and I expect Reese Witherspoon to always look Southern-pageant-queen perfect. Neither of those things happened. Nicole wore a beautiful red Calvin Klein gown with a full skirt, and she looked amazing. Reese wore a wrinkled, sad, shoulder padded Stella McCartney tuxedo jacket-dress and she looked like sh-t. Her hair was dirty, the shoulder pads were tragic and she just looked like none of this was her first choice. Something nice: she seemed genuinely happy when Nicole won.

Laura Dern wore Proenza Schouler and her look was probably my favorite from the BLL ladies – she looks sophisticated and glamorous. Zoe Kravitz was also there to support BLL, and she wore a feathered Dior. I HATE this dress. The construction is fine, I just think that Dior should have stuck to one color with the feathered skirt, OR made the entire gown multicolored. It looks like two ugly dresses got married and had a fug baby dress. Zoe’s date was her boyfriend Karl Glusman. They both looked rough.

69th Emmy Awards

69th Emmy Awards

69th Emmy Awards

The 69th Emmy Awards

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  1. ell says:

    i don’t understand how did someone convince RW that dress was a good choice.

    • Snazzy says:

      LoL I may be nuts, but I actually like RW’s dress! I think even the dreaded center part looks good :)

      • Carol says:

        It won’t go down as one of my favorite looks, but I like Reese’s dress. I love Nicole’s dress! Zoe’s dress is the worst in that lineup.

      • Lisa says:

        I love that she tried something out of her comfort zone. the dress looks like an attempt at a glam power suit, unfortunately executed in satin, which all designers should stop using, as once you sit down, it’s ruined.

      • Casey says:

        Reese’s dress was fine, a bit boring. Also i thought it weird she had super deep tan orange legs that didn’t match her face and chest.

        Nicole’s dress was perfection. Though I feel sorry for her poor face and the kinky curly red hair she’s tortured over the years, her posture, body proportion and height are other worldly- she’s like a ballet dancer. The length of that dress – tea length(?), was also perfection. Best dress of the night. She’s giving the face a break these days as well. It’s relaxed and not so spooky.

      • Dee says:

        I love RW dress actually, a lot.

      • bluhare says:

        I do too.

      • bella says:

        I love all of the looks except for Laura Dern’s! I like her just not the dress. All three ladies look awesome–Nicole, Reese and Zoe. I wonder how Zoe’s dress would have looked on Nicole, as she has the height to carry a statement dress.

    • Goats on the Roof says:

      I don’t care for Reese’s dress. That said, she tried something different, which I can appreciate. I do not understand the “her hair was dirty” comment though. Unfortunately styled with that center parting maybe, but it doesn’t look dirty.

      • manda says:

        I don’t either, but it made me laugh!!!!

      • JenB says:

        My thoughts on the hair too! Don’t at all see what is dirty about it.

      • lucy2 says:

        Yeah there’s nothing dirty about her hair. Odd comment. I dislike the dress though, and she didn’t look too comfortable in it.

      • JG says:

        I thought it looked like a cheap blowout. It wasn’t perfectly straight all around, and you could see wear the flatiron began.

      • CynicalAnn says:

        No dirty-but a boat load of extensions.

      • Sarah says:

        Really!! If you want to see dirty hair, look at Heidi Klum’s!!!
        I like the length of NK’s dress, but not much else. I like the shape of Reese’s dress, but not the fabric – ugh. It is terrible. Zoe’s dress is confusing and I like the top of LD’s dress, but hate the bottom.
        How hard it it to wear a lovely, elegant dress?? Only NK came close of these women last night.

      • downTime says:

        She looks a bit Jessica Simpson here- fried blonde extension and too short dress featuring an orange tan. Could have toned this town to look better-natural short hair, less tanny tan? Her legs look very fit, they could be featured less in a less “camp” get up.

    • LadyMTL says:

      That dress, and that hair color. I don’t remember RW’s hair ever really being that brassy-blonde before? Or maybe it’s just my eyes…in the first group pic it really looks awful.

    • LadyT says:

      Her hair was oddly stiff like My Little Pony hair. Her make up was also really off. The foundation or contouring or bronzer was not her color and very noticeable.

    • Imqrious2 says:

      Nicole looks amazing; gorgeous dress, makeup, shoes. Even the hair wasn’t as awful as usual, though I think her curls would’ve been amazing with it.

      Reese looks like she was going for the 80s poweresuit. I don’t know, maybe if she had her hair back in a chignon, or a pony it could work, but Beach Barbie hair doesn’t give that vibe to me.

      LAura Dean was perfection.

      Zoe looked good from the waist up, the multi colored fur lost me, too.

      All in all, I was SO glad to see BLB take so many awards! Here’s hoping Liane Moriarty writes a sequel and all ladies sign on!

      • Mgsota says:

        Nicole looks great minus that hair. Please go back to your natural color and stop torturing your hair Nicole!

    • homeslice says:

      Is RW wearing a wig? Those blunt ends look sooooo bad and it’s just too long. The dress is awful too for the Emmy’s…she has great legs and they are her best feature but find a better dress gurl!

    • Char says:

      I don’t understand how Reese thought that the Britney Circa 2000s extensions were good.

  2. Sara says:

    I actually like Zoe’s dress, and her hair is so good!

    • Vera says:

      I like it too. The colors could be better, but Zoe makes it work.

    • GiBee says:

      It’s Zoe, so it works. Pretty much anything you put in the same eyeline as THAT FACE of hers, it’ll work. I feel like it does actually suit her too.

      • Casey says:

        I wasn’t mad at Zoe’s dress. Reminded me of half mourning, half rainbow sherbert. It was befitting her bohemian alterna style borrowed from her Dad and Mom.

        Zoe’s bf looks like a much better looking John Mayer. If they have kids they will be all cheekbones and wide spaced eyes.

    • Lisa says:

      I would have liked the dress better if the colors were more vibrant, but overall, I liked the dress, esp on her.

    • Kitten says:

      I love it. I think she looks stunning here.

    • ichsi says:

      She is gorgeous and I don’t think they look rough. Just like Hollywood hipsters dressing up in nicer clothes.

  3. Maum says:

    LOVE Nicole.

    Dress is lovely and perfectly accessorised.
    That red lipstck is great- I prefer her with darker hair but the red lip stops her looking too washed out.

    Reese and Zoe don’t suit their dress (or jacket in Reese’s case?)

    • Lisa says:

      loved the dress as soon as I saw it this morning. She goes very Miss Haversham lately. I love that she made this for BLL, which is my favorite project so far for Reese and Nicole. I hear they have optioned another novel from the same author, and am excited to see what they come up with

    • Lisa says:

      loved the dress as soon as I saw it this morning. She goes very Miss Haversham lately. I love that she made this for BLL, which is my favorite project so far for Reese and Nicole. I hear they have optioned another novel from the same author, and am excited to see what they come up with

      • mayamae says:

        Oh, that’s good news! I know Reese isn’t liked around these parts, but I enjoy her as an actor. And I adore Nicole, of course.

    • Lady D says:

      I love Nicole’s dress too. It is incredible. Her shoes however leave me cold. They look more like a grade nine art project.

    • bluhare says:

      I guess I’m the only one who doesn’t like how the red gets cut off at the top. Otherwise it’s a beautiful dress; I really love big tea length skirts.

  4. Backwards says:

    Nic doing us Aussies proud. Beautiful and fantastic acceptance speech.

    • Kate says:

      But she has four children! Why did she just say she has two?

      Otherwise I thought her speech was great but it did sound like she’d been rehearsing it for the last week…which makes the omission of her older kids even stranger.

      • Jaii says:

        Isn’t she classed as a “surpressive person” to the older two? Either way I didn’t take it like she was missing them out , they are adults , I saw it as her addressing the two younger ones patience and understanding of her being away so much.

      • Goats on the Roof says:

        Her older children don’t have anything to do with her. They were raised by Tom Cruise and are big into Scientology.

      • Aloe Vera says:

        She discussed something as important as domestic violence in her speech and all you could take from it was that she didn’t refer to her two fully grown children, who have barely acknowledged her for 15 years her because of a cult and whom she didn’t have to leave for 6 months to shoot the series?

      • Kate says:

        Because 15 years ago her relationship with them was damaged massively, and a decade ago they cut her out completely. They’re both adults now, and they haven’t reconnected.

        Also she’s a suppressive person. They really won’t want her talking about them, acknowledging the relationship. Doing so will just make it harder for them to ever come to her if they break free of Scientology.

      • lucy2 says:

        Her adult children (were forced to) cut her out of their lives by their father’s cult. It’s really sad, for her and for them, but I think she handles it the best way she can. They’ve refused contact with her for a long time, so thanking them in this situation would not have been appropriate. I hope Nicole has found happiness with Keith and their daughters.

        She gave a phenomenal, and really important, performance. I knew she’d win, but I was still happy she did. The whole series was excellent, and the awards were well deserved.

      • Anna says:

        @aloevera but it still came across as if she only has 2 kids. No one said that mentioning domestic violence wasn’t important, the commenter was just pointing out what many people said online as well

      • Veronica says:

        Oh man, I didn’t know what happened with the older kids. That’s…really depressing. I forget how ugly that divorce was.

      • jugil1 says:

        I heard her speech & don’t think she was saying that she only had 2 kids or how many kids she had. She was commenting to her 2 YOUNG kids that she would put the award in their rooms so show why she wasn’t there to tuck them in bed while she was filming.

      • Sequinedheart says:

        If anyone from your life was estranged, would you get up on stage and thank them for their lack of support? She is respectful of their beliefs but she’s also respectful of herself. They chose a life that painted her as a bad person – why is anyone surprised that she didn’t mention them? I don’t get it. It is well documented that they have nothing to do with each other anymore. Painful as that must be, she’s handling it with grace.

      • BJ says:

        Everyone doesn’t know about her current relationship with her other kids.I thought she had a relationship with them now that they are adults.

      • KB says:

        She said her time away filming meant she couldn’t tuck her kids into bed. She’s not tucking 20-somethings into bed. They’re adults, so it didn’t take her out of their lives the way it did her young children.

      • magnoliarose says:

        She has come to terms with that until they leave the cult she is dead to them. She had no choice but to move on and I don’t blame her for it.

  5. Neelyo says:

    I was worried Nicole was going to wear one of her ‘Ann-Margret’s Country Jamboree’ circa 1973 outfits, but luckily she went sleek. Don’t care for the length but otherwise, sure why not?

    And it doesn’t matter, but what must Tom Cruise feel like seeing her resurgence?

    • third ginger says:

      Ann-margaret country Jamboree: perfect description and funny comment!!

    • GiBee says:

      I honestly doubt he thinks about her much. I mean, he divorced her (for a bunch of sh*tty reasons like money, Scientology, etc.). It wasn’t exactly the love affair of the ages but I think they’re both over it. In the years after they split, they were both doing A-OK in terms of career too.
      … Also I don’t think he thinks about her because I think he’s still obsessed with Katie escaping. He obviously thought he had it all on lock-down. Around the same time she left, his career turned into bomb after bomb, his desperate plastic surgery became more obvious… I think he blames Katie.

      • mayamae says:

        I continue to be shocked that his new wife interviews didn’t occur long ago. The guy has never been alone. He left his first wife for his second, and then left Nicole for Penelope. Maybe Miscavige doesn’t want to share him.

      • Neelyo says:

        That makes sense. I bet he does hold Katie more responsible for the downward slide his image has taken.

        He should never have fired Pat Kingsley.

      • magnoliarose says:

        He thinks about her for sure because Scientologist obsesses over who they think are enemies.

  6. third ginger says:

    Love Nicole’s dress and the fact that it is tea length, a style I like. Reese made an odd choice but perfect hair and makeup.

    • Qzie says:

      I agree about Reese, I think she looks great–especially on TV last night her makeup and hair looked great. Nicole is gorgeous, but her pink shoes seem odd to me. Laura Dern rocked her dress, she is so incredibly slender and it looked amazing on her.

  7. Lotusgoat says:

    I like Nicole’s look but hate her shoes. Reminds me of kids switching up their socks a la Punky Brewster. Just bugs me.

  8. wo says:

    I normally think Nicole dresses too twee, but I loved her Emmys look. I actually like Reese’s jacket dress because I think she was dressing as a producer, since she knew she wasn’t going to win best actress.

  9. Aiobhan Targaryen says:

    This is one of Nicole’s better dresses. I don’t know if that is a compliment or not. I think I like it and she looks happy in it. So happy that she won; she deserved it. Now she just needs a Tony and a Grammy to be an EGOT.

    I actually like Zoe’s dress the most. I think I follow either you or Celebitchy or both on twitter and one of you twitted/tweeted/whatever out a sad face emoji with her picture. I think she looks fresh and fun here. I love her hair even more. She probably had to cut it because of her horrible hair choices in the past. Either way, she looks good.

    Laura doesn’t look bad but her dress choice is safe.

    Southern Barbie needs to stop trying to be edgy; she is not about that life and never will be. She has nice legs though.

  10. Vera says:

    Nicole looks good in red. Loved it. Laura’s works. Zoe can get away with that dress when many others cannot. She looks good. FRIENDS DON’T LET FRIENDS WEAR STELLA. It’s usually either basic or tragic, and this time it’s both. Reese is a big enough star to get free clothes from someone else.

  11. Runcmc says:

    Hmmmm, why didn’t Shalene Woodsley pose with her costars in the group shots?

  12. HadleyB says:

    I love Zoe’s dress!! Her hair .. needs work.

    Reese needs bangs pronto and to ditch the too long extensions and cut her hair/ layer it – something. Get this girl some help. I don’t even want to talk about that dress. Ever.

    Nicole is fantastic! Love everything.

  13. Carmen says:

    Love Nicole’s dress and she was wearing the hell out of it. Reese was ugh.

  14. Pumpkin (formally soup, pie) says:

    Stunning !

    What is Reese wearing? IMO it’s the most awful outfit from what I’ve seen so far.

  15. Chrissy says:

    Loved Nic’s dress. The tea length and colour are perfect. It doesn’t look like a CK though. And yay, Alex Skarsgard won a well-deserved Emmy! Eric Northman forever!!!

  16. Arock says:

    does Nicole’s wig guy do kieths soul patch too? Ugh what is that thing?
    Both their hair is a wrek, everyone needs to put down the straight iron.

    • Stacey Dresden says:

      Keith’s looks always make my nether parts shut like a frightened clam.

    • Diana says:

      Sadly Nic destroyed her own hair. Its all grey and very thin; partially bald. She now always wears wigs or wiglets. Keith also wears a piece. So I picture them at home; each with their own wig vaults.

  17. SM says:

    I am so happy both Nicole and Alex won. I loved them both in BLL. Very much deserved. I hope that mustach is for a role though. I wonder what happened to Reese’s original outfit for the night? Did she spilled some red wine over it or did her dog used as a bed it for a nap time?

    • cr says:

      Alex’s hair and moustache are for The Kill Team, he’s playing a US Army SSGT, who sported the ‘stache in real life.
      I’m glad that BLL did as well as it did last night. It ended up being more than a fluffy, soapy, real estate porn show about rich people.

    • Minx says:

      I agree, SM. I was thrilled to see them both take home the emmy. They were phenomenal as Celeste and Perry, and I’m so glad Alex was finally recognized as more than a pretty face and a set of abs. He is so incredibly talented. The recognition confirms what his fans have seen all along! Yeah, the mustache is for his role in The Kill Team. He’s filming right now.

      • lucy2 says:

        Ditto Minx. I think he’s really talented and takes on interesting roles. The Skarsgard family had a good week, he won an Emmy and his younger brother’s movie is still #1 and making a fortune.

        BLL was REALLY good, and as cr said, had much more depth than it seemed at first. I had read the book so I expected that, but it exceeded my expectations on every level.

  18. Merritt says:

    I liked Nicole’s dress but the length looked wrong on her.

  19. tracking says:

    Stunning from head to toe. Best dressed of the night for me. All the BLL ladies looked nice, but she was the standout. That shade of red, the bodice design, and the fit were just spectacular.

  20. Nicole says:

    People made a big deal that she did not talk about her older children. I’m just like did we forget Tom basically made her an SP and had the kids with him? Cmon people she has no relationship with them and that’s due to the cult of scientology. Its why I refuse to give moss a pass anymore

    • tracking says:

      Yeah, if the kids with TC cut her out of their lives for no other reason than her non-CS status, there’s nothing she can do about it but focus on her other children. Still torn about Moss though. The fact that she was raised in the church, and not necessarily privy to its inner workings like Cruise, puts her in a different position imo. Leaving the church could mean losing her parents, right? I’m still bothered by it, but I give her the benefit of the doubt.

      • tracking says:

        Well, also she mentioned them in the context of a specific anecdote–these little girls are the ones she’s away from working.

    • Don't kill me I am French says:

      My father cut all relation with one of his brothers many years ago but never said ” I only have 3 brothers”

  21. serena says:

    Yeah, Zoe’s dress is a feather-mess.. she is beautiful but her fashion choices are always questionable (and that haircut doesn’t help).

  22. Sassenach says:

    People are really having selective memory. Nicole has been photographed with Connor and Isabella over the years. Unless it was recent, they didn’t cut her out of their life.

    • Karen says:

      She was not invited to her daughter’s wedding in London and she was in London doing a play. She has not been seen with them in years. They did not attend Nicole’s father’s funeral.

    • morgane says:

      the last time she was photographed with them was in 2006-2007

    • ValiantlyVarnished says:

      She hasn’t been photographed with them since they were at her wedding to Keith. That was well over ten years ago.

  23. Bon says:

    Nicole Kidman is GORGEOUS in that dress. She is glowing and can rival Angelina’s out of this world beauty (both godessess in my opinion). Glad she stopped the botox or whatever it was that she was doing to her face years ago. I remember being shocked when she messed up her face which made her look waxy.

    Now she looks amazing! Super happy for her and Alexander!!

  24. Jayna says:

    Nicole looks stunning.

  25. Anastasia says:

    I think it’s Nicole’s husband who looks twee.

    • JC says:

      Yes—-and she always strikes me as physically overwhelming him and diminishing him a bit when they pose together. She seems to be oozing health and vitality while he seems frail, almost sickly, by comparison.

  26. megan says:

    I think Nicole looks stunning. So happy she won :)

    I read somewhere else that Reese took her daughter to the after-party. She hasn’t been pictured with her husband in a long time – is there trouble there?

  27. Slowsnow says:

    Going against the grain here but I really love Zoe’s dress and I am really baffled by BLL. Hated it, found it boring and lazy. A sort of Gone Girl with mega-stars, thus the wins.
    My big love goes to the Leftovers and Black Mirror which were absent or didn’t get recognition. 😢

  28. Veronica says:

    Only somebody with Kidman’s height could wear that dress without it looking babydollish, so kudos to her for giving it such poise. Tea-length is not an easy length to wear. I miss her red hair, but this ruby red was a good choice to work with the yellow blonde. Interesting choice of shoe. I get that she was going for some fun clash, but I feel like a leather finish would have been more effective?

    Zoe Kravitz is a walking, talking example of making fashion work for you. Not many people could get away with that look without coming across ridiculous.

  29. TippyToes says:

    Reese’s dress is a good indication that she’s fallen off the wagon.

  30. Who ARE These People? says:

    Keith Urban is starting to look a bit Gainsborough boy.

  31. babu says:

    If I had to wear Reese’s dress, it would be as a coat, with nothing under.
    Perfect outfit to invite yourself at a guy’s place with dirty thoughts in mind.

  32. benchwarmer says:

    I think Reese looks gorgeous. I love the dress, the color, cut and fabric. I love that it’s not too fussy. I loved her hair too. I have not seen this show and now I’ll definitely watch it.

  33. Sage says:

    I really like Zoe’s dress and her face is beautiful, but the tattoos are annoying and bring her look down. Nicole looks elegant even with her dry hair. Reese’s and her cheap blonde extensions, shiny tuxedo dress would look better at a music awards show.

  34. I Choose Me says:

    Best look I’ve seen on Nicole in a while. Love what she’s wearing. I also really like Laura Dern’s dress.

  35. nica says:

    NK can look so great sometimes but in this case I think the shape and length of her dress give it an affected/precious look. I normally find RW’s style boring, or like she’s playing a part in a southern TV movie of the week, but I love this. The style, the colour — but the fit seems a bit off. A writer on lainey’s site said it was a “depressing colour.” I disagree but am curious to hear other opinions…

    Also, NK’s acting was wonderful on BLL. The whole cast was great. So glad the show – and also The Handmaid’s Tale – were recognized as hopefully it means we’ll get more stories like these.

  36. J says:

    I took Kidman’s comment about having 2, not 4, children in the context of shooting BLL, and as a result, being away from her two little girls.

  37. magnoliarose says:

    Everyone looks fine, but I loathe RW’s look. It looks like a uniform for either a cosmetic company or naughty men’s club in 1987. Zoe’s dress was interesting, but I didn’t like her styling.

  38. A Fan says:

    That dress looks fantastic on Nicole. Great colour and style for her. Even her hair (which normally looks hideous) looks decent. The colour is still awful, but the side part and the covering of her forehead is much more flattering than usual.

    So many of these actresses would look better with a side part swept down over the forehead. It’s much less severe and softens the look.

    Overall a huge win for Nicole. I can even almost overlook the plastic face.


  39. Bug says:

    My god, that nuance of red is glorious! I like Nicole’s dress and she pulls it off greatly, as usual. I hate Reese’s dress and hair choice, and while usually loving rainbow dresses, I do not like Zoe’s one, it looks heavy (the top) and faded (the gown). Plus, and no judgement or offense intended, I find her face really skinny here.