Donald Trump Jr. requested that his family’s Secret Service detail be removed

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I’ve been going through a phase where I can barely watch the news for more than ten minutes at a time, because I need to take care of my own mental health before anything else. A few nights ago, I did watch a Chris Hayes segment where Hayes and a guest talked about Robert Mueller’s investigation into Trump-Russia, and how Mueller seemed to be zeroing in on Precious Jared Kushner and Donald Trump Jr. Like, Mueller’s investigation seems to be gathering a lot of evidence against those two in particular, and the All In segment was doing some legal strategizing/war-gaming about whether blood is thicker than water, whether Kushner would “turn” on the Trump family, whether Bigly Trump would protect Don Jr. before Precious Jared, etc. Well, here’s an interesting turn of events – which may have nothing to do with that story – apparently, Don Jr. is asking to have his Secret Service protection removed.

Donald Trump Jr. has asked to be removed from Secret Service protection, telling friends he wants more privacy, according to two people briefed on the decision. It’s a rare move for a member of the president’s family to forgo a security detail, in part because adult children are counseled by the Secret Service that they are quickly seen as targets for those railing against their famous parents.

One close friend of the president’s son said Trump Jr. has been talking for weeks about waiving the 24-hour protection that Secret Service agents provide him, his wife and their five children. But it was unclear Monday night whether he had requested his wife and children be dropped from protection. Secret Service spokeswoman Catherine Milhoan declined to comment on whether Trump Jr. and his family were no longer receiving protection.

“To ensure the safety and security of our protectees and their families, we will not confirm who is currently receiving Secret Service protection,” Milhoan said. Trump Jr.’s wish to quit Secret Service protection was first reported by the New York Times on Monday night. Several former Secret Service officials strongly recommended that the president’s son reconsider his choice, saying it could put him in jeopardy. Jonathan Wackrow, a former member of President Barack Obama’s detail and now an executive of a risk-management company in New York, called the decision “shocking.”

“In today’s global risk environment, waiving this detail poses great danger to him and to his family,” Wackrow said. “What he is becoming potentially is a target of opportunity. People who want to lash out at the president are going to seek that path of least resistance,” he added. “This decision is negligent.”

Trump Jr.’s push to eliminate his 24-hour protection comes at a time when the extended Trump family has faced steady criticism for straining the resources of the Secret Service. The agency’s workload for security personnel has demonstrably grown under Trump, who has five children and nine grandchildren. The Secret Service now protects 42 people around the clock, 11 more than it did under Obama. The Secret Service’s list of people to protect under Trump includes 18 members of the president’s family. The Secret Service acknowledged it is strained to pay its agents overtime based on the demands of multiple round-the-clock details.

[From WaPo]

On one side, I approve of this as a cost-cutting measure, because the 24-7 Secret Service detail on the Trump family cannot be sustained and something has to give. But as a legal issue, it’s fascinating, and it makes me wonder what Don Jr. is hiding, and what he wants to keep hiding. Bro just wants to communicate with Russians IN PEACE, y’all. He wants to be able to fly to Moscow whenever he needs to for business, without the Secret Service getting on his jock! Kellyanne Conway is also asking that her Secret Service detail get pulled, which makes more sense because everyone (even “haters”) started ignoring her a few months ago.

What else? The Deplorables are throwing a party about CNN’s new report about the FBI wiretapping Paul Manafort during and after the election. Like, the Deplorables think Trump is being “vindicated” because he always said Obama wiretapped him. But… the FBI wiretapped Manafort for a reason, because he was as corrupt as they come?

Last thing: stay woke on health care. The Cassidy-Graham bill is a monstrosity and contact your representatives.

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  1. Jerusha says:

    But Li’l donnie is an Alpha Male, doncha know?

  2. lightpurple says:

    I do hope Donnie Jr received a knock on the bedroom door this morning. Not the apartment or house door but, just like Manafort, the bedroom door with the FBI already searching the other parts of the dwelling after picking the lock pursuant to a FISA court order to do so.

  3. ArchieGoodwin says:

    oh yes, some are using this as proof that trump was right about “wire tapping”. Those who cannot read, apparently.

    Manafort is going down. I also read that Mueller’s people told him he would be indicted. **fingers crossed**

    The FB thing, that is of huge interest to me but doesn’t seem to be getting much coverage on CNN, etc. FB turned over the account and ad info as per the warrant. I cannot wait to hear if any of the so called swing states were targeted specifically with the anti Hillary fake Russian ads. Very interesting!

    also, Hillary yesterday saying she is open to challenging the validity of the election. **everything crossed***

    added to trump’s ridiculous UN speech, it was a great day yesterday.

    • Jerusha says:

      Just want to add Hillary’s interview on Fresh Air yesterday was great. If anyone missed it, check the podcast.

    • Who ARE These People? says:

      She’s open, but she agrees that there’s no Constitutional path, and much as I want her as the president and believe she would serve honourably, this could provoke even more open warfare.

      It’s premature to think of any magical solution or do-over. The health care bill is the thing to be defeated in the present.

      • PunkyMomma says:

        YES — We have to focus on Turtle and Lindsey Graham’s latest attempt to kill off the ACA. Be vigilant, people!

      • ArchieGoodwin says:

        I agree with you, but at the same time, we need to celebrate the smallest of positives, just to keep our minds clear and focused.

        All negative, all the time, weighs down. It’s ok to celebrate a positive, it doesn’t preclude continuing to resist.

      • B n A fn says:

        I believe Hillary says she would not rule it out if it was proven 45 knew and participated with Russia to swing the election just to pi$$ off 45. Hillary and Barack O are living rent free in 45′s head and he knows he did not win the election fair and square. Also, she was giving it back to him for his retweet on Sunday of him abusing her by hitting her in the back with a golf ball makeing her fall to the floor in the ✈️ .

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I heard 32 MILLION people would lose coverage under this bill and premiums would go up 20%. How is this any better than the previously defeated legislation where 22 million people would lose coverage? Their logic is lost on me.

    • Lightpurple says:

      The FB was getting coverage but news is breaking so rapidly that it was pushed off the main pages by Manafort, Hillary, the UN, Donnie Jr & Hurricane Maria. As more is known, it will be back in the news

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I absolutely think that FB is a big piece of the puzzle.

      I think Kushner worked with Cambridge Analytica (Mercer) to data mine the citizenry, and then passed on that information electronically to the Russians, who then used that information to target the most persuadable voters with their propaganda through Facebook.

    • Sarah says:

      My belief is that Kuschner told the Russians who to target, using data from Cambridge Analytica. Don Jr. , Kuschner, Manafort, Flynn and Trump are all going down. I really believe this. Trump will resign after pardoning them all and getting assurances from Pence that he will pardon him.
      Trump may not be able to get out of $$ laundering charges from NY state. They may all do jail time in a state prison. Sad!

      And Kellyanne Goebbels Conway gave up SS protection yesterday, too! I wonder what she has to hide also!!

  4. Pumpkin (formally soup, pie) says:

    That top pic is my favorite pic of him.
    No SS but he can still buy private close protection.

    • Sarah says:

      It isn’t even close in competence though. I remember during the campaign, someone had a sign, and someone yelled GUN and the Secret Service were up there and had the Idiot off the stage before his private security were even out of their chairs.
      I would feel just terrible if Donny Jr. got trampled by elephants he was trying to kill or something. Sad!!

  5. Rapunzel says:

    The “Trump is vindicated on the wiretap accusation” party the deplorables are throwing is so lame. Manafort isn’t Trump, first of all. And Obama didn’t do the tapping. The FBI did. With a perfectly legal warrant. Because Manafort was committing treason.

  6. Aiobhan Targaryen says:

    I wonder if he getting the SS detail removed means he wants to flip on his own father to save himself. First to flip gets the best deal or whatever. Getting Flynn to flip was one thing, getting ugly son to flip is a bigger deal as he is closer to Jared and Dump.

    So Dump Tower was wire tapped and conversations with Manafort could’ve been recorded. Interesting. It looks like they are edging closer and closer to getting Dump in handcuffs. First the emails with Ugly son #1, then the meeting, then the cover note to the meeting dictated by Dump. Now this. You cannot tell me Paul was not telling Dump anything about these conversations that the FBI might’ve picked up. Dump kept insisting that he and Manafort were not really in contact with each other- even though Manafort lived in that gaudy building along with Dump and his family. Manafort was in contact with his son and son in law, worked on his campaign and even took photos with the guy but Dump insisted that he didn’t know him. Umm… no, that is not how that works.

    Another important fact is that you have to have strong evidence of wrongdoing to get a FISA warrant. The fact they granted two warrants (first one in 2014 (?) and then the one from last year) is further proof that Paul Manafort is guilty up to his hair plugs. The FBI started the probe after the former president of the Ukraine, Victor Yanukovych, was ousted. Paul worked with Yanukovych to boost his standing (victor’s) with the west-even though he was basically a Russian puppet. Paul also has ties to several high ranking Republicans like John McCain and I believe Pappy and Son Bush and Karl Rove should not be far behind in this club.

    If Manafort is indicted for money laundering and racketeering it should not take long to connect the dots to prove that Paul and Dump got together and laundered money through Trump properties and the campaign. Dump has been rumored to have been laundering money for 30 + years; he is probably still doing it as reports of him and Pray the Gay Away Pence are misappropriating funds from the campaign to go to their legal aid. Once a thief always a thief.

    The Rethugs are going down too-especially Turtle, Pray the Gay Away, and Eddie Munster. Throw in everyone next in line for the White House, too. With each story coming out it is becoming harder and harder to believe that Pence, Turtle, and Eddie or any Rethug was unaware of any of the happenings within the campaign. Given how they have been slow to act in the investigations within the Senate and House, their feet dragging is suspicious. They just wanted a political win because they damn well knew Hillary had an excellent chance of winning. Letting this happen on their (rethugs) watch and (rightfully) believing that Obama was not going to believe that they hated him and progress so much that they would choose party over country was the perfect plan for them. They thought that they would let this buffoon and Putin do what they needed to do, win, and then they could enact whatever draconian thievery they wanted because they would have had all three branches of government. They didn’t count on Dump being a stubborn sociopath or Obama being smart and strong enough to set everything he did in motion. They probably though Obama was a pushover because it always took him a long time to make decisions on EVERYTHING. Turns out that Obama is going to get the last laugh on all of them. Nothing is turning out how they thought it would turn out.

    • ArchieGoodwin says:

      Did you read too, how trump and manafort were still speaking, months after the election, and that both of their lawyers had to tell them, in no uncertain terms, to stop?!


      that’s called “getting the story straight”

      • Aiobhan Targaryen says:

        No, I did not but I would not be surprised if this is true. That is probably why Arpaio was pardoned to keep Manafort from flapping his gums to Mueller . Dump thought he had an ace in the hole until Mueller hired Eric Schneiderman.

        I wonder if him staying in contact with Manafort coincides with all those trips to Florida. Mar-a lago won’t give up those visitor logs, which is yet another shady thing to do. They are doing the same for the visitor logs at the WH.

    • Chrissy says:

      Very interesting! I’d love it if Devin Nunes was on Mueller’s radar too. He’s still working for 45 even though he was supposed to have recused himself and he was on the transition team as well . The guy’s scum!

      • Aiobhan Targaryen says:

        Him, Gowdy, and Rorhbacher are probably on the list as well. Low on the list because they come off as flunkies than masterminds but they have important roles on key committees that keep the investigations from moving ahead like Mueller’s case. I mention Rorbacher (sorry if I am spelling his name incorrectly) because he mentioned having contact with Julian Assange, who you may or may not know curiously turned down releasing documents through Wikileaks that were stolen from the Russian government. Reportedly, the stolen info was about Russia’s involvement in Ukraine from 2014. That info would probably further implicate Manafort and tie up a bunch of other loose ends.

        Speaking of Julian, I should check to see what is going on over at the Intercept and good old Glen Greenwald. I wonder if he has responded to any of the excuses as to why Julian is still sitting on that Russian info and how he will report that fact- if he has addressed the situation at all. Glen and Julian always wanting to expose government corruption and all and yet it appears that Julian is actively working on the Russian side to keep their corruption a secret. Hmm. I wonder if Putin has proof that Julian really committed those crimes in Sweden or proof of something even more hidious.

    • madonami says:

      LOL, who is Eddie Munster? Ryan?

      Also, Rohrabacher. What the F*CK is that about?? And Nunes.

      I think it’s more or less a known quantity at this point that Dump has been neck-deep in Russian money laundering and involved with the Russian mafia. Who the hell knows what is what this point, so confusing, but I think I’ve read from reliable sources that Dump avoided charges/prison for all those decades in part b/c he served as an FBI informant on some of the folks he was doing the mobbing and the money laundering with. Tables, turned.

      • Aiobhan Targaryen says:

        Yep, Eddie Munster is Paul Ryan.

        Those two are toadies who were probably bribed t put their necks out on the line for Trump. I don’t see any other reason for them to be doing this if it was not for money. No one heard of them before this and they will be a foot note in the history books once all of the dust settles on this situation.

        So, he was used like Whitey Bulger was used back in the 70s and 80s and it ended up blowing up in the FBI’s faces? You know what, I would not be surprised if this is right. The only question that I have is how have there been no attempts to get rid of him for squealing to the FBI for revenge. (I obviously watch too many crime shows and movies) Given how impulsive and insecure he is, how has he not be caught bragging about who he helped takedown?

    • Betsy says:

      “I wonder if he getting the SS detail removed means he wants to flip on his own father to save himself.”

      I think that would show a degree of personal growth and awareness if Jr were to sacrifice his father for his children’s (and his own) sakes. I just don’t think he is able to escape his narcissist father’s orbit of punishment.

      But I am being far more optimistic about a person I do not know and do not care personally about.

    • Sarah says:

      Just one thing that I KNOW – Trump has been money laundering for years. He is going down in NY for this. hahahahahahahah

    • jwoolman says:

      Junior has to decide if the increasingly remote chance that he will get anything in his father’s will outweighs the immediate risk of indictment and conviction for something that can get him prison time. Decisions, decisions.

      I suspect there won’t be enough left in Senior’s estate to keep Junior from flipping, but what matters is what Junior thinks.

      Also it depends on how accessible off-shore assets Senior has stashed away will be to his eager heirs. I suppose that depends on who knows what is there. If Trump has kept anything from the IRS, he’s in big trouble. They haven’t found anything in past years from audits, but maybe they never had their criminal division looking hard before (and now they do, working with Mueller).

      Trump Sr has pushed assets more recently into family trusts in a pretense at removing conflicts of interest, but apparently they are of the type that he retains full control over (he can move things in and out and buy/sell). And no, that doesn’t remove any conflicts of interest.

  7. JustJen says:

    Holy crap, that Eric is really unfortunate looking.

  8. Sharon Lea says:

    I feel the same way Kaiser, lately have been really feeling a lot of news watching fatigue. I think seeing the horrible effects Harvey & Irma Hurricanes overwhelmed my system. But I will not stop paying attention, just more in stops and starts right now.

    • ArchieGoodwin says:

      I scroll twitter, mostly, because I can get basics without having to read comments, and if something is of interest I can click the link, thus avoiding all the comments.
      It’s helps, a little.

      Also, I love Chococat. I have one, from Build-a-Bear? But then I found these little wee Choco’s, and they sit together. Makes me happy :)

    • Who ARE These People? says:

      My house stands to be cleaner and better organized by the time this is through.

    • Beth says:

      I really had no way to check up on Trump news for a week after Irma ended. I didn’t realize that Trump news had become an everyday addiction of mine until I had no access to it. If my neighbor didn’t give me his WiFi password, I’d probably go crazy from not being able to see what’s going on with Trump news

    • lucy2 says:

      It’s tough. I’m still trying to stay informed, but I skipped the last 3 daily NYT/NPR podcasts, and haven’t watched any late night shows in ages. I love Sam Bee, but I haven’t been able to watch her since the election – I know she’s probably been killing it, but I just can’t.

    • magnoliarose says:

      I have organized my recipes, finally donated all of the baby things that I no longer need and will no longer need. I have been efficiently avoiding the news out of mental exhaustion. I have been cooking elaborate meals since it relaxes me to cook. Anything. The sound of 45′s voice gives me anxiety and can change my mood, so I check in and then do something else. It isn’t fair to my children to become grumpy.
      Hopefully, we can take the brood somewhere peaceful for the weekend.
      It feels like we have run three marathons but have 50 more to go.

  9. velourazure says:

    I think he’s declining Secret Service because Mueller is closing in and he doesn’t want his freak outs, attorney meetings etc monitored.

  10. Mia4s says:

    “telling friends he wants more privacy,”

    Ah. So was it the mistress or one of the call girls who complained? Allegedly of course! Allegedly!

  11. B n A fn says:

    Just wondering, is Mr Mueller calling in the SS details and getting collaborations for some of the testimony Jr submitted. we all know he’s a liar just like his daddy. Btw, why was Kelly Ann con job needing secret service details. 😮 the entire administration are ripping off the tax payers every which way but Sunday. What a bunch of crooks. Mr Mueller please drain the swamp in the White House. I can’t imagine another so call billionaire would be ripping us off as much as this family, even the grandchildren have SS details and we have to pay for this and their stay at Mar A logo and gold cart use when they are in Florida. Btw, the charges are higher if you use their facilities and not a member of his club. Btw, 45 is boasting he’s not taking a salary when he’s ripping us off of million of dollars everyday.

  12. lower case lois says:

    This is the way I see it. If Donald jr is willing to trade his safety for his privacy, he must REALLY have something to hide!!

    • Who ARE These People? says:

      He can hire private security that will be less accountable to taxpayers than the Secret Service.

      • Jenna says:

        That was kinda what I was thinking, not only can he afford his own 24/7 security team but they would be answerable to him and only him with no governmental oversight. While they keep their own secrets often, somewhere someone IS getting reports of all agents, their coming and going and who exactly is visiting. Reports that can be viewed with high enough clearance or subpoenas. Toss in already known issues with the secret service (from the totally NOT their -secret service- fault of having already reached the end of their 2017 financials because of the size of the Trump family and all their – the family – insistence on travels to their own private properties to the scandals that ARE their fault like the ‘oops’ our guys keep getting caught with hookers and drugs while traveling in different countries) and it might be viewed as a relief to everyone involved to separate a bit.

        That last bit should be taken with a bit of salt to be fair – dad was in the FBI and worked with a fair few Secret Service agents and wasn’t a fan, which likely colors my own view a touch. That… and the few I met over the years have been RIGHT jackasses so I AM biased!

  13. Rapunzel says:

    Off topic, but the Mooch is claiming that Tom Brady didn’t visit the WH cause he had a fling with Ivanka. Wonder what Giselle thinks of that?

  14. magnoliarose says:

    Witness Protection? He has always despised 45 and when they are together it is in his eyes.

  15. robyn says:

    What a huge unnecessary financial drain the Trump entourage are on the taxpayers for all their secret service requirements and travel. On the other hand, they’re really inept and lacking in judgment when it comes to staffing government jobs that keep democracy and truth alive.

  16. jferber says:

    Since Secret Service has to pay for all the Trump properties they occupy, I’m all for this. If I ever got police/secret service protection, it would never occur to me to charge them rent to protect my life. Who but a Trump would ever come up with that angle? The effing gall.

  17. Megan says:

    If you are in the DC area, there is a rally on the north side of the Capitol at 12:15 pm today. Shumer will be there.

  18. B n A fn says:

    He’s at the United Nations right now giving a speech pretending he’s president. I bet you if an hour from now someone asked him what the speech was about he could tell them. He’s reading the speech that Steven Miller wrote for him and followers are going to say how great he was.

  19. Mle428 says:

    Junior always looks like someone sitting by a campfire with a flashlight under his chin. He’s the stuff of childhood nightmares.

  20. Jennie Hix says:

    “Like, the Deplorables think Trump is being “vindicated” because he always said Obama wiretapped him.”

    I had to chuckle when I saw them gloating in the DF comment section. Like, no, Trump still lied, Obama never wiretapped him, and this only confirms what Trump has been denying for a year now: that he has deep, corrupt ties to Russia.

  21. happyoften says:

    This strikes me as a very odd and potentially dangerous decision. I don’t think he has a problem with the cost to the American people, so my supposition is he has something to hide. This coming on the heels of the Manafort wiretapping bombshell probably isn’t coincidental. This does seem to have flight risk all over it.

    Or maybe with all the FBI surveillance, he doesn’t see the point in doubling up with federal protection services. I imagine the street in front of his house could be getting awfully crowded.

  22. B n A fn says:

    Now the crazy man is talking about destroying NK and talking about “rocket man” in his speech. What the hell is going on. Are we going to start WW 3?.

    • Andrea says:

      Let’s hope he’s impeached before he can do tremendous damage.

    • adastraperaspera says:

      Trump is either:

      1) definitely trying to get NK to attack us to retain his power by then being able to declare martial law, or

      2) he is being directed by Putin to do this, so we all keep our eyes looking towards NK instead over to Europe, where Putin is right now conducting extremely aggressive military maneuvers on the borders of countries like Finland, Estonia, etc. I think Putin is the one who is giving NK the updated weapons technology to do these new launches that can reach the U.S.

      Either way, it’s bad stuff. As for Don Jr., his move shows they all know that the law is coming for them. We need to hold fast. Agree that the GOP is using this all as a smokescreen to kill Obamacare. I have never hated so many people.

    • jwoolman says:

      This should convince the rest of the world that the USA has gone entirely rogue. They can’t possibly think we’re less of a threat than Kim now after hearing our Fearless Leader directly. Who ever thought it was a good idea to let him loose at the United Nations?

  23. Jerusha says:

    Our ThirdGrader-in-Chief references Rocket Man. Pathetic embarrassment. Sorry, World.

  24. Millenial says:

    He must really have something to hide that it’s not only worth his own protection — but the protection of his children, to boot. That’s crazy to me, as a parent. In his position, I would not turn down Secret Service for my family.

  25. madonami says:

    KAC and Jr both dropping SS seems very, very odd to me. I have never understood how KAC has avoided scrutiny in the Russia thing – at least publicly – given that she was the damn *campaign* manager* for the last bit. Have never believed KAC is innocent in whatever the hell went on with Russia.

    I sent an email on 11/9 to my mom and sister saying, I bet you they ditch SS protection so they can hire private security to do whatever shade they do w/o gov officers there. So, I’m doing a little I Told You So on this one, LOL.

    There’s no doubt in my mind that they’re dropping SS in order to shade on. And it’s very, very stupid for many reasons, including that they are dumb enough to think their private goons are as good as the SS. I hope these jackholes at least still have SS protection for their children.

    Also, they were not killing the SS budget as much due to the number of them as due to their flying all over the place. FOR BUSINESS. We are putting a whole lot of money directly in their pockets as taxpayers, in several ways, and it makes me ILL.

    Do you folks read Lawfare? It’s written by, among others, Benjamin Wittes, Comey’s BFF, and several former natsec/IC types. Wittes has apparently been the Comey source for some of the big bombshells. Anyway, they wrote an analysis of the Mueller/Manafort news yesterday, basically saying that Mueller’s obvious aggressive approach and recent developments suggest he is close to the litigation stage. They say this likely goes one of two ways from here: Either things go “quiet” for awhile because they’ve flipped Manafort, or public indictments are coming sooner rather than later. And they say Mueller is moving at light speed in part b/c his team doesn’t want the Congressional investigations to give anybody immunity before Mueller can get to them, and b/c time and leaks give these psychos a chance to match up their stories.

    As for protecting Jr or Jared, I think if dt feels his skin is on the line, that sociopath will definitely throw his own children, son-in-law, under the bus without hesitation. And it’s very, very hard to believe that Previous Ivanka knows nothing about all of this, so I’m quite looking forward to her getting hauled in to testify, at a minimum.

    I LOVED reading that the FBI *picked Manafort’s lock* and busted in his damn bedroom. AMAZING. Also, I’d been wondering how/if FBI could execute that kind of warrant if the subject has SS protection. Now I wonder if Jr and KAC just made it easier to get themselves a Manafort-style raid by dropping SS protection. It’s not like they’re bright enough to think that part through.

    As far as I can tell, there is only one reason to be trying to flip Manafort. Imagine the sht Mueller knows that we don’t????

  26. CharlieBouquet says:

    He’s fucking nuts. I texted my husband don’t worry about working overtime, we’ll be nuked by breakfast. That was unreal. The rocket man. The heritage cover speech to say our racists monuments will go nowhere. The pausing for applause that never came, again and again.
    So he knows he and his will survive in a bunker and have the freedom of retaliation. What about the rest of us billions spanning continents?! This isn’t some school yard bravado you tool!
    Going to breathe in a paper bag. Sorry for the rant, SAHM with only a 4yr old and farting dog to vent to lol.

  27. M. says:

    I don’t blame him for not wanting secret service around all the time…I wouldn’t either (especially if I was up to no good) 😝

  28. Heidi says:

    Totally off topic, but cute and competent Emmanuel Macron is STILL my favorite:

    Remember when Hairspray in Chief was in Paris for Bastille Day and watched the military parade on the Champs-Elysées? Apparently, the ensuing rumors were all too true. In a meeting at the sidelines of the UN, Trump now told his host that he liked all the “military might, different wars and different uniforms” and he wants the same thing on July 4th down Pennsylvania Avenue. Macron almost fell off his chair with laughter.

    Trump is talking about weapons like a 5-year-old. Does he even realise what war really means? The good news is: Organising this must be a major pain in the ass if you have never done it before – the Pentagon simply won’t have the manpower to also “totally destroy North Korea.” Maybe that WAS Macron’s plan all along? The man really IS a genius.

    • jwoolman says:

      Trump wanted a military parade with tanks and missiles Moscow-style for his inauguration. The Pentagon told him the roads weren’t built for it and they would do a lot of damage. I hope they get out of it that way again. Maybe tell him it would take a year’s planning for any of it, and by then hopefully he will be in exile, playing golf in Dubai.

      Trump is such a child, playing with toy soldiers. He’s never experienced war himself and doesn’t have the imagination to understand what it’s about. He really thinks it makes sense to threaten to annihilate North Korea in front of the United Nations.

      • Heidi says:

        Dubai! Yes! Best exile ever, soooo much better than Switzerland. Golf courses, lots of other rich and shady people, sunshine, a new skyscraper every week, shopping malls for Melania, real estate opportunities for the kids to play with and best of all – if you molest a woman and she is dumb enough to go to the police – SHE goes to jail for adultery! PERFECTION!

        Does anyone know if Dubai does extradite people to The Hague?

  29. Jessica says:

    I’m hoping this is the beginning of the end; this is definitely unusual post-JFK.

  30. why? says:

    The GOP, WH press reporters, and King of Lies and Fake News and his family have turned this country into a massive joke.

  31. raincoaster says:

    GREAT! Can we get the rest of the family to do the same thing?