Did Tom Brady avoid visiting the White House because he banged Ivanka Trump?

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Tom Brady openly supported Donald Trump during the 2016 election. He didn’t go to any Trump rallies or anything, but Brady proudly kept a red “Make America Great Again” hat in his locker, in full view of reporters. Brady also refused to say one bad word against his friend Bigly, and instead said many words about how he didn’t get why their friendship was a “big deal.” Tom is a “positive person,” you see. He was such a positive person, he had no idea what was going on with anything involving Trump. Brady and Trump really did have a relationship/friendship for years before Bigly ever decided to run for president, for what that’s worth. So maybe that’s why Trump was a little bit butthurt when his buddy Tom Brady didn’t go the White House for a visit after the Patriots won the Super Bowl. Many believed that Brady’s wife, Gisele Bundchen, stopped Brady from going. But what if there was another reason? The Mooch has a theory!

Anthony ‘The Mooch’ Scaramucci mused that Patriots quarterback Tom Brady skipped out of the White House visit because he may have had a relationship with Ivanka Trump. In the coyest manner, the Mooch implied while guest hosting TMZ Live on Monday that Gisele Bündchen may have encouraged her husband not to visit.

The former White House communication director said Gisele may have been possessive: ‘My guess is, which is typical, there could be a little bit of jealousy there and protection and possession of Tom Brady, and she probably didn’t want him to go. Maybe there was a relationship between him and Ivanka at some point. Maybe it was someone else, I don’t know.’

Brady said he couldn’t make the traditional Superbowl champion White House visit citing ‘personal family matters.’ He was spotted with a Make America Great Again hat in the Patriots locker room and has admitted to being friends with President Trump in the past. Gisele, however, claimed the couple did not vote for Trump in response to an Instagram comment. Trump has praised Brady and the Patriots on Twitter and is close with the team’s owner Robert Kraft. Brady was among several Patriots players who skipped the traditional visit.

A source told TMZ that Ivanka and Brady never dated, but they have known each other for years. Ivanka and Brady have been married to their respective spouses since 2009. Scaramucci’s second wife filed for divorce from the banker in July shortly after his 10-day run at the White House.

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Yeah, the timeline is what doesn’t make sense here. I would be willing to go along with the idea that Tom Brady and Ivanka Trump could have hooked up IN THEORY, but in reality… when would they have had the time? Tom sort of overlapped relationships with Bridget Moynahan and Gisele, and he basically hasn’t been single in a dozen years. If Ivanka and Tom did date, when did it happen? Like, 2002? That’s possible, actually, when I think about it. Ivanka would have been in her early 20s, Tom was in his mid-20s (he’s just five years older than Ivanka) and so… yeah, maybe they did hook up. Who knows? But that’s not why Brady refused to visit the White House. He didn’t go because Gisele understands that Trump is deplorable.

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  1. Alix says:

    I think the Mooch will say anything to stay in the news.

    • Laura says:


    • lucy2 says:

      Brady’s dopey “I just want everyone to be friends” support of Dump is disgusting though.

    • Parigo says:

      Lying liars lie. He says “maybe” which means he’s just pulling this story out of his ass. No fan of Ivanka or Tom’s, but c’mon people, Mooch is just making this up.

    • Indiana Joanna says:

      Mooch has a veneer of respectability because of his much mentioned Harvard Law degree, but it will never be enough to erase the fact that he’s a despicable, revolting, pathetic monster.

  2. Alex says:

    lol ew

  3. Jerusha says:

    Yeah, sure Gisele is jealous of Plastic Barbie. Right. That’s probably the most ridiculous part of that statement.

  4. Rapunzel says:

    I buy Ivanka and Brady hooked up. Brady’s voice is almost as squeaky as Jared’s.

    • PunkyMomma says:

      I agree. Brady seems to favor strong women — ‘could totally see Ivanka whispering sweet nothings in his ear.

      • Kitten says:

        LOL Ivanka is a “strong woman” now? Do tell…..

      • PunkyMomma says:

        Kitten — Brady has always struck me as a pushover. Giselle wears the pants in that family. It wouldn’t surprise me if Brady looked upon Invanka as a strong woman. JMHO.

      • Kitten says:

        ….the woman who can’t even stand up to her own father?
        I don’t think “strong” is an adjective I would use to describe White House Barbie but jmo.

      • Another Anne says:

        Hmm. Complicit Barbie isn’t a strong woman, just a manipulative one.

    • Kitten says:

      Meh. I could believe that they briefly dated back in the day, when Trump was always talking about the Pats and how much he loved Brady. I wouldn’t even be surprised if Trump tried to set them up.

      But I don’t believe for two seconds that he’s had anything to do with Ivanka since he married Gisele. Also, I highly doubt Gisele is insecure about Ivanka LOL.

      • Christin says:

        Several months ago, I read that (allegedly) Daddy tried to encourage the two to date years ago. But it sounded like Tom politely passed on the offer (and I believe that).

        That coupling would have helped the orange family far more than Tom.

      • Kitten says:

        I always kind of suspected that, based purely on Orange’s strange obsession with Brady.

      • Another Anne says:

        I could totally see Trump lusting after the idea of having TB12 for a son-in-law.

      • Planet Earth says:

        Brady is everything that Trumps wants to be or who Trump believes he had been when he was younger. Brady is probably the kind of son that Trump would go for if he could have bought one.

        – sporty
        – attractive
        – successfull with money and the ladies
        – not over-educated

      • noway says:

        @Planet Earth you are so right! The only other person Trump has such a hard on for is Putin. I never thought much of Tom’s Trump love. I just think Tom is dumb, and he did vote the way Giselle told him too.

      • magnoliarose says:

        TB likes exceptional beauty and she ain’t. Never in a million years would that have happened. You are very generous. lol

  5. jferber says:

    God bless the Mooch for suggesting this. He is my new go-to guy. May he never go away.

  6. Serene Wolf says:

    Haha great pic!

  7. TheOtherOne says:

    Please let this be true that Precious Ivanka had an affair. I mean Brady was part of the Affleck nanny scandal. I would love to see an angry Jared if this affair is believed to be true in the public eye. A scorned Jared would have even more incentive to flip. Do it for your pride and your country, Jared, flip!

    • M. says:

      Pretty sure this would’ve been before she was with Jared

      • TheOtherOne says:

        Do you think Ivanka is incapable of having an affair? We saw how she lusted after Justin Trudeau and then took a spontaneous vacation to Canada after meeting him.

      • M. says:

        @theotherone. I was just saying that if it happened, it most likely would have been before she was with Jared. I’m sure she’s capable of having an affair, as most people are. But for what it’s worth, this came from a guy who calls himself the mooch and he said it on tmz…I highly doubt he knows shit all and was just saying it for something to say.

      • Planet Earth says:

        With regards to social standing Trudeau does eclipse Brady and therefore Trudeau is more attractive to the Evil Princess.

    • Kitten says:

      …and when exactly would that affair have happened? He plays football for most of the year when he’s not with Giselle and his children. So he was..jetting from Boston to NYC every weekend to bang Ivanka during the off-season? Yeah, somehow I don’t think Gisele would let that slide…

      Also, it’s just incredibly tacky for anyone to suggest that he was banging Ivanka while he was spending time with his cancer-stricken mother.

      Seriously people, this is a guy who sold his soul to lie for a living and now he’s milking his 15 minutes. Let’s not stop using our heads just because the accusation is leveled against Tom Brady and it’s fun to hate him.

      • Another Anne says:

        Let’s also not forget that this is a guy who missed his child’s birth, and is now demanding a paternity test because his wife (understandably) filed for divorce. He’s scum through and through.

      • Kitten says:

        He is complete and utter trash. We have written peopleoff around here for far, FAR less than what this dude has done.

  8. Reef says:

    Let me get comfortable in these comments. This post feels spicy.

  9. Lightpurple says:

    Oh, Mooch, Mooch, Mooch. Keep trying to keep your name in the news. Pretty well documented that Brady attended a family event celebrating his sick mom that day. But sure, Ivanka.

    • Kitten says:

      Thank you. This thread already wants to make me tear my hair out.

      These are the same people who were freaking out about Spicer being given a slot on the Emmy’s. Now they’re all celebrating and lauding Mooch because I guess he’s so much better? SMDH..

      • Lightpurple says:

        It was the parents wedding anniversary other birthday or something and the whole family was bombarding Instagram with pictures. Mooch just wants to keep his name in the news and he doesn’t care who he pulls into this mess. As for Brady, he probably did encounter Princess Nagini at some events but before there was Giselle, there was Bridget and before Bridget, there was Tara. Not much time for more than a one night stand with Ivanka, which is also about as much time as that hat stayed in that locker room after Trump delivered them to the whole team. BTW Brady supports Colin Kaepernick.

      • Kitten says:

        Even a one-night stand though..I don’t know, I just don’t see Princess Nagini going for that. She wants the full public courtship or nothing.

        I was so happy when he came out in support of Kaep but it would be even better if he would kneel…doubt we’ll ever see that happen, though.

      • Sadezilla says:

        ITA, everyone should ignore Scary Mooch and Spicer, they’re gross enablers of a horrid regime. And Scary Mooch is an attention hog on top of it. Don’t give him what he wants!

        I strongly dislike Brady, but people are enabling the mess that is Scaramucci.

      • Kitten says:

        Totally ok to hate Brady, Sadezilla, but totally NOT ok to gush over any asswipe that willingly worked for 45.

      • Mermaid says:

        I totally understand why you feel this way and you are right!!! But there is a small part of me that is grateful to Mooch for putting that visual of Steve Bannon out that he did. I loathe Bannon as much as Trump. So there’s that. He’s a horrible person but he gives great gossip. But you are right we shouldn’t normalize.

      • Lightpurple says:

        Devin McCourty has been the leader of protests on the Patriots. Devin has family in military & law enforcement and he talked to them about what he would do. Other players like Hightower & Cheung have followed Devin. They protest at every game in some way but it is much more subtle. I think Brady would defer to Devin. Those guys all have tremendous respect for one another.

  10. jferber says:

    Somehow I read in “Melania” instead of “Ivanka.” I like that twist better, way better. Please let that be true, or at least let people believe it to be true, which is now the same thing in our effed up country. It’s true!!!!

  11. QueenB says:

    Why did he hang out with Trump before then? Doesnt make sense.

  12. Skylark says:

    LOL @ that header pic. Dumb and Dumber.

  13. Anastasia Beaverhausen says:

    The Mooch is giving me life here! I don’t really believe this but it’s just fun to speculate.

  14. Tiffany says:

    You know what Mooch, I will give you this one. I can get on this theory bandwagon. Precious Aryan was always looking for the upgrade and maybe had a sense of self awareness that she was seen as a joke and it will never happen for her. She settled for that dude she’s with now.

  15. Nancy says:

    They may have had a relationship and/or he definitely banged her. Daddy said it was okay but he was jelly.

  16. CharlieBouquet says:

    Dude, the Mooch is on the View Friday and I cannot wait to watch lol.

  17. happyoften says:

    The mooch is a gift that refuses to stop giving. Hilarious if true, even funnier if it isn’t.

  18. CharlieBouquet says:

    Right PunkyMomma rofl. I can’t wait, although sorry Queen Whoopie won’t be there.

  19. detritus says:

    Hey Princess Nagini, no number of rumors on how Lurch the QB gave you a quicky will make people think you are f*ckable again. I know this is super important to you and your dad, but girl, that ship has sailed.

  20. Electric Tuba says:

    Moochies mom asked for a paternity test when he was born. She wanted to make sure he was definitely hers.

  21. Planet Earth says:

    Any association with the Trump clan can harm the Brady-Bundchen brand: they sell lots of products to people who dislike Trump.

    I doubt Ivanka would sleep with Brady: she prefers old money guys as old-money as she can get her hands on. She tried to date a rich old-moneyed guys but that didn’t work that well so she had to settle for Kushner – kind of established but not really old money, is he? Kind of little bit educated but not really, is he?

  22. dumbledork says:

    Has it ever been proven that Brady was a trump supporter? I get the feeling he’s the guy everyone loves to hate now. Maybe rightfully so, not sure. And while the Mooch might be good entertainment, look at who his previous boss was. Guy is a major douchebag.

    • Lightpurple says:

      No. He has made it a point since he started that he would not endorse a politician or discuss politics after Bush used him at a State of the Union address when he won his First Super Bowl. Trump, Romney & Kerry all tried to get endorsements. The hat was delivered to the locker room with hats for the whole team & it was only there a limited time.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Gisele made it clear they weren’t supporters. Strongly.

      • Matador says:

        Baloney. Brady was openly a Trump supporter. Do you know many people who had “MAGA” hats who weren’t?

        Brady, Belichick and Kraft all made their affection for the Orange One clear. Shame, because all of New England roundly rejected Hair Führer, yet are stuck with the rest of the country being under the impression that the Patriots are a “Trump team” because of those three fools.

  23. adastraperaspera says:

    Brady judged Trump’s 2002 Miss USA Pageant. Then, the Daily Beast reported in 2016 that:

    “Trump even went as far as offering up his own daughter, Ivanka, to Brady on Howard Stern’s radio show, telling the host he tried to talk her up to Brady during the Miss USA pageant. When asked about the Stern comments in a 2004 interview with Playboy, Trump replied: “I think he’s a great character. I got to know him when he was a judge at a jitterbug contest I entered after the Patriots won the Super Bowl,” said Trump. “He’s a winner, and by that I mean every time he needs to make the pass he makes it. You have other guys in the NFL and in life who have all the equipment but don’t make the pass. I think Tom’s a great guy, and I think he and Ivanka would make a great combination.”

    After his first Superbowl win in 2001, Brady dated a Playboy Playmate and played the field. Around 2004 he started dating Bridget Moynahan. Gisele in 2006.

  24. Bela Mac says:

    I’m brazillian and it was a uproar there when the media found out that Brady supported Trump. Gisele’s principal income comes from Brazil, she is like a superstar there. It was hurting her “brand”. Not only Don said bad things about Latinos and women ( her main target market) but she is an environment advocate and Trumps is a climate change denier. It quickly spread that she was going to vote for Trump too, people only know Brady as “Giseles husband” so they were not willing to give him a pass. She makes more money than him and he was already burnt with that Afflecks nanny debacle. I’m absolutely sure she is the one that didn’t let him go. Not excluding that something could have happened between Brady and Ivanka, although I don’t think she was her “type”.

  25. Andy L says:

    Saying Giselle put the kibosh on the visit because “she understands Trump is deplorable,” is being generous in my opinion. I HOPE that’s truly the case, but after the backlash Brady received for showing his support, Giselle straight up said she told Tom to “stop talking about politics.” So I just feel/felt that Giselle was far more concerned with their reputations than she was with ethics and morality.

  26. SoulSPA says:

    Dear Kaiser and Celebitchy, I wish to thank you for the title of this article. It was the first thing that caught my attention when visiting the website. After 10 hours of travel today, it really made me laugh and made my night too. Thank you!!!!

  27. Sansa says:

    He has much higher standards imho

  28. Nibbi says:

    Trump’s HAIR from the side
    Good God, ew
    still haven’t gotten used to this man or having to see his grossness all the time or the idea of him ‘leading’ the country