Angelina Jolie’s ‘First They Killed’ will be eligible for the Best Foreign Film Oscar

Angelina Jolie signs things for fans after her Q and A at the Academy of Motion Arts

Angelina Jolie’s latest film, First They Killed My Father, debuted on Netflix over the weekend. Over the past few years, the rules have been smudged a little bit when it comes to streaming-service films and their eligibility for film awards. I think the current rule is that a streaming-service film can be considered for Golden Globes, SAGs, Oscars, etc, but only if there’s some kind of limited-release in actual brick-and-mortar theaters. I believe Netflix did something similar for the Oscar campaign around Beasts of No Nation – they spent the money to do a very limited theatrical release, but they were mostly focused on the streaming. I would imagine they’re doing the same thing for FTKMF. And now we know that Cambodia’s Oscar Selection Committee has chosen Jolie’s film to be their candidate for the Best Foreign Film Oscar category.

It’s official: Angelina Jolie’s fourth film as a director, First They Killed My Father, is Cambodia’s submission for the best foreign-language film Oscar at the 90th Academy Awards.

“This means a great deal to all of us involved in making the film,” Jolie said in a statement in response to the news. “To work with local artists to bring this story forward has been a moving and humbling experience,” she added.

First They Killed My Father, was fully financed and produced by Netflix. The film is an adaptation of a memoir by Cambodian writer Loung Ung about her childhood experience of surviving the atrocities of the Khmer Rouge genocide. Untrained child actor Sareum Srey Moch has won rave reviews for her portrayal of the lead.

The Cambodia Oscar Selection Committee announced its pick Monday, saying: “First They Killed My Father explores a tragic period of history through the eyes of a child. Dialogue is at a minimum and it works well with the story told through intense cinematic images. Committee members as well as the Khmer community found the film to be cathartic, as it brought back memories often best forgotten.”

First They Killed My Father is currently screening theatrically at all major cinemas in Cambodia. Despite Netflix’s notoriety for eschewing the big screen, it’s understood that Jolie, who holds dual citizenship with Cambodia and adopted one of her children from there, felt it was important that the movie be made widely available in the country. “We’re making this first and foremost for Cambodia,” she said during the film’s U.S. premiere at Telluride last week.

The movie is also co-produced by Cambodian auteur and past Oscar nominee Rithy Panh (The Missing Picture), whose Phnom Penh-based company Bophana Production supplied production services to the project. The Missing Picture is the only Cambodian film ever be nominated for the foreign-language Oscar.

[From THR]

I pay attention to the foreign-film race when it starts heating up in January of any given year. The actual Oscar campaigning for the foreign-film categories largely fly under the radar, and let’s be honest: most of the campaigns hinge on a big name or a groundbreaking performance to get through. In years past, European films have largely dominated, although Spanish-language and Farsi-language films have been making significant inroads. I’m saying that I don’t really know what to expect here – my guess is that the film could end up with a nomination, but I doubt it would win.

'First They Killed My Father' - Premiere - Arrivals

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  1. Maya says:

    Congratulations to Angelina and the whole team.

    The movie is getting rave reviews from both the critics and the public.

    If it gets the nomination then great, if it wins then even better.

    I am really really want Angelina to get a nomination for Best Director, that will make those haters explode…

    • LadyT says:

      Angelina definitely has what you are calling haters. I hope you also understand that some people don’t like specific things Jolie has said and done but can be happy for her concerning the praise her movie is getting. It’s not all or none for me anyway.

    • Oshin says:

      I watched it 2 times and it is really good, emotional. Cried when her sister was ill and her mother visited her. Heartbreaking .

    • Felicia says:

      The film is getting “measured reviews”, not rave reviews. This is a better effort than her past films as a director, but most of the reviews point out the good, followed by the “but”… concerning the weaknesses.

      I understand there are “superfans” here but what I don’t understand is the over-hyping. This effort is, from what I’ve read, better than what she’s done before, so she’s evolving as a director in the right direction. But the available feedback online does not point to “Oscar winning” material.

      What is the point of taking what is her to-date, best effort and setting it up for failure? In light of what she’s done before, it’s not one and it compares well to her past work, at least according to reviews. In light of the other submissions, also according to reviews, she’s closer to the beginning of the learning curve than her competition. Which is perfectly normal.

      • Casey says:

        It’s just speculation. The fans here didn’t create this topic or publish it. It’s about a well reviewed film being put into contention by the country of origin. If you don’t like that, take it up with Cambodia. But to attack her fans for speculating and being happy for her.

        Her last wide releasing film, Unbroken, was nominated for 3 Oscars. Won a SAG for action sequences, won the AFI movie of the Year, was nominated for Critic’s Choice Awards (Best director, Best Picture, Best adapted screenplay arm best cinematography) and her actors won and were nominated for tons of awards.

        That says a lot for what was essentially only her sophomore effort at the time.

        It seems some women are really eager to toss Angelina in the trash heap because she wasn’t Martin Scorcese or Katherine Bigelow out of the gate. The bar, is tremendously and stratospherically high for women like Angelina. She reminds me of how women treat Hillary Clinton. Basically as a threat to be stamped out. Not encouraged and believed in. It’s quite appalling, sad and pathetic in my opinion.

      • Maya says:

        Sorry but I have read some very good rave reviews.

      • LadyT says:

        I looked at IMDb where they break down the scores given. 299 viewers gave this movie a “10 out of 10.” 62 viewers gave this movie a “1 out 10.” This movie is not on par with the greatest movie ever made nor is it the worst movie ever made IMO. I don’t really have a point other than Jolie sure is polarizing.

      • Sasha says:

        You don’t have to be a ‘super fan’, not even a fan, for that matter, to take up for a woman who many other women gleefully tear apart whenever the opportunity arises.
        I, also, would love to see Angelina win the Oscar.

      • Narak says:

        Peter Bradshaw of Guardian U.K. called it “genuine artistry” gave it four stars and an excellent review with no “buts.” I’m looking forward to seeing it.

      • Paige says:

        Lady T
        How many of the 1 out 10 scores were made before the film was released? I ask because sometimes people rate a movie before it is released. Like how can you rate a movie that you haven’t watched? Makes no sense. I understand giving it a low score if the film is crap. But, that’s the way things work on the internet for albums, movies, and television shows.

      • LadyT says:

        I don’t know any more about IMBd than you do. I thought the numbers were relevant and interesting though when people are talking about superfans and haters so I posted them. As of right now 307 give it a “10 out of 10″ and 63 gave it a “1 out of 10.” Like I said above Jolie sure is polarizing. That’s it. I personally thought the movie was good, 6, with very good cinematography.

      • magnoliarose says:


        The NYT did like it and they are notoriously hard to please. Even the not fresh reviews aren’t terrible.

        Even if you don’t like her don’t make up stuff that isn’t true.

  2. Cleo says:

    Well, everyone keeps saying she held Brad back so it would be pretty hilarious if her first (?) post brad film got an Oscar nomination.

    Might actually have to blame a dude for his own career failings.

    • Maya says:

      I personally don’t think anyone held anyone back. In fact I think Brad enhanced Angelina and vice versa. They both made some amazing movies acting, directing and producing the last 12 years or so.

      It’s just a shame that Brad’s alcohol addiction won in the end and his behaviour/personality changed and a wonderful family of 8 was broken.

      • Honey says:

        Maya, it is sad when a family ends up breaking, but it’s not like Angie didn’t know that Brad had a drinking problem. He’s been an alcoholic since he was in his 20s, but she loved him enough to have a huge family together with him. Are you an Angie fan who loved and adored them as a couple, claiming that they were perfect and he was the best father and husband in the world, but since they split, Brad is the evil devil? Angie managed to get her heroin addiction under control, hope Brad can do the same with his addiction to alcohol

      • Maya says:

        No – I am not one of those people who claims Brad is a bad father or is evil. I only had / have issues with how he chose him image over his wife and children. He had his PR people attack Angelina and more importantly, he never put a stop to the media who attacked Angelina and their son. He never stood up for Angelina and Maddox.

        Alcohol is an illness and I think while Brad was under control during early years of their relationship, he became full blown alcoholic last few years. With her health issues, he might have worried losing her and turned to alcohol to ease the worry.

        Maybe the divorce was the push he needed and he has become sober. Hope for his children’s sake that he got rid of the addiction and will again become the father he was too them.

      • Casey says:


        If Brad hadn’t admitted to his alcoholism (maybe he has since in therapy, but he certainly did not say the word ‘alcoholic’ in those interviews – though he’s certainly implied a longtime relationship to alcohol and substances) why would you think Angelina would come to that conclusion before Brad himself?

        You make it sound like she saw him at an AA meeting Jenshindig. and started having babies.

        No one is criticizing Goopyth or Aniston for getting with Brad despite being an alcoholic, as you say. Could it be that like Angelina, until Brad began to exhibit certain behaviors or it caught up with him due to age ect, they may not have assumed he had a problem?

        Lastly, no one reading Maya’s post would come up away with Brad being an “evil devil,” they would read she views him much as you do, a man with an addiction who needs help.

        So I see no reason for your passive aggressive shade thrown at the then adolescent Angelina facing down demons 20+ years ago (cutting, drug use, etc) that she herself told you and the world about first. It’s weird how some women still try to shame Angelina with the information she imparted and talked about first, that you might not know about if not for her. Lol

        They did it with the jenny shimizu relationship too. They do it with her preventative cancer surgeries. they do it with her divorce filing. It’s sad how you think she cares and is shamed when her challenges as a kid and young woman and woman have empowered her andmade her the woman she is today.

        Let’s support each other. Stop the shade

    • Casey says:

      That’s interesting @Cleo.

      Having been around a while following both of them in the media and press from before and during the Brangelina era, I had never ever heard AJ held Brad back. I always heard and read that it was to the contrary, in a mega way. Even Brad said this and most everyone agreed she lit a fire under him. Lol

      In fact, both Brad and Brad’s 1st person ink at the time credited his being in love, becoming a father and having a family as the motivating factor behind not only his then new-ish work ethic, his inspiration for material, and his subsequent Oscar nods and Oscar wins he would collect while with Angelina.

      At one point both he and Angelina were on red carpets for nominations almost every year, like clockwork. Since the very start of their relationship – it started with Babel for him, and A Mighty Heart for her and it mostly didn’t stop. It culminated in BOTH of them being nominated the same year for Best Actor (Button) and Best Actress Oscars (Changeling) and it continued from there.

      Brad seemed to be at his most productive in life. Literally and figuratively, lol. He even got in trouble for contrasting his on fire career and humanitarianism with Angelina to his boredom do-nothingness with Aniston. Aniston and her power PR proceeded to have a fit at his description of his own life while with her and Brad apologized. jA fans still trash him about it.

      So yea. Let’s not revise history.

      • Cleo says:

        You really have never heard anyone say anything about her ruining his career…especially after the beyond the sea movie?
        Damn, you’re lucky! I think I might just have a really sexist family and work environment…

      • Casey says:

        @Cleo let’s kill the disingenuousness, and try to be honest and consistent: in your first post you said that ‘ppl said Angelina held him back.’ You didn’t get specific.

        I took it as you intended, in a general wide encompassing sense and reflected back on his achievements in film and as a humanitarian while with Angelina. i pointed out that your suggestion has never ever been consensus, and that to the contrary that most people agreed that Angelina and family inspired Brad to be better and do his best work. Whether it was film, travel, flying planes, producing. He said it and the press said it. That’s a general statement and inference about what Brad was able to achieve while with Angelina over the last 12-13 years. Basically, hella TONS.

        Obviously, I’m not talking about one little art house flick (By the Sea, not Beyond the Sea) that released in 12 theaters that Angelina directed not long ago in 2015. It was clear to me you weren’t talking about that either.

        Since you’ve now changed course and want to NOW claim you were referring to just one movie, By the Sea, and questioning whether this intimate indie done w/his wife has “ruined the career,” of this successful iconic 53 yo Oscar winner and producing power house…

        I’d again say, NO…and my evidence would be: his Plan B film Moonlight, which won the Best Picture Oscar for 2017. That’s career defining. Not career ending or holding anyone back.

        This could be seen as evidence after the fact that all point to him achieving mega accolades STILL while with Angelina, so it’s a big fat ‘No,’ for your first general premise (holding him back) and for your new bizarro second premise (career ruined).

        His weird Chanel commercial that everyone ridiculed did more damage.

        Which again was not much.

      • Cleo says:

        Okay you’re right. There was no sexism ever targeting her and excusing brad. I made it up.

        I don’t think she held him back. Some people say she did. Read a comment section at People. I think theyre jerks for sayin g that. Im tired of women being blamed whenever men dont suceed.

        You’re embarrassed because you misread my comment. Instead of acknowledging that you were wrong you pulled a Trump and started gaslighting me.

        Sit down.

      • Casey says:


        You’re making it worse.

        First, start with looking up ‘gaslighting, ‘ – what you’re doing now is the textbook definition of it.

        You start out proclaiming, ‘people say she held him back,’ then reverse course say you meant to say that ‘people say she ruined his career.’

        I point out that the consensus is, and has always been by most people that Brad’s achievements and career have been going gangbusters from the moment they got together until the 2017 Oscars when his Plan B won Best Picture.

        What do you do- attack me, and say I misread your post. Lolol

        That’s the definition of gaslighting dear.

        Just own your own nonsense.

      • Honey says:

        Casey, we all have our own opinions, not everyone always feels the same. This article was about a movie star, not anything life or death serious for any of us. I’m not a child, don’t right novel length lectures to everyone who doesn’t feel the same about a movie star as you. There’s lots of more important situations these days. Read some Trump articles here, comment, and have an intelligent conversation with the rest of us. That’s more important than opinions of the Jolie-Pitts

    • KB says:

      I thought it was common knowledge they made each other better? They both started starring in respectable films after they got together. Before they both had plenty of flops and disasters.

      • Casey says:

        Except that’s not true either @KB

        Angelina had been critically acclaimed by legendary critics like Pauline Kael likening her performances in Gia and Girl Interrupted to Brando, and she had been nominated and won a slew of awards, including Oscar, way before she even met Brad. He at 12 yrs older, was already an icon after movies like Thelma&Louise, Seven, Fight Club & Snatch and had been Oscar nominated himself.

        It’s one of the things that made Brad’s tv sitcom ensemble player ex wife want to curl up in a ball, how everyone would always say Brad and Angie were so suitably matched in beauty and career as movie stars.

      • KB says:

        Yes. And they both had plenty of flops and disasters. They stopped signing on for movies like Original Sin and The Devil’s Own and traded them in for films like A Mighty Heart and Babel.

      • Casey says:


        I didn’t say they had no flops and disasters, i took issue with this line from your post and corrected the misperception.

        You said: “They both started starring in respectable films after they got together.”

        I corrected the inference that their respectable film careers started AFTER they hooked up, as if their acclaimed Oscar winning and Oscar nominated (along w/loads of other esteemed hardware) careers filled with accolades *pre-Brangelina* never happened.

        It was incorrect.

        Why do you have a problem with me staying the obvious and correcting what you posted? If you didn’t mean to imply they were bums just say that.

        But changing the subject as if to say I disagreed that they had flops is silly. You know I wasn’t saying that.

        Every actor has flops. j.Law the IT woman, is 2 for 2 with the duds, Passengers and Mother.

    • LadyT says:

      Everyone should read about “right fighting.” It’s a very interesting concept and might save you some aggravation.

      • Andi says:

        What’s exhausting are the people here who predictably gangup and mean girl together.

        Are you that threatened by Angelina fans who correct the record or take issue with wrong info?

        Do you @ladyT or you @whatwhat have a problem with a fan telling the truth – that both Brad and Angelina were respectable movie stars before they got together? If you do, then address that. The nasty asides don’t help to reduce the ‘exhaustion.’

        Why get riled up when someone (an Angelina supporter) very ably corrects the record or speaks the truth on a topic? When you guys predictably weigh in with a snipe and personal diss you just reduce it to 8th grade squabbling.

        Please grow up. You seem hypocritical talking about ‘right fighting,’ and proclaiming posts are exhausting. Aren’t you just complicating things by interjecting your own personal swipes?

      • Savasana Lotus says:

        Casey. do something you love. Smell the flowers, give yourself a hug. I think people have gotten your point. It’s coming across as projection and someone a little too invested in Angelina.

      • whatWHAT? says:

        who is “ganging up” or “meangirling”? all I did was agree with LadyT…it IS exhausting, Andi/Casey/almondmilk. (PS – you’re not fooling anyone.)

        I’m not “threatened” by anyone on this board, esp by posters like you. I’m not arguing your “correcting” the record, simply acknowledging LadyT’s accurate application of “right fighting”. the extent you go to to defend this person that you DO NOT KNOW is fascinating. and yes, exhausting.

        let it go. as Savasana suggested, go smell the flowers and don’t worry so much about someone you don’t know posting something about a celebrity you don’t know.

  3. Andrea1 says:

    My God her face in that header picture is crazily beautiful! Damn
    I finally got to watch FTKMF and its heart wrenching it was a well done movie kudos to all involved!

  4. Jker says:

    It’s a good movie. I didn’t understand a single word and I was riveted throughout. When the dad says goodbye before being escorted from his hut to the dense brush where hes killed, I found myself pulling knees to chest and marveling at the performance of the family.

    The violence is horrifying and measured without being graphic or gratuitous. From eating bugs to bridled Brahmas, you think you can taste the grasshoppers, feel the oppresive sticky heat, and feel the rough hewn clothes of the jungle scenes – all to say nothing of the emotional gut punches every 20min or so.

    Really worth the watch, I recommend.

  5. Ophelia says:

    First, I want to say that it turned out to be a solid movie (yes I watched it and cried to it). A bit cliched ending, but it must be something important to Luong Ung to have it added.

    Yet, I find myself asking: is it worth emotionally manipulating and exploiting (if not abusing) her actors to get to this point? Darren Arronofsky was panned for his abusive directorial styles and his actors are grown ups and not exactly powerless. Angelina’s actors don’t have the privilege that DA’s actors do.

    • Maya says:

      It was a scene in the movie and book and the children were all aware that it was a pretend exercise.

      I find it ironic how people here still claim that Angelina exploited the children when there were several therapists, representatives from various NGOs, people from Human Rights Watch and over 1000 Cambodians involved in the whole process and not a single person claimed that the children were abused.

      Are those people lying? If so please tell me why therapists, Human Rights workers and the Cambodian people will lie or cover up something like that.

      • awholenewworld says:

        Maya, how did you meet Angie and Brad? I am so curious! I have never really known anyone that personally knows an A-list celebrity let alone two of them. I find you absolutely fascinating.

      • Maya says:

        Where do I claim to know them? Like everyone else here, I read their interviews, watched their movies and formed my opinion according to that.

        But I have met Angelina through UNHCR and she did not disappoint me. She was lovely towards everyone at that meeting.

        There are few celebs I follow and admire and she just happens to be one. So far, she has done nothing that has made me lose respect for her.

      • Honey says:

        awholenewworld, I’m always wondering how Maya seems to know every single fact about the Jolie-Pitt family. She must be a close friend or family member to actually know so much. Some of it she insists she knows as a fact, like what really did happen on the plane. That’s something that would only truly be known by a person close to them, not just a regular fan or admirer. I’m a fan of several actors and actresses, but I don’t know 100% of their private lives like Maya seems to know about the Jolie-Pitts. Nothing wrong with being a huge fan like Maya, but she tends to be a little too overprotective if anyone isn’t 100% positive about Jolie

      • awholenewworld says:

        @Maya, I just assumed you knew them. I can’t imagine you would go to such lengths to talk about/defend someone that you didn’t know. You just seem very invested in Angelina, that’s all. I’m sure you can understand why I would assume you know her very well. So, you don’t know her personally?

    • KB says:

      @Ophelia Are you talking about it showing the siblings as adults? It was cheesy but I cried lol

  6. Felicia says:

    Not to be a buzzkill here, because I haven’t seen the film, but there is kind of a large degree of cultural appropriation going on in all of this that rubs the wrong way.

    • joanne says:

      how is there cultural appropriation of Cambodia in a film about Cambodia?

      • Felicia says:

        I have no idea how many native Cambodians made films that were eligible this year. And I completely understand that Cambodia wants to elevate their film making industry and their country. But AJ, even if she has a Cambodian passport, is representing a country that she is not a part of culturally, no matter how much she might love the place.

        Clooney gets flack for Suburicon and attempting to “tell the story” about black Americans in a white suburb in the US. He might be American but he’s not black, so it’s “cultural appropriation”.

        The argument there is that there are African-American directors who can tell the same story (maybe better, maybe not so well) and Clooney shouldn’t be the person “telling the story” because he’s white.

        Substitute “native Cambodian directors” for “African American” and “Jolie” for “Clooney” in the above paragraph, and you’ll understand my point.

    • emma33 says:

      Why do you think it’s cultural appropriation? Genuine question. Is it because Angie is front and centre in all the publicity?

    • Casey says:

      A film about Cambodia, written by a Cambodian, in Cambodia and starting Cambodians, directed by a woman who lives in Cambodia, has a Cambodian son and is a citizen of Cambodia. Unless you yourself are Cambodian,some might think it’s cultural appropriation for you to weigh in on cultural appropriation of a group you don’t belong to.That it’s a kind of privilege that you’re expressing.

      I don’t go around telling native Americans what they’re supposed to take issue with.
      They need to do that.

      Reminds me of a time when a neighbor thought her black neighbor (my cousin) would be upset because her kid wanted to be his favorite musician Prince for Halloween.

      This is getting ridiculous.

  7. B n A fn says:

    Why would seek out a thread and waste your time to leave a comment saying “boring”. Hope you have something better to do than trolling Angelina’s thread.

  8. Flipper says:

    Her face looks weird in the first photo.

  9. Sara says:

    I haven’t seen it yet looking forward to . I am really happy for her hope she makes it to the Oscars , the movie got 86 on rotten tomatoes .
    Btw Anne Thompson wrote a great pice about Angie and her movie
    “Angelina Jolie Still Breaks the Rules”

  10. CC says:

    Well, first it has to survive the initial cut to the shortlist. The members of the Foreign Film Branch are unlikely to be swayed by her name.

    • lower-case deb says:

      they might sell it under Rithy Panh’s name… i read somewhere that his “Missing Pictures” film was nominated for the same category a while ago?

      • Maya says:

        Cambodia indicated only 5 movies to be elected to the Oscar 2 of these are films from Rithy Panh and The Missing Picture was the first time a Cambodian film was nominated in the Foreign Language for the Oscar.

        He is the most important director of Cambodia. Angelina always has very different friends from this Hollywood people ….. and she is very respected and admired by them …. Rithy talking about the importance of this film and getting emotional when talking about Angelina, shows how real and true she is .

        The interviews of Loung Ung, are also wonderful, an intelligent woman, funny and full of life, strength.

        start at 1h:02min

  11. lucy2 says:

    I don’t think I’ll be watching this, the children’s casting process and other issues previously mentioned still bother me, and she and the producers have yet to really be questioned about it, from what I’ve seen.
    But it’s good to hear she has improved as a director, and if it’s among the best foreign films of the year, it should be considered for a nomination. Like any film, it all depends on the competition.

  12. Joanie says:

    Im not a fan of anything she’s done so far, acting/directing, but I think it was a good move to put the movie on Netflix. I’ll watch it. If it does well good for her!

  13. KB says:

    I liked the movie. It’s solid. I don’t think it’ll get anything other than a foreign language nomination, but it was a good movie. With the exception of By The Sea, her movies have consistently improved with each one. I think she definitely has a future as a director if she wants one.

  14. Jayna says:

    I watched it. I enjoyed the movie, very moving and horrific at the same time depicting a loving family whose lives are turned upside down told through the eyes of little five-year-old Loung. Sometimes being told only from that point of view left the movie lacking a little. Most of the time it worked, though. But good job by Angie and great cast. I didn’t think it was a great movie. But it’s definitely a really good movie, up there as a B plus movie, worth seeing. I liked the way Angelina would do a lot of close-ups of things, faces, objects, etc., like, for example, Loung’s little feet as they trudged along. Angie moved in a lot like that in the way she directed the movie, which I really liked. Also, a shout out to the cinematographer. I definitely teared up by the end.

  15. CharlieBouquet says:

    I am wondering about some tea alluded to in the Kevin Hart thread. Mentioning a female much covered here, with former drug use who has family not recently close with back in the picture.
    I thought of Angie. Painfully thin, if it wasn’t for her large reconstruction, it would be more obvious. Former addict. Her father has recently been papped with her despite their past issues.
    As for the movie, won’t be seeing it though I appreciate any actual gains the people hurt by the original terror may achieve. Financial, world recognition or otherwise.

  16. Marianne says:

    It wouldnt surprise me if in like 5 years there was a dedicated category to streaming services.

  17. truth hurts says:

    Angie has some of you up in your feelings yet again. It is possible that this film could get a nomination and maybe just maybe win. The Oscars are bought and paid for as usual. And as for all the naysayers talking about this film isn’t as great as this film. Wtf was Lala Land and every film nominated last year including Moonlight. A joke. Not quality films. People are a joke and for whatever reason want to so badly to step on or swat at anything and everything this woman does. If it wasn’t for that she would be getting the highest praise.. If it were Sandra B or Julia R or even Meryl S. It is a sad shame and for what it is worth all that hate that was spewed by those tablodish writers shamming her saying she couldn’t or wouldn’t survive HW without Pitt and idiots making a big deal about the casting process that was mischaracterized because everyone here knows Angelina would not harm any child, this film was recognized.
    Far be it for me to say that somehow people have gotten a little weary of the slander, hate, and spit thrown at Angelina about a man who confessed to being the main cause of their demise and Jen Aniston’s lazy azz. It gets to the point where you say OK enough is enough. I mean 12 plus years of the same ole lame discussion about her weight,looks, blood vial, brother,dad, blah blah blah. and yet all she does is continue to do her best at whatever she can do FOR people. I mean enough already.
    I can name several movies that won Oscars for no reason at all except favors called in and money. You all are such haters and it so obvious. I don’t even have to rely on liberal HW to get tired of the misogynist attitude towards Jolie by people like Scott Rudin’s pretentious azz.
    This is the main reason I pull for her because of the people scratching at her for no reason. I mean make a list and non of the things I read or hear about are a reason to hate the woman.

  18. Andrea1 says:
    Another great read. Finally people are beginning to see that she has a future as a director. Sorry about the links i’m posting here its just worth sharing………

  19. minx says:

    I’m happy for her that it is being well received. I doubt I’ll watch it because I’m living in fluffland when it comes to what I watch.

  20. Savasana Lotus says:

    I’m watching the Jolie movie Wanted right now. It’s pretty cool and she’s great as this character. Not a huge part, but impactful. I’ll see subject movie when I gather up the courage, which many times can simmer on the back burner for years when it’s a sad story about children. Still have quite a list of these types of movies that are difficult to watch.

  21. Ana says:

    The movie is not good enough to be nominated to anything, I’m afraid. It’s good for Angelina, because her previous movies have been pretty meh (I liked Unbroken, but that story would have popped more in the hands of a better director). I think she stills needs to figure out how to make her films entertaining. The stories are good, but the pace is always so languid. The good news is she seems to be improving, but she still has a ways to go before being an awards contender.

  22. Casey says:

    To each his own.

    But when longtime Angelina detractors and haters who have gone in on her forever try to act objective and holierr than thou, it rings immensely hollow to me.

  23. jenna says:

    Umm. Sorry, I have to strongly disagree. She is strongly invested in Cambodia. She didn’t stop by, cast a bunch of posh white actors and dub in the Cambodian (language) to make it viewer friendly. Do you know and understand white privilege? Or just trot it out when you want to disparage this woman? Have you seen the work she does for the UN and refugees? She is not paying lip service chasing awards, this is a project she feels passionate about.

  24. jenna says:

    This black lady respectfully disagrees, if that means I’m ‘trying you’ so be it. Debate is healthy for expanding the mind.

    I have never been an Angie fan, until recent times, but she deserves support for the good works that she does.

  25. truth hurts says:

    How do you think she would get a nomination for anything other than a foreign film with FTKMF which is done in their native language?
    Secondly people/studios were trying to put her in with Unbroken and it didn’t make it because of that Sony scandal imho. It was just as good as the other crap that was nominated. It’s a win/wash political warfare hun. You don’t say the same when every performance Meryl S does she gets a nod as well as Clint Eastwood. Not to mention every mediocre film that Plan B does gets a nod. It is all political. She is not a failure at directing since her films have won awards and does get nominations. This would be her first Oscar nominated directed film and so what. How do you know who likes her in HW, except for the garbage the media feeds you. You haven’t heard many criticize her and from what I have seen and read people like her as well in Hollywood. Studio owners and executives love her and you can bet your azz why?

  26. truth hurts says:

    What star defended Brad? I waiting on this!
    Name one! And please don’t revert back to that GG globe non standing ovation mess, cause no one was standing. No one got involved in that case except tabloods and gossip blogs. I don’t count CH and ME as legit people.