“Carrie Prejean fired as Miss California after all” afternoon links


Carrie Prejean is out of a job at Miss California after all… just when I think Donald Trump sucks the worst, he sort of renews my faith [Dlisted]
Posh emerges in some relatively sedate – albeit ugly – footwear [Lainey Gossip]
Queen Latifah Reveals Sexual Abuse [PopEater]
– NY judge adjourns case vs. Lindsay Lohan’s father [MSN Wonderwall]
– Does a One Time Sexual Encounter with the Same Sex Make You Gay? [Bossip]
Michael Jackson Feeling ‘Great’ [Fafarazzi]
– Why Aren’t Aliens Prettier? [Pajiba]
Kanye West And Lady Gaga Going On Tour [I’m Not Obsessed]
– The Sun says burglars ransacked Danielle Lloyd’s home and stole her 2004 Miss England tiara [Celebslam]
– Understatement of the day: Lady Gaga is Kinda Fug [Websters is my Bitch]
– Damn! Look at Serena Williams‘ biceps! [In Case You Didn’t Know]
– Is Tameka Foster Alive? [Crazy Days and Nights]
– Style Evolution: When Did Emma Watson Get So Hot? [The Frisky]
– Aww! Britney Spears Hits the Park With Her Sons and Her Boyfriend [PopSugar]
Katy Perry Dresses Like A Giant Baby – and this isn’t the stupidest thing she’s worn this week [I Don’t Like You In That Way]
Audrina Patrdige: Bikini Chick with Douchebags [Egotastic]
Jessica Simpson Covers Up For Our Safety [Hollywood Tuna]

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  1. Annie says:

    ROFL at Dlisted calling her “Tits 4Jesus”.

    But really, like she probably won’t end up getting offered a job at Fox News or something.

  2. Wench. says:

    Ah, for some reason I was looking on Shannon Mosdadjalekr’s Twitter and I noticed she’d made some posts about her faith being restored in the contract, bla bla bla.

    Good decision, I’d say – if I had to muster an opinion.

    Urgh, and the link on Bossip is tiresome. It takes you to another website where one of the opinions starts with “Dog, you are gay”. Immediately, anyone who begins a sentence with ‘dog’ is disregarded!

  3. (The Original) Blondie says:

    Yeah, unfortunately…they’ve freed her up to be seen even more in public. More “I hate gay” rallies, I presume.

  4. annie says:

    She probably does’nt even care. She’s found better things to do with her time.

  5. Trillion says:

    This is the first and hopefully last time I’ll ever know who the frak Miss California is.

  6. Sunnyjyl says:

    I think she has been offered another job, and self-sabotaged. The only other Miss Anything I know is, Vanessa Williams, who was fired for nude pics.

  7. Ron says:

    She’s been sucking off Rupert Murdoch and Fox ever since her delightful pageant experience. She’ll be the next Ann Coulter, but not quite as bright, if that’s really possible.

  8. Tomasino says:


  9. KansasRefugee says:

    I guess Ms. Prejean may be, when all is said and done, at heart the “leech who doesn’t want to work” that so many conservatives claim they hate . . . .

  10. OXA says:

    Donald Trump just told TMZ he gave the green light to fire “biblically correct” Carrie Prejean’s award-winning butt because she just wouldn’t do the job and treated people badly.

    Trump told us Carrie refused to appear at around 30 events on behalf of Miss California USA. He says Prejean was contractually bound to appear and she just wouldn’t do it. He doesn’t think her attitude has anything to do with her politics.

    Trump said: “To me she was the sweetest thing. Everyone else — she treated like s**t.”

  11. Gypsy says:

    I can see an adult video in the making!

  12. El Predicto says:

    Faux News will be her new home…they simply love vapid blondes!

  13. Jenna says:

    Wench., I agree with you completely about Bossip. It’s a rather obnoxious site.

  14. Codzilla says:

    Trillion: Word to that. Ugh.

  15. boo says:

    Don’t let the door hit your homophobic ass on the way out!

  16. ! says:

    Let’s face it, Bossip is not only obnoxious, but they’re completely racist. Its always “white folks” this and “white folks” that (almost any site would get in trouble if they used such a sweeping generalization with the words “black people”). Mediatakeout does it too only worse.

  17. Peaches says:

    I’m not sure which photo is creepier, this one of Carrie Prejean or Phil Spector in his mug shot sans wig. They both make me want to hurl!

  18. Philo says:

    Hooray for censorship! Who cares if our First Amendment rights are gradually eroded as long as its those darn conservatives who suffer for having opinions the ‘open minded liberals’ have??

    There was a Catholic cardinal living in Germany during the Third Reich. He said when “they” came for the Jews, he didn’t do anything because he wasn’t a Jew. When they came for the gays, he didn’t do anything because he wasn’t gay.

    Then one day they came for him…but there was no one left to defend him.

    Prejean had an opinion. So many people don’t like her opinion, that’s fine. But are we only going to defend speech that’s popular?

  19. ! says:

    Get over it Philo. She breached her contract several several times over. Any beauty queen that refused to perform her duties would get the same treatment.

  20. huh says:

    She wasn’t fired for her opinion. Trump kept her. Now he fired her for not doing her job. Has absolutely nothing to do with her opinion. If he wanted to fire her for her opinions he wouldn’t of waited until now.

  21. Magsy says:

    Good, should have been done when the pictures surfaced and she was in clear violation of the rules and breache dher contract. Pretty blonds with fake boobs and a portfolio of dirty pics are a dime a dozen

  22. c says:

    The vibe I always got from her was that jerk-y sense of entitlement and self-rightousness, head-up-her-butt attitude, like many of her generation, that above all else, made her a jackass.

  23. Christina X says:

    This shouldn’t have even been given a second thought.

    I’m so tired of the Miss Whatever drama that’s been going on for years to keep drawing attention to the pointless event.

    She’s rude and skanky, and I’m personally more offended at the fact that these sleazoid contests still exist.

  24. Christina X says:

    This shouldn’t have even been given a second thought.

    I’m so tired of the Miss Whatever drama that’s been going on for years to keep drawing attention to the pointless event.

    She’s rude and skanky, but I’m personally more offended at the fact that these sleazoid contests still exist more than her ignorance. Without Miss USA/Miss America/Miss Pluto contests, this twit wouldn’t have been given the opportunity to shoot her mouth off.

    My family’s very conservative and basically agree with her, but I love my family, so I don’t harbor a dislike for this sack of air because I disagree with her; it was the defensive manner in which she justified her position on gay marriage and how she received the “martyr” treatment after creating a backlash.

    She’s a perfect spokeswoman for the Al Bundy’s of the world. When people got disgusted by her cop-out for an answer, it was the right opportunity for the testosterone-ridden, homophobic types the wave the “oppressed” flag…but I’m a little bit disgusted to see some people playing “Devil’s Advocate” to excuse this ho-bag because of “freedom of speech”, when they’re the first ones to comment on Bill O’Reilly or Rush Limbaugh’s for saying the same things she said?

    It’s amazing what a set of bolt-on fake boobs and long blonde hair can do for you. So sad this moron doesn’t believe that gay people are entitled to be with their soulmate…Why? If anything is immoral, it’s the fact that she can have one…

  25. eternalcanadian says:

    what is that song people say when hockey players are kicked out of the game? Na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye!

  26. Jenna says:

    !, I agree with you completely. If Celebitchy did that or some other site it would be deemed as racist but they get away with it. Not only that but I’ve been to their site before and all of the stories that they claim “Broke It There First” are completely bull. Other sites report on it so much quicker than them. They remind me of Perez Hilton in all sorts of ways.

  27. leigh says:

    i can’t even begin to desbribe how upset i am by the bossip linked article. 🙁

  28. I Choose Me says:

    Re:Bossip. The comments are the worst. I made the mistake of reading the comments once and wanted to gag. It was like wading in shit, they’re so bad. I’m black btw and I agree that the site can be pretty racist, not to mention sexist.

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