Megan Fox hates ‘Middle America’, Angelina Jolie is annoyed with comparisons

In case you haven’t heard about Megan Fox’s latest inane quote, we’ve got it here! First, let me just ask – is there something wrong with this girl? It’s becoming ridiculous with these daily Megan Fox quotes, and I’m starting to worry that we’re making fun of a girl who just isn’t right in the head. But for now, I’ll just assume that she’s simply dumb.

Yesterday, Megan’s dumb quote of the day was “I turned into a really butch bull dyke for, like, six months … Then I went in the other direction. From being a giant motorcycle-riding lesbian, I turned into a zombie.” Now people are talking about an interview Megan did with Total Film UK– but I could only find the text of the interview on the fansite Megan’s a Fox. Yikes, right? That site is the pits. They have all of these pictures up of Megan throughout the last few years, and I swear I counted five different noses. But I digress. Megan was asked… well, I’ll let Total Film put in context:

[While] indoors, time spent talking nonsense leads to questions like this: If you could take Megatron to one side, have a coffee with him and talk him down from wrecking the entire world, what would you say?

“God!” laughs Fox. “That’s a question I don’t have an answer for and I hate you for asking me that because I’m usually so prepared!”

She considers. “I think I would make a deal with him and say instead of the entire planet, can you just take out all of the white trash, hillbilly, anti-gay, super bible-beating people in Middle America?”

[From Total Film UK via Megan’s A Fox Fansite]

Let me just take one of those descriptions out of the air. Let’s take “anti-gay”. Does Megan Fox really have any right to mock anyone, much less the entire middle of the country as “anti-gay” after yesterday’s “butch bull dyke” comment? And as far as “hillbilly”… well, Megan, sometimes being trashy is a state of mind. Look in the mirror for further explanation.

In other Megan Fox-related news, Life & Style (the most budget of the tabloids, in my opinion) has an interesting cover story this week: “It’s War! Megan Fox vs. Angelina”. Unfortunately, the story seems entirely based on one producer’s idea to do a Lara Croft origin film, with Megan Fox cast as the “young Lara”. Apparently, this producer commented to someone that Angelina would not be cast as the young Lara Croft because Angie is “too old”. Angelina is 34 years old. Gasp! Hand me the Botox, grandpappy:

Angelina Jolie celebrated her 34th birthday on June 4. But while she should have been relaxing with beau Brad Pitt and their six kids, she was instead being forced to watch her back.

Just days earlier, Hollywood producer Dan Lin announced that he was planning a new installment of Angie’s Tomb Raider series, which turned the actress into a star and has grossed a whopping $431 million worldwide. But he doesn’t seem to be considering Angie for the lead this time around — because, he confessed, she’s simply too old.

“It’s a great origin story that we’re going to tell,” said Lin, who recently produced Terminator Salvation. “So it’s a younger Lara Croft.” Anyone in particular in mind for the lead role? Transformers star Megan Fox, he noted, was a “no-brainer.”

No wonder: Megan, a dark-haired beauty with full lips and an edgy reputation, has often been compared to Angelina. But Angie isn’t flattered by the comparison — or the suggestion that Megan, 23, may be ready to replace her.

“Angie is not thrilled about turning 34, to put it mildly,” says a friend. “In fact, she’s panicking a little. She feels that her age is starting to undercut her choice of film roles — and it annoys her that Megan Fox is being touted as the ‘new Angelina.'”

[From Life and Style]

I would think Angelina would be annoyed with comparisons to Megan Fox because Megan is such a galloping moron. Other than that… well, of course the producers want someone younger for the Lara Croft origin story. Dur. Angelina was 25 years old when she was playing Lara for the first film (filming in 2000). They can’t have Angelina as a 34 year old trying to play the character in her late teens-early twenties. And Megan Fox has spent a lot of money to look like a younger, harder, cheaper version of Angelina, so I can see why the producers are looking at Megan. It’s going to be rough hearing Megan attempt that accent, though!

Megan Fox is shown out on 3/26/09. Angelina Jolie is shown on 3/21/09. Credit: Fame Pictures

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39 Responses to “Megan Fox hates ‘Middle America’, Angelina Jolie is annoyed with comparisons”

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  1. SolitaryAngel says:

    MG doesn’t deserve to exist in the same SENTENCE as AJ, much less play the same character.

  2. Frenchie says:

    Tell me what the ” super bible-beating people” did to you ??? Why not choosing the super coran or super thorah people ? Well your are not ballsy enough. I disapprove extrems, but i hate people always attacking my religion, or other’s. I think it’s worst not to beleive in anything. You probably beleive in money, and your hollywood lifestyle.
    Megan’s tatoos speak for themself, they are meaningless.

  3. gem15 says:

    Fox needs to be more careful about what she says. Not saying she shouldn’t be the free spirit she seems to be, but why insult people (potential ticket buyers)who you don’t even know? It’s career suicide. Also, whenever a “friend” is quoted you know the story is a total lie.

  4. Ursula says:

    There is something trashy and desperate about Megan Fox. Like she will do anything to get attention. Why doesn’t she kiss her own brother and wear vials of blood, oh and when that gets old, she should run off with someone’s husband, now that will make her the feminist icon of her time- NOT!

  5. Neelyo says:

    Um, who does Megan Fox think goes to see TRANSFORMERS?

  6. Rosanna says:

    I like them both, and both of them a LOT.

  7. Beth says:

    Megan has already stated several times that she’s not doing Tomb Raider. This is stupid.

  8. Carrie says:

    Megan Fox shut your mouth!! Every time you open it you show how dumb you truly are. I am not an Angelina fan but it must be a complete insult to have this nasty person compared to her. Megan Fox go away you are a rude, nasty woman who tries to hard to say stupid things for shock value. You have no talent and obviously are uneducated. I can this person from Middle America won’t go see any of your movies!!

  9. Nudgie says:

    Megan has repeatedly proved that if you wrap s*it in a pretty box…it is still a box of s*it.

  10. DD says:

    So who’s this “friend”. Someone at the gossip rag just thought this was what Angelina would think?
    Not because of Angelina’s age, but if she doesn’t bulk up for Tomb Raider than she isn’t a good candidate with her skeletal frame.

  11. Chicamorena says:

    DD: every so-called source at a tabloid is an “insider” or a “friend”. They never have names, so you can bet your bottom dollar that anything that comes from a “friend” or an “insider” is more fabricated bullshit.

  12. hotmilfchocolate says:

    oh yes, puh-leeeeze let this be true.

    image that imbecile talking with the most jacked-up british accent.

    it’ll be worst that keanu reeves in dracula.

    i hope she falls flat on her wannabe face.

    she’ll be a laughing stock and no one will hire her after, guaranteed.

  13. ash says:

    I don’t think I’ll ever not like her, she just says stupid shit sometimes. Filter Megan, FILTER!

  14. Rosalee says:

    Jolie was once a galloping moron prior to the media elevating her to sainthood. Need we rehash the list?

  15. Jazz says:

    She’s trying too hard to sound edgy and shocking, but she just comes across as a dumbass moron.

  16. Hanh says:

    eh, I don’t think Megan Fox can carry a movie as the lead. I’ve seen her acting and other than her in your face sex appeal of late, there isn’t much there to pull off something like action flick Lara Croft considering Lara Croft is supposed to be a genius and Megan Fox doesn’t come across as very smart.

    I’d go for a different actress for a younger Lara Croft.

  17. Candi says:

    Megan Fox is a person who discriminates,humiliates herself,and puts too much fuckin makeup on her face.

    Please,someone get her a new publicist,and fast!

    The rate she’s going,what little career she has left is going to be gone.

    Her views on the world are uneducated and warped,please,someone send this girl back to school,as she is in need of an upgrade on her peanut sized IQ.

  18. nnn says:

    Jolie never insulted anyone even in her youth. Jolie never used derogatory names or foulmouth. Jolie also didn’t exploite to the max her physique like Fox does a la Pam Anderson.

    In fact, jolie has from the very much start make sure to be casted as an actress, cutting her hair short to appear more homely and not the beautiful furniture of the main character.

    Jolie never really care about pampering herself and exploiting her physique to the max. Jolie was never, ever cocky about her beauty even at the peak of her beauty, acting like Megan who does everything to fit the ‘look at me i am sexy and you’re shit’

    Megan is a complete egomaniac moron. She oozes arrogance, trashtalk anyone and anything, look down on men and other people who have different opinions and choose her career path and promotion like a soft porn star a la pam Anderson and Shauna Sands. That’s why 99% of her pictures are semi-nude ones in specific publications.

    She should just suffocated in her own farts, since she likes smelling them.

    She is not in par with any real professional actress, Jolie included.

    She is just a centerfold playmate escaped from her natural path as a pin up girl in men’s mag. She should just replace that Kendra girl in the old pervert Heffner’s life. that’s her real thing.

  19. Lem says:

    dude I would love it if there was someway to remove “all of the white trash, hillbilly, anti-gay, super bible-beating people in Middle America”

    But then my weekend would be boring without any neighbors to watch 😉

  20. wow says:

    Quote: “There is something trashy and desperate about Megan Fox”.

    Ursula – good observation!

    As Miss. NY would say – there is just something very gutter-butt about her.

  21. Kayleigh says:

    AJ is only 34? Didn’t know that! Not that she looks old but it seems like shes been around forever now.

  22. Ned says:

    Angelina should be insulted to be compared with Megan Fox.

    Megan is a really rough example of a white trash plastic surgery freak.

    She is supposed to be in her twenties but she looks like a 36 years old woman who has been used and abused.

    This is really sad that Hollywood has come to that.
    While in the past, there were instances of woman giving som sexual favors to get ahead, you can look at her face and tell she has done some things that left a mark of her.
    Nothing fresh about her.

    I am not a fan of Angelina, but Megan looks and talks too much like she belongs more to another film or print industry. Not Hollywood.

  23. Lori says:

    LOLz CB, you just keep bringing the LOLz.

  24. anna says:

    You don’t have to put people down to elevate yourself.

  25. Annie says:

    Can this girl BE anymore insulting?

    Say what you want about AJ, but at least she’s not an ignorant moron who throws stereotypes around like they’re confetti.

    There are anti-gay people everywhere! HELLO! Look at my damn state! Frickin H8.

    And there are tolerant people in middle America.

    God this girl needs to have her mouth permanently stapled shut.

  26. Vivi says:

    Megan looks way older than her real age. She could be older than Angie in some pictures.

  27. sarcra says:

    Megan Fox doesn’t think she should be compared to Angelina either. There’s a story on US Mag’s web site about it.

  28. I Choose Me says:

    OMG. Ned just sorta defended AJ. Did hell freeze over? Lol. Just pulling ya leg Ned.

  29. annie says:

    shes right & i agree with her

  30. Aspen says:

  31. soooo says:

    yes- shes an idiot. yes- shes famous for all the wrong reasons. yes- i hate her. However, as stupidly as she put it, i agree when she says those hateful “bible beaters” need to leave.

  32. Christina X says:

    White trash?

    Hello pot, meet kettle. Let’s face it, she’s not the classiest woman out there. You can take Megan Fox out of the gutter but you can’t take the gutter out of Megan Fox.

    And I don’t know if she’s aware of what she says, but for someone who feels so strongly against homophobia, it wasn’t really sensitive or friendly of her to use the word “dyke” to describe lesbians and generalize all lesbians as being “butch”.

    Megan Fox, gay rights crusader…

  33. Lia says:

    Megan Fox is a twit. She has nothing useful to contribute to society, so she jumps on bandwagons and blurts out stupid things, all the while assuming (incorrectly) that her looks will run interference for her. Megan, dear, Middle America is a location, not a lifestyle. There are bible-thumping, anti-gay hillbillies and white trash folks living in every state of the union, just like there are bubble-headed twats with vacant expressions like you living in Middle America.

  34. FF says:

    Lol, she’s ‘too old’? Doesn’t matter – just put her in it and it would make money.

    Methinks is more a case of they offered and she turned it down cold.

    I’m starting to see why certain types of movies get made in Hollywood. All the execs have egos made of glass – so most of the movies are wish fulfillment fantasy and revenge scenarios.

    So Angelina playing her younger self? I seen stupider onscreen scenarios widely accepted, actually.

  35. Juls says:

    To that soooo comment:
    Christians like me are loving and accepting and follow Jesus who took the side of a prostitute to the overly righteous pharisees. I am so tired of the hate and discrimination towards my religion. I have never said people deserve to die. The left’s religion is obviously hate the way they go about their lives and comments. So sickening to know their are people in the world who are so low and nasty to other people.

  36. neeysc says:

    Megan Fox is the most untalented, trashy, slutty, and foul-mouthed actress ever despite her good looking physical appearance. GO TO HELL!!

  37. Lemoncars says:

    Why the hell are all of you analyzing every single word she spoke? If you hadn’t noticed, she never said to take out ALL of Middle America, she said to take out the whitetrash, hillbilly, etc in Middle America, what she said was like saying “I took out the bruises in the apple”. Just because she is a high profile movie star, doesn’t mean she isn’t allowed to speak her mind. Just because she isn’t apolitical activist, doesn’t mean she is supposed to pander to the masses to maximize on ticket sales. I hated Transformers, and I thought of her as just another stupid movie star, but I heard about this and I actually gained respect for her. She is not some ditsy star whose only interested in gaining the most mainstream recognition to maximize the coin. Even so it was probably just a joke in the end. I also agree with her… He he he.

  38. Kaylie says:

    See, Angie doesn’t have to PRETEND to be smart. Megan fox tries SO hard to come off as smart but only comes off as not only offensive, but a liar! Let’s reflect: this is a gorgeous actress with a face that she bought, who claims to be a huge nerd as well as having OCD and problems with her confidence and self in general. Hmmm can anyone say liar? This girl is a bad actress, both on-screen and in the tabloids…

  39. Kaylie says:


    While I do agree that yes, she does have the RIGHT to speak her mind even if she’s in hollywood, that’s not the point. When you’re being interviewed and you know your words are out there for everyone to hear, you still have to be careful about what you say. what she said could have really really hurt people, you have no way of knowing! And by saying “white trash” she generalized and used a stereotype, just as she did with the whole “lesbian” image. You can agree, fine, but she clearly does not watch what she says, which is obviously a big issue if there are sites like this roasting it.