Kevin Hart’s hookup didn’t know he was married because he didn’t act like it

The Daily Mail has a new interview with Montia Sabbag, 26, the woman who appears in the photos and videos of Kevin Hart engaged in intimate acts. Hart apologized to his wife and children after he was was the victim of an extortion attempt over the footage, which was taken over a three day weekend in Vegas about a month ago. Sabbag has since hired celebrity attorney Lisa Bloom and held a press conference last week stating that she was not the person extorting Hart, that she had no idea the sex tape existed and that she’s a victim too. In her new interview with The Daily Mail, Sabbag makes it sound like she fell for Hart naturally over the weekend, and she claims she had no idea he was married. She said she had sex with him three times and that she didn’t find out he was married “until after we had been together. I didn’t know at first.” According to Sabbag she did sleep with him after that anyway, but she didn’t know his wife was pregnant. Here’s part what she told The Mail:

Describe the weekend to me
He was cool, he was fun. I wouldn’t say he did anything crazy to stand out.

Did you sleep in his room the whole weekend?
For the most part. I was intimate with Kevin for about three times in the course of maybe three days.

Did you know he was married?
I did not know he was married. I found out like after we had already been together. I did not know at first.

How did you feel when you found that out?
I was a little bit upset about it. I didn’t think anything of it because the way he was acting didn’t seem like he was married.

At that point did you know that he had a pregnant wife at home?
I did not know at that time.

How did you find out?
A girlfriend told me. On the second [day]. I was just nervous, confused.

[From video on The Daily Mail]

Sabbag said she found out about the video a few days later. She said she had no idea it existed until then and when she was asked if she knew who did the filming she made a disgusted face like she knew, however the video cuts out after that. The DM has the quote that she has her “suspicions, but I can’t really discuss that because of an ongoing investigation.” Sabbag also said that Kevin showed a lot of PDA toward her and that “it made me believe he wasn’t married.”

Sabbag claimed she wasn’t star struck over Hart, which indicates that she knew who he was in general. Does that mean she didn’t bother googling him until after her friend told her he was married? I don’t know if I’m buying the part of her story where she only realized he was married the second day. He’s obviously funny and cute, I can see her falling for him regardless and then trying to act like she didn’t know she was married. Did she assume he was separated? It comes up right at the top of Google that he’s been married since 2016. (Of course this is on Kevin for cheating, not Montia, as he was the one who was married.)

In an off-camera portion of the interview Sabbag repeated the gist of her message from the press conference, that she’s not the extortionist and that she doesn’t work as a stripper. “I’m not a home-wrecker, I’m not an extortionist, I’m not a stripper, a prostitute, I’m just a woman who has dreams and aspirations.” She did come across as genuine for the most part and I understand why she lawyered up after all the crap TMZ posted about her. However, even if she worked as “traveling stripper” as TMZ claimed, that doesn’t mean she was behind the extortion attempt. Sabbag’s lawyer, Lisa Bloom, said they’re hoping to find the person who taped her client and attempted to blackmail Hart. TMZ reports that the criminal investigation is underway, that phone records and computer data have been seized by authorities and that several people are thought to have been involved in the plot.

Meanwhile there are a bunch of follow-up sourced stories about how Kevin’s wife, Eniko Parrish, is standing by him and is worried about him and that she’s cooperating with authorities in their investigation. Hart is reportedly throwing Parrish a baby shower on October 1 that costs over six figures and is Lion King-themed.

Hart told an audience at his Atlanta stand up act on Saturday thatI’m going through some s—. I’m going through drama” but added “Things happen when they’re supposed to. Things happen for a reason. In this particular case, I promise you, I’m going to come out a better man and father than I’ve ever been.” He never talked about being a better man until the photos and videos of him cheating were being shopped to gossip outlets. He previously just laughed off the rumors. I guess he’s turning over a new leaf and must not be responsible for the recent vandalism to his ex wife’s car. Remember how Torrei Hart, Kevin’s first wife, spoke out to say that he cheated on her with his second wife, Eniko? Eniko claimed online that Torrei was separated from Kevin at the time she first hooked up with him anyway, which Torrei denied. Interesting how Torrei’s car got wrecked and how Montia Sabbag was initially blamed for the sex tape leak and portrayed as a stripper and opportunist.


Kevin Hart and pregnant wife Eniko Hart spotted together after extortion case

Kevin Harts's sex tape partner Montia Sabbag says she's a crime victim herself!

photos credit: Backgrid and screenshots from Daily Mail video

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  1. QueenElisabeth says:

    I call BullS***
    she didn’t know?!?!

    • Lana 234 says:

      I call bullshit as well how did she not know he was married. Kevin Hart isn’t some z list celebrity.

      • Radley says:

        I’m just puzzled at how these things still happen in 2017. Meeting someone and having sex with them while knowing next to nothing about them. That’s so skeevy, I can’t. I’m not slut shaming. Do what you want with who you want. But for God’s sake, keep your head in the game.

        I totally believe Montia is an opportunist and was auditioning to be Eniko’s replacement as designated side piece. Kevin is like a lot of men who become successful and then feel like they want to make up for all the sex they somehow feel they missed out on when they were less successful and thus, less desirable. Dumb and reckless ‘masculinity so fragile’ issues.

    • Cupcake says:

      It IS possible she did not know who he is. I only know who he is because I love celebrity gossip, but I have never seen his comedy/movies, etc.

      • KiddVicious says:

        I agree. There are a lot of people who don’t follow celebrities. I have no idea how those people are spending their free time if they’re not on Celebitchy, but whatever. LOL And even though I do love celebrity gossip, it’s hard to keep up. If I were asked if Kevin Hart was married before all of this happened, I wouldn’t have known for sure.

    • vesper nite says:

      ME TOO! Do she live under a damn rock?? Please someone find me that rock! She is full of s$^%&!

  2. minx says:

    Yeah, not buying it.

    • TheBee's says:

      I know right! Not saying everyone knows who he is but she is not being honest here, come on! I didn’t care if he was married or not, I was just trying to have a good time for the weekend! or He didn’t say he was and I didn’t ask!

  3. Wileythescreenwriter says:

    Um…KEVIN is the one with a problem. Why the hell would SHE need to figure out if he’s married?

    • pwal says:

      She, unlike a plastic vagina, has the ability to vet who ‘has access’ to her.

    • Kanye's Blonde Hair says:

      Because it takes two people who are down and have an understanding. He’s being put through the wringer and dragged through these e-streets. This is about what she said. And it’s not believable.

      These protests against assigning blame to women who engage in shenanigans with men always ring false to me. She doesn’t share equal or more blame, but women like this get and deserve the side eye for her decisions. Just because she’s a woman doesn’t absolve her of any and all criticism.

      • Jordan says:

        I love your name

      • Amanduh says:

        Agree 1000% with your comment (and your name is pretty great too!)

      • Radley says:

        Exactly. It’s so ridiculous to imply it’s anti-feminist or anti-woman to call women out on their bs. She’s no innocent dove. She’s shady and clearly sex is a tool she’s willing to use to get what she wants. I highly doubt she was just having a free and open no strings attached sex positive weekend. She was willing to see if this 0-100 sexual dalliance would net her any longer term benefits. It’s naive to think otherwise.

  4. Aims says:

    This maybe a simplistic view , but if you don’t dick around then bad things don’t happen . I also don’t feel like Kevin’s wife should be surprised , since she got with Kevin when he was married with small children . You can’t think that he’s going to be faithful when his track record isn’t good.

    • Elisa the I. says:

      ITA with your comment. Once a cheater, always a cheater. And yes, there is usually an exception to the rule, but people (men) are who they are and hardly ever change their behavior pattern.
      Also, why is she to blame? Assuming she really didn’t know who he was, why is she supposed to vet whether he is single or not (if he behaves like a single person)? He is married with kids, and should act accordingly.

  5. Nancy says:

    She didn’t know he was married, found out and is sitting next to her payday maker Lisa Bloom. Will these men never learn. Dumb arses. This trick gets lucky, he got busted and his wife gets humiliated. Just another day on the ranch.

    • Merritt says:

      She is not going to get much of a payday. A small amount from interviews and that is it. Hart deserved to be busted.

      • Nancy says:

        Why did she lawyer up. Lisa has taken over for her mother Gloria. Every single time a celeb like Kevin screwed around and got busted, there was old Gloria sitting on the couch. I give Kevin’s wife credit man. Here she is ready to give birth to his kid and she gets this gift. I guess forgive and forget, but how do you. It’s not like this was some irresistible woman he couldn’t be without. She looks stupid and that’s not an easy achievement. I love old clichés, use them all the time, once a cheater, always a cheater. Can’t say if it was me, I’d take him back. Horndog

      • Erica_V says:

        Nancy – huh? She lawyered up because TMZ was naming her as the extortionist. If she had nothing to do with that it’s understandable why she’d want a lawyer. In addition, if she’s the one on the video then there’s an illegal sex tape of her out there and you’d better believe i’d want a lawyer to protect that from every getting out too.

      • Erinn says:

        “I give Kevin’s wife credit man. Here she is ready to give birth to his kid and she gets this gift.”

        I don’t give her any credit. She was the side woman when he was married to his ex-wife. She chose to have a baby with a man she knows for sure is a cheater (since he was cheating WITH her) and chose to expose herself / the baby to any sti’s he picks up along his travels. This is what happens when you think you’re the sparkly princess side-chick who will magically be able to make a cheater stop cheating. This is what happens when you assume you’re better than the wife, or that the wife was the problem.

        Kevin is the problem. Kevin will always be the problem with his relationships.

      • Merritt says:


        Like others have said, she was being accused of extortion. Getting a lawyer doesn’t equal payday. Who do you think is going to give her a massive payday? Hart is not going to pay her anything.

      • Dee says:

        I agree with Erin. Eniko isn’t much better. At all. Homegirl isn’t going anywhere, trust.

  6. HK9 says:

    In this day and age, you’d have to be living under a rock not to know. So I think she knew, I just don’t’ think she cared.

  7. pwal says:

    Not buying either. Kevin and Eniko were very visible before and during her pregnancy. Hell, they (well, Kevin mainly) appeared on Entertainment Tonight more often than most celebrities and the marriage was a regular talking point.

  8. Snowflake says:

    C’mon, she knew!

  9. Beth says:

    She was “a little bit upset about it, ” when she found out he was married? I’d be more than a little upset ! You can find out everything about someone with a simple click of a button. I highly doubt she didn’t know, and she was probably only upset because he was married and she couldn’t keep him for herself

  10. Lena says:

    If I didn’t read celebrity gossip, I wouldn’t know/care about Kevin’s marital status. Things I think are common knowledge about celebrities people seem to be surprised about when I tell them. That being said, it’s not her job to know he’s married. It’s his job act like a married man, she didnt make any promises to anyone, he did.

    • minx says:

      Right, but when she did find out he was married she slept with him again anyway.

    • GO says:

      Right? I believe her too. I’m on gossip sites, yeah but everyone is acting like Kevin Hart is Ben Affleck or something. Also married men are completely unrepentant when they flirt/cheat – it’s pretty likely there were no signs of guilt or anything.

  11. Moonlampje says:

    I have been in an on and off relationship for about 5 years with my ex best friend. I was very young (21) and very naive back then. When he told me that he was divorced I had no reason to doubt him, because it wasn’t strange for a 42 year old to be divorced. Little did I know that he was lying. I was so in love with him that I didn’t see the red flags. When it became clear that he’s still married, I called quits. So yes, I think it is possible that one doesn’t know that someone is married, when they hook up.

  12. Mia4s says:

    Yeah he’s turning over a new leaf to find his next side piece. 🙄

    No sympathy for the mistress turned wife, she clearly has decided that for the money and position she’s fine with being a rich celebrity’s doormat. Humiliation be damned if the credit limit is high enough. Her call. 🤷‍♀️

  13. Wileythescreenwriter says:

    I guess those who are blaming her have never been hit on by married men. It’s not my job to figure out if you’re married as wearing a wedding ring is a dead giveaway. But guess what? Some people take their rings off, some cultures like Jewish culture don’t always wear rings to begin with. Also, I don’t know the actual personal life of celebrities as some celebs are a sham.

    • Beth says:

      I’ve been hit on by married men many times, and I know it’s not a rare thing. Sex is very serious to me, guys can be pigs, and that’s why I don’t hop in the sack with someone right away. Things can end up bad if people aren’t more careful about who they’re with

  14. Nancy says:

    She looks like octomom’s younger, dumber and even more unfortunate looking sister. But the dimwit hit the jackpot. Shame on you Kevin.

    • Dj Jazzy Jen says:

      Seriously? Her looks are what you have a problem with? Not the fact that he was cheating on his pregnant wife, who really can’t complain because she knew what type of man he was when she married him. The fact that you have to attack her looks to try to somehow make this less his fault is just really unfortunate. Bless your heart.

  15. Alleycat says:

    Are we honestly going to pretend that we should all know about Kevin Hart’s history? Now we think women should google men before hooking up with them? He is not Brad Pitt status, I had no idea he was married till I heard this story, nor did I care. Also, even if she did know, it’s still not her fault? HE knew he was married. Obviously he does not care about this fact, because he did this to his ex wife as well?

    • Cleo says:

      I totally agree. I’m a relatively avid gossip follower and I don’t know much about Hart except that he’s one of the better paid comedians. He’s not someone who hits the tabloids everyday like Affleck or Brad Pitt…

    • Merritt says:

      Agreed. When this story broke was when I learned he was married. And that he had been previously married to woman he had cheated on with his current wife. He is not a celeb that I follow. Before this story I really only knew him from when he was a guest judge on DWTS. And he was a horrible guest judge.

    • Elisa the I. says:

      +1, I wrote a similar comment above before I saw yours. I also had no clue he was married.

    • Nicole says:

      Same. I had no clue this guy was married.

    • Katherine says:

      Absolutely all of this. Didn’t know how to put it and you did it perfectly.

  16. Nicole says:

    Nah not buying it. Sorry.

  17. Merritt says:

    I don’t care if she knew or not. He was the married one and it was his responsibility to not cheat. If a person can’t be faithful then they should not be married.

  18. JA says:

    “I didn’t know he was married “- sleaze for “I didn’t bother to Google or find out if he was even though I knew he was famous and I could confirm pretty easily and then I couldnt claim ignorance
    “I found out after we 1st banged that he was married but I slept with him at least 2 more times and felt confused/worried after” -I didn’t really care if he was married or not and you know we were having sex anyways, why stop…i.e. I want that money and no stupid vows were gonna get in my way.

  19. TheOtherMaria says:

    If he did with you, he’ll do it to you….

    That man hasn’t learned a damn thing, 10 to 1 says he’ll be busting out NDAs and having security sweeps before screwing around.

    Also, I don’t even like Hart Burt knew he was married, she wasn’t born yesterday; it’s not on the side piece to honor someone else’s vows, that falls on the married person.

  20. Heylee says:

    The least interesting detail about her story is whether per not she knew he was married. The most interesting details ate that Kevin Hart romanced this lady for three days, openly pursued and acted romantic with her in front of his entourage and kept her close/ in his room.

    That blows my hair back. While his pregnant wife sits at home probably texting/calling him that weekend. Say whatever you want about how often this may happen with married couples, think about the level of deception Kevin Hart is comfortable with. Gross and disturbing.

  21. detritus says:

    He’s disgusting, and a man wanting to cheat can spin a narrative like no one else. She’s not at fault here, but I’m not here for her victim play either.

    At a certain point my sympathy evaporates. And nothing makes it dry up quicker than hearing a complete lack of empathy and understanding for the person being cheated on.

    “I was nervous, confused”

    Thats not how you describe feeling about homewrecking, not if you are sincere. She continued with the relationship even after finding out he had a wife at home, plus this?

    She wanted to be his main, and he, i’m sure, fed into that fantasy. At a certain point women need to wake up and realize the gem, ‘my wife is crazy i’m leavin her soon’, isn’t the whole story. It’s the red flag of a manipulator. By knowingly participating in cheating, you are participating in the violation of someone else.

  22. Sarah B says:

    Google, honey.

  23. Jordan says:

    Okay, first Kevin needs just as much blame if not more. Second, she continued sleeping with him after having found out he was married and she was pregnant (because it’s been in the media AND his stand up). I don’t buy she didn’t know who he was and the etc. but I won’t stay on that too much. Point is, she found out he was married and didn’t care. She continued her weekend with him, only nervous about it. So no, this woman is no victim. The only victim is Hart’s pregnant wife.

    Oh and CB, he’s always talked about doing or being better in all of his stand ups. He just doesn’t actually do it.

  24. Captain Eyeroll says:

    The nasty comments about her are absurd and disappointing. Kevin is married, Kevin cheated, Kevin lied about it, Kevin will likely cheat again despite ‘becoming a better man/father since thjs happened.’

    The vitriol towrd her is shameful. She may or may not have known he was married and it’s not her responsibility to search his background to find out.

    Whatever her role was, Kevin appears to be a habitual liar and cheater. Aim your anger and disgust toward him, not her. The ‘homewrecker’ comments come off as some serious misogyny and it’s disturbing. Hold Kevin responsible for what he did.

    • emma33 says:

      +100 Yes, why is so much attention being directed towards her? If she was the extortionist, then yes, I can see it, but it looks like she didn’t have anything to do with that aspect of this whole stupid mess (which was created by ONE person).

      I do feel a bit sorry for his wife going through this while she’s so heavily pregnant.

  25. emma33 says:

    “Things happen when they’re supposed to. Things happen for a reason.”

    Ummm…let me fix that for you Kevin,
    1) things happened because YOU DID THEM
    2) the reason they happened is because you are a douche.

  26. TheOtherSam says:

    On a gossipy note, what I don’t get is why Hart was in Vegas for three straight days last month where he did nothing but drink, party, and obviously screw around on his pregnant wife. Was he working there that weekend? This woman (Montia) says she met him on some kind of wild private plane ride from LA to LV at the weekend beginning; it all rolled downhill (or uphill, depending on your view) from there.

    What kind of person – famous or not- just gets up and flies off to party for 72 hours when his wife is home many months pregnant? Something is odd here.

  27. KiddVicious says:

    I don’t think it matters if she knew he was married or not. Had she walked away when she first found out he would have replaced her with someone else and it would be her being called names in media instead. HE’s the problem, not her. HE’s the one acting like he wasn’t married.

  28. Sara says:

    We all are Celebitchy readers so of course we don’t believe that she didn’t know who Kevin was, or that he was in a high-profile marriage. I want to believe the other parts of the story… but ALL of her credibility is lost for me because of the sheer fact he was wearing a wedding ring in the video! I can’t get passed that. She needs to crawl back into whatever hole she came from.

  29. JRenee says:

    So this lady was just invited to party in Vegas for a weekend, go via a private jet and didn’t know who Kevin Hart was, and didn’t know she was being taped?

    Kevin cheated. I’m guessing she wasn’t the first and probably not the last. Not excusing it at all.

    But who set this up? The entire event sounds like a huge set up. Mysterious beauty added to a private flight, mysterious video, publicly dropped hints about infidelity and then a behind the scenes black mail attempt?

    All of it stinks to high heavens. I feel bad for his children as kids can be cruel. And for Pete’s sake, even if you don’t know much about him, it doesn’t mean he’s not a huge celebrity to many, so enough with the who knew he was married. A lot of people are aware of the messy demise of marriage #1, the girlfriend to wife overlap and the nasty words wife #2 had for wife #1. And I don’t think he’s particularly funny or a good actor.
    Guessing he’ll use non disclosure forms to continue his escapades.

  30. Ishq the Cat says:

    I feel the blame rests on the shoulders of the cheater. You can’t force someone or trick someone into cheating (unless it is rape which is another thing altogether), but a cheater bending the truth and saying he/she is separated seems like the norm to me. Having said that, whenever I have had the offer of being the other woman, the man has pulled the old “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” i.e. they have been upfront about being married and wanting a one night stand. I have always declined. Not because I am morally superior but because my conscience is so much of a nag that it would plague me for years. I will take peace of mind over a night with a hot silver fox any day!

  31. tcbc says:

    When I was single, I would “safety-google” the men I dating, not my one-night stands or vacation weekend flings. Hart’s not the kind of famous where everyone would know he’s married. After she found out however, she should have bounced.

  32. Blackbetty says:

    Before this scandal happened, I never knew Kevin Hart was married either. He’s not A list.

  33. Jussayin says:

    I’m glad you made the point that it’s on him as he’s the one that is married. She had her part to play and should be honest and take responsibility for that but this is ultimately on him. I hate when women get called home wreckers and the guys are treated like the innocent party who just couldn’t help themselves.

    Anyway I hope they can all sort this out.

  34. A says:

    What about his b.s. comment about ‘things happening for a reason’. Like he’s some victim of fate. Dude, you chose to f*ck around, this isn’t something that just ‘happened’ to you.

    • belle says:

      Right!!! It totally diminishes the severity of his actions like its all part of some “Divine Plan” to teach him a lesson. Situation was placed in front of him to help HIM be a better man. In the meantime it’s really other people who are suffering the consquences of his actions. People who cheat do not understand the hurt and betrayal their partners feel.

  35. Whatever Gurl says:

    But look at Ben Affleck & His girlfriend. Both legally married. With kids!

    I read somewhere that her husband had hoped they’d get back together, not knowing she was seeing Ben.

    I think the status of marriage is just legal paperwork but essentially meaningless.

    I can see how the mistress got confused.

  36. why? says:

    Eniko took delight in rubbing her affair in Torrei’s face and now Kevin’s affair with a woman he barely even knew is being rubbed in her face. Eniko must be feeling embarrassed because sources are releasing stories about how if she wasn’t pregnant she would have left Kevin.