Christie Brinkley surprises daughter Sailor with news she’s an SI Swimsuit model


Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue is a pretty big deal for a commercial model. I think finding out you get to be in that issue would be news you’ve practiced receiving from the moment you began your career as a model. Sailor Brinkley-Cook, the daughter of Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook, is such a model. Actually, I’m not sure what kind of model she wants to be, commercial or fashion, but she did appear alongside her mother and sister last year in the magazine’s 2017 Swimsuit issue. I’m not trying to take anything away from Alexa and Sailor but I have to assume the “get” for that issue was Christie. But not this year. Sailor, it was just announced, will be appearing on her own as a rookie model in next year’s issue. To let Sailor know, SI set up a phony interview scenario, which Christie ‘crashed’ too tell her the big news. You can watch the whole thing and all the emotional reactions on their website and below:

Again, I’m sure this is huge news for a model-hopeful to receive. But is anyone that surprised that Christie Brinkley’s daughter will appear in the SI Swimsuit Issue – again? I mean, even SI is running with the headline “Christie Brinkley daughter becomes a SI Swimsuit Model.” Congratulations to Sailor for getting a solo spread but didn’t we all accept this as a foregone conclusion? I guess Sailor didn’t, though because she’s clearly excited. I’m sure she’ll look amazing and I generally think the SISI is a beautiful issue. The photoshoot will be in Aruba – gawd, what I wouldn’t give to be in Aruba. Maybe I can hold the lighting shields.

Since I’m already being salty; I get that this was a spectacular way to break the news – having her supermodel mother surprise her with it on video as everyone rushed out and cried. But isn’t one of the best parts of getting good news getting to tell people about it? I still love calling my parents when I have good news. I pout a little over the fact my kids are old enough to call their grandparents about various accomplishments so I don’t get to. However, this is particularly newsworthy because Sailor will be the very first second-generation model for SI so I guess that’s why they went to all the trouble. Still, in most of their promo shots, it’s Christie taking pics of Sailor in her swimsuit. So sure, she’s passing the baton and all that but this is supposed to be Sailor’s moment, right?

I don’t like that swimsuit they gave her either. Although, if it was my ticket to Aruba, I’d suck it up.




Photo credit: WENN Photos

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  1. HeyThere! says:

    I don’t see it. CB still has that ‘it’ factor going on. Her daughter doesn’t. Not in a mean way, she is a pretty girl but you have to have that ‘it’ factor. If she wasn’t CB daughter..she wouldn’t be a thing. But this happens daily in the modeling world.

    • Mimi says:

      Alexa is much more striking than her sister.

      • kellybean says:

        I completely agree. I think Alexa is beautiful. I think it’s those big doe eyes she gets from her father.

      • Veronica says:

        Yes, her eyes are quite stunning. Albeit, after googling her, it’s clearly she’s had A LOT of plastic surgery. She was always pretty, but she’s had some hefty work done to her noise and chin area.

      • senna says:

        I find Alexa way more stunning and intriguing than Sailor – I think Sailor is lovely, but somehow generic.

      • FLORC says:

        Alexa has had some work, but more contouring makeup.

        She’s good singer and well spoken also. Lays low and has fought to not succeed on nepotism.

    • smcollins says:

      Agreed. And I think Alexa is more stunning than Sailor. Sailor’s very pretty but Alexa’s features, especially her eyes, really pop.

      Edit: lol @mimi. Your comment wasn’t yet posted when I wrote mine.

    • Ourobo says:

      I think Kaia Gerber is the same way.
      Pretty? Of course, so pretty.
      Interesting? Not a chance.

      Sailor is pretty, of course she’s pretty. But there’s no spark there.

      And I think Alexa is very striking.

      • D says:

        I think Kaia Gerber is the only one of the celebrity kids who actually looks like a model and her runway walk is a lot better than the others. Although I’m definitely not an expert on subject of runway walks, not like that guy from Top Model – what was his name? Mr A, J, K ..something like that?

      • Kata says:

        Kaia is so bland, So very bland, But Cindy was too.

        When it comes to nepotism models, Bella Hadid and Cara D are the only truly striking and interesting ones.

      • Amy Tennant says:

        Of course both sisters are pretty, undeniably so. But I agree with you guys. I think Alexa really has something that makes me want to look at her! She’s the one with the IT factor!
        I have mixed feelings about Christie being so involved in this. On the one hand, I don’t know if Sailor would have gotten here on her own (which is really sad for her, because even if her success is completely independently earned she wouldn’t get the credit for it). On the other hand, it should be Sailor’s moment, not Christie’s.
        I really like the body paint section in the swimsuit issue. The artistry knocks me out.

      • Veronica says:

        Kaia’s not particularly striking, but she does have a really good walk. That may be what keeps her on the runways, even if she never attains the kind of celebrity her mother had.

      • holly hobby says:

        I wasn’t surprised Christie is hands on with this. It sometimes looks like she is reliving her glory years through her kids and she’s sort of thirsty for attention.

        Sailor is pretty in a high school popular girl way but she isn’t model material.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I think Kaia is very striking. But she also has those specific qualities that make a good model: very angular body, incredibly long and skinny legs, angular face. Her walk is very powerful. The others seem like posers to me, but Kaia seems like a legit model.

    • Millenial says:

      Yeah, these daughters of supermodels just do not have the same je ne sais quoi their mothers do. Christie and Cindy still have “it” — and Sailor and Kaia are just pretty girls benefitting from nepotism.

    • Erica_V says:

      I just clicked the link and looked at the pictures from last year – yeah she’s a terrible model. No neck in any of her pictures.

  2. Bitsy says:

    Saw the pictures and thought they were a bit… inappropriate. Mom and daughter in very revealing suits hugged up. Very Hollyweird.

  3. magnoliarose says:

    It is not the best idea to put your daughter in modeling if you are an icon. They will never measure up, and the jobs will only be because of Mama Megamodel. It rarely seems to work out for children of icons or legends. It is not the best idea to put your child up for criticism that can break a person down based on superficial qualities.
    Looking at the photo my eye is drawn to Christy. Same with Cindy Crawford. The body proportions are unusual that makes someone successful and very rarely are the daughters built like the mother.
    Sailor’s proportions are odd, and Christy isn’t tall at all. I have seen her a few times I am like Hagrid compared to her.
    Whatever happened to good ole college?
    Why can’t Sailor just be a cute girl with a bright future and why isn’t that enough?
    I noticed Kaia has dropped weight and is getting into dangerous territory.
    Sigh all day.

    • littlemissnaughty says:

      I think all of that stuff has to do with nostalgia. How many of us idolized these beautiful women? I must’ve watched Freedom about 100 times (on VHS, no less). It was a unique time in fashion and modeling and in hindsight, it seems so glamorous and somehow much more interesting than today’s fashion landscape. With IG models there’s no mystery. Kaia is a beautiful girl but she’s not her mother. People have been obsessed with her breaking into modeling for an inappropriate amount of years. It’s not going to be the same.

    • jwoolman says:

      I have to wonder about all these rich kids choosing modeling over more interesting jobs and an education. Rich people can go anywhere to get an education and take their time doing it. They can travel and see the world. They can get all the tutors they want. They can work for free as interns in any job. Why waste their time on something that will likely be fleeting for them? They can certainly use their parents’ money and connections for better purposes and longer-term opportunities.

      • GingerCrunch says:

        Came to TRY and say something along these lines. Thanks for beating me to it, jwoolman! It’s all I can think of when these stories pop up. I guess models produce models, etc, etc.

      • Birdix says:

        they probably see success as defined by their mother. if an interesting life of the mind isn’t held up as something aspirational, the idea of cultivating a wild jungle of ideas in your mind seems … quaint? old-fashioned? compared zipping off to Aruba to be fawned over and well-paid. But I’m with you–the adventures I’d have in her place!

      • holly hobby says:

        Well thank goodness Christy Turlington didn’t break out any of her kids in the industry. I do think she and Ed Burns would have pushed education over this.

      • Veronica says:

        They can afford to, that’s why. Once the modeling career fizzles out, they can take what money they make and do whatever they want. The rest of us would have to balance the risk/cost analysis to see if a modeling career would be worth pursuing.

      • Oh-Dear says:

        I imagine they have grown up with the nostalgia too and want to be part of it?

    • Zondie says:

      What a waste of time! How long are these mothers going to prop up their daughters’ modeling careers? I think the mothers are re-living their past through their daughters.

    • clover says:

      Kaia has always been thin. Please dont body shame a 16 yr old girl.

      • magnoliarose says:

        I am the last person to body shame thin because I was teased about it and get confronted about it now. BUT I also know how Fashion Weeks are and the pressure to lose even more weight. Even thin girls think being just 10 pounds lighter is better. It is a sensitive subject for me, and I say this out of real concern after comparing her pictures. The concern is her age and how she internalizes what she hears around her.
        I have seen horrible things, and I wouldn’t want someone’s child or anyone to glamorize modeling and think the body type is ideal enough to hurt themselves to attain it.

      • Veronica says:

        In that industry? I think it’s worth worrying about it. Eating disorders and drug addiction run rampant in the modeling world so that women can stay unnaturally thin for the runway. I wouldn’t put my child through that, especially at 16 where developing an ED could have a serious impact on growth down the line.

    • CynicalAnn says:

      I’m with you. I wish they’d all go off to college and then get jobs in the fashion industry if that’s what they really love.

      • magnoliarose says:

        I Just know how rare it is to make a living from it. Unless you are an agency “rising star” or considered to have top potential go to college. Be a stylist or work in the fashion industry.

  4. Originaltessa says:

    She’s pretty, in that debutante future wife of a senator kind of way… Not Sports Illustrated

  5. Maria F. says:

    between the nepotism and the ‘instagram models’ there is no real excitement anymore.

    I was hoping this would be a fad, but my friend who is a model in LA is now being asked about the amount of followers when she goes to casting. So nowadays apparently you have to have a social media presence before you get booked for a comercial, so that the model’s followers buy the products….

  6. Naptime says:

    Seems like it would suck to be successful in one’s chosen field due only to nepotism. This girl is not model material. At all. She must know it…

  7. Carol says:

    The first picture looks like Christy is standing beside her Madame Tussaud’s wax figure. I agree that Sailor doesn’t seem to have the “it” factor in the photos I have seen so far.

  8. Da says:

    Sailor does photograph very well actually… She knows how to work the camera and has more personality in photos than other second gen models

    • Naptime says:

      More like SI knows how to use “technology” to give her a new face in their pages. Hardly looks like the same girl as in these photos.

    • magnoliarose says:

      Not really. She is pretty but not model material which is not a failure of any sort. It just is a different look.

  9. Redgrl says:

    The other sister Alexa is way cooler. This one is just a nepotism model.

  10. minx says:

    Sailor and Kaia Gerber are getting pushed hard, and both are meh. Pretty girls who don’t have the It factor that their mothers have.

    • Lucy2 says:

      I agree, and they will forever be compared to their mothers.

    • Milla says:

      yeah, so boring. there are also Jude Laws kids, Gallagher brothers kids, some editors pushing their kids, Amber Le Bon, Paris Jackson, a whole bunch of kids who look average and have no charisma.

      despite what happened behind the curtains, supermodels were very empowering. gorgeous and always working, making millions, beauties with brains. Naomi, Linda, Christy and others were and will always be the most powerful models in history.

    • Suzy says:

      They are less lesser versions of the original… similar without the original spark. I would much rather have my own look, then be seen as a lesser version of my mother. Getting tired of all these star kids becoming models…without all the pesky requirements that the average model is denied for like height requirements and so on. Yeah, some of them are very good looking, but it’s still so much nepotism. With all their money and opportunity, is modelling really the highest goal they could strive for?

  11. QueenElisabeth says:

    I’m going to guess it was a total surprise

  12. Giulia says:

    I’m underwhelmed.

  13. Alix says:

    From SI’s swimsuit editor: “…She’s funny. She’s driven. She’s smart. She’s beautiful. She’s interesting. And most of all, she has a voice and isn’t afraid to use it.” LOL! As though those are the reasons they hire swimsuit models!

    Sailor has an enviable figure, but is just conventionally pretty. Wouldn’t give her a second glance. And yeah, her big moment was really all about Mom, wasn’t it?

  14. Jenna says:

    Sailor looks like an unhappy Kirsten Bell.

  15. JC says:

    She looks so much like her father—that architect who was brought down by a sex scandal—with Christie B’s coloring thrown into the mix. Agree with most everyone that she’d never be a contender if not for her mother.

    • Esmom says:

      Yes although she does have the exact same mouth as her mom. I remember being fascinated by the shape of Christie’s mouth/smile whenever I’d idly look at magazine covers at the supermarket or wherever.

  16. Electric Tuba says:

    Christie Brinkley is creepy to me. My brain reads her smile as sinister android who doesn’t like wire hangers in her closet. Like if I found out she was responsible for the serial killer murders on Long Island I would probably say , yeah that seems about right.

  17. Barrett says:

    Her face is not symmetrical, toobig square forehead like her dad. nice figure but she would never be in sports illustrated w/o her mom. Just a pretty girl you knew. Alexa is exotic. SI just needs the publicity bc things don’t sell like they used to.

    As for Cindy Crawford daughter, yes she is beautiful but I wish they waited until she was closer to 18. She has the beautiful coltish, gangly body of a growing teen when I see her. It makes me sad, let her be a kid for 2 more years!!!

  18. JC says:

    Crossover comment between this thread and the one about Hefner. Speaking of the objectification of women—-look at Brinkley in the photo with both her daughters—she looks like a life-size sex doll.

  19. MarionC says:

    I look at Cindy Crawford’s IG now and then and her daughter looks like she has lost a good bit of weight from pics earlier this summer. Maybe she had a growth spurt, hopefully not pressure to fit into ridiculously small sample sizes, especially as Cindy was always known for being more fit/athletic.

    • mary says:

      yes she looks TOO thin. obvious what is going on there. hopefully her family helps her eat more.

    • clover says:

      Shes always been thin. Stop projecting your own weight insecurities on her , Mary.

      • mary says:

        haha my weight insecurities have to do with what?

        the girl is clearly underweight and losing more when you compare pictures to just a few months ago. someone who cares about her should try and help her. She is a walking skeleton, that is not good for her health. just calling it like i see it

    • magnoliarose says:

      I noticed it too. It is not healthy for a girl who was skinny, to begin with. If she was ill or something sure but not combined with this career choice.

  20. Barbcat says:

    Why are their faces so greasy/shiny looking? Is Sailor using Botox already? Can’t they use a little powder? My face looks like this after I slather it with sunscreen and do yard work.

    • LindaBelcher says:

      SO shiny!! That’s all I could see for a good 10 seconds, until their faces slowly started to morph into clarity. Brinkley girls, step awaaay from the Botox!

    • Snowflake says:

      I’ve used Botox, I didn’t get a shiny face. That’s an untrue rumor that it does that

  21. Veronica says:

    She may have some commercial success thanks to her mother, but I don’t see her making a big impact. She’s got a nice body, but nothing about her features are otherwise striking – which is important in a community where being able to stand out is what can make you famous.

    Brinkley’s face is like a visual guide of What Not to Do with Botox.

    • Ksenia says:

      She’s just not even pretty, imo, with those beady eyes and blank, flat, vapid face. I guess that’s a relief for Christie, not to have an *actually* beautiful daughter, not one who will ever upstage her. This girl as a model is a joke, and a rather ugly one considering how privileged she is, anyway, but then she ALSO gets a modeling career (or cover) handed to her on a silver spoon due to nepotism alone. It’s also sad: is this ALL that the children of so many celebrities can think of doing, modeling? (At least this one does not talk of being “a role model” who is somehow going to help save the world in her spare time, like Paris Jackson.)

  22. Mop top says:

    Wow. Christie pulled some major strings and called in every favor SI owed her. Sailor seems to be a sweet girl, but not model material.

  23. Oopygoopy says:

    How surprising, rich privileged daughter of a supermodel gets a modeling gig. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn. I’m so over hearing about celebrity spawn being handed accomplishments when it is clear they are so very mediocre. Go help with a relief effort in the Carribean or Mexico then I will actually be surprised.

  24. KBeth says:

    Sailor is average pretty but famewhore Christie is determined to make her happen…

  25. homeslice says:

    These women who can’t let it go and now are trying to prop up their daughters. Kinda sad to me. Like, as the kids of millionaires, this is all you aspire to? Man, imagine the educational opportunities available??

    I just think women like Cindy and Christie are the types who continually to fantasize about their glory days. Their offspring are not going to be what they were. It’s embarrassing really.

  26. Anastasia says:

    I still think Christy is gorgeous. Sailor is kind of vanilla.

  27. Amy Tennant says:

    Some of these girls would be lovely catalog models. How is that for a backhanded compliment?

  28. Penelope says:

    Sailor wouldn’t sniff an SI gig or even a modeling career of any distinction if not for her famous mom. She (and Kaia Gerber) are kidding themselves if they think otherwise. Their mothers, both of whom are physically more attractive than their kids and also had/have that “IT” factor that their offspring lack, are doing them no favors.

    And Kaia’s just 16! Good Grief.

  29. magnoliarose says:

    The hottest model is Remington Williams who was discovered and looks like an alien vampire. She would never attract followers except for fashion freaks because she is androgynous.
    This is the beginning of the end for the Instagram Girls as a fashion trend maybe commercial. Sometimes, if someone tells you that you are commercial, it is sort of an insult.

    • Veronica says:

      My experience is that modeling success has less to do with beauty (which is a dime a dozen in that industry) and more to do with unique. Remington Williams is making it *because* she is so striking to look at, not because we think she’s particularly beautiful.

  30. AnneC says:

    The most beautiful and interesting public teenager in my eyes is Malia Obama and you know her parents are turning her into a smart, interesting, informed, kind and beautiful women. I would have like this video I a lot more if CB was surprising her daughter with her admission to some great college not a SI swimsuit model gig. Sad and annoying. Go away boring children of models and actors.

  31. Izzy says:

    I see Sailor has been hitting the forehead Botox pretty hard with her mom.

  32. Natalia says:

    I think Sailor is rather strange looking. I would choose Alexa any day as a model over Sailor. Models like Sailor are a dime a dozen. Models like Alexa are not.

  33. sunshine gold says:

    Hate to say it, but…..another one who wouldn’t be a model in a million years if it weren’t for the successful parents.

  34. Cookiejar says:

    This id what happens when gorgeous women marry Rich but rather unattractive men. They produce offsprings that are less attractive than they are.