Nina Dobrev got the Pulp Fiction haircut: cute or too severe?

Just last night I watched the first 45 minutes or so of Pulp Fiction, ending at about the scene where Uma Thurman and John Travolta’s characters are having dinner at that awesome retro restaurant, Jack Rabbit Slim’s (I checked, it never existed unfortunately). I found myself mesmerized by Thurman’s hair as I had that same slightly angled blunt cut with bangs in the mid 90s. So I was so happy to see Nina Dobrev rocking the hell out of that same style in these photos of her from the Flatliners reboot premiere.

This isn’t a huge change for Nina. She’s had dark hair in a slightly longer blunt cut for quite some time, so she just shortened it a couple of inches and got bangs, which may very well be extensions/add ins. It suits her and is so badass. I love this look. The main problem with this haircut, and I remember from when I used to have it, is that it’s not versatile and you have to style it perfectly every day. Update: Nina got this cut for her role in a film called Lucky Day where she plays a French artist.

The Flatliners remake also stars Ellen Page, Diego Luna and James Norton (Grantchester) and you can see the trailer here. It’s out this weekend and yet they haven’t released it ahead of time to critics, which is a new tactic studios are using and usually means the movie is crap. I’m hoping that’s not the case. I barely remember the first film, which was out in 1990 and is about a group of med students experimenting with near death experiences.


As for Nina’s fashion she’s in white Prabal Gurung with a button front top, a tiered skirt with an unfinished hem and a black and white rope belt. The belt really makes that dress.
Also I want a pair of those grey Valentino Rockstud heels. (I’m assuming they’re Valentino, I was also coincidentally ogling them this week although I look at luxury sh-t too often.) This look is striking and I see what she’s going for, but the 90s girl in me wanted her to do something that’s more of a nod to the era. She’s got the hair down, she just needed some velvet, maybe some combat boots or a choker. This is a power dress and it’s slightly edgy but it needs shoulder pads or something.

Ellen Page was there with her new girlfriend, dancer Emma Porter.

Here’s Hecate’s boyfriend, Diego Luna. He always has the cutest look on his face.
Embed from Getty Images

Hecate is going to be coming for Nina.

The cast including Diego, Kiersey Clemons (Dope), Ellen, Nina and James.

photos credit: Backgrid and Getty

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35 Responses to “Nina Dobrev got the Pulp Fiction haircut: cute or too severe?”

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  1. grabbyhands says:

    Oh honey… Just no.

  2. perplexed says:

    She looks more mature.

    I suddenly realized that’s Anna Wintour’s haircut.

    • kimbers says:

      so she looks like a 50+ crime that moisturized?

      that hair is too artsy and mature for her face. unless she’s trying to get into “serious acting” that cut is wrong for daily hair. for a role in Chicago, it’s perfect!!

      • perplexed says:

        I did wonder if she got the haircut to try for more serious roles.

        She probably looks nicer in this hairstyle when she smiles. She has nice teeth. Maybe the serious expression is also making the face look older than it does when she has long hair. She’s sort of pursing her lips in a way that is making the face look different than it normally does. I am a little stunned at how different she looks. I’ve seen other actresses get the same haircut (i.e Natalie Portman?) but they don’t look like they aged overnight.

        I do think she’s still pretty, but I never realized how much of her beauty came from her hair and her body rather than her face.

  3. JA says:

    Agreed that the hair can only work if perfectly styled and will be difficult to carry for everyday wear. Ninas beautiful though so she might just make it work. Bangs are a helluva drug so I can’t judge too harshly…

    • Elisa the I. says:

      I used to have a pulp fiction haircut (only in blonde) and I loved it because it makes your eyes POP. But it’s hell to style. It looked great with formal and casual clothes – and even sports wear – so that wasn’t the issue. But I grew really tired of straightening my hair almost every day as it is naturally curly.
      Nina looks beautiful but I agree with other comments that it ages her.

  4. jess1632 says:

    It ages her dramatically, I think. Love the dress though

    • Josephine says:

      I really like the dress as well. It’s different. And I normally would not be opposed to this haircut but it does nothing for her.

  5. i, pet goat 2 says:

    Its just crazy to me how she cant get her acting right. I watched the trailer for this movie and she always stands out as the worst part in her projects.

    • Cali says:

      I loved her on The Vampire Diaries but she seems more suited to TV roles. Although, I’m still planning to see this one even though I hate suspense/horror movies.

      • kimbers says:

        I agree her movie roles are horrible. ever see the one about the 80s horror camp movie flick? omg that was bad! lol she needs to produce something herself or call Reese Witherspoon who’s got some good books being scripted for tv! maybe ppl don’t like her personally bc she’s not a horrible actress-she does horrible projects!!!

  6. lucy2 says:

    Unfortunately I think this plus the heavy makeup really ages her. She’s only 28.

    • L says:

      Another thing that ages her I think is that she’s thickened/grown out her old brow shape. There seems to be less of an arch than she used to have. The new style weighs down her eyes and make her look heavy-headed. The full flat brow look doesn’t suit everyone.

  7. Cleo says:

    Love the dress, not the hair.

    Ellen’s girlfriend looks 12 but to be fair so does Ellen most of the time.

  8. Neelyo says:

    To me, Dobrev’s always had kind of a little old lady face, so this hairstyle just emphasizes that.

  9. What's Inside says:

    The hairstyle looks like helmet hair and does not suit her at all. Dress is fine, but the belt is no buenos. Love the shoes. Nina is gorgeous, but this is not the look for her.

  10. Jillian says:

    James Norton!!! So dreamy

  11. Valois says:

    She looks really young for 50!

  12. Katherine says:

    I liked the description for this movie but the trailer was disappointing. Not feeling the hair either. And that’s one of my three all time favorite haircuts. It was sizzling on CZJ

  13. Hecate says:

    She cut her hair just so I couldn’t grab it when I yank her off my man!

  14. holly hobby says:

    It’s a no for me with that haircut. It does age her.

  15. whatever says:

    On her Instagram she said the haircut was for a movie she shooting. Actors have changed their appearance for movies more drastically (and terribly) than this before. This is ok for me.

  16. Mia4s says:

    It’s a departure! I wonder if it’s for a role?

    My GOD Diego is aging like fine wine. In his 20s I could take or leave him. Now? Damn.

    This movie is so odd. Strong cast (Ellen Page Oscar nominee, Diego filmed this before Star Wars so they lucked out there, plus Michael Douglas producing) but Sony only spent $20 million on it. It’s basically a low-budget indie. It’s almost guaranteed to make a small profit or at least not lose anything; but….huh?

  17. Char says:

    It does age her a bit, but I think Nina is gorgeous. The only thing I remember about the original Flatliners is that Julia Roberts was in it & Keifer Sutherland, so I googled it & Kevin Bacon was in it to!

  18. Miss Kittles says:

    Isn’t this just a bob with bangs? Pulp Fiction do is a little sloppier… no?
    Reminds me of Katie Holmes circa TC. She’s gorgeous tho.

  19. Really? says:

    Circa Katie a Holmes when she was with TC.

  20. Aerohead21 says:

    I think it’s a good cut for her face shape.

  21. Lucy says:

    I’ll take Diego and James, please!! (Did Grantchester get cancelled?)

  22. Lauren says:

    James Norton is too good for this. Jessie Buckley come get your man and talk some sense into him lol

  23. sami says:

    Is anyone else getting Jennifer Love Hewitt vibes?? Wonder what she is up to lately…