Harrison Ford & Ryan Gosling’s joint interviews are unexpectedly delightful

'Blade Runner 2049' Paris Premiere

I keep telling you guys, my mojo is really “off” this year when it comes to box office predictions and Rotten Tomato scores. Pretty much every film that I think looks terrible is some kind of critical darling and it makes a lot of money. Every film that I think looks good has been bombing. So it is with Blade Runner 2049. I kept seeing all of the hype machine stuff for the film, and I kept thinking, “yeah, but is anyone really interested?” It just seemed like a gigantic shrug to me. But the film is currently sitting at 94% at Rotten Tomatoes, and critics absolutely love it. Box office predictors say that the film will open with $100 million worldwide, possibly more, and that this could be the biggest film of Ryan Gosling’s career. So… once again, I was wrong. People are into it. Dystopian future films are the future!

Anyway, all of that is to say that I haven’t been paying close attention to the promotional tour of Blade Runner 2049. Ryan Gosling is always pretty charming, but Harrison Ford is such a grumpy bastard, I just thought… there will be no spark as they try to promote this film together. Once again, I was wrong! They are delightful together. Their joint interviews have been hilarious and silly and they have great chemistry together. Take this clip from last weekend’s Graham Norton Show:

Very cute. But that was just a precursor to this absolutely amazing joint interview with Alison Hammond on This Morning (Gosling and Ford were shilling this movie in Britain and Europe for weeks). Please watch this, because you’ll be laughing through the entire clip. Hammond is HILARIOUS and she gets Ford and Gosling so loose.

I don’t think I’ve seen Harrison so lively and off-the-cuff in a long time. This honestly is the best thing I’ve seen all week!

'Blade Runner 2049' photocall

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  1. Gippy says:

    Aw that pic of Harrison Fors laughing gave me the feels. I’ve had a crush on him since Air Force 1:)

    • Tiny Martian says:

      Love Harrison, and all of his curmudgeonly ways. And loved it years ago when he was on the Tonight Show and pierced Jimmy Fallon’s ear. 🙂

  2. Nicole says:

    Pair Harrison Ford with anyone young in interviews and it’s delightful. See all the Star Wars press.
    Anyways this does not surprise me as Blade Runner had a cult following. It was always going to make money. But I’m glad it’s also being received well

  3. detritus says:

    I love Ryan. I love Harrison. and I love Hammond. Her laugh has me laughing.

    I’m excited for Blade Runner!

    • V4Real says:

      A must see for me. Ford is still bangable.

      But I can’t look at Ryan without thinking about him standing there laughing when they realized LaLa Land didn’t win the Oscar

  4. third ginger says:

    Ryan Gosling works hard and is usually great in a variety of roles. The fact that he is adorable is just icing on the cake, to coin a phrase. Ford is one of the immortals. I cannot believe how many years ago I saw him in a small role in AMERICAN GRAFFITI.

    • Jerusha says:

      And an even smaller role in The Conversation. Fortunately, Coppola, Lucas and Spielberg all saw something in him, resulting in some of the most iconic movies ever made.

      • third ginger says:

        V4Real, we call that Baby Gosling! Comment in the wrong place. Sorry. Jersusha, I need to watch THE CONVERSATION again after many years. Your taste in films is impeccable.

    • V4Real says:

      And don’t forget he can sing. He was a Mouseketeer on The Mickey Mouse Club. YouTube him singing with JC Chavez, and Justin Timberlake, singing a Jodeci R&B song.

      And don’t forget he was in Remember The Titans with Denzel Washington

      • I Choose Me says:

        Don’t forget he was young Hercules. I once had the most incredible lucid sex dream starring Ryan Gosling. TMI? I don’t curr.

        That interview with Hammond was a delight as promised. She was as entertaining as her guests. Love her laugh.

  5. vauvert says:

    There are very few films I plan to see multiple times, but this is one of them. I have been waiting for this sequel a loooong time and I’m just thrilled that Ford agreed to reprise his role. Not sure why Kaiser would think that a cult movie like Blade Runner would have an unsuccessful sequel? I mean, in an universe where they have made 7? 8? Fast and Furious and 3 or 4 of those Sharknado things, Blade Runner was going to be a jewel anyway you look at it. (I may be biased. Just a tiny bit.)

    • Bread and Circuses says:

      Well, I was expecting it to be terrible, because there’s no guarantee (see Prometheus, prequel to Alien) that even with a great cast and a legendary director that the magic of an iconic film can be replicated. Also, the trailers have left me cold.

      I am so excited, now that I hear audiences are loving this. The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

    • Mannori says:

      I’ve always knew it would be a visually stunning movie with at least a decent story/script: Denis Villeneuve + Roger Deakins, c’mon Kaiser! I had very few doubts that it would be successful critically: the talent involved is at the top of their A game: Villeneuve, Deakins, Gosling, Ford, Robin Wright. My only doubt was, and still is, about its financial success. Its a 180mln production budget plus a huge promotional budget: have you seen the billboards in Times Square? A loyal fanbase from the original, 30 years ago, doesn’t necessarily guarantee success. To break even this movie has to reach short of half a billion. I think it will. The word of mouth will keep this movie for weeks. There’s also no doubt about it will be an awards contender, it will be this year’s Mad Max, sweeping all the technical categories and Harrison will be pushed for a supporting nom.

  6. Lindy79 says:

    This is brilliant! Aw it’s really made my day.
    Ford’s grumpy bastard reminds me so much of my dad, I can’t hate it even when it’s turned up to 100 but this is just brilliant.

    Alison Hammond is great (I still remember her from Big Brother UK), she gets guests really relaxed, as does Graham Norton

    • Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

      Ford has always been a grumpy interviewee. It works well with Norton as he uses it to get laughs. Sometimes Ford plays up to it.

      Love him. I saw the taping of the episode with Bendy and he (Ford) is hilarious and so over fame and fanboys.

  7. Guest says:

    I love Ryan!! I watch clips of the Graham Norton show on YouTube sometimes and he’s hilarious.

  8. Lizzie says:

    its like an angel pouring honey in your ear….LOL. that interview was very cute all around.

  9. Green Is Good says:

    Watch the ITV interview that comes up after Graham Norton. I don’t know the interviewer ‘s name, but she’s cracked me up with Harrison and Ryan’s antics!

  10. CharlieBouquet says:

    How adorable, unwraps werther and slips it to Indie.

  11. Tig says:

    I don’t think Gosling is all that handsome, but he’s charming as heck and too funny. I watched his movie from this past summer with Russell Crowe and was amazed at how well the two of them played off each other.
    Loved the first Blade Runner- Rutger Hauer (sp?) was just so good in that film. And of course the leads!!

    • I Choose Me says:

      Oh Nice Guys was a gem. If for nothing more than the chemistry between Russell and Ryan.

      • Tiffany says:

        And their promotion tour was great as well. I laughed do hard I was in tears when they did Colbert together.

  12. Lindy79 says:

    I’d love to see the outtakes of this

  13. seesittellsit says:

    Huge fan of the original – one of the few dystopian futuristic films I find emotionally moving. I hope this is as stylish and well-done as the original. Going to see it this weekend – The Guardian gave this five stars – although I have to be cautious about Peter Bradshaw: he gave Crimson Peak a handful of stars, too, if I remember :).

  14. Tina says:

    That made my day as well – so funny, so different for Harrison Ford. Thanks for posting that.

  15. Lucy says:

    I love both of them. Can’te wait to see the movie!!

  16. TQB says:

    This and WW were the only movies I was excited about for this year. Blade Runner INVENTED the dystopian future. The trailers are amazing. The fans of the original have been pining for this movie for so long, and from all accounts, it’s been done right. No question it’s going to be huge.

  17. Adele Dazeem says:

    Omg those clips are the best!!

  18. Jensies says:

    Give that woman all of the interviews. She had me dying.

  19. manta says:

    Well, shouldn’t Harrison Ford be cancelled by now, none of his project supported in any way? A guy who worked for Polanski, picked his Oscar for him, gladly handed it to him when they were both in Deauville (“I kept my promise”, good boy), admitted in an interview for a french mag that he phoned him several times during his ordeal (poor lamb stuck in his chalet for weeks), collected some other trophies for him etc…

    Oh, my bad, it’s for actresses only. Must repeat: Eva Green, Winslet, horrible. Brosnan, Mc Gregor, Waltz, darlings forever.

    • catchme says:

      Agreed. Harrison Ford signed the Polanski petition and his name is still there, as of right now. It’s interesting, I can’t keep track of who is bad and who is good on celebitchy!

  20. CharlieBouquet says:

    I loved Gosling in Lars and the Real Girl. He wasn’t on my radar before that.

    • Lauren II says:

      Ryan is very gracious and classy- he knows how to keep the peace with grumpy old coots.

      Meryl Streep even mentioned how nice Ryan was this year in an acceptance speech. RG has Canadian Class.

      I first noticed Ryan in “Murder By Numbers” with Sandra Bullock. Haunting.

  21. CharlieBouquet says:

    Manta, he and Steve C are a big disappointment for me. I won’t go to see them now, buy their DVDs etc. I will however watch what we have in house and already paid for like The Office and the Indiana Jones. Which is what it is, sucks having to cross people off daily.