Enquirer: Liam Neeson roamed hall of hotel naked, an employee is shopping video

This story is so random it sounds true, and plus they have a whole backstory that makes it sound more plausible than “sources say.” The National Enquirer reports that there is video of Liam Neeson walking around naked in the hall of a hotel in California. There are no details as to whether he was drunk or talking to himself or anything, so I would assume it was something like a late night ice run when he couldn’t be bothered to put on underwear. They do have the typical fake insider quotes about Liam being embarrassed, which is understandable and probably true if he even knows about this video.

Still-heartbroken Liam Neeson has been caught wandering the hallways of a California hotel completely nude! The 65 year-old Taken star’s raunchy ramble was caught on camera, and a hotel employee tried to make a quick buck by selling the video!

Desperate to hush up the bizarre incident, Liam hired pit bull attorneys to prevent the tape from going public, sources said.

“Liam was embarrassed to be caught in such a vulnerable moment,” spilled an insider.

“Exactly why he was wandering down the corridor butt-naked is still a mystery. It’s a sign that all isn’t well with him.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition]

After that their “insider” claims that Liam is still struggling with the loss of his wife, Natasha Richardson, who died in 2009 after suffering a skiing accident and that he may have PTSD. They needed an angle for this story, but it’s probably more likely that he was drunk. I googled “Liam Neeson drunk” because I’ve never heard stories about him being wasted in public or having a drinking problem and this interview from 2012 came up first. He was slurring a bit on the Irish Late Late Show and seemed buzzed and slightly out of it. His agent denied that Liam was drunk and Liam said that he hadn’t slept for two days at that point and didn’t expect to be interviewed. As for this story, Liam’s rep told Gossip Cop that it was “foolish,” which is a good way not to give a direct denial. If you’re trying to picture Liam now, just google “Liam Neeson naked” and you won’t be disappointed. He’s appeared in a couple of movies where he showed full frontal, and it’s impressive (link is SFW).

Update: Liam told GQ in 2014 that he had quit drinking because he was drinking too much after Natasha passed.

Also, Liam looks weird with that salt and pepper beard right? I hope it’s for a role because he looks so much better without it.



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52 Responses to “Enquirer: Liam Neeson roamed hall of hotel naked, an employee is shopping video”

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  1. SydneyGirl says:

    I still would. Liam is hot.

  2. Liberty says:

    Yow. This happened to colleague – he was sick, got medicine while we were at conference, and his roommate woke to see the door ajar and found the other guy in his boxers wandering the hall all confused trying to find water. Local clinic blamed fever, lack of food and a combination of two medicines, one a strong antihistamine.

    Conversely it sounds like a rollicking house party on the vineyard I was at ten yrs ago 🐙

    • SlightlyAnonny says:

      Yeah, maybe I’m naive (or too big a fan of Mike Birbiglia) but I immediately jumped to this thought too. Illness, mix of medications, and/or sleepwalking. Plus, I’ve taken Ambien and had a baaad reaction. Thankfully, it was just sitting in a chair completely confused and unable to move but I could see sleepwalking.

    • Rachel says:

      Admittedly, Liam was one of my first great loves, so my mind immediately jumped to sleepwalking.

  3. Amide says:

    The visual of this is 😁😅😄

  4. The New Classic says:

    If this story is in fact true I have a suspicion that Liam has exactly 0 fvcks to give about if the tape leaks.

  5. CharlieBouquet says:

    True that lol.

  6. Jenny says:

    Let the man roam in peace.

  7. Imqrious2 says:

    Yup. I’m there. And I want to hear him talking the whole time 😈

  8. Enough Already says:

    Passed him on the street outside Lincoln Center in 2009. He had on cargo shorts and was eating an ice cream cone. Unkempt hair, Birkenstocks and flawless skin like almond colored satin.

  9. mkyarwood says:

    Keep that video to yourself, and consider yourself lucky :p

  10. FF says:

    Whatever. Put some pants on. Can’t say I care what he looks like naked. Unless he accidentally locked himself out, or was sleepwalking, that’s not cute or slick.

    And this week in particular is not the week for this kind of nonsense.

    • Olive says:

      Yeah, can you imagine being in a hotel and walking out in the halls and passing a naked man? I know people find him attractive, but come on, this is inappropriate to even leave your hotel room naked. I’d be freaked out and think he’s some kind of flashing pervert getting off on making women uncomfortable.

      • KB says:

        These are my thoughts as well. I’d be calling hotel security if some 65 year old man was walking around naked in the halls. I’m guessing he was drunk or on some kind of medication. If he was just going to get ice or something as others have speculated, that’s just indecent.

  11. Beth says:

    I stay at hotels often, and unfortunately I’ve never seen a hottie like him walking nude in the halls. 😢 Maybe tonight I’ll see something like this instead of loud bratty kids on vacation.
    I love guys with facial hair

  12. Talie says:

    His son admitted to turning to alcohol after the mother’s death…I don’t know, I’m sure they are all still struggling, but wow, Liam looks bad.

  13. CommentingBunny says:

    I hope the tape doesn’t see the light of day, and if it does I won’t watch it. Whatever reason he had for slipping out in the hall naked is none of my business and looking at his business without his consent is criminal.

    • courtney says:

      amen. expected more responses like this on this site but apparently not. we wouldn’t be laughing about watching the video if it was a woman, so why is it a different story for a man? not cool. this would be such a cruel invasion of privacy and breach of basic human decency. people are so gross.

  14. Jayna says:

    Liam quit drinking two years ago. He has mentioned it in quite a few interviews. He carries some special tea that he takes with him everywhere, to interviews, anywhere. He has his own teabags he even gives to the waitress when he was doing his most recent interview at a restaurant. Stars can get away with this, bringing their own beverage to be made. LOL. When he gave up smoking, he carries toothpicks all the time to keep his mouth busy. It’s like when he quit drinking, he began drinking this tea I guess he is obsessive like that.

    He said he realized he had begun drinking too much to cope with the loss of his wife, so decided to quit. I think a couple of years ago when he and his son went on some retreat out in the wilderness, because his son was having problems, was when he decided to quit.

    So he wasn’t drunk. And The Enquirer using PTSD over his dead wife to make a story is absolutely disgusting, the lowest of the low.

    Who knows if this is even true, because he rarely responds to anything through his rep, and if so, some bare minimum response. He doesn’t let rag mags get to him.

  15. Sullivan says:

    I don’t care who you are or how hot you are, put your pants on before leaving your hotel room. I’d be none too happy if I encountered a naked man roaming the hotel halls.

  16. Ally says:

    I believe Dame Judy Densh verified that she, accidentally, walked in on him naked and it is enormous. Le sigh

  17. Green Is Good says:

    Nude celeb gets photographed/filmed in a hallway. What is this, 1950? Lame.

  18. Adrien says:

    So the employee saw the legendary Evian bottle?

  19. lisa says:

    this happens in my mother’s dementia unit all the time. there are prob not any videos of that.

  20. VirgiliaCoriolanus says:

    Has my birthday come early?

  21. Tig says:

    Good grief- why is filming the default reaction to everything? The article doesn’t mention how he got back to his room. And, sadly, just bec he quit a few years ago doesn’t mean he didn’t start back. It could also be he had a bad reaction to a sleeping aid. I hope he’s OK regardless of the “why”.

    • Olive says:

      “caught on camera” – I took that to mean the security cameras caught it and the employee wants to sell that tape, not that the employee went and personally filmed him with their camera.

  22. Suze says:

    The man likes to get nekkid and let’s just say he has the equipment for it.

    Betcha it’s true and betcha he gives two farts about it.

  23. Alexis says:

    Poor guy. PTSD after losing a loved one in a sudden and tragic way, is very real. I dealt with it for a long time after my mother passed away suddenly. You can be triggered by the slightest, most (usually) normal thing like a phone ringing. Not saying that is what this is about…sounds like he just wasn’t thinking, if this is even true.

    And the person trying to sell the tape should be ashamed of themselves.
    However, he should just make sure to always have a robe handy.

  24. Citresse says:

    I can sort of understand if the ice maker is right beside your room, it’s the middle of the night, your jet lagged etc and you Very quickly go outside the room in your underwear (not naked) and back but to me this sounds off- he’s still having problems with the death of his wife. Wish you well Liam.

  25. peanut says:

    …..this happened here in FL with a TOP government/military official like 2 years ago. Luxury resort. It was very public and I believe he was fired as well.

    interesting point – EVERYONE on duty at the hotel believes he was drugged on purpose and this was a stunt to ultimately get him fired.

  26. sammy says:

    This behavior does not necessarily mean he was drunk or on pills…it could be an illness: my father had a brain disease, which caused him to roam at night, it mimicked sleep walking, unfortunately, he never wore nightclothes…he even managed to drive in this state. It wasn’t until he was “caught” and taken to a hospital that he was diagnosed and treated… from that point on, we had aides for him at night to keep him from roaming. It’s easy to judge something by appearances, but this could be red flag for Mr. Neeson.

  27. Lorelai says:

    I feel sorry for him. I feel like he is someone who should just be left alone — what happened with his wife was so awful, and he’s always seemed like an incredibly decent guy.

    I realize it’s unrealistic to expect that *any* celebrity will get a pass from this kind of crap, but with him, I don’t even want to watch the tape, I just hope he’s okay.

  28. lallyvee says:

    He was on a late night talk show in the last two weeks ( don’t remember which one) he looked fine.

  29. Dizzy says:

    I ran into one of my coworkers naked ina hotel corridor at 4 in the morning. I was reporting for work, I don’t know what he was doing. Funniest day at work ever, couldn’t stop laughing all day!

  30. Sue Vehlow says:

    come on…really? He’s an ass…

  31. ASH says:

    You people do realize that there’s already a naked .gif from a movie that Liam Neeson did were he’s running naked with full peen out and all. Go google it. I highly doubt he cares. And yes, he puts Tommy Lee to shame.