Quentin Tarantino & Oliver Stone make statements about Harvey Weinstein

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Of all of the long-time and well-known collaborators of Harvey Weinstein, I have been the most interested in hearing from Quentin Tarantino in particular. Tarantino’s career happened because of Harvey Weinstein. Weinstein nurtured QT’s talent and gave QT everything he needed to make his films. Tarantino has spoken often about the importance of Weinstein’s support over the years. But as we now know, Tarantino also dated at least one women (Mira Sorvino) who was harassed by Weinstein, and Tarantino has worked with other actresses who are now sharing their Weinstein stories. If there’s anyone in Hollywood who had a decades-long professional relationship with Weinstein and coulda, shoulda, woulda known about it, it would be Tarantino, right? Well, up until now, Tarantino has been silent. Then he went out to dinner with Amber Tamblyn, and this happened:

His statement is, “For the last week, I’ve been stunned and heartbroken about the revelations that have come to light about my friend for 25 years Harvey Weinstein. I need a few more days to process my pain, emotions, anger and memory and then I will speak publicly about it.” This is like the teaser trailer for his official statement then. I don’t know. I guess I’ll wait to see if Tarantino goes scorched earth or what. Who knows.

Meanwhile, some other male directors are finally offering up some statements after a week. Oliver Stone was in South Korea for a film festival, and when asked about Weinstein by reporters, Stone said: “I’m a believer that you wait until this thing gets to trial. I believe a man shouldn’t be condemned by a vigilante system. It’s not easy what he’s going through, either. During that period he was a rival. I never did business with him and didn’t really know him. I’ve heard horror stories on everyone in the business, so I’m not going to comment on gossip. I’ll wait and see, which is the right thing to do.” Which went over about as well as you would expect. He later went on his Facebook page and posted this:

“I’ve been traveling for the last couple of days and wasn’t aware of all the women who came out to support the original story in the New York Times. After looking at what has been reported in many publications over the last couple of days, I’m appalled and commend the courage of the women who’ve stepped forward to report sexual abuse or rape. I’ll therefore recuse myself from the “Guantanamo” series as long as the Weinstein Company is involved.

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The Guantanamo series was a scripted show that had Stone teaming up with The Weinstein Company. It was announced in May, and I guess Stone doesn’t want to do it now. As for Stone’s back-and-forth… it’s actually pretty typical male reaction. Men don’t “get” why women would be scared, they don’t get the awful positions Weinstein put women in professionally and personally, and men really don’t get how the justice system doesn’t work in favor of victims of harassment, abuse and assault. The first statement from Stone was very male-privilege-y, but hey, at least he “got it right” once he realized that it wasn’t just one or two women making claims (who believes women, amirite?) but dozens of women. Because that’s what it takes.

And finally, Darren Aronofsky issued a statement too. You know, the same Aronofsky who ordered Jennifer Lawrence to continue filming even after she tore her diaphragm. He said: “Sexual abuse of any type anywhere is unacceptable, it is unlawful, it is disgusting and it needs to be battled by everyone — men and women have to have absolutely no tolerance for it.”

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  1. Handwoven says:

    Stories are already dropping about Stone. Surprise, surprise.

  2. EOA says:

    I have disliked Oliver Stone for almost three decades. Glad to know I was right to. (And it is worth taking a look at Jezebel to see that Stone has his own problems with how he treats women).

    I was never a big Tarantino fan but I can also understand the need to process this. That being said, he must not have been unaware of the rumors, so it feels a little like this may be a stalling tactic.

    • Lotusgoat says:

      To be fair I don’t think Tarantino is aware of a lot of things. Remember his excuse for using the n word? He really is in his own little world. And seems incredibly self-absorbed. This is one of the few men i would honestly believe had no clue.

      • Bridget says:

        I said this below, but he was Harvey’s golden boy. He would have been treated VERY differently than any of the women. And it’s entirely possible that he was insulated from the worst of the rumors and just thought Harvey was a “dog” (sigh).

        But… he had to talk Brad Pitt into Inglorious Basterds. Which was reportedly a pretty heavy sell. They had to have at least discussed why he didn’t work for Harvey Weinstein (at least in between drinking wine and getting high).

      • lucy2 says:

        Yes, according to Gwenyth, Brad knew what he did to her, and I have to think Angelina shared her experience with him too. I can’t believe Brad wouldn’t explain that to QT when being talked into the movie. He may not have said their names specifically out of respecting their privacy, but he sure must have said an “ex” or a “friend” told him first hand.

      • Tulsi 2020 says:

        Years ago there used to be rumours about a relationship between QT and Uma Thurman. When asked about it in an interview QT said ‘I don’t sleep with my actressess’. As for Harvey Grabbyhands I think a lot of people would have rationalized turning a blind eye by thinking ‘Even if I speak out nothing will come of it. So why stick my neck out and ruin my career?’

        At this stage I think the media should stop referring to Harvey Grabbyhands as Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein and start referring to him as alleged sex offender Harvey Weinstein.

      • m. says:

        What is the “n word” ? Noodle ?

    • TBD says:

      There is a picture of Stone grabbing Angelina Jolie at a premiere and kissing her on the lips. He was taking advantage of her and knew she wouldn’t want to cause a scene in front of all those cameras. I’ve written him off because of it.

    • Ladidah says:

      I think Tarantino’s comment is BS and why did Amber have to release it for him? Do not like that, not at all. Seth Rogen, Mark Ruffalo, and Judd Apatow didn’t have a middleman.

      No one cares about your friendship with a rapist or that your legacy is tainted.

      F*ck off and say you’re sorry you unknowingly enabled and legitimized this piece of garbage, and Your intuition that harvey was an ahole predator to everyone but you was right.

      And last but not least, call out polanski and every other abusive director. Call on your fellow directors and Hollywood to take classes on what constitutes harassment and assault. Start adopting a strict ethics code for how you hire actresses and actors. Donate to victims funds.

      Also Stone can GTFO forever.

      • Ladidah says:

        Also to all the people who say QT is a nice guy, in his own head or just not socially aware, in the times I have seen him make cameos on entourage, he jokes about needing to f*ck underage thai women or something?

        Or that was the joke they wrote for him and he just goes along with it. Either way it rubbed me the wrong way.

        It has been years since I saw Entourage, but anyone who agreed to be on that show had, I felt, a full understanding of hollywood’s awful, frat-bro type culture where women are disposable objects who never mind being mistreated by men, only men make contacts and movie deals, and awful behavior by men is encouraged if not required.

    • EMau says:

      Tori Amos hates Oliver Stone so much, she included him in the lyrics of her song A Sorta Fairytale. Apparently he was pressuring her to use one of her songs in Natural Born Killers and she refused, he persisted, and she got quite angry because she hates Hollywood directors who “act like God” (from her interview in RS Magazine).

  3. Sasha says:

    “men and women have to have absolutely no tolerance for it” – HATE this. As if women just need to ‘stop tolerating’ their own abuse. Seriously. This kind of statement that draws a false equivalence between genders sends me into a rage. It’s not that we’re all on a level playing field and some women tolerated this abuse. It’s a GENDERED issue involving the SYSTEMIC abuse of WOMEN, specifically.

    • Who ARE these people? says:

      Thanks. He wrongly put the onus on the victims as if there’s no way to prohibit or reduce assault and harassment in the first place.

      It’s not like getting a flu shot to fight the natural phenomenon of flu. Abuse is cultural and people who abuse break the law. We don’t have laws against flu,we do have laws against rape. Why is this so hard for some men to understand?

    • Megan says:

      Say his name, FFS. These statements that don’t call out Weinstein directly are bullsh*t.

    • Whoopsy Daisy says:

      Does the “women” in his statement refer to the victims, or to the women who were complicit in the abuse, like Harvey’s assistant in Cara’s story?

    • Kitten says:

      Beat me to it, Sasha. This kind of shit ENRAGES me…easy for you to say, white dude.

      And yes, that absolutely insinuates that these women are complicit in their own victimization.

    • Peeking in says:

      In fairness, atleast 5 male celebs have talked about their abuse on twitter (I know Terry Crew’s was reported here) perhaps he’s including those guys in his statement, instead of drawing a false equivalence. I don’t know. Some of the stories have been horrific from the guys too. Moises (I forgot his last name) went into great detail about his abuse and why he quit Hollywood. I wanted to cry for the young man he was. And he said he didn’t even tell the worst of it.

      Edited to add: I just went to twitter, his name is Moises Chiullan. Read his thread, if/when you have a minute.

    • MC2 says:

      Yes and the statement about a vigilante system. I laughed out loud. These guys think they are the victim of the system when it comes to the power difference held by men & women. Lol! They get to be perps for decades upon decades, it’s a known “secret”, careers are destroyed, lives ruined, over “just 5 minutes” (HW’s words) and then they are the victim when someone talks about it & we must rush to protect them & water the flames because so.many.men.are.the.innocent.victims.of.spiteful.women.

      Every woman who has been raped or sexually abused knows that after the ordeal, the reality is that the system (and society) is set up to protect your abuser from justice and even talking about it. It’s an uphill battle. That’s why less then 0.4% of all rapists spend ANY time in jail but yea, let’s not talk about the 99.6% other times. Cuz the goal is not to stop women from being raped (for these guys), it’s to keep the status quo running.

      • brincalhona says:

        Agree that he was displaying real white male faith in the legal system. Perhaps he can tell us how much more evidence he’d like there to be to convince a prosecutor to do something.

      • StormsMama says:

        At MC2
        “I believe a man shouldn’t be condemned by a vigilante system. It’s not easy what he’s going through, either. ”
        That really set me off too! A vigilante system?!
        Run BY men!!!
        A woman on the other hand can not only be condemned, she can be obliterated, black listed, ignored and/or targeted.

  4. Skylark says:

    I feel some sympathy for Tarantino. It’s got to be hard to process the monstrous reality of someone you regarded for over 2 decades as not just a mentor but also a good friend.

  5. Hella says:

    The comments from Stone are enraging. When he thinks for himself, it’s “this is malicious gossip, prove it in court, missies”, but when he hears what the pack is doing, he jumps in with “ditto what Clooney said”.

  6. Torontoe says:

    While I doubt these directors knew everything, all the specifics, how vast, how severe, I have a hard time believing that somehow nobody knew anything. I get that many of the most egregious acts were in private, but surely HW was not some kind of angel in public, he openly bragged of coercing women to sleep with him for parts, they know he’s showing sexual interest in very young women in his employ and some women told their stories. It’s getting harder to believe that everyone was oblivious or discounting it as rumour rather than being willfully ignorant to further their careers.

    • Erica_V says:

      That seems to be a commonality in the stories of all the women. He openly bragged about the actresses that he had slept with. Does that automatically mean those women exchanged sex for roles? Not necessarily but in the middle of him trying to get an actress to exchange sex for a role it’s hard to think he wasn’t giving examples of actresses who had said yes to his proposition.

      I also have a hard time believing he only did that during these solo meetings with women and that it wasn’t a regular behavior of his to openly brag to anyone that would listen. I can’t help but think if he brags like that to the women you know he brags twice as much to the guys.

  7. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    I guess it’s going to take me a while to digest these statements from men in the industry, because right now, I’m still beyond eye-rolling them to the point of anger. A formal, two-sentence PR piece simply doesn’t do it imo.

  8. the_blonde_one says:

    Yeah, Stone is saying that ‘wait until trial, don’t believe gossip’ preemptively in hopes that people extend that to him when people start talking about his ass.

  9. justcrimmles says:

    This is utterly superficial and in no way helpful, but talk about having the face you deserve. Harvey Weinstein is just repulsive. Inside, outside, all the way.

  10. third ginger says:

    Stone’s first response is, of course, what he really thought. Then backed into a corner, he tries to fix it. He’s an asshole who hasn’t been relevant in Hollywood for decades. He’s merely bait for the right wing idiots who think he represents liberal show business.

  11. SKF says:

    I have expended so much effort over the last 15 years explaining to men why “just go to the police if it’s true” is just not realistic in so many situations. They are so often astonished by the stories, facts and figures I tell them. By the fact that most women have stories of some sort. Most women have many stories. They really just don’t get it.

    Oliver Stone’s initial reaction to me rings some alarm bells. I imagine he might not necessarily be so “clean” himself. Just an instinct.

  12. Mannori says:

    I guess Tarantino’s tepid statement was heavily influenced by Tamblyn’s views and approaches on the matter, she’s been very vocal about feminism and sexual harassment and abuse.

  13. SKF says:

    Let’s remember the first men to speak: Judd Apatow, Seth Rogen, Mark Ruffalo. I will never forget that when most of Hollywood was silent and even just a few women had spoken, these guys stepped up to bat.

  14. Eliza says:

    His 1st statement was typical don’t believe the victim, let’s wait till it goes to trial to prove the man’s innocence (nvm the article clearly stated police involvement and the DA shut it down although there police said they had enough evidence).

    Not until he recognized names he’d like to work with in the future that he saw better ‘proof’ and was now “aware of all the women”

    Maybe I’m just in a bad mood today. But I think many of these statements are CYA and not heartfelt at all.

  15. Scout says:

    I really hope Quentin can work through his ~pain. I don’t want to put words in his mouth but he didn’t do a very good job of distinguishing between his grief over losing a friend and his empathy for the victims. You worked hand in hand with this man for 25 years and never suspected? I can buy that there are actually people out there who didn’t understand the extent of his crimes or were so far removed that they thought it was just gossip but there is not a chance in hell that he didn’t have an inkling.

    • Wilma says:

      I am kind of reserving judgement because of the part in this statement about memories. If he comes out with a truly soulsearching statement in which he acknowledges that he has looked away and never asked any hard questions, maybe always took the easy way out and believed what he wanted to believe…that would be something coming from an important director.

      • Erica_V says:

        He could be the first person to come out and finally say “I knew and I’m sorry.” It would I’m sure be opening himself up to possible lawsuits but I’m really waiting for someone to come out and not defend how they didn’t know but to just say “I heard, I knew, I did nothing and I’m sorry.” and take the consequences of their actions or non actions as the case may be.

    • Skylark says:

      ‘Memory’ stood out for me too.

      I got an overwhelming sense of genuine pain and disbelief from that short statement. That was my gut reaction to it.

  16. Sassenach says:

    Oliver Stone was always an overrated hack and I’m sure his hands aren’t clean which explains his repulsive responses.

  17. Sherry says:

    I can’t stand Stone. I feel for Tarantino and believe he needs to process this. He knew Weinstein as a friend for 25 years. Obviously he was never on the receiving end of his sexual aggression.

    I think many in Hollywood were like Clooney’s statement, “We all knew Harvey was a dog,” in that, they assumed he was just a philandering Hollywood producer. I don’t think they knew he was sexually assaulting/raping women.

    That said, I do think Hollywood sees the Casting Couch as just another part of doing business. To me, it is sexual assault. If someone (male/female/child) cannot get a part unless they sexually service the person in charge of handing out jobs, then that is wrong and should be considered an assault.

    But if someone speaks out about it, they are blackballed and called “difficult to work with.”

  18. marnie says:

    Hey Celebitchy. I jumped over to Jezebel to read about Oliver Stone… and as I was poking around I happened upon an interesting comment in a thread from 2015. Looks like there’s another creepy Harvey out there:

    “I worked in the entertainment industry in the late 90’s. Here’s my rundown.

    I had to drop something off at Harvey Keitel’s apartment. He greeted me in a bathrobe and was ALL kinds of skeevy. I tried to give him the package, but he refused it and asked me to wait in the living room while he took a “call”. A few minutes go by and I catch him staring at me through a cracked door. He comes out and then sits down right next to me, thighs touching. At that point I jump off the couch and leave the package on the table and walk out. This was something he apparently did with lots of girls who had the misfortune of having to go to his place to drop something off.”

  19. Becks says:

    I actually respect Tarantino’s “pre-statement.” If he genuinely knew nothing of these rumors, and was yet another one who “never heard the stories,” this past week or two must be shocking. I respect that he is taking some time to process what he thought he knew about HW and what he knows now. I respect that Amber was probably like, “you need to say something while you are processing” and he listened to her.

    That said…..I’m finding the long litany of people who just “didn’t know anything” to be kind of comical.

    But it seems that most people knew “something” about Harvey and women which I just think says so much about sexual harassment in our society. It was considered normal, to a very large extent.

  20. Becks says:

    Also – has Uma Thurman released a statement?

  21. AngieB says:

    I think for alll the guys that knew him, they very much knew who he was up to the point where, in their minds, it crossed the line into assault. Guys don’t think womanizing or bullying is a bad thing. It was HW being HW but wait we didn’t know he actually forced himself on women. Well guess what to be a womanizer you are making unwanted advanced st least some of the time. Most women don’t want (married) men to hit on them, talk about their boobs or grab their asses at a party. Add into the equation the power imbalance at work and it’s that much worse.

    Recently on two different occasions to two different female friends a male married man made a pass at them in a social, non-work setting. It’s laughed off by the guys and all of their apologists but it’s humiliating and disturbing to the women it happens to.
    It’s not fun or funny to be objectified.

    I’m tired of the we didn’t know from the guys. They knew enough and still gave him a pass.

  22. I think I can wait and see what Tarantino has to say. It seems he’s going to put some thought to his actual statement and it’s not going to be a quickly released PR blurb.

    And honestly it gives me hope that he’s talking to Amber, which could mean he’s actually trying to do better and is thinking about his past actions, his friendship with Weinstein and what it’s all led too.

  23. Lucy says:

    I believe Tarantino. Looking forward to hearing/reading whatever he has to say.

  24. Kitten says:

    It seems like more people believe Tarantino–a man who has known Harvey intimately for 25 years–than believe the women who may have only had a handful (or fewer) of interactions with Weinstein.

    Interesting to see the allowances that we afford men and not women.

  25. Cee says:

    Oliver Stone’s comment made me sick. So men are now being victimized by us women, due to a vigilante system? EFF YOU. Men are systematically victimizing women and then they cry because they get caught, because men feelings get hurt. EFF YOU, Oliver Stone.

    This is one of the reasons I hope I don’t bring daughters into this world. I will not be able to shield and protect them.

    Let’s all wait for Tarantino to process his hurt feelings. God knows women just need to put up with it and “tolerate it”.

    • Justjj says:

      Stone* is a herpes infested truck stop condom combined with a nugget of week old bologna wrapped in Rush Limbaugh’s poop crusted briefs in the grease trap of a rundown Las Vegas Tex mex buffet that serves cheese from a can.

      I just can’t even fathom the sad illiteracy and downright repulsiveness of this growing list of cave dwellers.

      I found that cute also that Tarantino needs to process his feelings about these matters; just like we women do constantly. At least he’s trying to process something. That is one giant leap compared to these other dudes.

  26. Fanny says:

    Bullshit Tarantino didn’t know. He’s been living in Harvey’s world for 25 years. He seriously dated Mira Sorvino, one of Harvey’s victims, for 2 years. Right during the time when Mira was dealing with the fallout of rejecting Weinstein’s advances. Bullshit.

  27. Justjj says:

    Wow, Oliver Stone is a shitbag.

  28. Bridget says:

    Quentin Tarantino was Weinstein’s golden boy. He would have been treated like a king at Miramax and TWC, and as happens with people who are given privilege simply assumed that everyone was treated well.

    But he also had to talk Brad Pitt into doing Inglorious Basterds. He may not have been made aware of what happened with the Jolie (that’s her story to tell) but there’s no way they didn’t discuss why Pitt wouldn’t work for Harvey. So really, we’re going back to “he just thought Harvey was a dog”

    • bap says:

      Question did not Brad Pitt do two pictures with Harvey’s company in 2009 and 2012?

      • pwal says:

        You’ve been told this several times.

        IB was a Tarintino picture. Brad was working for Quentin, not Harvey.

        Killing Them Softly was an Andrew Dominik film. Brad worked for Andrew. Weinstein bought the distribution rights. HE DID NOT WORK FOR HARVEY WEINSTEIN!!!!

        Query me this… if Angelina is all about eliminating rape in war zones, wouldn’t Hollywood have been a great place for her to cut her teeth? Not a cool query, is it?

      • Bridget says:

        Ignoring Pwal on this one.

        I’m kind of confused at what you’re even asking. I’m not saying that Brad Pitt never works for Harvey Weinstein, I’m referencing the time he actually did work for a Weinstein production in a Tarantino movie. Though the other movie you were referencing was only distributed and purchased after the fact. But I’m assuming you’re ignoring the many times that was explained the last time the subject came up two days ago.

      • Rose says:


        The last part of your comment makes no sense. Is she not aloud to be advocate for war zones rape because of what goes on in Hollywood? That like saying you can’t be a advocate for Heart disease because you or a family member has cancer.

        You are no better then Bap with comments like that, both of you need to stop.

    • Julianna says:

      There’s no shortage of reasons to hate Harvey beyond his sexual assaults. Pitt could have made a very strong case that he didn’t want to work with Harvey because he’s a terrible bully and an unpleasant person to be around, because he treated his employees hideously, because of the way he did business…there’s plenty he could have said without telling or hinting to Tarantino about Gwyneth and Angelina’s stories. TBH I kind of doubt Pitt would have felt it was his place, especially given Angelina was in the house too and could have shared her own story if that was something she wanted out there.

  29. Asiyah says:

    You know, I understand wanting to give someone the benefit of the doubt, especially if you’ve known them for so long, the way Oliver Stone has known Harvey Weinstein, but yo, the least you can do is NOT COMMENT WHEN YOU HAVEN’T HEARD ALL OF THE ALLEGATIONS. So you go ahead and make a statement about something, a very opinionated and judgy one at that, without reading what’s going on? That’s my issue with people like Stone: they have these strong opinions without knowing anything. He only backtracked not because of backlash (I think he lives for that), but because he looked like an ABSOLUTE IDIOT and his little ego can’t handle it. He’s too vain. I can’t stand his privileged behind.

    • lucy2 says:

      Seriously, how hard is it to say “I don’t know all the details of this situation, so I can’t comment”. You can even throw in a “But I do know that sexual harassment and assault has no place in any industry” for good measure.

      But as someone said above, I think we got what Stone really thinks in that first statement.

  30. Kloops says:

    A close friend was a successful model in the late 80s-early 90s and has a Stone story. As well as stories about other Hollywood insiders. Sexual harassment is rampant. I think very few women who had private encounters came away unscathed but I realize it is a huge risk to come forward and think very few will. Even though the gate has been partially opened on Weinstein many women are going to stay silent for fear of professional reprisals from other men. Small change is better than no change, I guess, but I’m skeptical of the “we had no idea” narrative. At best they chose to look the other way or have so internalized the harassment of women that it never seemed off.

  31. Ayra. says:

    Tarantino has his own skeletons he’s going to try to hide..
    It’s laughable to believe that he was associated and such close friends with Weinstein for so long and had no idea about this.. None whatsoever? HA, righhtttt.
    Considering the way that he spoke to the women he attacked, it would be 10x when he’s surronded by friends.
    The “I didn’t know” narrative is interesting, I can kind of understand for people new to the business.. but some of these guys have been playing the game since before I was born. I have some respect that people that have directly said that they knew/heard of it.

    Like I said before, Hollywood is as horrying as people paint it out to be. Harvey isn’t the only one out there, how many celebs have said this? Take all the ones that come after little kids, it’s hopefully just a matter of time.

  32. SM says:

    Well just like many these days Tarantino implies he did not know anything. And please, Aranofsky may not be a sex offender (not that we know of) but he is one those male figures that activelly participates in the whole system of power abuse in Hollywood.

  33. Gene123 says:

    Amber Tamblyns over defense of QT on instagram right now is not sitting well with me. She actually equated people being mad at QT taking time to process with with people getting mad at actresses for not coming forward…those things are not comparable imo

  34. Wren33 says:

    I also think by referring to “memories” he is saying that he didn’t realize he knew anything, but looking back with a critical eye, he could recast a lot of Harvey’s behavior in a critical light. I can’t believe he didn’t see any sketchy behavior, but as a guy he may not have realized how coercive many of Harvey’s “requests” were, and probably didn’t know all about the bathrobe greetings, etc. Anyway, I will be interested to see what he says after reflection. Hopefully it is honest, but I am doubtful it will be 100% honest.

  35. Julianna says:

    I can believe Tarantino didn’t know. I’ve met him a few times, and he’s one of those people who’s like, 90% in his own head at all times. Even when he’s talking to you, he’s polite and somewhat engaged, but it’s still pretty clear a really big part of him isn’t really paying any attention to you or anything else in the room. I saw him like that with everyone else too. It didn’t even come off as rude, it just seemed to be how his brain works.

    I also remember a woman who sold her story about sleeping with him, and she said he was a perfect gentleman who asked for her consent every step of the way.

    It will be interesting to read his full statement. The part about memories…I wonder if this made him think about some things he didn’t properly register at the time.

    • Londerland says:

      I can buy it too. Amber Tamblyn has said a couple of interesting things on her Instagram post – one, that QT is an old-fashioned guy who doesn’t even own a cellphone. It wouldn’t surprise me if the guy was just so technologically illiterate that he was shielded from a lot of the recent revelations. He’s not checking Twitter all day.

      More interestingly, “nobody said QT didn’t know anything”, which is a really odd statement. I get the feeling this long dinner of theirs mostly involved her trying to tell her friend that, yes, al that nasty stuff he’d heard whispers of over the years really was true, and he had to deal with it.

      Mira Sorvino mentions him (not by name) in the piece she wrote as a follow-up to the Ronan Farrow article – she says that she thinks she was shielded from further attention from Harvey Weinstein because she began a three-year relationship with “one of his top directors”. She does not say that he knew, or that she told him – in fact, my impression from her article is that she tried desperately to forget, shove it under the carpet, get on with her life and career. Her article is here and it’s heartbreaking, and yet heartbreakingly familiar.


      I remember reading interviews where he spoke of the lack of a stable father figure in his life and how that played out in his films, where every plot is about trust, loyalty, betrayal, in some way. I honestly can believe that Tarantino is devastated in the way a son would be, to learn that his dad was a predator. I would guess that he was playing the dutiful son to Harvey Weinstein’s father figure and he allowed himself to turn a blind ear over the years to the rumours. It’s the bro code. Men who say they love women but they’ve absorbed the patriarchal nonsense that women are emotional, they exaggerate, they’re oversensitive. They just can’t be trusted like your male friends can.

      When I was younger, my brother had a circle of college friends and I was often included in their activities. There was this One Guy who creeped some of the girls out. He was tall, imposing; would greet women and girls with a hug without asking first, and always for longer than was strictly necessary; didn’t seem to recognise boundaries in odd little ways. One time he turned up at our house unannounced, lay down on the carpet, started eating the leftovers of our takeaway without asking. Little things, but anyone who doesn’t have boundaries, anyone who doesn’t ask permission, rings alarm bells with me. If someone doesn’t see fit to ask permission before taking your food, or hugging you, my gut says, this person probably doesn’t ask permission a lot of the time.

      So one night he corners my brother’s fiancé in a pub toilet and offers her sex. She demurs, says she’s engaged to his friend. “Oh come on. You know you want it.” Not violent, not threatening…but totally not right. She laughed it off and noped out of there and told my brother what had happened.

      The response from him? From all of the guys? “Oh, he’d had a drink. Come on, it wasn’t anything. It’s just his way. He’s a good guy really.” And these are our friends, our family. But our views were not taken seriously. The Bro Code. Come on, it wasn’t anything. He didn’t mean it. Take it as a compliment, it’s not like he actually did anything.

      These same men are now commenting on Weinstein and wondering why all these powerful women never said anything all this time, why they never came forward. I’m sure they don’t even remember anything so insignificant as that old friend who used to hug their girlfriends, wives, sisters, even mothers, just a little too long, just enough to make us all feel uncomfortable. At least it’s started a debate. At least the avalanche of stories from the women Weinstein has harassed gives us a ton of examples of how predators work, and why victims often don’t speak up.

      Men don’t understand that harassment doesn’t have to be anything more than a word, an inappropriate hug, a glance. As women, we KNOW. The second it happens, the room changes from a neutral space to a threat, something to be endured, escaped, hopefully without escalation, without an ass-grab progressing to a slap, a punch, a rape. No wonder it’s so hard to report when it was “just” a lewd remark. It’s not the remark that frightens us, it’s the promise of what might come – if this guy has marked me as a target, if he WANTS me to be uncomfortable, if that’s what gets him off, where will he stop?

      • magnoliarose says:

        Very well said.
        My husband is the opposite and always notices when men are too familiar. I give him credit that he has no qualms about not working with a guy who disrespects women or standing by and letting it happen. My stepsons are the same and as are the other close men in my life, but they are all progressive thinkers who are socially aware and are willing to discuss issues openly and are into personal growth. But there are others who don’t get it. They aren’t terrible people, but they just don’t understand why women stay silent or the truth of the dynamics.

  36. Lizard says:

    I’m rolling my eyes so hard at both their statements.
    However, there is one sentence that to me stuck out in Stone’s statement: “I’ve heard horror stories on EVERYONE in the business, so I’m not going to comment on gossip.”
    IMO he has unwillingly hit the nail on the head. I think much much more will come out in the coming days/weeks, not only about HW, but others as well. Literally everyone can take pictures, make videos or record a conversation with very little effort by using a smart phone. I’m sure some major leaks are coming. Rose McGowan has already received mails / compromising information. There really is strength in numbers and IMO the floodgates have opened for info that by itself might not have had a huge impact in the past but now people will listen.

  37. Tulsi 2020 says:

    Yesterday on talkback radio someone said ‘This will probably blow over and Weinstein will be back to producing films in to two or three year’s time’ Now there’s a sobering thought.

  38. Deeanna says:

    I have had the experience of learning that a man I had known for some years was arrested and later pled guilty to sexually molesting a young girl who was friend of his own 13 yr. old daughter. This man had been a friend of my husband since their childhood. We had visited back and forth with him and his wife over the years.

    I cannot tell you how shocking and disturbingly painful this type of an experience is. This man came to my husband (we were not married yet at the time) and asked if he could stay with him temporarily. After two days my husband had to ask him to leave, he just could not handle the situation of listening to the offender crying and confessing. And I did not blame my husband for that. The man obviously needed professional help. Or a priest (they had actually been alter boys together!) . Or something.

    This is an awful situation to be put into. I can understand QT wanting to take a bit of time to process his own feelings at this time.

  39. bullocsandra says:

    Darren Aronofsky’s commentary cracks me up


    Hey JLaw, do you know your boyfriend signed something defending a child rapist?

    Also, fun fact: Scorsese’s name is on the Polanski petition. Remember when Leo Dicaprio issued that statement the other day? Does he know his longtime collaborator (and future one, Scorsese’s directing Dicaprio as Da Vinci) signed a document saying he supports a child rapist?

    Dominos need to keep falling. Predators, hypocrites, enablers, people who looked the other way – we must drag them. Most of them are dinosaurs – the internet and its easy dissemination of info/persuasion is their ULTIMATE threat cause they’ve lived their careers not having to deal with something they can’t pay to shut up.

    The internet doesn’t care, Meryl, if you’ve won 23 oscars. You and everybody else will not get a pass, not anymore.

  40. angie0717 says:

    HW ended and railroaded so many women in the film industry by telling directors and produces to not hire them and/ or by circulating false rumours in the media. And so, since there were obviously ppl on the receiving end of his threats then ppl in the industry obviously knew of his abuse of power. Is this far too straight forward to follow directors and producers? Because the truth will come out.

  41. Mina says:

    If someone in Hollywood knew about Weinstein, it was Tarantino. He dated Mira Sorvino around the time she won her Oscar, when the Weinstein harassment was in full force, and she must have told him. He had to beg Brad Pitt to go IB, when he didn’t want to work with Weinstein. His movies are always full of pretty young actresses, are we supposed to believe HW didn’t come on to any of them? I think this statement only came because Amber Tamblyn pressured him to say it, we’ll see how he’ll cover his tracks now.

  42. Anna says:

    Tarantino an innocent snowflake? Oh come on. There have been multiple rumours about him being a sexual predator himself in his director role.
    He also has a history of buying women (i.e. using prostitutes) for sure. While this may be somewhat consensual, it is still disgusting and exploitative.

  43. EMau says:

    I think the tide is turning in Hollywood. This HW scandal is either going to force other predatory producers (and directors) to stop their predation or it’s going to out many high and mighty Hollywood types.