Rose McGowan is back on Twitter & calling out Jeff Bezos for winning a ‘dirty Oscar’

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Rose McGowan’s name was trending on Twitter throughout Thursday because Twitter locked her account. Rose has been tweeting for a solid week about Harvey Weinstein and the “rot” of Hollywood, the complicity of the Hollywood “boys’ club.” She had been naming names… except for Harvey Weinstein’s name in particular, because – it was widely believed – she could name namecheck him specifically because of a non-disclosure agreement. She had been getting harassed by a lot of “men’s rights activists” and conservative “journalists” too, and I strongly suspected that those men were the reason her account was locked – they had probably been reporting her tweets as spam/harassment/whatever.

Hours into the “Twitter is shutting down a rape victim for speaking” drama, Twitter came out and said her account had been temporarily locked because she tweeted out a phone number, and that was against their policy. They sure have a funny way of enforcing that policy, considering Donald Trump has tweeted out phone numbers before, as have journalists, harassers, MRAs and more, and Twitter has never suspended those accounts. In the end, Rose deleted the offending tweet and the suspension was lifted. The whole thing has led for some women to call for #WomenBoycottTwitter. Which I’m not doing – when women are being forcibly silenced, that’s not the moment to silence ourselves in protest.

Even though Rose is participating in #WomenBoycottTwitter, she exited Thursday with a bang by making a clearer reference to Harvey Weinstein than she has ever made before. She calls him “HW” and calls out Jeff Bezos at Amazon for working with Harvey Weinstein to screw over a show she had written. Her tweets:

It’s sort of confusing because I think Rose is talking about several different things all at once? I think the “dirty Oscar” reference is about Manchester by the Sea, which Amazon Studios produced, but she words it like Amazon Studios won a “dirty Oscar” for working with Weinstein? The LAT was trying to figure it out too. But what’s clear is that Amazon Studios screwed her over in favor of making a deal with Weinstein, and they did so with the full knowledge that Weinstein raped Rose.

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  1. Maya says:

    Oh no now I have to cancel Amazon????

    But good on Rose for not being silenced and her continued fight to get justice.

    • Margo S. says:

      I ordered something last week. I guess that was the last time. Honestly I should of stopped using Amazon while ago. Didn’t they fund a Woody allen movie or show? Yeah, Amazon is cut. Walmart, here I come!

      • The dormouse says:

        Agree that Walmart is now the moral choice over Amazon – who would have predicted that!

      • flan says:

        I don’t use Amazon, but not because of these stories (didn’t know them), but because the way they treat employees seems like a hellish distopian version of the future to me.

        Don’t want to encourage such companies.

      • Spring says: is a great option, too, whether you have a membership or not.

        I’ve known awhile that I should quit Amazon on a permanent basis, instead of just ordering less & letting my Prime membership lapse awhile back (don’t miss it at all). The more I’ve read about Jeff Bezos’ treatment of employees & his stubborn refusal for so long over not collecting sales taxes disgusts me. Even now, in my state, I’m rarely charged sales tax & then only a pittance. It’s not fair to other merchants who do the right thing.

        I read today about Bezos’ plans to screw over WaPo staff when they’ve been doing outstanding work & the paper’s profitable. That + Rose’s story + Breitbart is it for me. I’m just sorry I got & stayed sucked in by their very early “underdog business” marketing BS & by temporarily excellent customer service that’s okay now but not even close to what it was in the early years.

        Also disgusts me how Bezos cannibalized brick & mortar stores & now opens his own. What is wrong with so many super-wealthy people that their massive wealth is never enough? We’ve got to do a better job of protecting ourselves & our planet from these sociopaths.

      • Kath says:

        No, Walmart is not the “moral choice”. They pay their employees slave wages and rely on the US taxpayer to subsidise full-time workers with food stamps because they are living below the poverty line.

        I’m really confused about Rose’s tweets about Amazon. In a VERY recent interview with Bust magazine, she raves about working with Amazon (

        It sounds like her deal with them fell through. Who knows if it was due to Weinsten. But there is no reason to suspect that Bezos would have known about Rose’s history with HM, since she signed a NDA agreement and only started hinting at her assault last year.

      • aenflex says:

        Where I live I can’t receive deliveries apart from the USPS, despite not living in the CONUS. It’s made online shopping, (which is my only choice in many cases), hard. My currency is still USD, and that makes it harder. I’m sticking with Amazon because I’ve no desire to boycott something to my own detriment. No one wants to blacklist the actresses who heard things or knew things or were silent victims, so why Amazon?
        Also, there is dirt everywhere.
        Boycotting Amazon won’t hurt the top employees, just the grunts, mistreated as they are. Bezos was shit before the Weinstein scandal broke, he’ll be shit after. There’s a reason Amazon stock is 1000$ a share.

    • HadToChangeMyName says:

      Amazon also supports Breitbart, so it should have been cancelled a while back.

      • Maya says:

        They do?? Genuinely didn’t know that and now they are officially cancelled.

      • noway says:

        They also own the Washington Post or at least Bezos does. It is a complicated world when you are that rich. I would bet he Bezos has little or any knowledge of anything she is talking about. Maybe she’ll get something done that will really change the system a bit, by going to the head person. We should wait and see if she gets any action, and then boycott. The world is a boys club, not just Hollywood and the reality is we can make change, and I’m willing to give people a chance. I think about what Sheryl Sandburg said the other day to a group of young girls, the world is run by the boys, but it’s not working too well for them is it. It’s our time to change things, let’s not make it just angry pr hype let’s make it real change for all.

      • Surely Wolfbeak says:

        Add this to the long list of reasons Bezos should be cancelled: his treatment of warehouse employees, publishers, writers, small bookstores, the entire publishing industry.

      • flan says:

        Just google something like: “Amazon treats their employees” and see what comes up.

        More reason to cancel, in my view.

    • Nicole says:

      Yea I cut my renewal after Manchester. Just no.
      I’m also on the twitter boycott and I almost checked this morning for news just out of reflex. Rose is a one woman wrecking ball and I’m just…claps for Rose

    • LizLemonGotMarried says:

      F*ck, F*ck, F*ckity F*ck-I buy a LOT of stuff on Amazon. Any time I want something, I check Amazon first to see if it’s available on Prime (I hate shopping in stores with a passion).

      Prime, I will miss you.

    • denisemich says:

      Relax amazon just let the guy go

    • launicaangelina says:

      At this moment, it appears Amazon is trying to address this. Hopefully, they continue making the right moves going forward.

      • noway says:

        I just saw this, and can we all just shout out a great work to Rose McGowan. She is getting some things done that will help a lot of women. The reality is more women need to report, I understand why they don’t, but they need to feel comfortable to report. She is making it seem like yeah I can do this and someone may listen. Better than it was.

        Now if she can get the orange cheeto thrown off twitter, I will love her forever!!!!!

      • Lady D says:

        No, sorry, we need Donny Two-scoops on twitter. I want to know what the idiot-in-chief is thinking and his tweets are an open book into his cramped mind.

    • lavin says:

      A few months ago she did a Podcast Interview with Rupaul.
      Rose was talking about Hollywood industry and something that had happened to her. It was an eye-opening interview, she said a lot without naming names, but she was definately speaking out.

    • KiddVicious says:

      Amazon isn’t reputable anyway. They have no problem with stores selling knock-off products. Amazon doesn’t care about patents or copyrights. I stopped using Amazon when they refused to stop selling copies of a friend’s artwork because the person selling it was a “prime” seller.

      Large corporations (and movie studios) are all about the bottom line. They have no morals.

  2. Rose says:

    Can someone explain: if she sold them the script and then they canned it can she not get the script back? That’s awful! I work in copyright, surely she has some rights as the author?

    • Sharon Lea says:

      I read on DM – Roy Price article yesterday because Amazon technically terminated first, before she did, “That move meant that she was no longer able to take her screenplay to another studio or network in an attempt to develop her work elsewhere, and that Amazon would forever hold the rights.” If true, this is super nasty of Amazon.

    • QueenB says:

      Writers in Hollywood are usually treated worse than interns. Lots of scrips sit on shelves or are forgotten in drawers. They buy the scripts and the writers dont have any rights for them.

  3. Handwoven says:

    She was suspended for posting a private phone number.
    It’s shit because, you know, Nazis get to be Nazis loudly on twitter and never get silenced
    BUT she did break a specific guideline.

    • Ninks says:

      Lots of people have been doxed on Twitter and had their complaints ignored and the people who doxxed them weren’t suspended. The MRA groups who hate her for speaking out all mass reported her and it likely triggered an automatic suspension, which Twitter couldn’t own to because they don’t want to admit that there is a problem with harassment on Twitter and they’re doing nothing about it. So they used the fact that she’d published the number as an excuse to cover their tracks.

      • Otaku Fairy says:

        You’re probably right. “Men’s Rights Movement” is such a dishonest name for that movement.

    • Merritt says:

      Social media platforms especially twitter and Facebook are notorious for suspending women’s accounts for b.s reasons. But they will let Nazis and MRAs run wild.

    • Erinn says:

      Yes. And this is another reason why users need to REPORT. If you see some obscure account tweeting things that are breaking the guidelines – report it. There’s so many account and so many tweets going out there – they can only do so much when it comes to flagging things automatically. People need to make sure to report before blocking or closing their browser/app.

      This is the same for parents that find inappropriate videos being posted on youtube under the guise of being for kids. ALWAYS report.

  4. Ariel says:

    Not trying to change your mind on #womenboycotttwitter but I see it differently. We are taking a day to let those who abuse us (on twitter) yell into the void. As well as noting to twitter, the money making business, that their slanted protections which allow men to abuse women, racists to run rampant and 45 to break every rule, while not affording those kinds of protections to women, minorities, etc, could have financial consequences for them.
    That is why I am participating in today’s boycott.

    I hope everyone has a Good Friday the 13th.
    Thanks for the (mostly) lighthearted writing this site brings to our stressful world.

    • Kaiser says:

      I understand your perspective and I respect your choice! I feel differently, especially given that this feels like a unique moment where women are reclaiming their power, their voices and their agency.

      • Honeybee Blues says:

        And those voices make serious bank for Twitter. I’m sorry, but the only thing that talks in this country is money. Cut their profits, they’ll change because we force them to. 13 years in D.C. politics taught me well. Regardless of industry, our power rests solely in our economic choices. It is foolhardy to believe otherwise.

      • Peeking in says:

        I think twitter put Rose on 12 hour suspension. It’s happened to me twice. Once for calling someone a c-nt, twice. The other because I was talking to a girl who seemed suicidal, and I was trying to talk her down (we took it to DMs afterwards). I think twitter has an algorithm that automatically puts you on suspension. The words {don’t} kill yourself triggered my suspension, completely ignoring the “don’t” part of the sentence.
        During suspension you have access to your account, but can’t tweet, retweet or like comments. You can read tweets, and send DMs etc.

      • magnoliarose says:

        I agree with Kaiser. I am learning so much about these issues from women on Twitter, and it is where I get my feminist’s announcements, call outs and articles. I get my vegan information such as Gucci not using fur anymore! YAY!
        To me, the better action would be to take over Twitter and change the paradigm not leave them to it. Follow as many outspoken women as we can so other women will follow and make it work for us. It is a powerful medium, and I am not ready to hand it over to a bunch of delusional dudebro pigs.
        I am tired of walking away from the fight.

  5. Nina says:

    Yeah, I can’t get behind the Twitter boycott. First of all, I too don’t understand how silencing ourselves is supposed to stop us from being silenced. Secondly, while I respect the attention Rose McGowan is bringing to women’s issues now, as far as I know, she’s never addressed how she defended working with convicted sex offender and pedophile Victor Salva in 2011. And third, we white feminists often leave our sisters of colour out of conversations, and I feel that this movement highlights that. Where were our boycotts over the suspension of Jemele Hill? Where are our boycotts when trans women of colour are being killed at epidemic rates?

    • JJ McClay says:

      Nina, due respect, but I do not think we can question Rose’s motives, intentions or actions at this time. I cannot even fathom how difficult this week (heck, this decade?!) must have been for her. To be the public face of an issue she did not ask to be the figure-head of… she has acted with strength and grace and I have been in awe all week. (Seriously, to have an event that is so personal, and that is likely connected to so much pain and shame, be front page news across the globe…… I can’t even.)
      Let’s save the motive-questioning for Harvey, the direct circle of enablers around him, and the wider web of complicit people who held a degree of power (whether they realised it or not) yet did not speak up.
      Not Rose. She deserves only our support.

    • Iknowwhatboyslike says:

      I battle with this everyday. My view of the world is that I’m black before I’m a female. Society sees my blackness well before they see me as a female. I’m going through so many emotions because of this horrible situation with men like Weinstein. As a woman, I feel as violated and vulnerable, especially after reading Rose’s very emotional tweets and the numerous recounts of the other ladies. But then, I can’t help but to think about all the women of color who’ve been abused and harassed. Because Harvey is the man of the hour and he has a type, most people aren’t thinking about them. I wonder if Gabrielle Union or Halle Berry, or Taraji Hanson came out with stories about Harvey, would the stories have been published? Would the backlash be as swift? Let’s not forget about what happens to women in the music industry. In Hip Hop, the women in the videos, the female singers and rappers are harassed so often and aggressively, that it’s taken for granted; like a hazing. Rick Ross just said a few months ago that he doesn’t work with female rappers because he’s always trying to sleep with them. If we’re going to be outraged, let’s be outraged for ALL people who are prey on, victimized and ignored.

      • LizLemonGotMarried says:

        I can only hope and pray that this opens the door for ALL women to openly speak about the abuse, assault, and harassment they’ve suffered. I think we (as a public) need to be prepared that the victims aren’t always going to be white women, and be ready with the same defense, the same narrative around belief and support, and the same safe spaces and protection, no matter the color of the victim, their orientation, their gender identity, etc.
        Thank you so much for bringing this up-in my privilege, I hadn’t considered how this narrative might look different for WOC who’ve experienced this issue in HW. Now, I will be prepared to identify and call out the difference in treatment. Hopefully this movement creates a space for those women to bring the assaults and harassment to the light.

      • SKF says:

        The deafening silence around R. Kelly (apart from the Village Voice) tells me that society at large doesn’t care about the rape and sexual assault of black women. It is really distressing.

      • Nicole says:

        I feel the same. In fact I was attacked on this site by saying my blackness comes before I’m a female like a month ago. It was distressing. It’s also why I’m not always on board with the feminist movement because it centers on whiteness.
        I did the twitter boycott for personal reasons but I feel very similar to how you do. And many people do not get why black women don’t always want to join these movements

    • Tamingroman says:

      How many trans women of color has been killed this year? Serious question as I had not heard of this epidemic.

  6. MadamNoir says:

    Here’s my thing with Rose, I understand where she’s coming from but why take the payout, and stay silent until other women spoke up. Plus why isn’t she calling out Victor Salva, he’s a convicted child molester that she worked with.

    • Scout says:

      Taking the payout is absolutely understandable IMHO but working with and defending a child rapist is not.

    • Iknowwhatboyslike says:

      I don’t judge anyone for taking the payout. First, the rape happened 20 years ago. If I were in her position, accused a man like Harvey Weinstein of rape, I would have believed my career was over. I would’ve taken the money. My only question is why so little?

    • noway says:

      I don’t judge any woman for taking the payout especially 20 years ago. We don’t know the extent of what Harvey did to her, we assume he raped her because she said a high powered exec. raped her, she never named him. He may be the one, or someone else, but he definitely did something as she is one who had a payout. Rose may have thought she couldn’t prove it criminally and the company wasn’t going to do anything , and maybe she felt like this was her best way at the time to at least get a bit of justice.

      Now for people who work with abusers, criminals, rapist etc. I have mixed feelings. I know it is easy to say you shouldn’t do this, and theoretically I agree, but it is hard when it is your livelihood. I don’t know the Victor Salva case, but maybe she felt like he paid for his crime, maybe she didn’t know until she was contracted, maybe she thought he was innocent. It’s easy to be judgmental at these high flying celebrities, but some like Rose aren’t that well off and need to work too. Like I say I am conflicted about this.

      Now not sure if this is true, but someone said the Weinstein Board knew of Harvey’s settlements and each time he had one he had to pay for it and he would give the Weinstein board a million dollars in addition to it. Now if this is true, I see how they may have been trying to prevent his actions, but they better have donated the million to a woman’s shelter or something or else this is just flat out creepy, and it still was kind of stupid.

    • Sophia's Side eye says:

      You’re asking why she isn’t a perfect victim, I don’t think that’s helpful.

  7. Scout says:

    Interesting that Rose keeps putting the onus on everyone else when she has both proudly worked with and defended a man who was convicted of raping a young boy on the set of one of his films. She is a victim and I ache for her but she is complicit, to an extent, in the very thing she is now championing against.

    • Amide says:

      Scout – 👍👌👏👊

    • Iknowwhatboyslike says:

      Then Rose needs to answer for that. she needs to take a look at herself going forward. As much as this all happened to her, if she’s going to root out predators, it has to be all predators.

      • Alix says:

        True. Either way, she seems to be the massive earthquake that SoCal has been dreading for decades.

    • MadamNoir says:

      Exactly !! She’s condemning people for doing exactly what she’s doing . She can’t pick and choose which predator is worth exposing while defending another. It’s all or none.

    • Holla here says:

      Here’s the article where she talked about Victor Salva:

      Her quote: “Yeah, I still don’t really understand the whole story or history there, and I’d rather not, because it’s not really my business. But he’s an incredibly sweet and gentle man, lovely to his crew, and a very hard worker.”

      I don’t think she actively defended Victor but well, her response is similar to what George Clooney, Meryl Streep, etc are saying: “I didn’t know”.

      It doesn’t negate what she claims about Weinstein, though. She was raped. Just a bit weird that she’s calling out people who didn’t speak out.

      • Nina says:

        I’d have more respect for her if she said that she made a mistake working with Salva, but has since learned from it, and wants to use the knowledge she’s gained since then to be an advocate for victims of sexual abuse. But the fact that she’s not addressing something she said not even 10 years ago while so strongly condemning sexual abusers is telling.

      • Scout says:

        Yeah, calling a child rapist a sweet and gentle man is totes not defending him. She knows, if she didn’t know you’d get a completely different response from her. Interesting you left out that the question she was asked included that reporter stating for fact that Salva was a convicted sex offender. Stop trying to use misdirection, literally nowhere did I say she was less of a victim because of it. For the record, she’s also homophobic and transphobic. She’s still a victim but she should maybe stop throwing stones in glass houses and focus on calling out HW.

      • Holla here says:

        @Scout I did not say that you said she was less of a victim because of it. I added that it doesn’t negate that she was raped because some posters here might tell ME the exact same thing. So it’s more of a pre-emptive response on my end. And just so you know, I agree with you 100% that she should stop throwing stones in glass houses. That’s why I reposted the article, in case someone doubts the veracity of her response.

      • noway says:

        I read a bit more about this, and I am still conflicted about her participation, but I don’t like how she referred to him as sweet and gentle knowing what she did. One thing I think it does do is make us realize there aren’t perfect victims, and we all might be a bit hypocritical at times too.

      • Nina says:

        @noway: there certainly aren’t “perfect” victims, but I find it suspicious that she has not addressed working with Salva. It feels as though she’s deliberately avoiding these statements. They weren’t that long ago.
        What I fear is that more people will become aware of the comments she made defending Salva, and use her hypocrisy against her and against the movement to bring awareness to sexual abuse. It’ll turn into a huge instance of whataboutism. I think that that interview will come back and bite her in the ass, eventually. I think it would be in her best interest to address these comments herself (and soon) and apologize for them, because she appears to be hiding them and it’s making her look bad.

    • magnoliarose says:

      Why did you bring this up now? Right now we are discussing Harvey Weinstein and I think this is a separate issue that isn’t fair to bring up to a rape victim as they are processing the rape and encouraging other victims. She isn’t to blame for Valva just like no one else is to blame for Harvey.
      This seems more like trying to diminish her message because of another man’s bad behavior.

      • Nina says:

        She isn’t to blame for Salva, but her statements defending him, knowing that he was a shady person, and her choice to avoid discussing his shadiness, are hers to take responsibility for. I believe that her defence of Salva will be brought to light, and then you’ll have LOTS of people abandoning her, and dismissing the movement to bring awareness to sexual abuse because of one hypocrite. She needs to address those comments and take ownership of them, because her avoidance of them is making her look bad.

      • MadamNoir says:

        I don’t think anyone is trying to diminish her message. It’s just that she should address and take ownership of it like Nina said before it’s brought up as a way to discredit her then she won’t be able to say anything without being looked at as a hypocrite. Plus she’s been very vocal about calling out the people who claim the didn’t know about HW behavior and those who said they didn’t experience and of it will seem hypocritical on her part to be mad at them for doing something that she’s essentially is doing to.

      • Jayna says:

        Actually, this thread is about Amazon and Bezos, and in her tweets to them yesterday she said she was calling them out not to work with, her words, “alleged pedos” a couple of times.

        So her own actions several years back and saying she didn’t want to know too much about his conviction, willful ignorance, is directly on point with her calling Amazon out on it. And she chose to work with a “convicted pedophile,” not even alleged, a pedophile who sexually abused a 12-year-old, who made pornography of him, and who was found with phonography of other underage boys. It’s not been hidden. It’s been talked about on the internet when he has done movies and been in articles. Once he got out of jail and started making movies again, his victim now older begged people not to support this pedophile’s movies, that he was still coming to terms with what was done to him. But he continued making movies.

        So that’s why some on here are saying she should address it. I saw someone ask her about it on twitter once and she didn’t respond.

        Actually, it’s better to be forthright and not come across as a hypocrite and acknowledge her own lapse in judgment, if she is calling Amazon out for the same thing.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Okay, you guys. I stand corrected. Nina, Madam, and Jayna you make excellent points.
        I went and looked up the Valva case more because it was vaguely on my radar but reading the entire thing is very sad. That poor man and he has asked for support, and he should have it.

    • Ladidah says:

      I don’t want to read the Valva interview, do I have to? I read that MRAs dragged it up to question her as a victim. I too was once homophobic and transphobic, until I went to college. people make mistakes and we change our minds when we realize we are denying others their humanity because of inherited or whatever other biases, and I hope Rose can do or has done the same.

      But I feel like that is a different conversation than HW raping women.

      And yes, being traumatized, for me, does have the result that it is hard to focus on anything other than survival and pain, I do not blame Rose for that. You perform, you put on a mask, but you are really just going through the motions until you get some closure, I am not going to drag her for being inconsistent with respect to Valva, it will be a process for her to get there and she clearly has a lot of rage and anger and sadness she needs to deal with before she can extend empathy to others.

  8. Samantha says:

    I get that she’s letting all the anger and grief of these years out, but if she wants to fight this fight, she should focus her energy. She called out Ryan Gosling for not naming the women, which was not reasonable, because at this point there are too many names for a statement(and it’s a bit too picky to be honest).
    Also, her Amazon tweets are a bit unclear and touch on too many subjects. I feel like there are far bigger complicits in the HW coverup, but she’s going after Amazon because of the script deal.
    I’m on her side, and can only try to imagine what it must feel like to finally be able to let it all out and call out those who let you down, but she probably could use some patience and deliberation going forward.

    • ANOTHER DAY says:

      I agree …I don’t want to judge how she has responded and she had to take her power back and use it on her own terms.

      It’s my opinion She could be even more powerful and influential for change with a tad more focus….narrowing the scope and deepening the reach.

      But for now her need appears to be a different one.

    • Aren says:

      I was thinking something similar.
      Once the dust settles, everyone will be back to talking about other things, and what’s going to happen to her then?

    • Kath says:

      I agree. Rose singled out and jumped all over Ryan Gosling after his perfectly reasonable statement, which I thought was a bit counter productive. But it is the Salva issue I’m struggling with the most. In that case, she deliberately kept herself uninformed on the man’s history of sexual assault because she wanted to pursue a work opportunity with him. A few weeks ago, she was singing Amazon’s praises in an interview.

      No, she doesn’t have to be a ‘perfect victim’, but attacking allies and excusing predators is a bit confusing, to say the least.

  9. Al says:

    I feel for Rose. I can’t imagine (and I hope I never have to) what it feels like to be harassed or assaulted. I was on her side. However, I was completely unaware of her involvement with Victor Salva. After doing some reading, I cannot understand how she feels she has the right to call out people who did business with HW but failed to speak out. She worked with a CHILD molester- a convicted one at that. Her response to questions about Salva were pathetic and complicit.

    No one should be assaulted. No one should harassed. But it is a two way street. If you want others to step up and speak out, you need to do the same. She failed in the same way all of these other Hollywood actors, actresses, and movie making people have.

    • Truth says:

      Numerous people have asked her on twitter – posting the link or screen capture of her statements – and she will NOT comment on Salva at all.

  10. Doodle says:

    Just FYI, and I could be wrong, but my understanding is that Twitter hasn’t actually turned a profit yet. So the whole hit em where it hurts angle for the Twitter protest doesn’t work for me. They aren’t losing any money by women taking the day off of tweeting if there aren’t any profits anyway.

    • Aren says:

      That’s very true, Twitter makes no money.
      But, if people stop using twitter, that’s the end of it.

  11. Tess says:

    Do it girl, burn me all

  12. Harryg says:

    I’m a bit tired of twitter where everyone posts sort of cryptic messages with only so many words and then I have to figure out what they are really saying.

  13. Mel says:

    You would expect she’d have the dignity of shunning Twitter forever after that suspension. (Certainly that’s what I would have done.) It would have been a great example to others, too. “Be the change…” in deed. If she wants and needs to be heard, there ARE other avenues.

  14. sereneeirene says:

    She’s so brave. She fights like she has nothing to lose. And maybe she hasn’t got anything left, maybe that rape took everything from her.

  15. Truth says:

    You can’t ignore one form of sexual abuse and condemn another – THAT’S why the Salva quote is being analyzed. Numerous people have asked her about it on twitter and she’s been ignoring it (for weeks).

  16. InsertNameHere says:

    My inclination is that she may be referring to Manchester by the Sea and Casey Affleck’s starring role, given his proclivities.

  17. Jillybean says:

    Forget twitter as far as I’m concerned… it gives the spineless a platform to vent and accuse with no grounds or accountability. It’s twitter… that’s just it

  18. Mannori says:

    she was talking about Manchester By The Sea and Casey Affleck. She even called out both Affleck brothers in a previous tweet.