L&S: Bella Hadid & Drake have been dating on the ‘downlow’ for months

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Bella Hadid first started dating The Weeknd just as she was turning 18 years old. Some people forget that, that she was so young when they started up. Bella and Abel were together for a few years, and they broke up about 11 months ago, November 2016. Immediately following the breakup, he started up with Selena Gomez and nothing has ever been the same within that very exclusive group of friends/friendly acquaintances. I tend to believe that Selena and Abel are just as messy (if not moreso) than Abel and Bella. Anyway, all of that to say… Bella has been pretty single for most of this year. She’s been working and traveling and doing her thing. But now Life & Style says that Bella has been seeing Drake on the downlow. Hm.

Life & Style is exclusively reporting that supermodel Bella Hadid and rapper Drake are dating. On the surface, it seemed pretty random that Drake threw Bella an extravagant 21st birthday bash at NYC’s Socialista lounge on Oct. 9. Turns out there was a reason for his generosity: They “have been secretly dating since June,” a source exclusively tells Life & Style.

Since Drake threw her the party, “Bella has fallen even harder” for the rapper, says the source. “She thought it was so romantic.”

“It started out casual, but they’re definitely serious [now]. They’ve been meeting up and going out for romantic dinners,” the source tells Life & Style.

Drake, 30, first met Bella back when she was dating The Weeknd, 27. After the duo’s November 2016 split, “Bella was getting over her ex and wasn’t interested in Drake,” the source says, “but that soon changed when Drake turned on the charm and wooed her with romantic gestures, including expensive jewelry and flowers. After having such a public relationship and breakup with The Weeknd,” the source explains to Life & Style, “Bella wants to keep her new relationship on the down low.”

[From Life & Style]

That’s Drake’s m.o., right? “Drake turned on the charm and wooed her with romantic gestures, including expensive jewelry and flowers.” That’s his thing – he’s a “romantic” and he loves to “woo” famous women. I tend to believe Drake doesn’t know what to do once he finally wins a girl’s heart though. Like, he’s all about the pursuit, and not about building a substantive relationship. That’s not the worst thing in the world, obviously, but I do worry about Bella. I’d like to see her with someone who wants to be a real boyfriend, you know? Drake’s not that guy.

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  1. MeowuiRose says:

    Lol, I’ve low key forgotten about wheel chair Jimmy. Where has he been? Maybe RiRi been hiding him in her fabulous lair. I kid, I kid. Bella is young and Drake is a chaser with terrible follow through. This probably wont end well.

    On another note…her cheek bones in the header pic…..damn! You could cut glass with those things. Yolanda picked an excellent plastic surgeon. I kid. I kid.

    • cine says:

      Excuse you! Bella Hadid is a self-made star and workaholic – she picked her surgeons out all by herself! (I also kid…)

      Yep, cheekbones to slice a steak on.

    • Nicole says:

      Jimmy was one of my first crushes on Degrassi. Good times lol

  2. detritus says:

    Run, girl, run.

    And what ever happened to the pregnant groupie/dancer? That was a rumour for a hot minute, then silence. I never can keep up with his gross behind the scenes stuff.

    • Squiggisbig says:

      There were actually two of those!

      One was clearly making it up. And I assume the other went radio silent because some money exchanged hands.

      I don’t believe him and Bella are really dating nor do I believe he was actually with J.Lo. Unless there is some career benefit to him to do so. His only consistent type seems to be 1) strippers 2) women who can benefit his career/image like Rihanna

    • Anna says:

      This is surprising since The Weeknd and Drake have been friends for years since they were both relatively unknown. I can see him being with Bella, but I doubt it will last. This seems extra funny just days after everyone made fun of her complex interview

      • Lynnie says:

        I heard he and The Weeknd fell out, because Abel went and bounced with Drake’s money, producers, and investment after he got his head start. I could be wrong though.

  3. polonoscopy says:

    I won’t believe it until I see it. Drake and the Weeknd have their shit, so this seems like too much of a PERFECT gossip story to be real. Also, Drake has a type. The type has butts. Bella does not have a butt.

  4. Alleycat says:

    Hmmm this falls in line with a blind I read about her a couple months ago. I like Selena and Abel together, I don’t understand how they’re messy together? (Unless you want to talk about the problematic stuff she has said, but then so has Bella.)

  5. polonoscopy says:

    Also, I know this is well known, but then I realized it might just be “Toronto well known” but Abel LOVES strip clubs. Basically, he goes so often, it was in addiction territory for a while. That’s got to be hard on any relationship.

  6. Hazel says:

    She has work done on her face right? Even though she’s so young, she looks so unnaturally ‘pulled’.

    • deevia says:

      18 year old Real Housewives might be a thing now.

    • cine says:

      Definitely lip augmentation, nose, “baby botox”; possibly brow and facial fillers.

      This is a pretty good rundown: https://beautyeditor.ca/2015/10/09/bella-hadid-before-and-after

      • SKF says:

        I’m sorry but that is nonsense. Check out the second photo down in this link. Same lips, same face, all that has changed is the nose, some weight loss, better grooming and she is pale now rather than tan. She does not have “a whole new face”. Her lips have always been the same – you can see that in photos of her as a toddler. I’m really sick of these comments on EVERY SINGLE article about her. It just feels so mean and nasty. Sooooo many famous actresses and models have had nose jobs and yet this girl gets hammered for it. You cannot compare side-on smiling photos with front-on non-smiling photos and decide what plastic surgery someone has had. The photos need to have the face in the same position with the same expression to be able to see and guess. The photos of her which are always used as evidence of all the changes are at the wrong angle. I follow her (and many other models) on Instagram and she posts smiley side-on photos and apart from the nose they are the same as her younger visage.

        Besides all of that, honestly imagine having your blonder, small-nosed sister lauded all her life for her beauty, a child model, your mother’s clear favourite… As a society we deride and dislike “ethnic” noses. No bloody wonder this girl got a nose job! And look, all of a sudden she was deemed worthy of being a model and a beauty too. This really bothers me and the continued witch hunt against her bothers me too. By all industry accounts she is sweet, lovely, hard-working and popular. Please, give it a rest.

        Signed, someone who can’t believe they’ve just written a treatise on Bella Hadid but has had enough lately!

        The link:

      • Harryg says:

        Yes, she totally had more done than just the nose. And I do think she changed too much and now looks like forty-something. I’m getting tired of the Hadid sisters, it’s like they got a helicopter ride to the top. But it’s mostly their father I despise.

      • ell says:

        nah. she had a nose job (which is pretty standard for models, most do, you just don’t know bc most of them weren’t in the spotlight before modelling) and that;s about it.

      • Bijou says:

        No nonsense, but the average eye won’t notice a plethora of procedures done for the sole purpose of going unnoticed. She definitely had some fat removed from her face and had injections in her upper cheeks, a nose job, and lip injections. Maybe some injections around the eyebrows. Aside from her nose job, the work was done subtly so most wouldn’t question anything else. A lot of celebrities do this, even men. We aren’t supposed to notice it ;)

      • Kitten says:

        JFC she has an entirely new face. Unquestionably more than just a nose job.

      • magnoliarose says:

        She has had a lot of work, fillers, fat removal, nose, chin implant and lips from the look of it.

    • my3cents says:

      She does look really old for 21. Pretty, but old looking. Wonder if it’s just her or the product of her procedures?

      • amin says:

        Probably mostly procedures, but genetics may play a into it too: if you look up pictures of her half sisters, Alana and Marielle Hadid, they also have quite “older looking” faces, as does her little brother. Of the Hadids, only Gigi has a baby face. Before her procedures Bella looked very much like her younger brother and half sisters imo.

      • tty says:

        I think she looks mature, not old. There is a difference. She’ll probably look about the same age for years to come, it’s just her bone structure (natural or otherwise acquired, lol) as opposed to actual signs of aging like wrinkles.

    • Hazel says:

      I always wonder why she doesn’t smile more? Maybe because of all the work done. See also Kim Kardashian.

    • Olive says:

      Nose job, and the lips are fake. Look up younger photos of her – she used to look just like her father, same long nose. Now she’s messed with her natural face so much she doesn’t really resemble either of her parents, since she erased her dad’s looks.

      bella: https://beautyeditor.ca/.image/c_limit%2Ccs_srgb%2Cq_80%2Cw_960/MTMzNjA3NDUxNTMzNTQ2Nzcw/bella-hadid-andre-agassi-foundation-grand-slam-for-children-benefit-concert-2010jpg.webp

      muhamed hadid: http://www.bravotv.com/sites/nbcubravotv/files/field_blog_image/2016/01/dish-012716-mohamed-hadid.jpg

  7. JustJen says:

    Awe, I’ve always liked Drake. She definitely traded up. The Weeknd was a mess.

  8. Mike says:

    Of course

  9. LittlefishMom says:

    Drake always seems to swoop in when someone just broke up with their partner. Is he an opportunist or a sloppy seconds guy…..we may never know.

    • KLO says:

      He is a narcissist. I am happy he is not circling Rihanna anymore. Even if he praised her it was always all about him. Bella is the perfect age to not see his game yet. The women his own age run.

    • PIa says:

      Actually, he’s known her since she was a teenager. So, this story has a slight ick factor.

    • KC says:

      Lol! I was thinking along the same lines. Maybe he has a list of unavailable women he’s interested in and as soon as they become available he cozies up to and woos them with his grand gestures. For some reason It comes across as more calculating and nefarious though, like not just “finally I’ll take my shot” but, more “she’s on the rebound😼”.

    • Lex says:

      That term is repugnant and is so degrading to women.
      Unless you also apply the term “floppy seconds” equally about men!

  10. Serena says:

    He surely likes to get around, doesn’t he? And I also think he’s too old for her (as was her ex).

  11. Parigo says:

    Faaakkkeee pr couple. On the DL for “several months”? Sure, Jan.

    • GinT says:

      Oh yes.
      A bit too convenient.

      Also I don’t get her or any of the Hadids. They are phony fake daters (cough G*gi & Z*yn cough). Sorry not sorry.

  12. ell says:

    NO! she has terrible taste in men, why.

  13. BorderMollie says:

    I joked when she broke up with the Weeknd that Drake would be all up in her DMs. She’s his type for sure. For gossip’s sake, I hope this is real and they do a super cheesy vogue spread together or something.

    • Olive says:

      his type? I thought he was known for dating BBW women with big asses, even strippers. At least privately, that’s who he dates.

      • BorderMollie says:

        I dunno if I’d really credit side gossip like that, personally. This story is probably not true either, but it’d be good for the gossip if it was.

  14. Bijou says:

    She likes her light skinned black men.

  15. Hunter says:

    Makeup or lighting, I don’t know. But I thought that was Lena Headey in that photo.

  16. Dj Jazzy Jen says:

    I am probably confusing this with another “couple”, but wasn’t there a blind about her mom trying to push this storyline to the tabloids? Maybe that was Leo, I can hardly keep up anymore.

  17. Rb says:

    Gross. Weeknd and Drake are friends. Ew. She looks 40.