Robert Pattinson’s abs are fake; Kristen Stewart jealous he might cheat

A few weeks ago, paparazzi caught Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart filming New Moon in Italy. We got lots of pictures of Robert looking really cute and surprisingly buff in several shirtless shots. Pattinson seemed to have been working out – the six-pack abs looked great, although it wouldn’t have killed the boy to get a little sun (just in general, I know he was playing a vampire, but Pattinson is a very pale guy). These hot shirtless pics may have ensured Robert Pattinson the undeniable lead on Vanity Fair’s most handsome man poll, but it looks like we may have been duped! Star Magazine is reporting that Pattinson’s six-pack abs and defined pecks were just a trick of makeup and lighting. Gasp!

Ab-solutely awesome! Robert Pattinson is considered one of the hottest men on the planet, and fans are still swooning over shots of the shirtless New Moon hunk filming in Italy.

Sorry, ladies, the 23-year-old’s ripped abs aren’t real!

“Rob had a team of makeup artists working on his stomach to make it appear as if he had a six-pack,” one set source tells Star.

“They used all their tricks – including liquid body paint, shading and airbrushing – to make his torso look toned. Whenever they stopped filming, Rob would duck back inside to get touched up by the makeup team.”

And that’s not all! “The lighting team helped to accentuate the shading and highlights,” the source adds.

“Rob is definitely not that in shape. He hates the gym and will never really be a muscle man!”

[From Star Magazine, print edition, June 22 2009]

Star is also reporting that Kristen Stewart has no problems with Robert’s less-than-cut physique. Apparently, the tabloids are tired of running the same old “Kristen won’t break up with her boyfriend and just give it up to poor, obsessed R-Pattz” angle, so now they’re making Kristen beg for R-Pattz’s attention. Star claims that not only are Kristen and Robert together now, but that Kristen is totally jealous and freaking out over Robert’s newest pretty costar. Pattinson’s about to start work on a drama called Remember Me, costarring Australian actress (and Lost alum) Emilie de Ravin. Kristen is “nervous he’ll fall for Emilie.” And Emilie apparently has a habit of “going after her costars, even if they’re taken.” Cue angst -ridden dramatic teen music.

Kristen Stewart knows all too well that her Twilight: New Moon costar Robert Pattinson is a sucker for his leading ladies. Now Rob is set to spend the summer in NYC shooting the romantic drama Remember Me opposite gorgeous Emilie de Ravin, and Kristen is in an absolute panic that she’s going to lose him.

“Kristen’s been calling him nonstop since he’s been in New York and gets uneasy when he doesn’t answer,” a source tells Star. “She’s nervous he’ll fall for Emilie. She thinks it’s only a matter of time before he hooks up with another girl.”

Making things worse, Emilie — who split with hubby, Josh Janowicz, in May — has a history of going after her costars, even if they’re taken.

While on TV’s Roswell in 2000, she cozied up to Jason Behr, who was then dating castmate Katherine Heigl, says an insider.

“Rob could be Emilie’s rebound guy,” says a source. “He’s her type, boyish, with chiseled features.”

It’s no wonder Kristen, who cooled it with longtime beau Michael Angarano to be with Rob, is already planning to visit Remember Me’s set, though Rob has said he wants to focus on his work.

“Kristen doesn’t want to smother him, but she doesn’t know what to do,” says a source. “She’s petrified he’s going to break her heart.”

[From Star Magazine]

Ah, the tabloids just have to make Kristen sound desperate, don’t they? Even when all evidence points to the contrary – that Kristen is the one totally in control of whatever she and Pattinson have going. I really don’t think K-Stew is worried at all. In fact, I wonder if she’s even given it up to Pattinson yet.

Photos are from 5/27/09 credit: Ciao Pix/ and VENTURINI/ Photos of Kristen Stewart’s Joan Jett hair are from 6/11/09. Credit: SCOTT/LAURENT/

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  1. cecizahn says:

    I tought about it. Taylor Lautner said that he was putting Rob some rutines to work his body but when you see the first movie he has a mark stomach but not so buff like this pictures. If you see some pictures of Rob before, he kind of has a tummy.

    But it doesn’t matter cos he is a Handsome guy.

    About Kristen, well I really think they’re together, even Stevie Wonder can see it.

  2. Roma says:

    Kaiser, did you write this story just so you could post the pictures of him topless again? Because I approve.

  3. abbizmal says:

    Thank you Kaiser. I don’t care that his abs aren’t real. I’d still hit it. 😀

  4. Jess says:


  5. KittensMcGee says:

    I think that they would be cute together. I always like to think that great chemistry between romantic leads is because there is something going on with the actors/actresses. I haven’t seen the films but those pictures look pretty intense.

  6. Kaiser says:

    You are welcome, girls.

    I think the definition on his abs may be a lighting/makeup trick, but I do think he’s got a pretty good build.

    I’d hit it like crazy too. Mmm… jawline.

  7. Marie says:

    I wouldn´t…. I´m not really into translucent skeletons. I respect who likes it. But I don´t. I prefer guys with real muscles. At the twilight crew I’d hit Taylor-something (the one who plays Jacob).

  8. Unless R Pattz is crafted out of Humboldt County’s finest, I doubt Kristen could be moved to care what he does.

  9. ash says:

    lol Marie, I agree with the Taylor Lautner thing, but he’s 17! haha.

    I read somewhere that he does have somewhat define abs, but they have to paint it darker so that it shows on camera, especially since he is so pale.

  10. Ana says:

    I wonder how much it would cost to hire one of those makeup teams everytime I go to the beach. haha.

  11. Layla says:

    He’s just yucky. Ew.

  12. Enonymous says:

    Well DUH, of course his abs are painted on, anyone could see that. These actors and actresses are attractive thanks to all the great makeup artist, lighting people and a whole stuff, hired just to make them look good on camera. In reality they are all fug.

  13. Marie says:

    LOL Ash! Sometimes I forget about his age!! Shame on me!! hahahahaha Oh well, at least it´s good for my eyes!! lol!

  14. fizXgirl314 says:

    it really does look like they painted on the six pack… i have a question that has been plaguing me since the first time these pics appeared… why did they give him fake chicken pox for the photoshoot? what’s that all about?

  15. Jag says:

    @fizXgirl314: I believe those are CGI or marks for something similar. Perhaps it’s for computer-generated “sparkles?”

    I will admit that Taylor is totally yummy after he turns 18. lol

  16. Annie says:

    It’s definitely for the effects guys.

    Remember? He gets into the sun and “shines like diamonds” or some shit like that.

  17. eternalcanadian says:

    i am not surprised. if rob was really working out you would see it in his arms and legs, and they’re just as puny as ever. definitely a work by the makeup people. i actually thought maybe they used a rubber stomach, like when you put on a rubber skull cap to make someone bald so they dont have to shave their hair? the same thing with the abs, then shade and powder and stuff. but they forgot the arms and legs, LOL.

  18. mxml says:

    what’s with those spots on his face?

  19. j. ferber says:

    Why are English guys so white? Very unattractive. On the bright side, Pattinson is a natural for playing a vampire.

  20. Aud says:

    Anyone who couldnt tell the abs are fake needs glasses.

    And yes, the spots are the sparkles.

    Ooooh shiiiinies!

  21. BlackRabbit says:

    Pale may be unattractive… but Skin Cancer is both unattractive and potentially deadly. Grow up.

  22. Marie says:

    Skin cancer? Who said anything about skin cancer?? I respect who likes the pale-translucent ones, and I respect who likes the orange ones (the ones who spent most of their times getting fake tans), as I expect respect cause I like men with skin like the taylor guy. It’s just different opinions. I don’t think we need to grown up more just cause we like different things. And yes, his abs are real and yes he got make up to make it look bigger.. like ALL the actors do get make up to enhance what they want.

  23. Ned says:

    How is that o.k. to bash a white color of skin?

    Because of such idiotic notions so many people get cancer and have ugly sun spots and premature aging.

    There is nothing uglier than people who are supposed to be 35 and look 47, since they baked their skin and it shows.

    Embrace whatever color you got.

  24. sanaiya says:

    He is still hot.

  25. Marie says:

    maybe it’s because is saturday and I’m with a friday night hangover and my mind is knda slow.. but how we went to painted abs to skin cancer? I just said that in MY taste white skeletons wasn’t included but I respect who likes it. That I prefer someone with other skin color (REAL skin color. no sun tans, fake tans, spray can tans – if u wanna burn under the sun and looks 30 years older it’s your problem – but a real skin color like the taylor guy or collin farrell or johnny deep or Tyrese – not saying that they all have the same skin color.. please TRY to understand first). But, hey, if you like it OR if u are one of them just be happy and don’t take personally.It´s just diferent opinions! Diferent tastes!!

  26. kh says:

    how is pale/white not a “real” skin colour? that’s moronic.

  27. lrm says:

    not getting this!!!! he’s pale,pasty and looks unhealthy!!! This whole fascination/obsession with him has me soooo confused. and w/she,for that matter. she’s cute,but….
    meh,double meh.
    he needs some nutrional type of intervention….he’s lacking in something,or he needs more vit D/sunshine.
    and,does he ever smile,i mean really smile???? as in,happy,having a good time? aside from the obvious vampires are so serious look….and so of course he cannot smile as a vampire. haven’t seen or read the book,either-wtf is this sh*t so fascinating for?

  28. Marie says:

    read it before. I said fake tans are not real skin color! I even separate w/ paranteses so people wouldn’t make that mystake.. oh well!!
    Moronic is only see the arguing part and not see that I said that everybody has a right to a opinion and that´s just diferent opinions. “But, hey, if you like it OR if u are one of them just be happy and don’t take personally.It´s just diferent opinions! Diferent tastes!!” I just said that pale guys are not atractive to ME. MY OPINION, MY TASTE IN MEN. I didn’t said that pale people are bad or something like that. Read the entire thing people!
    What was the topic? Fake abs!! Sooooo people!! Who thinks his abs are real?? LOL

  29. Marie says:

    Thank u Irm!! U said everything!!! =)

  30. Ned says:

    Marie, the response was both to you and to Kaiser’s remark

    “although it wouldn’t have killed the boy to get a little sun”.

    I think we had enough bleach blonde- tanned LA bimbos and it’s time for more natural looking people.
    Men and women should stop frying their skin.

  31. Enonymous says:

    His skin is not that pale, he is wearing white body make-up to further enhance his pale complexion making him look…. well like an undead vampire. British people are not that pale either despite prior beliefs, those who are this white are what we call closet gingers.

  32. Marie says:

    I can’t agree more! People really should be careful with their skin, do things like getting out w/sunscreen and stuff. Natural skin color is way more beautiful and wealthier. I can’t agree more Ned!

  33. Aspen says:

    We don’t call it pale, People. We call it “alabaster,” “porcelain,” or “ivory.”

    Seriously, though. I realize that it’s cool to make fun of Christians, fat people, and caucasians nowadays, but my mother always said, “There is no excuse for being mean just because someone says it’s cool.”

    My skin is very pale. Like Wondersnort Lohan, I would have to literally harm my skin to change it’s color or use something fake. I choose not to do that. I have people come up to me and say, “The sun is free,” who don’t even know me.

    Turn that around and say I walked up to a Nigerian woman with really dark skin and said, “You know, you look like an eggplant,” just to make her feel bad (which I would never do because I have never seen anything so beautiful as that darkest of skin colors in my life).

    It wouldn’t be so nice. For some reason, people see the latter as cruel and unjustifiable, but they see nothing at all wrong about the former. So…just be nice.

  34. plk says:

    what’s all over his skin in some of these pictures?

  35. FF says:

    And I’d hope that everybody recognises that Taylor’s are real.


    ps – the dot’s on his skin are for digital image capture. So I’m guess there are some scenes where they CGI Edward.

  36. ,,hello 2 mr.robert pattinson and kristen stewart,,,we have the same name dats why we are beautiful..wah!!lol!!!but spelling..more power im adicted to twilight new moon,eclipse and the 4rt one.hehehe.GODBLESS!

  37. katie says:

    hey guys u know wat i have to say bout it is that taylor is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!! and rob is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Any one that thinks rob is hot has mental problems!!! sorry but it true all my friends like taylor now my bff thought that rob was hot but then she changed her mind i have taylor stuff all ova my room and new moon stuff

  38. Kyla says:

    OMG enough about ROB…..give us pics of TAYLOR……lol atleast HIS ABS ARE REAL!

  39. Looks like he needs some sun! fake abs?? Fake actor!

  40. Lauren says:

    There’s spots on his face because it’s the detectors to make Edward sparkle on camera. Special effects.

  41. Lauren says:

    Katie, Kyla, Kraig, whatever, you people are stupid. Imagine how it would be if people though that about you. If Tay didn’t have abs, and Rob did, you little bugs would all go running to Rob. Plus, you don’t need abs to have good looks. Tay looks like an alpaca.

  42. JT says:

    I was always (and still am) jealous of that dude – he probably gets more action in a day than I see all year. That being said, he’s really white, I mean, like baking powder white. I’m a white boy myself, but I DO tan, when I get my butt in the sun. I guess if he tried that he would burst into flames….

    Guys – don’t worry if you don’t have the perfect bod, develop extreme confidence and balls of steel. Women will love you for it. Guys like Rob are only popular b/c he is a celebrity. If he wasn’t he’d just be another pasty white dude.

    P.S. – I used to have this dude in my graduate school class who would take his shirt off at the beach, and he was white as crap. We would all throw up our hands and say “I’m blind…my eyes!!” Hilarious.