Did Chelsea Handler quit her failing Netflix talk show or was she fired?

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Last week, the feelgood story was the utter failure of Megyn Kelly’s big morning show debut. This week, the feelgood story is Chelsea Handler’s nastiness being rewarded with a pink slip. A few weeks ago, Netflix released some information about Handler’s sad talk show – the show was and is bombing with audiences to the point where Netflix was drastically reducing the number of shows they produce with Chelsea. Audiences don’t give a sh-t about her, and it’s always been (in my mind) an “emperor’s new clothes” situation – I honestly never understood why anyone thought Handler would be able to generate interest or her own audience at Netflix. She’s awful. Well, guess what? Netflix canceled Handler’s show. And now she’s trying to play it like she’s the one who decided to end her show, so she could focus more on her political activism.

Chelsea Handler’s Netflix talk show “Chelsea” is ending after two seasons.

Handler tweeted the news on Wednesday, saying it was her decision to not return for another season. In a statement posted online, she wrote, “Like so many across the country, the past presidential election and the countless events that have unfolded since have galvanized me. From the national level down to the grassroots, it’s clear our decisions at the ballot box next year will mark a defining moment for our nation. For these reasons, I’ve decided not to return for another season of Chelsea, and instead devote as much time as I can to becoming a more knowledgeable and engaged citizen and to focus on projects that have significance to me.”

“I’m excited to share that I will continue my partnership with Netflix, working together on a documentary where I’ll engage with people I don’t talk with enough – people of different ethnicities, religions and political philosophies,” she continued. “Netflix could not be more understanding, and I’m grateful for their continued support. New episodes of Chelsea will continue to stream weekly until the end of this year.”

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Do you believe her? I do not. The only thing is… Deplorables hate her too, so of course they’re celebrating and making this into a “liberal comedian gets fired for being anti-Trump” story. Which… isn’t the case, in my opinion. It’s not that Handler has liberal politics – it’s that no one gave a sh-t about her liberal politics, and she was not an effective spokesperson for any particular progressive cause, nor was she particularly funny, woke, talented or smart. One source on Twitter claimed “Chelsea Handler’s show cancellation was NOT her choice. She’s lying! She found out today and she was ‘totally blindsided’.” That would not surprise me, even though that source is questionable.

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  1. ArchieGoodwin says:

    Political activism?

    Yesterday she tweeted something like this: “this there anyone more dumb than trump? tila tequila maybe?”

    and before I knew it, my body double had tweeted back: “well.. chelsea handler maybe?”

    • denisemich says:

      I watched her Netflix show and she has become more politically motivated much less silly comedy. She was no longer really making jokes and when she added it in, it didn’t fit the format.

      She has been almost crying on the show about Trump for the last 3 months. I believe she decided to do something different. I think she has changed a bit. She has become more vulnerable and less insulting on the show as it matured. Netflix has been great for Chelsea. I am not sure if Chelsea has been great for Netflix

      • FLORC says:

        She makes rants and poorly written (Or just poorly executed?) Political Commentary. It didn’t come off as funny or political activism. Just CH ranting with a scattered, emotional brain.

  2. Jayna says:

    Of course, she didn’t quit her show. They are just letting her have a face-saving exit.

    • BlueSky says:

      Sure Jan, whatever you say. I watched part of her show and that was enough for me. She is not funny at all. Banging black guys doesn’t make you woke. I am so tired of women like her who thinks because she sleeps with black guys somehow makes her not racist. She is one of those comedians that feels she has to resort to crudeness to be funny and even then she is not funny.

    • BlueSky says:

      Sure Jan, whatever you say. I watched part of her show and that was enough for me. She is not funny at all. Banging black guys doesn’t make you woke. She is one of those comedians that feels she has to resort to crudeness to be funny and even then she is not funny.

  3. Luca76 says:

    This woman is odious. her faux liberalism is pathetic. She’s just as deplorable with her racism as if she were a Trump supporter. Not really sure why she hasn’t just changed parties since she spouts pretty much the same brand of bigotry.

  4. Talie says:

    She should’ve just stayed on E! — it never made sense why she threw a fit and gave it up.

    • African Sun says:

      E! was a better home for her. I know a lot of people look down on E! but they seem to treat their talent well and they retain a lot of their hosts for years, so clearly they pay well.

  5. Myhairisfullofsecrets says:

    She probably did get fired. Her show was really bad and I’m a fan of hers so that’s saying something.

  6. LittlefishMom says:

    My first thought when I read your headline was….Who cares.

  7. Maya says:

    Karma karma karma – I do love you.

    This woman is a racist and someone who ruthlessly attacks children as well.

    Just because she hates Trump doesn’t mean that she herself isn’t a racist.

    Btw: did she ever say anything about HW?

    • Bodaklin says:

      it also seems she is no longer tight with her celebrity friends since she is no longer on top of her game like she once thought she was.

      • lucy2 says:

        I always got the impression she was very much a user. We’ve all met the type, they’re buddy buddy with you until you can’t do anything else for them, and they move on, or you ditch them because you figure it out.

  8. A says:

    Can’t stand her, never could. Good riddance. I’m sure she’ll find another exec to sleep with for a better job. TRASH.

  9. Peggy says:

    She quit , yeah right 🌁 What they tell you about burning bridges.
    Chelsea believed her own publicity, wonder if she is going to blow up Netflix CEO like she did E’s.

  10. Obvious is Obvious says:

    That ‘source’ you quoted is pushing the Seth Rich and Pizzagate stories…please don’t quote people like that, no matter how juicy the ‘story’ might seem to be.

  11. VH says:

    On a completely superficial level…. I cannot believe she is only 42. Ladies, get enough sleep, hydrate, and “drugs are bad”

    • S says:

      Holy crap?!?! Seriously? 42 with work done and that’s what she looks like? I’m 41, out of shape, rarely wear make-up and live in yoga pants (after that description, you’ll be just shocked to hear I’m a mom) and still look fresher than that. (This is not me bragging on self, because 9 days out of 10 when I catch my reflection, I’m all, ‘How did that old hag get into my house?’)

      Methinks she shaved a decade or so off her age at some point early in her career.

    • Kate says:

      Wasn’t she 43 a few years ago???

  12. QueenB says:

    LOL “You are not dumping me I am dumping you!!!”

    Pathetic. First of all everyone can see through the lame excuse. But even if we believed it. Dont you think a woman voice in late night would help? Also not having countless people lose their jobs because Mrs Millionaire lost interest?

    Also I hope she adresses why a mediocore white woman can achieve success. That would be worthwile activism.

  13. S says:

    Sure, Jan.

    Someone, who apparently doesn’t know me very well, once gave me one of Handler’s books. It was … unreadable. Like, for real. Just awful, poorly phrased, totally unfunny, misogynistic, racist dreck. Two painful chapters and she became one of those people for me that if someone tells me they “love,” I take it as a pretty strong indicator we were not meant to be friends.

  14. lucy2 says:

    Of course she got fired. Who would walk away from a Netflix contract right now, unless they had something bigger lined up, which she clearly doesn’t. Plus they reduced the order, which is a sure sign of a problem.
    It was always a weird thing for Netflix, where people go to binge watch.

  15. shouldawoulda says:

    I think it’s more to do with Netflix’s business model. Why on earth would anyone pay to watch a celebrity talk show? Networks just do this to save money and promote their shows. I really question the business model of Netflix.

    • Christo says:

      Exactly. I commented on a prior thread re: Chelsea that Netflix is not a good vehicle for a talk show driven by timely topics. Each episode has a baked-in expiration date of roughly a week at most because who in their right mind wants to go back 2 weeks to 6 months ago to hear a commentary, jokes, guests, banter about topics/movies/ideas that are now dated in the lightspeed newscycle that we all live in. Talk shows are generally stumbled upon like live news; I don’t think most people are conditioned yet to open an app on their TV/Phone to watch the latest installment of a talk show. She would probably have better luck on YouTube, given that it can be ad-supported and is available without a subscription, truly opening her up to a global audience of anyone with a sufficient internet connection. With all of the above being said, I do think that she has grown, and I found her Netflix show to be interesting—if not for Chelsea herself, then definitely for the guests that she had on from time to time.

  16. Erica_V says:

    I enjoyed her late night show on E! – I get why she wanted to end that as she was sick of begin forced to interview reality tv stars. It never seemed like she got an audience on Netflix.

    Isn’t Sarah Silverman’s new show sort of the same premise? She talks to people with differing opinions than hers? And isn’t that on Netflix too?

  17. Hunter says:

    “she was not an effective spokesperson for any particular progressive cause, nor was she particularly funny, woke, talented or smart. ”

    This sentence describes my feelings to a T.

  18. kimbers says:

    her show had zero direction and bad execution.

  19. Bread and Circuses says:

    To be honest, she’s grown on me quite a bit since she got political.