Kelly Ripa’s teen daughter had her delete an Instagram so she showed it on TV

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Parents usually embarrass their teenagers no matter what, right? We’re not supposed to like the same things they do and if we do they say they don’t like that thing anymore and we’re out of touch. We’re supposed to fade in the background and we’re supposed to still provide for them without getting in the way of their social lives. It’s actually not that bad with my 13 year-old but I was hanging out with my friend and her 16 year-old daughter this weekend and I felt my friend’s pain. The daughters’ friend was over and when I was able to distract them from their phones briefly I quizzed them about their favorite shows. They love Riverdale especially, they’re obsessed with it and they Snapchat about it. So how would a typical teenager react if their parent appears on show they like? In a recent interview on The Tonight Show (f-k Jimmy Fallon) Kelly Ripa talked about her daughter having to deal with her dad, Kelly’s husband Mark Conseulos, starring on Riverdale. Kelly and Mark’s daughter, Lola, is 16 and it sounds like she’s jaded about her dad’s role and is still coming to terms with it. Kelly mocked her daughter’s voice and mannerisms (she’s done that before and I think it’s rather rude) to show how Lola reacted. You can watch the video below and here’s what she said.

[Mimicking daughter acting annoyed] “‘I cannot believe dad is actually on a show that I actually watch.’

“I believe that you were hanging out with my daughter and her friends when you came up with this character [Ew, more on that here]. That is who they are…

“She watches Riverdale. You know, so Veronica – she’s 16 also – and she drinks mimosas at breakfast. My daughter’s like, ‘Dad never lets me drink mimosas at breakfast!’ And I go, ‘Yeah, because he’s a real father and that’s a character on TV!’ ”

Kelly on not being allowed to post photos of her daughter on social media
It’s so bizarre. I’m never allowed to post a photo of her, ever. Why did I have these kids if not to exploit them on social media? I’m like, you know what she can’t get mad at an 8 year-old photo. It’s a Halloween throwback. I’m in the elevator coming up here. The phone rings and it says Lola. She’s like [mimics crying] ‘You’re taking it down right now! My friends follow you for some reason and they will see this.’

I was like, you know what, I will take it down. I’ll take it down for you. And that was the end of the discussion. She didn’t say ‘where are you going, what are you doing?’ I will take it down from Instagram. [Shows photo on Tonight Show]

[From video on The Tonight Show via People]

Teenage kids are all about their peer group and they want to control their image on social media. My kid doesn’t let me post photos of him either without his approval. I ask every time, even for older photos, and most of the time I get turned down. While I don’t entirely understand it I won’t go against his wishes. Of course I put my foot down on other issues, but this isn’t one of them. That’s his picture and he gets to say whether it’s online. So it’s rather obnoxious of Kelly to not only tell this story, but to then show the photo on The Tonight Show to get back at Lola. That’s some emotionally manipulative sh-t to do to your teenager, right? Yes they are annoying and can get on our last nerve, but I’m sure we do the same to them. We don’t need to resort to power plays like this. They’re ahead of us in so many ways and can only escalate a cold war.

Here’s the video. You can watch it with the sound off and get the gist too.

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  1. ORIGINAL T.C. says:

    That’s a d!ck move. I’m surprised at Kelly. Her daughter is beautiful and deserves a right to privacy.

    • denisemich says:

      Really. I think Kelly has shown she can be a dick. Also, It is weird to see her beautiful daughter look more like a woman than Kelly.

      • minx says:

        Was just going to say…she’s gorgeous and her mother looks like a boy.

      • C says:

        Poor Lola. That was so embarrassing!

      • denisemich says:

        Kelly is wearing a Disney Princess dress and her daughter is wearing an adult dress.

      • MeeMow says:

        This is straight up body shaming. Some women are curvy. Some women are leaner with fewer curves. All women have womanly bodies.

      • khymera says:

        That child is dress like a grown woman. It’s too mature for her.

      • Elaine says:

        Yes, I saw that. I am glad she let’s her daughter be herself and doesn’t shame her. Good for Kelly.

        The youngest one looks like he’s ready to be a GQ model. Adorable, the lot of them.

        Happy Halloween everyone!!

      • HeidiM says:

        And this debate right here about their bodies, is why the girl doesnt want her pics on her mothers IG. Have a care ladies.

      • Kitten says:

        Kelly “looks like a boy” and her daughter is more “womanly” than her?

        Nope nope nope. That is not even remotely ok to say for multiple reasons.

        Your comments are the kind that fuel and perpetuate EDs. Seriously. Shame on you people.

      • JA says:

        Looks like a boy? WTF kind of body shaming is that? Real women don’t tear down other women to try to feel better about themselves…

      • Ladidah says:

        @khymera It is not Lola’s fault her dress that makes her ‘look like a grown woman.’ Anything you put her in, she will look older. she chooses to dress like any other teenage girl, I promise. But it is absolutely not her fault her body has curves and she looks ‘much too much older’ while others do not and therefore look ‘age appropriate.’

      • Nancy says:

        Big mouth Ripa has learned nothing from her reputation with Regis and Michael. She is allowed to have her privacy, and should allow the same for her daughter. If she wants to talk about her kids, talk away with your parents, friends, husband, little chatter box she is. Her daughter seems sensitive, and will probably bolt for the door at 18. Respect your children and they will return the favor. Ripa is way too old to do the cute voices and faces. Gone with her ready. Run Lola run *She named her kid Lola b/c the rumor of the day was Madonna was going to name her daughter Lola, oops, just a nickname, she named her daughter Lourdes*

      • Iknowwhatboyslike says:

        Her daughter reminds me so much of what Kelly looked like when she first started on All My Children. She was all cheeks with a beautiful face.

      • Kelly’s body is that of a woman. All bodies belonging to women are “women’s bodies.”

      • Ange says:

        Oh my god the girl is in a perfectly normal dress, top and skirt, she can’t help that she has boobs. Blaming women for their own bodies being ‘provocative’ is not remotely productive and it’s how men think they can do whatever they bloody well like to us because something totally out of our control is our own fault. I can’t with that today. She’s still a kid FFS.

      • Sirius says:

        Uh, more like a woman than Kelly? She’s underage. Inappropriate, a bit.

    • Lua says:

      Soooo…fine to not give celebs or their kids privacy by posting pap shots and discussing them on this site and others, but post a family vacation photo on your social media and you’re a monster. Riiiiight.

  2. Louise177 says:

    I don’t understand why parents intentionally try to embarrass their kids. When I see some of the photos and videos they post I wonder why the parents think it’s a good idea.

    • Lizzie says:

      my mom used to tease me like this when i was younger. she was trying to be funny and it was never mean spirited but i HATED it and even though i’m 34 – i can still think of a few times she did it in front of friends that still make my blood boil. it is one thing i truly vow never to do to my kids. she is an awesome mom but everyone makes mistakes and intentionally embarrassing me for a laugh was hers.

      • Ladidah says:

        I think it should really depend on the kid. Some kids can take a ribbing, others cannot. You cannot parent every kid the same, though I know a lot of parents do.

        I am sorry your mom didn’t take your disposition into account, it sounds hard. (mine didn’t either so I feel your pain)

    • CynicalAnn says:

      Agreed. I have teens and I always run pics by them before I post-and I would never write anything invading their privacy or embarrassing them. Talk about ruining your relationship with them!

  3. greenmonster says:

    Mocking her daughter by imitating her voice is awful. Be annoyed at your kids, roll your eyes at their stupid teenage behavior – but never mock them, esp. in public.

  4. yanni says:

    I…don’t really see what the big deal is. “emotionally manipulative” seems a little much.

    • Ankhel says:

      Imagine a close friend of yours put up an unflattering photo of you on Facebook. Mouth open, double chin, bad hair. You get embarassed and ask her to take it down, which she does. She then proceeds to tell EVERYBODY about it, mimicking your voice and showing them the photo for laughs.

      See? That’s not friendly.

      • EOA says:

        Oh please, parents have been doing this since time immemorial. In my view, it’s especially important for famous parents to let their more privileged children know that the world doesn’t revolve around them. I don’t think this is that huge a deal.

      • Ankhel says:

        So to prevent those children from getting big heads, their parents should put them down a lot. Sounds like a recipe for a loving family indeed.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Agreed Ankhel.
        I have told people to take my photo down before for various reasons, and I think if you are going to put someone’s image on your page, a head’s up is just polite. I don’t want my children’s pictures on social media either.
        Children deserve respect and if she doesn’t like it then don’t do it.

      • Scal says:

        Social media and national TV is a different ball game. Kelly Ripa has million of followers-and kids should be able to request privacy from that craziness. Not EVERYTHING needs to be online. That goes for adults as well as teens.

      • detritus says:

        The platform too, her daughter will most likely never have an audience the same size as Kelly’s.
        Compare this to SMG.

    • Ladidah says:

      It is poor relationship boundaries. It lets Lola know her opinion is not respected, and even if Lola has a preference, mom will still find a way to have it go her way.

      If your parents do this crap to you, how are you ever supposed to feel comfortable telling a boyfriend or a boss or a friend no. We learn how to be in other relationships based on the respect we are shown in our families.

      Last – Imagine if it was a boyfriend doing this to Lola? We would say tha behavior was kinda creepy, but in Kelly’s eyes it is automatically ok because it is her family and Family always have the best of intentions? Nah, sorry, not true.

      • CL says:

        EXACTLY. My BFF’s mom did this to her while growing up (my BFF, not her mom), and is now the same way with my BFF’s kid. Her mom posts photos on social media after repeatedly being asked not to (my BFF is married to a famous man, So she’s v cautious about their kid’s privacy).
        Her mom wonders why they don’t spend much time together. It’s because she has always disrespected her child’s wishes.

        I have a teenager, and I don’t respect his wishes about curfews or anything like that, but I always ask before I post a photo. It’s a good way to let him know that even though I still enforce rules, I respect him enough to abide by this small request.

        Kelly showing her daughter’s photo after her daughter asked to take it off Instagram was a cruel thing to do. The only way this would EVER be okay is if it’s a joke and her daughter is in on it and gave her permission to show her photo to even more people.

    • Carrie1 says:

      However you want to describe it, what Kelly’s doing is harming her relationship with her daughter. Her daughter is learning she can’t trust her Mom. I’ve been there. Nothing good comes from that.

      • Wren says:

        Yup. I trust my mom but have many, many friends who do not because of things like this. Kids are only teenagers for a short time, but decimation of trust will last a lifetime.

  5. boredblond says:

    It was a low blow, and I’m surprised she chose a late night show to do it..seems like something her am fans would eat up, but doesn’t she have a single interesting story for fallon?

  6. CharlieBouquet says:

    I have no social media accounts. I have asked family not to post photos of my son, and I was told I didn’t have the right to control
    It is just so creepy to me that people I don’t know might know my son’s face or name because people didn’t respect my request.
    So yeah Kelly can suck a nut, respect your kids request.
    Completely unrelated, I can’t look at Mark since his AHS role lol. He was so greasy and gross. They make a beautiful family.

    • Nicole says:

      I hate when people say that. As if you don’t have a right to control who sees your child. My friend just had a baby and even though I got to take pictures with her several times…I ask her each time if it’s okay to post. Because the pictures are for me not the internet.

    • AnnaKist says:

      I completely agree with you, CharlieBouquet. I very rarely allow photos to be taken of myself, and when I do agree to a photo, it is on condition that it is not posted to social media. I have no social media accounts, either. I can’t imagine how worrisome it must be to be constantly concerned that some highly disrespectful person will post YOUR child’s photo to social media, even after you’ve asked them not to. And yes, you DO have the right to control – legally and/or morally – how and where YOUR son’s image is used. I know a couple of parents who simply will not allow others to take photos of their children. It sounds a bit drastic, I know, but understandable, considering the times we live in. There’s nothing they can do if their daughter happens to appear in a photo while other parents take shots of a netball game, though. Stick to your rules and don’t feel bad about it.

    • Nicole says:

      Yep. My aunt stopped letting one of her friends take pictures with her kids after they continued to post them on SM. It was awful but she held her ground. The friend came around and apologized for being an @$$

    • Wren says:

      It’s super disrespectful. It’s akin to giving out someone’s phone number or address when they’ve specifically asked you not to do so. Many of my friends deliberately don’t post their kids’ pictures on SM because they want the kid to be able to decide how much of their lives are online when they’re old enough. Some things I see posted make me cringe. Like, future employers will be able to see that. How embarrassing.

    • CynicalAnn says:

      We have friends who are not on social media-and I never, ever (although their sons are close friends with mine) put their pics up on fb. And the few times I’ve posted pics with other people’s kids (a birthday party for example) I always ask the other parents if it’s okay to post.

  7. Sixer says:

    This seems um… not on. I wouldn’t do that to the Sixlets. I know it’s tricky balancing the whole online thing when they’re young, but really – common sense tells you not to do stuff they find humiliating, even if they are a bit precious about it.

    That said, the Sixlets don’t really do social media much and when they do they seem to spend as much time joshing and being joshed by their relatives as they do their friends. I suspect I may have dodged some bullets thus far. Fingers crossed it stays that way.

    • AnnaKist says:

      It sounds like you’ve struck a nice balance there, Sixer – well done! I don’t know if we get Kelly Ripa down here, unless it’s on pay-TV, but she needs to grow up.

      • Sixer says:

        I run on the basis that if they leave phones and tablets lying around the place for anyone to see and completely unlocked – which they do – they are probably not doing anything I wouldn’t like. If the phones and tablets ever start being hidden away in pockets and bedroom secret stashes, that’ll be the point at which I start to worry. Or if they start hiding away in their bedrooms generally. But they don’t seem to do that… YET.

  8. Char says:

    Kelly has said before that she’s her kids parent, not their friend, so I’m thinking her thought process here is that her 16 year old does not get to tell her what to do.

    • I’m definitely my kids’ parent. But that doesn’t mean I have a right to violate their privacy.

      • Char says:

        I do think it can be a weird situation with social media. Any of my SM accounts are locked down so only friends can see my pics, & it still makes me nervous. I also understand not wanting bad pics of yourself posted on SM. I just think this was more about Lola acting like she could tell Kelly what to do more than anything. I could be wrong, of course. I wonder, if Lola had asked her mom to take it down, would Kelly have responded the same way? I really have no reason to defend Kelly, just how I interpreted the story.

      • Erinn says:

        But if she’s crying like Kelly claims – shouldn’t she also realize she’s hurt her daughter and she should fix it? I get that she didn’t necessarily ask nicely – but this is something that really bothered her. I think it’s more about the kind of audience that is seeing the photo than wanting to tell her mom what to do. Her mom has a huge audience, and a public account. Anyone and everyone can see the photo, and being in the photo should give her a right to approve/deny that post.

    • Frosty says:

      This, probably. Still shaming and profoundly disrespectful. Run, kid. RUN.

    • Sherry says:

      I have three who are 20, 15 and 13. I always get their “ok” before posting about them on social media. Sometimes I have to say, “This is just for me, I promise it will not go on the internet!” I keep my word, because it’s important that my children trust me.

    • Wren says:

      You can parent while still being respectful of your kid’s boundaries. Obviously sometimes those have to be crossed, but this is such a simple one to respect that doesn’t cost anything. Besides, think about what message that sends: “I have power over you therefore I don’t have to respect you or take your wishes into account”. Great lesson for a young woman.

    • Abby says:

      yeah, but a child has a right to privacy. I really don’t like the “why did I have a child if I can’t exploit them on social media” line. Not cool.

      This is beyond embarrassing your child in front of your close friends. this is a national platform .

  9. I’m barely on social media, but I don’t post pictures of my family online. Part of me is worried about privacy and potential stalking, since I am a psychiatrist. I also don’t have pics of my family in my office for the same reason. But I still wouldn’t post pics of my kids because they have a right to privacy.

  10. Danielle says:

    Makes Kelly sound like a real jerks.

  11. AKBoat says:

    Yikes! My daughter is 15 and I would never, ever publicly mock her like that. I know we all have differing opinions but that was flat out gross to me.

  12. Giulia says:

    Yeah, that wasn’t nice.

  13. Radley says:

    It’s a talk show where all the witty (supposedly) anecdotes are pre-planned. I think if Lola was really really gonna freak out about it, it wouldn’t have happened. You know how kids are. Getting a sideways shout out on The Tonight Show might be better than being on Mom’s lame Instagram in Lola’s mind. And then again, sometimes you make power moves on the kiddies to let them know you don’t run me. I’m the parent. Parents can’t concede to their kids petty foolery all the time. The kids will become monsters that way.

    Y’all find odd things to excoriate people for from time to time. Just saying.

    • Ankhel says:

      Well, yes. Sometimes you have to be a bit hard. If your child refuses to dress for the season, or won’t do any chores, or bullies other kids. This is not like that. This was a kid asking their parent not to put up an embarrassing photo. I really don’t see why some people (Kelly) enjoys embarrassing and dominating their kids so much.

      • Wren says:

        Exactly. This is just an “I rule you” move that has nothing to do with anything else. Not posting a picture when specifically asked not to do so isn’t hard and isn’t impacting anything important. Why she feels the need to actively embarrass her daughter in public is beyond me.

    • magnoliarose says:

      The problem is that it is public and we don’t know if her daughter agreed to it or not. I wouldn’t put it past Kelly to just do it anyway.
      Children deserve respect, and if you trample over their boundaries and disrespect them over and over, they will do the same back. I am sure Kelly wouldn’t like it if her daughter went on social media and mocked her like that.

    • CynicalAnn says:

      Number one, we have no idea of this was a “joke” or not. Second, as a parent of teens, I would never, ever post anything on social media about them that was embarrassing or inappropriate. We tease our kids all the time-but something out in the public domain is just wrong.

  14. PlaidSheets says:

    It’s a boundary and entitlement issue. I have a family member who loves posting things on Facebook— regardless of anyone else’s approval. I logged on recently to see pictures of the interior my house decorated for a Halloween party. To say I was not pleased is an understatement.

    • Esmom says:

      Yeah, I know people who do that kind of thing all the time. It’s crazy to me how much they put themselves (and inadvertently others) out for public consumption.

      I loosely monitor my kids IG accounts but it’s kinda futile to see what they’re really up to since Snapchat is where they spend the majority of their social media time. From what I can gather, though, they have listened to me about not posting anything they wouldn’t want their grandparents or a college admissions officer to see. At least compared to some of their friends on IG. Teens, sigh.

      • JustJen says:

        My daughter is 14 and I insist that she let me “audit” her SC, but we have an agreement. I don’t read her conversations, I just want to see the stories. Those alone can tell me if I should freak out if she’s hanging with a particular kid. Plus, I look at her story and she gets no warning. This mom I know tells her daughter they’re going to go over her phone together, then suddenly the daughter has to go to the restroom…and the mom just giggles (eye roll)

    • Enough Already says:

      My sister is this way. We lost our mom in 2015 and are still struggling with it. My sister deals by posting pictures of my mom and old family photos. I never get a warning so when I log on to fb and see my beautiful mother looking back at me it rips my heart open and I need a day to pull myself together. I can’t say anything to my sister because she is extremely sensitive, she’ll be devastated, hurt and dejected because it would never occur to her that it bothers me. It brings her comfort and she gets lots of support from her network. It’s not worth it to tell her so I just try to keep a stiff upper lip. Maybe one day it will hurt less.

      • AnnaKist says:

        I’m so sorry for your loss, Enough Already. I’m sending you a big warm Aussie hug, and the hope that every day is a little easier for you. x

      • momoffour says:

        Oh man that is hard. What a sweet person you are for just letting your sister do what she needs to do even if it is hard for you.

      • Enough Already says:

        I’m totally crying in a good way. Grief is unique. Although it’s universal but so is compassion and sympathy. Thank you.

      • Enough Already says:

        Thank you. My sister could barely function for a long time. Shortly after my mom passed my sister was assaulted at work and that was the last straw. She quit her job and eventually flunked out of her college classes. Although her job was very understanding and refused to terminate her she physically could not go back. She struggled desperately and I just don’t want to make my issues her burden.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Hugs. I am very sorry for your loss. Grief is exhausting, and we all deal in any way we can. Is there any way you can talk to her about it in a way that is constructive? It may help you both to know how the other feels about it and how it hits you incredibly hard. Not telling her to stop but just expressing how hard it is to see your mother when you least expect it.
        I don’t know if you are anything like me, but when I grieve, I isolate and retreat like an injured cat. It is hard for me to open up. Once I lost someone, I loved with all my heart, and I thought I had grieved in my lone way. The truth was that I was numb. I was overseas riding my bike, with my friend having a great time one minute and then the next something reminded me of the person I lost, and I just started crying. Floods and ugly crying.
        My heart goes out to you; I can’t imagine the depth of your grief, but I can tell from your words it is painful. More hugs.

      • Kitten says:

        I’m so sorry. I’m extremely close to my mother too and I can only imagine the heartache that you must live with.

      • Enough Already says:

        Thank you. Glad to know another happy mama’s girl :)
        She was my absolute, hands down best friend. we would both reach for the phone to call one another and the other would be dialing. I have a wonderful, rich life but I feel like I’m missing an arm or leg and am trying to still trying to use it.

        Give your mom a phone call or a huge hug today!

      • Enough Already says:

        Doesn’t it sneak up on you? I think the depth of your grief must be a testament to the depth of your love, otherwise it all seems so unfair. My mom used to have this habit of nuzzling my upper arm with her nose. Once, after she was gone I put my head down on my arm to rest for a bit at my desk. The physical sensation brought back a surge of memories and just like that I was overcome, out of commission for a couple of days.

        I’ve considered ways to tell my sister but I always change my mind because I don’t trust myself not to screw it up and unintentionally hurt her.

        I feel like a threadjacker but I have to think that someone else may be reading this and feeling some cosmic love if they also happen to be grieving.

      • dumbledork says:

        I’m sorry for your loss, and sharing your story. It’s been five years since my mom passed and it still hurts. Everyday.
        I admire parents who actually parent their kids, as it seems most today are more interested in being their friend. But this just seems too much. You want kids to respect the boundaries you set, you need to respect theirs as well Kelly.

  15. Huh says:

    I bet Kelly and her obvious, abundant issues are not easier for a teen girl daughter.

    • JustJen says:

      I was just thinking the same thing.

      • Ankhel says:

        Yup. Some people never really leave high school. “Milfs” who are uncomfortable with the ageing process can be quite unpleasant to their young daughters, I’ve noticed.

  16. JustJen says:

    I have a teenage daughter, and I’ll admit that I don’t get it when I post a pic thinking it’s super flattering and she disagrees. I ask beforehand now, since my idea of flattering and hers are clearly not matching up. What’s interesting is, she only cares about Instagram. I’m on FB too, but she isn’t and I don’t allow kids to friend or follow me.

    • Ankhel says:

      You sound like a great mum, JustJen.

    • Wren says:

      My mom and I have always disagreed on what constitutes a flattering picture. Mostly because my mom thinks I’m beautiful no matter how awkward the camera angle and I don’t. Fortunately she’s older and confines her embarrassing pcitures to physical photo albums.

  17. Margo S. says:

    I am not a fan of her or Jimmy. I’d rather not watch the video because I don’t think I could handle that much fake.

  18. Adele Dazeem says:

    I would think it is hard to be the daughter of such famous people. That moody hormonal age is all about fitting in and not having ‘loud’ (for lack of a better term) parents. Remember when you used to have your parents drop you off a block before the movie theater? I feel for Lola!

  19. CharlieBouquet says:

    Oh that is jacked up, your home is your nest! I would feel violated.
    Thanks for being a polite poster Nicole, that’s exactly how I feel. I’m the parent and want to control who knows my kiddos face and name. The world is full of freaks, I don’t want someone approaching him by name like they aren’t a stranger.
    Sucking a werthers. Back in my day only immediate friends and family looked at photo albums while sitting on your couch

  20. HelloSunshine says:

    This has “I own you” written all over imo. Like it’s a power play on Kelly’s part, which is gross. I can’t imagime how difficult it must be to be the daughter of someone like Kelly that clearly has a lot of issues but a lot of people just think is soooo wonderful.

  21. Svea says:

    Power play? LOL. An 8-yearbold throwback Halloween photo hardly constitutes a power play. That whole story was concocted as evidenced by the print of the photo prepared for the cameras. Slow news day? Kelly bashing?

    • This is a discussion about parental boundaries. If you can’t understand that, that’s on you.

    • HelloSunshine says:

      I guess this was supposed to be a response to me? Purposely mocking your child and embarrassing them on TV after they asked you specifically not to do something is definitely a power play in my opinion. It would be less questionable (but still icky imo) if she weren’t acting like a mean girl and mocking her daughter’s voice and mannerisms. Also, not the first time she’s done this to her daughter sooo definitely not okay. If she weren’t famous and were doing this, I doubt as many people would think it’s cute.

      • Lorelai says:

        @HelloSunshine: I agree 100% with your comment. She may be Kelly’s child but she is still a person who deserves respect.

        Kelly is acting as if her kids exist to serve as her accessories 🙄

  22. Nikki says:

    That’s mean. I can count the pictures I’ve posted of my LO and they’re never of his face directly, either he’s with dad or in motion. I respect him as an individual to know that there will come a time when he will want to make the decision himself on what he finds appropriate about sharing of himself with the world and that includes social media.

    I think people are a bit too obsessed with SM and it causes serious boundary issues. My BIL posts pics of his sons naked all the time. I mean with full frontal on some of them and his brother and I wonder, what will his sons think when they get older. They’re out there for the world to see and they’re only toddlers (one is 2 and the other 4).

    I’m too private of a person to do that. I think, “would I want someone doing that to me?” If not then why would I do that to someone else?

    I hate taking pics myself and used to get so frustrated with people trying to goad me into taking a photo. You’d be surprised how unsettled and rude people get when you say ‘no’. As if I don’t have a right to do so. It’s my body, my image and I have every right to control how it’s displayed.


    • Ankhel says:

      I really don’t get that people still post photos of naked kids. For one thing, child abusers will notice and use such pics if they see them. Naked pics of kids is currency on the dark web.

      Secondly, so embarrassing for the child! My mother had a photo of me as a toddler on the beach. Naked, full frontal, beaming and sloppily eating sand. Not so funny when she’d show it to dinner guests! That photo eventually “disappeared”. 😁

    • HelloSunshine says:

      Ugh at the naked pictures. So completely inappropriate for the reasons listed above. I get nervous posting fully clothed pictures of my kid on Facebook, I’m way too paranoid and respectful of my child to post naked ones.
      A friend from high school posted a post bath picture of his toddler daughter online and his mom ripped him a new one on it stating that people will take that picture and do terrible things with it and he ended up taking it down. If only other people would listen to that and protect/respect their child’s privacy

    • Wren says:

      I’m a very private person too and I’m so thankful my parents and didn’t have social media so any embarrassing pictures have remained in film envelopes and photo albums and only shown to a few doting relatives. My grandmother had a particularly embarrassing picture of me as a toddler and thank goodness that could not be plastered on the internet by a (likely well meaning) relative for all to see. What people consider appropriate to post makes me shudder. A friend doesn’t have any privacy settings (!) and posts copious pictures of his kids, faces, naked butts, and everything. Oof, imagine how they’ll feel when they get to be teenagers.

  23. CharlieBouquet says:

    Thanks everyone, glad to know other people get what I feel as my family doesn’t.
    Enough Already, you are an amazing sister. Hugs for you both.

  24. OTHER RENEE says:

    My daughter and I clear it with each other before posting photos of us on social media. It’s just the respectful thing to do. Sometimes I think a photo of her is flattering but she does not. So it doesn’t get posted.

    When she was a kid, I never posted pics of her at all. I was paranoid about safety. I think every parent has the right to determine whether their child’s face is posted anywhere on social media. If someone disrespected me and posted anyway, they’d be cut out of my life immediately. That’s totally unacceptable behavior.

  25. Ninks says:

    That’s so mean.

    Jimmy Fallon is painfully unfunny.

  26. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    For some strange reason, people have a hard time understanding the internet is more public than walking down your hometown mainstreet naked at lunch. And because it’s like… GLOBAL, everyone has the right to any level of privacy they desire. My boys never cared about me posting pics, but I still asked in spite of their permission. They may even have been sad when I deleted all my SM accounts lol. I’d been on them since inception, not using my real name, and I outgrew all of it… the overshare, the arguments, the opinions, the unsolicited… everything lol. I get my news from news sources. I come here to post here and there getting entertainment crap off my chest and that’s it. Shame on Kelly for being a real douche.

  27. Americano says:

    All I’m noticing is how Fallon cannot stop interrupting Kelly Ripa. Why does he do that to all his guests? It is so irritating. Just let her tell her damn story, Jimmy!

  28. Dee says:

    Meh, my mom is like Kelly. She (still) posts the ugliest pictures of me as a kid and gushes all over about how cute I was. She also often used to mock my Long Island whine in her heavy middle eastern accent. Still does. I think it’s hilarious. But, I’m also not easily offended and know my mother loves me so I don’t see the big deal.

  29. BJ says:

    GMAB that’s one of the disadvantages of having Kelly as a mom,she talks about you on TV.The advantages include she allows you to come to the show and meet your favorite celebs.Her career affords you the lifestyle you have.I am not going to cry for some rich teenager with loving supportive parents who has 1 unflattering pic shown of her.Hell you can go to YouTube and online and find dozens of unflattering pics and videos of these kids throughout the years.This is your reality when you have famous parents.

    • Molly says:

      Lola may not be able to control the “dozens of unflattering pics and videos” on youtube, but she should be able to reasonably request her own mother not show her picture on her personal instagram account to millions of strangers.

      And Lola didn’t make the deal of privilege that affords her her life. She’s along for the ride for two more years. After which, she may opt to leverage her fame and will thus be more open to judgement. Until then, she’s not some Beckham kid seeking out nepotistic book deals and pop star careers. She’s a teenage kid trying to live a private life with very public parents.

  30. Linds says:

    I’m 26 and I’m still not cool with my parents posting pictures of me online. My mom has learned to respect this for the most part but my dad still does as he pleases. I went through an intensely awkward phase (gap teeth and then braces, big poofy frizzy thick hair, hairy in general, skinny like a bean pole, nose too big for my face) and I got teased mercilessly for my looks. Luckily I had a ‘glo up’ and look nothing like I used to (to the point that my friends see old pics of me now and don’t even believe it’s me) but my parents are friends with some of my own on FB (why?????) and it makes me feel horrible to see my dad post those awful pics for them to see and then possibly share with my other friends. I barely even took any pics during that age bc of how ugly I felt. 👿

  31. Michelle says:

    I don’t like Kelly. never have, and probably never will. This is just mean to mock your teenage daughter on national television, regardless of what they did/didn’t do. What was the point of it? To get a laugh? And in this day and time with everything on social media, I have always asked my kids if I could post a pic of them before doing so. I respect them and their choice, so if they say no, I won’t do it no matter how adorable I think it is. My mom embarrassed the hell out of me when I was a teenager by wearing a bikini (way past the point of decency for age/size) while mowing the grass. And she did this ALL THE TIME. So, I am going to try to not put my kids through anything like that if I can help it.

  32. perplexed says:

    I wasn’t sure what to think since I’m not a parent. All I know is I see every parent on Facebook sharing their kids’ every move on the site, so I kind of just assumed this is what parents do.

    I thought maybe she got her daughter’s permission to talk about her on the Jimmy Fallon show. Heck, I figured the daughter even game Jimmy Fallon her permission to show the photo. She and her daughter seem to get along so if Kelly really was that cruel I figure they’d be on the outs.

    The youngest son is handsome for his age like Cindy Crawford’s son was/is.

    • Lorelai says:

      @Perplexed: lots of parents are like that but not all of us!! Mine are still preschoolers and although I did/do post photos of them on fb, I never post anything that could be embarrassing later. No naked photos or pics of them in the bath (I don’t even TAKE naked photos of them, let alone put them on the internet!) and in general, nothing that I wouldn’t want posted of myself, even when I was a child. I stick to the boring, posed “first day of school” type photos and ones with Santa, nothing too personal.

      A lot of my friends post photos that seem to be at the expense of laughing at their kids or disrespecting their privacy, and although I don’t think they’re trying to be malicious, I just don’t go there. I’ve also cut way, way back from when they were babies, I have my privacy settings as strict as I can and would definitely delete any photos if they ever asked me to once they’re older. I also clear out my friend list every so often and keep it to people I actually know, not anyone I’ve ever met and their brother. I see some people with 4000+ “friends” posting photos of their children and I don’t get that at all. Mine are also too young to have their own accounts or be tagged in/tied to the photos in any way.

      I think the “worst” photo I’ve ever posted was one of my daughter looking absolutely terrified of a particularly creepy-looking mall Easter bunny, lol, and photo is funny because of the bunny though, not her — she looks like the sane one 😂

  33. HK9 says:

    After watching that I can see her daughter asking her not to talk about her on TV either. Too bad she’s too young for the Golden Girls because if Kelly was my mom all I’d say to her would be “Shady Pines Ma, Shady Pines….”

  34. Erica_V says:

    Her two older kids look nothing like her!

    Hummm so I’m not a parent but I am the daughter of a mother who posts a lot of TBT pics (especially around birthdays and holidays) and for me personally it doesn’t bother me. She sees something that makes her think of an old pic or an old memory that she wants to share with her friends so she does. I don’t really feel it’s my place to tell her what to do with the pictures she took in her own home on her own social media, even if they are of me. We used to take pictures, put them in photo albums and show our friends and family. We still do the same thing only now it’s digitally so it reaches a larger audience.

    I don’t really get this assertion that just because you’re in a picture that automatically gives you the right to say what someone else can or can not do with that picture. If they took it, it’s their property. Even if you have a double chin.

    • Molly says:

      Her two older kids don’t look much like her, but her youngest son is a spitting image! And her oldest is a clone of their father. (Lola isn’t really either.) Crazy how genetics works.

      Also, just because someone took your picture, it doesn’t make it their property. You can’t use someone’s likeness however you’d like. I can’t take a picture of Kim Kardashian on the street, slap my product logo across the top, and start running magazine ads that imply she’s endorsing my product.

  35. Mari says:

    I always thought Jimmy Fallon ripped of Liam Kyle Sullivan’s Kelly character (for example from Shoes and Let me borrow that top) when he did those Ewww sketches…

  36. Nikki says:

    “I don’t really get this assertion that just because you’re in a picture that automatically gives you the right to say what someone else can or can not do with that picture. If they took it, it’s their property. Even if you have a double chin.”

    And this is why I don’t let people take pics of me. On the other hand when (rarely) I take pics of others I ask permission before posting if their faces are clearly visible.

    But my default has always been to not post pics of others on SM. After all, before there was SM, as someone above pointed out it was just cheesy photo albums. Child of the 80s here, so I think attitudes are different.

    I’ve posted a pic of some friends on a hike but it was the back of their heads, on my private account, of which they are a part of.

  37. Sicko says:

    Oh please. It was hilarious. Kids need to toughen up a bit and not take themselves so seriously. So much mommy coddling out there that they can’t deal with the real world anymore. Coddling = damaged children.

    • CL says:

      What Kelly did her was let her daughter know that what she felt didn’t matter one bit. That she couldn’t trust her mother to have her back when she felt humiliated. That won’t “toughen her up”.

      That’s what makes people have a difficult time in the “real world”; if you weren’t respected or able to trust your parents, then how are you to trust or feel respected by the people you meet throughout your life?

  38. KP says:

    No that’s so shity. My mom was always my mom and not my friend. But guess what? She was always on my side. She didn’t make fun of me for christ’s sake.

    • Carrie1 says:


      It also leads to much larger and possible safety issues for the child in all their future relationships. If you can’t trust your parents but love them it sets you up to associate love and other relationships with being the same -painful, un satisfying and sometimes cruel and life threatening. As I said, been there.

      Kelly Ripa surprises me with this. She’s treating her daughter the way her tv show bosses treated her. Someone should point that out to her, maybe then she’ll get it. Wonder where Mark is in all this as a parent.

    • Lorelai says:

      @KP exactly! 👏🏻

      It’s just about respect, no matter who you’re dealing with, IMO — my friends and I always check with each other before posting photos to fb, and if one of us doesn’t like the way we look, we don’t post it. There have been lots of photos in which I think my friends look gorgeous but they hate it so I think it’s a shame, but we just don’t post those ones.

      We all know we need to give “fb approval” and do it as a courtesy.

      And I never post photos of children of friends of mine who aren’t on fb. I feel like their parents made the decision by not having an account, so I’m not going to try to get around that.

  39. LittlefishMom says:

    I don’t know how people stomach this little bitch. Cannot stand her. She is BEYOND annoying.

  40. shouldawoulda says:

    Kelly is a narcissist mom. These are private conversation between a mother and her child. It is a very horrible thing to have on TV all the time too. There are a bunch of parents and people now bully people.

  41. Anon73 says:

    I can’t stand Kelly Ripa but omg…you ppl are the worst. She posted a picture of her daughter as a little girl. Then showed it on tv. AND? She didn’t share a recent picture of her. This is what’s wrong with kids today. All you people letting your CHILDREN dictate what you can/can’t do. Utterly ridiculous.

    • Ladidah says:

      so it was 100% ok for her to mock her daughter’s voice on tv too?

      Anyway, I am sure you love it when people mock your voice and mannerisms. And I am sure you have always loved being the butt of a joke and never ever asked someone to quit it.

      Besides, Everyone knows a 16 year old does not have feelings, right? You only get to have feelings when you turn 18.

    • KLO says:

      @Anon73 a teenager should have a say in what kind of image she portrays publicly. The people who have compared this to posting a pic of your friend without their permisson made the best point in my opinion.

      Unless you think your child is less of a human being than our friends. Many parents dont realize their children are actual living, breathing individuals who have a mind and soul and feelings separate from the parents.

  42. Overit says:

    So Kelly obviously learned nothing from the Madonna/Rocco blow up.

  43. KLO says:

    The daughter is pretty and has a good head on her shoulders to protect her right to guard her image on social media.
    Nowadays teenagers are way smarter about things like that and the parents should listen!

    Kelly should read up on narcissistic mothers and curb her bullying hard and fast if she wants to have an actual adult relationship with her daughter in the future.