Justin Bieber ‘really wants to get back’ with Selena Gomez, she ‘can’t let him go’

Justin Bieber gets take away

I have my own theories about the timeline of all of this, but let’s go with the timeline being set up by Selena Gomez. Team Selena would have you believe that she innocently started hanging out with her ex, Justin Bieber, a few weeks ago. Selena’s boyfriend, The Weeknd, knew all about those hangouts and he was cool with it… until he wasn’t. Abel dumped her and then magically, within minutes after the split, Selena and Justin were hanging out and possibly doing overnights and morning-after breakfasts. Well, now it’s looking more and more like Selena and Justin really are back together and no one is happy about it. JELENA 4 EVA.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have had a complicated relationship over the years, and the “Wolves” singer’s loved ones are worried about their rekindled friendship.

“Justin is aware Selena’s family is not thrilled they are hanging out. They think he caused Selena a lot of grief,” says a Bieber pal. “Justin hopes he can prove to them that he has changed.”

Multiple sources tell PEOPLE the exes — who dated on-and-off from 2011 to 2015 and were photographed attending church and brunching together in L.A. on Sunday — reconnected recently when Bieber reached out to Gomez after learning of her kidney transplant.

“He has changed a lot in the past few months. He is a very different person,” adds the pal. “They have a lot to talk about and are having fun catching up.”

[From People]

Horsesh-t. I mean, they’ve been hanging out, for sure. But it’s not about Justin “changing” and becoming a different person. Let’s face it, he’s still the same d-bag. And it seems more and more like Selena is falling back into his trap:

Selena Gomez is back on the market after splitting from boyfriend The Weeknd, and multiple sources are exclusively telling Us Weekly that her ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber, wants to get back together. Nonetheless, sources say that Gomez and The Weeknd shared something special.

“Since things ended with Justin for good, any other guys that Selena dated were placeholders,” a source close to the “Wolves” singer, 25, exclusively told Us Weekly of the pair, who ended their rocky on-and-off again romance in 2014. “All the other guys were just flings. Justin always had her heart and attention. He was always her soulmate and her one true love.” However, the source added that Gomez and The Weeknd shared something special that differed from her relationship with Bieber. “She met The Weeknd and all that changed — she [could] see a future with him and [felt] different about him than the other flings,” the source said of the couple, who recently called it quits after 10 months of dating. “She [had] been happy with him but Justin always has the biggest piece of her heart. The situation is a heart string type of thing. She has to figure out what she wants.”

As for Bieber? “Justin really wants to get back with Selena,” the insider told Us. “He has been texting her nonstop and hangs out with her whenever he can.”

The former flames made headlines last week after they were spotted together at Gomez’s Studio City home. Although a source close to The Weeknd claimed that “The Hills” singer didn’t mind that his then-girlfriend was spending time with Bieber, a source close to Bieber countered, “Selena insisted that they were friends and The Weeknd had nothing to worry about, but she can’t deny that she still loves Justin. He had such a big piece of her heart and was such a huge part of her life for so long. She can’t let him go.”

[From Us Weekly]

TL; DR version: JELENA IS BACK, BITCHES. And it’s so middle school. I kept hoping that Selena would be the one to outgrow this Bieber-specific drama, but it looks like she hasn’t, at all. As Bieber would say, “If you think that I’m still holdin’ on to somethin’/You should go and love yourself.” Seriously. (And yes, I know the lyrics were originally “f–k yourself” but Selena really does need to go and love herself more than anything else.)

Selena Gomez spotted arriving to Panera Bread for lunch with her security and after going into the Four Seasons in Westlake Village

Justin Bieber runs errands the same day he was spotted having breakfast with Selena Gomez

Photos courtesy of Pacific Coast News and WENN.

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51 Responses to “Justin Bieber ‘really wants to get back’ with Selena Gomez, she ‘can’t let him go’”

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  1. V4Real says:

    In that header pic he looks like a girl with short hair.

  2. Julianna says:

    At this point I’m just going to assume she’s as epically douchey as him. He’s such a pathetic, whiney, entitled brat I don’t believe anyone half decent could get some distance from him and still decide to come back.

    • Char says:

      Girl got a new chance in life and decides to waste with the shittiest dude.

      • Ladidah says:

        I agree Char – her friend gave her a new kidney, she went through chemotherapy for her lupus, and then she wastes her precious life on that scum. Why?!?!? It makes me sad, because Justin clearly was not there for her, will never be there for her when she is down and out. Selena, did you learn Nothing in therapy?

      • satomi says:

        Or perhaps it’s the other way round: she got a new chance in life and decides to just follow her heart.

    • Radley says:

      Publicity. Though I wish she’d change tactics.

      • MM says:

        People still believe the lupus thing? It’s so obvious to me…renal failure happens a lot with cocaine addicts and the fact that she gets bloated in the face randomly, unlike people treated with prednisone.

      • ltica says:

        people who take prednisone, don’t take it all the time. smh. they are started with a small dose, tapered up and then tapered down. That means that your face can and will randomly bloat, depending on the dosage and what state you are in, whether tapering up or down. And due to the transplant, she is on more medication than just prednisone.

    • HH says:

      Of course, she is. She’s also friends with Taylor Swift—although Swift is no fan of Bieber—and Demi Lovato. Point being, Slena likes some bratty people.

  3. Radley says:


  4. Pandy says:

    Her relationships give her the most press. Lather, rinse, repeat.

  5. Sayrah says:

    The heart of wants what it wants. She’ll probably get hurt again but it’s hard to let go of some people. Still after a somewhat successful, long term (?) next relationship you would think she could stay away.

    • Jayna says:

      I think that’s just it. The Weeknd was breaking her heart. She is young and went back to her old love and is pushing it on the media to save face for being dumped. This is all reaction, not action.

      • Julianna says:

        I mean, she’s 25 years old. This is high school stuff, and particularly immature high school stuff at that.

      • Jayna says:

        @Julianna, it seems like most artists who started out as child stars are stunted as far as emotional maturity. For example, LeAnn Rimes acting all immature and high-schoolish with her post-affair behavior.

  6. Lucy says:

    …girl, please. Listen to Baby Biebz closely and go love yourself. For real.

  7. M&M says:

    I remember 100 years ago watching the Disney Christmas Day Parade and he was about 12 years old and he sang to her while she was sitting on a stool.
    He had said she was his crush and I though it was sweet that she went along with it.
    In a million years would I have ever thought she would be with that rat moustached child. Even less be completely hung up on him.
    So strange to think about that now.

    • Ladidah says:

      Yes! I remember that time period! My friends and I all laughed and said yeah right, Justin, Selena would never, she is way out of your league.

      He was such a little shrimp and she was so cute and mature seeming (though a chimpanzee seemed mature next to Justin Bieber).

      I get vibes that Justin was abusive the way TS and Selena’s family talk about him, but nothing ever came out about that for sure, right?

      • M&M says:

        I don’t remember hearing anything about abuse. My mom still has a deep hatred for a boyfriend I had in the late 90′s so I think it’s just a protective thing.
        She’s been through a lot with her illness. It’s a shame to waste her time on this twerp. Because he is absolutely a twerp and has not changed at all except all the body art he added recently.

      • Julianna says:

        I don’t know about abuse, but he was sleeping with sex workers and underage groupies the last time they were together, and not even trying to hide it.

    • SKF says:

      I just looked it up! She was so gorgeous and mature and elegant and he was such a little pipsqueak!! I mean he’s what? A year and a half younger than her? She obviously hit puberty well before him and girls can get glammed up to look much older as teenagers. She looks 5 years older than him!

      I remember there were a couple of guys in my year who were super late bloomers. They were little runty pipsqueaks and there are photos of them with all the much older looking girls (not me, I was also a super late bloomer!) looking 5 years younger. Some of those guys ended up being so gorgeous. One in particular we used to joke we had on laybuy because we knew he’d be hot one day! Sure enough he grew up and in our 30s got together with the girl from high school he’d always been in love with and now they’re happily married with two kids.

      • Marley31 says:

        I get it im a lot older than her and I have 2 kids my oldest child father we go back and forth I gave my heart away along time ago a never got it back. And he’s not good for me either he treats me good when we’re together but he’s also stuck on another woman as well. And my mind knows I should run when he comes around but my heart won’t let me.And im 34

  8. minx says:

    I thought they were cute when they first got together, way back when. But she’s crazy if she goes back; I’ll assume she likes the publicity.

  9. mary says:

    whats up with her front teeth? have they always been so bugs-bunny ish?

    i think she really really tried to move on and find love with someone besides Beiber but he has her heart. She is absolutely lighting up around him. Unfortunately, once a cheater always a cheater so I’m worried he’ll destroy her again with his cheating. I think he truly cares for her as well, that much is clear, but he also is a selfish cheater and there is no changing that and it is inevitable.

    Hopefully their honeymoon period lasts much longer. We all know how this is going to end but they obviously need to go through another round together. Selena and him are adorable together and are very happy together. To defy her family and friends and drop the weekend like a hot potato (i dont believe he dumped her or if he did, I think she couldn’t care less and couldnt wait to get back in touch with beiber), this is what she wants and its her life to live. They are so adorable together and they look SO happy.

  10. Umyeah says:

    I dont know for sure but maybe Biebs wad Selena’s first love, if so those can be really hard to get over and move on from.

  11. QueenB says:

    Can you demand a kidney back?

  12. dttimes2 says:

    i get this SOOOO much… i went back and forth for years with ah Ex…dating when apart and as soon as he came back -dumping anyone for him rinse repeat…its so hard to walk away from love that intense and real…but it can be unhealthy and it was for us and seemingly for Jelena too. Crazy kids but i hope they make it…i cant help but have a soft spot for Justin…Canadian kid who looks like my son lol

    • SKF says:

      Yeahhhhhh…. me too. From age 18 to age 26 I went back to the same terrible guy so many times. He wasn’t abusive he was just a selfish git who didn’t treat me very well but also wouldn’t let me go. In my defence I developed a deep attachment to him in the wake of being date raped by another boyfriend at 17 – this guy was the first guy who I kissed who didn’t try to sleep with me. Instead he washed my feet (literally. We’d been at a festival). We kissed for 6 months before sex happened. With all my undealt with issues from being raped and having my trust broken on such a deep level by a boyfriend I was completely smitten and latched on to this guy in very deep, hard-to-rid-myself-of ways and I would go running back at the drop of a hat. Soooo much drama happened! He went back and forth between me and another girl (who was actually crazy and tried to beat me up on several occasions) for years although he was a lot better to her than he was to me. Ahhh well! I became a better, stronger person and learnt what I won’t put up with: which is anything less than a guy who is 100% in and happy to be so.

  13. Skins says:

    God, she is so thirsty it is pathetic

    • Dttimes2 says:

      Ah mine finally met someone else and told me id like her she was a lot like me- same body type and all (so why not me dick) lol

    • Erica_V says:

      She apparently went to watch him play hockey the other night and they left together. In the pap pics she’s covering her face but you can see from the side short she’s smiling and laughing.

      Like Charlie Puth says… she just wants attention….

  14. Madpoe says:

    Maybe Selena should be with Evan Peters and Emma Roberts with Beiber.

  15. monette says:

    It’s obvious as daylight that Abel dumped her so she started hanging out with Biebs to make him jealous. Justin is the one beeing used this time around.

  16. Mari says:

    I think they deserve eachother. She likes the drama and the attention that comes along when she is with Bieber. Even the breakup from The Weeknd needs to be a show: wearing his jacket and having those bicycle rides in front of paparazzi straight after the break up. The Weeknd didn’t want that much attention to his personal life when he was with Bella Hadid. They were actually pretty private about their relationship.

  17. Katherine says:

    I take this too personally – I had a similar thing around the same time as them and I got too invested in them because it felt like I wasn’t alone. I’ve just very recently truly moved on and this reunion, while being absolutely none of my business at all, is giving me anxiety – would I fall into the same pattern myself?? Please, no. Please, please, no.

  18. Amelie says:

    He’s taking advantage of the fact that she is in a vulnerable place after recovering from her kidney surgery. I’m sure he was really concerned about her and reached out to make sure she was okay, it’s the decent thing to do. Once she seemed receptive to his concern he decided to be more aggressive about wanting her back. Had she not had surgery, I think she’d still be with The Weeknd. Well we all know how this will end anyhow.

  19. Daphne says:

    Selena please just be honest with yourself you feel like being single forever right but you feel pressured by society to fit in and find a man.

  20. Marcus says:

    Wow. The Weeknd dumped Selena, and there isn’t one person out there who didn’t “Feel it Coming”. She should really try to date someone who actually cares about her and stop trying to cling so hard to fame and men. She seems sweet but desperate, and it doesn’t help that the dudes she dates are spending time with models and partying rather than committing to a relationship with her. She seems like she’s looking for something more serious, but picking the ones who aren’t interested. I can’t see this Beiber thing ending well for her.

  21. lucy2 says:

    Girl…come on.

  22. Erica_V says:

    We all have the one former relationship that sticks with us. He is that one for her. I wish she was smarter and just stayed away he’s just such a d bag.

    If my ex wrote a song telling me if i think he still loves me to go f myself I’d be like yep thanks for the reminder on why I dumped you.

  23. Clairej says:

    Arrgghhh I had just started warming to her. Thought she was bringing out some decent music and had matured nicely. Damm she really is thirsty to be considering all this again. He is such a man-child. s

  24. OliviaJoy77 says:

    They’ve been photographed more in the last week than they were the entire time they were together before. Who are they trying to show off for?

  25. Starr says:

    Emotional Abuse + Trauma Bonding is a hell of a mind fu*k. Bieber probably knows what strings to pull and push to get her to buckle – especially if they were together for years and from a young age.

    I feel for her I really do. Playing that round-about cycle of dysfunction (which is worse if it is covert and psychological tbh) will have you attached to your abuser despite rational. It hits your lizard brain in desperation like cocaine can never.

    She will see when she is ready to face her demons the trash he is. Until then….meh.

  26. ValM says:

    Why is this all JB’s fault? Selena made fun of him crying on LIVE TV, shit talked him multiple times, yet still gets back with her? Why is the guy always at fault? JB cleaned up his act after they officially broke up. Stopped doing drugs, seemed happier and got back in touch with God. If anything I’m less worried about her and him. Selena will always be that girl stuck in high school trying to chase after the popular boys who treat her like shit. Weeknd has been a d bag since Bella Hadid. So that’s not a surprise how he dumped her. And using her lupus as a crutch- She knee exactly what she was doing by getting back with him little after her breakup. She’s messsy yet JB is getting trashed for what? Boys stayed quiet and is enjoying his life while being unproblematic. I don’t feel bad for her. Do better for yourself! No one is making her go back to him. JB friends hate Selena, and her friends hate Justin. Both are trash and need to grow up