Johnny Depp came out of hiding for the ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ premiere

'Murder on the Orient Express' World Premiere - Arrivals

Whenever the commercials come on for the new Murder on the Orient Express, I’m always struck by how terrible the teaser is. Like, it’s no secret that I hate Johnny Depp now and I won’t see this film because of him. But even if Depp wasn’t in the film, I wouldn’t see it because the ads are so terrible. The jump-cuts, the way Depp’s character is put forward as “the star,” and the terrible modern music. It’s awful. Anyway, the film is coming out and I feel sorry for director-star Kenneth Branagh, because I think this is going to be a total disaster. The world premiere was held last night in London, and these are some photos from the premiere.

Johnny Depp attended the premiere, and it feels like the first time we’ve seen him in public in months and months. He’s been pap’d here and there this year (he was on tour with the band too), but I truly haven’t seen a photo of him in a while. I kind of wonder if he did some kind of low-key rehab, because dude is looking… dry? Almost sober. Depp really needs this to be a hit because he’s in desperate need of money and fewer offers are coming in. He needs to “prove his worth” because his last several films have bombed, bigly. Thus, we’re getting Sober, Showered Depp. Are you buying it? Also: Depp’s lifts are absurd.

The World Premiere of 'Murder On The Orient Express' held at the Royal Albert Hall

Daisy Ridley in Vivienne Westwood. God, she looks beautiful in green. The only small, tiny little quibble I have here is that Daisy is a small woman, and if she’s going to pull off a high halter neck, she needs to stand up straight and have her shoulders back. She looks a little bit no-neck in some photos.

Murder on the Orient Express. London

The World Premiere of 'Murder On The Orient Express' held at the Royal Albert Hall

Penelope Cruz wore Temperley London Resort 2018. I’m shocked this isn’t Versace, but then I took a better look at the sleeves. Temperley always messes up the sleeves. So this checks out.

'Murder on the Orient Express' World Premiere - Arrivals

I’m enjoying the return of Michelle Pfeiffer. She’s got a lot of style too – this Prada gown is not the best, but Michelle wears it like Cate Blanchett and it works.

Murder on the Orient Express. London

Palate cleanser from Johnny Depp: here’s Derek Jacobi, Judi Dench, Kenneth Branagh and Michelle Pfeiffer.

'Murder on the Orient Express' World Premiere - Arrivals

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. oliphant says:

    HONK for Branagh!! love him. Even with his terrible belgian accent, I’d still do him as Poirot. Magnificent moustache.

  2. Rapunzel says:

    I’m gonna see it, just to see Depp get stabbed 12 times…is that wrong that I think I’ll enjoy that?

    • third ginger says:

      I would say spoiler, but doesn’t everyone know this story? That’s why I say it’s an odd choice for a Branagh project. And you made me laugh. Thanks.

      • Jerusha says:

        I actually don’t know the story as I’ve never seen any of the productions & have no intention of seeing this. My favorite Agatha Christie story is when the Tenth Doctor and Donna met her and solved the mystery of her disappearance.😁😁

      • third ginger says:

        Jerusha, you might like the Masterpiece Mystery adaptations. I like the Poirot ones and Miss Marple. I can do the most gruesome true crime stories as well as cozy British mysteries. Love to Alabama.

      • Jerusha says:

        @ third ginger. I have seen at least one AC adaptation, BCum was in it shortly before he got famous. I enjoyed it, so I’ll give it a shot.

    • Kate says:

      Ha ha Rapunzel. Enjoy!

    • magnoliarose says:

      You are not alone. I hate him.

      All of those people who acted as if he would never hit a woman should rot along with him. They know good, and well he has a violent history with women but instead acted like Amber was lying and he was the victim. It isn’t like she kidnapped him. If she siphoned some money from him, then it is his own damn fault for being a drunk junkie and not having his sh.t together.

      • Otaku Fairy says:

        Interestingly some of Depp’s (and Woody Allen’s) loudest defenders are crying ‘shame on libruls X, Y, and Z, they knowed!” now, with the Harvey Weinstein shitshow.

      • silliness says:

        Same @magnoliarose!

        Did you hear that he was drunk on the London red carpet for the movie and was heard lamenting his divorce from Amber? And asking why people were staring at him? And having to be held up by his enabler I mean bodyguard Jerry Judge? *chuckles a little*

      • Paula says:

        History of beating women ? Only amber its the only onewho said she was abusive by him, winona,vanessa, and his 1rst wife they never suffer abuse from him

  3. denisemich says:

    Depp’s face certainly looks different. No longer alcohol bloat. I believe losing your money will sober you the hell up.

  4. Electric Tuba says:

    I guess he left his shampoo on the train.

  5. third ginger says:

    My whole family loves Sir Ken. However, I just don’t understand this project choice. Always root for him,though.

    • Anname says:

      Me too – I have a soft spot for Kenneth Branagh, going back to his Henry V and Much Ado About Nothing days.

      • spidey says:


        Never scared to take a risk

      • third ginger says:

        Hello, dear. Long-suffering hubby and I will be off to see THOR RAGNORAK tomorrow. He is not a big MARVEL fan, but he does like Dr. Strange, who does have a cameo in the film.

  6. ida says:

    looks horrible. depp, branagh’s poirot and the whole production. hope it bombs.

  7. Gabby says:

    I like his Howard Hughes costume.

  8. Savasana Lotus says:

    I’ll be seeing it for the ensemble. So many I like and I’ll be seeing Depp in the next 3 Potter prequels as Grindlewald. Love the stories. Can’t hate someone for their fall from grace. I just like the movies. The actors are just actors to me. Don’t know about their private lives.

    • Wilma says:

      I don’t hate Depp for his fall from grace, I loathe him for his abuse of his wife and his backstabbing and discrediting of said wife even as she showed us her irrefutable proof and had witnesses to back her up. So no money from me.

      • magnoliarose says:

        I can’t support an actor who lies and beats his wife. It isn’t that he is a just a pain in the butt, but he is abusive and smeared her afterward. I will never support anything he is in ever again.

    • Wurstfingers says:

      Used to love Depp, still love Poirot and his famous mustache, but there is no chance in hell that I will watch this movie. No money from me for known abusers. Nope. Nope. Nope.

  9. monette says:

    Love Poirot, won’t be seeing this. Too bad for all the beautiful, accomplished ladies in this movie: Daisy, Michelle, Judy, Penelope. I’m sorry, but I refuse to support Johnny Deep.
    He can shower, he can go to rehab, whatever. Maybe if he admits what he did to Amber and he begs for forgiveness. Maybe I will reconsider. Maybe!
    Until then, F u Johnny!

  10. Kate says:

    Karma face is real.

  11. Esmom says:

    Johnny looks better but still gross to me. Everyone else looks pretty amazing. I love, love, love both Daisy’s and Michelle’s dresses. My only quibble about Michelle’s look is that I would have liked to see her hair pulled back with such a sleek dress. I am such a sucker for silver metallic gowns.

    I had to do a triple take at Penelope’s photo, it looks at first like she has only one leg!

  12. Julianna says:

    God, he really ruined his looks didn’t he? He had the kind of bone structure that would have kept him beautiful for a couple more decades, but he just destroyed himself.

    I mean, he’s got the face he deserves now, but damn.

    • Rapunzel says:

      See now, I don’t think it’s the face. Not in these photos. The face seems better here. It’s the eyes, for me. We know what lies behind them. That changes everything.

      • MrsPanda says:

        Yes I totally agree, my first thought was ”cold dead eyes”. His skin looks a bit better but there’s no hiding the soullessness in those eyes, it’s unnerving!

  13. crazydaisy says:

    Does disgusting Johnny Depp have any fans left? Maybe he could roll around in sand dunes with an alligator tear?

    • Jerusha says:

      Somehow they all have fans left-Johnny, Woody, Roman, Dotard ……. add your favorite skanks.

      • third ginger says:

        And , although I don’t know if he has fans, Mel Gibson is co-starring In DADDY’S HOME 2, just in time for the Holidays!! When people talk about someone’s career being ruined, I often laugh, knowing that comebacks for even the worst are always possible.

      • ell says:

        ikr?? i don’t get it. and they’re not just fans, they seem to be the most aggressively misogynist stans.

    • Handwoven says:

      JK Rowling still appears to love him, but that mostly seems to be because she can buys yachts from him.

      Always good to know who the fake feminists are.

  14. Lizzie says:

    this a-hole can’t bear to be without a scarf to the point where he has to wear his bow-tie open…as a mini scarf. TRAGIC.

  15. Enough Already says:

    Other than the fact that he is an A-lister I think he got away with his alcoholism for so long because he is a known wine connoisseur, easily sommelier level. I think this gives alcoholics a lot of social cushion and keeps their reputation intact, especially the wealthy. Oh and because he was only an abusive asshole to women.

  16. CommentingBunny says:

    David Suchet or GTFO! (Also, Poirot should have absurdly dyed black hair.)

    I’m sad that Depp is in it be as Iike pretty much everyone else, love Christie, and would have liked to have given this movie a whirl – if only to have fun complaining about how Suchet is the only acceptable Poirot.

    • ab says:

      yes. was just about to write something similar, so I’m going to +1 you instead. I don’t have time for any non-suchet poirot, and I’m certainly not giving box office money to a depp project. that said I will watch this when it comes to netflix/prime even though suchet’s 2010 version gave me life.

    • monette says:

      Yessss, 1000 times!

    • Wurstfingers says:


  17. Josie says:

    I am totally seeing this movie — amazing cast and Johnny Depp gets his comeuppance. I don’t know how spoilerish an 80-year old plot can be, but Depp’s casting couldn’t be more perfect, really. This is the movie for people who loathe the guy. (All those amazing women and Leslie Odom Jr? Please don’t let the fake-out around Depp in the trailer keep you away!)

    • Jc says:

      I actually liked the movie. The train is an amazing character actually in the way it was filmed. I love all the ladies. And thankfully Depp isn’t it in long.

    • Mia4s says:

      The reviews are pretty “meh” and it’s the usual ending. Netflix for me.

  18. Donna says:

    This film looks like a snooze fest. The 1974 cast was much better than this pallid lineup.

  19. Skins says:

    Ladies, I give you, The Sexiest Man Alive!!!!

  20. Jessica says:

    Why focus on Depp??

    I love all the women in this film: Michelle, Daisy, Penelope (she’s ok).

  21. Millennial says:

    Honk for Derek Jacobi. Somehow Branagh convinced him to do this mess.

  22. Rianic says:

    Just like Tom Baker is my Doctor, David Suchet is my Poirot. However, I have bought tickets simply because I love Christie.

  23. Veronica says:

    He looks healthier than he has in awhile, but the beauty is gone. Not just because of the aging. The personality has done most of the damage.

  24. ell says:

    daisy ridley isn’t a small woman though? she’s quite tall and muscly. and i can’t believe westwood made such a pretty dress, it really is lovely.

    depp is cancelled to the end of days, even if he hides his hideous teeth (at least he’s less offensive that way).

  25. Amide says:

    I loved the Albert Finney 1974 version.
    Found the David Suchet ITV version turgid and boring.
    Will be interesting to see this take.

  26. Tamingroman says:

    Damn, I had the biggest Crush on Depp. He sure did get ugly on the inside and the outside.

  27. Tan says:

    I have only ever watched one AG adaptation

    Somehow they never match up to my imagination

    I just want to see this one because I want to spoil it all for anyone going with me

    Yes I am a massive spoiler .

  28. RuddyZooKeeper says:

    I love KB’s Poirot mustache tan lines. Ha!

  29. spidey says:

    Thought the Albert Finney version was good, never keen on the Ustinov one but I did like Suchet, apart from the silly walk/mincing.

    Will be interesting to see this one.

  30. Jess says:

    I think Daisy Ridley is adorable and an absolute delight, but she looks super uncomfortable in that dress. It’s interesting to see the difference between Michelle Pfeiffer and Daisy in their poses and demeanor – Michelle just totally OWNS her space when she poses and I think that probably comes with maturity and practice.

    As a side note, Depp should go crawl back in his hidey-hole.

  31. heather says:

    Well…at least he doesn’t have on a million scarves, hideous rings and jewelry from Hot Topic! Bless his heart, as we say down South.

  32. Tiffany says:

    If the book and other movies/ series of Orient are followed, Depp’s screen time should be minimal. If Branaugh screwed around with that ( doesn’t seem to be his style) then yeah, that’s on him.

  33. noway says:

    I love Kenneth Branagh films. He has a quirky sense of humor. It’s funny what was said about the teaser trying to make Johnny the star of this film. He’s barely in the teaser. The star of the film and teaser is Branagh. If I see it I’m going for the amazing ladies, Pfeiffer, Dench, Cruz and Ridley, not to mention some men Branagh, Defoe and Leslie Odom, Jr. Plus Agatha Christie is the bomb. Spoiler alert, Depp is the murder victim so thought this might be up some people’s alley. Branagh directing is always interesting too.

    FYI even if this is a hit I don’t think it will really help Depp that much, as he is not a main character in the film, and his money problems seem to be from over extending, and just cause you get more doesn’t mean you know how to spend it wisely. Too many good people in this movie to ignore it. So far it is getting better than average reviews, but Branagh is a bit different in his movie making style so it doesn’t surprise me.

  34. No thanks says:

    Depp debt looks weird, but looks like karma is doing na amazing job.
    I will not watch or support anything with him

  35. Anastasia says:

    Thank God for small favors: Depp isn’t showing his teeth.

  36. Sage says:

    Johnny still looks dirty and worn out.

    Penélope is stunning.

  37. Huckle says:

    Somebody probably already mentioned this but aren’t Depp’s shoes called creepers? The punkers/rockabilly types used to wear them all the time when I was in high school and that is the style of the shoe. I’m short and really like wearing platforms or heels but I guess they could be considered lifts…? He looks showered and I like that he isn’t wearing all his dirty denim and jangles. God, what happened to Cry Baby? He was so effing gorgeous then.

  38. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    I’ve always loved Kenneth. I’ll have to see it simply because of him, but we’re a stay-at-home family so I’ll wait until I can stream it lol. Hollywood hasn’t gotten full price from us in years and years. 😛

  39. gobo says:

    So much Meh. But in fairness to him, those aren’t lifts, they are brothel creepers. He’s been wearing them for years. Classic teddy boy and punk footwear,

  40. nikzilla says:

    I think those are creepers, not lifts. He’s gotta bring the rock n roll somehow.

  41. Sarah says:

    The homeless in London look better than he does

  42. Shelley says:

    Who is going to see this movie? All us older folks have seen countless versions of it. They won’t get the younger audience. which, for this film would be under the age of 50.

    On the bright side, Michelle looks fabulous.

    • Lori says:

      I will. 30 years old. And Im sure my younger friends will too, Poirot isnt old and stale to them because they dont know who Poirot is.

  43. serena says:

    Daisy looks lovely (but I agree on the high neck)! Depp is looking.. way better than he was lately? Surely less bloathed.. I really hope he stopped drinking, or at least controlling it.

  44. CK says:

    Guess I’m alone on this thread on this one, but I can’t wait to see this movie, it looks amazing! Hope it succeeds, and Johnny looks fantastic.

  45. Lori says:

    I didnt know this was a thing, so i just saw some trailers on youtube and loved it. I will absolutely watch this- but spite Depp. Too many great actors in it to ignore.

  46. Jerusha says:

    I’m sure I know what tomorrow’s post will be. Stay tuned.

  47. Ellis says:

    I just checked IMDb and Depp has more projects than ever. Hollywood has really rallied around him.

  48. Vovacia says:

    I don’t know who the hell Brannagh thinks wants to go as see this film, even without the Depp ick.
    The cast was on Graham Norton last night and firstly, I just found Depp’s presence insulting. Like I’m supposed to not know he’s an abusive alcoholic or pretend he’s not. After that, he’s just unbearable to listen to. It’s like he’s forgotten how to talk and just mumbles. He’s probably drunk or high … probably both but why keep having him on? He’s just gross. To her credit, I thought Pheiffer was kind of put off by him too. She seemed much more connected to Josh
    And lord do I wish Depp wasn’t involved in the ?Fantastic Creatures films.

  49. Katebush says:

    Johnny’s wearing creepers that’s the style of the shoe.
    Seems like he was pretty drunk on the red carpet in London and plenty of photos show him being held up by his body guard.
    I’ve always liked him but not so much these days.. i’ll Go see the movie but not for him.

  50. Tahniss says:

    Johnny Depp isn’t wearing lifts, he is wearing Creepers. That’s just the style of the shoes.

  51. SJ says:

    Depp looks every day of his actual age in these photos. IMO, the world will continue to function even if JD retires from public life. I enjoyed PoC Black Pearl mostly because of G. Rush as Cap. Barbosa. Depp seemed to phone in every performance and rode the PoC franchise into the ground and then some.

    Michelle P. continues to be gorgeous. I dislike the dress. Someone should have found her a dress worthy of her beauty. (I don’t like the color/cut/material).

  52. Anare says:

    I think Depp was loaded at this event. He looks clean but wasted.