David Beckham: ‘I want a little girl’

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To promote the newest ad campaign for Armani underwear, David Beckham sat down with the UK’s Sunday People, and talked about his family. David and Victoria have famously weathered many storms in their marriage, and they honestly seem pretty strong right now. They seem look good parents to their three sons – Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruise, ages 10, 6 and 4 respectively. Now David Beckham seems to be putting some public pressure on Posh to give him a daughter, telling People “I want a little girl.” He also says that he thinks Posh always looks amazing. Interesting.

David Beckham is desperate to have baby No4 with wife Victoria and admits: “I want a little girl.”

Becks, 34, spoke to The People about his baby plans last week as he launched his new trendy underwear range.

The dad of three sons – Brooklyn, 10, Romeo, six and Cruise, four – said: “I really want more kids and I hope it happens soon. I want a little girl. That would be amazing.”

The England and LA Galaxy star turned up at London’s Selfridges store last Thursday with Posh, 35, who looked sensational in a see-through sheer black top.

Fascinating David – who played in England’s 6-0 thrashing of Andora last week at Wembley – said: “My wife looks just amazing. She always does. Whenever she tries something new she manages to pull it off.”

Chaos hit Oxford Street, the capital’s busiest shopping strip as Becks turned up for the unveiling of an enormous poster showing him promoting his new Armani pants range.

Becks also gave his verdict on Cristiano Ronaldo’s astonishing £80 million move to Real Madrid. The superstar who made the same switch from Manchester United six years ago said: “I think Ronaldo will love it in Madrid, especially the shopping.

“Madrid is a fascinating city, with so many things to do there. And the nightlife is pretty good too.”

[From UK’s Sunday People]

I’d imagine that it’s the fantasy of many women to have David Beckham talking about how much he wants to get you pregnant. I’d also bet that it probably gets Posh hot – but I still doubt she’s going to get pregnant again. I think Posh decided she was done with having babies, after giving David three beautiful, healthy sons. Still, how cute with a little Beckham girl be? Posh has to pass on all of those exquisite purses to someone, you know. If not a daughter, it will probably be a daughter-in-law. I would totally date a Beckham boy for access to those purses.

David Beckham is shown at Selfridges promoting his new underwear with Armani on 6/11/09. Credit: WENN.com

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  1. wonder woman says:

    i’m little 🙂

  2. HEB says:

    I know Posh wants a little girl too, but damn–another pregnancy after 3 c-sections? owie
    (yes I know it is certainly possible though)

  3. Because I Say So says:

    Do you know why she had 3 c-sections? I hope it wasn’t for vanity’s sake, but with Posh anything is possible. Owie doesn’t even begin to cover it!

  4. ferdis says:

    Well..i doubt Posh will get pregnant again. She wants a Vogue cover, not a baby girl.

  5. Linda says:

    This would require Posh to actually eat something! I don’t see that happening.

  6. Enonymous says:

    I never found David Beckham hot or particularly attractive but it is very cute to hear him talk adoringly about his wife and the desire of wanting a little girl of their own.

  7. Sunnyjyl says:

    Perhaps they are talking about adopting a little girl.

  8. Jaded says:

    She’s far too thin to have a child right now, she’s probably already suffering from osteoporosis and vitamin B/D deficiencies. Plus after 3 c-sections (too posh to push….) another one would not be recommended or safe.

  9. Tee says:


  10. natalie says:

    the name of their son
    is not CRUISE
    is CRUZ

  11. MK says:

    LMAO @ Wonder Woman

  12. tasteT says:

    I’ll give him one, since this would require Posh to eat…don’t want to trouble her.

  13. Megan says:

    You are a little girl, David.

  14. Anna says:

    @Megan: Best. Comment. EVER!

    @Jaded: she was already all that when she had her sons. It didn’t stop her then and it would probably not stop her now.

    Personally, I understand David. He must be starved for an actual, real female entity in his life after all those years with Posh. I doubt he’ll get what he wants though. Seems to me like Posh couldn’t tolerate any female around David. 😀

  15. GoodOrder says:

    david is the best as usual, real example to follow, like him a lot

  16. dubdub2000 says:

    He should talk to Madonna or Angela Jolie about it apparently they can have them made to order in various shapes and sizes and colors, you just need a bit of cash for the extra options but really his ROI should be good, the press coverage alone should bring in enough publicity to cover any costs.

  17. Chicamorena says:

    They could always adopt a little girl. That way they would be sure to get what they want.

  18. morgs says:

    Tell your wife to start eating.

    Just what the world needs, another little girl trying to emulate her starving fashionista mother.

  19. dew says:

    I hope the UK-men sloppy-hair trend goes out of style soon. It seems like it’s been going on for years and years.

  20. BlueSkies says:

    He already has one, with scared hollow eyes.

  21. Sam says:

    @dew: Trust me – it’s not a trend! That’s the London style – wake up and go! UGH! Sometimes, I wish British men would take grooming a bit more serious – when you hop from London to Spain the difference in grooming is quite noteworthy – in men and women!!

  22. rarahrarah says:

    She had 3 C-Sections cuz the baby could not come out the right way. When Brooklyn was born, he was a breech baby, with his butt out, so they had to push him back in and cut her open. it’s in his first book or in some old interview. 🙂

  23. Magsy says:

    Oh no, please don’t have a little girl. Can you imagine what kind of body image problems she would have. Who wants a stick figure for a mom and all that pressure. Hell twelve year old girls weigh more than Posh. Get a dog for the family instead.