Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie donate $1 million to Missouri hospital

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As the years go buy on the Jolie-Pitt relationship, one thing’s for certain – Angelina has been a good influence on Brad’s charitable giving, especially for local issues affecting his home state of Missouri. At the end of 2008, Brad (through the Jolie-Pitt Foundation) donated $200,000 to the Missouri charity Force For Good, which gives money, school supplies, food and clothing to underprivileged kids in the Springfield area. Then, a few months ago, Brad and his brother Doug worked out a $600,000 donation to Drury University to make the on-campus event center meet the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Environmental Energy and Design (LEED) gold standards. The center will also be named after Brad’s dad, William A. Pitt.

So perhaps Doug and Brad were worried their mom would feel left out. Jane Pitt needed something named after her too, right? So Brad, Angelina and the rest of the Pitt family have worked out a $1 million donation to St. John’s Hospital in Springfield. The money will go towards an endowment fund for pediatric oncology specialists, and the cancer unit will be renamed The Jane Pitt Pediatric Cancer Center.

Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and his family donated $1 million to a Missouri hospital over the weekend.

Brad’s bro, Doug, announced the generous contribution to St. John’s Hospital in his hometown of Springfield Saturday. The money will establish an endowment fund to pay children’s cancer specialists, the Springfield News-Leader reports.

The hospital’s cancer treatment unit will be renamed the Jane Pitt Pediatric Cancer Center, in honor of Brad’s mom, who is passionate about children’s issues.

Once completed this summer, St. John’s Hospital will become one of six affiliates of the St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital (one of Jennifer Aniston’s favorite charities).

The endowment fund will also go toward building a new pediatric unit, a 10-bedroom hospital-based Ronald McDonald house and doubling the size of the neonatal and pediatric intensive care units.

St. John’s is matching the $1 million donation to help fund the expansion.

[From US Weekly]

That sounds like a plus all the way around – a nice way for the Pitt boys to honor their mother, a nice-sized donation that will help a lot of kids, and a big win for the hospital. Though this report doesn’t say, I would suspect that the money is being donated through the Jolie-Pitt Foundation, not as a private donation from Angelina and Brad.

Brad and Angelina are shown on 5/20/09 in Cannes. Credit:

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52 Responses to “Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie donate $1 million to Missouri hospital”

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  1. edgite says:

    Call me a brangaloonie, but what’s not to love here?? Good generous people.

  2. kap says:

    The announcement never mentioned Jolie. It’s an admirable cause and good to give back close to home, just hope it’s the first installment. Unfortunately one million won’t go far in todays healthcare environment. I think it’s a wonderful way to honor their mother.

  3. Jolie says:

    Doug Pitt said the brad Pitt family which includes aj

  4. Because I Say So says:

    Did anyone else notice how the tabloid put in the thing about St. Jude’s being one of Aniston’s favorite charities? Come on people, knock it off already! Only the media perpetuates this stupid feud, and I’d say most followers of gossip are over it.

    To the point, good for the Pitt fam for keeping their contributions local.

  5. Jaki says:

    That’s so sweet of Doug and Brad to do for their mom.

  6. SolitaryAngel says:

    @ edgite: I agree with you; and while everyone else disparages them, they just go on doing good things. Too bad so many people keep putting them down. Good for the Jolie-Pitts!

  7. Jaki says:

    Because I say so
    I noticed the St. Jude thing to. I’m sick of them trying to keep the triangle mess going but it’s up to us not to take the bait.

  8. ash says:

    MAN she looks so damn good in that dress.

  9. Linda says:

    These 2 are unbelievable!!! Who the heck do they think they are???? They really need to STOP stalking Jennifer Aniston and get a life of their own! They are always dogging her – everyone knows that Jennifer has had a long standing involvement with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital!!! HOW dare these 2 leeches get involved with her charity!!! St. John’s is an affiliate of the St. Jude’s Hospital…this is just pathetic…

    (Please note that this is dripping in sarcasim just to show how stupid people were/are in critizing Jennifer’s involvment in a charity event last week)…Somehow I don’t think the Brangeloonies will get it or appreciate this…but oh well.

  10. Enonymous says:

    Good donation but when are they going to break up already? Come on people, I have a bet I need to win.

  11. michellle says:

    I agree Ash, she looks incredible in both photos.

  12. Jaki says:

    Too bad Linda couldn’t let the triangle go for a minute. I agree she really look good in that dress.

  13. raven says:

    Below I have posted the actual article from the local newspaper about the donation. Looks like each of the three sibs families chipped in and got the center named after mom.

    Doug Pitt announces $1 million Pitt family donation.

    As a St. Jude affiliate, St. John’s will require more specialists on its staff.

    In response, Doug Pitt announced the Brad Pitt family, Doug and Lisa Pitt and Rob and Julie Neal will donate $1 million to establish an endowment fund to pay cancer specialists at St. John’s.

    In honor of their mother, the center will be renamed St. John’s Jane Pitt Pediatric Cancer Center.

    When the St. John’s Jane Pitt Pediatric Cancer Center opens this summer, it will temporarily be located fifth floor of the hospital’s west pavilion.

    There are future plans to add a new 31 pediatric unit, a 10-bedroom hospital-based Ronald McDonald House; and double the size the neonatal intensive and pediatric intensive care units.

    St John’s Auxiliary has pledged $1 million to help fund this expansion and other projects.

  14. shasha says:

    Thanks Raven…

    The actual annoucement makes no mention of Jolie – although it states clearly the other Pitt siblings spouses.

    I believe Pitt and Jolie have split awhile ago and just like their initial getting together, they won’t annouce it but it will become aware to people.

    I’m sure Jolie and US have some deal going on, and US decided to bring her name into – funny!

    I think Pitt and Aniston are friends and it seems the Pitt family always loved Aniston and would be more than happy to make the donation to something she probably gave them information about.

    Jolie is a fake and mastermanipulator, as the NYT so accurately put it. It’s unfortunate so many people are take in by her.

    And she looks gross…she is way to sickly skinny to be considered healthy; There are so many HW actresses that are way more beautiful than she is, which includes a healthy body.

  15. Zoe says:

    slightly off subject, but St. Jude’s is a great place. Our friend’s little girl is battling bone cancer and they considered St. Judes, but went with a local hospital instead and she’s doing great, thank god. Her daddy sent me this link about a week ago and we registered to be bone marrow donors.

    Here’s the link to the National Bone Marrow Registration Site that is offering FREE bone marrow registration until June 22, it usually costs about $100, I think.

    It takes about 5 minutes to register, they send you a cheek swab kit, you send it back and that’s it!!

    You might match a child who needs a bone marrow transplant and it’s easy to donate marrow.

    Please check it out!

    Be the Match Marrowthon:

  16. Levi says:

    Good for the Pitt family. I am involved with a number of excellent non-profits that provide services to families who live far below the poverty level. I wish there were more individuals who were so generous in opening up their wallets towards those who are struggling to pay their bills or who are having a difficult time ensuring they can put food on the table and afford health care. Also one actor who does not receive enough acknowledgment is Sandra Bullock, without fan fare or press releases that young woman has donated significant amounts to many worthy causes.

  17. cara says:

    I actually saw a clip from when this photo was taken and I’d say that just from body language that they are done.

    And I’m with you Sasha….AJ’s a nut. (and not a good nut, but very problematic dark…..seemingly psycho nut. I think her mom spoiled her way, way too much)

  18. cassie says:

    The donation came from the Jolie Pitt Foundation. Its nice of AJ to donate money to the Jane Pitt Pediatric Cancer Center since she is no longer with Pitt(according to Shasha) and she can’t stand Jane Pitt(according to tabloids).BTW Aniston has never visited St Jude hospitals she has done commercials,donating items for auction and “cowrote a children’s book” for the hospital. Go to St. Jude’s website there is a pic of Angie and Brad with headline” Brad Pitt and Angelina donated$ 1 million to hospital in MO. to fund children cancer specialists. Maybe one of you “insiders “can contact ST Jude’s and let them know they got it wrong that the donation didn’t come from Jolie Pitt foundation in honor of Jane Pitt.

  19. Lola says:

    Good way to hide the difficulties they have with the relationship.

  20. shasha says:

    I’ll say Lola.

    I’m not an insider…as I said I believe they have been done for a long time.

    And as for AJ Voight donating any of her money, she has plenty to donate and Aniston and others I’m sure have been donating for a long time, even when AJ Voight has been spending her money jacking up and cutting herself and navel gazing…which probably continues to this day.

    Interesting that you are the insider to Aniston’s giving and if she’s visited St. Judes — lmao at that.

    I work in philanthropy, many people who give give anonymously and it can be easily done. People have been giving without the hoopla that Jolie Voight has caused, nor have they pimped their children as NYTimes described.

    I find AjV very sad human being, who tried to fulfill an ongoing emptiness an depression that has dogged her all her life by adopting a ton of children – I believe she isn’t ready to be a good mother, not someone who was freely using heroine a mere few years ago and was a mess (read her early interviews…she wasn’t so pr ready then) – but to go from one child to 6 in an unstable relationship (that I belive has ended) is selfish; I only hope those kids will have something stable to cling to since, being part of their mom’s pr stunt isn’t in any way a good reason to have children.

  21. shasha says:

    And again Cassie, the official annoucement of the donation (so what if it comes from the foundation funded with Pitt and Jolie’s name…I don’t believe Jolie had anything to do with the donation, and it was Brad and his family who pushed the donation – and yes, I do belive his family was always perturbed about the break up with Aniston) includes the other Pitt siblings spouse’s names and excludes Jolie’s…that says a lot imo.

    My believe – they’ve been thru for a long time and the donation was made thru a foundation that Brad has plenty of money in and can make decisions about and Jolie had little to nothing to do with this donation.

  22. Linda says:

    If the donation came from the Jolie-Pitt Foundation – then we have to thank the twins for this donation!! Honestly, they sold them out last July for $16 Million and stated that the money was going to go into the Jolie-Pitt Foundation for charitable causes.

    So the twins are responsible here.

  23. Cheyenne says:

    Linda, who is stalking whom? Neither Brad nor Angie knows or cares what Jennifer Aniston is doing with her life. They made a donation to a hospital with no reference whatsoever to her.

    Jesus please us, you’re just as ridiculous as the fanistons who claim that Jolie got pregnant solely to hurt Jennifer. I will bet you a dollar to a donut hole she hasn’t spared a thought for Aniston since 2005.

  24. sunnysunday says:

    um…US Weekly was the only one that mentions Jolie’s connection- everywhere else has only listed the Brad Pitt family and Doug and Lisa Pitt.

  25. Chicamorena says:

    They didn’t list the spouses of Doug and Lisa Pitt either. Does that mean Doug and Lisa have broken up with their spouses?

    The obsession of some people to see Brad and Angelina split up, and their pathetic eagerness to grasp at the flimsiest of straws as evidence of a breakup, never ceases to amaze me.

  26. Ned says:

    I think this is a wonderful thing, but I don’t think Angelina has anything to do with that.

    Angelina is known for doing photo ops, or giving money for silly things that won’t really save anyone like notebooks for children in Iraq.

    It seems like Brad’s family knows what is really important like medical research and development of new medial treatments- which will actually save people’s lives.

  27. sunnysunday says:

    Chicamore- they did list the spouse of brad’s brother, her name is lisa, as in doug and lisa pitt. and julia was listed with her husband rob re the original article that was printed in their hometown.
    that makes it even stranger that they had their significant other’s names announced but not angie’s. especially since they have always donated as jolie-pitt.
    and it is strange that the donation was made to a st judes affliate.

  28. Codzilla says:

    Zoe, thanks for the great info and the link. We give to St. Jude’s on a monthly basis, and I agree that it’s a wonderful organization. Also, I’m so glad that your friend’s daughter is doing well. What a little trooper! God bless her.

  29. Chicamorena says:

    Sunny, if I choose to make a donation with my money in my own name without listing my partner, my son, my dog, or my cat, it doesn’t mean I’m about to separate from my partner, disown my kid, or toss out the dog and the cat.

    If the Pitt family wants to make this donation in Jane Pitt’s name, good for them. Angelina is not married to Brad Pitt and although she is the mother of Brad’s children, officially she is not a member of the Pitt family. That does not mean either Brad or the Pitts care for her any the less.

    I have never seen people grasping at the flimsiest excuses to convince themselves that this couple is about to split up or has already split up. Some of you sound as silly as that “face reader” or whatever she calls herself at In Touch magazine. If they don’t lock eyeballs every second, they’re about to break up. If Brad or Angie starts a conversation with another person, the other one is being deliberately neglected. Good lord, when you go out with your spouse, do you stick to him like Krazy Glue all night? I don’t know of a better way to drive a partner away than to cling to him or her like a leech.

    People really need to get a grip. Whatever goes down between Brad and Angie is their business. This is not a couple; this is a family. Wishing for a family of eight to break up is absolutely sick. Everybody needs to back off and leave them alone.

  30. HashBrowns says:

    @Cheyenne and Jaki: Linda was making a joke and thanks for proving her point.

  31. sunnysunday says:

    no one said they wanted them to break up- you need to chill and take a step back.
    i was just clarifying what you wrote, which was wrong re the spouses.
    and i am entitled to my own opinion, whether i want them to break up or not, i have a right to express, as do you, what i think is going on
    the truth is, no one here really knows what is going on with these people…
    i think you are a bit too invested in a relationship that has nothing to do with you.
    sorry to offend in whatever way i did but seriously, chill lady and get a life. this is a fun gossip site, it’s not personal.

  32. Chicamorena says:

    Um, Sonny… when I said “you” in the plural I didn’t necessarily include you in that plural. If you think I did, I’m sure you have your reasons.

  33. joe says:

    I think that giving of money is great. If someone benefits it is a wonderful thing.

    Here is my question thought. You never or rarely hear of Johnny Depp, Ben and Jen Affleck, Matt Damon, Julia Roberts, Tom Hanks, the list goes on and on giving much if any money. Do you think that these people give nothing or purposely keep it out of the news and don’t give news releases. And if they do give alot of money and keep it out of the press what do you think they think of celebrities who do announce their giving to the press. Just wondering.

  34. Cheyenne says:

    They can argue about this one till the cows come home.

    Some news reports say Brad, Angie, Doug and Lisa Pitt and Rob and Julie Neal made the donation together. Others say that Doug and Lisa Pitt, Rob and Julie Neal, and the “Brad Pitt family” made the donation. IMO the Brad Pitt family does not include Doug and Lisa Pitt or Rob and Julie Neal; they have their own families. The Bill and Jane Pitt family would include all of the above.

    Then again, the local newspaper, the Springfield News-Leader, reported that Doug and Lisa Pitt and Rob and Julie Neal made the donation, and don’t mention either Brad or Angie. There are also reports that money came from the Jolie-Pitt foundation.

    So you’re free to interpret it however you want. Bottom line: some people in the Pitt family donated a lot of loot to establish a pediatric oncology clinic in Jane Pitt’s name. It was a very nice gesture no matter who was involved in it.

  35. Ursula says:

    I think they are done, and they have been for some time. I also think Brad’s family cannot stand her. Remember they loved Jen and they read blogs and celeb news and know that AJ is a manipulator who is loathed by many. Plus they must know what that bodyguard was going to write about how she schemed to get him and thinks he is dumb and laughs at him behind his back. Why we could even be blogging with Pitts siblings.

    Every day I open my laptop, I cannot wait to see the announcement.

  36. Chicamorena says:

    Somehow I very much doubt that Jane Pitt prefers Aniston over Jolie, for one very good reason: grandchildren. Jolie has given Bill and Jane Pitt six beautiful, vibrant grandchildren whereas Aniston couldn’t be bothered to give them even one. Grandparents remember things like that.

    Every day you open your laptop and can’t wait to see the announcement that a family of eight has broken up? What a sad, lonely life yours must be.

  37. cassie says:

    Chicamorena, pray for Ursula.

  38. Chicamorena says:

    Amen. I can’t imagine anyone so bitter and spiteful that they can’t wait for somebody’s family to break up. She needs all the prayers she can get.

  39. shasha says:

    Good lord chica, Jen Aniston couldn’t be bothered to have children…nothing, nothing that Jen or armPitt has said has supported that Jen did not want to have children and put it aside for her career – though that is fine too – good grief plenty of people like how I see Jolie – have children and ruin them.

    If you read back in People, when People was denying Jen/Pitt split, Pitt’s brother went out and said “that’s ridiculous” and they also said when they broke up how much they loved Aniston. I can’t imagine any family enjoying AJVoight in their family – I have to say, Pitt’s mother seems to have a good head on her shoulders (again my impression b/c I don’t know any of these people just like you don’t) and I don’t think the Taliban thinking that drones WOMEN-fulfill-role-have-children has anything to do with the individual girlfriend or wife of their son. Although I’m sure they love their grandchildren, I feel pretty opposite of you – that they hope that mess AJ Voight will not ruin those children in her own narcisstic attempts at pr and more.

  40. Chicamorena says:

    nothing, nothing that Jen or armPitt has said has supported that Jen did not want to have children and put it aside for her career

    I think you will agree that actions speak much louder than words. Aniston said that she would start a family with Brad when Friends wrapped. Friends wrapped, and what did she do? She immediately signed on to make four movies back to back. Now you tell me if this is the action of someone who wants to start a family. She effectively tied herself up for at least two years.

  41. shasha says:

    Chica, actions can speak louder than words – but we don’t know the actions or the thoughts that went on with these people.

    I know both Armpitt and aniston have both said that children was not the issue.

    I know that I read Armpitt, say in an interview around 1/2 a year before they broke up that he wanted to not have children now, but he wanted Aniston all to himself.

    I know that Jolie Voight has not stopped one bit in movie-making or in her apparent humanitarian concerns and pr drives, despite having 6 children – seriously does that make sense. I’m sure Jen, like other working mothers, could balance her career and a child – but who knows the convos that she had with Armpitt and also who knows whether she put her children dreams on hold when she starting suspecting Pitt was making eyes for his skank co-stars.

    Thank god Jen didn’t have kids with him. Unlike how I perceive J-Voight, she does not seem one of those people who use children to try and fix a relationship, nor fill a void in her life, that was once (and I think continues to be) filled with drugs.

    Any fool can have a child with another fool. If you can raise those children in a healthy manner is another story.

  42. Cheyenne says:

    Wow, I didn’t know Bill and Jane Pitt have two Ethiopian grandchildren.

    According to this account, Rob and Julie Neal recently adopted a little boy from Ethiopia. Here is a link:

    It’s nice that Z has a little cousin who looks like her.

  43. sonda says:

    I am so great full for the donation. On labor day our friends grandson was taken to St johns. We live 90 miles away in gainesville missouri. They found out hours later that he had Leukemia and started chemo. They rushed him to St. Judes that night after chemo. Zane Rimes is 4 yrs old and a very loving and happy boy. Thank you Brad and family for helping your home state of missouri. I am very proud of how you have given back. Please pray for Zane. (facebook – Zane Rimes)

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