People: Taylor Swift’s friends apparently think Gorgeous Joe is ‘the one’

Taylor Swift seen leaving Isabel Marant

Don’t get me wrong, I actually have some begrudging respect for the fact that Taylor Swift has changed some of her patterns. Months ago, I said (and many others said) that Taylor would promote Reputation by doing dishy tell-all interviews and stepping out for photo-ops with Joe Alwyn. That hasn’t happened, so I like the fact that Taylor is keeping us guessing. That being said, some of what we all predicted has come true. In many ways, Taylor will never change and whoever she’s with will always need to be promoted as El Uno, The One. Conveniently, those promotions come just days before Reputation drops!

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn‘s low-key romance continues to heat up.

“It’s a great relationship that everyone hopes will last. Joe could definitely be the one,” a Swift insider says of the singer and her actor beau.

“Their relationship is very different from Taylor’s past ones,” adds the insider. “They much prefer having dinner parties at home with friends than going out. Just like Taylor, Joe is a homebody. He loves being an actor but doesn’t like the celebrity part of it. It’s pretty special to find someone you’re on the same page with.”

Neither Swift nor Alwyn have spoken publicly about their romance. But at least three songs the Grammy winner’s new album Reputation — “Gorgeous,” “Call It What You Want,” and “…Ready For It?” — details their private life together. During the bridge of the heartfelt “Call It What You Want,” Swift sings: “I want to wear his initial on a chain ’round my neck / Not because he owns me, but ’cause he really knows me / Which is more than they can say.”

Swift’s Reputation drops Friday.

[From People]

God, remember when we got these stories about Tom Hiddleston? That was such a special and gossip-decadent time. We got fudge and swan pastries, Rhode Island rocks and suede booties, an international love tour and photo-ops with the Hiddles-fam on the English coast. After those magical Tiddles Days, nothing will ever be the same. And so no, I don’t think Gorgeous Joe is El Uno. I don’t think he’s anything more than The One For Right Now And Convenient For Her Latest Branding Effort.

gorgeous joe

Photos courtesy of WENN, ad courtesy of Prada.

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  1. Catwoman says:

    All I can think of is Kate McKinnon channeling Jeff Sessions in that picture.

    • Char says:

      He looks like someone about to die in a World War I/II movie.

    • cool girl says:

      And other photos from Prada are even more terrible. Ok he isn’t good looking and has, but Prada people make him look horrendous. LIke he star in Walking Dead. It was Prada plan to market it like that? Like fashion for dead eyes people? And did you notice that he has the same dead, empty stare as Snake? Like they are androids. Good pairing, I guese.

    • lightpurple says:

      OMG! Now, I can’t unsee that!

    • Adrien says:

      He is styled like a jail warden at a women’s corrections. Reminds me Mindy Sterling’s character in Austin Powers.

    • Electric Tuba says:

      Catwoman you’ve just wone the whole thread hahahaha my god you’re right! Lmao

    • KiddVicious says:

      I thought he looked like Tom Riddle’s long lost blond brother, Stanley, who thinks he’s as evil as Tom but has yet to produce his first horcrux.

  2. Shirurusu says:

    I hope he is a nice guy because he is sooo not attractive. Yikes!

  3. cool girl says:

    I think that to change the narrative from nazi one, Toe will announce engagement soon. And please – he isn’t gorgeous. He looks like less manly Prince George. And at this Prada pics like Hitler wet dream, with recent Nazi drama, it isn’t good for Tay Tay. Just like her fans calls themselves SS (seriously they did it).

  4. HadToChangeMyName says:

    Strong sense of deja vu on this one. She says every guy is “the one.”

    • INeedANap says:

      Yeah I can’t tell if she’s actually a serial monogamist — because I certainly have friends, male and female, who assume everyone is “The One” — or if this is just part of her shtick. The world may never know…

  5. Julianna says:

    She better hope he’s the one for now at least, because it would not be fun to be touring and having to sing a bunch of gushy love songs about how gorgeous a recent ex is.

  6. QueenB says:

    Aryan dream wedding.

  7. Fa says:

    Yes, every guy she date is the one.

  8. FORTYFOUR says:

    He’s THE ONE she’s going to be milking for song ideas/ branding for awhile, until the next THE ONE comes along. LOL. Reminds me of Madonna; she always used to call her current flame “the love of my life”.

  9. bread says:

    “He loves being an actor but doesn’t like the celebrity part of it.”

    That’s good because he’s not a celebrity; he’s a Taylor Swift Autumn/Winter accessory.

    • FORTYFOUR says:


    • cool girl says:

      Paps even barly know how he looks like. Big Brother guys are more popular than this half part of Toe. He is so popular guys :) I can say the same – I hate to be the celebrity, this is why I walk my dog only after midnight. And with hoode of course.

    • QueenB says:

      which then makes him more of a celeb than an actor. You dont date Taylor Swift if you dont want to be super famous. No english actor could have missed Tom Hiddleston rise and fall.

      • no no says:

        This part about “Joe serious actor” is a jab from TS at Hiddles again, with is so funny, because TH is a serious actor, with carrier in movie and theater,awards etc. and little Joe made what 2-3 movies (one as main actor and others as a third plane). So what about acting he know at this stage? In my opinion Tay has forever in her hade a imige of her perfect English life – in castle with husbend, who is a actor (theater, some posh friends etc.), with conecton to some royals. She could play a dame. She thought dream come true with Hiddles, but instead his good reputetion works for her, her messy petty drama dirtied him. So now she find some no name Joe, who she want to change into new TH. We will see if she succeed to be a part of power couple. I my opinion Joe is a dreadfull material and he won’t make a big star.

    • Artemis says:

      Exactly. He’s still not a celebrity. He’s attached to one yes but who’s checking for Average Joe Alwyn? Never even heard about him prior to the Swift Boyfriend Rollout which was more demure than in the past but still a rollout nevertheless.

      Him dating TS will turn his life upside down if he hates the ‘celebrity part’ of it. It made Gyllenhaal bolt and I argue that was still her most intense relationship going by what she wrote about him and they were quite private save from the 2 pap strolls they did.

  10. HK9 says:

    Why does every guy she date have to be ‘the one’? Why can’t she just date? We know that everyone you meet isn’t your life long mate so why the pretense? She’ll be done with him in a few months and he’ll be fodder for the next album.

    • Artemis says:

      Because she’s Harlequin novel in human form! A lot of her song reference happy endings and princess-y theme. She’s corny. Remember the apple picking with Gyllenhaal? He was also said to be ‘the one’. Harry Styles was a ‘James Dean daydream’, Calvin was also said to be the one.

      TS doesn’t date, those albums aren’t gonna write themselves. She has to LOVE and be LOVED. She has to sound juvenile and corny about to also relate to her 15 yo fans and emotionally stunted older fans. She has all these intense relationships but barely references the passion (sex) that comes with it or does it in a very innocent way and it’s because of her fanbase. Good girls don’t date and hook-up all the time. Good girls have deep meaningful relationships ;)

    • Milla says:

      I met those girls. I have some among friends. Every guy is that one and they are gonna live a fairytale. It’s just the way they were raised. They cannot be alone. They need a relationship.

      This guy seems like a nice dude but he looks like he’s about to hit the puberty…

  11. Beth says:

    She’s running out of guys to be “the one “

  12. DT says:

    The fact that he looks about 15 is what i just can’t wrap my head around.

  13. Alleycat says:

    I love that Taylor still tries to maintain that she hates being a celebrity. If she ever loses popularity, this girl will lose her sanity. She thrives off attention. I wish she would just own it.

    Make no mistake about it, she is still shilling out her relationships like in the past, but just in a different way.

  14. DiligentDiva says:

    I still can’t tell if she’s just so childish that she believes in fairy tales or if she’s bearding. Either way I do think she will marry Joe, whether that will work out, in the long run, is up for debate. But she has hit the one year mark with Joe, something she only ever did with Calvin and they were obviously on the rocks by then. I think actually we should congratulate Taylor on finally being able to make it this far along with a man.

  15. Talie says:

    He just seems way too young. Her soulmate is messy Calvin Harris…they are destined for pettiness together.

  16. Juls says:

    I think he looks like Mark Paul whats-his-face. You know, Zack Morris from saved by the bell. And that fanny pack has me in tears. I bought one on vacation, as a joke. He’s rocking that thing like it’s the coolest accessory he’s ever owned!

  17. Madly says:

    Bait and switch. Just like using Tom as a human shield during the day of receipts, she is using Joe to distract from getting called out. For someone who claims to be a feminist, she sure relies on men to help create her sales.

  18. browniecakes says:

    Those posts were allot of fun. Tiddleswift – the gift that kept on giving.

  19. Whatev says:

    He looks like Karlie Kloss.

  20. Caitlin_d says:

    Gorgeous is my favorite/ only song I like so far from Reputation but I just can’t with this guy. He looks like animated vanilla ice cream

  21. Tiffany says:

    Joe makes Tom, who I adore, the Most Interesting Man In The World.

    Think about that.

  22. Nic919 says:

    He looks like Amy Adams without makeup in that one photo.

  23. LizLemonGotMarried says:

    As a mom, the only thing I can comment on is his hair. When it’s casual, he has the same texture that my son does. Coarse hair that wants to poof up. My son’s is a rich dark red, and we make sure to use product on it whenever he’s going to be photographed or at school. (School has the added benefit of lice hating hair with stuff in it. We hit it with some matte wax and then the Rosemary Fairy Tales spray to keep it away. WHY is lice so rampant, no matter the freaking school? We’ve been lucky so far, but I sense our time coming…)

    • Lady D says:

      My child used to come home with a letter from the school occasionally; “Your child may have brought home 10,000 friends today.” It was the school’s way of letting us know about a new infestation.

  24. Sky says:

    Ah, he looks like he has no soul in those pictures… So, perfect match. Haha jk

    • cool girl says:

      Just what I said :) Tay and him have the same empty, dead stare. Like childern of corn. It is scary

  25. Jamie42 says:

    How did she find a guy who makes her look like an older woman preying on her best friend’s little brother?

  26. LW says:

    He’s so bland. He looks as tired as I do right now and I’ve got several years on him, have a young baby, work, and am not rich. Prada, do better. 😂

  27. Bliss 51 says:

    That pose with his arm down and fingers just so looks like a paper doll of yore. Except paper doll faces didn’t have sulky expressions.

  28. Coraline says:

    “He loves being an actor but doesn’t like the celebrity part of it.” – Dates the most dramatic, petty and manipulative celebrity of the decade. Hmm, I wonder how his logic works.

  29. Dlo says:

    He looks 14

  30. Rubber Ducky says:

    So Taylor’s seeing a teenage girl? Huh.

  31. Bread and Circuses says:

    It confuses me that he’s a model. He’s good looking, but he doesn’t have the usual bone structure. He photographs a little doughy.

    Or wait–is this the PR deal they’ve struck? Be Taylor’s “male model” boyfriend during her album release, and she’ll associate the word “gorgeous” with your mediocre face?

    Also, regarding that Prada ad: Draco Malfoy. Can’t unsee it.

  32. TeresaMaria says:

    “Taylor Swifts friends apparently think gorgeous Joe is the one”

    Taylor Swift has friends? Who would have guessed that

  33. V. B. says:

    I wonder what she’ll do once she actually finds ‘the one’. If that ever happens.

  34. Bee says:

    Hiddleston already had a successful acting career before he train-wrecked with Taylor Swift, but for this guy I just can’t see it helping his cause when it all comes to an abrupt end. If he didn’t want to become a “celebrity” he chose the wrong girl because that is what his association with her will turn him into. We are not talking about this guy for his acting roles, that much I do know.

  35. Coop says:

    and if you’re dating Taylor Swift – an attractive white boy

  36. Justjj says:

    The fuhrer of her heart