Chris Evan’s dog Dodger sang along with his lion toy and the world smiled


I apologize in advance for jinxing everything positive by writing this next sentence but by gum, this week has been the most positive I’ve felt in a very long time. In addition to a few everyday-type victories at Hecate’s Temple, the weather finally dropped – albeit briefly – below 70 degrees, we had tide-changing elections in various states Tuesday and now this – the return of Dodger Evans! It’s like the universe is saying we really can still have a few nice things (please don’t punk us and take them all back, Universe). Dodger, for anyone who doesn’t know, is Chris Evans dog that he adopted while filming his movie Gifted. Since moving in with Chris, Dodger has become a fixture on Chris’ social media and we are all the better for it. Earlier this year, we were forced to bear witness to Chris longing for his pup as he filmed a movie halfway across the globe. None of us slept well until he two were finally reunited in a glorious homecoming video.

Since then, the Dodger shots have been a little sparse for my tastes. Occasionally Chris with throw us a bone *waits for laugh* with posts like this:

Or he might post something on another dog but it isn’t quite enough for me. I’ve come to count on Dodgerisms to get me through the hard times. Welp, this should hold me over for a while. Ladies and gentleman, please feast your eyes on Dodger Evans as he sings along with his wooby, Lion:

Look at how happy Dodger is with Lion. I love that he is almost offended when Chris pushed the button a second time, as if he had not been given permission to touch Lion. And then the singing. Dodger can’t help himself. He tries but he can feel it coming. He glances furtively at the camera one last time before the song overtakes him – sing Dodger, sing! Everything he is, everything he needs is right there in that moment, with Lion and Chris by his side. That’s the Dodger life, which is only one level below Nirvana.

But Lion and Chris aren’t the only ones at Dodger’s side in this video, are they? There’s a second voice audible and it’s definitely female with a raspy familiarity to it. Granted I can’t say ‘officially’ but Chris and Jenny Slate are totally back on. He didn’t post that video with her voice in the background to try and keep it under wraps. Maybe that’s why Dodger is really wailing, because he and Lion don’t need that soul-sucking harpy crashing their party. (Those are Dodger’s words, not mine.)

In even more positive Chris news, he joined his fellow Avengers on Monday at the Fox theater in Atlanta for a reading of Our Town. The event was organized by costar Scarlett Johansson to raise money for Puerto Rico relief. Scarlett, Chris, Jeremy Renner, Robert Downey, Jr., Mark Ruffalo, Frank Grillo and Maximiliano Hernandez presented the reading in concert with the John Gore Organization and raised $500,000 for Puerto Rico. This is admirable not only for raising desperately needed funds, but it’s a lovely way to remind Puerto Rico that we stand with them as fellow Americans. Could you imagine how much this would have fetched had they assigned Dodger and Lion parts?

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  1. Beth says:

    He named his dog Dodger? I thought he grew up in Massachusetts

  2. cleveland girl says:

    My heart is melting. LOVE this.
    BEST post of the last MONTH.

  3. lightpurple says:

    We need more Dodger. Lots more Dodger. A few months back, while driving through Concord, I saw Chris and Dodger out for a run. We need lots more Dodger.

  4. Nicole says:

    Okay Chris can stay. Even though he made missteps during the last avengers promo he’s turned it around by fighting Nazis on Twitter. Daily. And Dodger is cute so extra points.

    • Mia4s says:

      Oh dear God why would you jinx it?! Hopefully he’s just in the questionable decisions somewhat thoughtless and occasionally unaware group. I assume all Hollywood actors are in that group and that’s the best we will get.

      I’m not a big fan (sort of “meh, he’s fine), I don’t find him compelling as an actor, but I am here for every post with that doggie!!!

  5. Mindy says:

    Thank you Hecate for focusing on the real star here aka Dodger Evans and not on the other two attention seekers and all their “are we together or not? Yes we are but please keep on writing about us we need it to stay relevant” narrative.

    “Maybe that’s why Dodger is really wailing, because he and Lion don’t need that soul-sucking harpy crashing their party. (Those are Dodger’s words, not mine.)”

    From my mind to your barf, Dodger.

  6. BlueSky says:

    I needed this. I had to put my sweet dog to sleep 2 months ago. He was 17. This made me laugh because mine used to snore like a human and wake up wailing because he had a nightmare!

    • frisbee says:

      Losing dogs is just the worse thing, same as losing a member of the family. I think non- doggy people don’t always get it do they? The only consolation is that you gave them a great loving life and filled their hearts as much as they filled yours, so you have nothing to reproach yourself with. Now remembering my beloved black lab and welling up, thinking of you
      (( hugs))

      • lightpurple says:

        Sending hugs and a sweet black lab story. My sister’s dog, a huge black lab had died and my niece, who was about 12, was really hurting. We went on a tour of Boston Light, which is a Coast Guard base. The Coast Guard mascot is a black lab and there were two on the island, a young pup and an older dog. They brought us into a small hall to tell us the history of the island and the light and as we were sitting there, the older dog, a majestic creature, entered. Everyone was trying to get the dog’s attention but he ignored them, marched straight up to my niece and put his giant head in her lap. He just knew. She hugged that magnificent dog hard, took it as a sign from her own beloved pet and her grieving eased. And then the puppy followed her around the island the whole time we were there.

      • frisbee says:

        Light purple, that’s it I’m really crying now! Black labs are majestic yet sensitive and kind, noble and just wonderful dogs. If I was ill for whatever reason or just upset my black lab would do exactly the same thing, mooch over and put his big, beautiful head in my lap. My current bundle of furry love looks concerned and then fetches me a toy, he understands toys are the best thing in the world and that’s how he shows his love., I adore him but I will always miss my lab.

      • Boston Green Eyes says:

        I do love senior dogs: they have such an air of nobility about them, don’t they? And I’ve lost three pugs in the last almost 20 years. Henry, he who graces my posts here, is getting on in dog-years. He’s over 11 now. I also have Stanley, a very stinky, blind, adorable black pug guy. I love them to bits and being a single gal, they really provide me with the best companionship and I never feel alone when they are around.

    • island_girl says:

      So sorry…virtual hugs to you.

    • Sylvia says:

      {{{{{{{{{{{ HUGS BLUESKY }}}}}}}}}}}

    • dumbledork says:

      I’m so sorry for your loss. Our dogs are so much a part of our family, it’s tough. Thanks Hecate, this was a welcome post. 😊

  7. frisbee says:

    I have a Border Collie that does this every morning to my alarm. Doesn’t matter how many times I change the tune he still howls at it, at least it gives me a giggle every morning as I’m getting out of bed to take him for his early walk.

  8. elimaeby says:

    Am I alone in liking Chris and Jenny together? Sure, she’s extra, but they seem to really enjoy each other and they both seem fun.

  9. Miss M says:

    Awww, Dodger is so cute. Keep singing, dude!

  10. Sarahsirah says:

    They’re exhausting as a couple, and her constant infantilizing herself is bizarre to me. I don’t understand why there have been so many thirsty articles from them lately. Who cares?

    The dog is cute, and it looks like he’s the more universally liked of the two. It’s time Dodger got his own agent.

  11. S says:

    I saw this a couple days ago when he posted it (sheepishly admitting that this old, married mom follows Captain America on Twitter) and thought I’d see it here sooner, since it’s clearly Slate and her very distinctive voice in the background.

    But, yes, Dodger is super cute and when watching the video it made my own dog start yapping and looking for the dog he could hear but not see. It was so cute I had to play it twice.

  12. Sylvia says:

    Awww, Dodger is such a cutie! I kind of want to protect him from the “soul-sucking harpy” though. I mean, the way her own dog is always sick because she lets him eat tampons or coffee beans or he got some kind of penis infection, and then she just has to share it for sympathetic attention… it sometimes feels a little Munchausen syndromey. I’m just saying. #SaveDodger

    Also, I would feel some type of way if I was dating a guy and the world collectively loved his dog more than me.

  13. Ariel says:

    I LOL’d at “soul sucking harpy” because, true story. LOL

  14. kic says:

    Dog is cute. The other two attention whores not so much. WTF are they doing hanging out in a children’s room? Wondering if Jenny or Dodger poo’d on the carpet is possibly a regular game in this household? I’m pretty sure Dodger would never.

  15. JA says:

    Dodger is housebroken unlike Jenny.

  16. Miss V says:

    “Soul-sucking harpy” is so funny… and accurate. Lol

  17. Nikki says:

    Happiest post of the week, thanks Dodger!!

  18. jwoolman says:

    That lion is in amazingly good shape. Long ago, a cat took over a windup lion toy. We think it must have had rabbit fur as its mane. Whatever, over the years that poor lion was snatched bald and injured horribly. Lucky to still have his head semi-attached.

  19. Lilly says:

    Cute and needed. Thanks Dodger. I hope they’re all a good match. Home sick and watching Liz B and Jenny Slate is so funny. I also love Mona Lisa Saperstein. Need all the laughs these days.

  20. Andy says:

    Another video today just like this one. This is embarassing. Embarassing PR. Poor dog.

  21. Ariel says:

    I was referring to Jenny, because that’s who Hecate was referring to. She truly is a soul-sucking harpy. She’s horrible.