NYT: Louis CK sexually harassed & exposed himself to multiple women

66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards Press Room

A few hours ago, it was announced that the premiere of Louis CK’s movie, I Love You Daddy, had been suddenly canceled. The premiere was supposed to happen this evening in New York. I had previously discussed (briefly) the film and how gross it seemed – Louis CK wrote, directed and stars in a film that is obviously loosely based on Woody Allen. It’s a story of “what if a legendary director was trying to seduce your teenage daughter?” But it read as a positive thing, like a complimentary ode to Woody. The film should not have been made, and if they canceled it just because of someone realized that the film seemed like a pile of statutory rape apologia, then that would have been one thing. It’s a completely different thing now though, because the premiere was canceled because Louis CK got a heads up that the New York Times was about to publish an exposé about the long-standing rumors of his behavior towards women.

I don’t know if the New York Times was always going to publish today or if they moved up the publication because of the premiere cancelation, but the article just dropped. You can read the NYT story here.

In the article, five women – four of whom go on the record as named sources – describe a now-familiar pattern of abuse. Louis CK would use his position as a well-known comedian to prey on young female comics or young coworkers, he would invite them to his dressing room or hotel room, then he would masturbate in front of them, usually as the women were too shocked and horrified to do anything about it. Another piece of the pattern was that he often asked women IF he could take off his clothes or whip it out (some of the women declined and he didn’t do it). Which, also, is harassment. One woman describes Louis CK audibly jerking off while she was on a phone call with him.

The NYT piece is detailed, and the women are given the space to tell their stories, how they felt intimidated, and how creepy and unsettling everything was after he made his requests. The NYT points out that Louis often used his humor as a shield from criticism, and he publicly championed many young comediennes and female writers. It’s like the Harvey Weinstein thing – can people reconcile that a beloved comedian did some good things while being an absolute garbage human being in private?

66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards Press Room

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  1. Nicole says:

    Start believing people the first time.
    *throws hollywood into the 9th circle*

  2. Milla says:

    So no one can go to sleep cos when you wake up you won’t be able to keep up with abusers and rapists from Hollyweird..

    • KatC says:

      We’re still in the Purge section of the Cleanse. Decades of bad and criminal behavior is being flushed out with named accusations and reputable publishing.

      Without social media and online publications none of these bigger publications would have ever been willing to publish, they killed these stories for years.

      It makes sense that tons more stuff will come out as victims see other predators being being brought to justice, or at least ruin, and decide to come forward themselves.

      My point being, there is a theoretical end in sight. After the majority of victims have come forward and new/budding predators are put off their behaviors by seeing the consequences on others.

      When we find out where this awful mess was happening all along, we are going a long way towards keeping it from happening again.

      • Nat says:

        “Without social media and online publications none of these bigger publications would have ever been willing to publish, they killed these stories for years.”

        SO TRUE.

        I spent half of an hour unsubscribing from the ever-evolving wiles of social media & online publications to prevent emails from my kiddos teachers & relatives in Eastern Europe being buried the 1,400+ messages I receive inside of a week. I have an excellent spam filter, roll-up . . . but they keep coming down like snow in a blizzard.

        The noise of it all is overwhelming, but it is a gift as well. Tiny voices echo one another & gain power.

  3. Lady D says:

    So so many two-faced, sick, evil, frickin hypocrites. Rapidly becoming a trust no one situation.

    • Milla says:

      And you know what will happen? There will be one fake accusation. And powerful men will bring all the attention to it. And all the efforts will be crushed. That’s the only way out for all the losers…

      • Jude says:

        Yeah I’m waiting for that one fake accusation too. It’s coming and it will ruin everything

      • Mina says:

        But how can you prove an accusation is false?

        I think that the people that are getting shunned immediately by the industry are the ones that everyone on the inside already knew they behaved like this. That’s why Weinstein and Spacey fell so hard. Not sure about Louis, although there’s been rumors about him for a long time. He’s helped a lot of people in the business, especially comedians, so it will be interesting to see how they respond to this.

      • ell says:

        @Milla i’ve been terrified of this, too. people are already giving these men a pass with ‘innocent until proven guilty’, so if a fake accusation were to happen it would be the only thing that matters.

      • Milla says:


        High profile case. Victim mentally unstable. Not really a victim, just some person who was a model like 10 years ago. Imagine if the guy is Tom Hanks.

        And after few weeks she breaks. And says she made it all up… For whatever reason. She’ll be ok. No one will hear from here. But we will hear about it until we die.

        She’ll get enough money for a lifetime. That guy will be a hero. And that’s it. Even if he had history of violence, he will now be clear cos he survived fake rape accusations

        I keep going back to Coreys. Feldman said there’s household name among his abusers. So this is just the tip of the iceberg.

      • KatC says:

        I think we’re actually pretty safe from this. Because the first one was Weinstein, and he basically admitted it was true, and 50 women came forward to say it had happened to them, and 10 men came forward to say that they had known it was happening, and every single one of them could point at four or five unnamed agents, or producers who had told them to keep their mouths shut…

        At this point it would be like if someone was convicted of housing insurance fraud after a hurricane. No one is going to think that all the other hurricane damage was also a fraud. you know?

        In a way it’s really lucky that Weinstein was the first to come out, and that he was such a poorly kept secret.

        They can never unring that bell. Now that we know what Hollywood is capable and willing to cover up, victims have so much more credibility than might they otherwise have had.

      • KBB says:

        Harvey was an ogre and it was easy even for people unfamiliar with him to believe he was a beastly deviant monster.

        The people that have been outed so far have all been open secrets. The real challenge will be when it’s someone likable and not a well-known predator.

      • Birdix says:

        And/or a more subtle circling of the wagons where men in power don’t hire qualified women/promote them etc.

      • KatC says:


        Agreed, Harvey is an almost comical caricature of what we all think an abuser looks and acts like.

        My bigger point is just how many people are complicit (willingly or not) in thscope and duration of his behavior.

        The sheer scale has, IMO, given victims of sexual assault (at least in Hollywood) the benefit of the doubt. If ever there was an unexpected silver lining…

      • Char says:

        Yes, absolutely this, I am just expecting the fake accusation to come up anytime now, just so they can all say “See! We told you some accusations are fake!!!”

      • Otaku fairy says:

        “….if a fake accusation were to happen it would be the only thing that matters.” This.

      • Squirrelgirl says:

        Mila I sure hope not!! But you are right. The moment a fake is found out then that’s where all the gross men (and women) will be pointing out from here on out. Just like… But her emails.. it will be… But the false accuser.

      • Otaku fairy says:

        @Squirrelgirl: The fake also has to be a woman in order to help their cause.

      • K. T. says:

        Omg this: thousands of real stories and then There Was One ‘false accusation’ and it’s weaponised in this rape culture society (over reported in salacious terms in media, politicised and trolled forever online halting victims voices and their supporters) and everything goes back to the default predatory systemic abuses. Look at how many times yesterday in THIS feminist-forward site The Duke Lacrosse case brought up about Ed. That one stupid anamoly has become so overused it’s an actual excuse/defense trope that it altered a decade of prosecutorial conduct – and it had been said to have caused so much retrograde of university police, policy and belief in victims stories that it’s a burden even now. Think of it… If we had just treated that as a terrible and unusual piece of prosecutorial overreach, rather than the albatross around the neck of every new victim’s account… maybe we would have seen less abusive behaviour in sports programs towards hundreds of domestic or sexual abuse victims. Maybe something like Baylor wouldn’t have been quite do bad, for example. When someone brings up that case… I just want to throw a law book across the room. Anyway my next comment will be about research on sexual predators because let’s actually focus on perpetrators and the lack of consent behaviour in men…

      • Lensblury says:

        KatC – I agree with you. I also think that something has shifted.
        Where I live, a famous (nationwide) actress said something in the lines of “It never happened to me, so I don’t think it’s that prevalent. This does not happen in the acting scene. I just feel flattered when a man wants to score with me”, and she ignored the fact that many of her female colleagues had already spoken up. Of course tons of men and some right-wing women applauded her, while I just sat at home, fuming and crying. I thought, “that was it, the movement has been weakened”. But the discussion is still going on so strongly. This is global, and too big to be stopped. Btw, she recently changed her tune a small bit to, “Life is one big harassment situation, every woman should just say no” – still completely tone-deaf, privileged and incapable of accepting that this is, in fact, a problem. And thankfully, people who discuss this with her are not having it, and they aren’t backing down.

        Let’s try for a second to abandon the idea that this movement could be crushed. If anything, the idea of having a fair and thorough examination / trial of each and every allegation should be the new focal point for everyone (also for men, since it also seems to be in their interest), and establishing this should be what’s important now, because it is what victims have been denied so far. It is impossible to silence this movement. There are so many people who are speaking up and sharing their stories, and I trust that the dimensions of this global problem have induced a shift of perception and awareness that can and will not be forgotten or ignored. I even bet there will be attempts to weaken the movement by manufacturing fake cases, but let’s not forget: the lowest common denominator of all of the involved sides (it’s incredible that there can actually be two or more sides to this) is establishing a fair and thorough investigation and trial system.

  4. isabelle says:

    No one has been a surprise yet. Another guy with rumors for years around him.

  5. CGF says:

    Oh, Louis. This one hurts. Such a disappointment.

    • Katrine Troelsen says:

      Yes, i agree. I have no love lost for Ed whatshisface, Weinstein etc. But this, DANGIT, why does CK has to be a douche also!? He is now cancelled. Now all thats missing is if Ricky Gervais also is a creep.

    • INeedANap says:

      It does hurt. Especially since he’s been so insightful about the shit women face in his routines.

      He probably thinks that “asking” them makes it OK, as if his power in the industry and the inappropriate nature of the request were suddenly excused. I don’t know why men are just incapable of being simple coworkers.

      • Anilehcim says:

        CK has been insightful about a lot of things… his humor has been like Carlin’s in the way that it’s been kind of philosophical in a lot of ways. This is really disgusting and disappointing, but honestly, he should’ve been done when all these rumors first came out.

        I’m happy that all of this is happening and these men are all being held accountable now, but I’m also disappointed and sad that it took a bunch of A-listers to come out and say a man had sexually harassed/assaulted them before anyone gave any credence to the claims in the first place. It’s positive change, but it’s disgusting to me that only CERTAIN women were deemed credible enough for these guys to fall. All of these men who are going down now have been accused for YEARS, but no one believed those women.

        Even when it came to Weinstein, Rose McGowan started the conversation, but it wasn’t until the likes of Paltrow and Jolie came out and said it happened to them that anyone started taking it seriously. This is a problem.

    • Reef says:

      Yeah, I know you’re not supposed to equate people with their art, but I just don’t see how the same guy who writes a show that’s so self-aware, self-reflective, and thoughtful can do something so incredibly typical for men in power. I’ve never heard any of these rumors until recently, but geez.
      If Tom Hanks is a creep, I’ll politely stay off the internet and social media for the rest of my life.

      • Lensblury says:

        It’s funny (not at all, I just have no sense of humor left anymore, sorry), but I kept thinking about Tom Hanks today. And I don’t even particularly like him, but mostly everybody does. Of course I don’t want there to be any stories about him, and of course each and every story that will come out about anyone will hurt due to subject matter and content and trauma and pain, but I doubt anything will really shock me anymore. The only positive aspect is that anything that comes to light will be accepted. (ETA: the way I worded the last sentence might be confusing, but I honestly don’t know how to say it better right now. Maybe I should have added a “by me / my brain”. I hope you understand how I meant it. … and I just typed more and made it more confusing. GAH, I am tired and frustrated.)

      • magnoliarose says:

        I don’t think you should make that promise.

      • Mina says:

        Tom Hanks is safe. Hugh Jackman too. Everyone else is fair game.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I really did love Louie’s tv show, but it is easy to give up knowing he is a predator.

    • G says:

      Yeah, this one is particularly disappointing for me. I don’t believe rumours, but I do believe these women. Disgusting, shameful behaviour. Those poor women.

  6. Mina says:

    Another creeps fall.

    You know, reading this I can’t help but wonder why is Roman Polanski STILL getting a pass? I can even understand Woody Allen, because as far as I know aside from Dylan no one else has come forward with new allegations, but Polanski had two women accusing him just last month and no one is saying anything about him. It’s so weird.

  7. snortkle says:

    I think this “can people reconcile that a beloved comedian did some good things while being an absolute garbage human being in private?” is SUPER important.

    Take out “comedian” and sub in “coach,” “teacher,” “pastor,” “uncle,” etc.

    People who do bad things aren’t necessarily creepers lurking in the bushes. People who do great things aren’t necessarily not creeps.

  8. Northern_Girl20 says:

    This is just disgusting and I really don’t understand the mindset behind this… what makes men think it’s ok to do this? What makes them do this .. ? It’s so effing gross. I just don’t understand. And I always believe the victims. I’ve been a victim so many of us have.

  9. Ravensdaughter says:

    Not a surprise, but kudos to the New York Times for the reporting. These poor women have been hanging back, silenced, and now they have very strong support so they can go forward with their stories.
    This: “He rose to fame in part by appearing to be candid about his flaws and sexual hang-ups, discussing and miming masturbation extensively in his act — an exaggerated riff that some of the women feel may have served as a cover for real misconduct.”

  10. A says:

    Not surprised at all. The rumours have been around for ages. I think everyone kind of figured that the hammer was gonna fall on him soon as well.

    I’m mentally going through a list of every celebrity I know who I’ve heard has behaved badly around people in general and trying to figure out who might be next. But honestly? None of the names so far have been surprising. Not Harvey Weinstein, not Kevin Spacey, not Ben Affleck, not Dustin Hoffman. No one. Literally no one.

  11. Shelly says:

    Women have been talking about this guy doing this for years, and like usual it got swept under the rug.
    This is not a shock.
    And there are a bunch of other male comedians that will be outed as well I’m sure.

  12. KBB says:

    The Weinstein story was dropped on a Thursday too, wasn’t it? I think it was always planned for this week.

    Not a surprise, but I’m glad the story has finally been told. What’s really creepy is how he apologized to the woman for pushing her into a bathroom when he hadn’t done that to her. He has so many victims, he had forgotten who he did what to. I expect more people will come forward against him.

    And I hope people drop Dave Becky as their agent, but I’m not sure that’ll happen. He’s like the biggest agent in comedy and he’s a producer on a million shows. Master of None, Insecure, Broad City…

  13. minx says:

    Sorry, I always thought he was creepy af.

  14. Nancy says:

    Our world has become nothing more than a cesspool. Are there no decent human beings left?? It’s not just Hollywood, they just have more opportunities to abuse men/woman, it’s D.C.. ah crap, every state in the Union. I think trump was sent from hell to wake up his minions and rile them up. It is my fervent hope that all of the sickos will be exposed, no pun intended, including trump and they will all be kept out of the sight and reach of any normal, law abiding citizen who just wants to live their life in peace. This is just so out of hand and hard for your brain to grasp the realty of the evil pigs that inhabit our world. I have to rock my baby and sing to her, and pray when it’s time for her to enter this blissful world of adulthood, things will have changed. Fingers crossed.

  15. Darla says:

    I know everyone is going to say we all knew. I mean, yes I read the rumors but I didn’t think anyone had accused him openly? I don’t know. No I’m not surprised. But I’m so sickened.

    In our culture, sometimes the worst thing a woman can be accused of is being a “man hater”. Right? A manhating feminist.

    If a woman does hate men, don’t many of us have good reason? I mean, is this really an illogical prejudice?

    • frisbee says:

      Man hater has always been used as a weapon and a smokescreen against feminism by those who don’t want equality. Perhaps if we changed it to ‘abuser hater’ and point out that 97+ % of abusers are men it might negate the ‘manhater’ tag. I don’t ‘hate’ men but I do loathe abusive men with every fibre of my being and that’s pretty reasonable I think.

  16. Darla says:

    The thing is I do kind of hate men. But I really like male penetrative intercourse. I am physically attracted to men, though fewer and fewer of them, I can tell you that. Mostly it happens if they dont’ open their mouth. Once they open their mouths I will usually dry up like a fallen pine needle. That’s the problem with men. They talk.

  17. Mina says:

    I just can’t imagine what goes in the head of someone who asks women he just met if he can masturbate in front of them. Maybe he’ll excuse it with at least he asked…?

    • emma33 says:

      I think the ‘questioning’ is him testing boundaries, a lot of child abusers do this; they test the waters with a rude joke or something like that to see how compliant the child will be. It’s all part of a pattern of abuse.

      • SJ says:

        I just do not understand this. In my entire life, if any man I’d just met “asked if he could masturbate in front of me” I’m positive my knee jerk reaction would be, “WTF? Dude, WTF did you just say to me? Jaysus H. Christ! WTF?”

        Yes, I do curse like a sailor IRL, and my entire family has zero tact.
        I’m would assume these women were in shock at the time but still, I’d be damned if I’d stand there. Get up and walk out, period.

      • Wren33 says:

        Well, with the comedy duo, they said they laughed because they thought he was joking. Then it was like, WTF is happening here?

      • emma33 says:

        SJ – I’ve heard it explained that we all have different reactions to something shocking or dangerous; we all usually freeze, fight or flee.

        In the past, I have been a ‘fight’ person, and it’s just a completely automatic response. It doesn’t mean it is the best response in all situations though, sometimes it is safer to freeze or to run.

        So, I think it really depends on the person what reaction they will have, and no reaction is right or wrong.

    • nb says:

      I’ve been in that situation and it sucks and it’s very demeaning. I was 23 years old and on vacation with a male friend in California. I went to a club with him and some of his friends/cousins. One of his cousins, who I just met that night, offered to drive me back to where I was staying at 2 AM. My friend said I could trust him so I went. Instead he brought me to a seedy pay by the hour motel in a bad part of town. We hadn’t so much as flirted at the club so I was shocked. My cell phone was dead and I didn’t have much money for a cab or even know where to get one so I was stuck. What was going through his head, I’m guessing, is that he wanted to fool around and I said no so his next question was “But I’m horny, can I jerk off then?” And yeah, he did jerk off while I awkwardly sat in the room until he was done and I could get him to take me to my friend’s.

      @SJ So I was supposed to tell him off, get up and walk out in a seedy part of town at 2 in the morning with no cell phone and no money for a cab and… then what? Hope the next guy I ran into on the street didn’t do something even worse? Not to mention that I was a young blonde girl wearing a party dress and heels, which is not exactly going to scare off potential attackers. I appreciate that you are a strong woman. I am too but sometimes you CAN’T just tell someone off and leave. I had to choose what sounded safest to me, which was that at least I was in a motel room, this guy wasn’t going to rape or assault me, and when it was over I could leave.

      • magnoliarose says:

        That is horrible. Geesh what is wrong with these pervs. I am glad you ended up safe and away from him but still I am sorry you experienced something as ugly as that.

      • SJ says:

        I’m sorry.
        My posting was supposed to explain that MY reaction would have automatically been to respond with an angry ” WTF did you just say to me?”
        I did a poor job at explaining this. I cuss like a sailor IRL, and am pretty much known for having zero tact, many times I’ve shot my mouth off and not done myself any favors in the long run.

        (also not saying that my big mouth would not have backfired on me either)

        I just meant to say that MY automatic reaction would have been an angry/loud “WTF?’ Ect.” And stalk over and storm out the door. I’ve stormed outta a lotta rooms in my life, slamming a door after me. I certainly did not mean to judge how anyone else would/should/be able to react or respond.

  18. Aang says:

    We should have a reverse Globe Theater situation. All parts written for men will be played by women. It’s the only way I won’t have to skip every movie/tv show ever made.

  19. Talie says:

    His movie’s premise is a very badly timed…yikes!

    Anyway, I first heard about him when a female comedian talked about his behavior on a podcast, but then she had to publicly walk it back. I think this was only a year or two ago.

  20. Em says:

    I feel so bad for the children of all these men. Innocent young children who will forever know and hear about their father’s crimes from a very young age.

  21. LittlefishMom says:

    This does not shock me at all. I never liked this guy. Always always gave me a weird vibe.

  22. Jennifer says:

    What in the actual hell is wrong with these men? Just because you have a raging boner doesn’t give you the right to just start masturbating in front of people..or in a damn plant! This goes beyond gross for me.

    • anon says:

      It’s crazy, isn’t it? What posseses men to do this, or to expose themselves in movie theatres, or in subway stations (all of which I have witnessed all too many times over the past 40 years). I don’t get it. Why is it that some men can’t control these urges?

  23. MoochieLady says:

    A reporter on twitter named Marlow Stern said “Also worth noting that it’s been *women* comedians calling Louis CK out on this. Men have been silent. I asked Aziz repeatedly once during an invu about it and he said, “I’m not talking about that.”"

    • adastraperaspera says:

      To behave this way and put yourself squarely in the public eye at the same time, means that you do not believe you will ever be called out or punished for it. Carefree abuser, apparently. And how old is he? I mean, he’s gotten away with this for years and years. At this point, anything that gets that crappy pedo movie of his crushed is a nice bonus. Time to push him off the world stage once and for all. There are more talented people waiting in the wings who are not abusive pervs.

  24. kibbles says:

    Never found this man to be funny. So glad that I never watched or financially supported his shows or endeavors. Good riddance. Hope his career tanks. I won’t miss him.

  25. Adrien says:

    I feel bad for Tig Notaro. She endured a lot of nasty garbage, mostly from internet commenters, for asking LCK to address the rumors. What would she gain for inventing stuff about your colleague and former producer?

  26. Dissa says:

    I’ve read, more than once, that the pedo King is Rob Reiner.

    That would bring down Hollywood big time.

  27. Jamie42 says:

    The Louis CK behavior is truly strange. Why would someone do that? Why are they not humiliated?
    There is no question that the “exposure” is shocking to the recipient. I’ve been the recipient of this sort of behavior twice, one time in circumstances that were frightening. I’ve never forgotten either moment.
    But in those cases, and in the case of Louis CK, it sounds like a matter of mental illness. Unless he hurt someone, forced himself upon them, touched them, or ruined the is one person who needs treatment (not in the cynical sense of a HW or KS).
    On the other hand, that movie he is about to release sounds really perverted, and suggests that he has been allowed to be immersed in his own sick fantasies for too long.

  28. gwen says:

    Any bets he’ll come to Arizona for treatment, too?

  29. Samantha says:

    When Tig talked about this, I knew the story must have had merit, it was only a matter of time. Still, it’s one of the more disappointing ones. It does help to see what a range of predators are covered, and there really is no easy way to ‘detect’ them. This one is very intelligent, reflective and self-aware. And yet…!

  30. Ally says:

    Louis CK is a dirt bag and we’ve known this for years. I’m glad the NYT article is apparently finally enough to damage his career. I don’t know wtf he was doing on SNL last season, for instance.

    I hope the next NYT article is an autopsy of how this movie ever got approved, naming and looking into the key players who approved it and decided it was worth giving millions of dollars to. Cause that whole ecosystem that thinks these subjects, endlessly repeated (violence against women, humiliation of women, women as prey, women merely as wives or girlfriends to the male leads) are either like-minded to these sexual offenders, sharing their proclivities and behaviour, or certainly disgustingly complicit. Let’s tell better stories, a::holes.

  31. Patricia says:

    Dead to me. Piece of shit. Some piece of scum abused my sister in this same way once. She cried for days. I’ve always wanted to kill the man that did that to her. I’m not a violent person. My sister was an 18 year old, newly out in the world, and a man did this to her on a bus. I’ll never lose the rage over it. And this piece of shit Louis can take all the crap that’s coming to him now, and then some.

  32. DAWN says:

    Understand that Hollyweird/mass (white) media doesn’t really regard the victims. Hollyweird is not making as much as it once was and is a DYING INDUSTRY with dwendling power and control (with most being subscriptions and online markets)….hence the comfort of more victims to expose by way of The NY Times original release. Power plays are being made and people are being moved around and shifted. Understand that there are FAR worse than are being exposed. Eyes peeled, everyone. The crumble is a crumblin’.

    *The NY Times is ran by the same man who knew about BBC’s Jimmy Saville and covered his ass amoung other news giants. Let. That. Sink.

    **The perceived leader of the US has ties to Jerry Epstein. Connect-the-eff-ing-dots.

  33. zuzusgirl says:

    He’s always been a disgusting creep. Have always found him and his “humor” repulsive.

  34. Jammy says:


    You’d understand what I mean in terms of dying industry regarding the presence of indie projects x subscriptions online. This is the new format. Ticket sales for movies continue to plummmet as streaming films illegally online is done predominantly.

    *I doubt you’d make that connection if you aren’t a millenial or have studied this in regards to marketing and business.

    Netflix, Hulu, Amazon….yeah that’s not solely Hollywood and the industry is literally fishing for what’s already popular to attempt to make them money. The majority of artist are continuing to remain indie.

    John Travolta has been done since Scientology but his sexual history will further bury him.

  35. Valiantly Varnished says:

    There have been rumblings about him for some time but he has always been able to quash whatever stories or rumors were being told. But after Weinstein that isn’t possible. All of the garbage men who have been getting away with this stuff for years must be really scared. Wondering if they are next to be exposed. Good. Louis should have known – it was only a matter of time.

  36. Katherine says:

    As someone who enjoyed many of his dark jokes – yeah, I can reconcile the two notions alright. These recent days and weeks taught me one thing I kinda should’ve known before – when a person tells you who they are, even if it’s subtle, believe them, and also that too many of the “nasty rumors” are actually true. I used to treat rumors like entertaining fiction for the most part but seeing SO MANY of them turn to be true has been thought-provoking to say the least.

  37. jana says:

    In the words of the very wise Elaine Marie Benes, the male genitalia is hideous. It’s lumpy and bumpy, it’s utilitarian, like a Jeep, It’s just for getting around.