Bruce Willis & wife Emma Heming’s freaky photo shoot for W Magazine

Bruce Willis and his new wife model/actress Emma Heming decided to pose together in W Magazine. It’s one of the freakiest photo shoots I’ve ever seen. The whole thing’s very “dark,” dirty, industrial, and trying-too-hard weird. Emma’s topless in some of the pictures, Bruce is wearing red leather gloves in some, there are a couple of images of deranged clowns and the whole thing seems like “Scenes From The Post-apocalyptic Dystopian Hellscape… With Naughty Clowns and Good Boobs”. Perhaps this is why Bruce and Emma decided to do the photo shoot? To show us all that they like it freaky, with some red leather gloves, topless, with a clown, during the apocalypse. As CB muttered, perhaps Emma needs some modeling work.

The interview is pretty interesting, bruce and Emma both talk a lot about their life together, their careers, and about politics. Bruce, famously an outspoken Republican, says that he voted for Obama last year, and talks more about his tireless advocacy on behalf of reforming the foster system in America.

Regarding their marriage, Bruce sounds like an old fart and Emma sounds like she’s very happy to do whatever Bruce wants. Oh, there’s also this little tidbit: “Emma has since concluded that acting is not her thing—something that her husband finds ‘refreshing.’ Instead, she plans to stick to modeling.” I read that as “Now that they’re married, Emma doesn’t have to pretend to be an actress any more.” Here’s the full interview from W, and I pulled some of more interesting parts:

Bruce’s new political philosophy: “[Bruce] says he voted enthusiastically for Barack Obama in the last election, and his musings on politics the day we meet sound like those of a bona fide bleeding heart. “There are 500,000 kids in the foster-care program at any given time, and it could all be helped by money,” says Bruce, who became the national spokesman for children in foster care during George W. Bush’s presidency and will continue in that role during the current administration. “Just give us half a billion, and the foster system could be enormously helped. Just like education could be helped by money. When you’re talking about $800 billion to bail out people who made automobiles, when you could be helping kids, things need to be reprioritized.”

Bruce on marriage and love: “I went from ‘F-ck love’ to ‘Love is truly the answer.’ I spent the last 10 years single and, for the most part, unhappy. In a dark place. I never thought that being with someone else was the answer. I would say, ‘I’m alone, but I’m not lonely.’ But I was just kidding myself. Then I started hanging around Emma, and on a day-to-day basis my life became much happier.”

Emma on their compatibility: “We have so many things in common. We’re self-made, we came from the same background, and we went to work and became self-sufficient… I’m laughing from morning till night with him.”

Bruce on his daughters: “They’re such smart kids. Way smarter than I was. They campaigned for Obama. They’re involved in the world, in politics. They know exactly what Hollywood is, and they know what it’s not, and they don’t take any of that very seriously.”

On His Feelings Toward Emma: “I hear so many people in relationships say, ‘I just need a couple of days away, or even an hour away.’ But I don’t want to be away from Emma at all. It’s the most singular relationship I’ve ever had in my life.”

[From W Magazine]

Even though it would be easy to make a couple of cuts about the age difference between Emma and Bruce, they sort of make sense together. I don’t think either of them has illusions about who the other person is, and I think they knew what they were getting. Perhaps it’s not the stereotypical image we have of an older, rich man and his young golddigger wife. Or maybe it is, and it just works for them. I think the marriage will probably work out in the long run – in fact, the only thing not working for me is this photo shoot.

Photos are by Steven Klein for W, where they have many more.



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  1. Miggs says:

    Holy crap! Those SHOES!

  2. raven says:

    I don’t know why you’d say she’s a golddigger. She was a Victoria’s Secret model, not some waitress like George Clooney picks up and supports. Maybe she’s had a good effect on him. He used to be a defensive right winger and now he seems to be a bit more open minded.

  3. ash says:


  4. CeciZahn says:

    I think is kind of weird, but it’s ok if your going to photoshot Bruce Willis, I mean, do you imagine that guy in a garden with flowers…I know I don´t

  5. Kait says:

    I actually thought the photos were visually interesting. And $20 says Victoria Beckham is wearing those shoes next week.

  6. Granger says:

    “Trying too hard” about sums that photo shoot up for me. “Look how edgy and interesting we are! Just because Bruce is an old dude, doesn’t mean he isn’t hip! After all, he married a MODEL HALF HIS AGE! He’s so UNIQUE!”

  7. the original kate says:


  8. lola says:

    Does he have a new film to promote or is he just promoting his marriage? I hope it’s the former.

  9. cara says:

    Of course he wants to be near her…..look at her!!!

  10. Bellatrix says:

    This concept has been done. Done again. Redone. Overdone.

    Indeed, boring. Doesn’t even look weird to me anymore, whether it’s starring Willis or not.

  11. environ says:

    I have loved Bruce since Moonlighting. He is still smoking hot, unlike most of the guys his age. He also has a giant penis, I totally buy that she is marrying him b/c she loves him.

  12. BlueSkies says:

    Bellatrix, agreed. Trying too hard. Classic B/W could have worked. I love Bruce but this makes him look silly.

  13. StarChild says:

    I think they look hot together; it’s a cool photo shoot and Mr. Willis has never looked more interesting (to me, at least).

  14. maria says:

    that’s great… she makes him even hotter than he is

  15. theotherone says:

    Awful pics. But love Bruce, wishing him and his wife all the best.

  16. Gina says:

    I think not in extreme ways or judge things as weird or not weird, they are just doing their own thing, I am not into all black but I did enjoy the shiny sweat pants by Vital for a while I don’t agree with the style that he is so in worship of her that he has to close his eyes..great comment seen it before again and again..move on

  17. javelin says:

    I’m so glad I subscribe to W magazine.. their photo spreads are insane and spectacular.

  18. joyL says:


  19. pumak says:

    i just love bruce… always have… :):)

  20. I Choose Me says:

    @environ. *said in the tone of Chris Griffin of Family Guy* Go on.

  21. Dirty Martini says:

    In a nutshell:

    1) THe photoshoot is creepy. WTF?
    2) So Bruce has grown up, stared mortality and the face, and realizes that relationships with others is — at the end of the day — all that really matters on this Earth. Good for him. He is now ready for a mature, adult, loving and committed relationship.
    3) Too bad she’s only in it for the fame, fortune, and notority she can get from being Bruce Willis’ wife.
    4) Good thing he can offer her fame, fortune and notority. Because she dang sure wouldnt be with him otherwise.

    Now WTH is up with this photoshoot?

  22. jayem says:

    I wonder if they’ll have kids? Then we can see which one of them for sure fugged up the other ones!

  23. Elle says:

    I love love love Bruce! He can do no wrong in my book.

  24. environ says:

    Choose Me:

    Freeze frame the pool scene in Color of Night, you’ll see. The movie sux, but Bruce is good.

    Big wang aside, I’m happy for him and wish them well.

    Dirty Martini: hate much? I can’t see why she would ever want to marry a hot, rich, famous, fun loving, guy with an enormous cock. She must be crazy.

  25. viper says:

    manson is going to love these pics

  26. someone says:

    I don’t find these photos to be even remotely sexy..Bruce is still a fine looking man for a 54 year old.

  27. Madelyn Rose says:

    The pics are strange and not in a sexy way…though they are a very attractive couple!

    I love me some Bruce and he and Emma sound very happy together. People fall in love with disparate ages, BOTH men and women marry younger or older. (Just look at Demi) It is very refreshing to see the story here (and most commenters) not make cheap jabs about the age difference. Love comes in all sizes, colors and ages. It never ceases to amaze me how it is not acceptable to be “prejudiced” against a couple based on different skin color or religion, yet we still think it’s ok to be prejudiced based on age.

    I know lots of women who have married men that are around 15 years older than them. And most of them agree that it’s wonderful to be with a man who is emotionally stable and loving. I just think men mature more slowly than women, so that a 50 year old man might be a perfect match for a 35 year old woman.

  28. FF says:

    Isn’t the weirdness a tie in to his new movie Surrogates? Or something.

    It’s an interesting shoot. You can kind of imagine a story behind the pictures. *shrugs*

  29. Magsy says:

    Sorry, I never knew Bruce had such creepy feet. He’s sitting posed like a woman in that chair as he holds her and his feet are big and feminine. His mouth also looks old.

  30. Billy Bob says:

    What is Bruce Willis’ wife doing sitting on the lap of Marlon Brando (in his Apocalypse Now makeup)?

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