Roy Moore doesn’t remember ‘dating any girl without the permission of her mother’

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As we discussed last Friday, the Republican candidate for the open Alabama Senate seat is maybe-probably-definitely a pedophile. His name is Roy Moore, and he’s like a caricature of a Bible-thumping, fire-breathing, culture-warring “conservative,” complete with a massively hypocritical personal story which involves a history of “dating” teenage girls as young as 14 when he was in his 30s. The Washington Post’s blockbuster report came out last Thursday, and Moore continued to be a massive story throughout the weekend. Here’s some of what has happened:

Brietbart is trying to discredit the accusers. Roy Moore is Steve Bannon’s guy, which means that Moore is Brietbart’s guy. Brietbart has been looking for any foothold they can get in this story, having tried to pull the “it was only one 14-year-old” and the “statutory rape isn’t that big of a deal” cards. Their new argument is that the accusers are all lying, I guess.

It was common knowledge. Moore is accused of molesting teenage girls when he was working as an assistant DA in Alabama. One of his former colleagues, Theresa Jones, says now: “It was common knowledge that Roy dated high school girls. Everyone we knew thought it was weird. We wondered why someone his age would hang out at high school football games and the mall.”

Moore spoke to Sean Hannity. It did not go well, probably because Moore was lying his ass off. Hannity tried to ask Moore about the specific accusations, whether Moore has EVER dated someone 17 or 18 or younger and Moore said no, not to his recollection, but then added this: “I don’t remember dating any girl without the permission of her mother.” Case closed!

Speaking of Hannity. Hannity went a bit berserk last Thursday, trying to justify child molestation and statutory rape and he came across as a pedophile apologist. People were trying to get companies to pull their advertising, and it’s worked – five advertisers have pulled their ads out of Hannity’s Fox News show. One of those companies is Keurig, the coffee maker, and so now Deplorables are “boycotting” Keurig because Keurig doesn’t want to be associated with pedophilia.

Roy Moore will sue! And finally, Moore is now telling supporters and donors that he plans to sue the Washington Post. Good luck with that, Bubba.

In the end, I really don’t want people to get their hopes up – Moore is still positioned to win this election because it’s ALABAMA. And because the Republican Party literally stands for nothing.

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  1. Snowflake says:

    Look at what we have for President. The way this is going, he’ll get elected

  2. bread says:

    If you need to ask her mother’s permission then she’s too young.

  3. cr says:

    Permission from Mom? Well that makes it alright then! /s

  4. Lizzie says:

    paul ryan: guys – he had permission to be a pedo! did you heart that? great! lets fuck the middle class on their taxes! vote for roy!

    (shoot me…seriously shoot me)

  5. Beth says:

    Disgusting. It’s been terrible watching and reading so many Republican Trump enablers claim this whole thing is a lie, and if it was true, it wouldn’t have been told years later and right before an election

  6. lightpurple says:

    Not only are they supposedly boycotting Keurig, they claim they are breaking Keurigs they already own. So the idiots will have to go out and buy new coffee makers.

  7. Jerusha says:

    Now the Piece of Shit is lying his head off and saying “I NEVER dated teenage girls. I NEVER gave alcohol to anyone.” He’s lying and saying the county was dry, so no alcohol was available. As someone pointed out, the county had been wet ten years at that point.

    • Who ARE These People? says:

      Good, let him keep changing his story. A former DA should know how that comes across to the jury – in the courtroom and of public opinion.

    • Megan says:

      Moore’s lead is down to 2 points. I am going to send Jones some money after all. And then I am going to go cry because it takes pedophilia to make the impossible look possible.

    • magnoliarose says:

      Why is it that Alabama is always THAT state. Relatively quiet nationally and then when it goes big it goes HUGE. George Wallace. Civil Rights. It is the historical moment when White Evangelical Christianity is exposed as the corrupt bigot KKK organization it is and when the last vestiges of Family Values and Moral Majority have left the building.
      Republicans think pedophilia is ok. If he wins every single photo op with the pedophile will be theirs to own. Anytime a girl is near the moment would be vomit inducing, but they are fine with it.
      It makes me think someone should begin a more extensive investigation into this type of behavior in that area.
      This guy against the man who prosecuted the KKK for the killing of the four little black girls in the church bombing. Doug Jones is too good to be wasted if they don’t want him. He is a hero. The documentary about this had me in floods, and I can’t believe they have the chance to send him to the Senate.

      • Jerusha says:

        We’re working our asses off for Doug. He can always use money for ads.

      • Luca76 says:

        Do you really have to ask why? They are racist and never got out of the bigotry and backwoods mentality of the Civil War.They are as racist and corrupt as all get out. And yes i have been there and have family that lived there for a time.
        If you are interested in the life of a typical Alabama town I recommend Sh*Ttown podcast. Gives you a pretty clear picture of what its like to be in an isolated corner of Alabama.

      • Megan says:

        @Jerusha I donated to Doug Jones and I am rooting for you to prove me wrong about a Democrat winning in AL. It will be the best Christmas gift I have ever gotten. :)

      • magnoliarose says:


        I will listen to it. I live so far from that it is hard to understand even when I visit relatives. To be so racist to overlook pedophilia is astonishing. I knew it was deep but…not like that.

        I donated, and I am pushing others. A lady on Twitter wanted to go down there like Freedom Riders, but many said to stay away. I know from my own relatives they do. not. appreciate. outsiders.

        Jerusha keep us posted if you don’t mind. It is better to hear from people who are there. I feel hopeful.

    • Annabelle Bronstein says:

      If you read between the lines he walked a carefully crafted tightrope with a lawyer at his side. He admitted to EVERYTHING that was legal and denied EVERYTHING that was illegal. What a coincidence 🤔

  8. Talie says:

    He basically told Hannity that more stories would be coming out, so…

    To the people destroying their Keurig’s…I mean, they cost like $120. They’re just dunking on themselves.

  9. RBC says:

    If Moore decides to sue, won’t this just backfire on him? The Washington Post is not going to make such allegations unless it has concrete proof and had their legal team look over the story before publishing. Also going to court could also bring more skeletons to come out of Moore’s closet or the WP could also have more information that it has not yet released.

    • HadToChangeMyName says:

      He’ll claim that he’ll sue “after” the election, as he can’t expend any energy on it right now. That was Trump’s playbook and it worked well (and he never sued, because he didn’t have the legs to stand on).

      • B n A fn says:

        I believed 45 also did threatened to sue the women’s who said he sexually abused them. It’s has been over a year and no law suit in sight. Moore is following the dotard play book, deny, deny, deny and threaten to sue. They are full of you knows what. I am so sick of Kellyanne conjob and wife #3 who covered up the dotard’s Sexually abusive ways that helped elected this criminal to the highest office in the land. I’m just praying to see the day Mueller drag them all away in chaines on handcuffs 🤚both hands and feet to jail.

    • Christin says:

      I expect WaPo covered themselves, and he knows it. But if he can fundraise using himself as a victim of the big, bad media, then he may pursue that angle.

    • The Other Katherine says:

      As Elizabeth Spiers said on Twitter, “Lordy, I hope there are lawsuits!”

      Spoiler: he’s not gonna sue. The discovery would be a beautiful thing, though.

  10. Merritt says:

    So gross. Anyone who votes for him is disgusting.

  11. God. He makes it sound like he made sure the girls got a permission slip signed so he’s above board. And nothing about that seems remotely wrong to him? What a creepy pervert/predator.

  12. Luca76 says:

    Only good thing about this is the Keurig boycott they’re horrible for the environment. Shame on the pedo-apologists.

  13. Nicegirl says:

    Wonder if there are any mothers out there who remember RM ‘dating’ their daughters without permission?

  14. serena says:

    This is utterly gross, him and all his apologists.. rot in hell, or prison -that would be better- .

  15. Nicole says:

    I mean the moral ridiculousness of the religious right is appalling. On the one hand you don’t want people having sex, birth control, abortions, etc because religion.
    And in the next breathe statutory rape is okay. I mean are these people dropped on their heads at birth or do we not have school where they live. WTH.
    Also what kind of person thinks it’s okay to admit you know a grown man is cruising high schools for girls?!

  16. Elkie says:

    So just to confirm – he spent his thirties trawling for vulnerable mid-pubescent girls to sexually assault, was removed from office TWICE for defying court orders, tried to bar a Muslim from entering Congress because the First Amendment is apparently optional and wants to criminalise sex between consenting same-sex adults, whilst being so mind-meltingly incompetent as a candidate that he didn’t even know what “DACA” was when asked during the week that it was literally front page headline news, and he’s still going to be a senator?!

    To every Alabaman who doesn’t miss the lynchings, you have my sympathy. Shooting our economy in the foot by voting for Brexit seems almost Einsteinian in comparison….

  17. third ginger says:

    These are the “values voters”, my fellow Americans. They like to talk about their loyalty to their “Lord and savior.” Turns out it’s undying loyalty to any creature with an R by its name.

  18. Annetommy says:

    Strange that it seems to escape these rabid evangelists that in fact God was the father of Jesus, not Joseph. Sex didn’t come into it. Allegedly. But like the women accusing the president, another god-fearing man, they are all lying as part of a democratic plot. Is there any untruth these trump supporters won’t swallow?

  19. Jerusha says:

    We had a packed crowd at Friday’s Fish Fry Rally. And I SHOOK JOHN LEWIS’ HAND!

  20. BJ says:

    Traditional Family Values.
    Get permission before you date a 16 year old when you are 30+.#sarcasm

  21. HK9 says:

    Why are you dating girls YOU’RE A GROWN MAN!! :-(

  22. Giddy says:

    He was in the D.A.’s office and he told the 14 year old’s mother that he would take care of her while the mom was in court. Did he regularly troll for victims outside of divorce or custody hearings? Everything about this creep is disgusting, from sexual assault to his Stone Age rulings.

  23. happyoften says:

    It isn’t true that Repulican’s don’t stand for anything. Pedophilia and treason certainly count as things, and shouldn’t be so blithely dismissed.

    I want everyone that votes for this truly horrible human being to get a “I support Pedos” button in their stocking. From Jesus, since he’s the reason for the season. And apparently his conception makes abusing children A-okay.

    I am done mollycoddling these morons. Anyone that makes like he was spot checking for the second coming needs to be forcibly ejected into space. With their bible.

  24. Boston Green Eyes says:

    You know who I hate more than the turds like Trump and Moore? The deplorables who voted for them.

    There, I said it.

  25. Lorelai says:

    Did anyone else see Bill Maher’s show on Friday night? I sh!t you not, some Republican (I forget who) actually tried to excuse this by claiming that — and I’m paraphrasing — because Joseph was an adult male carpenter and Mary was a young girl but they had Jesus and made a family so it’s all good. 😑

  26. Jerusha says:

    At Friday’s Veterans’ Day Parade, I was standing on the side wearing a Doug Jones for Senate bumper sticker plastered on my tee shirt. The Republican Wonen’s Float comes passing by, one of the women sees my shirt and says, “Yay!” If we can get our Core Dem voters to the polls and rogue Repubs, we can do it. Chant, pray, make offerings to the Moon Goddess, whatever, just send positive energy our way.

  27. Alana says:

    His wife would have only been about 21 to his 35 when they married, wouldn’t she? One article I read said that they’ve been married for 35 years with a 14 year age gap, so if he’s 70, he would have been somewhere around 35ish and she would have been somewhere around 21ish +/-? And that would have been within a couple of years of all this?

  28. Emily says:

    The only silver lining of Trump’s presidency is seeing all the disgusting, hypocritical, pedophiles. woman-hating, rape-apologists and sexual predators show their true faces. The down side is just how many people will excuse it so long as the disgusting person in question votes against abortion.

  29. Notmypresident says:

    I burst out laughing at the headline. This is the twilight zone, and it’s insane.

  30. Spike says:

    Roy, keep digging your own grave. Even if he is elected he’s going to face an uphill battle in Washington. I so wish he was in prison to experience what it’s like to have someone enforce their will upon you.

    Can we please stop using the phrase deplorables? People now feel justified to use it against any Republican or conservative. I hate it as much as libt*rds, snowflakes, SJW, etc. It’s reductive; deraisl any hopes of reunification.

    Hmm, so if Hannity feels this way about heteros doing this he will probably feel the same way with Spacey right? I think not..

  31. Radley says:

    The Republicans were riding so high a year ago and now they’re exposed over and over for being morally bankrupt, greedy and totally inept. There seems to be no bottom. Gun massacres don’t matter. Racism, sexism, xenophobia and homophobia don’t matter. Molestation and predatory behavior doesn’t matter. What matters? White men’s right to go wild at everyone else’s expense?? It’s sick.

    Burn the right wing to the ground. Vote all the bums out. Maybe then they’ll reinvent themselves in a way that doesn’t menace society.

  32. Sherry says:

    I’ve said before, my husband is a far right conservative (and yes, I get ragey toward him and his friends). Yesterday one of them basically said, “Even if it’s true, it’s okay to vote for a pedophile because Moore’s pro-life and it will save millions of babies.”

    This kind of reasoning is why Donald “grab em by the p*ssy” Trump is president.

    • Christin says:

      I am around people with a similar viewpoint, and it confounds me. So we “save” likely unwanted babies, for a lifetime of what? Poverty, abuse, neglect? Because many of those anti-abortion folks don’t want to spend a nickel or care about any other aspect of the child’s life.

    • Annetommy says:

      It’ll save millions of babies that in 14 years time Moore can molest? Flaming hypocrites. I detest these sleazy holy rollers more than men who are open about their lack of morality. At least those men don’t presume to lecture the rest of us.

    • Elkie says:

      The Global Gag rule – which is Republican policy and Trump signed into law – has skyrocketed abortion rates worldwide because it prevents charities receiving funding from the US from counselling vulnerable women about birth control.

      It’s also good to mention that it was actually Obama’s BC mandate that got abortion rates within the US down to their lowest ever recorded levels.

      It’s incredible to me that so many one issue voters can’t even be bothered to check which party it is that has actual concrete evidence of reducing abortions. Like they care so much about the wanton slaughter of God’s precious little miracles that they can’t spare five minutes on Google…

      • AMA1977 says:

        They don’t give a tiny rat’s a$$ about life, it’s just about controlling women. Sex should be procreative, not fun or because it feels good, and they want to punish women who don’t believe the same archaic bs that they do. It has nothing to do with babies or life. Period, end of sentence.

  33. Ankhel says:

    I don’t mean to criticize anyone, but a person who’s (more or less exclusively) turned on by 14-18 year olds isn’t a pedophile, they are an ephebofile. Ephebofiles are turned on by puberty, unlike pedophiles, who lose interest when children go through puberty. R Kelly’s an ephebofile (allegedly, ha). Still disgusting and often illegal though.

    • Jamie says:

      That may be true technically, but I have a 14 year old daughter and she is essentially still a child even though she’s gone through puberty within the last year. So any grown man who would prey on her I would consider a pedophile, criminal, and the lowest scum of the earth.

  34. JenB says:

    So now McConnell has said Moore should step aside and believes the women. (Amazing.) I hope we can watch the Republican party implode a little.

  35. sza says:

    Sounds like a good ol’ boy on the Dixie road to hell. And it’s convenient what he may or may not remember and how accurate and elastic those memories are. He’s gross. Get him out.

  36. Jerusha says:

    Accuser Number Five has just come forth. Think she has Gloria Allred with her. Be afraid, Roy.

    • Christin says:

      Didn’t a lady who worked in the same office years ago issue a tweet saying his penchant for dating teens was well known? There have to be a bunch more who were at least approached by him as teens.

      His denials have been incredibly weak. He knows “Moore” will come out.

  37. Lisa says:

    “I don’t remember,” oh, how convenient.

  38. Whatever Gurl says:

    It’s terrifying watching the Christian Conservative Right play the victim!

    Fwiw, I was brainwashed by the Catholic Church in Missouri which is very conservative, influential, and racist.

    It took me awhile to realize how distorted the thinking of the Religious Right. I had to make all new friends.

    But I shudder at how clueless I was in my earlier years. I feel contrite and humbled.

  39. teehee says:

    Oh, so everything he’s ever done wrong, IS A WOMAN’S FAULT.


  40. lyla says:

    did you guys see dotard jr liked a tweet saying that one of the accuser was not credible because they have multiple divorces and declared bankruptcy three times? what a huff-snuff (thanks susie dent for the new word).

    also 53 pastors signed a letter in support of moore. ugh, gross.

  41. Deeanna says:

    Oh, there will undoubtedly be more women who will come forward now that Gloria is involved. These women may not have reported Moore to law enforcement at the time, but each of them told various friends and family members way back when.

    Roy needs to go away now.

  42. Christin says:

    Allegedly run off (it not banned) from the mall years ago:

    Anyone who was a teen in the mall era can relate to the description in this article. The town’s mall was the place to be — the social media of that day.

  43. Neil says:

    Y’all do realise this dirt-bag is probably going to win the next election, don’t you? Remember, “Christian values” is a club one wields to bash in the heads of Democrats, not Republicans.

  44. Baltimom says:

    Well the Repubs are getting exactly what they ordered. They destroyed public education to the point that we no longer have a majority of well educated citizens. We have half a country of idiots and the Republicans like that because that gets them votes. Unfortunately Repubs have no long term vision and didn’t plan for things to get this unhinged to where people think pedophilia is okay, white supremacists are fine people and Russia is our BFF despite them derailing our electoral process. Sad times indeed. I just hope we can fix this. It will take decades to undo all of this.