“Diane Kruger’s Giambattista Valli dress is odd but not unpleasant” links

Bambi Awards 2017

I wish Diane Kruger’s Giambattista Valli dress was one piece, with a belt. This is a really strange construction, right? [Go Fug Yourself]
I’m sort of obsessed with reading about this $450 million painting and how it might not even be a real Leonardo di Vinci. [Pajiba]
Here’s a review of Justice League, which continues to sound awful. [LaineyGossip]
Mariah Carey canceled her Christmas tour dates. Whoa. [Dlisted]
Katy Perry got banned from Shanghai too. [Jezebel]
I friggin’ loved all of these Louise Linton tweets. [The Blemish]
Kim Kardashian didn’t invite her surrogate to her baby shower. [Reality Tea]
Quentin Tarantino’s next movie will be distributed by Sony, not TWC. [Looper]
Take this quiz & see if Buzzfeed can guess your horoscope sign. They got mine wrong, I’m not a Sagittarius, I’m a Virgo. [Buzzfeed]
Rest in peace, Lil Peep. [Starcasm]

Bambi Awards 2017

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  1. Anners says:

    Funny – I got Sagittarius, too, and I’m a Virgo. Oh buzzfeed 🙃

  2. Tina says:

    I got Taurus, I’m a Scorpio.

  3. I Choose Me says:

    I kinda like it. Somehow it works for me as a two piece.

    • minx says:

      Yeah, I like it too, surprisingly.

    • Amy says:

      I’m on mobile so the picture is smaller and I originally thought that her midriff was a ribbon belt and I liked it like that, but don’t love it as much now I know it’s a two piece.

    • shlockOftheNEw says:

      Neow. No. It’s freezing now, and this piece feels FEELS the wrong season w the drafty waist and diaphanous chiffon. Plus it doesn’t even appear to move easily. Neow. NO.

  4. Bridget says:

    She lost her sense of style when she hooked up with Reedus.

    And I have ZERO desire for a Charles Manson movie and I’m disappointed that Tarantino is making one. The worst thing we can do is give more attention to the monsters out there.

    • Electric Tuba says:

      Oh I agree with you about Manson. Completely 100%.

    • milla says:

      Its not her style its like she lost her personality. She just seems different.

      Manson movies were done. And we do not need more.

    • Ankhel says:

      I have this sneaking suspicion that Tarantino’s famous foot fetish is all but a foil. What he likes the most is violence. Duh, you say, but I mean like-like. As with Woody Allen, it’s all there in his movies if you look for it.

      • Bridget says:

        That’s a pretty strong accusation to say that you think someone gets off on violence. And I can’t agree with you there.

  5. Electric Tuba says:

    Most people do not invite a paid surrogate to any festivities. It’s one thing if your relative is giving you the gift of life through their body because you will forever be connected to the surrogate through your own blood/familial relations.

    The surrogate may not want to attend such a gathering since she will not be in the child’s life after the birth. That is also common.

    They may be purposely establishing boundaries for obvious reasons. The surrogate has been vetted but it’s never wrong to protect yourself from potential mess and harm. (no matter who you are or what public opinion may be)


  6. Scotchy says:

    I got pisces which is my rising sign so I guess it’s kinda right …

  7. Lady D says:

    I’m a Virgo, got pegged as Taurus.

  8. monette says:

    Kaiser, I will teach u how it’s done. I’m a Virgo too and they got it right :p

  9. ab says:

    ha. I’m a sagittarius but they think I’m a cancer. I kind of love how bad this quiz is at guessing accurately.

  10. Sam says:

    Scorpio and I got Scorpio

  11. Susan says:

    It actually is all one piece with illusion netting!

  12. wood dragon says:

    Interesting factoid about the da Vinci painting: it’s seller was the Russian oligarch who is so buddy buddy with trump that he bought a Florida mansion from him and hasn’t done a thing with it. (Cough..moneylaundering..cough)

  13. OTHER RENEE says:

    I got Sagittarius and I’m a Taurus.

  14. Monsy says:

    Diane is the living proof that fashion karma is a real thing! 🙈

  15. lightpurple says:

    I am NOT a Sagitarius.

  16. Anare says:

    I got Taurus but I’m a Capricorn

  17. DesertReal says:

    Her dress looks like something from a project runway unconventional materials challenge.

    And as far as KK is concerned, I’m not sure how this is a thing as most people would never ever invite a surrogate to a baby shower.

  18. A Fan says:

    Diane Kruger looks good here. The dress is flattering on her. Her hair looks better than usual. She would look much, much better with bangs – or at least styled the same as in these pictures (side part, swept down). Her hairline is very high and bangs would be so much more flattering.

    [*All in all though, Kruger has lost her mojo.*]

  19. Yezzz says:

    Well our culture is in the grips of a Manson- and that’s Putin the pimp/sociopathic killer, with donny as his glorified #1 cult minion. How do we unravel what grips democracy- hence the obsession w how cults form around charismatic but unstable killers.

  20. Beach says:

    It’s not all that unfortunate looking.

  21. Deedee says:

    It reminds me of pink cupcakes. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing.