Nicole Kidman in Olivier Theyskens at the AMAs: super-cute or not so much?

2017 American Music (AMA) Awards

The American Music Awards were last night and everything about them was totally overkill. I could tell by how few people were tweeting about it that no one really cared about the red carpet, and only barely cared about some of the performances. Granted, I’m sure a lot of kids cared. But the few over-30 people on the red carpet were treated like circus freaks, and it wasn’t much better inside the AMAs. Keith Urban picked up three country music awards and they only let him make one speech, because that’s how little the AMAs care about country music. Still, Nicole Kidman and Keith came out for the show and it was probably their date night. Nicole wore this rock ‘n roll look from Olivier Theyskens which I actually don’t hate at all (this looked great in motion). But Keith’s face, you guys. It’s a MESS.

2017 American Music (AMA) Awards

Ciara in Alexandre Vauthier, perfectly rock ‘n roll. This is a great “wet look” hairstyle too.

2017 American Music (AMA) Awards

This is a bad “wet look” hairstyle on Jenna Dewan-Tatum. I’m also not crazy about her Julien Macdonald dress, but my qualms are mostly about this beigey gold shade which does nothing for her. Her body looks amazeballs.

2017 American Music (AMA) Awards

Kathryn Hahn in Greta Constantine. Imagine this look in a deep blood red and without bangs. So much better, right?

2017 American Music (AMA) Awards

The presence of certain presenters made me think that the AMAs had an amazing gifting suite for presenters. Either that or stars of ABC shows are contractually obligated to show up for certain events which air on ABC. Viola Davis introduced a segment on the 25th anniversary of The Bodyguard. She looked amazing in Michael Kors.

American Music Awards 2017 Press Room

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. ell says:

    i like both ciara and nicole’s dresses, ciara in particular looks gorgeous.

    • boredblond says:

      Agree..both had a r&r feel that fit them perfectly.

    • V4Real says:

      But what the hell is Keith wearing? I like Nicole’s dress.

      Ciara is everything on top of everything great outfit, great body and beautiful face.

      • Sensible says:

        Yeah the see through shirt on Keith is hilarious. These two seem to take themselves super seriously, which just makes it even funnier. I am always surprised when Nicole isn’t in puffy sleeves with a peter pan collar and a pair of Mary Janes. They both look like they have been hitting the botox hard too.

  2. happyoften says:

    Viola Davis is everything.

  3. Beth says:

    Why do there have to be so many award shows? It’s like they all get dressed up to get a pat on the back and a new trophy every single night

    • FishBeard says:

      Tbh if I was a celebrity I would be super stoked to get dressed up and attend award shows all the time

    • AnnaKist says:

      These events are the celebrity equivalent of children’s participation awards. I gave up watching any of them a lifetime ago, but I get that lots of people love looking at the outfits, hair, makeup, entertainment and, oh yeah, seeing who receives an award. I’m not into any of that stuff and don’t even know who most “celebrities” are. The gossip is good, though!

  4. MMC says:

    Was The Bodyguard that great of a movie it needed an anniversary celebration? No snark, I just don’t get it, especially if they are trying to capture the under 30 crowd, since most would have been toddlers, if that, when it came out.

    • Ankhel says:

      I never think about that movie, and I did see it. Very odd choice, IMO.

    • Louise177 says:

      Since it’s a music awards show, I think they were honoring the soundtrack not the movie. And probably Whitney Houston. I think it’s one of the biggest selling if not the best selling soundtrack.

  5. jes says:

    keith…hmm…..what ave you done? was he attractive w his original face?

    i have a soft spot for kathryn, I thought she looked quirky and cute bangs and all

  6. Jayna says:

    They all look amazing.

  7. Ankhel says:

    I think Kathryn Hahn’s yellow dress looks rich and elegant, and I like her bangs…

  8. Monica says:

    jenna makes me happy i started my diet today lol

  9. AV says:

    I hate to disagree, but Kathryn Hahn could not look better. I LOVE that color (in general, and on her specifically) and I’m a very big fan of bangs. She looks gorgeous!

  10. babu says:

    On the little black dress and boots combo, Nicole is my winner.