Time’s People of the Year are ‘The Silence Breakers,’ victims who have spoken out

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As soon as Time Magazine released their shortlist for Person of the Year, I knew who the POTY would be. It could really only be one person, or one group of people in this, Sex Predatorgate 2017. Time Magazine has labeled them The Silence Breakers: the women and men who have been abused and harassed and assaulted and raped, and who decided to tell their stories publicly, to call out their abusers in the public forum. This is the biggest story of the year, and it was the only appropriate choice.

My only qualm is who Time Magazine chose for the cover: Ashley Judd and Taylor Swift? Ashley was one of the few women willing to go on the record about Harvey Weinstein at first, so I get it. Taylor Swift took her assailant – a popular radio personality who sued her first – and she won. I understand why both women are being recognized, for sure. But on the cover? Eh. You can read Time’s POTY coverage here – Time did a good thing, which was expanding the reality of sexual harassment, abuse and assault beyond Hollywood. They profiled victims in other industries and reflect on the massive cultural change around discussions of harassment and abuse just in the past year. Time did interviews with many women – across many industries – about what happened to them. Time did an interview with Taylor Swift, which you can read here. Here’s one small slice:

In an interview with TIME, Swift says that moment on the stand fueled her indignation. “I figured that if he would be brazen enough to assault me under these risky circumstances,” she says, “imagine what he might do to a vulnerable, young artist if given the chance.” Like the five women gathered at that echoing soundstage in San Francisco, and like all of the dozens, then hundreds, then millions of women who came forward with their own stories of harassment, she was done feeling intimidated. Actors and writers and journalists and dishwashers and fruit pickers alike: they’d had enough. What had manifested as shame exploded into outrage. Fear became fury.

What I like about Time’s piece is that they aren’t limiting it to actresses, celebrities and some token service workers. They actually expand the story to the world of politics and media, and how many predators have been “outed” in those fields, to mixed results. I mean, Roy Moore is still likely going to win that Senate seat. Donald Trump is still president. This year hasn’t been entirely inspirational, you know.

Other “runners-up” for Time’s POTY include: Donald Trump, Robert Mueller, Patty Jenkins and yes, Colin Kaepernick.

Cover courtesy of Time Magazine.

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  1. WombatNation says:

    And yet she’s been silent on the issue as a whole.

    • Jen says:

      That’s what I thought too…I understand including her in the coverage and applaud her for holding that DJ accountable, but I would’ve thought Rose McGowan if they were looking for another famous face.

    • Char says:

      Taylor Swift only cares when it happens to her or benefits her.

      • V4Real says:

        Agreed, she doesn’t belong there. Rose belong there. And what is happening with her looks lately. Two bad mag covers back to back.

      • Miles says:

        I seem to remember Taylor donating money to Kesha’s trial and donating money to victims of sexual assault after her trial. But yea she only cares about herself.

      • belle says:

        @ Miles, you just convinced me that she belongs on this list/cover. Talyor and I am not a fan, has been involved in this way before it became the biggest news story in 2017. Whatever degree of her assault, she DID speak up and she has helped others along the way. Perhaps she is not as vocal as others currently but she was brave, and I believe she didn’t even want any money from her win.

        Rose DESERVES to be there but doesn’t mean TALYOR should not have been featured.

      • Natalia says:

        Agreed. Don’t like her at all. Never have. Phony, phony, phony. Won’t come out, treats her friends like dirt, writes stupid songs dissing people. Nah. Why not Rose McGowan? (Maybe she declined to have her photo on the cover?)

      • MI6 says:

        Agree. And where’s Terry Crews?

      • Jabberwocky says:

        It’s a bit ridiculous in so many ways. It’s important to draw attention to women whose lives and professional careers were harmed and destroyed, women who are voiceless.

        Making a girl whose complaint about someone touching her butt for a second or two led to her receiving MORE good attention the face of this particular movement is silly.

        When Time’s POTY is “Rich White Women whose Fame and Fortunes Were in No Way Harmed and Perhaps Enhanced by Harassment”, then put Swift on.

    • runcmc says:

      Wow, good point. She’s busy promoting her album and was on the forefront when it came to her own assault, but has she spoken out/supported other victims? Real question, I don’t recall having seen her stand up for them.

      I’m also annoyed that Taylor Swift was on the cover. I think Rose McGowan deserved to be sitting there proudly.

      • third ginger says:

        Wonderful choice for person of the year, but Swift over McGowen is a bid for publicity, of course. And in the end, if it helps, that is not bad. But Swift viewed as some kind of crusader? No way.

      • Eribra says:

        I seem to remember Swift donating to Kesha’s legal fund but I do think McGowan should be on this cover

    • Cristina Mauro says:

      I agree with the use of Taylor Swift because she has a conservative fan base and it makes the issue seem more bi-partisan on both a political and cultural level.

      • Hoopjumper says:

        Good point. Also, as Eribra said, she supported Kesha.

      • Bex says:

        In her defence (and I am usually no Taylor Swift apologist), in her statement after the trial she acknowledged her privilege in being able to counter sue, expressed solidarity with all victims and especially those not in a position to get justice, and donated to several sexual assault organisations. It wasn’t all about her at all. I definitely don’t agree with her apolitical stance elsewhere and don’t think she’s any sort of activist, but I also don’t think that her conduct in this particular matter can be framed as selfish or self absorbed in any way.

      • Annabelle Bronstein says:

        Not only that but she has a much younger fan base than the other victims. If she helps one young girl realize that it’s not ok to be touched without consent, then all the better. Way to go Time.

      • Josie says:

        I understand why Taylor is on the cover, because she’s high profile but IMO she doesn’t deserve to be.

        IIRC the reason she took that guy to court was because he sued her, as he was fired over the incident (after a complaint was made to the radio station) and she countersued, and the case has been going on for something like 2 yrs.

      • Bex says:

        Josie, that initial report that saw him fired came from Taylor herself.

    • AnnaKist says:

      I’m ambivalent about Ms Swift, but my first thought was, “Hhh? Why is she there?” Nevertheless, I’m going to see if our newsagent has this issue yet. I reckon it’ll be a good read.

    • noway says:

      Wow!!! Just like the other side too many belittle or support the victim or perpetrator based on whether you personally like them. We really are a nation that is cult of personality. This is a big problem!!! Reality is Taylor did something a lot of victims didn’t, wouldn’t or most likely couldn’t do, and she won. Sure her money and fame made it happen, but still she did it. Her motives shouldn’t be a factor, as it shouldn’t be for any of the other victims. Now as for why Rose McGowan isn’t on the cover, maybe she didn’t want to or couldn’t make the photo shoot. They could have also decided not to use her, but used Taylor because young women will recognize her more. They did recognize Rose and all the others in the article. It’s the idea that is important. I knew this was going to be an issue with the gossip crowd, because you want your perfect victim, and it made me sad. Women not supporting other women is not helping the matter, and is part of the reason we have a serial harasser and abuser as President. Think about it the #metoo survivor is person of the year, this is a lot of women and some men and historic but your first comment is on Taylor on the cover. Yes that will progress us a lot. I’m seriously sad and worried more for our future if the woman can’t even progress.

      • Kealeen says:

        Taylor tried to silence a female blogger who dared to criticize her, but sure, we’re the deplorables responsible for Trump because we engage in CONSTRUCTIVE criticism about other women. There is no perfect victim, but most of the criticism of Taylor has nothing to do with the validity of her trauma in her own experience with harassment/assault.

      • wtf says:

        No. The Alt-right and the basket of deplorables are the reason that Trump is president. This would be the same Alt-RIght that declares her their Aryan princess and that she refuses to denounce.
        I don’t care what she does or doesn’t say about sexual harassment. Her behavior is reprehensible and I don’t want to hear about how anyone that doesn’t applaud her BS is the problem. If a Nazi supports equal pay for women, that doesn’t mean we don’t still hold them accountable for being a Nazi.

      • Mel says:

        Her lawyers have actually sent the same cease and desist letter to the white supremacists, telling them to stop piggybacking her.

    • magnoliarose says:

      As a business decision, it makes sense. In the bigger picture, it does too because I want young girls to pick up the magazine and read and learn. If it helps a little girl in Kentucky grow up one day and say I refuse to be a “hashtag me too” so Eff off creep and kick some guy in the crotch I am for it.
      Merit for the cause is a No but to reach a wider demographic then Yes.

    • Louise177 says:

      I’m baffled why Taylor is on the cover too. She’s been very silent. Although she reported the dj when it happened, it only came out because the dj sued her. Taylor wouldn’t have said anything. Kesha’s mom told about the donation. I don’t think Taylor gave any public support. And she hasn’t said a thing the last few months when the stories broke. When something directly happens to her Taylor is vocal for five seconds then forgets about it. Unless she hates you.

    • holly hobby says:

      She’s on the cover because Time is banking on her fans to buy the magazine and she has something to promote. All reasons motivated by money.

    • librakitty says:

      I think the biggest travesty is that people are more focused on who’s on the cover and not what the cover represents. Taylor, no Taylor, who gives af? It represents something greater.

      • Aish says:

        It has become a matter of debate because this cover features her as a voice who lead the movement…something she has no connection to. Her presence is an anomaly. Furthermore, it should have gone to a man or a trans-woman. Men are raped much more in this country because of the jails. She counter-sued and is getting traction out of her victory for all the wrong reasons.

  2. minx says:

    Hope Trump takes note….and sees that Robert Mueller is a runner up, too. Heh.

    • Maya says:

      Mueller will be the person of the year (global) next year..

    • lightpurple says:

      He’s busy fantasizing about his wall this morning. Meanwhile, in yet another pathetic attempt to exploit her kids to distract from the news that indictments are pending against pretty much her entire adult family, Princess Nagini posted a picture of them crawling under her long dress (worn with a hideous pair of shoes) that she labeled “Peak-a-boo!” Orange Voldy really needs to ask for a refund on all that money he spent on her fake degree.

    • AnnaKist says:

      I’m not American, but, fingers crossed!

    • Shambles says:

      It makes me really happy that in this crazy, dumpster-fire-ass year, President Pussygrabber has to live with the knowledge that he lost POTY to female sexual assault victims.

    • tealily says:

      I love that Trump tried to act like he precluded himself from Person of the Year, only to be announced as a member of the shortlist and then defeated by this bunch. Dude, you are a loser and we all know it.

    • magnoliarose says:

      I think we are now at the point where he is continuously trolled. You know Time knew precisely what they were doing, and I love it. Troll 45 all day and night until his orange head explodes.

  3. Maya says:

    Well done Time – small snowflakes like these will bring a big avalanche.

    Why is Rose M not on the cover? She has been trying for decades to get those criminals to answer for their crimes.

    • milla says:

      Maybe she did not want to be? She was under a loooot of pressure. This was hard year for her. It is hee victory, but she paid a huge price.

      The only reason i get why Swift is there is cos after her trial, it was clear that sth is happening.

    • Wilma says:

      I’m not sure I would have put Swift on the cover, but I wouldn’t select someone like Rose McGowan who has defended Victor Salva (child molester).

      • Kitten says:

        Yeah but like it or not, she was the one who broke the dam on this issue. She got the ball rolling and regardless of her defense of Victor Silva, she unequivocally played a big part in the takedown of Weinstein.

      • Wilma says:

        But she didn’t. She wasn’t interviewed for the NY Times or NY mag exposé and she declined to comment at first. She reacted only when Ben Affleck said he hadn’t known. But given her handling of a similar situation with Victor Salva was worse.

        Even after being assaulted herself she said this when asked about working with a convicted sex offender (convicted for sexually molesting a 12-year-old and possession of child pornography):

        ‘Yeah, I still don’t really understand the whole story or history there, and I’d rather not, because it’s not really my business. But he’s an incredibly sweet and gentle man, lovely to his crew, and a very hard worker.’

      • Kitten says:

        Meh. The specific details are fairly unimportant when you consider McGowan will be inexorably linked to Weinstein’s assaults for all of eternity. She won’t be known as an actress or for her career, she’ll largely be known as one of Weinstein’s most veracious accusers.
        She was the first relatively well-known actress to add her name to the list and subsequently went balls-to-the-wall publicly attacking him. It was a brave thing to do IMO.

        Again, you people really need to stop with the perfect victim stuff. Regardless of her defense of Silva, her contribution to outing Weinstein was incredibly important and impactful. Rose is a fallible and flawed person as are most of us but that does not negate her lasting influence on the Weinstein scandal.

      • Wurstfingers says:

        I think Ronan Farrow told at some point that in his first exposé the person who got on the record but had to drop out was indeed Rose McGowen?

      • Wilma says:

        Don’t need a perfect victim. This does not change anything about her credibility as a victim.
        Would like people who are great allies though. This just doesn’t make her a conscientious ally who will fight for the right thing even when it doesn’t involve her.

      • Kitten says:

        She spoke up at least partially because she saw that the first four women were being disbelieved–that, and probably many other reasons like ‘safety in numbers’ and the catharsis that can come with sharing a personal story. But even then, I just don’t think what motivated her to come forward matters in the end. What matters is that she DID come forward. She added her name and her face to the list and helped to raise the profile of the Weinstein scandal.

        Personally, I have only told one of my #metoo stories on this site, under the cloak of anonymity and the safety that comes with it. I applaud any woman who is brave enough to tell her story publicly because I’m too ashamed to share the details of my stories on social media, with people that know me and who I am. And I’m not a public person who risks being disbelieved and worse yet, targeted by MRA types so it’s arguably “safer” for me to come forward among close friends and family. It’s not an easy thing to do and as women, we should always encourage and support that.

        To me, what Rose did in this particular situation was extraordinary and commendable, even if at the end of the day she might not be the best person. Throughout history there have always been people who have made great contributions to our society even while being flawed in their personal lives. It doesn’t eradicate what they’ve done for society IMO.

      • magnoliarose says:

        I think everyone here has learned a lot about sexual abuse and predatory behavior this year. Even people who are socially aware had plenty to learn.
        I say stupid crap here on the daily and next week I probably wouldn’t word what I say the same or would have attempted to be more articulate if I had thought before typing. I type around dashing off and on, so I do my best and fail often.
        We gain understanding if we try and we grow. That is all we can do. No one can take back something we said before we knew better, but we can learn and not repeat our mistakes.
        I refuse to say anything negative about a rape victim in any context on this day. She didn’t commit the crime she just said something wrong.

        Rose’s voice gave the movement legs and perspective, and without her, it would not have gotten this far.

  4. swak says:

    Why is Rose McGowan not on the cover instead of Taylor Swift? I had to look twice to make sure I saw Swift and wasn’t sure why she was on the cover. That being said – Congrats to Time for choosing these strong people as their Person of the Year.

    • Don't kill me I am French says:

      She did a trial to a radio host who sexually harassed her this year

    • minx says:

      It could have been Rose AND Taylor. I have no problem with TS on the cover, if their intent was to mix famous/lesser known women.

    • Stella says:

      I would have loved to see Anthony Rapp or Terry Crews on the cover as well because male victims aren’t usually publicized.

      • Betsy says:

        One never knows if the timing didn’t line up, but yes it would have been nice to see that, too.

      • Hoopjumper says:


      • Kitten says:

        I don’t know…I agree with you in a sense, but I feel like it’s predominantly women who have started this entire movement and it is predominantly women who are affected by workplace harassment as well as sexual assault. Personally, I think seeing only women on the cover is powerful and inspiring. Maybe they could have had two covers–one with men who were victimized and one with women? IDK…

      • woodstock_schulz says:

        On the radio this morning they said Time included Terry Crews in the main article

      • BorderMollie says:

        Oh, that would have been a great idea, especially with the Singer mess looming. Or possibly put a non-famous person, as most victims are not big names but equally deserve to have their stories told nonetheless.

      • Ellie says:

        Terry is also featured in the video, along with another man. I was very glad to see the inclusion as sexual predation affects all genders.

      • magnoliarose says:

        No. I admire and applaud him but this movement was started by women and we are the dominant victim group so this is what we need. I believe this is the beginning of coverage.

      • You Are Not Your Selfie says:

        I agree, Stella. The usual arguement I hear about men only making up a minority of sexual assault victims as a justifacation to all but ignore them is pretty disapointing, especially when you consider that left leaning people are usually all about supporting oppressed minorities.

      • Kitten says:

        Men are “oppressed minorities” now? Nope.

        Also, men are rarely if ever ignored by our society and really, they don’t need to be part of every. f*cking. narrative. For once maybe men can be ok with NOT being lauded as heroes of a movement they did not create, particularly when they are the ones that perpetuate sexual assault against women, and yes, other men. Maybe men can take a back seat and let women lead this time. We are doing this for male victims as well but that doesn’t mean that they need to be the center of the conversation.

      • You Are Not Your Selfie says:

        Strawperson much? I’ll redirect people to my original comments and they can decide.

      • msd says:

        Crews is inside. While it’s important men be included, he was inspired by these women, and this movement is lead by women. Men in Hollywood have still been largely silent, both as victims and allies. I don’t think having one on the cover would have been appropriate right now at all. If men ever get their shit together as a group to help fight patriarchy, then they can make the cover.

        Time picked one person to represent each industry. Ashley stands for the movie industry and that’s fine; she was apparently the first actress to go on record with journalists so it’s appropriate. Rose is inside.

  5. Nicole says:

    Taylor didn’t deserve to be on the cover sorry. Burke or McGowen should’ve gotten that spot. But I’m glad this piece was written and done completely by women from top to bottom

  6. Maria F. says:

    I think it is great that they have chosen this group as POTY, but I wish instead of 5 individuals they would have put more on the cover. Even in a way that you cannot see the individual faces, so that the amount of victims is much more distinct.

    • Samantha says:

      Exactly, that would have been much better. I respected Taylor Swift for the way she didn’t back down, but putting her on the cover and making sure it’s distinctive is quite the publicity stunt. The silence breakers should refer to all the people who stepped forward in a very inclusive way. Having some better known people represent it is not a bad idea, but th cover doesn’t quite capture the idea that person of the year is not specefic in this case.

    • Anguishedcorn says:

      Right, some kind of mosaic made from tiny faces of the tidal wave of women would have been much more appropriate and impactful, IMO.

    • jmacky says:

      that would have been beautiful and effective–the power of many voices united to break a social power bloc. inspirational too for how we must keep doing that with every area of injustice we are dealing with on an hourly base. don’t stop, don’t be indifferent–be brave and you are not alone.

  7. Bex says:

    The optics of Taylor being on a cover entitled ‘The Silence Breakers’ are…interesting, given her silence on other major issues, but I don’t really have an issue with her being in that group. A young girl I know came forward about her own assault back in the summer before everything else started coming out and the #metoo movement gained pace, and she said she did it because Taylor taking the stand had made her want to be brave.

    It might’ve been better just to put far more women on the cover?

    (Also- that DJ still hasn’t paid her that symbolic dollar? Fuck him)

    • Annabelle Bronstein says:

      Taylor Swift’s actions during that trial were brave and honestly were a major reason that I changed my mind about her. She did shine a light on victim blaming that exists, and she has a much younger fan base than many of the other accusers. I think she was a great choice and I applaud TIME for their work in honoring these victims.

      • jwoolman says:

        She also tends to provide financial support without fanfare, in this as in other things.

        If she doesn’t feel comfortable speaking much about it except from her own experience, that’s enough. She’s made it clear that she realizes that if it can happen to her at this stage of her career, it can happen to anybody but those without her resources have a much harder time dealing with it. I’m sure it took some courage for her to go public, though, she started the lawsuit long before #metoo and she had to be reluctant to have this become part of her public image. The whole environment has changed drastically in the past few months.

        I do think a cover filled with women would have been more effective, but they were probably thinking a few better known people with some diversity would be better.

      • Marlene says:

        Exactly. And I think people right now underestimate how much of an ordeal it is to go through a two-year court case as the wrongfully accused, regardless of what the case is actually about. It would have been so much easier, faster and cheaper for Swift to just pay off that guy and make the case go away. I don’t know if it’s a precedent, but right now I can’t think of other A++-listers who have fought back like this, just as a matter of principle?

    • magnoliarose says:

      That is my point. Since TS’ base is conservative, those girls probably don’t have feminist mothers or environments where this is openly discussed. Maybe her face will make some of those fools in Alabama think again about voting for the pedophile.

    • magnoliarose says:

      When I clicked on the link and heard the voices I cried. It is bittersweet.

    • Jessica says:

      A lot of celebrities are silent on a lot of different issues. I’m glad Taylor stood up for sexual harassment.

  8. OriginalLala says:

    I’m choosing to not nit pick about Taylor but I am so happy this was Time’s decision.

    What timing… In Canada, Dec 6th is The National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women, because on Dec 6th 1989 a man walked into a university in Montreal, separated the women from the men and killed 14 women, just because they were women. This was also the deadliest mass shooting in Canada’s history.

    Not going to lie, I cried when I saw the Time cover.

  9. Wren33 says:

    I had totally forgotten about the Taylor Swift trial – which I think has less to do with the seriousness and impact at the time, but how this whole tidal wave has been crazy, combined with the craziness of everything else happening in the world.

  10. Jussie says:

    That photo they took of Rose McGowan would have been a much better cover. Her face says it all.

  11. Alix says:

    Called it!

    I think Swifty got the cover because of her successful lawsuit, but McGowan should’ve been there, too — front and center.

  12. Louisa says:

    Is it a fold-out cover? Because, what’s with the elbow on the bottom right corner?
    Anyway, very glad this was the winner.

  13. boredblond says:

    Not surprised at all..only sorry they chose not to include one of the many trump accusers on the cover.

  14. sus says:

    I get that most of you really don’t like Taylor, but debating whether someone “deserves” to be on this particular cover can easily turn into whether that person is a good enough or deserving enough victim.

    • DiligentDiva says:

      It’s not about her not being a victim, she clearly was. The problem is Taylor Swift hasn’t spoken out, Times is claiming “the silence breakers” Taylor Swift wasn’t one of those. They put her on but not women like Rose McGowan who literally has been arrested on trumped up charges, and has all kinds of things thrown at her by hollywood executives for speaking out.
      Hell why not Terry Crews, he’s been so active in speaking out against what they’ve done to him. It just doesn’t fit with the message they were projecting.

      • lightpurple says:

        She spoke out when she counter-sued. Lawsuits are public and they are the avenue by which the vast majority of us must address these acts against us. I can’t stand the woman but she used the tools that are available for all us that so very few of us access or know how to access.

      • Sonya says:

        “Taylor Swift hasn’t spoken out”

        She spoke out years ago when the DJ groped her and she told his bosses and he was fired. She further spoke out when he sued her for ruining his dumb life.

      • DiligentDiva says:

        I’m talking about speaking out against sexual harassment and violence in general. Yes she reported, but that’s not speaking out. She’s silent on everything, only ever speaking when it benefits her. In the past couple of months (when her album just dropped, she could have given an interview) she didn’t give any support to her fellow victims. She easily could have.

      • sus says:

        So what you’re saying is that only women who speak out about sexual harassment in the way you deem correct should get any acknowledgement? It is actually okay for a woman to only speak about her own experiences if that is what she is comfortable with.

      • Otaku fairy says:

        I agree with the criticism of her…feminism…. and the way she’s handled the election and white supremacists, but I’m not bothered by her getting on this this cover, for the reasons already mentioned here. There are preteen girls who collect magazines with their faves on the covers and will read this at least partially because she’s involved.

    • Izzie the other says:

      I see what you mean. But Taylor’s feminism has been problematic, at best. I think the public have a right to hold her to task. You don’t just conveniently get to be a feminist only when it suits you and only you. It would have been nice if she had been more political through her voice or her music, which her other contemporaries (Like Beyonce and Katy Perry) have tried to do. She is a woman who won’t openly say “F racism” ( which BTW ties hand in hand with feminism in this world) but expects to be lauded as some brave revolutionary?

      • Lightpurple says:

        I agree that her “feminism” is problematic but the issue here isn’t feminism, it is abuse and women and men across all areas are victims of abuse. She fought back

      • Hikaru says:

        You don’t have to be a feminist to be a victim of violence, deserve to stand up for yourself, deserve to speak up or deserve to be listened to.

        All women, literally all, deserve to be safe from sexual assault.

      • Wurstfingers says:

        @Hiraku: Thank you!

    • Kitten says:

      Completely agree with you and thank you for saying it.

    • FHmom says:

      Well said. She didn’t need to put herself and her mom through this trial, but she did. It started an important conversation and she earned a cover spot.

    • magnoliarose says:

      Taylor has an audience who could use some support and girls sometimes forget boys shouldn’t touch them and that they don’t have to laugh to make everyone else feel comfortable. I want ALL girls to get the message.

  15. grabbyhands says:

    WHY Taylor Swift??? Why not Rose McGowan? Or literally any other woman who has been part of this?

    Taylor Swift stood up for HERSELF and no one else, as she always does.

    • monette says:

      Exactly! She did it because the motherf**** sued her! Let’s not give her credit for something she is not.
      Princess White Supremacist

      • Annetommy says:

        Really? You are calling Swift a female version of Steve Bannon? Massive hyperbole. Where on the cover is the Spacey whistleblower? A man.

    • STRIPE says:

      Sooooo because she didn’t act before (as many others did not) or as you think she should have, she is not a “good enough” victim? Got it.

  16. monette says:

    Wtf?? This should have been Rose’s cover!
    I’m so pissed right now.
    Taylor Apolitical White Supremacist Princess Swift?
    Ok, put her in the article, not the cover.
    I’m going to go scream in a bottle.

    • magnoliarose says:

      The white supremacy thing is a problem. I admit that totally. But if we just think that maybe this helps a 12 year old girl speak up then we can withstand it.
      Next week we can kick her butt again. lol

      • Cranberry says:

        This is the problem with always having to spoon feed the little kiddies. Their idols always get far more credit than they deserve. They grow up in a celebrity-hero culture where they only recognize progress if it’s credited to their identity-hero further validating the mass amounts of $$ they’ve spent on their icon of capitalism.

  17. Izzie the other says:

    Taylor being on the cover does make sense but I’m still slightly uneasy about it. What about ANITA HILL, who was slaughtered by Democrats and Republicans equally. I would have like her to be heard in this conversation. It’s about damn time we revisit that assault in the current climate we are in. Taylor is far too apolitical to be on the cover.

    • jwoolman says:

      I’m sure they chose her partly because she is considered apolitical, to show that this is a problem that affects all women.

      I wouldn’t characterize very many of the accusers as “political”, anyway. They have all different political views and attitudes. They simply reached the point where they felt they needed to come forward and name names and tell their stories.

      I really don’t understand the argument that Swift isn’t a good enough feminist to be on the cover. I don’t care how she feels about that word or what other people who embrace it think about her. This issue transcends such conflicts. It is not about the labels you choose to wear or your personal agendas. Trying to make it that way just pushes many women back into silence.

    • Jessica says:

      It’s 2017; they aren’t going to give it to someone for something that happened over 20 years ago.

  18. DiligentDiva says:

    You know I’m glad Taylor Swift won, I’m so glad she won but on the freaking cover????????? Really? Of all the women to choose from, they choose her? On the cover? She didn’t publicly speak out, she never publicly shared her support for her fellow victims. Why does she get to be on the cover?
    God I was so happy Times did this, but now… it’s obvious why they put her on. Cause god forbid they not have a celebrity on the cover. It might not sell.

  19. sus says:

    See, it’s already happening so much. You don’t think she’s a perfect enough victim to “deserve” to be on the cover.

    • Electric Tuba says:

      Eh I don’t know about that. We believe her. We supported her going to trial and what she said on the stand. This sounds more like people want to hear from those who are trying to help others in general.

      At the end of the day people think she is an a hole but still supported her nailing that turd to the wall in court. It’s that gray area we are all mucking about in.

      • Lightpurple says:

        When you go to court and prevail at trial, you set a legal precedent that others can cite and rely upon when bringing their own cases for years, sometimes decades, later until the law is changed.

    • Ellie says:

      If Taylor spoke out more then she’s making it about herself, too. If she donates $, it’s a token gesture. If she stands up for herself and countersues, people are pissed that the harasser sued first. Ms. Swift cannot win around here. For my part, I was extremely grateful that she handled her case the way she did. Countersuing for $1, testifying so baldly. Like her or not, she is a role model and young girls watched and learned.

  20. hmmm says:

    On Morning Joe, they identified everyone except the “strawberry picker”. Does she not have a name?

    • Alyce says:

      Did Time leave it out? If so, it might have been at her request. They also didn’t show faces if the victim requested anonymity.

  21. lucy2 says:

    I agree they should have included Rose instead, but let’s be honest why they made that choice, a cover with Taylor is going to sell more copies and get more media attention than a cover with Rose.

    Either way, I’m glad this is the POTY they selected. Everyone who has stood up for this is brave, and changing society for the better.

  22. Electric Tuba says:

    Yeah they misspelled Terry Crews and Rose McGowan as Taylor Swift. Other than that I guess this is a good start as far as magazine covers that don’t really amount to anything go.

  23. Iknowwhatboyslike says:

    I wonder if the DJ hadn’t sued her, would Taylor have done anything about him sexually assaulting her? I was put off more about Taylor being on the cover than Ashley. Ashley seems like she chose to spoke out because she wants to advocate for women and stop the abuse of others. Taylor broke her silence as a defense against the DJ. She spoke up for herself, and hasn’t for others. Asia Argento and Rose McGowan should have been on the cover.

    That being said, I’m so glad Time chose these brave women.

    • Miles says:

      Who are you to tell when a victim should speak out against their abuser? Most victims want it to all go away and never speak of it again. Rose McGowan and Asia literally spent over a decade before calling out their abuser. Taylor had to go through a trial and face her abuser for a whole week while he diminished her abuse. Afterwards she donated a considerable amount of money to victims of sexual assault who are not in her position. So how is it only about herself? Especially when a bunch of young girls look up to her and saw what she did. But yes let’s diminish the abuse of one person because she didn’t act the way you wanted her to.

      • STRIPE says:

        THANK YOU. I know people dont like TSwift but this backlash is just nonsensical to me. Apparently, she’s not a good enough victim because she handled her abuse differently than others did/would have. The cracks in some commenter’s feminism are showing big time today.

    • She DID do something about him sexually assaulting her. That’s WHY he sued her. She reported it, he was fired. I’m not a fan of hers (she’s exhausting to me) but she DID speak out. She reported him. She donated a ton of money to specific causes dealing with this topic. And if she doesn’t fit the role of feminist, should that lessen her experience? I don’t think so. You can feel any way you like about her and her “me first” brand of “feminism” but that doesn’t negate her experience or her reaction.

      • Lightpurple says:

        She used the rules and the tools that are already in place to help us fight back and for that reason alone, yes, she should be included – to show how to fight back. She didn’t create those rules or those standards, they’ve been in place since the 60s, 70s and were shored up in the 90s after Anita Hill; but she used them as we all should. When these things happen to us, we are isolated and when we fight back, we are fighting for our own bodies, our own safety, our own jobs, and that’s what goes into those courtrooms. The average person has to fight using the rules, she can’t “speak out” via press conference. And Taylor showed that the rules work.

      • Kitten says:

        Agree with both of you.

      • Absolutely, Lightpurple.

      • magnoliarose says:


    • Lightpurple says:

      She did something immediately. She had the incident reported & the employer took action & fired the guy.

    • Sonya says:

      “would Taylor have done anything about him sexually assaulting her”

      Uhhhhhhhhhhhh she immediately told his bosses which is how he got fired in the first place. What the fuck?

  24. Tiffany says:

    Swifty being on the cover takes away the impact. This choice was a fail on Time Magazine. Then again, the Koch Brothers are majority owners now so….

  25. adastraperaspera says:

    Wow! I wish my mother could have lived long enough to see this. Makes me feel very emotional… It is wonderful to see these women come together to expose abuse. I am sorry they had to suffer such cruelty.

    I’m fine with Taylor and other celebs featured. The abuse is carried out in private, and is very isolating. The best antidote is a public explosion of truth telling and enforcement of laws to punish perpetrators. Swift has over 85 million Twitter followers, for instance. Some percentage of those fans have undoubtedly been abused, and/or they know someone who has. This is about not feeling alone anymore.

  26. monette says:

    And where are the men silence breakers? Like Terry Crews and Anthony Rapp.
    But I guess they don’t sell magazines like Pincess Snake does.

  27. Miles says:

    How about instead of asking why Taylor was on the cover, you guys ask why Rose wasn’t? You can have both.

    Saying that Taylor doesn’t deserve to be on the cover undermines her own experience with assault. Whether you like it or not, Taylor Swift took that DJ to task. And do we not forget the things she said to him during the trail and her actions afterwards in terms of donating a considerable amount of money to victims of sexual assault.

  28. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    I’m miffed they chose Judd and Swift. They had MANY better choices to cloak in black and be the cumulative face of change. These two are attention-seeking and do nothing for the cause imo.

    • jwoolman says:

      I can imagine tons of people just didn’t want their faces on a magazine cover. I wouldn’t. It’s also possible Rose didn’t really want the cover either for various reasons, Farrow says she backed out of his article. She has other things to worry about.

      People also may have problems with being on the cover (or inside the magazine) because it could jeopardize any court cases now or in future. Swift herself probably needed to be careful until her case was settled in court and may have agreed not to talk too specifically about him in future. That’s not uncommon, to protect both parties. Bill O’Reilly is in hot water again because he violated such an agreement in one of his settlements.

      Anyway – they chose people who represented women of various ages who also were entirely comfortable being on the cover. That might have been a much smaller pool than folks think.

    • Stavra says:

      I really don’t understand this dismissal of Ashley Judd, or the elevating of Rose McGowan as some patron saint of women. It seems like everyone, including Rose, has forgotten that in the NYT article that broke open this story, Ashley Judd was the only one willing to let her name be used, not Rose. I don’t mean to demean Rose at all, but the truth is she did not start this particular series of events, Ashley Judd (and the NYT reporters and editors) did. That bravery is certainly deserving of a magazine cover, at the very least. I was definitely surprised that Rose was not included, but that could have been her choice. And it doesn’t mean Ashley should not be there as a face–not THE face, just A face–of the massive cultural accounting that she was part of initiating.

      • Jessica says:

        Rose is included she just isn’t on the cover; Ashley Judd should be on the cover because she was the biggest person to come forward to start the domino effect.

  29. OG OhDear says:

    I think having someone like Kesha or Terry Crews on the cover instead of Swift would have been more powerful. Sales are sales, I guess.

    (IMO though this isn’t a bad choice, I would have preferred Colin Kaepernick. However, it probably would have been too controversial in certain circles.)

    • OG OhDear says:

      And I didn’t even know about Tarana Burke, who started the whole thing (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tarana_Burke)!

    • magnoliarose says:

      I don’t think Kesha should have been on the cover. This is about this movement, and she hasn’t been a part of it. This had an impact, and sadly her case didn’t.
      That whole thing needs to be revisited and exposed. The music industry is nasty and even more exploitive than film or modeling.

  30. Eric says:

    So glad Emperor Zero isn’t POTY. He has my vote as POTTY though.
    Mr Mueller is my person of the year. No one on earth has a more difficult job than Mueller. And he’s great at it by trapping clowns who lie, subpoenaed Deutche bank, and connecting all the dots from the dotard to the lowest-level advisor.

  31. monette says:

    If Trump was runner up because his unhinged behavior changed the presidency, why didn’t they choose Harvey Weinstein for the cover or a runner up?
    Look what HIS unhinged behavior has done. It’s because of him that we get to have all this conversations.
    If you wanna play devil’s advocate, go full trottle, choose Harvey. By this logic he deserves it more than Trump.
    Orange Babyfist is second best at everything. Hahahahaha!

    • magnoliarose says:

      That is the part I love. He can’t say he wasn’t considered. He just wasn’t good enough.

  32. JA says:

    does Taylor need to be included, sure! Should she have made the cover…NO. Time is not above simply wanting to sell units rather than inform and speak for those without a voice. I’m glad the woman who spoke out are listed but disappointed in the cover.

    • jwoolman says:

      Uh… every magazine is trying to sell more copies because that’s what keeps them in business. The more buyers, the more they get from advertisers. They are running a business. Not enough buyers means they can’t continue publishing. And the articles don’t get written or published.

      So of course they are going to choose a cover that they think will maximize sales. Heck, that influences their decision of who to choose as person of the year in the first place. That doesn’t diminish the worth of what they actually put inside the magazine. People rarely buy a magazine just to look at the cover, they open it up and read what is inside. If the cover doesn’t entice them enough, they won’t read the articles.

  33. fes says:

    Why wasn’t Kesha on this cover??

    • Kitten says:

      Because it’s Time’s Person of the YEAR and Kesha’s trial took place in 2016.

      • jwoolman says:

        That’s probably why other people weren’t included such as Anita Hill. They were looking for people especially who spoke out or won court cases in 2017?

    • Wurstfingers says:

      But Kesha spoke out with songs.
      *tries to find a loophole*

  34. Chisey says:

    I get that there are others who have been more active on the issue than Swift, but I don’t think they’d sell as many magazines. I assume the point of this is to spread awareness, and if people who are not particularly aware of the #metoo movement pick up the magazine because she’s on the cover, and read the article because it mentions her, and go on to learn something, then isn’t that a good thing? I get feeling frustrated because it seems like she’s getting credit for a movement she wasn’t really involved in (since her lawsuit was before the hashtag), but I think these things can operate on multiple levels, and more awareness is the ultimate goal.

  35. Monsy says:

    When i think of people that “break the silence” Taylor Swift is not the first to come to mind. She, a self- proclaimed feminist, was notably silent during the 2016 election when a certain s*xual assaulter run for President, unlike many of the women on this issue, that actually took a risk and publicly denounced him. So personally i’d prefer a cover with the likes of Rose Mcgowan, Kesha, Asia Argento and Terry Crows all of them who have been through hell for having the courage to denounce than Taylor Swift.

  36. BJ says:

    It would have been more powerful if they had included Terry or Anthony on the cover.Every week or so I am hearing from men in my life who have been “groped” by men and women.It was unwanted but they still have only discussed their experiences with only a few people because they know it will be dismissed or they will be teased.

  37. Londerland says:

    Taylor Swift was great on the stand in that court case, but it was (to me) a case of the stopped clock being right twice a day – she’s the perpetual victim, and everything is always the other person’s fault.

    It just so happens that in that one instance, it really WAS the other guy’s fault.

  38. QueenB says:

    I understand the need for famous faces to sell your newspaper and for some people to identify more closely with the stories but personally I would have liked a more faceless cover. Its not about those invidiual women and with a lot of them you can find that their feminism is very lackluster. Or even being actively anti woman.

    The point of this movement is about how widespread that is and not about a couple of famous ladies. They could have been included in the cover story but the cover should be more about that its about all and everday women. Just like the empty chair in the Cosby cover was powerful.

    • jwoolman says:

      And it also isn’t about being accepted by the Orthodox as a feminist. This is not about that. All women are affected. And the women who have stepped forward reflect that diversity. Making it about feminist credentials even a little bit is a major mistake. That pushes people away rather than encouraging them to speak out.

  39. Bliss 51 says:

    Rose McGowan had the fortitude and commitment to speak up over time. She took the hits and risks and yet, she persisted. She should have been front and center on the cover along w/ Anita Hill. And talk about hits, https://www.newyorker.com/news/news-desk/anita-hill-on-weinstein-trump-and-a-watershed-moment-for-sexual-harassment-accusations.

    • Hannah says:

      Keisha also . She spoke out against one of the most powerful music producers in the industry which foreshadowed the whole Weinstein case.

    • magnoliarose says:

      Person of the year. 2017. So they wouldn’t have qualified.

    • Lightpurple says:

      Yes, Rose spoke up for years and she took hard hits for it but one of the points I have tried to make repeatedly is that there were tools to help her. For whatever reason, perhaps she thought she didn’t have evidence or couldn’t handle the thought of a courtroom confrontation or she got bad legal advice, but for whatever reason, she did not avail herself of those tools and so, she went unheeded for years and she suffered harm for years and her assailant went unpunished for years. The award in a retaliation case, which would cover all those hits she took, is punitive and can be triple the amount of actual damages. I am sure she had what were valid reasons for handling things the way she did, but there were other ways that could have helped her and others.

  40. Sherry says:

    Great choice. I think Swift was chosen more for her ability to attract magazine buyers than for her standing up to the DJ (though props to her for doing that!). I wish they’d put Rose McGowen on the cover too.

  41. Hannah says:

    Taylor should be including but giving her the cover is too much. It looks like they only did it to sell issues to her tween stans and it cheapens the whole thing.

    • Hikaru says:

      Those “tween stans” are girls who deal with ever rising rates of sexual harassment at the hands of tween boys and get told to get over it because it’s “no big deal” and “boys will be boys” so it’s actually very appropriate to target them too.

      • Hannah says:

        Sure. And I said no such thing. But maybe you also wanna think about the fact that it was black women who led this movement and risked the most. And then someone like Taylor is put on the cover. It’s white privilege and continued marginalisation of the most vulnerable.

    • Lightpurple says:

      Hannah, have you even looked at the cover? Because the first face I see is that gorgeous black woman right in the front. Only after looking at her do my eyes travel to the other women, with Taylor shoved in back behind a disembodied elbow.

  42. jwoolman says:

    Pursuing a court case against the guy wasn’t publicly speaking out?!?

    • Lightpurple says:

      THIS. This is driving me crazy. I deal with these cases every single day. I try these cases. I win these cases. I sit in courtrooms and listen to these cases. I review company policies on how to prevent such cases from occurring and what to do when one does occur. I go into workplaces and do trainings on what is/isn’t sexual harassment and what a person’s rights are and what steps to take to exercise those rights. I have posted links to federal laws on how a victim can take action on this site. And I am beyond frustrated when I see intelligent women show such minimal understanding on how to fight back. This “speaking out?” Unless it is accompanied by filing a complaint of some sort, whether it be a police report for a physical assault, a report with the employer’s HR department or an EEOC complaint or a civil lawsuit for harassment or gender discrimination, this “speaking out” usually accomplishes very little. The average woman can’t call a press conference and loudly complaining about something in the lunch room doesn’t tend to accomplish much. Yes, a celebrity “speaking out” may call attention or raise awareness to something but unless it too is accompanied by some other action, it doesn’t go beyond that. If someone is “speaking out” for years on something but nothing is happening, it causes me to wonder whether that person used the available tools or why she chose not to do so.

      • Kitten says:

        Thanks for all your informative comments on this thread, LP.

      • Hannah says:

        I feel like a lot of people are misunderstanding why Taylor’s inclusion on the cover is controversial. Please read this.
        “It’s as if America can only care about one injustice at a time, and—once again—white people come first.” MeToo hijacked black women’s work on race and gender equality

      • Miles says:

        Hannah the me too campaign isn’t the person of the year. The person of the year are the people who came out against their abusers. There are people who did that, like Taylor, who didn’t use the me too campaign. So their stories suddenly shouldn’t matter? Also I have no idea why you’re bringing race into it or acting like Time is replacing the woman who started the me too campaign with Taylor when like I said me too wasn’t the person of the year. Also why are you only signaling out Taylor and not the other women who didn’t start the me too campaign for being on the cover?

      • Hannah says:

        Miles did you actually read the article? Why are you being so defensive about race. It’s a fact that nobody gave a shit until white women started coming out against weinstein.So yeah am going to bring up race because it’s relevant. And for me as a POC I reserve the right to bring up race or whatever impacts on my life even if it makes you uncomfortable.

      • Miles says:

        Yea I did read the article which is why I’m asking you what does race have to do with it? You’re the one I have a hard time believing even read anything considering the fact that you think the #MeToo campaign was the person of the year when it wasnt

        I have no qualms about talking about race but I really don’t see how it applies in this particular situation. These women, every single one of them, were abused and at one point in time found the strength to come out against their abuser. But because some of them are white, according to you, that means their experiences are less important and including them in the conversation or highlighting what they overcame show cases white privilege.

        No one wants to highjack the me too campaign. None of these women wanted to be assaulted. Just because someone finally comes out against their abuser doesn’t mean they’re high jacking anything. And if you actually believe people started caring because whites women came out you haven’t paid attention. Sexual assault has been going on for centuries. Weinstein got kicked to the curb because Hollywood was sick of him. If they weren’t all these women you’re demeaning would still be silenced.

      • lightpurple says:

        Hannah, did you actually read my comment before you responded to it?

  43. Kira says:

    Taylor’s inclusion is fine by me, if only for this reason: she is a very powerful influence and model for young women, who are at high risk of sexual harassment and assault. So many of them don’t even identify some behaviors, like groping, as assault (because they are considered “normal”), and generally don’t report assault because of extreme backlash they will face in their school and on social medial. I experienced sexual assault as a young woman, and as an adult, and I wish that I had the same strength and self-conviction to fight against it as a teenager as I did as an adult. (I realize so many women are victims well into adulthood, and I don’t mean to diminish their experience or strength. But I felt particularly vulnerable and ill-equipped to handle assault when young.)
    Young women need a voice they identify with, and look up to, to stand against sexual assault.

  44. Fleurucci says:

    If teens buy it because TS is on it and learn more about standing up to rape culture that would be a good thing
    When I was in highscool the versions of Taylor swift and Ariana grande etc were Britney Christina Jessica Simpson Beyoncé and Pink. Beyoncé is amazing now (because of Lemonade) and Pink was a little bit inspiring already with her uniqueness (the fact that she’s less girly and shy than average, I guess). But there was no pretty pop singer or teen actress or anyone who was young cute popular and famous who stood up to sexual assault in public. (Correct me if im wrong). Britney was slut shamed for cheating on that loser JT. It was very misogynistic. I can only speak for myself but I internalized the patriarchal value that cute and popular girls don’t yell at men in power or complain a lot. When I was groped at age 21 the same way TS describes (deep and from the back) by my male coworker / ex high school acquaintance) I didnt for a second consider telling my boss or the police. I just pretended nothing happened and forgot about it- seriously I didn’t think about it again until TS’ case.
    I think young role models against assault are very important – much more impactful than Ashely Judd or rose McGowan because older women mostly already get it. If we can get teens to understand standing up to rape culture (the fact that it can work and that it’s not humiliating) that will have big impact especially because it seems that from age 12-30 is when us women get the most sexual harrassment and assault (and abduction and worse), so if women around that age are willing and able to report i think a big cultural change is possible.
    Taylor looks pretty here. Cute soft hair and that lipstick really suits her

    • Chickadee says:

      My 15 yr old daughter just emailed her father and I this Time cover story (a first!) so I am completely fine with Time including Taylor on the cover.

  45. 42istheanswer says:

    A perfectly just and brilliant choice for Person of the Year ! Well done on Time’s part !

    As for Taylor Swift (since she is, of course, going to be the focus and bone of contention ^^), may I interject to say that I am slowly but surely growing tired of the terms “haters” and “stans” ? This terminology feels unnecessarily binary. There does not need to be an “either / or” choice here, be it in relation to Ms. Swift or anyone else for that matter.

    One can both applaud Taylor Swift for her decision to countersue the DJ who sexually assaulted her as well as her subsequent donation to charities that take care of victims of sexually-motivated crimes and find her incredibly problematic on a number of other issues. Love and hate are, thankfully, not the only two options when it comes to Taylor Swift (or anybody).

    Did Taylor Swift do a good thing when she countersued and brought further light to the topic of sexual assault and, as such, deserves to be on the cover of Time ? Abso-bloody-lutely.
    Does Taylor Swift do good things when she gives money to charities, visits people in hospital or helps out her fans who reach out to her ? Unquestionably so.
    Is Taylor Swift unspeakably problematic when it comes to politics, given her propensity to embrace any narrative that presents her, a hugely privileged individual, as the innocent victim in conflicts she, more often than not, feeds into and, to a degree, fakes ? You bet she is.
    Is her poetry unfathomably trite and her lyricist talents on par with those of any fourteen-year-old (she can only rhyme vowel sounds for Pete’s sake !) with little to no sense of introspection or instincts for self-criticism? It is, of course, a matter of opinion but mine is a firm and definite yes.
    Can her “cat and mouse” game with her exes, both refusing to name them in the songs she writes about them yet openly encouraging (via the massive publicisation of every single one of her relationships) her fans to guess which song is written about which man, be considered psychologically and emotionally toxic ? A resounding yep.

    Taylor Swift, like any other human being, has good and bad sides. One may reach the conclusion she has more good than bad or more bad than good; both are perfectly great opinions ! But love or hate seem like such strong words to me… She is neither a saint nor the devil. She is a none-too-bright (in my opinion) and self-involved privileged young woman who loves and cherishes the people who love and cherish her. Fair trade-off ^^

  46. Shelllley says:

    Taylor deserves her spot on this cover. She was on the stand, under oath, holding a predator to account in a very straight forward and matter of fact fashion.
    She spoke up. She stood up. She probably gave other everyday people the courage to do the same.

    • tracking says:


    • Lisa K. says:

      The cover states that these women started a movement; she has no place here. She had no choice but to show up in court and give an honest testimony….it would be illegal not to. She hasn’t ever taken a vocal stance on anything of substance. She has used her platform to propagate disturbingly violent imagery and rhetoric regarding various gripes against women. This was a shallow move on Times’ part.

      • lightpurple says:

        She had him reported to management, which got him fired in the first place. She then counter-sued him and won.

  47. SuzyQ says:

    Anita Hill should have her own cover.

  48. Jerusha says:

    Slightly OT, but I just left the Jones’ campaign office and a TV crew from SWITZERLAND(!!!)was there interviewing the campaign leader. Roy Moore’s stink has made it across the Atlantic.

  49. Liz version 700 says:

    I am loathe to defend Taylor (who shall forever be ee-ee-eeee girl to me) but, in terms of her impact, 1000’s of snake emoji tween fans witnessed her stand up for herself and defend her body against unwanted contact. Her motives are most likely all about her, but her impact is still noteworthy. It is ok to be “selfish” and demand your right to own your body space. I can see a place for her on the cover.

  50. Jules says:

    The inclusion of Swift is disgraceful and misguided. She has built her career on violent imagery, slut shaming lyrics, and vapid pettiness. “Better know for what she does on the mattress.” are just a sampling of her grotesque lyrics. She is literally dressed as Katy Perry in her new video-crashing in a car accident. She has never spoken out for anything other than herself.

  51. Miss Melissa says:

    I think Rose was included. She is featured in the interactive pages, and there is an elbow on that cover photo indicating it folds open.

    She is the first face you see, here:


  52. Sarah says:

    Shameless brag: a friend of mine is included in the photo spread and I’m so proud. I really don’t give a hoot who got put on the cover.

  53. Ozogirl says:

    I love this cover, well done Time!

  54. Cranberry says:

    The only reason Swift is on the cover is because she sells magazines. Time would never pass up an opportunity to cash in on all the little Swifties and their parents’ wallets. Even if they’re not the Time’s demographic, I’m sure they’re counting on some level of up tick in sales as opposed to this same cover without her or even with Rose McGowan added.

  55. ms says:

    It was a mistake for TIme to leave out Jamie Dantzcher and Rachel Dahlheimer, the first two gymnasts to bring legal action against the USA Gymnastics/Michigan State doctor who has had over 150 allegations of sexual abuse brought against him in the last year. Their actions began a complete overhaul of not just gymnastics, but the USOC.

  56. allons-y alonso says:

    All of you including the author saying Judd and Swift do not “belong” on the cover: congratulations on being part of the problem. You don’t have to like those women, but you must support them.

  57. msd says:

    The cover is fine. They need to sell magazines. They could have put hundreds of people on the cover, from Anita Hill onwards. I’m just glad they didn’t stick to rich, famous white ladies. I assume inside the magazine will go into more detail and include more people, female and male.

  58. msd says:

    I noted above that Time picked one person to represent each industry for the cover. The only thing that strikes me about Swift’s inclusion (which is fine) is that it underscores how suspiciously quiet the music industry has been compared to the film industry.

    I mean, does anyone think the music industry is any better? I suspect it’s even worse. We should be up to our eyeballs right now in horrible scandals about predatory musicians, producers, and record company executives.

  59. stinky says:

    Is there or is there not a giant hole right in the middle where Rose should be standing(?)
    I don’t get it.
    It really appears there is someone missing.
    Also laughing at Trump’s pure idiocy.

  60. Holly Wouldn't says:

    Why is Alyssa Milano’s picture in there? Did I miss her exposing some producer/director/actor raping or assaulting her?

  61. Trying Again says:

    What is wrong with my comments?

  62. Veronica says:

    Honestly, I’m fine with this cover. Swift isn’t in the forefront of the fight – she’s in the back, dressed down as the other women are, not even immediately recognizable unless you’re giving the cover a good look. That’s a great way to frame it, the idea of misogyny being the great “equalizer” amongst women, something we can’t escape regardless of our racial, class, or economic privileges.