Is Meghan Markle just flat-out homage-ing Carolyn Bessette Kennedy’s style?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle engagement photocall

I’m close in age to Meghan Markle. I feel confident that we have many of the same generational and pop-cultural memories. That’s one of the reasons why I side-eyed Meg when she said she didn’t know much about Harry – most girls who were teenagers in the 1990s have very, very strong memories of Princess Diana and the divorce and that last summer on the yacht with Dodi Fayed. It was all over the American media too, and Diana was a transcendent global figure, an icon of beauty and fashion and humanity and tragedy, even then. Does it follow that Meghan would be royalty-obsessed and quietly stalking the Wales brothers all this time? Of course not. But there’s no need to play dumb about it either.

Anyway, because I feel so confident that Meg and I have similar cultural references, I’m absolutely shocked that this did not occur to me before now: Meghan has been sartorially referencing another iconic ‘90s woman this whole time: Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, the golden girl who married John F. Kennedy Jr. (they died almost almost two years after Diana’s passing). Carolyn’s style was much-copied back then, and her memory still serves as muse to many women, most prominently… Gwyneth Paltrow. Amal Clooney has been trying to homage Carolyn and, weirdly, Jackie Kennedy too. But Amal’s kind of flunked at it because she likes a dash of showgirl sparkle rather than sleek minimalism.

It wasn’t until the Daily Mail pointed out that Meghan has been homage-ing the sh-t out of Vintage Bessette that I put it together. Now I see it: American princesses, Carolyn and Meghan. Both married to/about to marry the golden princes of two of the biggest dynasties in the world. The outfit Meghan wore for her first public event after the engagement announcement is basically an unflattering recreation of the beige skirt/black turtleneck/black boots ensemble that Carolyn wore when she and John-John became super-official. Carolyn loved a menswear-style white blouse paired with anything, and so does Meg. Carolyn loved mid-length and tea-length skirts. So does Meg. Carolyn did the center part and long, straight hair in a perfect blowout. Meg is doing the same. I’m so glad that the Daily Mail – of all f–king outlets – pointed this sh-t out. It’s so obvious, I can’t believe I didn’t see it before. Anyway, I approve of this homage. I hope Meg leans into it even more. She will look awesome in those minimalist styles.

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle visit the Nottingham Academy school in Nottingham, England

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  1. A Croatian says:

    Or… it’s just because all the clothes is appropriate for a “royal”, and/or it’s the 90′s coming back in fashion?

    • i don't know her says:

      agreed. Meghan sartorially referencing Carolyn Bessette Kennedy is a STRONG reach.

      • Misti says:

        It’s not much of a reach.
        Meghan has openly admitted to fangirling CBK.

      • Lahdidahbaby says:

        i have to disagree that it’s a reach. I noted the similarity the other day with Meghan’s tan skirt and black sweater — why? Because I’ll confess that I’m STILL referencing Bessette-Kennedy in my fashion choices. I even continue to wear the tan suede skirt and black merino wool sweater that I bought all those years ago after I saw the pic of Carolyn that Kaiser has posted above. And unlike Meghan, I wear close-to-the-leg knee boots as Bessette-Kennedy did, because I think they are so much more flattering than those awful scrunch boots Meghan wore. I tore that pic of Carolyn (above, in the tan and black ensemble) out of Vogue and still have it in a folder with other looks I consider timeless. Sometimes I wear black boots with it, but generally I favor Carolyn’s brown boots because the rich brown leather has such a beautiful, quality look and avoids the sin of over-matching.

      • curious says:

        Nope, Meghan doesn’t quite hit the nail on the head. It seems to me that Meghan tries to emulate Carolyn but doesn’t quite get the why’s and what not’s.

        Meghan’s white blouse is likely cotton and a slim cut whereas Carolyn’s white blouse is silky silvery and a somewhat more loose cut.

        Carolyn’s pencil skirt is just right. Meghan’s “pencil” skirt makes her look stocky and short and dowdy and it is too tight around the hips and too full below and it doesn’t display one of her strongest features – her legs. The turtleneck is a mistake as it makes Meghan looks as if she had no neck. Notice Carolyn’s jumper with the v-neckline.
        Carolyn’s blonde hair is a nice contrast to that grey-black jumper. Meghan’s black hair has no contrast with her black turtleneck. Meghan’s boots are matchy-matchy with her turtleneck. Whereas Carolyn’s light brown boots and khaki skirt and grey-black jumper are an interesting combination.

        Meghan has no curvy waist / hip. Carolyn didn’t have much waist either because she was pin-thin but that is what she showed off perfectly.

        Meghan does some kind of independent style which does look nice on her. But she ain’t no fashion icon and I doubt she will become one.

      • Bella Dupont says:


        meh. A mostly subjective assessment. they both look equally dowdy. Caroline’s outfit looks like what an elderly librarian would wear. Her white shirt looks very, very untidy and frumpy to me.

        Meghan may have got away with that homage outfit if she had chosen a simpler shaped boot, so as not to compete with the busy ruffles of her lower skirt. I love the turtle neck on her. Her white shirt in the bottom picture looks just as frumpy and meh as Carolines does.

        Both very, very average dressers in my opinion. Their charm derives more from personality and good looks than from any genius fashion choices.

    • Beth says:

      Agree. Now that she’s becoming royal, she might have to dress more appropriate and proper for a while. Her ripped jeans might have to put away for now, but she looks great dressed either way

    • HeidiM says:

      What ever she’s doing she’s looked appropriate and put together so far. And not a peek at her drawers or lack there of so far. Meg FTW.

    • MissMarierose says:

      And/or those outfits never went out of style. Each of those outfits in that comparison is pretty generic. Who here doesn’t own at least a couple of those items (albeit not as expensive as the ones they are wearing)? I know I have a boyfriend cut white oxford, a black sweater, a tan coat, and several black jackets. Those are just basics, tbh.

      • Sophia's Side eye says:

        That is like a look at my mother’s 1970s fashion wear for me. Caroline had great style because it was classic with clean lines.

      • perplexed says:

        Caroline wore her clothes well. She might not have invented what she wore, but she definitely wore them better than other people do. And that’s usually what sets fashionable people apart. I can pick out the same items, but I know I won’t look as good because I don’t have whatever it is that she had that made everything look awesome.

      • Starfish says:

        Sigh. Still upset about losing John Jr and Carolyn. I wonder what they would have gone on to do with their lives. I’m a big fan of both Carolyn and Meghan, I think they both have incredible style and tend to go for classic timeless style. I can’t wait to see Meghan’s dress!

      • bcgirl says:

        @starfish me too.
        As far as what they would have gone on to do with their lives…John was angling toward a Senate seat around that time and so many said if he wanted the white house he could have walked in and sat down. I’ve been really wondering if now would have been his time, if things went that way for him politically. Things would have been different, eh?!

        My favorite description of Carolyn was from Rob Littell’s book. He described the moment he met Carolyn, and John’s description of her. They talked about her otherworldly vibrance, I wish I could remember the words. But John said to Rob, “I know! Isn’t it WILD?” referring to her, (for lack of better description), magnetism. And this coming from John Jr! Everyone who saw him (including myself) was changed forever by experiencing that crazy aura he possessed. And here he was, in awe of her.

        2 bright lights extinguished far too soon. I’ll jump into any post with her name attached.

        And yes I noticed that tan skirt combo on Markle right away, no question.

      • Margaret says:

        Yes, I tend to think they just like/liked the same sort of classic clothes. These choices are minimalist and timeless and scream “professional” to me. I have been wearing the same sort of thing since the 1970s, and I wore them all those years because I liked them and they were appropriate for my work, not because I was copying anyone else who wore them.

    • Sabrine says:

      Well, so what. It’s a compliment, not a thing wrong with it.

    • Katie says:

      If she is copying Bessette’s style, she’s chosen a suitable role model. Sadly, she will also run out of outfits after about 6 more appearances.

      • NJBeachGirl says:

        The problem is that Carolyn BK was about 6 feet tall and thin as a rail, built a lot more like Kate. Meghan is, what? 5ft4 inches tops, and is curvy, with no waist, boxy midsection and great legs.
        Meghan should dress for Meghan’s body, and I hope she gets a stylist in the beginning to help her dress well. Cause, honestly, once they take away any choice in what she does and what she says, her clothes, like kate’s, will probably be all we have to talk about.

    • Allthestrings says:

      I’m really glad that Kaiser is acknowledging the fact that Meghan is doing this and the fact that she was making out that she, as an American knew little about Harry. The whole scene she is trying to set is really annoying me.

      I’m a Brit and I have to say that we have been well aware for a long time that our audience is largely American when it comes to the Royals. Sure there are British Royal followers but they are mostly the older generations.

      Would Meghan be giving up her acting career and freedom to speak about politics, to be with Harry if he weren’t a prince? It’s one thing for her to make that choice but another to try to hide it.

    • ALF-M says:

      She looks like what she’d wear on her tv show Suits, she probably had a stylist in the show teach her how to dress for all kinds of events, scenarios and she probably has good taste. Also, dressing like it’s the 1990’s has been going on the last few years so JP, I don’t think she’s copying Carolyn Kennedy. I think she dresses like a lot of stylish, well off women that can buy designer, minimalistic styles clothing and look classy/timeless.

  2. minx says:

    I don’t really see it, sorry. Just see classic clothes, particularly the white shirt.

  3. OSTONE says:

    I’ve always loved Carolyn Bessette’s timeless style. I think Meghan should find her own style as she goes, but what I’ve seen from her, she looks great. I think the skirt she wore is the wrong cut and the boots don’t go with the outfit either.

    • Rosalee says:

      Carolyn Bessette Kennedy’s style influenced me for years but at a budget. It was clean, defined and classic. A nice break from the over styled mall hair and spandex pants or the curtain inspired Laura Ashley flower prints.

    • Midigo says:

      Not to mention the fabric. Bessette skirt was exquisite, Megan’s is definitely a cheaper one and it shows (no hem?).
      If you go minimal you need to invest in quality (fabric, details, fitting and execution must be in point).

    • Pumpkin (formally soup, pie) says:

      I might be totally wrong since I do not have an eye for fashion, but: are women of shorter height supposed to wear light colors for the top and darker colors for the bottom part or the other way around? High waist, shorter hair? Shorter skirts/dresses opposed to long length?
      No “bulk” so those boots don’t qualify?
      I don’t get it, she is very well dressed in Suits. Yes I am aware she is playing a character and has a stylist or more on the set. But I’d imagine one learns from experts? Don’t many models/actresses say they get the best make-up artists and they know all the tricks? Why not when it comes to fashion?

    • magnoliarose says:

      It is wrong. From certain angles, it looked ok, but with a closer look, the proportions are off. In a redress of her outfit, I would have chosen a more classic cashmere turtle neck, a close slightly A-line deeper rich light brown skirt and some Maison Margiela boots, a camel coat, and a Burberry scarf. Her hair down, side-parted and away from her face.
      A side part is always flattering and looks good in a slick low chignon too.
      She couldn’t get away with biker boots or riding boots with the look she wanted. I live in mine, and they look beat to death. The Mommy Mafia side eyes them, so I wear them more like the petulant 13-year old I am.

      Slouchy boots are fine, but hers were too slouchy. A slight slouch leather, not suede. She needed some texture and spark.
      It is a beginning. With a bigger budget, she should kill it. Love her, but the truth is the truth.

      • SoulSPA says:

        Slow clap, @magnoliarose. I don’t know if someone chose those clothes and the look or was it she who did it. Based on this one, she might need to hire someone who’s competent but I shall wait and see what she does next. My feeling is that she’s worked with and promoted friends of hers.

        Does anyone know whether Charles starts giving them money from the engagement phase? For clothes and style, unless she goes Kate’s DIY way re: what @pumpkin fsp said above in this thread. Megan must have loads of clothes but not necessarily fit for a royal to be. And from what I know about Kate, the royals cannot accept freebies. But Meghan is not yet royal so I am a bit confused.

      • magnoliarose says:

        She will need a stylist SoulSPA. You are very right, and it is the smart thing to do. A stylist spends all day looking at collections and has contacts to get views of clothes before anyone else does. Hers will have excellent connections, and I believe she has a good eye.

        A lesson she may have to learn though is that her friends are lovely I am sure, but she needs a world-class stylist, and they may not be right for this arena.
        Royal fashion is not her area, and she will learn, but it will take some time to understand her body as it looks from every single angle in still photographs. I think she would look good in classic with an edge, but she will have to pay attention to her figure.

        I think it will take a solid year before she establishes her signature looks and learns the British brands. It would be great if she championed smaller new designers and became an ambassador for British style, textiles, fashion and products AND gave the economy a little boost in return. The Royals should be true ambassadors for Britain and use their profiles to give back to the economy and create jobs. Tastefully of course.

  4. Barrett says:

    Carolyn was close to 6ft tall. It’s why the outfit didn’t work. Megan can do this but modify the clean, minimal look for some one who is petite. She needs to change the proportions.

  5. Alix says:

    I’d love to see her wear her hair in its natural curls sometime.

    • Jessica says:

      She hasn’t worn her hair natural since high school and that won’t change especially now. Some people don’t like curly hair.

    • Jenn says:

      As a Black American I wish she’d go full on afro-natural too – girl would have a gorgeous head of hair, (going by her childhood pics) but I doubt she will. She’s working the sleek look.
      Personally I think she’s got great style due to her beauty and carriage, same as Bessette. Neither is/was doing anything particularly interesting but it has to do more with their personal charisma.

  6. LizLemonGotMarried says:

    Man, I just read a ton of stuff about Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy recently and it was heartbreaking. I ❤️ her style-I had a long, camel suede skirt that I wore with a black turtleneck and black knee high boots and felt very chic. 😂

  7. Lucy says:

    HOLY SH*T IT’S TRUE. I so approve of it 110% too. Well played, Meg!!

  8. Alexandria says:

    Go ahead, more gossip fodder and fashion analysis for us hahaha

  9. Maria F. says:

    i think it is too early to tell. Let’s wait for the wedding dress :) And as far as I understood the outfit from last Friday was picked by her stylist J. Mulroney.

    In any case Carolyn Bessette had such an innate sense of style, you can try to recreate looks, but the it factor that she had will be difficult to copy.

  10. Nicole says:

    It’s true but it matches her set style already. I’m okay with it. She’s never been super flashy or anything. She’s very classic with a little flare.

  11. Jayna says:

    Carolyn Bessette had such style and wore the clothes, never the clothes wearing her. Who wouldn’t try to emulate it? But I don’t get that Meghan’s outfit for her first outing was copying. Carolyn’s outfit was much more stylish from the boots, to lines of the skirt,. Meghan’s outfit just happened to be the same colors used for a winter outfit, is all.

    And Carolyn had the height to pull off so many great looks, but it always felt understated while stylish. I love the photo of Carolyn in that red coat and jeans with the winter cap.

    • Esmom says:

      I love that photo too and I could swear it single-handedly brought flared/bootcut jeans back into style. Everyone else was still wearing 80s tapered-leg jeans when she wore those.

    • magnoliarose says:

      I am tall and can carry off a lot of things because of it but some things look better on shorter women or curvier women. For some reason, to me at least I think shorter mini dresses look better on petite women and I think certain necklines look better on curvier women. Certain drapey clothes need some hips, butt, and chest. I look like someone wrapped an upside down broom in too much fabric.

  12. Odette says:

    When she showed up in the beige and black, my immediate thought was “CBK.” Smart move, if you ask me — she had classic style that will work in Meg’s role.

  13. Jennifer says:

    The day of celebitchy post on this outfit said it sucked & she needs a stylist! Now that she’s single white femaling (haha, sorry) cbk, its suddenly fabulous? Anyway, I personally love it.

    • Adele Dazeem says:

      Well I think the look she is going for is CBK but as previous posters said, the proportions are off because they are different heights, different builds. Meg has a little fine-tuning to do of her style thus far. I like both outfits in theory that she wore w Harry, I just think they didn’t quite work in final implementation. That white coat could have looked great on—hate to say it—someone taller or with a longer torso. She’s so petite it seemed to overwhelm her.

  14. Really? says:

    Boy, a person’s life can really change dramatically in a year and a half.

  15. Skylark says:

    I think Meghan looks way more stylish in her black polo and beige skirt than Caroline’s supposed equivalent. Not seeing anything to suggest she’s being influenced by anything other than her own innate pared back style.

  16. Tan says:

    Umm homaging or flat out copying?

    As long as its work, better copy tried and tested formula than failing in your own choice.
    Anyway these are safe , elegant choices

  17. Talie says:

    It’s staggering to think that kids today have no idea about this chic icon and JFK Jr! They were major…

    CBK’s style is so easily copied in any decade because she never followed trends. Meg would be wise to look to her image as a guide.

  18. Really? says:

    CBK had true style. Not a knock on Meghan, but nahhh….not happening.

  19. Brandi says:

    I think it’s very possible Meghan is simply dressing in a classy, appropriate way that fits her new role in life.
    I was 20 when Diana died. I did watch the coverage and the funeral. At the time I remember knowing the boys were very young but that was pretty much it. I don’t think a 16 yr old girl would have known everything about them.

    • Mel M says:

      I agree. I am the same age as MM and I remember William and having a celebrity crush on him because he was really “cute” back then. I also remember not paying really any attention to Harry because he was a few years younger and when you are that young a few years is a lot. He also wasn’t as good looking as William to me. So yeah I believe her when she says she didn’t know much about him.

      • Esmom says:

        It’s true, William got much more of the attention back then for sure.

      • Christin says:

        I also recall how the boys were a bit sheltered from public view for several years after Diana’s death. I can believe she missed crushing on them for that reason.

      • perplexed says:

        I don’t think she would have had a crush on Harry because he was sort of a kid in comparison to her then. But I do think it’s possible she might have been aware about William or of William and Harry as a unit. Everyone tried to link William to Britney Spears. The boys were given their privacy, but they were still referenced in the media at various points. Celebrities were asked about whether they’d be interested in William. I vaguely remember Keira Knightley saying Prince William wasn’t his type because he was too horsey-looking. I guess my point is that they were covered in the media — you just couldn’t use extremely long lenses on them. That doesn’t mean nobody talked about them.

    • Katherine Ramos says:

      I agree. Sorry Kaiser, but I was a teenager living in the US in the 90s (graduated in 99) and I vaguely recall anything about Harry from the that time. He was just Prince William’s little brother. I Remember that Diana’s death was a big deal in the media but for me and my friends it wasn’t something that affected us nor we mourned. Different memories for that time.

  20. Who ARE These People? says:

    I like Meghan’s skirt. It may be a bit much fabric for her frame, but it was perfect for her event walking around, bending over or squatting to greet children, sitting in public. Easy to move, easy to stay ‘modest.’ Must have helped her feel comfortable. The purse, however, had to go – and she’ll likely now know how to handle that situation.

    Who wants to walk around with me today and collect bundles of flowers from cute little kids? It must be such a lift.

  21. Nancy says:

    Nope. They’re a cute couple, but can’t stand in the shadow of John John and Carolyn. They were aesthetically perfect. Tragic.

  22. xena says:

    That is funny, because then I also channelled CBK without knowing it. That beige skirt black top combo that both women wore (even both of their shoes!) could have been straight out of my closest. I am wearing it since 2000 and it always works.

  23. Becks says:

    I tend to go for a more classic, streamlined look as my default “dressy” look – but I’m not actively trying to copy CBK. I think its just because CBK was popular as I was sort of figuring out my style so she influenced me in a way. (I’m nowhere near as chic as she was, ha.) But I imagine the same is true for MM. She is probably not “copying” CBK but I’m sure she was influenced by her style at some point.

  24. Gutterflower says:

    Meh, I’m 35 and I couldn’t tell you much about Diana or any of the royals, aside from what gets printed on here nowadays. I don’t recall anything about that Dodi stuff, except they crashed in a tunnel.

    • loislane says:

      I didn’t know much about them either. It’s only when I started reading gossip that really got the royals. All that I knew was Diana/ Charles marriage ending because of Camilla. Then Diana philanthropy and Dody and car crash. I knew there were two sons but that’s all.
      So I don’t have problem believing Meghan about not knowing much on Harry.
      My own sister couldn’t even tell you all this. And she’s 35.

  25. Wilma says:

    I’m going to be the lone dissenter here, but I definitely prefer Meghan’s outfits to CBK’s here. I find the two examples you’re showing here particulary lacking in fit (draglines on the skirt, blouse a size too large, you can see how the shoulder sags over her upper arm). To me they seem dated too because of the fit, they’re far from sleek. Is it because Carolyn was your American royalty that everyone loves her outfits?

    • Skylark says:

      You’re not lone, I said the same above for more of less the same reasons you give. While I think Carolyn was stylish, I’ve never really seen her as exceptionally so or iconic in the way so many Americans seem to.

    • magnoliarose says:

      I think her look was seen before the internet so it looked especially chic and she did look outstanding. I hope Meghan adds a quirk of her own though.

    • JaneSaid says:

      The white shirt and skirt were Yohji Yamamoto the tailoring is not big, it is modeled this way. His designs might look on the surface to the untrained eye look classic, but his designs are rooted in avant-garde tailoring combined with Japanese aesthetics. CBK shirt isn’t a basic white shirt or black skirt. This is why fashion people found her more fascinating than I think some do in retrospective. While other socialites were wearing flashy Versace or Oscar to black-tie events she wore Yohji.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Absolutely true. The Japanese designers are known for their architectural approach to design that elevates a classic. I love his clothes and a coat from years ago that still looks chic. In fact, everything I have from him still looks good. I just got a black pleated jacket I like and will likely be able to wear it as long as I want.
        Issey Miyake and Comme des Garcons are other favorites.

  26. perplexed says:

    I don’t like Meghan’s boots with that skirt.

  27. CynicalAnn says:

    I used to wear a black turtleneck and camel skirt (although it was more tulip shaped (Liz Clairborne-anyone remember her?) to work with black tights and black heels. It was my favorite, classic, outfit. This was in the late 80s. CBK was copying me!

  28. Tess says:

    Lol I pointed this out (to myself!) after that appearance as well. I was racking my brain trying to figure out this “classic American” style of hers. It’s not “trendy” it’s just very classic, and I realized that she reminded me of Carolyn Besette.

  29. Patty says:

    Jeez. There was nothing distinct about CBK’s style, nothing! She simply had a classic style, classic because it was not trendy, as in women have dressed like that for ages.

    • perplexed says:

      She wore clothes extremely well though.

    • JaneSaid says:

      Yeah, you must be too young to remember CBK helped bring minimalism to the forefront in the 90′s — “the classic look” at the time was not this sleek with a satorial edge.
      CBK wore Calvin Klein, Prada, Yohji Yamamoto –at their height. When Calvin was still the head designer and she put Narciso Rodriquez on the map with her biased cut wedding gown.
      That mid-calf camel skirt CBK wore was an odd length at the time, CBK paired it with Prada boots and bingo!
      Minimalism requires lux fabrics and expert tailoring plus great skin and hair usually tall thin bodies. (Cheap minimalism looks cheap in person. Inferior fabrics and poor construction.) Plus, there are no bells and whistles. CBK style is the opposite of the Kim K more is more in Herve L bodycon or tacky 90′s rehash that millennials like Bella Hadid favor.
      Flesh and more flesh to distract. Clashing prints.
      Clean skin. Not micro bladed brows and a pound of contouring. CBK in every way was the opposite of Instagram Millennial fashion.
      My cousin worked with CBK at Calvin Klein, all of them had to dress this way. But CBK had the skin, hair, and bod — so everything clicked.

  30. Sherry says:

    I loved CBK’s style. She was magnetic!

    Meghan said in an interview that CBK’s wedding dress was perfection, so it’s not a reach to say she is inspired by her style.

  31. Hannah says:

    I don’t see it.Also daily mail is actively trashing Meghan in subtle and not so subtle ways every single day. Can we not further their agenda? I swear even the sun comes across less racist

  32. It's been a while forgot my name says:

    If so her interpretation of CBK’s style is dated that flared skirt is horrible.

  33. A says:

    I never understood the fascination with Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy. She was tall, skinny, and blonde. Of course people were going to think that anything she wore looked amazing. I always thought that her “minimalist” style was just flat out uninspired and, quite honestly, boring. She never seemed overly into fashion, or even the attention she was getting at the time.

    I don’t know if Meghan is homage-ing her or not. If she is, great. I think there are a lot of people who would get on board with her for that alone.

    • magnoliarose says:

      One of the things she hated was the public attention, and both of them were sporty. I want Meghan to find a look that suits her. She is in London with some of the best tailors in the world so her clothes should always fit well.
      I am drawn to textiles, materials, and designs, but I don’t like super fussy looks. My mother gets away with her unusual jewelry, but I tend to like a little less.

      • A says:

        I think Meghan has a certain character and personality to her that will, hopefully, allow her to shine in her own right and with her own ideas. I think the fit issues have to do mostly with the fact that she’s new in town and hasn’t exactly had a chance to really plan these things out. I also hope she ditches her stylist at some point.

        Meghan could take CBK’s minimalism and do wonders with it if she adds her own spin. If she settles for straight up borrowing her looks, it’s going to look boring on Meghan. Against all odds, I did like the coat she wore, even though the length was a bit much. So more of that sort of thing, but fine tuned to MM’s personal style, with co-ordination and better fit.

      • Bella Dupont says:

        @ A

        I completely agree with you……i find all this minimalism boring as hell. Having said that, if Meghan is going to channel anyone at all, I’m glad its an American and not a Brit.


        I’m a bit of a magpie + hoarder which means I am and have always been obsessed with vintage items…..both in fashion and decor. One of my favorite pastimes is traipsing through the old, dusty charity shops in Hampstead and Highgate (london), looking for beautiful, old, unexpected jewellery (brooches, bracelets,rings, necklaces etc) to pair with more contemporary stuff……I think I would love your mothers style! :-)

  34. Amelie says:

    I don’t remember CBK at all (I was too young to care about celebrity gossip then) though I do remember when Kennedy Jr. was killed in the plane crash. It seemed every few years for awhile a member of the Kennedy family would die in tragic circumstances. Quick google image of CBK and I don’t see anything that remarkable. Clean, classic looks but I’m not sure why this is so note worthy. Honestly if she were alive today, she would probably be referred as a basic five letter word I won’t repeat here, just another skinny white blonde. I might be alone here but I don’t like the outfit Meghan “copied” on CBK. I might be alone but I really like Meghan’s take on the outfit, even if she was inspired by CBK.

    • perplexed says:

      CBK had a certain mystery to her and didn’t seem to go out of her way to call attention to herself. Granted, she lived in a different era, but I suspect that’s what people liked her. It’s the women who don’t *seem* like they’re trying too hard or don’t look desperate that usually seem to command more …adulation? I don’t know if that’s the right word to use here, but she wasn’t really try-hard, and in today’s era where everyone is trying to pose to the side and do that weird thing with their lips, that’s a hard thing to come by. The more mysterious she seemed, the more you wanted to know more about her.

      The ones who crave the most attention like that Emily Ratjkakowski are usually the types people wind up less interested in, kind of like those people on Facebook who share everything. It’s the quiet ones I find I usually want to know more about.

      Maybe dying early helped though. I think it would be hard to go an entire lifetime being that mysterious. At some point in life, you’re required to open up. She might have had to if her husband went into politics.

      • A says:

        @perplexed, let’s not confuse “having a personality” with “being desperate for attention.” There’s a lot of disparaging comments on this thread about the Instagram generation/millennials or what have you, and while I don’t disagree that there are definitely those who are more fame hungry than others, it’s a massive stretch of every sort to insinuate that Emily Ratajkowski of all people is somehow the emblem of this generation lol.

      • perplexed says:

        I just used Emily R as an example of someone who craves attention, not someone who is the emblem of the millennial generation. She’s the most extreme example I could think of and the polar opposite of CBK. If I had someone somebody people actually like, or as you say, someone who “has a personality,” there would have been more controversy.

        I also think it’s necessary for stars today to post on Instagram to maintain their careers, so I didn’t want to cite someone like Taylor Swift or Selena Gomez, who genuinely have fans. Emily R seemed like the best example of someone who craves attention but nobody wants to pay attention to.

    • A says:

      I do too. There’s a lot of hubbub about the “magnetism” that CBK supposedly had. But Meghan has a charisma of a different type, something that’s a lot more vivid and personable than CBK could have ever hoped for. She was, essentially, the ice queen trope personified, but that was about it. Otherwise, her personality was as clean cut as the lines of her outfits.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Meghan is more vivacious and warm. Carolyn wasn’t a particularly nice person and had some drug problems. I remember her because of proximity, but I think it might be a Gen X thing. I am in the much maligned Millenial crew too. lol
        I think it was her time and she had good taste. I preferred more edge and like Kate Moss, but it was later.

      • A says:

        @magnoliarose, yes, I was just thinking about Kate Moss when thinking about CBK. Two very similar ladies, who carried a very similar style that was of the time. But Kate Moss had an edge to her that CBK didn’t have. The minimalism worked differently on her; not exactly elegant, but somehow just as magnetic, if not more.

    • perplexed says:

      Wrong place for comment.

    • anon says:

      most of us don’t refer to tall, thin, white women as just another basic bitch. :) why would you even say that?

      • Amelie says:

        CBK’s style in all pictures I’ve seen her in is pretty basic. Basic bitch refers to a whole subculture of predominantly white, middle-class women who wear preppy clothes and follow the main fashion trends. It’s not just skinny white blonde women though that is the stereotype. CBK worked for Calvin Klein, the epitome of white American prep. I’m also very familiar with the area CBK (Greenwich, CT and Westchester County) grew up in as I grew up in Westchester County myself. I knew so many girls like CBK growing up. Looking at younger pictures of CBK is like looking at my high school yearbook. I’m just meh at her style because to me it is nothing special.

      • A says:

        @Amelie, bless you for saying that. I didn’t want to get into CBK’s background or just how much she epitomizes white, middle-to-upper class women. But yes, a lot of what people refer to as her “innate elegance” and “effortless style” just always seemed like the same types of things that white, middle-class women who shop at Ann Taylor with their moms/daughters have been wearing for years. Just amped up for high fashion tastes.

  35. Adele Dazeem says:

    Another thing I loved about CBK…while I’m sure it took lots of effort and time and planning (and dieting!), she always looked effortless. Never over done. Never looked like these instagram starlets who try too hard to get attention. She’d die before she did some kind of ridiculous duck face pose. She abhorred the attention she got, from what I read, and I hate that she suffered so, but man, she really had that effortless thing down which is aspirational to me.

  36. Tamberlz says:

    Yep, straight hair with a center part, maxi skirt and a collar shirt with no jacket. Wow, a turtleneck. Her ‘style’ is flat-out homage to Basic Bitch. This reporting cannot be paralleled.

  37. Pandy says:

    Looking back at CBK, she was really gaunt. Wow.

  38. Aerohead21 says:

    Yeah but those slouchy boots :( they make me sad :(

  39. Selena Castle says:

    I so hope that with her influence that length comes back into vogue! I feel so out of date wearing my hemlines at that length.

  40. Claire says:

    Hell, even I knew who William and Harry were when I was a teenager. Possibly because I remember seeing pictures of them in the numerous teeny bopper magazines I’d religiously buy every month to quite wallpaper my ceiling and walls in Hanson posters. Maybe Meghan had better things to do than read Bop, Teen and Tiger Beat, unlike myself.

    • perplexed says:

      Yeah, they were teeny bopper magazines. That’s why when people claim they weren’t covered as much, I sort of don’t buy it. The media even tried to make a thing happen between William and Britney Spears.

      Were they covered as much as their mom? No, but nobody has been since her death. But they were still covered to some degree. and especially by People magazine.

  41. Nicole Savannah, GA says:

    If she wears a Narciso Rodriguez slip dress for her wedding we’ll know. Throw in Calvin, etc.

  42. emerald says:

    Her build and entire bearing are very different from Bessette’s so any clothing homages aren’t going to have the same effect.

    I think MM marries a strong (and needed and fun and appreciated) dose of California free spirit to a vaguely minimalist style. She’s not a true east coast stark minimalist – which wouldn’t work for royalty anyway. They have to dress to be seen, and once Meghan gets going she’ll be wearing too much old family jewelry, orders and sashes to hew to a true minimalist style.

  43. ANTI Vogue says:

    That being said

    RIP JFK and Carolyn. Easily one of the most attractive couple ever, their wedding picture perfectly sums up their affection for each other.

  44. katie3 says:

    Meghan carries herself so well, I think she wears the clothes and it’s not a case of the clothes wearing her. In Kate’s case, it’s all about the clothes and they often overwhelm or eclipse her.
    I wonder how high maintenance Meghan’s hair is – is it just a simple blow out or does she have to resort to more heavy duty styling to get the straight look?

  45. LittlefishMom says:

    Are they seriously going to pick apart everything this girl does? She looks beautiful and appropriate. I’m sure she is able to put on an outfit and not have to copy cat Caroline Kennedy. Both beautiful women.

  46. Mar says:

    I think both had/gave great style and I’m sure she’s taking some of Caroline’s looks. Of course she is!

  47. BeamMeUpScottie says:

    Meghan aspires to the styling of French women and has said that her style icon is Emmanuelle Alt. Interestingly, I heard Alt gave her a thumbs up on instagramm after her first outing to Nottingham. So Meghan will be over the moon with her endorsement.