Seriously though, Donald Trump needs both of his tiny hands to lift one small cup

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I started this year needing to call Donald Trump something other than Donald Trump. I felt that way through much of 2016 too, because the act of typing “Donald Trump” made me sick. It still makes me sick, although I go in phases where I don’t want to refer to him as various nicknames because nothing about this is cute or charming or normal. He’s a monster, a white supremacist, a fascist and an unhinged lunatic. But seriously, how fitting is the Emperor Baby Fists moniker? A month ago, Trump was widely mocked for drinking water in the middle of a speech. It wasn’t so much that he drank water, it was that he used both hands to hold a small bottle of water, and he drank from the bottle like a tiny little baby. It sounds like a petty thing to criticize, but just keep in mind: this is the king of pettiness we’re talking about. Anyway, this happened during Trump’s speech on Monday:

Such tiny hands, such a small glass. Why does he drink water this way? Does he not know how to hold small cups and glasses with one hand? Was he never taught how to do that because people just figured “this poor orange baby will always have sad tiny hands, he’ll have to use both hands to hold everything”?

What else is going on in the Soviet Republic of Trumpland? Members of the Trump team are going to have meetings with Mueller’s people this week. WaPo says that probably means that Trump will “ratchet up tensions” with Mueller (and never say one bad word about Putin). And surprising no one, former intelligence officials continue to say that Putin is “handling” Emperor Baby Fists like an asset. No derp.

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  1. queenE says:

    Dentures make your mouth dry…bigly

    • whatWHAT? says:

      he allegedly slurred words in this speech, too. he said “Korean Peniswalla” instead of “peninsula”.

      a LOT of comments suggested that he’s sedated…as in, a lot of posters said “that’s what I’m like when I take a Valium”.

      would also explain why he needs to hold stuff with both hands; prob feels like he doesn’t have a good grip otherwise.

    • ELX says:

      He’s doddering to the point where he’s not sure he can hit his mouth or avoid dropping the glass.

    • Indiana Joanna says:

      He never graduated from a sippy cup.

    • Morning Coffee says:

      I think he shakes and that’s why he holds it that way. Stability.

      • Crystal says:

        Agree with this. I have very bad tremors and sometimes need both hands to have a drink. Otherwise it could end up all over me.

        I feel like his might be showing up a little late for his age? 71 is fairly late to the tremors game, most people show in their 50s to 60s.

      • Chaine says:

        I agree. This happens to me sometimes if I haven’t eaten in a while, I guess my blood sugar gets low. At an all-day event recently where the food at lunch was dreadful and I just did not eat enough, by late afternoon there I was up in front of a bunch of people giving an hour-long talk, so of course i needed water periodically, and my hands were shaking so bad i had to use both of them to pick up my water. I was hoping no one would notice, but afterwards a person from the audience asked me if I was cold because she had seen my hands shaking.

      • jwoolman says:

        Probably tremors or hand weakness. I’ve had to do that when I’m sick sometimes, I’m prone to both. The women in my family are also prone to suddenly losing their grip even in youth and good health, explaining why all my textbooks have broken backs and why I don’t take a new phone out of its box until I can protect it in an Otterbox Defender case. I could drop it off the roof without damage then, so it easily survives falling down the stairs, getting accidentally flung across the room, and endlessly dropped inside and outside.

        One helpful trick that I learned while carrying small bottles and beakers of strong acid in the lab: After you have wrapped all your fingers around the container with the little finger at the bottom of the container, slide your little finger under the container for support. Try it on drinking glasses and mugs, it makes a big difference. If Trump did that, he might not need to use both hands for stability.

        In any case, I would assume it’s a medical issue and am uncomfortable with the snark.

        Now snark away about everything else like how he’s getting a windfall from the damned tax bill (that he claims won’t benefit him and his rich friends, I’m surprised his nose hasn’t grown on that one) and sabotaging the ACA with it at the same time (it includes trashing the individual mandate that is needed to get insurers to go along with no more lifetime caps and no hassle about pre-existing conditions)..

      • jwoolman says:

        Chaine – I think you’re on the right track about blood sugar. He could easily be having blood sugar lows for many reasons. He also seems to need to drink more than I remember before.

        It could be something relatively simple like heading toward diabetes, his weight and awful diet and lack of exercise are risk factors. Or it could be a reaction to medication. Plus his sleep deficiency might finally be catching up with him. He may have managed when he was younger but at some point our bodies start rebelling.

    • Stevie says:

      I would bet my house on the fact that he does NOT have dentures. This is the most vain man in the world, and dentures are for poor folks like me. He has implants if he has anything.
      Dotard slurred words a few months ago, also. He totally mispronounced words. I have said for the past year that he has dementia or Alzheimers, and the stress is revving it up. His word choice is very limited, he repeats words and phrases continually, he has a vacant look in his eyes a lot, he looks slack-jawed often, he is slurring words, he has walked out of rooms without signing documents, in Israel he tried to leave the room in the middle of the ceremony, he doesn’t see people right in front of him, he doesnt’ see his car in front of him. The two hands thing? I don’t think he is secure in his grip.

      Add in the news that no one tells him about Russia cause he would get “upset” and I think we are seeing a Ronald Reagan situation: Dotard watches tv and plays with his twitter while others run the country. They drug him or prop him up for his few appearances, and that’s all he can do.
      I’m very interested to see him try to give the State of the Union because it is usually over an hour. There is no way he can do that.

  2. velourazure says:

    I wonder if he’s starting to get Parkinsons or some other kind of tremor disorder. My Uncle couldn’t hold a glass with one hand when he started to get it.

    *not expressing sympathy, just wondering.

    • Nancy says:

      As much as he wants us to believe he’s a strapping young dude, he is in his 70′s…….and will suffer from the same situations as those his age do. He has the tiniest little mouth, not that this is age related, just he is so aesthetically unpleasant to look at. As with all people, the outside doesn’t matter, but in his case the ugly on the inside is reflected on the outside.

    • Heather says:

      He’s being careful not to knock his dentures loose.

    • Beth says:

      He’s been showing signs of dementia for quite awhile, so his forgetfulness and shaking could be Parkinsons disease dementia. My neurological meds sometimes make me shaky and clumsy

    • Tanguerita says:

      same here. my armchair diagnosis would be Parkinson’s – mood swings, tremor and dry mouth, to name just a few symptoms.

    • swak says:

      With the onset of dementia in my mom she would drink from glasses using two hands. This is a woman who could and would (she lived alone) drink milk from a gallon jug. It makes you wonder what is going on health wise with him. My 5 year old granddaughter has smaller hands than he has and can pick up a cup that size with one hand and drink from it using only one hand.

    • FLORC says:

      I’ll speculate this all day long. His medical reports during the campaign were basically… Trump is the healthiest man ever. He’s in outstanding shape. And here’s no medical data to support these claims…

      His age, his lifestyle, his observed behavior over the years of naps and confusion. No… He’s early to midrange something. Personality aside I believe he’s not in control of his mental or physical faculties.

      • Pumpkin (formally soup, pie) says:

        I also believe he’s not in control of his faculties. It’s clear there is something wrong with him and he is not FIT for the POTUS position. A mentally sick man plus the nuclear codes is a worrying combination. I am worried.
        Also, maybe it’s time to have an age limit for POTUS.

    • Stevie says:

      I think he has had Alzheimers for a while. See my post above for what I have noticed the past year or so.

      • TuxCat5 says:

        Trump’s father died of Alzheimer’s.

        I 100% believe Trump has early-stage dementia, and the speech slurring, etc is due to sedating or mood-stabilizing medication.

        Depakote is an anti-convulsant often used as a mood-stabilizer for those with early to mid-stage dementia: a number of my residents were on it when I worked in the memory care unit of assisted living facilities, and I used to take it for seizures (I take something else now). Two of the most common side effects are….(wait for it)….tremors and slurred speech. It can also throw off one’s balance.

  3. tracking says:

    A good friend who works in National Security was there, and commented on this very thing. Said it was very odd, but interpreted it as nerves (eg nervous he might drop the glass so clutched it with both hands). Also said his hair didn’t look as weird or his skin very orange like she expected. All of which was disappointing to me.

    • SoulSPA says:

      @tracking: for as much as I like a good gossip, your friend probably didn’t say the truth. Paygrade or acute sense of not disclosing the truth especially because she/he works in national security. Given the numerous mishaps and the general opinion around here and elsewhere I presume, Orange Fists’s health is suffering. The health of any POTUS is a matter of national security. Kid you not. Lives of people at stake, defence, economy matters, all sort of national strategy. The WH will spin for all that they are worth not only to protect him. Protecting him means protecting USA’s interests.

      • jwoolman says:

        Soulspa – it’s unlikely that Tracking’s friend would lie under those circumstances. No need. Offering an interpretation is not lying. And he probably does look less strange in person.

      • Moon Beam says:

        I’ve seen him in person before, most recently about six years ago. Idk about the orange, he wasn’t using the bronzer as much then, but his hair looks like it is longish (like to his neck) and he sweeps it up on top and sprays it. It looks like cotton candy lol.

      • SoulSPA says:

        @jwoolwoman I’ve seen your comments here many times and you seem very nice, thoughtful and well informed. I love reading them! Thus I say very respectfully that I slightly disagree with this. I will say this again, that I believe that no one worth their (unknown) position in national security could say anything worrying about DOTUS. I said why upthread. I also believe that not all people working in national security are trained in behavioural science, and an interpretation based on one “enounter” alone cannot be fully truthful.
        Unfortunately DOTUS has had a few public episodes that raised concern about his seemingly failing faculties. I say seemingly because unless a solid health report were made public, corroborating those episodes with undisputed medical facts, and cleared by professionals in health, it’s all speculation.
        That said, we could observe and analyze his behaviour and words throughout a longer period of time when he could do it well or not. If there are serious reasons for concern he will appear less in public or he may receive some treatment to address some underlying health problems. Bottom line is that the US are seriously suffering these days and the one person occupying that oval office is falling them every day. Not the rich ones, of course.

  4. SoulSPA says:

    Maybe he’s tired from being the asshole he is (***not POTUS***) or suffers some sort of neurological damage due to age or lifestyle or consumption of certain chemicals. Needs two hands for a tiny glass of water. What else could it be?

    • Beth says:

      The caffeine in his 12 cans of diet Coke he drinks every single day would make anyone a little shaky

      • SoulSPA says:

        Well I don’t remember where the 12 cokes a day came from, but if it came from the WH I could think of a “conspiracy” to deflect from “POTUS’s” *real* state of health with the upcoming mandatory? health report. Said it!

      • BJ says:

        NYT reported it, but I think he denied it he also denied watching several hours of TV a day.

      • jwoolman says:

        Not sure if he’s drinking Diet Coke with or without caffeine, but the amount of caffeine in Coke is only about 23 mg per 8oz glass. So 12 cokes (12oz cans) is equivalent to just a few cups of coffee over the course of a day.

        But of course he could have developed caffeine sensitivity more recently, that can happen although I’m more familiar with becoming less sensitive on repeated exposure. Or maybe he’s trying to cut back, withdrawal from caffeine can be rough.

        I don’t think he ever denied his heavy Diet Coke consumption. He only denied that he watches that much TV. Hahahahahahhaha… Come on, the guy’s tweets in substance and timing tell us when he’s watching Fox News or Infowars/Alex Jones or his favorite wacko lawyer on Fox (she even has visited him in the White House, so has wacko Alex Jones and Infowars was given press credentials for White House press conferences).

  5. Pumpkin (formally soup, pie) says:

    It’s been speculated that this is yet **another** indicator of dementia or predementia. Now seriously. He is definitely suffering from some condition that affects his ability to be CiH. This is SCARY. Is he really running the country? Or is he just a public persona? Who is **actually** running the country?

    • Heather says:

      Clearly no one is “actually” running the country. Donald Trump put that whole conspiracy to the test, and yes, the person who is the President DOES matter.

    • SoulSPA says:

      @Pumpkin, would you mind explaining what you mean by CiH? Thanks 😃

    • Lacia Can says:

      My guess is Pence is running things and using trump and his craziness as a cover. There’s no way trump can do all the necessary work on the schedule he keeps – 6 hours of TV, tweeting, all the golfing, refusing to start before 9:30. Pence, assisted by Kelly, keeps trump busy with a few things (mostly the public stuff) but does 90% of the work.

      • Pumpkin (formally soup, pie) says:

        Can he do it? I am not saying you are wrong. From what I read #IQ45 and Pence don’t really see eye to eye, plus #IQ45 has Nagini and Co around.

      • Lacia Can says:

        Idk if he can or not, but wasn’t Reagan almost completely senile the last two years of his tenure? A reporter went for an interview, found Reagan literally glass-eyed and drooling but was encouraged to not report it for the sake of stability. Idk who was running things then, but it could be a similar arrangement. Note: I’m not saying DOTUS is senile. Just that Presidents have been eliminated from decision making before.

        As for Ivanka … I could see her going along with it, especially since DOTUS doesn’t want the job anyway (he just wanted the win, not the responsibility). Let him play at president while she wrings every last penny she can from the office.

        JMO, anyway. I just don’t see how such a stupid man could do everything he needs to do with the lazy schedule he keeps. Pence seems the logical choice since he’s next in line anyway.

      • jwoolman says:

        When Don Jr approached Kasich about taking the VP spot, he said the VP would be in charge of domestic and foreign policy and his father would just be busy “making America great again”.

        Pence seems to hover close like a babysitter at those signing events, and he’s the one who runs after Trump when Trump leaves without signing. He may very well be Acting President but Trump can override him. Remember that football game stunt? Trump admitted that he was the one who told Pence to pull it, wasting huge gobs of money to travel from the West Coast and back again after a planned few minutes of the game, so he could stomp out when players were kneeling. Press with him were told to stay in the van, they wouldn’t be there long.

        Pence isn’t the brightest bulb on the tree, though, so I’m sure he’s getting instructions from top Republicans. He always has here in Indiana, he was groomed starting with plunking him into Congress and then as governor. But he doesn’t have Trump’s scary problems and so we will be safer under President Pence. Just busy trying to keep him from turning us into a theocracy and continuing Trump’s awful policies, but we can handle that. He’s much much less likely to launch the missiles and he won’t be aggravating everybody else in the world with 3am tweets. Probably will be pursuing diplomatic responses to North Korea and Iran as well, although all Presidents have to be carefully watched because they all like to go to war.

    • Stevie says:

      Just last week the story came out that Trump isn’t briefed on Russian stuff cause he gets angry. It’s not much of a stretch to think he isn’t briefed on anything. They put him in front of the tv, put on Fox News, he has his phone, they give him simple updates: Tax cut good, going to work; Mueller bad, will be done by Thanksgiving/Christmas/Ground Hog Day. His OWN lawyers are lying to him about when the investigation will be done. (If they think it’s over by Christmas, they are more incompetent than I thought.) Tillerson says we will sit with North Korea (the real people running the government decided this) then Trump said NO!
      My point is, this is an old, obese, fast-food guzzling man who is losing his mental faculties. He is NOT in charge. That is also why there are so many contradictory policies coming out of the White House.

      • Lacia Can says:

        I tend to agree that DOTUS has been sidelined. It isn’t necessarily the case that it’s being done without his knowledge. He never wanted the job in the first place. He’s probably happier without the stress, though he loves the attention. As long as dump appears to be in charge, he’s happy. He gets to do the attention-getting stuff but not the boring policy stuff. He’s simply too uninterested and unintelligent to care about policy. Other than policy that enriches him, of course.

        I can’t wait for the tell-all books sure to be released.

  6. Kaye says:

    I’ve always favored “Baby Huey” as a nickname.

  7. Jerusha says:

    Which comes first-impeachment or assisted living?

  8. Neelyo says:

    I think that’s how his Nanny Lulu, the only woman who ever showed his kindness, taught him to drink his apple juice and he’s been doing it that way ever since. He’s such an angry man baby.

    Charles Foster Insane.

  9. Nicole says:

    Its amazing that they basically said trump is a foreign asset. I mean its true but i’m glad people are clearly stating that

  10. PunkyMomma says:

    May I point out that this is exactly how most rodents (squirrels, raccoons) hold their food?

    • SoulSPA says:

      Urrrggghhhh, PunkyMomma! At least rodents have their own deserved place in the animal kingdom. Orange Baby Fists not so much. Like, not at all.

    • Jerusha says:

      Aaaagh, I have squirrels and raccoons in my backyard and they are CUTE!

      • jwoolman says:

        Two young raccoons in the neighborhood (Meeko One and Meeko Two) learned how to use the cat door on the outer screen door and explored the house periodically. I had to start keeping the inner door closed and just open it when a cat wanted to come in.

        Once Meeko One and Two were in the space between the inner and outer door, scratching at the glass of the inner door in hopes of somehow getting inside, when one of the cats wanted to come in. She was pretty confused to see the way blocked by the Meeko siblings. I had to manage to get the inner door open without letting the Meekos inside and then open the outer door to encourage them to leave. The cat patiently waited for them to scamper off so she could come through the cat door.

  11. squashtherumors says:

    I think why people even commented on his water sipping, is that Trump mocked someone else for taking a sip of water during a speech. Remember how he mocks people with disabilities? We really shouldn’t make fun of his probable dementia, but he is such an odious person it is difficult to not make fun of his tiny hands, cotton candy pissed-stained hair, loose dentures.

  12. Rose of Sharon says:

    It’s all right if your readers jump all over me, but The People elected Donald Trump president and should be addressed properly. Perhaps Ms. Clinton should not have shut out Dem candidates who would’ve had a much better chance at being nominated president. As I’ve mentioned before, the Republicans ran a more honorable primary with over a dozen candidates. The Democrats coronated only one until the upstart Senator Sanders wrecked their plan.

    I believe President Trump holds his water glass with both hands to avoid shaking. It’s not very nice to make fun of another person’s illness.

    • Jerusha says:

      The People elected HRC. The EC selected #IQ45. I don’t have to properly address a lowlife who denigrates everybody and is destroying our country. Would you have proudly said Mein Fuehrer 75 years ago?
      Are you sure you want to bring up making fun of another’s illness?

    • SoulSPA says:

      *If* he is ill then he *should not* be where he is. That is extremely dangerous not only for the USA but more than half of this world. And he *should not* be a racist misogynist far-right pro-violence arsehole. If his hands are shaking and his speech slurred now that *is* a very very serious cause for concern. The WH should take action and deal with this situation asap.

    • Pumpkin (formally soup, pie) says:

      The “people” elected Hilary Clinton. Popular (vote) comes from the Latin word for people, btw. No, it is not nice to make fun of another person’s illness. #IQ45 should know better too, he mocked a disabled person during the campaign, very graphically at that, to a wide audience, at that. Shame on him.

      • Rose of Sharon says:

        Did you see the campaign ad Clinton ran in the Detroit area depicting a child with Autism then cutting to candidate Trump? The mother of the autistic child said she recognized the same symptoms in Trump and there was no way he was fit to be president.

        Clinton, in her hubris, thought for certain she would be elected, but she was proven wrong and has spent the last year blaming everyone but herself for her loss.

        I voted for Senator Sanders in the primary because I am a hardcore lib. His ideas resonated with me. Clinton adopted them in a transparent attempt to be more palatable to true libs after the Dems forced him aside. I lost all respect for her when she insultingly called fellow Americans names like a little, pissy schoolyard bully.

      • Snowflake says:

        But you’ll defend him, who has mocked and belittled so many others? If you hate Hillary for that, you should hate him.

      • Jerusha says:

        I voted for Bernie in the primary, also, but I wish he’d run as the Socialist he claims to be. Why didn’t he do that? In the General Election I voted for Hillary because I had the intelligence to recognize that trump was a horror show waiting to happen. I don’t give a flying f*ck that HRC called his supporters Deplorables-that’s what they’ve turned out to be. And I’m also sick of holier than thou Bernie Bros and Sis’ still carrying on with their “Hillary is just as bad as trump” crap. That lie should be obvious by now.

      • jetlagged says:

        @Rose of Sharon, Oh please. The Democrats didn’t force him aside, he lost in the primaries fair and square. And before you come at me with some conspiracy theory about how Hillary and the party sabotaged his campaign, Bernie isn’t even an official member of the Democratic party. In a lot of ways a candidate can self-declare whether they are a Democrat or a Republican when they run for office but that doesn’t mean they are magically considered a member of the party, unless they actually officially join it’s not compulsory for them to be given access to resources, funding or other support. They gave him a fair shot and he came up short.

        Besides, Bernie is at heart a Socialist, but he is savvy enough to know he’d have a snowflake’s chance at winning anything if he had ran with that label. That’s peak hypocrite if you ask me.

        P.S. Given everything we’ve seen over the last year, can you honestly say that Hillary was wrong to call a segment of Trump’s supporters deplorables? I’m assuming that is what you are referring to when you call her a pissy bully.

      • Pumpkin (formally soup, pie) says:

        @Rose of Sharon: No, I didn’t see that ad. But strictly based on your comment, the ad was not meant to mock people who suffer from autism.

      • whatWHAT? says:

        I don’t buy FOR A SECOND that you’re a “hardcore lib”, because I don’t know a single hardcore lib that would refer to themselves using that terminology.

        so, yeah…go scratch, Rose.

        PS, if you’re talking about the ad I think you are, the mother didn’t “recognize the same symptoms in Trump”, she said she recognized his arm flapping (when he mocked the disabled reporter) as something her autistic child does. and that THAT was a disqualifying moment.

    • Beth says:

      Get real. 3 million more people voted for Ms. Clinton and Trump wouldn’t have won without the help of Russia. Like @squashtherumors mentioned, Trump mocks the disabled, made a big joke about the way another politician drank water, etc. Trump is showing so many signs that he may be unhealthy and it’s important to know and discuss the facts to keep the world safe.

      I’m a disabled person who shakes every day, but with all of Trumps cruel comments, I have no problem with the things people here are saying about him

    • BJ says:

      It ALSO wasn’t nice when he made fun of the reporter with a disability.I am so tired of the hypocrisy and double standards.

    • IlsaLund says:

      The People elected Barack Obama President (twice) and that didn’t prevent Republicans and other right wing racists from disrespecting and calling him all kinds of names. Amazing how sanctimonious folks can pick and choose when it suits them. Trump is the worst thing to ever happen to this country and will never deserve the respect of its citizens.

    • Hazel says:

      There’s nothing honorable about what the Republicans did. Nothing.

    • themummy says:

      Putting on my English teacher hat. In this sentence, you are actually saying that “The People” should be addressed properly: “It’s all right if your readers jump all over me, but The People elected Donald Trump president and should be addressed properly.” And I agree with that. The Orange Anus, however, should be addressed as The Orange Anus. That is all.

    • Lady D says:

      You want me to respect Trump? That’s frikking hilarious. When it comes to someone as despicable, sadistic and filthy rotten as Trump is, respect doesn’t even enter the conversation.

    • nicegirl says:

      Pretty sure WE THE PEOPLE elected HRC. Still looking for President Rodham Clinton though.

      And as for ‘wanting’ folks to respect Trump? Well, how does it feel to want? From my perspective, it feels pretty crappy, because I want a president for the people, elected by the people.

    • Snowflake says:

      It’s also not nice to slander Hispanics and the handicapped reporter and Hillary. If he was a nice person, I would not make fun of him. But he’s not, so I don’t feel bad about disrespecting him. He doesn’t deserve respect.

    • B n A fn says:

      @Rose of Sharon, are you serious in your comment? You must be joking, when has the dotard ever respected anyone unless they are kissing his butt. I will not waste anymore time answering your comment.

    • jwoolman says:

      Clinton won the primary fairly. If Sanders could run against her, anybody else could have also. Plus she did win the popular vote by a large margin despite all the disinformation and smear campaigns and selective hacking releases and who knows what else because nobody got to do proper recounts. Sanders would have been eaten alive in the general election. Other forces were at work here, and they will be again in 2018 unless we at least ensure paper ballot backup for those machines and real recounts.

      The electoral vote system is heavily weighted in favor of rural voters because it is based on population figures from more than a century ago. The impact on the electoral vote per voter can differ by a factor of 2 or 3 between states like California and Wyoming. Trump won the electoral vote by a margin of about 80,000 votes, which is within machine error.

      Considering all this, blaming Hillary Clinton for Trump’s victory doesn’t seem reasonable to me. She was intelligent, competent, with a long record of public service and people of diverse politics who actually worked with her said she listened to all sides and worked hard. She had survived smear campaigns and dead-end countless investigations to neutralize her starting with her first attempts at health care reform in the 1990s. The Republicans and their rich donors attacked her because she was competent and persistent and tough. But in the 2016 election, any Democrat would have been subjected to the same tactics with considerable help from a foreign government because getting not-a-Democrat elected was of prime importance to both the very rich here and the even richer Vladimir Putin.

      Putin wanted Trump to win because he wanted those sanctions lifted, NATO weakened, and the US to ignore his efforts to restore old borders such as by invading Ukraine. And Putin spent a lot of time and money trying to make that happen. With the US distracted by the Trumpian domestic onslaughts and the US being left out of international discussions because what’s the point as long as President Tweeter is in charge, Putin finds it much easier to pursue his own agenda. He’s messing around in European elections as well, and in early 2016 almost managed to get his candidate elected in Ukraine but the Ukrainians detected the hack in time. Ignoring the very real danger from such tactics is a huge mistake.

    • Lindy says:

      Haha, right? The planted Russian trolls are getting way too obvious. “I am a hardcore lib.” Ummm. Nope. That sounds more like an alt-right slur directed at an actual progressive. Most of us real “hardcore libs” (and I am to the left of Bernie, for what it’s worth, and did my PhD on left-wing syndicalism and anarchism so yeah…) don’t use that language to describe ourselves. Am I a huge fan of the neoliberal/moderate Dems like the Clintons? No, most definitely in disagreement with lots of their policies and positions. But I have zero patience for anyone who is more wedded to an ideology (of any kind, quite frankly–religious, political, or otherwise) than to achieving justice in the only way it’s ever achieved: bit by painstaking bit, making choices that are sometimes a little unpalatable while recognizing there’s a greater good at stake.

  13. Lady Keller says:

    He clearly has some kind of cognitive impairment. I think this is just another sign that he’s not functioning well.

  14. Shannon says:

    Sometimes I start to truly feel sorry for him. My dad is the same age, and it tugs at my heart to see the once strong daddy I grew up with as, well, kind of feeble and with dentures. Then I remember that this man is a horrific monster and has been for years, and then that feeling goes away. My daddy is 10x the man Donald Trump could ever even think of being.

  15. Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

    From what I understand of his life he has always behaved this way – bullied and belittled people, lashing out when he didn’t get what he wanted etc.. His own parents couldn’t control him so they packed him off to military school in the hopes that would sort him out.

    Trump clearly has always had behavioral issues and old age mixed with the stress and the scrutiny of his current situation is making it worse. Am not sure about Dementia as i watched it progress with my mother but from what i understand stress/fear makes people with personality disorders react even more erratically and extreme than normal (for them).

    He’s a man who is afraid – he’s in a situation he can’t control and can’t bully or buy his way out of. He’s a cornered rat and a puppet of the Russians – they will cut him loose when they have no use for him any more and that time is coming as the Emperor can’t stop the investigation and Mueller is closing in.

    • Shannon says:

      Yup. He should have stayed in his lane; honestly, as a real estate agent myself, I’m amazed he was able – ostensibly – to make money doing even that, because it does require a bit of decorum and tact. But whatever. He painted himself into a corner, and I go back and forth between terror for our nation and amusement at his predicament.

      • jwoolman says:

        People who have dealt with Trump say he can be quite charming when he wants to be. That’s typical of severe narcissists. But I was hearing that his kids had taken over any deal-making because he was not so good at that any more.

        However, remember that Trump was always making big business mistakes. His father bailed him out repeatedly. He had several bankruptcies. When US banks would no longer finance him, he looked to foreign banks in China, Germany, and virtually certainly Russia. Eric said a few years ago that Russian investors let them build more golf courses when others couldn’t. Earlier than that, Don Jr said a large proportion of the money for their projects was coming from Russia. The evidence for Trump laundering Russian money for decades is pretty inescapable. Selling property for three times its market value is quite profitable and doesn’t require much of a brain for business.

        Basically, if Trump had not been set up in real estate and repeatedly bailed out by his father and had not used shady and illegal ways to keep going after his father died and had not repeatedly cheated contractors and partners — he would be living under a bridge…

  16. adastraperaspera says:

    I always assume he has to get drugged up to do these speeches, and it either makes him sniff or get cotton mouth. He’s a long-time coke freak from Studio 54 days. I assume he’s on whatever it takes to get through the day–that plus KFC makes for quite a performance each time. Idiot.

  17. Madpoe says:

    If only he gave proper care of his words as he does that glass of water.
    How reckless is my 84 year old grandma by using only one hand while sipping a drink.
    Aww, she’s a Scorpio, so fearless.

  18. Lisa says:

    He’s like a kid with a little sippy cup.

  19. Coolio says:

    He is looting our country. They all are. It’s disgusting and terrifying.

  20. B n A fn says:

    @Rose of Sharon this is for you. Sally Yates tweeted this today- USA Today – “We have reached an infliction point where our core values and democratic institutions are at steak. My thoughts.” “Who are we as a countr? Time to decide.” Sally Yates USA Today


    Brian Klass
    “Don’t get distracted by the bumbling showmanship; Trump is an aspiring despot. The Funding Fathers anticipated a demagogue president but not a complicit congress. With Trump in the White House democracy is at risk. My take.” Brian Klass


    Horrific Trump numbers
    Quinnipic Poll

    62–37% says that he does not care about the average Americans
    62–34% sayers he’s not honest
    62–35% sayers he does not have good leadership skills
    70–28% says he’s not level headed
    65–32% says that he does not share their values

  21. Deeana says:

    Dementia. Without question.

    There are numerous signs. And at his age of 72 it is not considered to be “early onset”.