Alexa Ray Joel got engaged over the holidays, check out her emerald-cut diamond

A lot of people end up getting engaged over the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, and celebrities are no different. I’m shocked that we haven’t heard something about Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, but there’s still time and maybe the gigantic ring isn’t ready. In the meantime, please enjoy this story: Alexa Ray Joel is engaged! She got engaged over the holidays to Ryan Gleeson.

Personally, I like Alexa Joel and I wish her well. I think she gets a raw deal overall because she doesn’t look like her mom, nor does she have the workhorse talent of her father. I find her beautiful though. And I like that her now-fiance didn’t get her some boring solitaire ring either, even though I’m not absolutely wild about this setting.


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That’s an emerald-cut diamond, which I love – you can really see the clarity of the diamond with an emerald cut. But, as I said, I’m not wild about the setting – I just imagine food and schmutz and everything else getting caught up in dead spaces of the setting.

Also: Alexa celebrated her 32nd birthday on December 29th. Her family and friends went away to Parrot Cay to celebrate her birthday and the New Year, and that’s where he proposed. Must be nice. *freezes ass off in Virginia*


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  1. minx says:

    It had to be tough being her mother’s daughter, but I think she’s beautiful and has a gorgeous figure. Wish her well.

    • MamaHoneyBadger says:

      She’s far more stunning and interesting looking than her stepsister, Navy. Or Popeye. (Ok, Sailor. Whatev.)

    • FLORC says:

      I like her. She’s spoken openly about her struggles. And some of those struggles were rooted in her parents. They were and are loving by all accounts. But her father’s musical talents were a standard she was held to. And her mothers looks as well. All while trying to make it on her own talent.

      That ring is stunning. Cut, clarity, and setting.

    • Aren says:

      If anything because the mom probably made it that way. Christie Brinkley is a horrible person.

      • Nancy says:

        Why is she a horrible person? She is a lucky/unlucky woman. Her first love was killed in an auto wreck, she had to be rescued in the mountains after a helicopter crash, she was married to gold digger who was having an affair with his teenage assistant. I don’t remember ever reading anything negative about her, but if you say so…..

      • FLORC says:

        No evidence of this. And it’s been notes Brinkley has been a low key and supportive mom to her daughter’s shows. Only when Alexa asked her to not come did she hold back.

        I’m biased. I’ve followed a fair amount of Alexa stories. Especially her battle with depression and self harm.

      • Tinkerbell says:

        I spent 5/6 hours with her years ago and she was really pleasant. She was curious about the people around her.

      • Nancy says:

        Wow. Not surprised, they all do it. For the girls who look at the Kardashians, I hope they all look at the before shots. Kylie barely resembles her former self. It’s like Mr. Potato Head, just change the pieces, lol. Guess to these women, it’s not what’s on the inside that counts.

      • FLORC says:

        She’s had work done. Haven’t they All? But most is contour shading. She’s almost never seen without heavy makeup. When she’s natural her look is much less altered.

      • Bread and Circuses says:

        Yeah, but people were HORRIBLE to her when she was a young teen because she had her dad’s looks rather than her mom’s. I would have been screwed up by that too, at that age, and if I’d had the money for plastic surgery, I would have tried to fix myself that way too.

        I’m going to give her credit for getting only a little work done, when she could have turned herself into a plastic Kardashian very easily, and then growing to love her (beautiful, unique) face as it was. She really is lovely.

    • Truthful says:

      Well of course she is! this is a “bespoke” face and body .

      She looks nothing like nature has made her

  2. Nancy says:

    All the rich girls get the rings, I want the bikini……the top is to die for. I don’t find her to be a beauty, but she does have a unique look. Idk what she does for a living, sing? Or she is famous in a Kate Hudson kind of way. Matters not I guess……

  3. JA says:

    She’s not a blonde blue eyed beauty but she is attractive and very pretty…hopefully she loves herself as she should! Congrats, that ring is killer 🙂

  4. Dee says:

    I honestly don’t find her mother or her half sister all that stunning. I think Alex is much more striking.

    • Aren says:

      Same here. She’s breath-taking gorgeous.

    • tmbg says:

      Me three!

    • Olive says:

      same. seen a million blonde, tan girls like Christie and Sailor – Alexa is much more interesting kind of beautiful. She’s much more striking than both of them.

    • I Choose Me says:

      Agree. I know that her current look is the result of plastic surgery but I still find her way more interesting to look at than her mother and sister.

  5. Jordan says:

    That’s a bright emerald cut diamond!

  6. lolamd says:

    Hmmm can anyone ID that swimsuit?

    • Nancy says:

      Don’t you love it. The ring didn’t phase me at all, it was that swimsuit, which I called a bikini…lol, I seriously want it.

    • TheOtherSam says:

      I like it too. Per the DM’s fashion guide, its the “Mira Flounce” bikini set by Lisa Marie Fernandez (The Fail is good for something it seems).

    • imqrious2 says:

      Here you go: polka dot, flounce bikini by Lisa Marie Fernandez.

  7. Lucy says:

    Not referring to anyone here, but I wish we, as a society, could leave the whole “only blonde and blue-eyed girls are pretty” narrative far, far behind once and for all. As for Alexa and Ryan, congrats!!! She seems over the moon, and the IG caption made me giggle.

  8. LondonGal says:

    I think she’s absolutely stunning and by far and away the most beautiful of her Mum’s kids.

  9. lucy2 says:

    Congrats to them! i too like the stone itself but not the setting.

    • Chrissy says:

      To me the setting and the diamond cut don’t seem very well matched. I have a similar setting and it looks beautiful with a round-cut inlaid diamond that has a lower profile. I can imagine that emerald-cut getting caught on everything because the setting doesn’t match the stone. (shrug) To each their own, I guess. Alexa seems to love it and that’s all that matters. I hope her and her fiancé are very happy. I hope she gets an iron-clad pre-nup, though.

  10. WMGDtoo says:

    Her eyes are gorgeous to me. So big and expressive. I will say I LOVE THAT RING. Its stunning to me. Very different than some I have seen. Old fashion in a way.. Romantic.

    Her mother is superficial beyond the pale. And I can’t imagine what that does to a young girl when you are finding yourself. Hope she appreciates her uniqueness. There are many kinds of beauty. Makes the world so much better. Congrats to her and her guy.

  11. Mar says:

    Beautiful ring, beautiful girl and cute guy.

  12. Pamsicle says:

    Who is the fiancée?? Where do these kids get money for such huge rings? From Billy Joel?

  13. Sequinedheart says:

    I have a soft spot for Alexa. I can’t imagine growing up with crazy-famous and talented parents and then trying to come out from that shadow.
    I’m really not a fan of the ring design. It’s pretty fug but thats just one womans opinion. But good for them & their happiness in the years to come.

  14. Whatever Gurl says:

    I can’t forget that she dated Albie Manzo from New Jersey Housewives!

  15. themummy says:

    The ring is ugly. I find her absolutely gorgeous (even before she started tweaking her face, and the tweaks were good ones–she didn’t go overboard), and she is actually insanely talented as a singer. She just doesn’t seem very ambitious in seeking a career as a singer (and good for her on that!). But that girl can SING, though.

  16. paranormalgirl says:

    Alexa Ray is a really nice human being. I had the chance to work with her during a charity event in the Hamptons last summer and she was just so easygoing and pleasant. And she’s quite pretty.

  17. Dorothy K Zbornak says:

    I personally find it tacky when people take pics of their engagement ring, looking at their ring, etc. The caption of that IG photo is about the ring rather than the engagement itself. I don’t know, I just bothers me.

  18. Vovicia says:

    What a gorgeous bikini.