Greta Gerwig regrets working with Woody Allen: ‘I will not work for him again’

The National Board of Review Awards Gala 2018 - Arrivals

Here are some photos of Greta Gerwig, the writer-director of Lady Bird, at last night’s National Board of Review Awards on Tuesday night. The quick fashion note here is that she wore a sparkly Gucci dress, and she looked great. I would argue that this Gucci is a tad too “dressy” and cocktail-y for the event, because historically the NBR Awards are more low-key, but honestly… everything has gotten more glam lately, and people really did treat this like any other awards-season red carpet.

On Tuesday, we talked about Greta and the Woody Allen Conundrum. Greta worked with Woody Allen in 2012, on To Rome with Love. As I said, this was before – I believe – most actors knew about the extent of Dylan Farrow’s accusations against Woody. It would have been easy enough for Greta and her #TimesUp pin to completely throw Woody Allen under the bus. She did not. In the press room, after Lady Bird picked up the Golden Globe for Best Comedy/Musical, Greta was asked about working with Woody Allen. Her answer sucked, and she failed to even verbally cut ties from him. I wrote: “the Oscar consultant tasked with shepherding Lady Bird through the awards season really needs to pull Gerwig aside and tell her that Woody Allen has no Hollywood constituency at this point – not counting ride-or-die Kate Winslet – and that publicly saying ‘I regret working with Woody’ will not offend anyone or hurt her Oscar chances. In fact, saying that will help her Oscar chances.” Well, someone took my advice:

Greta Gerwig has vowed not to work with Woody Allen again – something many stars have avoided taking a definitive position on. The Lady Bird writer and director, 34, spoke out about working with Allen, 82, and the controversy surrounding him after decades of sexual misconduct allegations in a The New York Times op-ed on Tuesday. When the Times asked Gerwig and screenwriter Aaron Sorkin if Kevin Spacey, Roman Polanski or Allen would ever work again, Gerwig directed her answer to Allen, who she worked with on 2012’s To Rome With Love.

“I would like to speak specifically to the Woody Allen question which I have been asked about a couple of times recently, as I worked for him on a film that came out in 2012,” the Golden Globe winner said. “It is something that I take very seriously and have been thinking deeply about, and it has taken me time to gather my thoughts and say what I mean to say…. I can only speak for myself and what I’ve come to is this: If I had known then what I know now, I would not have acted in the film. I have not worked for him again, and I will not work for him again.”

Gerwig said she didn’t come to the decision lightly, revealing she deeply analyzed the allegations surrounding the director.

“Dylan Farrow’s two different pieces made me realize that I increased another woman’s pain, and I was heartbroken by that realization,” she said. “I grew up on his movies, and they have informed me as an artist, and I cannot change that fact now, but I can make different decisions moving forward.”

[From People]

That’s a much better answer, a much more complete answer. “I grew up on his movies, and they have informed me as an artist, and I cannot change that fact now, but I can make different decisions moving forward.” Exactly. I remain unmoved by the idea that the #MeToo movement is going to lead to witch hunts, or that men will stop flirting with women, or whatever inane argument some people make these days. But I do have a real worry that the most vocal #MeToo warriors are operating with a 20/20 hindsight and judging men and women’s past actions with our new standards. Everyone is ready to “cancel” every actor who ever worked with Woody Allen, when very few of them actually knew about Dylan Farrow’s accusations until 2014.

Here’s what Dylan had to say.

The National Board of Review Awards

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Alexandria says:

    Maybe she reads Celebitchy. I feel her response this time was sufficient.

    • Esmom says:

      Ha, I guess you never know! I’m glad she finally spoke out definitively. Clearly Dylan Farrow agrees.

    • LetItGo says:

      This was a good heartfelt statement. This isn’t hard folks. You find out via the victim herself that Allen molested her in an attic while she played with a train set, and you say FU with a chainsaw Woody.

      As someone said, in 2012 Dylan had yet to come forward and explicitly give details – she did that in 2014.

      However, there was more than enough information out there about what Woody had done to her, Soon-Yi, Mia and the entire family over the space of a few years. He set a bomb off. What the judge said occurred – those transcripts have been in the public domain for decades. That alone was enough to get him blacklisted. So I side eye her ‘i didn’t know’ as much as Matt Damon’s.

      But better late than never and good for her that she found the intestinal fortitude to do it, as Kaiser said it can’t hurt only help.

      Next up, Kristen Stewart who worked with Allen AFTER Dylan and Ronan called him out and wrote think pieces. She lost all credibility, not that she had a lot- but playing that whole white lace anklet and pig tailed part for Allen in the immediate aftermath of Dylan saying the creep molested her when she was 7? That was a big FU to all victims. Stewart is not that bright.

    • magnoliarose says:

      They do read here. So if you want their publicists or PR people to know how you feel get it out. They will read it.
      I am not kidding.

      I didn’t like her other answer, but she corrected herself. I am glad she did. I think Greta is learning that once you are this public, you have to be more circumspect with words and actions.
      It is hard to let go of an idol when their work meant so much, I get that, and I get that it takes time to wrap minds around all this new stuff.

      Proper correction and I look forward to more good work from her. I don’t want her to hurt her career because of nasty az Woody perve Allen.

      • FLORC says:

        I didn’t care for it either, but can appreciate the message moving forward.

        And I exist under a rock. This site is more only source of gossip. I’m not online much with a social media footprint. And I still knew about woody. How could so many so much closer not know? Was it a situation of being in the eye of the storm? Closer to woody less chaos you see flinging around? I still believe so many have and will continue to work with a big name. Regardless of their principles. Only once it hurts them or they can no longer benefit from them will they create distance. But that’s the past. I hope she sticks to her word and practices the same for others.

  2. Lucy2 says:

    Good. That is an excellent answer, and I hope she is not the first and only to say so.

    I was a little annoyed with her for not saying this at the globes, but maybe she was caught a bit off guard with all the excitement, and wanted to be sure she spoke well on it, not just off-the-cuff.

    • Sophia's Side eye says:

      I was disappointed too, but I really like what she said here. I’m thinking that she wanted to say the right thing and to not just go off the cuff, like you said, and perhaps look as if she isn’t giving the issue the respect it deserves.

      Greta’s words can’t now be misconstrued, and maybe that’s why she was so careful with what she said. Plus, Dylan is happy about it and that’s what matters most, I feel so bad for her she has waited so long for some type of justice.

  3. Talie says:

    I didn’t like that she had to be bullied into talking about this when I have yet to see men who worked with him getting the same treatment.

    • Alexandria says:

      More men definitely need to be asked.

      • SM says:

        This ia an example how his co-workers and actors now supporting the change should and can respond to questions about him. Especially men. Yes, I am looking at Time’s up pin wearing self proclained feminist Justin Timberlake. Man, I can’t wait for the promo of his new movie, one can only hope Jude Law will have to face those questions.

    • msd says:

      I’m still waiting for reporters to grill Timothee Chalamet who was working with Allen a few months ago. Oh wait, he’s a man. He’s not supposed to care. Or be blamed. But yes, lets hound all the women instead, even the ones who worked with him years before Dylan began speaking publicly.

      • SallyS says:

        I think he was already asked about it at least once but his answer was something like “yes, of course, it’s important to talk about it, but now I want to talk about my movie”.

    • PPP says:

      Especially when she’s a director, I think. I certainly hope she’s going to make another project, but if you look at most female directors, they have huge gaps between films because it’s so impossible for them to get projects made. So in her case I especially understand why she’s tip-toe-ing around the subject.

  4. Nicole says:

    Lovely. Really it’s not that hard. But her answer was lovely and eloquent

  5. Danielle says:

    It still annoys me that she’s being dragged for this when so many others, including men, continue to work with Woody.

    Casey Affleck got a pass last award season, but God forbid a woman would be forgiven.

  6. Sparkly says:

    Sounds like she took her new answer straight from Celebitchy pages. I think a commenter recommended those words almost exactly.

    • Alexandria says:

      Yep I saw those words. But it’s alright as long as she meant it right?

    • MostlyMegan says:

      Yes, very close to what I recommended she say on the first comment on the CB story yesterday. This story today brings a happy tear to my eye because I love Gerwig’s work and I was really frustrated by her previous response backstage after the Globes to the Woody Allen question.

  7. Bex says:

    Would it have damaged her Oscar chances to say nothing? Unfortunately, I don’t think the core of the Academy are in step with us and care about this given their previous worship and refusal to cut ties with him, and the members who would appreciate this statement are the ones who were probably ticking her name off on the Director ballot anyway.

    This is a good answer. I wish everyone who’s ever worked with him would come to the same place.

    • SallyS says:

      She may have some chances for getting an Oscar nomination?

    • magnoliarose says:

      It might have hurt her chances. She had another misstep earlier, but she corrected then too. In the age of social media, it is hard to get it right all the time.
      It shouldn’t have hurt her, but it is the kind of unfair thing that can become something, so it is better to shut it down and move on.

  8. Mia4s says:

    “when very few of them actually knew about Dylan Farrow’s accusations until 2014.”

    Oh come on, that’s just nonsense. And I say this as someone who doesn’t cancel anyone just for who they work with.

    Call it out, move forward, hope they do better in the future. Oh and really, what changed in 2014? Nothing. Oscars were still won, box office was still good to decent. Every signal the industry and public gave off was that this didn’t change anything…just another take on the same accusation that has led to no charges. We are in new territory folks. Are we really going to start micromanaging (well they worked with him in 2012 not 2013, well they’re from a foreign country where this wasn’t a story, she signed the Polanski petition so everything she says is garbage)? Just allow people to move forward and grow (not abusers obviously) or we are not going to get anywhere.

    • SilverUnicorn says:

      On the worldwide scene, papers depicted Dylan as a liar and manipulated by Mia F.

      I am not actress, but if I were (I am in my midforties), I would have been pressured to work with him after receiving an offer and no idea if I would have said no.
      Pre-2014 I probably wouldn’t have believed Dylan’s accusations as in 1992 Italian papers depicted Woody Allen as a martyr and unjustly accused of a crime. Some of them even condoned Soon-Yi affair with him (there have been recent instances of old men trying to marry 11-year-olds in my native country!).

      And I remember it well, I was already in my 20ies.

    • magnoliarose says:

      We can only deal with now. I know I am different from it and I am sure I am not alone. We are enlightening as we go but the past can’t be changed.

    • Severin88 says:

      @MIA4S Oh jebus thank you so much for this comment. Shite is just getting rediculous. Let’s just burn everyone at the stake for any wrong doing ever. No one is allowed to have made mistakes and grow/change. Are we just supposed to throw people off the deep end never to be seen again? That’s not a way of moving forward. Some people take out allot of life frustrations on these comment boards. 😆

  9. Chaine says:

    “Few of them actually knew”—- Dylan Farrow first made her accusations more than two decades ago, and news media at the time widely covered for months the story of Dylan’s accusations, the child custody battle, and Woody grooming Soon Yi since she was a schoolgirl, I think we, as members of the general public who all remember all of that, can be forgiven for expecting people IN the film industry to also remember all of that and to govern themselves accordingly.

    ETA, yes, Greta Gerwig is a younger person who may not have known about or digested the accusations at the time, but you can’t tell me that this was not widely known, accessible information that a person who wants to be a film director would not have at some point run across.

    • msd says:

      You’re rewriting history. I’m older than Gerwig and the info wasn’t widely known at all in the 90s. The Soon Yi scandal was heavily reported, it was the focus, but not the molestation. Dylan was a child at the time and it was all tied up in a contentious and bitter custody battle. Things died down after a few years and the more time passed the more it faded, then it resurfaced with Dylan’s op ed when Blue Jasmine came out.

      • Sophia's Side eye says:

        This is where I am with the situation. I was in my early 20s and I remember well the Soon Yi grooming, nude photos scandal, the divorce. I have tried to remember anything about Dylan’s accusations, and I don’t. We didn’t have internet back then and I didn’t follow Hollywood gossip at that time. I would have definitely remembered Dylan’s story if I’d heard it because of my own history.

      • Sophia's Side eye says:

        I meant to say separation, not divorce, they weren’t married.

    • Erinn says:

      “Dylan Farrow first made her accusations more than two decades ago, and news media at the time widely covered for months the story of Dylan’s accusations, the child custody battle, and Woody grooming Soon Yi since she was a schoolgirl, I think we, as members of the general public who all remember all of that, can be forgiven for expecting people IN the film industry to also remember all of that and to govern themselves accordingly.”

      There are plenty of people who were too young to have paid this any attention, though. I don’t remember ANY of this. I was born in 1990. Mia only found the photos of Soon Yi in 1992. So despite being close to 30 now, I only found out about all of this in the last couple of years – from Celebitchy. It might have only been after Dylan’s piece came out, honestly.

      Greta would have been around 8 years old when all of this was happening as far as the Soon Yi stuff and legal battles. I’m not going to expect an 8 year old to be following a molestation case. It was a big case – but how many 8 year olds are genuinely following the news closely. You can argue that because she’s part of the industry she had a better view/access to stories – but by the time she actually was active in the industry – a lot of people already knew – I doubt it was coming up in every day conversation. And I doubt she’s going to go around asking “oh, hey, does this guy just happen to be a molester?” whenever she’s starting projects. The major media coverage would have stopped years before Greta ever joined the hollywood scene.

      That being said – I am glad she said something.

      • Alexandria says:

        I’m 36. I did not know about his fascination with teens in his films because I did not watch them. I just had the sense WA was revered by critics. I knew about the accusations but I did not read much into them because he wasn’t jailed. So I did not feel disgusted by WA, at most maybe just weirded out. It was only after I read Celebitchy that I became aware of how disturbing WA and the accusations were, even if he wasn’t jailed. My point is it can take time for people who made mistakes in their past to be ‘woke’ and the more important thing is if they remain aware in future, or they would be like a Kate and keep making the same excuses and contorted explanations to rationalise WA and their ilk.

      • Geekychick says:

        But come on, how long do we have google? I mean, for the, at least, last 5-10 years, you pull your phone out, type a few words and voila-there is everything you need to know about some public figure. and WA is a public figure. I mean, we check people we meet, date, work with-you’re working on someone’s project for months and you don’t google him? I seriously doubt it.

    • Jussie says:

      Greta was only 9 years old when Dylan’s abuse was a story.

      The divorce, Soon-Yi and the molestation allegations were a huge deal for about 6 months in 92, but after that Allen managed to get the latter story buried. From then on every story about Allen’s personal life and divorces only mentioned the scandal with Soon-Yi, never the allegations by Dylan. That pretty much disappeared, as it was pre-internet. Even on gossip blogs where old gossip was well-covered, this very rarely came up.

      It wasn’t til 2014 that it all came out again.

    • DiligentDiva says:

      I think some people knew about them before 2014, some didn’t. Some actors pay attention others don’t.
      Keep in mind also this was in 1990s, and it was mainly tabloid gossip rags reporting it. It wasn’t like it was with the internet and all, today you can look up what the custody judge said about Woody Allen. You know that the judge sided in favor of Mia Farrow (which says it all). Back then you had to wait till you saw it on the news and got a mention of it in an article. I do believe while of course it was probably rumored and gossip, many people didn’t know the full extent of what happened until 2014.

      • Lucy2 says:

        Exactly, it was a different era in media and access.
        As I said yesterday, I was in high school at the time and was vaguely aware, but didn’t know fully until 2014. I can’t completely fault people who worked with him prior to that ( though marrying his stepdaughter should’ve been a big enough red flag) but after 2014? Absolutely.

    • magnoliarose says:

      It was reported on often in the New York papers, but I don’t think so outside of NYC, not even in LA. I wouldn’t remember it at the time, but I did know about it later.
      People knew. I don’t believe they didn’t know something was off. But I don’t believe they knew if it was true or not or what the details were. I don’t think she would have known what to think because he wasn’t being shunned.
      That is why it is crucial to keep this going, so there is no longer any cover for perverts like him.

  10. mary s. says:

    She’s probably more comfortable communicating her thoughts through writing.
    Her dress looks like a sack.

  11. Lucy says:

    I’ll say this: one of my brothers is 19 years old and a hug superhero fan. I saw him cry yesterday upon finding out that Stan Lee was just accused of harassing group of nurses who once took care of him. I really liked Greta’s new response and I sort of understand why her first one wasn’t all that great.

    • SallyS says:

      Stan Lee???!!!

    • Somegirl says:

      The Stan Lee accusations are ones I kind of have a problem with, because so far the accusations seem to be all recent and from home health workers. The man is 95 & it’s very very possible he is suffering from dementia or other affects from aging that may cause him to act in ways unlike himself. That doesn’t mean he should get a free pass to grope or harass his nurses, but it seems like it may be a case where it’s better for there to be male nurses caring for him or multiple health care providers available than immediately label him a sexual predator. Obviously some of our very senior citizens are/were sexual predators, but if the first and only accusations occur at very advanced age, I think that changes it, if that makes sense? Basically don’t leave him alone with women anymore but maybe also don’t write off his entire life based on actions done at 95, when he might not be of sound mind anymore…

  12. minx says:

    Good statement.
    That dress, though…..

  13. MostlyMegan says:

    Thank you Greta. This made me cry because it is just what was needed. THANK YOU.

  14. SallyS says:

    And that is why it’s right thing for Dylan to speak about it and remind about it. And people were against her articles….

    “Everyone is ready to “cancel” every actor who ever worked with Woody Allen, when very few of them actually knew about Dylan Farrow’s accusations until 2014.”

    But it means then it is harder to excuse those actors who worked and/or praised him in 2014 and after 2014. They can’t pretend/say they didn’t know a thing anymore. So it will be interesting how those actors will try (if they do it) to excuse themselves now. I mean the list is pretty huge.

    • Mia4s says:

      I don’t get this 2014 as some arbitrary milestone. Particularly for people who were children/not born when this went on. I can easily understand the logic. Oh a letter has been written about accusations? Oh it is about something that was already investigated 25 years ago? No charges? No other accusations in all that time? Oh he was permitted by the courts to adopt two children after all that? Oh his films continued to do well with the public, lots of Oscars, and top actors work with him? Well no one seems very concerned! That sounds like a family dispute.

      Let people grow past this and move on without coming up with some ridiculous litmus test. People look at things differently, for example I assume Mia Farrow has some reason for her support of Polanski (damned if I get it!). He’s likely done. If he’s not? We will cross that bridge then.

      • magnoliarose says:

        He was on the comeback with a lot of scrubbing and sanitizing going on. I think some people wanted to believe he was innocent, so they didn’t ask.
        Now there is no excuse.

      • Karen says:

        I guess 2014 is the milestone cause it’s the year Dylan published her letter and called several actors out. So the logic is pretty simple. After 2014 it’s pretty impossible to hide behind “but I never heard about Dylan, it was so long ago, I wasn’t even born yet”. Tbh I simply can’t imagine how they could naturally excuse themselves 2014-post 2014 tbh.

        Also all those actors who worked with Allen in 2014 and since then so far haven’t grown yet. I mean only Greta finally spoke, but she spoke for herself only, it didn’t magically cover all the actors. And this dressing up in black for GG is not a growth lbh.
        I’m sure people who supported Polanski via petition look at things differently.

  15. DiligentDiva says:

    I’m living… it’s finally Woody Allen’s turn guys. I’m alive to witness the downfall of Woody Allen and his sh!tty movies. We should all soak up this moment.

    • msd says:

      C’mon he has made plenty of good films, plenty of seminal films, and created lots of work for female actors. That’s not the point at all. He’s very smart and very talented … he’s also an abuser and a predator. The two things aren’t mutually exclusive.

      • SilverUnicorn says:

        I liked one of his movies, the banana republic one.
        In life I have not met many people who saw some of his movies and said ‘I like it so much, this guy is a genius’.

        Einstein was a genius; Marie Curie was a genius; Darwin was a genius.
        Woody Allen ain’t as he hasn’t created great movies… those are the ones the majority can remember… not just his ‘audience’.
        And please, it is not just a matter of taste. I don’t like any of Van Gogh or Picasso pictures but I can see they are the work of genii.

    • Mia4s says:

      Oh come on. He’s 82 years old insanely wealthy and has won every award they can give him. He’ll retire to his jazz club and when he dies soon his films will be top ten on iTunes for weeks as people contemplate a “complicated artist” (see also: Jackson, Michael). His “downfall” is barely a forced retirement.

      Also there’s nothing to celebrate when we’ve had two Hollywood actors exposed since YESTERDAY. One of whom will likely be an Oscar nominee in a few days.

      • SallyS says:

        @Mia4s, you think actors regretting working with Allen will force him into retirement? Cause in that case it needs to be lots and lots of high profile actors promising to never work with him again.

      • Mia4s says:

        No @Sallys I really don’t, I was replying to the comment above about this being his “downfall”. It will never get that far. Plus the apologies/promises are pointless right now however sincere they may be. His supporters will simply note that the actors have to say that now given the #TimesUp mob.

        Remember there are zero active investigations or complaints against Allen. If they feel his next film is a problem they will simply release it VOD and it will make some money on international theatrical release (where Wonder Wheel is currently making some money). Then he will simply quietly retire. Also Allen’s alway been an outsider (and has never been accused of workplace misconduct) so his presence/non-presence does nothing to change the systematic issues. Don’t get distracted.

  16. Lizzie says:

    i haven’t seen ladybird but as an actress – greta gerwig really bugs me. that being said – i’m enjoying her on this press tour and she’s really growing on me. this was a well thought out response to a really serious question. i believe she reflected deeply on it.

    • tracking says:

      I don’t always enjoy her performances (I found her Frances Ha character highly annoying), but in general find her charming and sincere. I agree about the statement, and am glad she arrived at this.

  17. Don't kill me I am French says:

    I know these accusations of sexual assault against Allen by his daughter since 20 years.
    I know the accusations involved rape for 5 years when Dylan started to talk publicly
    I discovered the accusations of sexual harassment against Allen by minors recently BUT I know Allen’s obsession for young women or teens in his movies since always

  18. Marty says:

    I’m glad she released this statement, but as others have pointed out, there were men at the GG wearing TimesUp pins who have recently worked with him, within the past few months, and they weren’t even asked the question about Allen, much less pressured to say something.

  19. KatieBo says:

    This is a great mea culpa. Her last statement was so problematic but this is actually a great response.

    That dress is a horror show though… yeesh…

  20. JA says:

    Hand clap for her finally breaking ties with the human garbage known as woody Allen!! As far as that Gucci outfit, it’s not great and far from good…designer label doesn’t make it any better.

  21. Blackbird says:

    Sincere question: Can someone please explain to me what makes you so sure that Allen is what you think he is? I’m pretty new to the topic, but from what I read so far the whole Farrow/Allen separation was a dirty mess with lots of allegations floating around, no clear evidence of abuse and in the end losers on all sides.

    Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think Dylan is lying. I believe that she believes all this happened. I believe that the Allen/Farrow household was a toxic environment to grow up in and that Dylan was emotionally traumatized. But since none of us has been there, none of us knows what really happened that day in 1992.

    I’m curious what led to your conclusion/verdict.

    • LetItGo says:


      Sincere answer: not only have literal books been written that are available at the click of a Kindle, but also there are links to timelines, court filings and judge’s recommendations/conclusions in this case, which all point to Allen being the creepy molester we’ve always known he probably was, not to mention we have Dylan’s first person harrowing, explicit and detailed account.

      It’s not confusing or a mess. It’s what happens when a molester grooming children is let loose in a family – it’s a bomb going off. When the molester is a powerful, wealthy and influential person the impetus to shut him down isn’t there – so the family is pretty much left on their own to pick up the pieces and fight back against the best damage control money can by.

      I’ve found that in some forums, including this one, Allen’s camp even seems to have hardworking detractors (who are probably on the payroll) whose goal is to turn child sexual assault and molestation into your typical domestic divorce drama and narrative (i.e., the scorned older woman wreaks havoc on ex and younger paramour). This is just one of the ways in which women’s voices and victim’s voices are stifled in the Allen story. I recalled reading Dylan’s 2014 essay/account, and then reading page after page after page of attacks on Mia. MIA. They smothered Dylan’s voice. Just gagged her.

      If people want to stay ignorant, it’s easy to do. You can pretend for instance, that your only resources are posters on gossip boards and not actual court documents, legit accurate and precise tinelines, and first hand harrowing accounts of molestation.
      It’s all there at the click of a mouse.

      • magnoliarose says:

        You said everything right there.
        I think it is now time to begin to realize that children rarely make it up first of all. Second of all: Soon Yi.
        No man in his right mind or sound character would do what he did. So why try to parse details when from that alone we know something is wrong with him. There are things about him from the 70s on the internet, and none of it is innocent.
        I hope we are at the point where we don’t bend backward to try to exonerate someone when we already know they have overstepped sexual boundaries before.

      • Blackbird says:

        Thank you for taking the time to answer.

        ‘Sincere answer: not only have literal books been written that are available at the click of a Kindle, but also there are links to timelines, court filings and judge’s recommendations/conclusions in this case, which all point to Allen being the creepy molester we’ve always known he probably was’

        I’ve read a few of those documents and articles. and they do not all point in that direction. There have been statements by psychologists, psychotherapists, social workers who contradict your opinion. Professionals who spoke with Dylan over a lengthy period of time and examined her behavior. Why ignore that?

        ‘not to mention we have Dylan’s first person harrowing, explicit and detailed account.’

        Can you rule out for certain that any false memories have been planted? Are you sure Mia Farrows questions and behavior did not play a role in the story? Have you seen 16 year old Brendan Dassey trying to please adults by saying what he thinks they want to hear?

        ‘If people want to stay ignorant, it’s easy to do. You can pretend for instance, that your only resources are posters on gossip boards and not actual court documents, legit accurate and precise tinelines, and first hand harrowing accounts of molestation.
        It’s all there at the click of a mouse.’

        You’re right. It’s all there. So why did you choose to ignore certain pieces of the puzzle? Isn’t that the definition of ignorant?

      • LetItGo says:

        Sure @blackbird

        A few things: If you’d like to make it easier on yourself, only look at the court documents and the independent objective professionals recommended by said courts. Those will tell you Allen more than likely molested his child. Also review the independent witnesses who observed Allen with his head buried in the naked lap of toddler aged Dylan. Gruesome stuff. Know the history of Allen’s obsessive inappropriate behavior towards Dylan (that pre-dates the Soon Yi relationship) that Allen admittedly and willingly was seeking therapeutic help for.

        Leave Woody Allen’s hired gun psychologists and experts alone. They very obviously are/were part of his machine that tried to do damage control.

        Your suggestion that the evil scorned rejected woman planted detailed descriptive molestation minutae stories in the mind of a 7yr old, complete with a setting, specific toys and finger movements is bizarre. It’s the regurgitation of Allen’s misogynistic damage control. It also contradicts the eye witness accounts of Allens inappropriate obsessive sexualized smothering of Dylan that people saw and knew about and once again it dismisses and further gags a grown adult woman’s voice. It’s the active trashing of Dylan’s #metoo. Not cool.

        Your example of Brendan Dassey is not appropriate and makes zero sense: Brendan wasn’t trying to “please,” anyone. He was a developmentally delayed kid who was easily led to believe he would be released from custody if only he capitulated and agreed to the scenario laid out for him by detectives interrogating him. He frustrated the prosecutors and dirty detectives no end because every single time he’d get back on the phone with his Mom, he’d reiterate his innocence, tell her the truth and say ‘they told me I could come home if I said this or that.

        I haven’t ignored anything. Not even Allen’s paid for examiners who never met Dylan at all. I’m suggesting you start and stick with only objective sources to get a more accurate rendering.

        But seeing as you’re willing to throw Dylan herself under the bus and dismiss her first person account, I can assume you’re firmly entrenched on one side and may have a motive you’re not sharing. Do you know Woody? He had daughters who when they were much younger posted things on web message boards. He also has a blindly loyal sister and son(Moses) he’s recruited.

  22. SallyS says:

    Losers on both sides?
    Farrow won custody of Ronan, Moses, and Dylan. Allen lost custody. Allen was denied visitation rights with Dylan and could see Ronan only under supervision.
    I think it’s pretty telling that Allen was the loser here. Ronan is estranged from his father. Remember his line “He’s my father married to my sister. That makes me his son and his brother-in-law”? Dylan is also estranged. Allen only has relationships with Moses now.

    • Blackbird says:

      I said losers on all sides, meaning that it was a horrible situation for everybody involved, especially Dylan, of course.
      Allen did not lose custody – he didn’t have it in the first place.

  23. K (now K2!) says:

    There’s a Longfellow poem that goes:

    Though the mills of God grind slowly
    Yet they grind exceeding small
    As with patience He stands waiting
    With exactness grinds He all.

    There is a beautiful symmetry in the fact that Weinstein was finally brought low, and then the other dominos began to fall in terms of male predators in this industry, because Dylan’s brother was incorruptible. I hope there is comfort for Dylan in that.

  24. bikki says:

    I’m a SAG-AFTRA member and was on the fence on voting for her film because though I liked her work a lot, I would never want to unintentionally lend support to awful Woody Allen (whose works I also once loved as an artist too) or any of his sympathizers.

    I’m glad she has taken this stance.