Racist politician’s racist girlfriend texted racist crap about Meghan Markle

Harry Meghan Brixton

Did you know that racists and people who date racists will often say and text and write racist sh-t? I know, it’s completely shocking! Since we have a lot of British Celebitches, I guess there’s a demand for this story. For everybody else, here’s what you need to know: The UKIP party in Britain is sort of like the most Deplorable wing of the Republican Party. They are racists, they hate immigrants, they hate people of color and they hate the fact that Prince Harry is going to marry Meghan Markle. Well, there’s a UKIP leader named Henry Bolton, and he’s dating a “glamour model” (Britspeak for a cheesy, budget pin-up model) who texted some racist sh-t about Meghan Markle. Water is wet, racist a–holes are racist.

UKIP’s leader Henry Bolton is considering his future today after his glamour model girlfriend was accused of sending a series of racist tweets about Meghan Markle. In the series of alleged vile slurs, Henry Bolton’s 25-year-old lover Jo Marney said Ms Markle’s “seed” would “taint the Royal Family”. According to the Mail on Sunday, Marney allegedly made a string of explosively racist remarks about Prince Harry’s fiancée, claiming the black actress’s entry into the Royal Family would “pave the way for a black king.” During the shocking tirade, the glamour model claims she would never have sex with a “negro”, and describes black people as “ugly”.

The leaked messages resulted in her immediate suspension from Ukip after the Mail on Sunday alerted party bosses to Jo Marney’s highly offensive views. Today party Chairman Paul Oakeden said he has some “difficult decisions to make… and he will make them today.”
He told the BBC’s Sunday Politics: “He is very focused on those decisions today… I am sure that whatever he does will be the best decision for the party.”

The comments were allegedly made by the model in a text exchange with a male friend roughly three weeks before she embarked on a relationship with the politician. In the conversation, she also targets ethnic minorities in general, saying they are “pushing their way to the top slowly. Next will be a Muslim PM. And a black king.” Ukip leader Henry Bolton is already facing calls for his resignation after he left his 42-year-old wife without warning.

[From The Sun]

Not to look a racist gift horse in the mouth, but I do want to raise a slight objection here: private citizens have every right to be deplorable, racist douchebags in their private lives, however offensive. If this woman was Jane Q. Citizen, I would think she was an a–hole but that she was also free to think or say whatever she wanted. I think the issue here, in this specific case, is that Jo Marney seemed to work for UKIP in some capacity? And for sure, it’s news that the party leader’s new girlfriend is a racist a–hole. It would be like Paul Ryan leaving his wife and taking up with Tomi Lahren – we would be pouring over every stupid thing Lahren ever said (and she’s said a lot of stupid and racist sh-t). Anyway, it was just announced that Jo Marney got dumped!

Anyway, this is yet another reminder that Meghan Markle’s engagement to Prince Harry isn’t entirely beloved by the British public and some of that has to do with her race.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry during a visit to youth-orientated radio station, Reprezent FM, in Brixton, south London to learn about its work supporting young people

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  1. Annabelle Bronstein says:

    Disgusting, deplorable woman, Miss Marney. I love that it seems like her ‘friend’ took objection to Marneys racism and leaked the texts (it would appear).

    I feel sorry for Meghan but I’m happy Marney was called out. Sometimes I forget where we yanks get our racism/xenophobia from, then something like this happens. Sadly, I’m sure the Trump admin would hire her.

  2. Sixer says:

    On a serious note (sorry!) the main point of this story is that since the toad Nigel Farage left the party after the Brexit referendum was won, they haven’t been able to elect and keep a leader because each one they pick says or does or is shown to have connections to something outlandishly racist within seconds of being elected.

    Odious and racist as Farage is, he was able to keep it focused on the EU. Now the referendum has been won and he has decamped there’s nothing left in the party but racism so outrageous that everyone can see there is no real difference between them and a bona fide neo Nazi outfit like Britain First.

    So y’know – sorry Meghan that you are collateral damage. But it’s a good thing really, if it’s another step toward total UKIP annihilation.

    • Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

      Farage is a vile being but yes he kept UKIP focused on the EU cause and not on what it is, the b@stard child of Britain First.

      The non Brit visitors, in the UK ‘glamour models’ is a nice way to say a model who gets her clothes off for the red top tabloids and bottom shelve magazines. Think topless with not much else on.

    • Maya Memsaab says:

      Yes, Nigel Farage, that representative of the “ordinary and decent” British people who resigned the VERY morning the referendum was won. Definitely a man of the people, whose best mates with Trump and Assange – nothing shady to see here folks! Can anyone keep track of the number of UKIP councilors and members who were revealed to be racists? And this is, of course, followed by UKIP releasing a statement about ejecting these ‘bad apples’. I’d bet a kidney that Jo Marney is hardly the only Ukipper who thinks Meghan should go back to “bongo bongo land” (an actual quote from a former UKIP councilor about countries receiving foreign aid).

      The UK mainstream media is equally to blame for giving a platform to this utterly irrelevant party which continues to get wiped out in elections, yet receives disproportionate air time. Not to mention the fact that David Cameron made the disastrous Brexit gamble in response to the perception that UKIP was an electoral threat. He thought that by calling the referendum (and by assuming a Remain win) he could stave off the threat from UKIP and Eurosceptics within the Tory party, and the rest is history.

      Sorry to go off on a rant, but as an immigrant living in the UK, I can safely say that Farage (and UKIP) represent everything that is toxic about the current state of UK politics.

    • Sixer
      This *is* a serious note too. I don’t think you meant to sound dismissive but punting aside the story just because it involves ridiculous people being racist doesn’t mean that the more political side of the story gets to eyeroll away that conversation. If you’re a poc as well as someone who cares about the socioeconomic, global growth of his country (UK) you don’t get the luxury of choosing which story affects you.

      • Sixer says:

        Oh, no – I didn’t mean it to sound like that, sorry!

        I meant to point out that the slo-mo car crash of UKIP from “genuine concerns” racism to outright “we’re white supremacists” racism is the ongoing news story here, in terms of British news cycles. I was trying to provide context for US readers, really.

        Sorry if it came out wrong.

      • lsb says:

        EA, I was starting to write that Sixer wasn’t being dismissive of the inherent racism at all and that her central point is that the real story is UKIP having it’s sixth(?) leadership crisis in 15 or 16 months since Brexit, mostly stemming from racist, white-supremacist cock-ups. I.e. UKIPs crises have been crises of bigotry and racism, in one form or another!
        However, since she’s clarified her statement, I’ll add only that among some of this UKIP leader’s – Henry Bolton’s – juicier bon mots was his pre-election plea to the party that electing once again the wrong sort of leader would make UKIP the “UK Nazi party”.
        Well, fait accompli, I dare say, for any disbelievers still around.

      • Sixer
        Thank you for the context. Every little thing truly does matter and since the Weinstein fuckery I literally read every one of your posts so yeah, your response is very much appreciated.

        Lol, looks like we’re all going to have to earn every single minute of your Flying Elvie by the time May rolls around ;)

      • Sixer says:


        As further detail – before the Brexit referendum, UKIP was polling around 15%. Even up to 18% at times. Now it can’t hide its racism behind the anti-EU sentiment any more. But even so, it had infrastructure, money, and several electoral cycles of it getting millions of votes behind it. So my worry was that it would have a future. But it’s currently polling about 4% and as low as 3% at times.

        So I think what it does show that, although there are unacceptably high levels of racism in the UK, there is no appetite for an openly racist, supremacist party. And that is a good thing, you know?

        I’m still banking on the Elvi!

  3. Sharon says:

    Totally unexpected​ comments

    • Veronica says:

      Sarcasm, right?
      Welcome to your life, Meghan.
      This sounds like our crazies in the Republican party. I dont know how we will get rid of these attitudes in my lifetime. The openly racist acts and talks of our govt is horrifying.

    • blogdis says:

      But …but there is no racism in the UK remember unlike you silly yanks

      • Shazza says:

        Yeah, I kept seeing both Black & White people explain away that H&M monkey hoodie on the little black boy by saying ‘Oh Europe isn’t racist, they don’t understand why this would upset people’ and I was like ‘REALLY? Did you miss the soccer players getting bananas thrown at them? Wasn’t there a Black female PM in Italy (?) that was also referred to as a monkey and someone brought bananas? (And I understand the whole ‘cheeky monkey’ thing but this little boy was the ‘coolest monkey in the jungle-NOT the same thing)

  4. Clare says:

    Well, she is a party activist, so not quite Jane Q private citizen.

    This whole story is disgusting, but also fascinating/kind of hilarious in that the dude is in his 50′s, Jo Marney is 25. Bolton is not actually separated from his wife – who lives in Vienna (EU lols) with their kids for ‘financial’ reasons (As in wife and family of UKIP leader live in Austria because that’s where she works)- but was allegedly informed about his relationship ’3 days’ before it started.

    Bolton has already said he won’t step down, and that the ‘romantic’ part of their relationship has ended.

    I mean to each their own, but HE DID discuss these details in the press, and the dysfunction at play is hilarious.

    • Sixer says:

      I’m sitting here stuffing my sarnies for lunch and watching the Daily Politics segment on him. Shouldn’t laugh really but that whole thing about the EU gravy train and his marital/girlf arrangements is so incredibly damning but also Mr Bean levels of painfully obvious!

      PS: Also, the Tory MP they’ve got on there to discuss it is the woman who made the “n-words in a woodpile” comment a while back and couldn’t see anything wrong with it. I kid you not. You really couldn’t make it up.

    • Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

      Pretty much most of UKIP are on the EU gravy train – its the reason Farage called for a 2nd referendum as he’s worried he will lose his nice big fat EU pension if we leave the single market.

    • Otaku Fairy says:

      Even with private citizens and private conversations, tbh, I wouldn’t care. She is vile.

  5. Erinn says:

    I’m still baffled that people in my age range could even begin to think such horrific bullshit. We’re living in a time where we have so much access to other cultures, other people – literally at our fingertips. We’re not being raised in a world of segregation – I know there are plenty of people out there who are just awful people. And some of them are raising families. But I still just find it so strange that anyone could hold such vile, outdated, inhumane views.

    All I can figure is that these are mentally feeble people who are unable to think for themselves. And maybe they’re scared of their own inadequacies and because we’re slowly shifting away from rewarding the most basic/unimpressive white people they’re finally starting to realize that they have no valid reason to have the kind of privilege they hold. Older generations in my family hold more conservative, insensitive views. I don’t agree with them – simple as that. I’m able to think for myself, and we keep (slowly) progressing as a society.

    • LAK says:

      It was the age that shocked me too.

      You can almost excuse a post-70yrs old racist on the grounds that it was their norm and they didn’t have much contact with other races, but a 25yr old in 2018?!? Mind blown!

      And the language she used was so Alf Garnet, a discredited sitcom that was on the tv decades before she was born.

      • Lela says:

        My husband said it’s pretty normal. We’re 28 years old and he’s Hispanic/black mixed and he said I’m the only white woman he ever dated that didn’t keep him a secret. The other white women hid their relationships with him from their family because he wasn’t white and they were afraid of what their families would say/think. Her comment about not sleeping with a negro still rings true to a lot of wealthier and socially prominent white women unfortunately.

      • My niece was called the N word at her posh, Catholic school when she was 11. She’s a month away from turning 16.

      • Erinn says:

        That’s so ridiculous, guys. I’m sorry that this is a thing. I’m a few months shy of 28 – and believe me, I know some people in my age group who are absolute garbage. But I’ve yet to hear anyone talking about purity of blood lines, or how someone dating another race will pave the way for more of that. I have heard people use racial slurs – which is still horribly unacceptable. But not someone who has gone on a rant about preserving genetics, etc. And I’ve heard plenty of the “I don’t want immigrants – we don’t take care of our own why should we take care of them?” and the “They’re taking our jobs” – again, racist/xenophobic, but never going on about it in depth. Not that it makes any of it okay – but this woman is doing things in a lot more of an old school, full-buy-in type of way that I find so strange for millennials.

        It might be partially that I live in Canada (and not in Alberta or Quebec – which seems to be where a lot of the most loud/outspoken kind of racism centers its self in my experience) but I just don’t see much outside of the old farts and their complaining about jobs. I can count on one hand how many times I’ve heard the n-word spoken. So it could be a combination of locale, and the people I am exposed to – but the tone/angle of her comments doesn’t particularly fit with the people of this age range. Then again – she’s into dating old men. So maybe she’s surrounded herself with a bunch of old racist morons and she’s repeating their talking points.

      • Zeddy says:

        Lmao Erinn, do you get out of your area much because if you think Alberta and Quebec are the centres of outspoken racism, I’ve got a bridge I can sell you.

    • Peeking in says:

      She certainly doesn’t look 25, she looks pretty hard ridden to me.

    • A.Key says:

      Racism isn’t born it’s taught at home. Just like any other crazy ideology, religion, belief, or good old-fashioned manners for that sake. I’m 31 and unfortunately I’ve met my fair share of racists, conservatives, neo-nazis, nationalists and just dumb people, all of them my age or in their 20s.
      The filth that spills from their mouths is something you’d hear from the older generation aka their parents at home and I’m sure this lowlife who talked filth about Meghan learned all of it from mummy and daddy as well.
      We are progressing as a society on a technological level, but not so much on a psychological and mental level really. I mean look at the hate that immigrants from Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan etc. are receiving across Europe, from millions of people, of all ages, many of them young people displaying hate towards Muslims. I mean it’s the main reason why UK voted for Brexit, because guess what, most people in Britain actually hate immigrants and anyone who’s different from them. I’ve heard first hand from Eastern Europeans who went to work to Britain on how they were treated there.
      It’s a sad world we live in where racism is still well alive, only probably better hidden than before.

      • Jessica says:

        It isn’t necessarily taught at home; some young people can be brainwashed into racist beliefs from friends, co-workers, mentors, etc. and some people are susceptible to being prejudice (this is very long to explain but you could do research on it). People are complex and nothing is black and white.

        A girl from a Obama-supporting and anti-racist family was dating a Neo-Nazi who ended up killing her and her parents because they wanted her to stop dating him in Northern Virginia.

    • BorderMollie says:

      Honestly, when you peel back the layers of ‘proper speak’ people often use to cover their racism, their views more than often align with this woman’s. She’s really just more open or possibly not intelligent enough to gloss over her bigotry with coded speech.

    • imqrious2 says:

      Erinn, sadly, believe it. Just look what is going on in the US. Racists now feel (Thanks, Orange Anus!) free to unleash all hate/racist feelings out with little fear of consequences. It’s rampant, and for now, spreading as these far-right/alt wingers feel their Cheerios. It makes me just want to spit nails. Decent people just need to keep up the good fight on all fronts, keep calling them out (though they feel NO shame), and mostly, hit them where it hurts: the wallet!

  6. grabbyhands says:

    My favorite part is when she tried to backtrack later and came back with that classic gem and said her comments were “taken out of context”. In what kind of f*cked up bizarro world are those words going to have ANY other kind of context??

    Just another gutless racist who folds the second they realize there might actually be real consequences for puking up such disgusting drivel.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      yes, the old “out of context”, second only to “it was only a joke!” in the realm of CYA.

      “Just another gutless racist who folds the second they realize there might actually be real consequences for puking up such disgusting drivel.”


  7. Peace says:

    It’s sad, sad, sad. But the fact is that there are lots of closet racists in Britain just like there is in America. If there was a device that can be used to scan the thoughts of people, you’ll be surprised to find that even those who are ‘outraged’ by the racist statement of the useless glamour model are closet racists themselves. Whoever thought that a racist in chief would be the President of the US in this 21st century? Anyone who thinks racism wasn’t a factor in Brexit is living in denial. Sadly, racism is alive and well in Britain, from those at the top, to those at the bottom.

  8. Princessk says:

    I was really annoyed that the Daily Mail made this their front page story, attaching Meghan yet again to a sensational story. The actual story is about the leader of UKIP’s glamour model’s very bad racist behaviour, Meghan was just one of many controversial things she said linked to race. But DM makes it a Meghan/UKIP story. Is Meghan going to be repeatedly used to get cheap headlines time and time again in this manner?

    The Daily Mail is being very crafty and disingenuous by pretending to be outraged and yet it continues to stoke racial hatred towards Meghan with one useless article after another, knowing full well its readership is largely anti -immigration and xenophobic. Rather than putting up big headlines full of faux outrage, DM would do better to root out the racists which hound and troll Meghan all the time with overt and covert racist remarks. If DM is really disgusted by the remarks of this totally irrelevant glamour model it should stop writing articles designed to stir up hatred towards Meghan, giving the impression that British people are against Meghan which is JUST NOT TRUE!

    I know Meghan said that she tries to ignore all this but using her name to put focus on UKIP gutter far right wing politics is getting to much. She must be mortified by all these daily headlines focusing on her.

  9. Nope says:

    Anyone else just scroll through (almost every) headlines and just think “What the f*ck is wrong with people??” I seem to be saying it on repeat in my head. :(

    • Felicia says:

      I lived in London for 4 years and asked myself that pretty much every day. Racist, classist, prone to pigeon-holing people on superficialities. While at the same time being up to their eyeballs in debt to buy those superficialities so no one thinks they don’t have money. I absolutely hated living there. It was a horribly dysfunctional place.

      • vanjam says:

        Sorry to hear about your experiences of living in London. l feel I have to give another perspective on London as I see it, that is, as the epitome of a multicultural and open city with a mayor enjoying high approval ratings who happens to be Muslim and has responded in a dignified manner to bizarre Trumpian attacks. I recently had a work reunion and was the only person out of 10 or so who had been born in London (albeit to an Irish mum and Welsh dad who moved to London) . I am running tonight with a local group and expect the attendees to number a Welsh/ Dutch gay couple, a German woman and her St Lucian husband, a Spanish woman and a kiwi. Like all great cities it thrives on people coming in. This is why it is loathed and feared by UKIP and the far-right hate mongers like she who shall not be named, initials KH.

      • ms says:

        In a city as huge as London, you will find plenty of progressive people, and plenty of people stuck in the dark ages. When I lived there, I witnessed a white woman hassling a Muslim Tesco employee, berating her and saying “You people are all the same.” I was there on September 11 (2001) when the terrorist attacks happened, living in a highly Muslim populated area with a Halal bakery on my block and bobbies everywhere. But I also found people who worked to bridge the relationships between oppressed people and the dominant culture, and worked in a community centers for recent immigrants. London has its problems, but so much diversity, too.

      • Tina says:

        @ms, I don’t know if you saw the viral video about the woman who was asked to take off her hijab before going into McDonald’s. It was in East London. The security guard who asked her to take off her hijab was black, and a customer (who was white) who was also waiting in the queue defended her and said she shouldn’t have to take off anything. There are so many complex issues there (especially of privilege), but the one thing that was clear was that London, as ever, contains multitudes. I know people in West London who fit every stereotype Felicia mentioned. And I know many, many other people who do not.

  10. So why should we shrug it off when Philip does it? No one has ever adequately explained to me why he gets a pass. It was easy enough and quite cathartic to condemn Princess Michael of Kent – tsk tsk-ing a Home Shopping Network level low-rent royal is the giggles, right? Venerable prince consort of a beloved monarch or ditzy jump-off to a sleazy politician? It should. Not. Matter.

    It’s all ugly and toxic.

    • Hey Bale says:

      100% agree. He’s a vile piece of shit. I would honestly laugh if someone tripped him down a flight of stairs. That makes me a horrible person, but so be it.

      • Hey Bale
        I am sorry that this has triggered you. Racism is ugly and evokes strong reactions, as it should. I offer you a hug and a reminder that rising above spite makes us the better person in the end. Philip is an example of wasted potential, despite a life of service and dedication to the monarch. I say wasted pitential because when you harbor bigotry and superiority in your heart you can’t do charitable work with real sincerity. It’s more about self-preservation. Charles, for all his pomposity, is a humanitarian and that makes him a thousand times better than his father. Sadly, Philip is too old to change but the excuses for him are exhaustive and exhausting. Ugh,

    • Veronica says:

      And Harry. And everyone else who has done or said racist things.
      We love to excuse people we like.
      Cue to, “Oh, he was young, and he has grown and his brother made him do it.”
      He was in his 20s, old enough to go to war, he also said racist things and no one can make you do, wear or say hateful things.

      • This! “He was thrown under the bus.” Naked lol.

      • magnoliarose says:

        People grow up and change. White Supremacists do it all the time and get their tattoos removed even going on to be anti-racism activists. I hope we aren’t all held accountable for the crappy things we did when were young and never given the opportunity to grow and change.

        That isn’t on the same level or even close to what this woman and UKIP stand for and the damage they have done to an entire country. It is conflating an issue. If he was forgiven by an organization of Rabbis, then I think anyone else who wasn’t and isn’t directly affected by what the Nazi’s did, should be able to do the same.
        I can, and I lost many in the Holocaust.
        I know the difference between the actions that hurt people and actions that are insensitive and stupid.
        If he was an actual Nazi that would be different, but he isn’t.

      • Veronica says:

        Magnolia Rose, this is exactly what I am talking about. You like Harry and Meghan, so he was young when he wore a Nazi uniform, he was in the military, so it was OK for Harry to call Muslims “ragheads.” People grow and change, sure, but do they really, unless they have a very serious intervention of some sort, which I don’t know that Harry had?
        Was Harry forgiven by rabbis? Good to know. I also had Jewish family in Germany/France, none died in the Holocaust, but I still found what Harry did pretty unforgivable. And his later comments show no growth. Personally, I find wearing a Nazi uniform even worse than words said in texts, as horrible as they are. (and I do find them offensive and racist and horrible.) But one is an action: actually going out, getting the uniform, putting it on, and going out wearing it. The other is words said that one thinks are private. Absolutely wrong, but I don’t see how you think the latter is worse than the former.
        But whatever. You will think what you think, but I do think you proved my point.

      • Tina says:

        Harry did not wear a Nazi uniform in any kind of serious way or with any kind of intent of supporting Nazi ideals. It was stupid, and ill-advised, and it looked terrible. But there is a long tradition of British people dressing up as Nazis to make fun of them, see shows like ‘Allo ‘Allo. Paul Hollywood did it. It was really dumb. But it was in no way shape or form any indication of any kind of Nazi beliefs.

      • Okay…
        I agreed with Veronica about how we make excuses for people we like, which I think is irresponsible and sets back racial progress. A lot. Having said that I don’t think there is any possible way you can compare Harry and Philip.
        Harry has grown and changed, in my opinion. I hate the excuses people made about the Nazi costume and his wearing it proved that the rf has never even pretended to care about the holocaust, even privately. But after the shit hit the fan Harry literally spent days in tears because of what he had done. Charles made him visit a concentration camp and he was devastated by what he saw and learned. That is someone facing his ignorance and turning it into awareness and real empathy. Every mistake Harry has made along the way has resulted in his personal growth and this tells me a lot about him. Philip is incapable of this kind of compassion or humility.

        I believe Harry’s mistakes came from a sense of bullet-proof privilege, ignorance of anything that didn’t personally affect him and a self-centeredness that no one ever bothered to correct in him. But real life rightfully kicked his ass and he knows now that actions have consequences. He’ll always be secretly entitled but he has grown a lot and he has a compassion for people that is genuine and deep. Harry’s not the paragon people want him to be but he is a truly good person. I like him and I expect good things from him.

      • Tina says:

        @Enough Already, Philip’s own mother hid Jews in Greece during WWII. Saying that “the rf has never even pretended to care about the holocaust, even privately” is completely inaccurate.

  11. Tulip Garden says:

    I didnt know a lot about Meghan when the engagement was announced. As a former, and still, admirer of Chelsy Davy’s i was a little disappointed that things didn’t work out for those two.

    I already had concerns about any long-term relationship for Harry based on a few things: extreme privilege, fame, prior fidelity issues, etc. I always liked him but knew he had some issues to overcome some of them inherent to his position much like his brother.

    The concerns i had about the couple post engagement were about a relatively quick engagement following a long distance relationship. Also, honestly, that Meghan was an actress.

    Anyway, several things made me re-evaluate. First, I really want Harry to be happy. Second, I really wanted to be super enthusiastic about the wedding. Third, seeing is believing and it is hard to resist a couple in love. Fourth, watching Meghan’s interviews via youtube showed such a charming, polished, funny, and warm person that I decided to just go all in! I’ve wanted to all along so I’m just going to wait impatiently for the wedding and enjoy this couple from afar, sending them my best wishes.

    Oh, the other thing, that made me a cheerleader for Meghan is some of the unfair, cruel, subtle and non-subtle racists posts on the DM. I have been horrified! No matter who Harry chose, like with Kate, I expected detractors. For Kate, much of it was of the “commoner”, social climbing, Waity Katie variety. I expected Meghan detractors too based on American, actress, and, maybe, divorced woman. I didn’t expect the “bad seed” comments and the like.

    In short, screw this stupid woman! I hope Meghan weathers this well and that Harry (and family) have her back. I think the major royals and greater public will offer support. I certainly do!

    Also, I’ve looked at so many possible tiaras and perused wedding dresses and other royal weddings that I am more and more excited! I can”t wait to see the wedding, find out the title bestowed, and just enjoy all of the pomp and circumstance! Squee!

  12. Reef says:

    I’m in the minority here but I just don’t understand why MM wants to be part of this racist inbred family so badly. She and her children will have to deal with overt and covert racism for the rest of their lives on such a magnified level. No man is worth all this.

    • Peggy says:

      You know the saying, the heart wants what the heart wants.
      If Meghan had children with her ex-husband in America, her children would still have to deal with overt and covert racism. She grew up with it, so she knows what the future will be if there are children in her future.

    • aquarius64 says:

      Meghan would be dealing with racism no matter who she marries.

      • Reef says:

        No. They could’ve lived in LA, Toronto, NYC, or other conclaves of liberalism where seeing an interracial couple is not a surprise and doesn’t have sociopolitical and historical familial stakes because no one gives a sh-t that Dan Average White Man and Biracial Megan are together.
        This situation is magnified in a way that it wouldn’t be if she wasn’t marrying a royal. The DM (major publication) has a story everyday about her and it’s filled with every racist way you can refer to a black person. All racism is bad, but I prefer my racism to a 3 vs 30 she’s dealing with right now.

      • Merritt says:


        Those cities that you listed also have problems with racism. The L.A. riots were not that long ago. Stop and frisk targeting POC in NYC was recent too. While some places might be slightly better than others, there is no escaping bigotry.

      • My hubby is white and though we live in NYC I was born and raised in the south. There isn’t as much difference as you’d think lol. The absolute worst are the New England states, imo. Ugh.

      • Veronica says:

        True, but it is also true that in NYC, at least in Brooklyn and Manhattan, no one looks twice at interracial couples. First of all, we NYers are way too cool to acknowledge anyone on the streets. Secondly, as a fair haired white woman, I am the minority in NYC. No one cares about it.
        Yes, some racist cops still do, but fame gives you some protection from that. Think of all the interracial Hollywood couples who are celebrated, and compare it to Meghan, joining a racist family, supported financially by many racist people and this is what you get. The Daily Mail every single day noting her background in some way.

      • Merritt says:


        Depends on the type of fame. James Blake had a moderate level of fame as tennis player and he was still tackled by the NYPD over something that did not involve him.

      • magnoliarose says:

        She would.
        NYC and LA have a lot of interracial couples, but black men still have problems with the police and catching cabs. Racism is everywhere, and there is no escaping it.
        She shouldn’t have to base her life decisions on what racists may or may not do. Progress is never made by letting them win and have the power.
        Barriers have to be broken down to make things ordinary and accepted.

      • Veronica says:

        Merritt and Magnolia Rose, yes, there is still racism everywhere. But kids of color who live where I live have it a lot tougher than kids who live in more diverse areas. And marrying into the racist BRF and a mostly white society is not going to be easy. Meghan picked a very tough life, regardless of how much money, jewelry and security she will have.

      • Merritt says:


        I assure you that Meghan knows that she has a tough road ahead. Just as everyone knows that diverse areas can be easier to live in. But a person’s life isn’t solely lived in one place. People often have to go to less diverse areas for work or school. Life isn’t lived in a bubble.

      • Tina says:

        The UK is less diverse than the US as a whole. But London is no less diverse than New York or LA, and many fewer people get shot by the police here. I wouldn’t have chosen Meghan’s life, but London society is no worse than New York society for interracial couples.

    • Petty Riperton says:

      She loves Harry but I doubt he would’ve given up his title and spot in the succession for her so they could live a normal life. That wouldn’t have done much since people and the press would’ve blamed her for it anyway.

      No matter how “white passing” she looks, how articulate she is, how educated she is there are always going to be people who will remind her of her roots.
      Some people still think that in 2018 all these things would make them or her for example immuned from racism it doesn’t.

      • This. I have two cousins who have no contact with my family because they are passing for white in NYC. Their parents, my biracial uncle and his European wife, decided many years ago that green eyes and ash blonde hair wasn’t enough to protect their daughters in life once people realized they were partially black. My uncle passes to all but his family and felt he should keep a good thing going with his own daughters. It breaks my heart.

      • Princessk says:

        @Enough Already……Sorry about that. I didn’t think that people were still going to such lengths to distance themselves from their black heritage. I know it was common in the 19th century and early 20th century, but because of the terrible hardships in those days it was quite understandable for people, who could ,to ‘crossover’.

        However, look at the hell Meghan is going through and she is somebody who could clearly have got away as passing for white….as long as she kept her hair straight. It really makes one ask, how far have we really come, and how much farther do we need to go?

      • magnoliarose says:

        WOW Enough Already,

        I never realized people still did that either. I have some biracial cousins who inherited the blonde and light eyes and look like Rashida Jones as far as skin tone, but they don’t deny their black parent or their ethnicity. They live a very privileged life, so I don’t know if that makes any kind of difference as in they are already set for life so don’t have to answer to anyone.

        That is sad to live a lie like that.

      • It is unusual but my uncle was born in 1953 and my guess is that because he was adopted out of the south he probably interbalized more chaos/fear/resentment than most. My mom felt that his daughters may never have actually known the truth so they don’t know they’re passing. They aren’t NYC wealthy but extremely comfortable, financially, which leads me to guess that is why my uncle doubled down on the passing. It’s strange to think I could pasx them on the street or be sitting near them in a cafe… We lose so much by not exploring the amazing ways in which we are interconnected. It’s sad.

  13. Petty Riperton says:

    A lot of people feel that way about her over there. Sure they hide it behind coded language or pick the most insignificant thing about her (omg she holds his hand too much) to write her off all together.

    I find it hilarious that the same publication that had headlines and stories about Meghan being from the “hood”, that Meghan’s “exotic blood” could spice up the royal DNA and who have klan meetings under Harry and Meghan post in their comments section is outraged by this.

  14. Kelly says:

    That woman is only 25? She looks like she’s on day six of her beehive, and is going in tomorrow to have it torn down and rebuilt.

  15. SammySushi says:

    Taint?!? Not unless the goal is to get back to the previous practice of inbreeding all the European royal cousins.

    • Lol. Queen Philippa of Hanault? Queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg? That ship has sailed, my friend. The BRF has been multiracial for awhile :) Study of then contemporary documentation reveals how not a big deal it was – it was subsequent panic and whitewashing from 19th century academics and historians that quickly scrambled to comply with the newer, more virulent racism. Before that bigotry was overwhelmingly based on religion, residency and of course, class. An obscenely wealthy, Catholic, poc from Ghent could marry his daughter off to any nobleman he chose but a blonde, blue-eyed Jewish cobbler from Barcelona could have his home burned to the ground by random, angry mobs. Not all but so much of racism is a gift from the last 409 or so years.

  16. Anna says:

    I feel really sorry for Meghan when I heard this. Even in the 21st century – with people having access to amazing knowledge and education, there still people who spread hatred and nasty comments. I really hope Prince Harry can protect Meghan and her families in some way and give good advice on how to deal with a wave of racial abuse. I’m a Meghan fan and I cannot wait for the wedding.

  17. Sg says:

    Honestly, I’m surprised that UKIP has suspended her and that Bolton’s future with them is in jeopardy. As far as I’m aware (as a Canadian who doesn’t follow Brit politics that closely) her words are their entire platform. Doesn’t this just play into their base a la “shithole”? I guess the GOPs silence on Trump’s explicit racism has skewed my perception of how political parties respond to stuff like this now.

    Anyway, poor Meghan. I really feel for her as a mixed woman who has heard similar stuff. It must be extra awful to have it so highly publicized.

  18. mazzie says:

    I look at people like her and go, “What have you accomplished? Why are you so proud you’re white? If that’s your only accomplishment, that’s genetics and you had nothing to do with it.”

    • jane says:

      It’s encouraging to note that racism and stupid consistently go together.
      Since when have women started producing seeds (to taint their husband’s family – or for any other reason) when we’ve spent millenia producing eggs?
      Perhaps it’s also a lucky sign that the future of racism will always be checked by their incredible ignorance.

  19. Linda says:

    The last picture Meghan is holding onto Harry and it looks like he is trying to get away.

  20. Sherry says:

    It stuns, saddens and quite frankly, angers me that in 2018 there are still people in the world who think like this.

  21. Levin says:

    I for one am always thrilled to see stories like this. The only upside of living in these tense political times is that dirtbags like this feel validated enough to be open about their disgusting prejudices. Private citizen or not – name them, shame them, make life reeeeeaaaaallly difficult for them. I hope Jo never, ever gets to run away and truly move on from these comments without a desperate amount of soul-searching and seriously redemptive acts.

  22. Svea says:

    Just go to the DM comments section and you will see how much negativity exists for Markle. Hope the relationship can withstand it in the long run.

  23. Bianca says:

    I don’t think MM has enough close relatives and friends to fill her side of the church and she will end up inviting all sort of superficial socialites and social climbers from Toronto. Insta-blogger types.

  24. me says:

    As a WOC, I am sure Meghan has dealt with this type of racist sh*t many times before…not only in the UK, but pretty much everywhere she goes, because well…she’s Black no matter what country she is in ! It’s not like she is just now dealing with racism. I’m a nobody…just a WOC living in Canada, and I have been dealing with worse things said to me…straight to my face, as a child, and as an adult. We just learn that it’s a part of life…some attitudes will NEVER change.

  25. Patty says:

    Seriously. I’m only surprised that people are surprised. This isn’t new and no it’s not going to die out with the older generation. At least in America we’ve deluded ourselves into thinking racism is a thing of the past because it’s not as overt or because interracial dating is more common. Bullshit.

    Some of the most racist people I know are white people (women in particular) who date black….or “exotic”

    Especially the women, they fetishize the black penis but really don’t care about black people as a whole.

    We need to stop pretending.

    • me says:

      Yup…racism is going nowhere. The election of Donald Trump proves that. People need to realize that children are still being raised by the “older generation”. They hear their parents and grandparents saying racist sh*t daily…they start to believe it themselves and thus the cycle continues.

    • Veronica says:

      The only way to end it is to forbid it around children. We lived an hour and a half from my racist in-laws, in a pretty rural area. My kids didnt learn racism in school, and not from us, ever, but when my father-in-law called a weather woman on TV the N word, i stopped everything and said i front of my kids, “If you ever use that word in front of my children, or show that attitude, you will never see us agian.” He told me “Stop your sh#t,” but never spoke that way again. And I would ask my kids regularly, so he did shut up.
      Sadly, he infected my nieces and nephews, cause my husband’s siblings are also bigots. This is learned and we can break the cycle. If I had lived closer to them, I can guarantee the young generation would be more open minded.

      • Patty says:

        I hate to be the bearer of bad news but even that’s not enough. Racism is also marketed in both subtle and unsubtle ways. It’s endorsed via public policy, it’s everywhere.

      • me says:

        Are you sure your kids don’t learn racism in school? Do they not have classmates? So none of their classmates live in homes where racist words are used? I highly doubt that. Racism is everywhere. Your kids will hear it. Now what they do with the racist attitudes they are surrounded by is another thing. You can only teach them right from wrong…but either way they will still be exposed to it. The majority of racist sh*t I went through was at school but classmates.

      • Veronica says:

        I understand that racism is all around us, all of the time. I am working with a diversity group in NY state education, to work on being aware of unconscious racism. We looked at a chart in US News& World Report in which it gave the % of the chance of you going outside your door and seeing someone who looks like you depending on where you live. When we examined it, we realized the entire chart was based on a white person walking outside his or her door. It didn’t say that anywhere on the chart – it was just implied. I honestly felt my jaw drop – I try to be aware, but I never even thought of that until the speaker said that. It was a real wake up moment for me.

        And what I meant about learning racism in school is that I know the teachers weren’t passing on those attitudes – I’m sure kids did, but we would talk about it all of the time at home.

    • So these white women will date a black man or just have a physical relationship? I’m asking because dating generally leaves open the idea that something serious may develop.
      I don’t get why anyone would want to be someone’s “exotic” pet or maybe they’re not aware of it?
      Either way that’s crazy! I sure as h@ll don’t understand how a person can ignore the humanity/character/heart/hopes/dreams of a lover and see only an “exotic” pet. Someone in that twosome is more of an obscene monster.

  26. HeyThere! says:

    Ugh. The stuff she said is horrible and unacceptable!!!!! Is there some miserable planet we can send all these people to??? I don’t want them here!

  27. aquarius64 says:

    The fact that her cheating boyfriend Bolton dumped her is justice. He casted her off when she became too big of a political liability. The tabloids are unearthing other disgusting texts and tweets of hers, deriding E. European immigrants and joking about child rape. It tells the world this racist wench meant nothing to him, just a fling.

  28. Sage says:

    Are people really shocked? You just know the DM posted the texts maliciously.

    I really believed their relationship was just PR that would end after IG. But nope, she is going to walk eyes wide open into this weird family. Crazy.

  29. Elle says:

    Imagine if Meghan looked like Viola Davis.

    The racism we’re seeing is the tip of the iceberg. Ironically, Meghan Markley could pass for white with many of these racists if they didn’t know about her family. Her light skin and straightened hair would go over as a tan and thick locks.

  30. me says:

    The part of the text where she said she didn’t want their culture invading hers. Ummm does she not know about British history? They invaded India and had no problem doing it. What a moron.

  31. Nikki says:

    Racists’ hate is so stupifying to me. Michelle Obama was my favorite FLOTUS ever, but upon Orange’s election, some racist Republican woman said something like, “Thank goodness we’ll have a lovely woman in the White House again..” It was SO over-the-top racist and hateful; it obviously takes someone with a completely closed, hate filled mind to think like this. Meghan is lovely, much lovelier than this chick. I hope due to the backlash she eventually EVOLVES and learns how ridiculous and negative her thinking is.