Angelina Jolie’s interview with Anderson Cooper: refugees, babies & Pakistan

As part of the events taking place around World Refugee Day (June 20th), Angelina attended multiple events in Washington and participated in a handful of interviews. The most hyped interview was with Anderson Cooper, on AC 360. Originally, Angelina and Hillary Clinton were supposed to be interviewed together, but Hillary’s elbow was Team Aniston, so Hillary had to drop out. For fun, I thought I’d give my minute-to-minute account of Angelina’s interview – the first she’s done in months and months.

9:57 The end of Larry King’s never-ending Jonas Brothers interview. They sing a song called “Paranoid” and I need a drink. Larry King looks like he needs “Dateline: Predator” to step in.

10:00 Iran first, then a good clip of Angelina getting emotional talking about refugees. Then Anderson is going to be talking about marijuana. Good line-up.

10:01 Damn, dead Continental pilot is first. So sad. His widow sounds distraught.

10:03 “Is Iran Collapsing?” So many of these Iranian protesters are old enough to remember the first revolution. The protests are enormous. Be safe, Iranians.

10:12 Another Angelina clip. Good makeup, good hair. She says that some of her kids come from areas of “conflict”. She’s talking about France, I bet.

10:20 Maybe I should give myself a haircut while I’m waiting. I need a trim. Scissors plus two Scotches = not a good idea.

10:28 Angelina! Anderson prefaces interview by saying that “two months” of preparation went into the ordeal, and then Hillary’s elbow had to turn Team Aniston, et cetera. He also tells a story about his plane getting hit by lightning, the stewardess grabbing a barf bag, and that’s why Angelina is being interviewed via satellite rather than Silver Fox-to-Bumble-Lips.

10:29 Angelina says Pakistan is the biggest refugee concern right now. Somewhere between 1.5 to 2.5 million displaced in the past few years. Angelina alludes to terrorism, something, puts the blame on the Taliban.

10:30 Afghanistan in crisis… aid workers in danger, aid workers in Afghanistan and Pakistan can’t get to the people they’re trying to help.

10:31 Anderson asks Angelina who she remembers. She tells a story about a paralyzed refugee boy who was “full of laughter” but he dies a year after she met him. She gets emotional talking about “what an extraordinary man he would have been” and how there are millions like him.

10:33 Angelina tells a story about an 8-year-old girl in Tanzania who saved her little brother, fed him, got him medical attention and got him to the camps. The girl had “seen the worst” but one year later she was doing better.

10:34 Angelina talks about how her experiences with refugees gave her different priorities with her own kids. She wants her kids to appreciate their lives and education. Math is important. I was really good at calculus, maybe I should be a Jolie-Pitt.

10:35 Asked about Laura Ling and Euna Lee, Angelina says she “feels for their families” but avoids making any hyper-political stand.

10:36 Angelina says that they celebrate the kids’ birthdays “all year-round.” Anderson prefaces a question about MORE BABIES by saying that people on his staff want to know… yeah, people on his staff with names that rhyme with “Banderson Blooper”. Angelina says blah blah “never say never” and “we love kids” and something about being hungry for More. Delicious. Babies. The Coop might need to get off Jolie’s jock.

10:38 Seriously, should I cut my hair?

10:39 Why the f-ck isn’t Europe getting all up in Pakistan’s grill, asks The Coop to the La Jolie. Jolie is all “I don’t know, but they better recognize.” Actually, she says Pakistan is “the front line” and needs “stability” and she uses a great colloquialism for all of the “farmers” who are refugees – I believe she called them “agricultural refugees” or something. She’s so funny.

10:40 And that’s the end. Part of Jolie’s interview is used to introduce my CNN boyfriend Nic Robertson and his special report from Pakistan. It’s fairly devastating.

All in all, a good appearance and good interview for Angelina. It’s good that Anderson didn’t give her a full hour or anything, he just did a short, quick, intensive interview that was very informative, for me at least.

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  1. debra says:

    Kaiser I acutally loved you blow by blow.. Well done. I liked the interview as well. Focused on what it should have the Refugees. I also like that she never takes political sides. Working for the UN means that she has to work with people on the Left and Right. I like the balance she takes. I still don’t know why people are always asking her and Brad about more kids. They have said time and time again in almost every interview that they BOTH want a Big family. Each said this before they got together. YET they get asked that question every time. I guess it is true you have to say something 100+ times before it is heard. But I am a fan and really admire her devotion to this cause for more than 8 years. Don’t get the negative stuff, but then that is just me. I actually wish the interview had been longer. But it was short and to the point.

  2. Zoe (The Other One) says:

    Kaiser, that was frickin hilarious!

    10.39 actually made me LOL. If I wasn’t so damn lazy it might have got a ROFL from me.

  3. Tazina says:

    She is a remarkable and giving woman, stepping up to the plate with her resources and time to help these suffering people. Still, the haters will be lining up to spew their venom……

  4. photo jojo says:

    So glad I did not watch. Am certain that this review was TONS more entertaining than the real thing. Well done, (as per usual) Kaiser. 🙂

  5. dee says:

    She’s a phony……..

  6. viper says:

    The only celebrity I will ever admire and respect.

  7. Livia says:

    So…did you cut your hair?

  8. AnnaP. says:

    Too bad they never seem to transmit any information during these so-called PSA’s.

    (from a former and still disillusioned humanitarian aid worker, refugee resettlement)

  9. geronimo says:

    AnnaP – good point. Although according to Kaiser above, it WAS followed by a special report from Pakistan. I liked this interview but thought Cooper cheapened it by the Q at the end re ‘any more babies’.

    Also, I hope he didn’t really pose the Q re Europe @ 10:39 as paraphrased above (it’s not on the clip): if he did, it makes him come across like one of those simple-minded, gung-ho idiots who see America as the great white saviour, swooping in to save the rest of us from our stupidity.

  10. Kaiser says:

    I did give myself a trim, it doesn’t look bad at all.

    Geronimo – The report from Pakistan was devastating – they showed how difficult it is to even get a good count on the number of refugees because so many of them are staying with host families.

    Nic Robertson followed a family trying to bring UN-provided supplies on a little motorbike. It was so sad.

  11. n says:

    wish she would just go away.

  12. someone says:

    Can’t stand Angelina, never could, even before she hooked up with Brad..Shes an actress after all, so she can sure act like she cares. The money they donate comes from the Jolie/Pitt foundation, and got there from pimping out pics of thier kids to the highest bidder..also a tax deduction..I have no respect for either one of them!

  13. LeezaG says:

    I saw the show. I loved her. She was so loving and caring. She was very beautiful. It you are a hater then good thing you didn’t tune in because she was awesome. I see why Brad is in love with her.

  14. Alex says:

    Hey Someone, I am sure they are having sleepless nights because you don’t respect them lol. You are not that important

  15. lrm says:

    Uh,guys,these PSA’s are ALWAYS meant to condition the viewers/public into whatever policy Washington/big players want with said country.
    Not to say AJ does not care;and yes,she has alot of information-she’s well-read on the subject.

    But make no mistake,this is not ‘information’;it’s indoctrination. And it’s subtle: it pulls on the heartstrings first,and it ‘educates’ second. Educates meaning you feel like you learned a few things,but you really only learned that it’s effed for some people in said location right now.

    You CANNOT ever expect any of the major news channels to truly be giving you a ‘balanced’ view. They are all owned by the same major players-both left and right-and the manipulation is very subtle.

    You may be told ‘the reason why this is happening is such and such’.
    Well,you’ve just been told someone else’s interpretation as to why this is happening. Think about it;have you really been given an in depth look at all the variables,and then formulated your own opinion? No.

  16. gina says:

    and Alex — you’re not that important either.

    grow up

  17. Lol says:

    @someone what’s new about that. You wait for Brad or Angelina’s name to come every day just to trash them. What’s new about that. You have told everyone a hundred ways you don’t like them. What’s new about that lol. You are getting boring like you idol. Blah blah blah.

  18. Cheyenne says:

    Geronimo, I totally agree. The interview was about the plight of refugees in Pakistan and other countries. There was no need for Cooper to personalize it with irrelevant questions.

    I thought Angelina handled the interview well.

  19. Codzilla says:

    Cheyenne, Angelina could have taken a dump on the floor in the middle of the interview and you’d still be applauding her performance.

  20. anonymous says:

    Whatever. I watched this interview last night and, I’m sorry, but this interview was ALL about A.J– How SHE felt about the refugees, how SHE cared so much for this issue, how SHE celebrates HER children’s birthdays… I mean, COME ON. If you want to educate yourself on the plight of refugees, pick up a book, read the effin news once in awhile and you’ll know way more than she does. She says the same crap ALL the time– give a couple numbers here, say “extraordinary” a million times and there you have it– our experienced humanitarian.

    It really bugs me that people like me actually HAVE to get an education and spend YEARS in training to be in the position A.J. is in now. It’s just mind boggling that this “exclusive” interview never once gave me an idea of how *I* could help. Why? Cause A.J. doesn’t give a crap whether you help or not. It’s HER fight and that’s the only way she’ll have it.

  21. nimble minx says:

    while I freely admit that I don’t really care for Angelina, I’ll be the first to give her credit for her humanitarian work.

    I have a very hard time believing that she does this for publicity (as a lot of the Brangelina haters say)…there are easier ways to get publicity than giving time and money to humanitarian causes.

    in any case, regardless of WHY she does it, the fact that she IS doing it is enough for me.

  22. Lol says:

    @Irm most of the information we recieve comes to us in that form and we the people chose what we want to believe. We were spoon feed a bunch of lies by the last president for 8 years and a lot of people chose to believe the lies that was ther choice. Bottom line we make choices about what to believe. Right now you don’t want to believe this that’s fine- it’s your choice but you don’t want any one else to believe that’s very controling.

  23. nimble minx says:

    LOL at Codzilla #19…

  24. geronimo says:

    Codzilla, *snort* Thanks for that, coffee all down the front of my t-shirt. 😆

  25. Sauronsarmy says:

    Was St. Angie promoting her million dollar donation?

  26. cara says:

    I care about the refugees and all BUT for me, if I had her platform, I’d be screaming about the human sex trade above all else. There are children as young as toddlers being sold FOR MEN TO F**K!!!!! THAT is THE biggest atrocity EVER!!! And I just feel like this refugee pales in comparison to that. (i.e: an article in England’s Daily Mail a few months ago about some upperclass Ahole who bought a young Vietnamese child, age 5, and how she cowered in the corner, peeing herself, calling out for her mother, while this man as well as four of his cronies raped and then murdered her when they were done!!!!! Mind you, women were defending this prick) – sorry, I cannot ever get that out of my head.

    That said, I still feel she’s Phony as hell.

    And I’m sure this won’t pass moderation.

  27. Charity is Chic says:

    #20 I completely agree. That’s the problem with Charity Chic. The are willing to talk about the plight of people, but they are hard-pressed to share the spotlight, or God forbid, turn the spotlight on the people who need it. Angie is not a saint. She’s all about me, me, me, me, me. The fact that she never gives an email or website address where us mere mortals could help her, has bugged me for years.

  28. Annie says:

    I don’t think it’s fair to say that one plight is more valid than another.

    Human trafficking is an awfulawfulawful occurrence in our world. And, funny enough, being Vietnamese, I definitely feel it close to home. (We recently organized a rally to bring awareness to human trafficking in general called the “Red Light Movement”) It is a sad fact that human trafficking is rampant, not only in countries like Vietnam or Cambodia, but even in the United States. In fact, many of the “buyers” (I like to call them Child Molesting Murderers) are wealthy Americans. It’s the slave trade of the modern day world and it’s a damn shame that people aren’t aware of just how prevalent it is.

    That being said, the plight of refugees, coming from a family of refugees myself, is not something that is “not as bad”. The conditions that refugees live in are a million times worse than what we would grant our pets here in America.

    And so many people forget that. They start to see refugees as burdens, and frankly. I can tell you honestly that if the communist government hadn’t taken everything away from my family, we’d probably still be in Vietnam, very happy and wealthy. The government took EVERYTHING, so they had to come over with nothing. We talk about this and that, and we judge left and right, but frankly, I think it’s safe to say that not one of you know personally what it is like to have your home and country ripped from you.

    And do you even know what happens in those refugee camps? Try slave labor if you land on the wrong shore. Malaysian refugee camps were notorious for awful acts towards fleeing refugees. Among other countries.

    Personally, I appreciate her devotion to the cause and don’t see it as phony. You can only fake for so long folks and on that note, you can only hate and judge for so long before it just becomes a little too ridiculous….

  29. Lol says:

    @anonymous it bugs you that you have to get an education and spend years in training to be in AJ’s position?
    Well anonymous they use AJ because she can get more attention than you. She can get more Hollywood stars to donate than you can.
    To bad we can’t let our focus be the people in need.

  30. Cleolynx says:

    HA! HA! HA!

  31. anonymous says:


    Too bad this is not about competition or who can do what better. All I was trying to say was that if she wanted people to help the cause, then she would be more informative about HOW to help. That’s all. It doesn’t “bug” me that I have to be educated or trained to do what A.J. does, but I would hope that once I am in her position, I will let people know how it effects ALL OF US and not just MYSELF if we don’t work together.

    Your comment is exactly why I think she takes away from the cause, and instead allows the focus to be about her.

  32. HashBrowns says:

    HAHAHHHA Codzilla. You know you are telling the truth…:)

    Anywhozers, there may be “easier” ways to get publicity but are there easier ways to be elevated to media sainthood? I don’t think so.

    After going through her early media life sh*tstorm with all of her…eccentricities, she needed something to take the spotlight off of her weirdness.

  33. morgs says:

    Called it! That million was totally a down payment for delicious.spicy.babies.

  34. yoco says:

    anonymous and charity is chic,If you wan’t people to help the cause why don’t follow your own advice. Instead of saying what she should do, why don’t you give us an email or webite address. I personally get my info
    from a website that is often mentioned during her interviews. Since you have years of education and experience in this area maybe you can share some useful websites with us. Thanks in advance

  35. nimble minx says:

    “That million was totally a down payment for delicious.spicy.babies.”


    right up there with “Hillary Clinton’s elbow is Team Aniston”.

  36. RAN says:

    @ anonymous – priceless comeback

  37. yoco says:

    Thank you very much for the info

  38. Annie says:

    FYI: It really doesn’t help any cause to come off as self-righteous and pretentious about the whole thing.

    The point should be, that awareness is raised and people are helped.

    I hate when people feel as if their form of “do-gooding” is more valid than another. THAT hinders the cause as well.

  39. Codzilla says:

    RAN: Agreed. Well done, Anonymous.

  40. Ned says:

    Her lips have turned into sausages. I couldn’t lister to her, becuase I tried to understand the new shape of her lips and what else is new with her face.

    She had one lip much much bigger than the other, so she tried to balance them in the past, but now it’s out of control and the nose is not far from disappearing altogether.

  41. Devilgirl says:

    Why doesn’t she donate the $13 million she owes for the pics of the twins, that was supposed to go to charity?

  42. atobfinn says:

    the point is that all of us are now thinking about “the plight of refugees” as well as the whoring of celebrity in the Global North. in my opinion, it doesn’t matter that AJ was used in the interview. she gets ratings. yes, there is an agenda with the t.v. station, but all of you seem to be intelligent enough to have formed opinions based on your own values. i give AJ props for putting herself out there. no, it’s not a walk in the park. she is well read, probably knows she will get negative press for UN work, and at the end of the day… ok, she’s human. come on guys. if you’re in a happy family, wouldn’t you gush about it? i don’t think it was appropriate in this instance, but considering she was probably told to relate it back to herself (ie: garner more press as a result of speaking about her personal life) then so be it.

    Kaiser: LOL @ 10:38 & 10:39. well done.

  43. lee says:

    Devil girl the Jolie Pitt foundation has given 1 million to doctors w/o Borders, 2 million for Ethiopian health clinic, 1 million to Pakistan refugees, 5 million to MIR in Nola, 1 million to children affected by the Iraq war…Charity foundations don’t give out all their money at once. Google the foundation

  44. Эээ, а объясните, плиз, а то я что то не совсем въехал в тему, это как?