Pixar rep comes to dying girl’s home to screen ‘Up’ (tear-inducing story)

I wish this story was just one of those made-up e-mailed stories that sound too heartwrenching to be true, but it’s not and I’m sitting here trying not to cry too hard. A 10 girl year-old dying of vascular cancer wanted to badly see the new animated film Up. A representative from Pixar came to her home in Huntington Beach, CA with the unreleased DVD and some plush figures and gifts to personally screen the movie for her. She was able to see the movie with the help of her mother, who described the scenes to her because her eyes were closed she was in so much pain. Colby Curtin then passed away several hours later with her family by her side:

colby1Colby Curtin, a 10-year-old with a rare form of cancer, was staying alive for one thing – a movie.

From the minute Colby saw the previews to the Disney-Pixar movie Up, she was desperate to see it. Colby had been diagnosed with vascular cancer about three years ago, said her mother, Lisa Curtin, and at the beginning of this month it became apparent that she would die soon and was too ill to be moved to a theater to see the film.

After a family friend made frantic calls to Pixar to help grant Colby her dying wish, Pixar came to the rescue.
The company flew an employee with a DVD of Up, which is only in theaters, to the Curtins’ Huntington Beach home on June 10 for a private viewing of the movie.

The animated movie begins with scenes showing the evolution of a relationship between a husband and wife.
After losing his wife in old age, the now grumpy man deals with his loss by attaching thousands of balloons to his house, flying into the sky, and going on an adventure with a little boy.

Colby died about seven hours after seeing the film.

With her daughter’s vigil planned for Friday, Lisa Curtin reflected about how grateful she is that Pixar – and “Up” – were a part of her only child’s last day.

“When I watched it, I had really no idea about the content of the theme of the movie,” said Curtin, 46. “I just know that word ‘Up’ and all of the balloons and I swear to you, for me it meant that (Colby) was going to go up. Up to heaven.”

Pixar officials declined to comment on the story or name the employees involved.

[From OC Register via Fark]

There is more on The OC Register about Colby’s last day if you can handle it. It was all a little too much for me and I’ll be hugging my kid harder today. Up is not yet out in Germany where I live, but I’ll definitely see it with my family when it’s available. I heard the director interviewed on NPR’s Fresh Air and was very impressed with how he described the film’s content and how thoughtfully it was made. Pixar deserves a lot of credit for coming through for Colby and her family and it must mean a lot to them at this difficult time.

Here’s a trailer for Up:

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  1. Zoe (The Other One) says:


  2. Levi says:

    Beautiful, heartbreaking, but a beautiful story. I have to go find a hanky.

  3. barneslr says:

    Wow. Just wow.

    God bless that child, her family and the people who made this happen for her.

  4. Mairead says:

    I think some water fell into my glass eye 😥

  5. Frenchie says:

    This is really sad.
    Even sader is that she suffered because she was is so much pain. I hope she have received any pain treatment possible.
    Yesterday, I have discovered a blog that really made me cry, it’s http://www.mattlogelin.com
    So I just wish to those in pain to feel better, and for the others to enjoy what they have.

  6. j. ferber says:

    I’m crying as I write this, though I vowed not to cry before I read the story. God bless this child and her poor family. Kudos to Pixar for doing the right thing on short notice. I think they showed real grace, and that’s not a word I ever use, but it fits here.

  7. geronimo says:

    Very touching. Kudos to Pixar.

  8. Codzilla says:

    My heart goes out to that beautiful little girl and her family.

  9. pebbles says:

    rest in peace, Colby.

  10. Aleksa says:

    This really moved me. I ´m known for being cynical and not showing my feelings much, but I´m still crying, and I understand this poor beautiful child about the pain…as I write I´m wearing my morphine patch, some days it works, some days I yell, it´s so bad…I´m not going to die, though, and some days I´m glad, and some days I wish I would. I´m not depressed, I´m just tired of the carnivorous, biting, everthere pain…My only link with the “real” world is through the net, because going out hurts too much even with the wheelchair. I cope because I have a wonderful hubby who helps me see life as a possible thing, rather than take the euthanasia road, which sometimes looks good.
    The good thing about this story is that now this angel is not hurting, and if there is a heaven, she´s there…This also makes me feel stupid and small when I think of the (few) times I feel sorry for myself…This was a child who hadn´t lived enough, I have had a life already.
    And well done to Pixar…

  11. geronimo says:

    Aleksa – what a great post! Hang in there, your attitude will see you through, that and your star of a husband! Makes me grateful just to read this so thank you for that and hope you stay well enough to be able to continue to see the ‘possible’ things. Best wishes. 🙂

  12. Mary Jane says:

    I usually don’t like salty, watered-down margaritas but there’s something in my eye and it’s smoky in here and…

    Aw heck! Tough chick bawls like a baby…

  13. I Choose Me says:

    So sad, yet uplifting all at the same time. RIP Colby.

  14. Aud says:

    Gods bless whoever at Pixar that did this for her. RIP Colby

  15. Enonymous says:

    “Pixar officials declined to comment on the story or name the employees involved.”

    That is kind of bizarre because what they did was really sweet and it obviously made a little girl and her family very happy. I would not mind giving credit to them for it.

  16. Duckie says:

    “Pixar officials declined to comment on the story or name the employees involved.”

    “That is kind of bizarre because what they did was really sweet and it obviously made a little girl and her family very happy. I would not mind giving credit to them for it. ”

    And yet, I also think it makes them even CLASSIER, if that’s possible? Because they aren’t milking it as a good PR move?

  17. geronimo says:

    Agree, Duckie. I’m sure the reason Pixar didn’t want to publicise it or draw attention to themselves is because the little girl died – ie. they’re just being respectful and not wanting to turn something tragic into a PR opportunity.

  18. Zoe (The Other One) says:

    It’s nice that people can do things without the sole intention of gaining popular admiration for it…just to do something nice for the sake of it.


  19. Jag says:

    God bless everyone involved. Wow…

  20. daniel says: