Melania Trump wore Suffragette white to her husband’s unhinged SOTU address

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I only watched about 10 minutes of the middle of the State of the Union before I turned everything off and went to bed. In those ten minutes, I saw the white-supremacist-in-chief blame violent crime on undocumented immigrants and slur his speech with his parched mouth. From what I understand, The Curious Case of Donald Bigly also said words about infrastructure spending and whatever. Here’s my problem: why even treat Bigly’s SOTU like it’s a real thing that we have to take seriously? Why are we even normalizing him to the point where we’re LISTENING to him? The man is treason personified. He is making Russia great again.

Anyway, some style notes and some tweets… Melania Trump looked grumpy and she wore a Clinton-esque Suffragate-white pantsuit from Christian Dior, because Make Paris Fashion Week Great Again. Precious Ivanka wore a $2600 Oscar de la Renta frock which looks like a repurposed picnic blanket. Maybe they were both mad about Stormy Daniels’ Jimmy Kimmel interview after the SOTU:

Stormy played coy and I mean… whatever. I’m tired of this.

Some interesting tweets:

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147 Responses to “Melania Trump wore Suffragette white to her husband’s unhinged SOTU address”

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  1. ALLY says:

    It’s too bad none of the Democrats invited Stormy Daniels as their guest. Would have been merely using a Trump/Bannon move.

  2. Nicole says:

    She looks terrible and did she try to jack HRC’s look or…? Also I’m good with the poor Melania stories. Seriously. She’s terrible.
    I didn’t watch the SOTU because I don’t watch any speeches with the idiot in them. It keeps my blood pressure down.
    I’m just waiting for the news to call it a success because we have no standards anymore. Already saw tweets about how Dems refusing to claps means they hate America. And the black caucus not clapping means they hate low black unemployment rate. That’s about when I tapped out for the night.

    • BlueSky says:

      @Nicole, same here. I didn’t watch either. I don’t need to be angrier than I already am. I spent the evening watching HGTV. As soon as the SOTU was on, I didn’t go on Twitter or IG.

    • lightpurple says:

      I think the white suit was more of a rebuke to the Democratic women who wore black in support of #MeToo.

      And her wig was crooked.

      • Erinn says:

        Is she that smart, though?

      • Nicole says:

        Got it. You would think her stylist would’ve pointed out how very Hillary her look was…but whatever.

      • Rapunzel says:

        I just wanna know why the pants are so short. Capris in January in D.C.?

      • Nancy says:

        @Rapunzel: I was fixated on those pants….lol. Was there a flood in the bathroom. They don’t look like capris, they totally look like pants that are too short. And….the wig, is she trying to embarrass him, or did the poor thing just give up. Ha!

      • Rapunzel says:

        Nancy- yeah, I was thinking they are short but not exactly Capri length. But then what the heck are they? Who makes pants that length ? I am 5 feet tall and this is how capris look on me generally which is why I don’t wear them because then they look like high waters. It’s such strange tailoring.

      • Indiana Joanna says:

        I didn’t watch because I can’t tolerate him and his deranged universe peopled by his horrible family. This morning NPR played a few seconds of his dentures slipping around which added to his incoherence while he was play acting at being president.

        God, we have plummeted to hell.

        I agree Melania wore white to spite the Congress members who wore black to recognize the movement. And that Stormy creep is trolling everyone to get attention. She’s repulsive and no one is surprised that she and drump got together. She’s exactly his type-dumb and loaded with silicone.

      • lightpurple says:

        @Erinn, she isn’t but her handlers are.

        The pant length was really off but her fashion always seems a bit off to me – Dynasty retreads.

        And her wig game is really failing her lately. It never seems to be on her head right.

      • Christin says:

        Two of these photos show what may be the wig’s lace cap showing at the upper hairline.

        Did she just throw on the hairpiece without looking in the mirror, or having clips to secure it in place?

      • magnoliarose says:

        I think the white suit was to signify that she is the innocent party in this whole scandal. I don’t think it is about the Democrats as much as it is about her moment to be seen in symbolic white. MelT is heavy handed with her symbols and doesn’t care about the Democrats one bit. This is about her husband and making a grand appearance.
        Her world is very shallow and apolitical, and she isn’t about to do anything to side with 45 or to seem supportive of him.
        Stormy is the “harlot”, and she is the swan in all white.

      • ORIGINAL T.C. says:


        That was my first thought with the all White-to say she’s not with them (Me Too). But maybe not. However she was aware enough of the movement to chose a color that she knew no one else would be wearing (even Republicans) and stand out. Maybe ego boast against Stormy and Drump?

        To be honest I wish the Dems would have brought Stormy just like Orange brought Bill Clinton’s women. If the shoe were on the other foot Orange and GOP would have brought her to shame a Democratic President. They would blame the Dem President for the fact that they had to bring her. But Dems bring knives to gunfights.

        Yeah I skipped it and will skip the news for the remainder of the week. It’s all BS. He will reverse everything he said in the next 6 hours.

      • It’sJustBlanche says:

        Right? And get a decent wig.

      • Dr. Mrs. The Monarch says:

        I think the wig was knocked askew when she removed the white hood and robes…

      • Carmen says:

        I wonder if stress is making her hair fall out?

      • erbs says:

        Does she wear a full on wig?

      • Olenna says:

        I don’t know if it’s a full wig, but it’s broke. With the resources she has, there’s no excuse for that whisk broom covering her forehead. Also, I agree she’s trying to troll the Me Too movement but I also think she’s trying project purity and appear she is above the “gossip” about her husband’s dalliances. Too bad it looks as if Stormy is now trying to play down her escapades with Dump.

      • still_sarah says:

        I want to feel bad for Melania because she is married to a jerk and there was that recent Stormy Daniels story about how Trump cheated on her just after she gave birth. BUT I am also certain that in the years prior to their marriage, she was probably given a front row view of the “real Donald Trump” and decided to marry him because he was so rich and could give her a rich woman’s life. No shade there, we all make choices, we all pay a price. So I am wondering how could she be upset by the Stormy Daniels story really? How could she be surprised by it? Not traveling in the limo with Trump? Not being seen in public with him before? Does she really still care about any of this? And if so, why does she still care?

    • Miranda says:

      You know what? I totally do hate THEIR America.

      • Nicole says:

        Agreed. Totally agree

      • aims says:

        I refuse to listen to his delusions. I want nothing to do with his lies and I don’t want even entertain it. When it was going down I was leaving the grocery store and the car besides mine was listening to the BS. He guy in the car just kept shaking his head no. Just hearing it made me crazy.

    • swak says:

      Didn’t watch mainly because I cannot take more than 30 seconds of his voice at anytime. Also, why did Melania have to come to the speech in her own motorcade – more money wasted.

      • lucy2 says:

        30? I can’t go 3. I watched Golden Girls on Hulu instead last night.

        I don’t think Melania is smart enough to have any meaning behind her outfit, and I don’t really care either way. She’s complicit in all this too. And if this Stormy incident has her pissed, she’s had her eyes closed for a long time then, because that shouldn’t have been a bit surprising to her.

    • Wren says:

      I didn’t watch or listen because I really don’t care. I have no desire to hear words said at me about things that may or may not true that the idiot repeating them most definitely does not understand. Not that I’ve ever been too interested in the words of politicians. They don’t mean much.

    • Umyeah says:

      @nicole i saw her suit and thought it was very HRC, maybe her little FU to her husband??

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I didn’t watch, I didn’t listen. He just lies about everything anyway. Why subject myself to a misinformation campaign?

      Also…he loves an audience. I refuse to be his audience. I won’t give him the gift of my attention.

    • Ksenia says:

      @Nicole: I can’t imagine any woman, including Melania, trying/wanting to look like Hilary Clinton. Clothes included. For that matter, I can’t imagine why any woman would choose to dress or look like Melania Trump, either. She looks like a poorly aged, mannequin shaped robot who is beginning to majorly malfunction.

  3. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    We’re all in some twisted alternate universe parody from which we can’t escape. I’ll continue to wear this resting bitch face until he disappears.

    • bikki says:

      here’s the thing… we CAN escape. we CAN change this weird timeline we are on. Midterm elections are coming, make sure to vote!
      And also protest, resist, voice your opinion against the degenerate we have in office at the moment..

      it’s not over till it’s over.

      • flan says:

        What bikki says.

        Vote and encourage others to vote around you. Remember, all the people wanting to seem cynical by ‘understanding’ that voting doesn’t matter anyway, have been manipulated into thinking this so they don’t vote.

  4. Rapunzel says:

    Melania sent a clear message by taking a separate car. And wearing a white pantsuit. Bet DT was none too pleased.

    As for the speech, I did listen to a word of it. The only thing I want to hear from DT right now is why he is refusing to interact the rulings of Congress on the Russian sanctions. Congress made a vetoproof ruling and letting DT ignore it is clearly a constitutional crisis. Somebody tell this f–ker he needs to follow the law.

    • Millenial says:

      Very clear message. I also love that she was seated next to a very attractive serviceman. I’m not sure it was on purpose, but I hope president bone spurs was ticked off.

    • Tiny Martian says:

      Agreed about the sanctions. There should have been mobs protesting this in the streets, as it is truly unprecedented and yes, constitutional crisis is an accurate descriptor. Instead? *crickets*

    • isabelle says:

      They haven’t been seen together since New Year Eve. She also at times didn’t clap when he was boating about himself, did clap when he was talking about others. There is trouble in gold land.

      • still_sarah says:

        @ Isabelle : I really believe Melania is killing time until she can file for divorce after Trump leaves/ gets kicked out of office. I don’t think there is “trouble in gold land”. I think it has reached the stage where they are “living separate lives” (I love that phrase) and come together for photo ops. I think Melania made her deal with the devil years ago and now it is just lasting a little longer than she thought it would.

  5. Lolo86lf says:

    I didn’t bother to watch DT’s SOTU. Nothing that comes out of his mouth has any meaning or value to me. He told lies and he said masked racist stuff.

    • isabelle says:

      Watched it because I want to remind myself why I dislike him….and he delivered. Without the breaking news stories, the medias influence…..watching 5 minutes of him and its affirming he is a POS without all of the other BS added in. Know it sounds strange but I refuse to be apathetic while this clown is in office and anger at clown face is a motivator to never rest until he is out. Our local area already has plans to protest if he fires Mueller.

  6. adastraperaspera says:

    She wanted to wear the opposite of black, since that is being worn by many Dems to signify support of #timesup and #metoo. Also, white power, etc. Russian sanctions ASAP, please. Time to end this farce.

    • AbbyRose says:

      That was my takeaway as well. A statement on #metoo (and her husband’s accusers) and a shout out to their neonazi base.

    • tracking says:

      Yeah, I call bullsh*t on the suffragette symbolism. This woman couldn’t be any farther from that ideal.

      • Rapunzel says:

        You know, I would agree with you but I think maybe still waters run a little deeper than we think. I remember her wearing the pussy bow blouse after the Access Hollywood tape . I think fashion maybe one of the ways Melania gets her digs in at DT. I don’t think it’s suffragette symbolism though ; I think it’s more likely she was just imitating Hillary.

      • lightpurple says:

        @Rapunzel, I thought the pussy bow blouse was a dig at the women accusing him. She stood by her pig.

    • magnoliarose says:

      I don’t agree with that at all. She is not siding with him.
      I can’t stand her, but white suits for white power is a stretch. A lot of people wear all white, and she isn’t political. She doesn’t care. She is not going to help his cause at all at this point. If she were going to do that she would not have taken a separate car and she would not have bailed on Davos.
      She doesn’t care about the movement, and she doesn’t care about metoo or any social issues.

      • Annabelle Bronstein says:

        I’ll buy that Melania probably doesn’t care about any real issues aside from her own situation. But I do think this look was an FU to her husband. We know DJT would rather his women wear formfitting dresses than a pantsuit from the HRC collection.

      • magnoliarose says:

        I can see that. Her focus is on him and being passive aggressive about him.

  7. Rhys says:

    Yeah, but what else can she do at this point other show at the events she absolutely can’t ignore? She is not going to divorce him (obviously doesn’t want to) and she can’t disappear to Florida. Maybe she has renegotiated post-nuptial agreement and that’s about it…

  8. grabbyhands says:

    So tonight, I call on Congress to empower every cabinet secretary with the authority to reward good workers and to remove federal employees who undermine the public trust or fail the American people.

    In case anybody had any lingering doubt about if he was going to can Mueller or not.

    I’d like to believe the expression on Gorsuch’s face means he is finally cluing into what an evil twat he works for, but I think I’ve lost the ability to see hopeful signs in anything.

    • Rapunzel says:

      Wtf? Did he really say that?

      • lightpurple says:

        Yes, he did. Meanwhile, I was on hold with Social Security for almost two hours last week before I could speak to a human who then couldn’t answer my aunt’s question and had to refer me back to the local office, for which there are no direct phone lines and which closed before noon because it already had more appointments for the day than it could handle. I had to get our congressional representative involved to get an answer. A friend who handles Social Security appeals says there is now almost a three year wait for a hearing in some parts of the country because they are so understaffed and Trump won’t let them hire anyone. This is how Trump treats federal employees and our elders and disabled people.

    • Elkie says:

      Gorsuch once wrote a judgment that a trucker stranded in freezing weather should be compelled by law to actually-totally-literally DIE before abandoning his load to seek help, so it’s fair to say he’s not exactly unenamoured by evil!

    • adastraperaspera says:

      Yes, and also to union bust. He is such a gremlin.

    • Betsy says:

      Disgusting authoritarianism. And the GOP fully supports it. Traitors, the lot of them.

    • Amy Tennant says:

      I yelled at the TV on that one

  9. Sansa says:

    I didn’t like how he used people who had very tragic stories to enhance his non existence compassionate emotion. How every other paragraph had to end in 3 minutes of applause, worse of all Paul Ryan’s smug face he is the devils spawn.

    • ALOT says:

      To be fair… every single president in SOTU addresses uses people’s tragic and triumphant stories. I think it is gross every year… regardless of who is in the WH. And… btw… I did not vote for Trump before people start attacking me for pointing something out.

      • SMDH says:

        Funny how often we feel compelled to reaffirm we didn’t vote for Trump whenever an aversion to hyperbole is triggered and we state an uncomfortable truth.

      • Rapunzel says:

        ALOT- you make a very fair point. I think the use of personal stories is more upsetting in this case than usual though, because DT lacks compassion and reads from the Teleprompter like he’s hearing the stories for the first time. He’s not only using the stories as part of this speech but not engaged with them emotionally . That’s what’s problematic for me.

      • Tinkerbell says:

        I’ve always hated that also! Either party. It feels so wrong; like they are taking advantage of the poor people and their sad stories.

    • Elkie says:

      I thought the follow-up to the baby Hope story (where they interviewed the birth mother) perfectly encapsulated Trump’s AmeriKKKa – white cop utilises imbalance of power to coerce vulnerable woman into handing over her baby (failing to get help for her own health and welfare issues, whilst depriving childless couples that have been on adoption waiting lists for years the chance of a child) then callously abandons her to her fate.

      • H says:

        I don’t know about baby Hope. Can anyone summarize?

      • Jordana says:

        Baby hope. So white cop noticed homeless pregnant drug addict during his patrols. He’s ‘Christian’ and went home and told his wife and 4 kids about the poor poor baby. They decided to offer to adopt her baby. When she gave birth, they did. The mother remains homeless and a drug addict. No attempt to help her get cleaner find her a home or try to keep her and her baby together. Because at the end of the day, people want to laud this cop. Tragically the mom was treated like a throw-away uterus.
        How can the cop profess such love for this baby when he let the mom continue to suffer and no doubt she will die on the streets. I’d like to see him explain that to his ‘daughter’ in 15 years. How is that conversation going to go ? ‘Well…you were just so darn cute we adopted you. We never tried to help your mom though because ….addict. we don’t deal with addicts. Just babies. Welcome to your new family!’

      • ALOT says:

        Not sure this is true. People mag just had an article and the cop involved said he speaks with the mother and her partner regularly and she is 40 days sober. Now I know People mag is not perfect with their reporting, but the article also refers to a CNN interview that was conducted with the mother. I haven’t seen anything where the mother has spoken out about being used or taken advantage of.

      • Linda says:

        Ellie and Jordan’s..Mayve look at the whole story of baby Hopes mother and how she was helped before you go on your tangent

    • isabelle says:

      Anyone notice he used brown people as the victim stories (except the NK coma kid) but when it came to white people, they were the “heros” that saved people.

  10. Nanny to the Rescue says:

    We all know why Melania married Donald, but has anybody have any theory on why HE married HER? I mean, sure, pretty model and all, and a willing one, but surely a rich guy like that was surrounded by them and could have just shagged her and a few others without actually tying a knot with one?

    • Pansy says:

      Good question. I’ve never thought about it. Was she pregnant with Baron?

      • Nanny to the Rescue says:

        No, they were already married when Donald allowed her to get pregnant.

        I read somewhere that she wanted a child and he said yes after she promised or signed that she’ll get her figure back soon after childbirth. Which I hope isn’t true because – although it’s healthy to go back to normal weight – it’s also disgusting for a husband to give her this ultimatum.

    • IMHO says:

      Wow. So now she is reduced to not good enough for Cheeto Mussolini?

      • Nanny to the Rescue says:

        Nope. I think she’s too good for him, actually. Everyone is.

        At least she cares about Barron and seems happy around children, and she understands that she made her bed and is now sleeping in it. And I don’t think she’s a bad person. Donald, on the other hand …

        I’m just wondering what set her apart from other pussies he was grabbing.

    • Wren says:

      Remember what she looked like when he married her? I do. She got a big, lush magazine photo spread and an in depth article about it. For some reason, don’t ask me why, I remember that article very clearly. At the time I found it fascinating. It was obvious that she was marrying him for financial security and status, she just about said as much, and that in return she was his gorgeous, acquiescent, agreeable trophy wife. He liked showing her off (hence the magazine article). Remember his endless need for self-congratulation and the envy of others. She was exotic, attractive and sexy in an agreed-upon way, and pretty much let him do whatever he wanted as long as she was well kept.

      They actually interviewed her, which was hilarious because she incredibly blase about her future husband. It seemed like when she mentioned love, it was an afterthought, like “oh yeah, I need to say that huh”. He had quotes in there too, and they were all along the lines of “look at my fiancee, she’s so gorgeous and hot and aren’t you jealous?!?! Say you’re jealous”.

    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

      She had the most deferential behavior of them, I’d guess, along with a whole lot of sycophantism.

    • magnoliarose says:

      He needed a wife to put forth an image of normalcy, and he had political hopes. It makes no sense, and I am sure there are some other nonsense reasons, but that is the thought. She worked her angle, and all he needs is flattery. She has always appeared as a nonperson robot.

  11. Tania says:

    Didn’t watch it and the only coverage I’ll read about it is (hopefully) this post here. I made my husband come to a movie with me and then stopped at the grocery store on the way home to pick up snacks for work. Got home, cleaned the kitchen, fed the cats and then climbed into bed to watch old episodes of Golden Girls. I can guarantee my evening was more truthful than his. I can’t even talk politics anymore. How many times you gonna say the guy is crazy and may kill us all? I know it may sound like a position of privilege but it’s self-preservation.

    • PunkyMomma says:

      No judgment here. I listened to music and ate Milano cookies.

      I sure hope Cheeto’s Time is up soon — I’ve been stress eating since the election and I’ve gone up two sizes in clothing.

      • magnoliarose says:

        I didn’t watch it either. Wake me when the Tangerine Teletubby and the Sylph are in prison. I just can’t listen to his voice right now or look at any of those people. He lies so what is the point of listening to his rantings and demented ravings.

      • CityGirl says:

        Me too PunkyMomma, me too

  12. Miranda says:

    Damn, Ivanka has Kellyanne hair.

    • Miss Melissa says:

      I was looking at pictures of Ivanka’s face pre-surgery and damn, it was bad.

      No wonder 45 talks about her beauty so much. He bought her entire face for her and is proud of it.

      And that sums every one of them up for me. All about appearances. Obsessed with wealth and all its trappings. Empty shells devoid of humanity and depth. Soulless.

      But hey, they are rich and on TV!

      • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

        Have you seen the black and white one where she was a teenager(?) in a sheer crop top in a very, very awkward pose? It’s really scary.

      • Lightpurple says:

        He bought her entire face to resemble that of a porn Star he had an affair with.

      • Lama Bean says:

        And boobs.
        Also, Stormy Daniels now says the affair never took place. Translation: They paid her more money.

    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

      It is soooo bad. Also, she and Jared look scared to me. Seriously. And they are clinging to each other.

      That’s quite a hate-filled grin on Melons, too.

  13. RBC says:

    Melania has her bags packed and ready to leave that marriage. She is just waiting for 45’s term in office to end .
    Could not watch the 45’s speech at all. He annoys me, but watching Pence and Ryan behind him clapping and grinning made annoyed me more. With all the focus on 45 and Russia, no one is paying attention to what those two are up to.

  14. Jenns says:

    No way in hell I was watching this. If I wanted to listed to some disgusting, ugly racist spout off nonsense for an hour, I would just go to my local dive bar at 1am on a Tuesday.

    Besides, ER is now on Hulu and I’m happily reliving the early Dr. Kovac episodes.

  15. MJC says:

    Didn’t watch the SOTU but more curious how Joe Kennedy did with the Dem rebuttal (aside from his overly Chapsticked mouth) and hoping he still has a career (since doing the rebuttal seems to have that effect). Have been fortunate to meet with him a few times for work and left impressed; he knows the issues and can speak in-depth on them, more than most any other legislator I’ve met, who usually give the “I’ll pass that on to my aide to look into.”

    • Diana says:

      He was great! Passionate, inspiring, heartfelt and the message was inclusive and uplifting. I so wish he could have wiped his mouth before going on air as it was distracting. Too much chapstick that it bled into the corners or he was sweating in a weird place. But he is telegenic as hell and appears to have star quality imo!

      • Sarah_sr says:

        Oh Yes he was fantastic. Why have I never noticed him before? He really is a rising star. He reminded me so much of his grandfather that I got teary eyed. He really looks like a ginger version of Bobby. Aside from all that superficial stuff, his message was convincing and passionate and he convinced me that he spoke from the heart.
        And now off to find out more about him.

    • isabelle says:

      Old school Kennedy speech. He is Bobbly’s grandkid 100%. It was good for his first big national speech. Its on youtube and short. He has done tons of charity work and his wife as well. It lead me down the rabbit trail of reading up on the younger Kennedy clan. They are deep into working to relieve poverty and social causes. Its fascinating to see how they live compared to Trumps selfish & pompous kids.

    • MJC says:

      Thanks; I’ll YouTube it after work. I live in New England and lots of talk on local public radio about it. Thought it was smart he did it with an audience in a very diverse city vs a sterile office/hotel room.

      And loved, unlike some people, he was able to laugh at himself about the shiny lips this morning.

    • Lightpurple says:

      Joe Kennedy is a sweet, kind, gentle man with a great, self-deprecating sense of humor. He has a real compassion for those who are less fortunate and can speak eloquently on their needs. The Kennedy way of charitable works isn’t just to raise money for a cause but to be actively involved with the people impacted, giving them a better sense of what struggles those people face. He did a nice job last night.

      • isabelle says:

        My Aunt was a nanny for the Kennedys. She LOVED them. She nannied for several uber wealthy families and they were her favorite. She has told some awful stories about some families. Kennedys paid her a good salary, good insurance, paid for her vacations (meaning they paid for everything from travel to hotel) and she was treated like a family member. She was a poor hick from TN but they never treated her like a “servant”.

    • tracking says:

      So relieved he did well! Would love to have him in the 2020 mix as a potential VP pick.

  16. Fleurucci says:

    I like Melania’s look often and she’s certainly one of the prettiest Flotus. But bad hair and outfit here. Not sure she intended any symbolism, maybe she’s trolling for symbolism and planning a tell all.

  17. Mar says:

    Melania’s face looks like a mask. She was so pretty I don’t know what she’s trying to do to herself.

  18. Anti Vogue says:

    Melania is so beautiful when she smiles. I thought she looked fantastic. Liberal media would be smitten with her if she would be with a Democrat president.

    • Elkie says:

      Err… she’d still be utterly useless as FLOTUS and the conservative media would be ripping her to shreds.

      Immigrant? Check! Worked in the US illegally? Check! Speaks poor English for a decade-plus-long citizen? Check! Failed career as bargain bin nude model? Check! Lied about her education? Check! Enabled sexual predator? Check! Failed to leave cheating husband? Check!

      • Chrissy says:

        Not to mention she plagarized the last great FLOTUS, Michelle Obama. She was an accomplished and engaged wife of the President who also didn’t want the job but made the best of it for her country’s sake.

    • Miss Melissa says:

      Because pretty is all that matters. Why should a woman be anything else?

      Sure, no one would question her character, work ethics or motivations if she were the wife of a democrat.


    • Lightpurple says:

      Because being beautiful is all that matters. Clearly that was the problem with Eleanor Roosevelt and Hillary Clinton as far as the media was concerned; they just weren’t pretty enough

    • Indiana Joanna says:


      She’s vacuous and has had so much plastic surgery to render her unrecognizable from her former self. If that’s your idea of beauty, then OK.

    • magnoliarose says:

      Did you cut and paste from the handbook? You guys are so predictable. Stupid speech and then flood the internet with this mess.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      she’s a birther. she’d never be with a Democratic president.

      good try, though, comrade.

    • JR says:

      I agree – I thought she looked wonderful and happy. Somewhere I saw someone say it looked like Pelosi was eating Tide Pods LOL – she looked so miserable. I have to say I think Trump did a good job yesterday and I’m wondering if I’m falling for the media-hype against him not with respect to his personal morals (let’s be honest – nobody who makes it to be President has a high code of personal ethics) but maybe his policies aren’t so bad. I was just at a seminar yesterday and the statistics don’t lie – the economy is moving forward for the first time in years. I suppose the car buying program and first time home buyer program didn’t work so well.

      • Jayna says:

        “The economy is moving forward for the first time in years.”

        Nice try. It was also “moving forward” before under Obama, who came in during a horrible recession, unlike Trump.

        From Bloomberg this month on their site.

        “Based on official data through the third quarter of 2017, augmented by consensus estimates for the fourth quarter, the U.S. economy grew at an annual rate of 2.3 percent from a year earlier. That is a smidgen above the annual average growth rate of Obama’s second term (2.2 percent), which itself was a significant improvement from the 0.9 percent average rate in his first term, when the economy was dragged down in its first year by the deepest recession of the postwar era.

        In other words, comparing the final Obama term with the first Trump year shows a dead heat in terms of gross domestic product.”

      • flan says:

        Just wrote in another comment:

        Typical conservative nonsense: can only praise a woman for her appearance.

        And then you come about with more related conservative nonsense: when disagreeing with a woman, insult her appearance.

        How dumb and superficial.

    • Sarah says:

      You like stretched cat face?

    • flan says:

      Typical conservative nonsense: can only praise a woman for her appearance.

  19. Pansy says:

    Y’all, she’s pissed.

  20. Jess says:

    Ugh – refused to watch the SOTU. And at this point I’m convinced we’re not even close to the end of our long national nightmare. My prediction: they’ll “release the memo” tomorrow and Trump will fire Mueller over the weekend, hoping to use the Superbowl as cover. The only small thing I’m taking comfort in is that Mueller’s got to know this is coming and has some plan.

    • Amy Tennant says:

      I wouldn’t have watched it if I could have avoided it. Husband put it on. He then had to put up with my MST3K commentary and grumbles behind him.

      Mueller is smart. I’m sure he has everything so well documented. If he gets fired, he’ll get the information out.

      • Amy Tennant says:

        The problem is, it’s not Trump getting rid of Mueller we need to worry about, it’s Trump getting rid of Rosenstein. There’s a pretty scary article in the Atlantic.

      • whatWHAT? says:

        funny you should mention MST3K…we watched that and Ash Vs. Evil Dead on Netflix last night, instead of the SOTU.

  21. Eric says:

    I didn’t watch the SOTU. I’d rather watch flies mate.

    Well, at least Emperor Zero got his only SOTU under his extra large belt. Next for Zero’s goons are subpoenas.

    Isolation game to the very fat orange demon with a new weave and extra polident.


    • OT Hush says:

      To Eric,
      Everyday I look for your comments to help bring my blood pressure down. As you’ve said before “It’s Mueller Time”. I fear for Mueller’s safety to be honest. I fear for the world’s safety with the current administration at the helm.

      • Eric says:

        Thanks. I appreciate the comments. Keep your head up. Things will not end well for the Dotard.
        Genghis Conman
        Emperor Zero
        Orange Julius Caesar
        Kim’s brother One Dum Fuk
        Pol Pot-belly
        Home Despot
        “Stable Genius”
        Supreme Pee-er

  22. Jay says:

    Ok but what is Gorsuch mad about? He’s only wearing that black dress because of Trump. In related news, I have thus far been unsuccessful in convincing any of my friends and colleagues who practice before SCOTUS to “accidentally” and persistently call him Justice Garland throughout their entire oral argument. >_>

  23. robyn says:

    Ugh. I’m watching democracy unravel in America and I could care less about complicit Melania’s perceived symbolism. All that applauding for Trump makes me sick. Mueller needs to hurry up and nail Trump before Trump nails him. It’s sickening to watch this happening. It’s sickening to watch the smarmy GOP grinning while this unfit man actually said in an interview that the only thing that will unify America is a unifying event. What war do you think he has in mind when he said that? We should all be scared.

  24. Really says:

    She’s doing that thing with her hair again. Pulling it way to the front and spraying it flat down so hard it looks like a helmet.

  25. Reef says:

    What a disappointment! If she was real, she would’ve shown up in red.

  26. Save Mueller says:

    I wonder if Melania’s losing hair (maybe from stress), hence the weird styling and wig as of late.

  27. HoustonGrl says:

    Her and Trump clearly have the same hair stylist. Also, the white? You don’t have to wear black, but wearing white is offensive, divisive, cruel and provocative. I don’t feel sorry for her.

  28. Neelyo says:

    Holy shit, my wig game was better in high school on Halloween! She looks like she got ready at Party City.

  29. Lily says:

    Drugged Melania? Robot Melania? Body Double Melania? Weekend at Bernie’s Melania?

  30. kk2 says:

    She looks fine. I’m not convinced there’s any deep message here, except maybe that she chose to wear pants instead of the kind of bodycon dress DT probably prefers.

    Didn’t watch, but I never do, even when I liked the President. It’s just boring political propaganda. Glorified campaign rally. Applaud for coal miners, applaud for veterans, pats on the back, pouty opposition party. Just a bunch of superficial crap, no meaningful anything.

  31. Pandy says:

    Couldn’t be bothered to watch a reality has been pretending to be a president. Melania’s wig IS crooked, as someone commented above. I don’t think the white pantsuit was any message at all. She was trying to show off her tan. I don’t expect any more depth from that bunch than that. Ivanka’s dress looked like one of her garbage outfits.

  32. Oliviajoy1995 says:

    I go back and forth between one day thinking she’s very attractive and the next day thinking she looks like a man.

  33. ANN W LATTA says:

    Wearing pants is a rebuke to Trump. Apparently he instructed all female White House staff to dress like women and wear dresses, not pants. Other than trips to places of disasters, e.g Houston, I’ve never seen her in pants. Never in Florida, etc.

  34. Deeana says:

    Oh, come on! A white pantsuit! She probably left the White House earlier than the Donald because if he had seen her outfit he would have physically restrained her until she changed into something else.

    I watched it until about 3 minutes into his speech and then could tolerate no more.

    The crooked hairpiece was not becoming.

  35. jetlagged says:

    I hope every news organization, and everyone with a Twitter account, pounces on the fact that his ratings for last night were lower than Pres. Obama’s first SOTU. I want Trump to take to his bed in despair and console himself with so many giant tubs of KFC and ice cream that he’s unable to function.

    • Jayna says:

      I refused to watch the Trump’s State of the Union address. I have sub-zero respect for him. There’s nothing I want to hear him say. I did watch Morning Joe the next morning to listen to discussion about it. But I watched a brief clip from that show. I also watched the family values clip where at the end Melania didn’t stand. Watching him in those brief clips was like being in an alternate universe. All I was thinking was what a joke he was, trying to act like a great man, a man with vision and compassion, and you could see right through his phony delivery, which felt, to me, like an SNL script.

      Just seeing those clips made me watch Obama with Letterman again on Netflix. It was even more amazing than the first viewing. I was so in awe of what dignity and intellect and humor and insight he brings, which was the norm when he was POTUS, but now that the Orange One, with the vocabulary of a fifth-grader, assaults our senses every day either by twitter or speeches or quotes, with zero dignity and with pettiness, that watching President Obama again for an hour broke my heart seeing the glaring difference and what we’ve lost as a country. I literally had tears streaming down my face in several parts I was so moved.

      But It soothed my soul. The interview with him by Letterman gave me hope and inspiration again. I needed it. I urge everyone to watch Barack Obama’s interview with David on Netflix. It will inspire you, bring a little hopefulness back into your psyche, and make you want to make a difference in whatever way you can.

      Congressman John Lewis with Letterman was so inspiring also in the taped portion where he and Letterman visited the site of the Selma marches. He and Dave really had great conversation and discussion.

      It’s a very thought-provoking hour. Dave did a great job.

  36. Betty Whoo says:

    I think Melanie loved the h&f Reading from Hills. She was saluting her.

    I love her jibes @orangdotard