Kate Upton slams Guess co-founder during Jennifer Lopez’s Guess campaign launch

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Here are some photos of Jennifer Lopez at the spring launch of the Guess collection this week in Los Angeles. Her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez was her date for the launch, and the event was sort of a celebration of J.Lo. Jennifer is the current “face” of Guess’s Spring 2018 collection, and she wore a dress from the Marciano for Guess collection. She also wore a fur and a crazy hairstyle. She looked amazing and this post was going to be about how she’s timeless and she’s probably getting engaged to A-Rod any minute now. But that’s not what this post is about.

Coinciding with the Guess launch event, Kate Upton started tweeting out some stuff about Guess cofounder and creative director Paul Marciano.

Upton IG’d the same message, and added this: “He shouldn’t be allowed to use his power in the industry to sexually and emotionally harass women #metoo.” Other women came forward on her posts, thanking her for speaking out and one woman says she has a #MeToo story about Marciano as well. So Jennifer Lopez had to release a terse statement about it, because she’s the face of the brand now:

“My position on these issues is well known, as I have been very vocal about them. I do not condone any acts of sexual harassment, violation, or misconduct. Any accusations should be fully and thoroughly investigated. I will continue to support our rights as women.”

[From Us Weekly]

I sort of feel bad for J.Lo. This was supposed to be her night and now she has to answer questions about why she works with an alleged predator. Just another reason to stop blaming women for the transgressions and criminal acts of dudes.

As for Paul Marciano, he went straight to TMZ, because of course he did. He says he won’t apologize to Kate Upton because he’s done nothing wrong. He also says: “If she has a claim, there’s one place to tell the truth and that’s in court or to the police.” And finally, he said that he worked with Kate for five campaigns but he decided to cut ties with her because she “began showing up to set after late nights ‘looking terrible.’” It sounds like J.Lo will probably have to issue another statement, right? Damn, the misogyny and sexism is just dripping off this mess.

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  1. Lela says:

    Marciano is a Pig, always was and always will be. That is all I’m going to say about that.

    • Carol says:

      Yep, I concur. I have a friend who used to work for Guess and she would tell me stories on how one of the Marciano brothers was always inappropriate with his female staff, cheated on his wife left and right with young models, and made sexist comments all the time. I don’t remember which brother was the bigger pig though.

    • Milla says:

      Everyone knows it in the industry. But he’s too powerful. Glad Upton spoke up.

  2. pwal says:

    Interesting… because CDAN dropped a blind yesterday where many guessed that he pumped out Anna Nicole Smith to powerful men in order to boast his brand.

  3. Belle Epoch says:

    I think her hair is throwing me off. She has enough makeup for six people, but she looks great.

    • Megan says:

      I think Guess is a down market brand for JLo. She should be doing campaigns for Versace.

    • Veronica says:

      The contouring is drag queen levels of intense. When you have such a heavy eye, you have to be careful about how dramatic you do the rest of the face. I don’t know who thought a woman as beautiful as her needed that much, anyway.

      The open mouth sex pose is not helping it, either.

      • Victoria1 says:

        I would fire that makeup artist and glue her damn mouth shut. I keep expecting her to drool at any moment over Arod #barf

      • imqrious2 says:

        At first I thought she was drunk or high! Stop the damned squint and close your mouth Woman! It is NOT sexy!

  4. leskat says:

    J.Lo needs to STOP with the bottom lip hanging open face in pictures. She’s been doing this pose for years and it’s not sexy or alluring. She’s too beautiful to make this dopey face.

    • Rachel says:

      Seriously! Thank you! I forgot to put that in my rant. Every single time I see a photo of her, all I can think is close your mouth, dear.

    • minx says:

      It’s a ridiculous pose.

      • smcollins says:

        You can count me in on being fed up with that ridiculous, open mouth, “I’m so SEXAY” pose. The visual equivalent of nails on a chalkboard. Just stop it already!

    • Tiffany :) says:

      She looks so silly. She’s beautiful, she doesn’t need to do the sex-doll pose to be desirable! It is just so beneath her, and yet she sinks to that level on every red carpet. I feel bad for her, honestly.

      • Diana says:

        Look at her face next to Arods unposed smile for the camera face…. I’m so embarrassed for her! She doesn’t need to pose. She is already so beautiful and ageless. Gurl needs to stahp it already! Lol

    • magnoliarose says:

      It is very cringe.

  5. Rachel says:

    I’m always surprised that Guess is still a thing. Wasn’t it over circa 1999??

    Also, f***ing STOP with the whole “if it’s true, tell it to the police” shit. These men are powerful, and they can afford really good lawyers to tell them exactly what they can get away with. The bar for conduct being “criminal” is pretty high. The bar for proving it is even higher. Just because your behavior might not be criminally actionable doesn’t mean you’re not an abusive, exploitative dick. And people should know about that. So I have no problem with people being judged in the court of public opinion.

    Sorry for the language, but it’s Friday, and my filter ran out two days ago.

    • Jeannie says:

      Years ago, when Hannibal burress broke the bill Cosby thing (or a guess it was an open secret before that, but that was the first I heard abt it), my brother and I talked abt it, and he was like why would those women accept money? Who wouldn’t they have their day in court? And i was forced to explain that not everything actually goes the victims’ way, and it could be very traumatic on top of that, etc. Accepting some sort of financial payment from Cosby is still some sort of acknowledgement that he did something wrong. It might make you feel better to get that money because at least he is settling with you and there’s some small victory or consolation there, because the rape might never be prosecuted, or it might be prosecuted unfairly (i.e. Bill Cosby being very beloved and getting away with horrible things for years).

      It’s so horrible that marciano’s first response is to deny and then say Kate got fired because she wasn’t looking good. Can you be more misogynistic?

  6. Tiffany says:

    On one hand, Kate is letting it be known.

    On the other, I find it odd she chose JLO’s launch to do it. Kate is problematic as all get out with it comes to non white people and I have no problem calling that out.

    • DiegoInSF says:

      I find it odd too. Why try an ruin this for JLO? The timing is suspect.

      • SM says:

        I don’t find this odd, but rather unfortunate. She is not only puttig JLo who was the face of Guess in that moment in an uncomfortable possition but she is giving all the male power apologists the excuse to divert the conversatiom away from what the powerful men do to women to “she is tryig to ride the wave of a successful man”. Of course that is not true, but I am of possition that this is the momentum and forst and foremost we women have to use this momentum with extream care and prudence. Yes it’s men who need to change but I accept that most of them do not want to be bother with that as a fact of this world and we need to proceed from that fact.

  7. Amanda Fagan says:

    Oh please with all of this! Kate is clearly a jealous young has been and is mad a woman of color looks better than she does. I call racism first before I start pointing the finger at the company.

    • me says:

      I do find it odd Kate did 5 campaigns with Guess and had no problem to continue working with the brand UNTIL they decided to not hire her again. Now she’s speaking up. I wonder if she would have still spoken up had she been hired for this campaign instead of Jennifer Lopez.

  8. Harryg says:

    Please stop making that “sexy face” Jennifer.

  9. Wren says:

    Why is the first reaction to these stories to turn right around and ask any women involved with the guy why they worked with him? It’s hard enough to avoid assholes in private life when you can excuse yourself whenever you like, avoiding them at work is nearly impossible. Especially in the entertainment industry, where it seems a preponderance of assholes have settled. People act like paychecks aren’t just as important to celebrities as they are to us regular folk.

    Why are we not questioning male business partners, or lead male actors, or male friend, or any man involved with these harassers? “Why is your bro such a douche?” is not something I’ve heard AT ALL in any of this. I don’t want to know what any woman thinks about this. I want to know what all the MEN surrounding each and every harasser/rapist/predator thinks. And I want them grilled on why they let this happen, why the continue to work with him, why they supported him.

    • Bridget says:

      How about we ask what kind of system is so screwed up that the best option Jennifer Lopez has is working with a slime like Marciano? That’s part of how women end up working with these predators – lack of options otherwise.

      • Wren says:

        Yes, that too. Because how many of us have had to weigh those options before? You want to play in the big leagues? Get ready to deal with assholes in power. Even in my own life I’ve worked for people who I did not personally like in the slightest, and some people who it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if they were someday charged with a crime. Because paycheck, experience, career advancement, etc. Because I should not have to hold myself back just because someone else is an asshole. Yes, to a certain extent you choose who you associate with, but often that choice is between a douche and a turd.

      • Jeannie says:

        Yea, seriously, jlos way too good for this.

      • magnoliarose says:

        I agree. It is because it is unavoidable and there is little support for those who speak out.

    • Otaku Fairy says:

      I agree. If there’s going to be questioning and calling out, it should be directed at male colleagues at least just as much. But how well-known a predator’s actions have been to the public need to be factored in before people get labelled as predator-enablers too. Questioning people for working with Terry Richardson or Woody Allen post-2014 isn’t the same as pointing fingers at J.Lo when a victim just came forward, or angrily expecting actresses to deduce from years of prostitution gossip that a producer or director is a serial rapist.

  10. Red says:

    JLo shouldn’t be the only person responding but if women do work with known problematic men, why shouldn’t they also be called out on it? I understand during this movement that women are getting judged more than men, and that’s wrong. But everybody should be getting called out. If you work with a predator, you should be asked about it.

  11. TJ says:

    The faces JLo makes in pics always crack me up!!!

  12. Wellsie says:

    “There is one place to tell the truth…” Umm… no, you can tell the truth anywhere. That’s the thing. Maybe don’t do sketchy stuff and you wouldn’t have to worry about the truth so much, bud.

  13. CityGirl says:

    I feel for Jennifer in this case – I think her response was pretty spot on….

    Other than that Please close your mouth for pictures Jennifer

  14. The Business Model says:

    I appreciate any woman who comes forward and exposes a predator/assaliant. BUT didn’t Kate work with Terry Richardson several times?….she might want to speak up about him as well.

  15. savu says:

    On a shallow note, I haaaate bustier-looking designs with cups like that. Where they’re not even connected. It just looks super cheap to me, and definitely below J.Lo.

    • Paige says:

      I actually like bustier dresses but I think the cups on this one are too small for her awesome chest.

      • Veronica says:

        It’s not too small – she just has a ton of push up being done by either inserts or a bra. Her breasts are sitting way higher than they would naturally, so they aren’t filling the cup properly.

  16. ALOT says:

    Jennifer Lopez did nothing wrong here.

    • Pandy says:

      No she didn’t. Except her posing(shut your pie hole JLo) and make up. And the fur. Big mistake with the fur.

  17. Kiki says:

    That’s it. The pouty lip and the squinty eye look is not working anymore J.Lo. It’s not cute or sexy. It is tired and worn out.

  18. SuzyQ says:

    She looks awful. Hard, over-pulled and -filled. And like a cat smelling something bad.

  19. Slowsnow says:

    JLO is such a babe. I like how over the top this is.

    I have no insight information on this and don’t know who this guy is either but I guess any time is a good time to do speak up.

    Also, Upton did not mention Lopez, she called out Guess. But it might have been a snarky move I have no idea.

  20. ThenThereIsThat says:

    JLo is a beautiful woman, but she looks really old and worn in these photos. Like a rich socialite who has had a lot of work. Normally I am in awe of her, I just hate her hair, makeup, and dress in these photos.

    This timing was weird. But It could just be unfortunate timing and nothing catty.

    I really think many people attracted to celebrity and power are egotistical people and think they have the right to do what they want, damn the little people. So it is not shocking that so many of these powerful men are a$$holes. They often can buy “love” from either willing or unwilling women, so they look at them as a commodity.

  21. Jayna says:

    Jaysus, I hate that look she poses with, squinting her eyes, half-parted lips. The other week I happened to see a video of her on a red carpet. It showed her posing with a smile, etc., and then you can see in real-time as she all of a sudden half closes her eyes and parts her lips for the camera. It was gross watching how she purposely does it, worse I mean than just seeing a photo of the end result.

  22. Source says:

    Oh, wow. This wasn’t a post about RuPaul’s Drag Race? Weird.

    Someone has taken on smizing as their whole persona.

    These guys know they can go to TMZ, because Harvey loves nothing better than to paint women as shrews and nags and hoes.

  23. Kitten says:

    Ugh A-Rod is so derpy.

  24. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    Omg that MOUTH. The posing. I guess she thinks we all think she looks 19.

  25. Shijel says:

    TMZ is basically just… well it’s hard to explain. All male predators run to TMZ.

    J.Lo is stunning, even with all the alleged or confirmed plastic surgery, but the sheer desperation does her in. I think she has the bone structure and the body to look stunning until she dies, but she seems to be extremely adamant on people not perceiving her as middle-aged or old.

  26. magnoliarose says:

    Kate chose this time to say something for maximum exposure. It is guaranteed to force a response. I am sorry JLo is collateral damage but this needed to happen. There have been whispers of rape concerning the Marcianos and some execs.

    Kate doesn’t need to be perfect to expose this truth.

    • Cran-berry says:

      True. But I find Upton problematic in her calling out someone in public protest when she publicly criticized Collin Kaepernick and other NFL players that knelt during the pledge of allegiance to protest and call national attention to the surge of blatant killing of black men by Police across the country.

  27. Cia says:

    Didn’t Kate say that Terry Richardson released that video without her consent but it was totally fine because it made her famous in the end?

  28. Debutante says:

    I think she’s gotten work done on her face. Hence, let’s wear the makeup of a thousand drag queens to distract the general public !

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