Will Queen Latifah replace Mel B. on America’s Got Talent?

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There might be a shake-up at the judge’s table for the 13th season of my favorite summer reality series, America’s Got Talent. TMZ is reporting that the show’s producers may have had enough with judge Melanie Brown, a/k/a Mel B. The 42-year-old singer has been a judge since 2013. Back in October, it was reported that she was looking for a 20% increase in her salary, stating that the costs associated with her divorce from Stephen Belafonte warranted her demands for more money.

According to the TMZ report, Mel “comes with too much baggage” and isn’t worth the money she’s being paid. She had numerous on-screen squabbles with fellow judge Simon Cowell last season, which originated because of Simon’s making jokes about her divorce. She threw water on him on more than one occasion and walked off stage during one incident. Apparently, the tension has been escalating between the two since then.

The show’s producers are allegedly eyeing a replacement for Mel and their top choice is Queen Latifah. That’s great, except for one thing, she is currently working on Star for FOX (one of my guiltiest of guilty pleasures – and it’s filmed here in Atlanta). The producers may want to look elsewhere, as the new season begins production in five weeks.

Mel B. may have to leave the show for another, much happier, reason – the long-awaited Spice Girls reunion. On Friday, Mel posted a photo with Geri, Victoria, Mel C. and Emma as they announced that the band is coming back together to “explore some incredible new opportunities together.” All of the girls posted the same picture of the reunited Spice Force Five on social media, with Mel B. saying, “These amazing women have helped me become who I am, so to all the girls out there remember “friendship never ever ends”!!!! Boom.” I would much rather have new Spice Girls music than having Mel B. as an AGT judge, so, if it doesn’t take her away from Star, I’m all for Queen Latifah joining the show.

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  1. Aiobhan Targaryen says:

    Queen Latifah has a Living Single reboot to get off the ground. I will accept no other news coming from her than that.

    Good that the ladies were able to put aside their differences for the Spice Girls reunion. I hope this does not interfere with Victoria’s fashion line. There are too many people leaving NY fashion week as it is. I actually enjoy her collections.

  2. Honey says:

    For some reason to me, it seems like Scary Spice has played a character for so long or has either had one thing happen after another (Eddie Murphy & paternity, mother/sister drama, the rocky marriage, likely addiction) that I wonder if she evens knows who Melanie Brown is and what she wants versus what she needs.

    • Milla says:

      Scary and Posh seem like they became their roles. It’s sad in a way.

      I think baby spice made the best out of it all.

  3. Merritt says:

    This certainly reminds me of why I dislike Simon Cowell. It was completely inappropriate for him to make comments about Mel B’s divorce.

  4. Yellowrocket says:

    The uk papers are reporting that they are reuniting to play the royal wedding, I so hope that’s true. Imagine Meghan and kate dancing it out to wannabe

  5. Nicole says:

    I mean it’s crappy for Simon to joke about her divorce considering the details and the fact that he slept with his friends WIFE. Like f*ck off Simon.
    But this wouldn’t be the first time a woman has been pushed off because they didn’t gel with Simon.

  6. MJC says:

    I don’t watch it but why should her job give her a raise because she had an expensive divorce? I have expensive vet bills, my boss would laugh me out of the office if I asked for a raise because of that.

    • Snowflake says:

      Agree. Plus, he stole money from her, it’s not like she’s losing a second income. Her expenses are probably less without him.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      She has an expensive lifestyle and is not known for being financially savvy – she almost went bankrupt a few times due to bad business decisions and paying off ex’s.

      Money has been one of the big reasons why she has pushed for these Spice Girl reunions.

  7. NeNe says:

    Yes, please!